NutriMedical Report Show Friday Sept 6th 2019 Hour Three Dr Betty Martinin PhD Hon, Dr Joe Eleid MD Hospitalist, Expert Evidence Tampering by Big Pharma Big Food Big Govt, Toxic Sweetner Wars,


It's the doctor bill. Eagles show presented by neutral medical dow got an x ray. Don't worry eight eight eight six four zero one and welcome back and it is our three on friday the sixth of september by the way next week as middle of september. It's friday the thirteenth endzone hope you don't have jessica deca phobia <hes> but we need to talk about major issues for example. A lot of people don't understand. We have all kinds of toxicity in our food. Now we have connect me modified food. We have food and most of all we have toxins as food and medicine now with aspartame splendor is assault fam- sucralose pillows sodium cyclamate. All these toxins are directly toxic to d._n._a. Caused decrease in i._q. Infertility they cause cancer the organic brain damage <hes> and it's not by mistake. It's by design. It's actually on purpose and a lot of people like we had a doctor monte weeks ago talking about this and he's a psychiatrist but he couldn't accept the idea that maybe there's a form of evil here is not just <hes> people try to high data which they do by the way it's the fact that we actually have called rumsfeld aziz. I started with aspartame. Believe it or not go back and ask you was originally developed by the nazis and was used to actually <hes> toxically effect people decide not to death camps. People need to realized aspartame degrades today keita paper zine formaldehyde methyl alcohol in fact bethlehem calls better way to embalm your brain because mel hide embalm competition so quickly you can't get to your brain but if you have methanol which is a degradation product of aspartame it will convert to formaldehyde in your brain tissue and so as they say we punish them a little ten or twenty percent jet to take off the cost of embalming when you die because aspartame pre embalmed you. That's why i think we should should say that because of the regulatory agencies like the f._d._a. And so on we actually have obamacare. We have embalming care. Elect that embalming care okay well. I'll tell you what someone sent me a cartoon about that and <hes> i listed the trucco study which oh you are in bomb <hes> under <hes> pre embalming because that's the way it's in the medical tax by dr roberts. If if you want to look up from out had that's the way it is so if you if you go go to my website you'll see a cartoon. Someone sent the end of a man being in bomb <hes> through with died soda so it's a really <hes> well known there's been videos on it and now we've got studies on it and the poor man who did the study on aluminium rian doctor and <hes> barscelona did it aspertain industry tried to destroy his <hes> <hes> or assassinated character because of it it still went around the world and save the lives of millions of people so <hes> so it's now it's now on record and that won't read it. It's <hes> you're gonna premium bombing and it's the study trucco study so they go to your website which is mission possible world house or international would w. p. what mission possible w. h. I dot com how the initials because the law just initially us along now. We also want to hear the show dr joey he led dr. Eli is hospitalised. He's the doctor who actually works in hospitals and he's found a number of an always and of course one of the most important things thinkers is that your don't have of all the answers you're asking better and better questions and when you see a paradox or nominee or something that doesn't fit you know almost like looking at a puzzle yesler actress or why is this not fitting. It doesn't fit because it's an answer to a question you haven't asked yet and when you look at the manipulation of data and some of these studies are going on and he sent me a study recently posted up to shorter day even canada on the mineral <hes> imbalances and food you'll see that their conclusions don't make sense with the data data they've collected same way as the climate studies talking about global warming well what's going on is why because they politicized things and they have an agenda when when you point these things out for example a jitney moto now in japan doesn't manufacturer but when i was back in one thousand nine hundred seventy i actually took care of employees working at the <hes> aspartame plan in south carolina and told us specifically don't talk to the media they actually are hospital directors that don't talk to the media if they come in and they have this this knysna symptoms uh-huh which means polygraph panic brain damage optic nerve rightous <hes> cancer all kinds of things. Don't talk to the media because they're going to be something if you'll be impact actor exposed to aspartame vapors now they took e. coli insert a gene into equal gut bacteria bacteria to jerry peptide doesn't have a centralized interview senator for us off to try peptide. That's what's called an e centrifuge which means it uses electronics current and the atomic or molecular mass actually separate molecules to try peptide out the molecule basically is e coy are your poop bacteria pooping peptides that are basically neuro toxin in an abortive assiut and cancer inducing carcinogen and the fact is they know this