332: No Such Thing As An Innocent Apple


Hi. Everyone James here now before we start this week show I, just WANNA. Tell you one little thing about it, and that is that it was actually recorded quite a long time ago all the way back in February in fact, and the reason I want to tell you that is because. First of all it's obviously in the office and we're all still in our homes at the moment, and also because they'll be a few things that we might saying that the might really perhaps give away that we didn't record this week For instance, I do talk about Jessica carrot for Awhile and that probably would have been dated reference anytime that we said in the last five years. But Hey, when you listen, you'll get the idea. So enjoy the show and just marvel about how young we all sounded back in February. Okay. All with the PODCAST. Hurdle. Hello and welcome to another episode of no such thing as a fish, a weekly podcast coming to you from the QA offices in covent garden. My name is Dan Schreiber is here with James Harkin Andrew Hunter Murray and Anna's Inskeep, and once again we have gathered round the microphones with our four favourite facts from the last seven days a no particular order here we go starting with you Anna. Fact. This week is in the eighteenth century women. Express. That political beliefs by wearing decorative stickers on their faces. Wow. What kind of stickers did they say like vote Labor or yes screw you Boris just. Women have amazing foresight. Stick around. So, facial stickers were huge fashion for about two hundred years. And about the turn of the eighteenth century, they suddenly became political and so there was one commentator. For instance said he went to the Opera Anti saw two parties are very find women as he said, ranged in battle formation against each other and. One group was wearing patches and stickers on the left side of their foreheads on the other on the right hand. Apparent. They were weak supporters and Tory supporters and looked into this and this was a thing. So it wasn't the stick as what just like little light beauty spots or something, but it was way you are them. That was important. Yes. That seems to be. Yes. So they started off decoration, but it got to the extent that there was some marriage contracts where women would insist before they married the husband that regardless of the husbands political opinions, the wife should be able to patch a she pleased. Wow. So you'd have one two things, but did it get to the point where people you know Nec full-face Tattoos? Did you ever see people just completely would see not completely the full face, but we might see lots of these like fake beauty spots and you could supposedly identified prostitutes. Their faces had so many of these patches on the. Sign of being sexy though having lots of stickers well, having one sticker was supposed to be and the reason is. Supposedly Venus the. Goddess of Beauty. She had one mole of her face and it was by that one imperfection that you could see how beautiful the rest of her face was on. The idea was that they were kind of copying by having light one little beauty spot. It would show the pale -ness of your skin perhaps saw show off the rest of your skin. So if you have lots and lots of tickers that means you're really really beautiful because you've got so many imperfections to disguise how fit you are. Obviously believe what I look like without these tickets. Really. Nice. It could have been that you're covering the symptoms of STD's. So, sorry. Well, I didn't think that we had. Glue stick technology in the eighteenth century. Lou. Sure. Okay. Do they kind of fuzzy felt stickers that kind of thing? I, actually don't think we had fuzzy felt. They would be made of various things they could be made of silk officer or leather sometimes, and then they have mouths for apparently mouth now. On your. Tongue. Now if I suddenly deliver. Mouse from what I was. Okay mouse her okay I heard mouth as well. Okay right until you. So and then they come on the bank often surface that you could lick. So women tended to take out the bikes and lick them to attach them to their face. You get very thin paper that does that they had adhesives. So they just stick on with some glue. Sometimes the adhesive wasn't so great. So there was an article in the spectator that spoke about a woman who had at beauty spot on her fall forehead, but by the end of the evening gowns to. Think more more elaborate as well. Didn't they? Is it caught on? So I think it started in France and the French cooled them Moosh, which is for flies a little flies landing on your face. But. Your they expanded to be wedge shaped. So by the end of the eighteenth century, you'd have cut into stars or of moons or crown shapes or any chevy she wanted really you still get those don't you On small children. Adults who like a bit of Fun Yeah, Oh you wearing. Copy dog on. I was so considering this by. I. You do get like little kind of I dunno stars and yeah. I've been very brave at the dentist today. Lucile. Stick on your. Did I know actually? I used to have one of those, but it was a safety pin