UFC 254 Khabib vs Gaethje, Davis vs Santa Cruz, Usyk vs Chisora, Cuadras vs Estrada 2


Welcome to the fight with Teddy Atlas. I'm Ken rideout joined as always by the legend Teddy Atlas Teddy how you doing good gun. Oh, you good. It's always good. You look good. Good to see you. How does your family? Everyone's good. How `bout? You? Yeah good. Thank God. We just had birthday party for two grandchildren here my my grandson Joseph, who was three, the other day and my granddaughter Mara who was one? So we my daughter. Found the little. Farm. In New Jersey and had his friends everybody come over there with the animals a farm animals and Games and it was nice. It was it was really nice I just wish all the grandson who's in Las Vegas could have been with US little teddy but it was you know that's the great part about being able to have the facetime and all that you can. You can have them together even they're not physically there but it was great was it was very nice. They grow up too fast can. 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Right right there. Right. There would have been seen what a would eight the little bow Campbell chicken. Good stuff. Good stuff. Hey, guys before we dive in I want to quickly announce are two winners of the power giveaway that we held last week. The two winners are West Parkinson and Alexander Monteiro will be reaching out to you both by email and combine your orders. Thanks to all who purchased a power dot device with the Promo Code Alice you're still entered in the pool to win in the future next week, we'll be selecting several more winners. So if you purchase a powered out with the Promo Code Atlas, you'll not only get twenty percents off your order, but you'll also have a one in five chance of getting it for free more on this in the show notes. Let's talk UFC. Big Fight Card recently this past Saturday night. I know you had a chance to watch it before we get into the CO main. In the main I think you had a chance to look at some of the cards and had some. Comments you wanted to share. So with that, I'll let you jump into and take me wherever you want whichever fights you to discuss. Yeah I. figured loser figure that scratch it. That's touched a undercut only because we didn't plan on it full disclosure for you guys out there. We didn't plan on doing the undercard other than the Whitaker Cobaine but I decided to touch on a quickly because I was impressed. I'm not saying those were the most competitive fights they didn't turn out to be but the reason they didn't turn out to be, of course, the coal and the main. Turned out to be the electricity that you want to see especially in a legend like beep but. The the coal one. S- or the the preliminaries that I'm going to touch on now, they can just set up. I WanNa do it because not because they were competitive fights or great fights, but because of the talent. The new talent at least for me? The new seen these guys you know make this scene. I just wanted to mention what I thought about them as far as. Their future and how they struck me. They got my attention enough to take a few extra minutes to talk about him on our podcast and that's Because I think they have a future great future. The first one will be the Russian. And And Cal, you help me with the name. Margaret Mad Margaret Ankle. Af for us Ian Kuzan Coochie Labor. Yeah who's the labor laws was a rematch the first one ended in controversy and it was controversially. Replay I mean, come on. I. you know kind of his acting was too good. The Hulk. Right. He he played possibly the first one in the first round. I fight and he played possum he was getting hurt with the kicks hoping to get Colli of to you know to bite right he was to try to get them to come in where he could count 'em, catch them, get them into his wheelhouse so to speak and the. believed. Them. That hurt. Kinda. Crazy. You know yeah and it was really fortunate. Yeah. So they had a rematch. A rematch while there was no mistake of what happened here there was no controversy here and Colli of. Stopped him in the first round in a bad stoppage while he stopped him again in the first round in a good stoppage. destroyed. he. He, he The thing that impressed me the most about that. I. I, looked at a number one touching on it. Is. You just look like so look out for and take seriously he was calm. He had good height and reach ankle from talking about smart and a southpaw which makes it a little bit more difficult to deal with them. If you mind to be you'RE GONNA laugh here can but he reminded me a little bit of another Russian boxer guy named Klitschko. What are the Klitschko Brothers in the way that? You know he's tall the a good height and reach, and he knew how to use it at this European style tool that you used to see in the eastern European boxes years ago close goes one of them where they extend in this case was a southpaw they extend that lead had jabbing had and very loose and they circle with it they circle with it and they jab or they could hook. Hook, and they circle it's it's an awkward Unorthodox. Approach straight up circle with this at bank and he had a little bit of that. Eastern. European. Look the reminded me eclipse go. and. Would that would that lead JEB had? And bouncing up and down circling with it, keeping it loose where again you could jab you could count them with it with the hawk. He controls range well. And he's very calm discipline. He keeps you at the end of his JAB. Changes to range where his step out to get you to cut in. Thai shoot reach in. where he can