My Aunt Died Without a Will With an Estate Worth Millions


It's Thursday and this is the Ramsey call of the day part of the Ramsey networks. Joining me today is Ramsey personality Anthony O'Neill. Tim Is with US Tim's in Baltimore Maryland. Hi Tim. How are you? Dave. Call also. Coaches alongside worcester. So happy you talked yesterday you to how can we help? So, right this past January and she without. she. Kids she was not married. in the state that it's in Kerr stake, it's only through a came. So I have to look older my dad is deceased. So my learn is. Legally will split his part of the estate. Not, my to living uncles are executive executives part of the fall they're trying to do what tapes. That she would have liked. and split. It evenly amongst cousins. So I've got fifteen cousins on that side they don't have that option. They don't get to make up the law. She died without a will the lol. Says, what happens to the money? And the law and the law in most states says that you and your siblings get one third of the estate. Okay, what's the estate. Worth. No but if I had this in the twenty five during. How much milly? Between three and five, million, I mean. She she was in. Industry you're breaking up like crazy squeak and did you say three to five million? Probably, yes you need an attorney. Okay today. And not to pick a fight with your uncles but then you need to sit down very calmly gently with your uncles and say listen I've gotten legal advice and one third of this is going to its needs to go through probate. The judge has to decide this and the judge is going to say. Unless I missed my guess in Maryland that the three portions that the your dad's portion and his two brothers portions are going to be split out and they don't get to justice. And you wanted otherwise will granny should had a freaking wheel granny one something else 'cause granny don't get to say anymore because she died without a will wow and the state law now decides and you can go well, she always said, well, that's tough. This is you you that holes absolutely zero water in these situations and there's enough money involved here that it's to get weird fast ferry. Three million. Dollars. A million dollars versus that you and your brother get versus a couple hundred grand that you and your brother get. This is I'm not picking a fight, but it's just it's morally wrong number one that your uncle's just go away just get to decide the we're the crab did you get to decide who died and left you in charge oh? No body. That's it. You know so because there's no freaking will yeah so bad. See what the you you guys all see. The problem out there right now is now there's a fight on the horizon. Because somebody didn't do their job and your job people is to get your will. Now. Dave I asked I just learned something I didn't know. I, thought the money would have went to only the two brothers but because they are the sons of one of her brothers, they automatically get their father's Porsche, the father died okay and so his his one third will go to his heirs and so I mean most states You know you're GONNA have to get legal advice but the bottom line is this needs to come before a judge the judge decides based on State Law because there's not a will how the money will be distributed the uncles don't get to decide and Tim doesn't get to decide yet. But most of the time, it's very clear law and it's it's a pretty much a it's a slam dunk. Okay. But the fight will be is if we want to argue about this and come up with some scratch paper somewhere and try to call that a will. Or? Verbal testimony or other BS I'm sorry Tim Gane a lawyer today. Thanks for tuning into the Ramsey call of the day. Check out all of our podcast just search Ramsey network on apple podcast spotify or wherever you listen.

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