and they've known all along and in fact they like it in fact and keep changing the name or they have new generations of sweden doctors like splendido which is i optical ice mercer or as assault an which is also toxic put in things. It's like a bottling company where ciders northern california. We've got ace cider almost no sugar that's because this is also a neuro toxic genotoxic and if you have a previous reaction aspartame and you started drinking splendor. You're gonna get recall phenomenon. It's just allergic. It's a narrow toxic phenomena relate to the spectral frequency effect spectral frequency of aspartame and sucralose is identical at foreign thirty eight point six hurts according to the equations last pauling the spectral frequency of salt and sodium cyclamate is identical two hundred ninety nine point nine hurts. That's a neutralizing frequency so if you don't have to understand ah body is being poisoned on purpose to reduce population reduced fertility and reduce i._q. This is not a joke. This is not by chance it's on purpose. Isn't it dr art religion doctor. Rhonda martini was matter. Hope not if somebody slaps you in the face and the right in front of your hitch with a baseball bat you know the guy in his routine his right hand. You know the perpetrator. We know the perpetrators we know even the data when we see data studies where the day likely fatal drugs loud people. That's the name that dr betty thought up years ago were or i've changed the name now to call the federal federal death agency the federal agency and we all know dr diggle said why did he do not want to license in this country. America's is both a doer of great good and great evil. American does more evil in the world than any other country on earth and currently is ready to put the deduction things and spread g._m._o. Food around the world world and spread of course toxic genetically modified foods. There's four countries united states canada. Argentina and brazil learns the gods with g._m._o. And people understand these toxins for example energy moto the mutating announcing over the counter medicines are prescription medications. They have to take early these are they said well. We have to add a sweetener because we've converted these news matt radical palestinian too generic generates have to have a sweetener no they don't and they add the sweeteners aspartame or something similar to it with a different name right and dr deal <hes>. Something comes the mine from everything you're saying. Do you think <hes> you know the colloquial legalese and how we define the words we use. Do you think that there's a component opponent of that in the way information is delivered because you quote scientists will say <hes> g._m._o. G._m._o. does nothing but because they're saying empirically in some definition of the way i understand it yeah it doesn't do anything but but <hes> ah downstream effects that using those loopholes because in in some sense it is it is true but i mean really it's not true. Do you think well i'll tell you what the problem is. If you want to solve lie you change the terrain in which you're lying about you saying does nothing looks like a tomato taste like tomato mito but if you're doing infrared photograph of a tomato that's got scorpion jeans. It doesn't look like a tomato in insects and all kinds of other life arms inspector. They won't eat it. How pheromones scare the hell out of insects. It's doesn't look like it now. When you bring the spectral frequently something modified like that or you bring an aspartame it directly affects <hes> the resident fifties regulate your d._n._a. So it's not just a toxin it actually regulates the effect of mineral residents in me no acid residents because because you remember minerals and amino acids primary things that control the production of message arnie new nuclear plasma little strove to hold your d._n._a. Too toxic amino acids which is what does this yes nominally. It's gonna shut down specific genes. You're gonna get a deficiency of structural proteins and enzymes. You're also going to get the direct toxic effect of these chemicals because across lean proteins or the amplify actors advocates amplify your immune system so when aspartame you know toxically cross links or produces free radicals articles by docking on enzymes. You're going to end up with certain proteins becoming even organic so you're going to get out of immunity so aspartame is going to increase autoimmune astronomical increase. The breakdown of the blood brain barrier aspartame is going to know premium your brain but it's also going to immunogenetics city of other things you're eating so if you're reading of regular fooling even joe organic food when the drinking the soda you know a soda cola or whatever the has aspartame. It's going to increase the risk. The proteins in the food are becoming. Janik aren't gonna improve. Allergic reaction elevated cytokine levels and redirections. It's just natural but the problem is they wanna make the statements because they want to just avoid it like the lawyers and the politicians the fact is you have to ask better questions. What does aspartame do. How does it do do it. What are the four or five different avenues which aspirin does it doesn't affect epigenetics toxicology auto immunity gene transcription and if he asked people