one. So that's not for the forehead. Now for the cloaks safety pin, really badge I'm describing. What's interesting about that is I think you're only brave at the dentist once so you don't need it to be. You only needed to be a sticker. Do you know what you're right? I'm confusing it with my I've been to a party pizza heart bad which is a badge. That's the thing that lasts a life. If you have a pizza hustler the early nineties. You don't want to be worried budget says I'd be brave at the just to show. You feel pretty silly at the military parade. Brave. I got this one for bravery. Some drawings that people have done of some of the designs and there was a horse and carriage one and I think that's been. Taken out of. Shame. Yeah it's really hoping that that would be because I just saw how interesting heads must have been back thing. Know what. You're sitting on the tube and someone sat across from me with a horse and carriage drawn on their head, and they had other cartoons need the paper just. Two people still have tattoos these days. So you just you just read people's Tattoos. But they give me a look. Not. Friendly. Oh. Well, this is the thing about other kinds of stickers is that they could be indicators of how friendly or not someone is. So bumper stickers. If people have bumper stickers on their car, they tend to be more aggressive and territorial drivers. Study in two thousand and eight by Colorado State University, and they surveyed people saying, do you have bumper sticker on your car and do you drive like a bastard and basically people said Yes to one said yes to the other they said, yeah I drive territorially more aggressively do not respond constructively on the road when people can my way? The baby on board stickers. Well I read the article and actually it doesn't matter what's on the sticker, right? So you might have a sticker says, everyone needs to be kind to each other and you're still going to drive like a maniac. Yeah. So baby on board as well. Likely. To be aggressive just one little thing on an alternative use for stickers for yourself for decoration is to cover blemishes. I think that's sort of where facial sticks come from originally but men were them quite a lot to cover blemishes or to accentuate them and so So if men had been to war, for instance, it became quite coming for them to come back and they'd put a skull sticker over that scar I. Think if it's GonNa to fade or something then you. Black Scarves Ed. So there's for instance, has an well that ends well, which now makes sense. If you know where Bertram comes back from war and it says, he's GonNa Patch velvet on his face, and it's unclear if there's a scar on Johnny and it was sort of thing that people did if they hadn't really seen much military action and they were recovered and they'd run away at the I in any way is that they've suddenly put a big blemish on their face to imply that they'd been shot in the head. Wow. Yes. Amazing. I've got little scar my face maybe all drive accentuated. With some mouse for. One of the sides and that show. Somebody got shot in civil wars can. Obscene bumper stickers sometimes be a matter for the law. Okay. So there are all these losses that happened in the USA. Particular or whether it's basically creating a public disturbance just by having it on your car. So in two, thousand and eight. Guy Went to the Georgia Supreme Court because he had a shit happens bumper sticker. Okay and he won. Then more recently, this is very rude by the way but the police in Florida arrested and charged a man who had a bumper sticker which said I, eat ass. Right in the middle of his back windscreen as well. So there's no way if you're driving along the UNC. To Donkey Meat Doing A. Full. Actually should have paid the police pulled him over and they can you remember so it wasn't offensive and he said, well, how do you just do that and they said, can you move the second s from us? So it will be a as but then the grammar police come into. An guys who is the grandfather, the god of stickers. Stick Scott of stickers a couple of albums Khanini on no I was thinking of Mr Avery. Avis Stanton. Sorry. Well because you never do any of the office Ataman. Andy. you familiar with avery stickers but those of us who post letters every once in a while still more of A. Factor has been building up. No Stanton Avery mate was the inventor of the self-adhesive sticker as he didn't need to lick it you didn't need to add glue. And he's still dominates the labor market today so. He. So he built his stick machine I love this by marrying together a motive from a washing machine and a sewing machine sewing machine pause. So we smash them together and generated the shed load of stickers. His company was initially could come clean products spelling come. M.. Which I think is a good thing was changed. How did he make glue? He was as very cagey about. He was pretty tired. and. So he really liked dragged himself up from the bottom he lived in a rented check in coop while. He couldn't even. Pay The chickens every. A Own The coupe they were also renting. parable flatmates. Eggs every morning. That's