set up Accounta-. I just I just like his his whole makeup of what I'm kind of describe any controls it since he got the whole to follow him as he uses legs well to move on the outside. But it was always set to punch was moving under control or. move out to set up some counters He got the whole to reach or walk in and he counted with perfect straight left hand the Powell Punch of the South Pole. He he got him to walk right into it. He really looked like someone who for me to be at the top with a style and ability has a chance to be and the discipline and the wiry he he's got a wiry frame, and that usually tells me the guy can is going to be a puncher because the guys that wiry they usually get good leverage. Historically for me at least so. Again I. Delivered very deliberate. I just. That's my scouting report as far as a guy to look for the other one. was to third fight get was also a first round knockout. Again, I'm not doing these because the turn out to be greatly competitive, but but I loved his Guy Phil Horse. Might print outs, underwrite wes YEP and boy he he knocked out Jacob. Of My cool. And I was I was just very impressed can. He was he first of all, he's got great power but I, like how he delivered it. And he delivered by short walking he's short step to his men. He kept his man in front of him. And is. Like his prey. It's like you've got the Phil and he kept his prey in front of them and then. In in a very controlled manner, he closed the gap. And of course, the show by short stepping taken these little steps. So he never smothered himself. Not everyone does this was a technique that I don't see many people use where His mother himself by being anxious he was he always kept himself in perfect position kind of like. kind of like the Great Joe. Louis that always you know used as an example that was always in position always always balance and even in a way the the great Japanese boxing champion right now who who is always balanced always in position never out of position and. So. He throws punches not only with. Great form which I liked but there was smart well placed intentionally placed punches. To get the job done efficiently. Made a note to myself I want to see more of him. Just like I used to make notes when I was doing a Friday night fights on ESPN I would make a note I want to see this guy again I would you know tell the program guys? Hey, talk to this promoter and tell them to put him on more because this is the guy we can follow. We could watch develop that I think can develop into something and I'd like to see more of them I think audience would and I'm doing the same thing here for the people. Again he had good controlled legs. And not in a way that the conventional way that we usually talk about gauging somebody's good legs where they're moving around the going outside the using the ring. No you can have good legs while you beat aggressive to head and he had good legs. As I said, closing the gaps You know not moving around the ring. In his case you know he moved in with. Just. That very educated controlled legs. Setting up. Where his upper body was able to strike from perfect position. When he got there as I said with the no way in a way, the Japanese champion that we have and with. With, the old great late Joe Louis always way you needed to be with your legs. So the upper body could deliver the wooded needed to deliver was never balanced just perfect striking position and kind of reminded me a little bit of it's kind of like a you got the crane that moves the wrecking ball into position. The cranes got gotta get the ball in position can and then you wreck the building. has to look like to me a little bit I know that's pretty graphic. Kids might not WANNA listen to the GUY G. reckoner record book but he was he was he got himself in position, and then he he wrecked the guy in front of them So, I I really I really I really enjoy watching them and watching how he got it done. And I feel a little bit like, Cisco. Those two movie siskel and Ebert. Yeah a little bit like that. I've given a thumbs up to guys. Worth watching in the future you know yeah. Yeah Given my. My reviews out there for what they're worth and then of course, there was there was a woman's five with Lauren Murphy. beating. Shock. Rover and. I that was a mismatch and I think it's fair that I just mentioned it in five seconds only because. I do when boxing as a mismatch UFC has a once in a while to not as many not as many. But once in a while, this was one of those things that happen where it was a mismatch where. She just. She just didn't have enough experience and. She was you know. Murphy. was physically strong more experienced and. Shock of over was just. Maybe should should get better down the road, but she wasn't ready for that kind of competition at this point no career at this point Oh career, and then that brings us to of Volkov Alexander? Volkov. Wold have is that was I was impressed. I was impressed because Volkov had. Seven believe that's what he was seven. He praised me was controlled focus given up his height. You know which a lot of talk guys don't know how to fight tall and he was doing it against the southpaw. He recognized it. Straight rights would be effective and thrown them straight without any loading up and he didn't give up his height when he did it. Yeah pivoted on his foot. He kept the advantage of being a toll a guy that's what you supposed to do on the outside. And? was still efficient offensively without giving up defense. I really noticed that. I. Recognize