that have supposedly looked at the cell say we did a double blind placebo controlled trial. You can't in many of these cases. Just kind of try would be unethical wouldn't it we want why do his trial of one. We actually measure specific parameters and say what does it do to those parameters. Does it break down the blood brain barrier which you can test if you do actually special things like a quick scan of the brain fine organic acids are looking even toxic cited kinds of their blood but no one's doing this stuff and the people do enough studies realized that hey these things are really toxic exit but the regulatory authorities are honest like this one to talk to dr betty. They'll simply say oh yeah. We do need to reduce world. Population infertility don't mean the latest statements statements by bernie sanders claus. Is we need an hourly reduce the population when you convert human beings into food i mean he's saying this views. Oh no that's not evil is that are you an idiot. You aren't idiot okay. There's no cure for that except the darwin effect which means if your if things get really rough. You're going to die prematurely so you have to understand any of you. Don't listen and don't ask better questions and think that you know what's going on. I don't know everything every day. I get up asking more questions when i know i realize if if i know a thousand times more than the average person they think they already know everything they're dangerous. Because i called vicious ignorance they bare their teeth and growl at those ask questions because they don't they want us to shut up. Now i was born without the shut up gene is this isn't the first hour with michelle mcgann or laugh. The setup gene means when people grow right. You're socially tried to to to shun you. You'll shut up and you try to say thanks nice little like you. I don't give a damn what people think about me. I want them to respect one thing thing. I ask good questions. I present good data and care for them and al di for them but it don't take us until you're not crap of anybody including m._d.'s p._h._d. Scientists politicians and other people bull because they won't ask the tough questions and pursue the data to see whether or something safer not genetically modified food or not safety memorize foods not safe food where he took the we saw them destroyed with gases to kill the bacteria says no minerals toxic e e toxins from electro pollution smart grid <hes> wifi network and five gene in sixty these are talks are destroying enzyme pathways and then when he had asked for payment all the other spinoff would call toxic call sweeteners of death this. This is like a devil potion. You can hear like the school tape letters in the background. It's so wonderful we've had so many names for aspartame thirteen now and directors on covering up all traces of evil and they still think it's just accidental killing sterilizing people isn't that wonderful act satan. Yes we have some very compliant. Jellyfish people including these jellyfish christians won't raise these issues and churches or public bases because they don't want to be shunned by their college thought as a conspiracy theorist that evil exists. That's what's going on people what the doctor bills sits. This is retain wearing this month and lighting sending you the report award. I just did you read. Have you read the new study by the world. Health organization at aspartame was never proven safe. Thank you sent me that last week i did it looked at that yeah in this more recently and this makes total sense. I had scott tips on the program last week last monday and we talked about that. We talked about the fact that by g to how they think about the name if you notice all most all the <hes> articles have the word kids yeah repeat that when we come back because we're gonna be around by the dump bumper but we're gonna come back and while you repeat that back in a couple of minutes stay tuned. 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Alison med order dr bill de gaulle's neutrogena at triple eight two one two eight eight seven one or neutral medical dot com. That's one aaa two two eight eight seven one or neutral medical dot com and listened to the mixture medical report on the genesis radio network with over lines every weekday neutral medical dot com bringing nutrition and medicine together <music> welcome back so many wonder repeat what you were saying just before the break because we're drowned out by the bumper <hes> and expand on us because they your comments of dealing with some of these doctors and even overseas <hes> indicates that they're well aware that hundreds of millions of people will die prematurely surely or be sterilized by these weapons of mass destruction and what people don't understand and again. This is where i want to have a talk with dr tramonte being a psychiatrist understand. One of the words has been removed from the english language especially psychiatry's. It's always a mental illness. Even evil evil is not a mental illness. It's the absence of good and why people should understand it when we see these people in regulatory authority power in our government. They're saying things like hey we do to reduce world population. Look at all the democrats pretty well. All of them are basically saying we need ruse population to say the