true. Yeah. Do you want to eat a bag if you're flatmate just laid it? Horrified I. Ate. Food that's come out of any of my friends also. So. Cool. He could have read an eight and then in brackets x have. Chickens. Close brackets us. Another strong defense. So he tried to business how did he get a washing machine in the chicken coop? So I think this is post chicken coop. Got It. Because he married a slightly wealthy lady who lent him a bit of money. And t the wanting the washing machine goes back to your place I took. Chickens out tonight. Anyway the Hindu. Love. That night. Okay, it is time for fact, number two, and that is my act. My fact this week is that the very first print run of the adventures of huckleberry Finn had to be pulled after a bookstore owner discovered someone had sneaked a drawing of penis into one of the illustrations. The first suspect has to be illustrator shoe. Yes. We genuinely dot. We don't know if Z illustrator. We don't know if it was the photo engraver at the actual factory where they were printing the book. What we do know is when these books came out at the end of chapter thirty two Huck Finn is meeting his aunt Sally and Uncle Silas an Uncle Silas has a bigger penis drawn in. In the illustration itself and as a result, thirty, thousand copies had to be. Built, and did they they definitely checks? They checked the plot and they don't is not part of the story line that references Uncle Silas direct widdly widdly I read the book and I can confirm there isn't a bit where uncle has has an erection and showing it off to his family very disappointing when you got. Is the editor is? So. This is obviously a very important book in American Literature Ernest Hemingway said all modern American literature comes from one book and it's called Huckleberry Finn and the idea was it was the first book that use the vernacular of Americans at that point Americans were really rising in the tone of British and European authors not using the day to day language and he kind of set the tone. Unfortunately. It's also a book that's laced racism and that's causing huge problems. Basically, since publication it's it's not a book that sort of not been controversial throughout the years. The language uses difficult racist than we should say that it set mark Twain wrote in ABC's but it set about forty earlier the eighteen forties as an inch and the main plot with infant has is basically it's about Hopkin who is this kind of poor kid who held us he thirteen and he runs away along with a runaway slave who is called Gin and they run away together and they all good friends and Jim is a very sympathetic character but at the same time problematically draw yeah. Penis like Uncle Silas we should. People have objected to stuff other than that. So it was extremely controversial as soon as it was published largely because of the kinds of crudeness of some of the language and that was written in this native dialect it wasn't just like older American dialect to its proper Mississippi eighteen forties dialects, and it was bound for bad grammar and employment of inelegant expressions things like nine, hundred, five Brooklyn. Library bandit because hock not only aged, but he scratched. So apparently that's disgusting and he said sweat when he should have said perspiration. So Mark Twain have been kind of unhappy with the way the publishing have been going and he decided he didn't want to have normal publishers like before and get the money that way he wanted to have a subscription service. So he sent people door with like. The first chapter and said look this new. Now, how do you fancy buying and then we'll send you all the chapters in future and basically because he did this meant, he could have full control of it which meant he had full control of all of the illustrations and it that when the illustrators kept sending him stuff, he was like, don't like that. Don't like that. Don't that. Don't like that. Do that belong lane. It's so is that maybe why they brax theory that the illustrator hated him so much because he kept asking him to change things is like right? But they offer massive reward to the pressman working on the novel the Five Hundred Dollar Award, which would have been a lot of money today and no one fessed up. So we still there's no culprit. Is Investigation Still Open. And the reward is still available. He had a terrible relationship with his so types such as and proofreaders and everyone like that. Didn't they might be why pissed off with him he hated them and it does sound like they kept on trying to improve punctuation and grammar, which was deliberately not killer and I'm getting a text bag and seeing the corrections that have been made. He wrote to a friend I've telegraphed orders to have the shot without giving him time to pray. So it was tense. I. Think if someone. Picture. Wasn't the most successful book that he published with that firm. So the first two books, the that firm published huckleberry, Finn and the memoirs of Ulysses s grant ex president, and it was pretty much the last thing grant did was write this book and it was so successful