that that's why I'm talking about it. He didn't give any warning. and. Like I said, you maintain that reach advantage. By extended as punch and keeping that position on the outside, very efficient punches no wasted motion. Very clean. I liked the way finish the fight showed good athleticism for such a big guy lead in a straightforward kick to the body was amazing. Guy Throws that beautiful Kick I mean I talk about I do these videos with. We've talked about it before we've promoted it with with. Dynamic striking. We do these videos why do instructional videos and we just did one. Recently on signature punches to solar. plexus punch. I've never seen a solo flex cake. Now was perfectly placed I might have to go. into the video have. Literally. short-circuited, Wall Towers. This whole system just shut him right down one kick boom. I surrender. Yeah. It was just. It really was was amazing. Really was and. The other I think that leads us to where you can. You can lead us the rest of the way because I think that leads us to the coal main, which was. which was with again and CANANEA. Which? I was I enjoyed all the I enjoyed Cohen, the main event, but you take it as far as I believe that was the call. Yeah. That's right. whitaker really put it to Kim near cannon ear interestingly enough has come down all the way from heavyweight to now middleweigh and. Man I thought this one would be much more competitive Israel? Outta Sun. Yeah. The reigning champion middleweight basically said Cannon, air if you can get to Robert Whitaker your next I think their friends and. Very respectful but needless to say whitaker had other plans and just literally put it on. Cannon Air. Whitaker gets the win Dana says that he's probably next Fata Sonya, which would be a rematch Kazaa Sonya really put it on Wittig last time they fought. So that will be interesting setup for the UFC because I guess you have to give winokur the next shop and it really wasn't that competitive the first time he got in there with busy so. Sets up an interesting dynamic there but. I know you got a chance to watch have some thoughts on the fights love to hear what you saw. Well, the first thing I'd say is you said, you know it was an easy win for whitaker. I. I'VE GOT A. I'm going to say I'm going to disagree just a little bit and it started look like it was going to be an easy win the first two. Don't the first round was close second round whittaker pulled ahead really dominated around using his jab boy use a good. Oh Wow. He really did. He used. He used a good. Jab. and He. He used a good sample jet Brantley. But. Like my friend from ESPN, it's a very popular show. Show a lot of people out there watching it. It's college. Game Day you watch it to Ken I'm sure and you have to great LE-. On. Saturdays before the college football schedule get started and they do their thing kind of like well, we to you know breaking everything down. And Lee Causal will come on. And where the where the. Mascot uniform of the team that he thinks is GonNa win. You know I'm going to get a mascot uniform for you to wear two of the team. Get that done. I'm going to I'd have to work with your wife and your kids. Would love. I'm sure they'd love the opportunity to get you to put on one of those those those short Shorto, those stills, those heads of one of those teams whether it's. bulldog for the Georgia bulldog or you know an eagle for to Boston College Eagle whatever. So but Lee Corso has a little saying you know he he would. He would start to be asked to analyze something and one of his. Partners there on a set would say something and then he would suddenly say not so fast. And that's what I'm saying now. So Fares can not so fast. Yeah. It looked like an easy one can but then something happened. What happened was Cananea you showed his great great resiliency a great heart. And said not so fast and a third round. You're not so fast because. He. Again the first round close. Second round. Would have good I thought dominated. Uses like I said brilliantly. To win rounds control the fight of. The way that the great late Willie Pep the will of the WISP. Great, featherweight champ was a great fighters of all time. He used to win fights with Justice Jab. A you know you get fighters could do that. That's how important a weapon it is. That's how. That's how big JAP is I mean the? Is the key everything at starts everything and it can finish everything. It controls everything. Could control the guy offensively and defensively will you step out banging another jab before he could come in you control defense it sets everything up I like I say on ESPN when I was coming into GONNA fights? Someone else might be signing out where you the JEB sets the table, and then you go eat with the other punches and that's would go get. He demonstrated the importance of to Jab. I'm going to be shameless enough I do that once in a while, but you allow me to where I will mention of the dynamic striking videos that I. Do the instructional and we just did one on jabs fourteen. Did. You know there were fourteen different ways. Jab No. Get. The video. Camera find out. Find out but he He wins the first two rounds. As Southport Jab. And then. He survives. Kennedy is Lake Kicks so pretty. I tell you. So it wasn't that easy. He had to survive those whitaker being he and then in the third round. Again he's winning around. And he's using that Jab. and. Then CANANEA. Does what? What fight is still behaves like a fighter he he finds a way to overcome finds a way to. Fuses to say that it's