planet they want to sterilize us and in fact even bernie sanders positive converting human beings to food like sweden green charlton heston people need to start grasping that what's going on here needs to stop an. There's a possibility europe. I was going to actually ban aspartame pretty soon again. Now that is now off patent. It's so cheap but cheaper than regular sugar so it's dan while everywhere and it's got all kinds of we call mm-hmm newton name so you can't tell exactly what's in your food or your medicine so pistons about f- because i worked with him if you've looked at this report and i have dr woo dark millstone dr eric millstone okay and i'm i'm at dock millstone about twenty two years ago when i was lecturing in <hes> england and scotland holland and he's an excellent scientist and he has an he's absolutely brilliant and goes a little further than a lot of people and his study so when i saw so they <hes> f <hes> investigation and of course i was <hes> trying to they have put my so were my network around the world and all of our doctors to and nothing <hes> nothing happened and <hes> <hes> when the rams any studies were done bat dr seuss freddie i keep in mind this is there. <hes> ramazani messini institute one of the top cancer institutes in the world. We're not talking about just and you know researcher. You know oh that's not be familiar with this type of thing. He didn't do one study on on asked pertaining cancer he did three of them and he received received <hes> an award only given twice in history and i know because i was there when he received it and that was with him in new york and i went up there to meet him well industry was trying to prevent it was so prestigious that they they were. They were doing everything in the world. They could don't accept it and some of it. <hes> you know was really can't stupid especially since doctors authors and no better for instance they said you can't accept that rats were retort disease dr so afraid of course of course they did. This is live cam. Study respiratory disease is dying process and we're dying anyway by the time the dr <hes> through <hes> they wouldn't answer so anyway they argued and argued and this is imprint and oppress relate the head of the committee of f resigned and put out a notice quick asa elsa is european food safety agency right right and but anyway they <hes> he put out a knows that that we were pressured by industry <hes> to hijack science so the head of us even before dr millstone got started in a study admit it the whole head of the committee admitted that <hes> that that that they were doing this because cost they were pressured by industry and you have to know from the beginning because there wasn't any asset it was the commission own food you know in britain and they did <hes> they did this study and reported by a friend of mine mark goad the aspertain toxicity since the center because it turned out that the committee on the review was one person probably slack and so <hes> the people over there that have to do with fraud and <hes> it became inactive active and they set up s <hes> to keep them away from industry so then when rams any studies came out and study after study after study on how bad it was after says. We're going to do a review. I said oh my word here. They go again and i sent them. All the best scientific peer reviewed studies things that you absolutely we could not argue it but it turned out what they did was they couldn't find. How do you find one hundred percent amount of independent studies. What they did was they. They have their people they pay to do. Studies shows they plagiarized a review and <hes> marco turned him over to <hes> this organization as i did for conflict of interest. If you got half the committee that's worked for people like coca cola or or the aspertain industry. I was your introduction. I imagine talk for an hour and a half after doctor he lied and i want to hear his comments because young doctor he's quite <hes> how can i say taken by the negativity inside the so-called healing professions nations and regulatory agencies and the government over just healthcare in general because it's not really down to drink send people's life span. It's business but regulation of medicine. Listen and food is insane. I mean i james the name of doctors to m._d. For medical doctor to medical drug salesman m._d._i._s. I realized that that anybody who ask tough questions and i did a lot in medical school. I asked ninety eight percent of the questions of my class one hundred five dollar housi- in halifax nova scotia which is the sister of harvard and across z. water in boston. We had conjoined stays lot with harvard and what people need to understand. I could change it entre sound back in nineteen seventy four seventy five. We're gonna dr mcmillan and i work with a motion disorders lab with dna madison and what i understand is if you're a scientist i which it should be before your doctor healer and and you ask tough questions and you have to be a problem solver you have to understand advanced science before you can actually problem solve became just drug salesman and you can't just accept drug companies or the words of even your professors if you can pull them apart with good questions so dr ele elected government on what you've seen so far because you sent me a study