that he gave grant's widow the biggest ever royalty check in American publishing history absolutely massive and it was thanks to that door-to-door tightening the James mentioned because it was war veterans. So, the civil war veterans going door to door selling book, and that's a pretty strong sell. You know I might be wrong in saying this. But from the story that I know about that, it's that when ulysses s grant died, his wife was really struggling financially and was not given any help from anyone and Mark Twain published the book and gave her that high amounts of royalties before he knew it was going to be successful so that she had. Money to live off for the rest of her life Apparently. It's an extraordinary book that Autobiography Tony Yeah Yeah I've read. So many things about being the best book by anyone in government ever as a solid, just incredible apparently better than the art of the deal shoulder. So. Jacob Reese. Bugs book about the Victoria. Now if you WANNA talk about offensive line. Mark Twain wrote the first book on a typewriter in America is a bit of dispute over whether it was Tom. Sawyer another one of his books it's usually credited as Tom Sawyer but he used to love running on a typewriter and no one really had it at the time. So people used to write him letters and he would write letters back on his typewriter. They would then right back to him asking about the typewriter and not got so annoying with so many people running back to him asking holy moly. What is this? This is incredible that he stopped writing letters using his typewriter. Inundated I really love his correspondence because he didn't really much like them. A lot of time that he I'd I read one that he got in nineteen, ninety, one and the letter said Mr Mark. Twain. I'm a little girl six years old. I have read your stories ever since they first came out I have a cat named Kitty and a dog named pup. I like to guess puzzles. Did you write a story for the Herald Competition I hope you'll answer my letter yours truly Augusta contract to which he replied well, no, he didn't reply. He just roasts comments on it saying Labor Tab of Middle middle-aged Lia- to pull it autograph. He invented one game for kids which I think. Sounds pretty cool. So he he mentioned how a eight hundred and seventeen foot path. Of His driveway and he mocked every single foot and that was supposed to be a year and it was the year from ten sixty six when William the conqueror arrived in Britain and the idea is you would walk along the path and each point when there was a new king or queen in England or Britain than you would stay in the ground and you'll be like Oh. This is that what the first this is Henry the second Blah Blah Blah. and. It was a way of having fun but also learning your kings and Queens because in those days, education was very much rote learning like you just had to learn all these things and this was a fun way of doing it a very, annoyingly slow way of getting to the front door offers. But he turned it into a book. Didn't they tried to? It sounds really complicated. I didn't fully understand that even us to retain. It sounds a bit like battleship. So basically, it was another history date memorization game, and essentially you'd have a shot with a series of dates on it and each player would say a date. So you say nine, thousand, nine, hundred, and then the other playhouses and event happened on that date say the end of the First World War I cleverly chose. Out something to say. Also chose a date that was nearly ten years off. possibly. Shoot. The plan puts a pin in that day if they get it right and if if they didn't. Get A. Couple dates you want plus quite fun for Nerd. K It is time, for fact, number three that is Andy. Factors that before vaccination was invented the main method of inoculation against smallpox was to powder scabs and blow them up your nose. Ought to get someone else to blow them up. You'll knows. Very hard to blow up your nose and this was how inoculation what for a long time it was Unin China thousand years ago. This was the method they knew about this. Didn't it works reasonably well. So if you were healthy, you would get some smallpox scabs and you would lead them for little while because fresh scabs were likely to give you the infection properly. So they would be dried aged smallpox scabs and they would be pouted up and then they will be blown up your nose with. Special. Silva blowpipe for the procedures. Well, the Chinese doctors had special blowpipes to do this and then. Apparently, the right nostril was used boys in the left for girls and you would maybe get some mild symptoms and some people did actually just get full blown smallpox but. Most people got know. and. Then we'll resistant to any following exposure is a low percentage wasn't a. Really decent way of doing it before we had the method of vaccination and we didn't know about this is that right? The eighteenth took about seven hundred years to get over. is by the same method, is Max nationwide, which is the it's an attenuated or weakened version of the disease and a scab on your body that makes unsee