on minerals else but you've seen the same thing goes with the toxic sweeteners what you see happening as a young doctor seeing this. It must be very distressing because like i'm i'm forty six years old from the from the time when i went to medical school nineteen seventy-three. I'm re distressed by the fact that i see the system of anything anything getting worse not better. I don't see it improving and by the way it doesn't matter if it's a socialist country like canada or britain or so-called non-socialist country like america the insurance carriers and the effect of government regulation are in some ways virtually the same in some ways even worse because in regulatory countries like america genetically modified food and toxic six-week nursing so and get away with murder in the crop america than they do in other countries where they won't even accept some countries overseas are genetically modified food like are austria for money d- corn or china or russia. The accept genetically modified food in these countries so your analysis. What do you see happening well on this. Just <hes> preface if you think i'm <hes> i'm thirty three years old i i've got seven years of <hes> medical experience under my belt including my residency residency training <hes> and i you know i trained in the south west. <hes> trained <hes>. I did my medical school at you. Avai and i and i did my residency in albuquerque. I would call those the two epicenters of integrative medicine and and you know talking about all these topics <hes>. I think the first thing that i think we should say that. I don't think most people come to work saying. I'm gonna do a bad job. I don't think anybody says that and and i got a lot of respect for all my educators and all the work that they put into my education however <hes> there is like you said i mean it's understatement to say there's some unbiased in our education not only from the pharmaceutical industry but <hes> but from several other interests that that that keep that keep the wheels turning earnings so to speak i i came <hes> i came in about two thousand six with some awareness of aspartame and some toxicity and that was was that was while i was in college and still thinking about you know how my life was going to be and <hes> i <hes> <hes> you know just a few years ago. <hes> aspartame came up on my radar again when when i had <hes> when i was cheering for for some individuals that pat symptoms that i could not explain and <hes> and so i started. I started picking apart their diet. I started dissecting okay. We're like what are you reading. What are you drinking and and in a couple cases in a couple of cases. There's quite a bit a diet soda or or diet consumption lights or or crystal light. I mean but as an example seems and so <hes> and you know you know and and a cursory search on the internet on toxin tino hits an open source free <hes> service by the government <hes> you can i looked aspartame and then like i haven't thought about this in a long time and i said oh i can give some i._v. He's item. It's gives people vitamins their symptoms more or less disappeared and they said well. I feel so much better doc so <hes> and then it's so it's been kind of on my radar and then in the last couple months. It's you know it's it's it's become apparent to me in my free time during my research and <hes> that it that it is a big problem and <hes> without without violating hip <hes> i think most of the people we see in hospitals settles <hes> i mean i would say more than half are probably experiencing symptoms from aspartame because most of them <hes> are consuming stop with aspartame and and <hes> and and <hes> dr martini i i got a hold of dr roberts book and and i put up about one hundred pages into it over a thousand pages and i'm just blown away. I mean this is <hes> this is. I mean i'm thinking of patients. I've i've seen in the past. Mike wow that was my face with. That was my patient. <hes> you know making it a point right now to tell patients about this and and i try not not to sound like one of those crazy people because you know you sound paranoid right if you're talking about the additives in your food. Everybody says oh they're crazy right well. I mean i mean i tell them systematically. We'll know this published and this is all open source and and when i say to people in the right way they seem to listen the break you gotta break to them gently because they're gonna look at you as not if you tell them you know that and there's so many toxins your food g._m._o. Food and no water. It's ruining your health like an death in britain house dementia well. I could <unk> unless you know what's causing. I would say there's probably a number of we call possible. Add adventures things that we've done. Aspartame is up there. I mean federal depleted soil toxic electoral pollution jam food and of course the overuse toxic poly pharmacy. That's actually depleting specific brain activity activity worth celebrating damage so you have a whole list of things now. I don't know which one is the greatest. I guess the toxic sweeteners are major patrick causing and celery brain damage to your comment dr betty yes. Ah about this. When i first got started. I met my in <hes> new someone from pepsi and any event. They said that they had just done <hes> a ten year. Study on aspertain on humans and the results were coming in and that what was causing all timers birth defects and blindness how this is many years ago. He didn't know that's what it caused i we i knew that it caused that and everybody was beginning a forget and on the <hes> f._d._a. Reporter money to set uh-huh <hes> that <hes> forgets notices. Oh i don't know it must be <hes> from number nine but an interesting thing happened one day yeah ran into someone from the national soft drink association american beverage now and i was giving out flyers like i usually do. I'm i'm this woman turned around and she said aspertain safe. 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You've seen telomeres etc. We have life support the talks his face to detox pathways ucare ana dacian salvation and methylation pathway support. We've added glycemic sa- blocks carbohydrate absorption helpful diabetes or weight loss and as well helps with people that are trying to build a bustle using things like our special formulas from darker wolf called mega muscles between meals along with sports energy light. We have the amazing neutra complete most complete read and re green streak in the world but the best most feel and flavor it could offer mexico too. It's better mineral mix which is our fruit flavored mixed. <hes> stay well i saw here and and so and we're coming back with dr betty argentinian dr joey with dutch touchy joe viewer to summarize and a couple of minutes where you think things are going i e the medical profession has lost in space. It doesn't matter if it's the socialist country america. I see the regulatory agencies in terms of food quality pushing g._m._o. Food toxic pesticides like round adopt causes non-hodgkin's lymphoma toxic sweeteners which they know cause infertility decreased i._q. And our cancer-inducing and literally premium bomb you look aspartame and people find this hard to believe that i think it's a conspiracy theory. Would you put it on facts. It's almost like putting being a gunman that he may kill you and you've already got one bullet in your chest hasn't killed you yet and he's about to shoot another bullet and you're telling them that there's a there's a shooter right in front of you killing you and they don't wanna believe it. It's it's it's bizarre. It really is it's like i say i call it vicious ignorance. The public public is they're not stupid. They think it's survival mechanism to believe that they're politicians regulatory series or even their doctors that odors nothing wrong with aspartame good. It'll help you lose weight. Known fact it actually makes you gain weight because insulin oh stimulant and things to make free radicals and things that stimulate insulin actually put weight on you and they make you obese. They actually people to become diabetic. They caused infertility day 'cause lots of other stuff that we probably don't even fully really understand yet but we know that they improve free radicals their opponent co toxic with other things like genetically modified scale radiation. I call e toxins. Toxins are scanner waves and actually shut off enzyme pathways in your body. What's your summary of what you see things going because in my forty six years since i started medical school. I'm very distressed by what i see happening. I don't see very many of my colleagues off enough to ask tough questions or even the fax the rate in the eyeballs. It's me it's bizarre. <hes> why dr bill that's a tall order. I'll say that <hes> ed and i'll say it and i'll answer it as best as i can. With my level of training experience okay here goes <hes> i think <hes> i i think everybody is trained to do what they're trained to do <hes> and and so one solution as we have to look at the training and see if there's some some way that we can go into the training and and supplement the training of our professionals right to to to make them aware of this number one number two <hes> where i see things going that that was the main question you ask rows. I i mean i'm gonna say something. I don't think anybody's ever said okay the guys <hes> i think the only medical specialty that's actually cared about human beings has been preventative in aerospace medicine coming anyway there were said that before because they actually care about the astronauts and they want them to be tiptop before they go into space because come back. I don't think there's any any other specialty. That actually has it at their core to do that because like you said we're pushing drugs so i think if you think about what really causes illness it's excessively. It's deficiency. It's exposure under exposure. It's trauma. It's infection genetics epigenetics. That's everything and most illness is because of probably toxicity and deficiency and exposure and instead of doing something about the underlying cause we are coming from another direction putting the drug on the symptom or or the thing that that is <hes> revealing itself so to speak without getting caught so i mean i i think innovation i think real free thought and innovation in medicine <hes> is is is is has been under attack for very long tack. I got a few analogies for you. What you're saying is the doctors are the scientists are going along in every area science including metallurgy i in building supercomputers. They're going over those break hanan spraying them