bodies that can fight got that, and then it can fight against the main thing. Is that right? There was another version where you had some powdered scab as well or you had some pus from a smallpox pustule and you would make little scratch on your skin, and then you would just pull that. All Rub. Rub that powdered scab until skin that worked to and that's called vary elation because was the Latin for smallpox. In Two thousand eleven. The Virginia historical sites in Richmond had some things from his collection. And one of them was a letter from the eighteen seventies that had a smallpox scab in it. And the idea was that the personally wrote a letter in the nineteenth century was sending its to his father. It had been taken from the child and his father was going to make into Dustin inoculate people. But then it never got to the recipient. Found this letter, and of course, immediately, the census but disease control came in the Hazmat suits. Holy Shit without needs to be having this that the public can see this because smallpox has been radicals it basically has an. So. Yeah. In the end, they've there was some of the virus on the scope still, but it wasn't deadly in. Pretty hard. Hundred how when was it was from eighteen seventy six and they found the in twenty eleven along that it's really spooky finding it not knowing what it is. You just think you've found a little button or something, and maybe it's like a little sticker to. But all these doctors that are in methods of doing very relation. There was some celebrity doctors in. Britain in the seventeenth eighteenth century who what gets out. So have you heard of Johnny notions. Johnny, Nash. Well, he was Scottish doctor and he had a really successful method of area lighting because he would. He would collect the pass first of all and everyone had their method of making it a bit less debbie basically so he would dry it with peop- smoke. So you had a lovely was smokey flavor for. Then, he would bury it in the ground between sheets of glass. Okay. With some Chemphil then he would keep it there for seven or eight years. This is like he's making a whiskey is. Genuine. Then he would insert it and he would then put a cabbage leaf on top of plaster. was apparently a really good way of doing it and it just gave you the nice amount. I. Suppose it does take the edge off of the past doesn't it? Vice PD cabbage flavor to. The, apparently, you were more likely to get a job if you could be seen. Smallpox scars because then the suggestion was a great, you can work with us. You know going to pass it on you've had already. Seen as a sort of great interest safe workmate. So to two at the earliest people who works with inoculation Robert Cock in Germany and Louis Pastor in France. And they fell out with each other because pastor wants was doing a talk and he used the phrase wreck we Allemande, which means a collection of German writing but the translator translated as Ogg we Allemande, which means German allegance. And so. Never forgave him for that because he thought that Pasta was calling him arrogant although I think before that they loathe other if you read the dialogue that they had the letters, they wrote each other it's just basically spitting with rage. Cock writing letters to past are accusing him of stealing all of his ideas and vice versa saying you're fraud. Really, foul language because those this huge fight basically when we suddenly discovered the power of the idea of facts Asian between a few scientists wasn't there. So it was that was off to Jenna. Okay. So I'll put is the person who Kind of we give the we say created vaccination. Yes. Tonight. Right He. Got, it for milk weights. Did he yeah though milkmaids near him and he noticed that they got to think old cowpox, which is a disease that counts God and they would only get one single pustule on their hands, which is where they've been touching the cows because of all the milking and he theorized this is a mild version of smallpox. So then he did this amazing Gamble Jenner, he took some pass from a milkmaid and. He injected it into a child. On. Six. Not, his trial by the way over he did also dealt with his child actually later on so badly. I think when he knew worked. And then he six weeks later, he injected the child with full blown smallpox. And he didn't know how it works and. Then later in life they became friends. So Child James Phipps. Jennifer Gardner which if I hadn't what would have made the gardening very, very awkward. I think for a long time I think he would have ruined. You Rose Bush. He had smallpox when he was a child Geno and one of the reasons that he kind of went into getting rid of it later because he had such a bad time. He was very elated. So they gave him some of the puzzle. Some SKOP. So something. But he was prepared for that by being starved, purged and blad locked in a stable with other infected boys. Boys So they kind of related all these people gave them like very mild symptoms and then put them all in a stable meanwhile stanton every. Checking. On May. Okay, it's time for our final factor, the show, and that is James Okay. My