dashing dashboard light of issues of might be of concern and then the secondly is what i call mega university where the the medical professor or the science professor or the environmental professor intellectually really defecates in the university and if you eat defecation as a p._h._d. Candidate and your defecation in your paper or your your your seizes. The defense looks tastes smells like defecation of the professor you pass so you have to have a similarity of a call mega university sit. The code pests smell test. Ask the ugly test of your intellectual defecation does that make sense now dr diggle and i said well what i learned when i was as low as little as three years of age learned that i learned to talk at about one like most people do but i talked in sentences and by the time i was to ask questions of adults that made them feel feel uncomfortable and by three i was doing stuff that was like very precocious and all the way through school in university in medical school residency. I've asked questions that people didn't want to answer answer. No i don't mind feelings. I'm not averse to feeling stupid because unless you feel empty you're stupid. You're never gonna ask. The question of why things are the way they are. What i see happen as most people that are not really smart. They can live with cognitive dissonance. They can live with things that are non ways don't make sense and they haven't trained intellectual people either in medical school p._h._d. Program basic or advanced science or anything to actually ask better questions to start learning how to think with their brain they learn how to do intellectual defecation location. They learn how to wrote respond to questions so you have to figure out how the test makers making a specific tests. She don't overstate the test maker so you don't fail so the problem is i see they have an anti intellectual system. I have brain exercises for example. I'm going to put up my website and on youtube that will actually raise your accurate in minutes. These exercises are call. Where's waldo exercises. They train you concepts to break them down and actually rebuild concepts as there's a whole grabbing your brain. The problem is people don't know how to think and there are taught anti intellectual ideas because they wanted to do when you put him through the the european system in colossians system of education stood over one hundred and fifty years ago they brought to north america and west they brought this system because they want to train people how to think of how to regurgitate urged because they wanted to teach them how to print how to write how to make sentences and paragraphs how to communicate but they don't teach people how to think about thinking and as a result what happens we have people that are able to passe i._q. Tests because two puzzles but they really aren't original thinkers they don't have what's called an inquisitive index. You know i don't like the i._q. Mike you which is an intelligence quotient. I like the inquisitive index okay. How are you yeah and a and this is where the problem is. If you're scientists and you go through the inquisitive index when you're doing a research paper and saying data means the conclusions at the end of it probably probably means something i found my experience by two percent of articles published by medical doctors and scientists in general including basic sciences like oceanography where i did my work ritual original p._h._d. Is worth reading the rest of it is intellectual garbage. The reason is they don't ask questions to show that they've actually selectively had pre pre-selected data for their conclusions. An alternative conclusions will be made based on the data that they've already selected or the model they have which is not a complete doesn't have all the drivers for example model climate the model of what how the body works for example does the body like g._m._o. Food for example. I had talk to five years ago. A indian doctor during researches a p._h._d. At the university edinburgh on monte de carney founded cause microcephaly a giant abdomen obesity cancer and sterility dropped the sperm count of these gerbils down to zero so switzerland where they got this data they outlawed outlined money the corn coming into swift's to to <hes> osteotomy so what we have to find out that science doesn't move forward because because we do a big study of thousand or two thousand people double blind placebo controlled tried to find an answer because remember they construct the study to prove a specific point and the drug company behest invest enough money to show that they can actually justify their drug. That's why i heard the funniest statement a few years ago if drug doesn't have side effects. It probably doesn't have affects the problem. Is you see we're going around as doctors sprang little flashing light on the dashboard of the body rather than signing a wired. We have so many more kids with eighty. Why did we have more dimension. Now's the number of deaths in britain. Why we get so much heartfelt your wife's increasing foreign percent faster than any other heart disease. Why do we have so much cancer now. When i went to medical school one percent in twelve got cancer nearly seventy now. It's less than one and two i mean why do we have so many <hes> we disturbed sexual