this week is that you can tell if a movie character is a goody or a body by the kind of phone they use. that sucks now that I know that I'm watching movies know sorry this is not just a spile of one movie. This is spinal old movies. So, this came up in my rss feed. Thanks to the blog neater. Armagh. which follow and it was an interview with Rian Johnson who is the director of the film knives out. And he said that apple have forbid filmmakers from leading villains use their iphones on the screen and so if one of your characters is using an apple product, then they must be a good guy. So you can't tell who's the good guy in the good the bad and the elderly, for instance. It's a wonderful life I feel sure ready mobile phones. Sometimes it's not clear who is a good Ian? WHO's a body? If someone you someone pushes one person in front of a train to say five people who will be allowed to my phone at the medicine any decent starring everyone has a mixture of. Has One. I. Find a one ANDROID. A. Good Point and actually that saves it for me because the movie might've been sponsored by. So. That's good. Okay. Great. Stops googling which funding sponsor. And Yeah, there was also an article in the verge that says that apple says that its products should only be used in the best light. That reflects favorably on apple products and they don't they according to Apple. They don't pay to have the foams in movies. But what they do do is give lots of free phones books, stuff to the people making the movies in return for them being nice. But they wouldn't show someone looking up on the Internet how to kill oftens. on a MAC book. Yeah where to inject this person's and But. This is a thing called product displacement, which is the. Product by product placement is where you replace a real brand of the fictional one because the original brand really annoyed about. So there's a film called flight which starred Denzel Washington as an alcoholic pilot. WHO He manages to pull of a crazy movie. The plane's about crashed. You know it's it's all gone wrong on the plane and he manages to fly it in upside down and then landed the right way up at the very last moment. Say the first five minutes of that movie is one of the best things I've ever seen. It's so so amazed. Okay, and the rest is terrible right? They want to say that loud dog seen it to shit down things the film is bad so. Not to watch especially now, the endings been spoiled. With. The rest of the film is just like the legal process about whether he was right to save the plane and. Watch film and you're five minutes late. Be The worst habit. Like they should make into a short. Should I? Anyway. MEKA's who gave us back to the future. He is an alcoholic pilot. Denzel Washington. The character. Sorry. But Robert Zemeckis water to the character but he drinks budweiser and vodka that budweiser own either while he's flying the plane or shortly before I mean you guys have seen the film. So you'll know bubbas were about this and they said, can you not show this drunk pilot? Abud before he. And they refused. They said there's nothing you can do but it so. Happens sometimes movies do have to buckle to these bigger companies. So slumdog millionaire when Danny Boyle made that he gave an interview where he talked about the fact that he had some criminal gangs Drinking Coca Cola at one point and ice cold Coca Cola and Sorry. Are you personally sponsored by coca? Cola today. Wow. Was it was refreshing ice cold Coca Cola. Available in shops. But Yeh drinking in that and Coca Cola took a stand against it and so they had to painted out in the post production yeah. Many was the most bizarre film I haven't realized this but obviously at the time it was a huge. It won the Oscar didn't it and it was massive I realized it was made by the same company makes you want spin in a so it was one huge piece of productivity. Yeah isn't that just a carrot makes. Well he wrote slumdog millionaire. It might be as called for. He's pretty hands off with it but yeah, he's Atari beneficiary of both those things. Senator, it's company could sell it oh. Of course, it's like Salvador. Deliberately named to be like the cellar door. Jesper does love his. Full back. Door, it's actually just a Sarah to. Any international listeners. Will you just precarity? There's no time. This he wants to and then they decided to make slumdog to sort of advertise wants to be a millionaire and the screenwriter for slumdog millionaire was one of the CO creators of who wants to be millionaire. But the only thing that they stipulated the end, this is a spoiler where he's being accused of cheating the heroes being accused of chasing the host of millionaire tortures him back stage, and at that point they said, we can't have it looked like the show is torturing this boy because that's GonNa make us look bad. So it was just going to be the host. So it was like Chris, tyrants out on a limb. Was Chris. Tarrant Bill. CLEANING UP TO JASPER CARROT. Upper Chris tarrant. Torture equipment does the host of who wants to be millionaire have access to backstage like. You couldn't do more than a quick