orientation people now that are there are basically being feminist males or we have the presence of seattle westerns and our and our environment why recycling toxic water that's getting in our food supply and now even you know odyssey trump was good at some things but other things he's nydia pushing recycle toxic water. Was you know you know birth control pill and and industrial waste and doping agents microchips pushing sulfide which when you're hearing this concentrate by your kidneys dissolve steel and even porcelain pushing five d'you network that pushes out <hes> he talks that shut down your genes in fact i know and i know the science how to make a face ray directed energy weapon and it's all based on mineral residents rated weapon at you as a mineral resin say of mercury i can shut down your metabolism seconds and you'll have an immediate surge of superoxide brock's dismutase. It'll kill you know dr deal you can't do that. Yes i can actually and i know 'cause i work with guys working classified projects and the n._s._a. And classified projects. I know what they're all up to take people with really high q. over one eighty and sold them and don't have any ethics some good the ones with no essex. They get promoted to have an unending budget. Do whatever the hell please and there's no restraint whatsoever darpa for example even as a vaccine against the god gene by shutting down the in miscellaneous l. d. s. partly receptor in your brains. You don't wanna have a higher purpose in your life. They can do this now. They've handed over ten years. We've not god gene vaccine. Do you know that diggle you can't you can't know all this stuff. I will only release enough information. I won't have view if you're not saved. Commit suicide because if you're not a saved person you listen everything. I say you just think well most people say well. He's just not no. I'm not just not you know and the problem is i've been through god allow me to go through a personal hell and see a lot of things first-hand secondhand and have the intelligence is to absorb it and have what deficiency what's called the shut up gene. I don't have one. I'm not afraid of the public or a million people in front of me. I'm not afraid of people challenging because i want to be taught. If someone's got great three and a good logic and evidence i want to learn but i have very few callers intellectually challenged me asking me questions or anything because literally i have the intellectual and spiritual ability to answer any question on any topic in the world instantly or breakdown a problem to its constituent parts. I don't know anybody that has that ability but i do and i'm showing right now. Because this is the end of human history. We're about to transition to an age where they're going to genetically modify caste system. Humans get get rid of mostly human population replacing what i call cyber which are human embryos ronin laboratories in connected to the supernet be part robot if you don't think that we're heading toward blade runner and much worse you're an idiot we are and it's not waiting decades a lotta. These things have been done in the past. I took care of <hes> super. Soldiers were actually taking being being developed by the u._s. Military general poindexter destroy to hold them. I took care of actually show them. Personally doctor and one guy got genetically ackley operated in six months after he had taken the genetic modification allows colleagues they had terrible bone pain but most of them drew much larger he put on one hundred pounds of body mass and six inches in height and a lot of these guys got so depressed by what was going on with their body. They committed suicide so people's dr diggle oh honey and all that stuff i said god had my daytime and let me tell you what i know. You do not want to know not unless you really saved by the blood of jesus really ask stuff and you're not gonna hear this stuff in any other show. Non coast to coast rents network. You're not gonna hear it on republic radio. You're not gonna hear this stuff anywhere else. You're gonna hear from eagle and my co host like dr betty is probably the most intelligent person on aspirin toxic sweeteners of death and she has a bevy of really brilliant doctors like yourself self dr hewlett dr monty many others and the problem. Is this keeps marching forward. I don't see any stalling at all. The toxic sweetener marched you there culminating if you don't need to hack into the niassa hebrew for the temple in our consciousness if you don't think that they're knocking down the door of the battering ram is things like aspartame the batter down the ramp of your cortex if you don't think they want to reduce human fertility when you hear the demon wrap saying that we need to reduce human fertility because the world will not survive these devils honestly that's what they are these millions of satan and and these ignorance so call pretend m._d.'s p._h._d.'s. They're marching like lemmings over the cliff and if you don't if you wanna spit only the messenger passenger again. I'm a man of spittle. I don't care but i'm gonna tell you. The truth. Rates the last moment my last oxygen molecules my last night account. I will tell you the truth and the problem is that they have made exactly they most.

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