Chinese bird or a wedgie could. Not tensioned music. Advert break. That's how. I found out. Just, looking at product placement stuff, I found out one of the first ever examples of product placement on a podcast. Okay. So this was in two thousand and five. There was a show called dawn and drew show. Okay and it was the newspapers at the time had to explain what a podcast us was, which is the report I read said podcasters or this particular focus is a program filled with strong language that. Is available only in a digital format and downloaded on ipods and other devices that play MP three files. So that's what a podcast and this one was the dominant true show and it was sponsored. It was product placement Ted by durex. Okay and DUREX had inserted their product show because was hosted by a husband and wife, and the show featured the husband and the wife and the dog Hercules tasting flavored condoms. That was the first over. The firm said they were delighted. They said this is. Exactly, how we want to position the brand? Would they come those for dogs and humans alike? Because he'd have to have a dog meat flavors. Strobe read today. So what do I dislike? We've got fervor to sink before we. Your this is not a product placement, but we're recording this podcast on MAC computer our guy. Now if you were to close that, don't close it because we might lose the recording but you'd see that they apple is upside down as you're looking at it. So maybe if you have close it You see it's kind of upside down as you're looking. Now, the reason that is is for product placement reasons. So it was in legally blonde, which is probably great fell. She is using an apple. Mac. But the apple is upside down to what we have today because that's the way it used to be because it makes much sense if you have it closed and you're looking at it, the apple is the right way up. And that's how it used to be. But then there was an employee called Joe. Merano. WHO said to Steve Jobs look if we're going to put these movies, what we need is when it's open and you're looking at it, the apple is the right way. They changed it or someone's just watching you and a cafe. Of course you've got to put it the right way out for the people looking at it owns ready. That's really interesting. So basically, the apple on your Mac is not for you. It's everyone else. Wow. Some appetizers. The next step they're doing for advertising and things. So appetizers in soap operas, selling billboards inside the fictional locations in the soap operas. Yeah. So Coronation Street UK is a fictional street at, but it's Victims Street with advertising billboards on it. Yeah, and Jewelry shops and other shops are up appetizing space and. Coronation Street. Clever and there's a new thing that other appetizers doing where you'll be able to digitally alter what viewers onscreen it when they're streaming. So you from people see different things. So. If you are watching, let's say you drink whisky and your TV knows that you drink whisky. There might be billboards for whiskey brands in the background whereas if you if you're a person who secretly buys Doug beat played with conduct. Watching Kardashian Street with your parents. Such a good point. I'm looking at each other suspicious. Christine. Based on the time of day. So if you're wanting late at night, they'll be for all do carnations. Late Nights. Yeah that'd be full late night stuff swearing. Okay. In the morning surreal orange juice or whisky. Just. One ironic thing about this fact is that apple's are assigned that someone's the villain watt. In films apparently people were spotted this if you're the body, you're always in oppal. No always. Yes so it's devolved. To do that because not pull a day keeps away This is true. Please send in more if you've seen them a Drako malfoy does it Jeffrey Russian parts of the carbon? Some crunches on Apple, call him Pharaoh and he's playing a vampire and something or other. And, it's it's name the arrogant apple. Just to show you dominance because you're gonNA showing you know loop. I can apple as well as talking to you. I didn't give enough of a crap about what you're saying to stop eating my apple, the slight the history of the poison dart hole in fairy tales and things been theorized. Internet James You should check the Internet. For more on that. Of Eden again. It's all on the floor. It sounds like we can think of everything on the. Internet on US so. Okay, that's it. That is all of our facts. Thank you so much listening if you'd like to get in contact with any of us about the things that we have said over the course of this podcast, we can found on our twitter accounts. I'm on at Schreiber land chains at James Hudson Andy Andrew Hunter. Edges escape you can email pocos. Q. I don't come up. To our group account at no such thing or a website. No such thing as a fish dot com one check the internet out as well. All you that and we'll be back again next week with another episode we'll see then you'd Fi. Anyway I'll smoke this week the New York's range of pedigree. Stop the PODCAST.

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