over. Yogi. Berra. Use to say ain't over towards over. And that's the greatest quality we have human beings can. As when we just to not give in. To defeat and he wouldn't give in. He just he he gets. He gets caught with a light cake. By Whitaker beautiful setup I think that's his Sunday I going to say punishment I guess I'd have to it a Sunday kick. That Sunday Strike? Yeah. That's a Sunday strike Ken that says. I mean, that's his that's his thing. That really is because he throws a nose commentators a great those confrontations they really are they do their job He drew one to you know Jeb and the power punch the left hand from the South Pole position. Right? He goes to one to putting frozen as. A setup. He chose it as a distraction. He throws it as a throwaway punch or punches where he gets his opponent in this case Khania. He got, India. He gets him to be in the position. He needs ways out of position. And he's not going to see the common. So he goes back back and then the kick and wow, he catches on the side of the head. With. A kick in the third round looks like he's going to close to show the owner knock him out. He wobbles them. He. Kinda near gets hurt he goes back. And he goes in for the kill. and. WHAT GOES IN GETS TO THE FLOOR? Looks like he's good of submit them. Scott him on the floor. And Somehow somehow come on. We know how? Because he demands to give in he he refuses to given. And CANANEA, finds a way to get out of that. Look like who is GonNa? Look like he was going to be submitted. He gets out of that chokehold he gets off the floor gets to his feet. See that's the brilliance of that's specialness of these UFC fighters and a boxes they. All. World that. They. They find the capacity. The place to go that most people don't even know exist. That they that they go to this this ugly room, there's there's room without oxygen and find oxygen. They they do. People will say I was the logjam it's over no, they find their own. They find. A way. The guy gets up off the floor. Starts. Competing again in the third round. Oh. I could talk about this all day I. WanNa appreciate. But this guy did and he's back in the fight and what happens with a good makes a mistake. Heathrow that's why you never give up. You never know when you give up, you do know it's over. But you don't give up you never know you never know. He throws a jab that he was dominating the fight with the good folks at a little lazy. From a little too close see the jabs a great weapon. Is if it's voted respected to be thrown at the right time and distance and position. You told from the role position at the wrong time and your opponents ready to counter and your little too close as you throw it back. Opening or window opening door get county you gotta throat where You're not Cana rable. I just made up that word I like to do. That's the great thing about having your own podcast. Couldn't make up your words sometimes. You kinda mean nobody there you know if I was on ESPN be. The like. Four. Directors and producers. That's not a word. Ted. Ted that's not a word and then I get in my talk back and say leave me alone. Half of the words use our words. Have you learned I get? Come on. So. You gotta throw from a distance with the guy can't county you gotta be a aware it's a great punch put you it's a dangerous. If. You don't know where to vote from because it opens a door to Accounta-. And for the split second after dominating. You know. Three rounds with the JAB for the most part. What a good throws it a little lazy from a little too close. And what's he get caught with? He gets caught. Being that eases South Pole. And he saw he gets caught with a hook. With a left Hook. Right over it. I wanted just look at my notes. make sure. He gets. So he throws it from a little too close. He gets caught with the hook. Over it and he gets hurt he gets tagged. and. Then all of a sudden. Wow game on. WHO said this resolve? Who Said Does Resolve? And the courage to toughness the resilience see. The the behavior of fighter. Got Him back in a fight. Got Got Him God. Cananea back into the fight gave them another chance. And he went right afterward ago. Would a good to his credit again he survived at any dominated ed at the Andy finished strong. And he you know he he he got beautiful win. But I thought it was only fitting. To give the due to bowl to them and also to Cananea. For how he never gave up and how he almost pulled it out of the fire. By taking advantage of one mistake that might have been. All night where. You know to that Jab from to close that southport Jeb and he got counted with the hook and four second there. Little shaky but yeah to river terrific performance by whitaker. Terrific. Clap. At bolted up Kennedy a too tough guys tough guys. There's no one slipping through the cracks. They're very like you said earlier, very few mismatches if ever. That brings us to the main event, the star of the show. Khabib Mogomedov just engaged. Master performance from Khabib. No made off after the fight Dana White reveals that he had broken his foot possibly to toews You know it aside from a little piece of tape he had on on one of the toes but man he looked awesome just went in there relentless pressure on gauge he kept it on all night. Gauge E as hell gave him. Gave it everything he had. But in the end was just could be just too much too much fighter for him and just put it on them. Got Him in a triangle submission from the top just masterful performance and then retires in the ring afterwards it's the first and only fight he's had without his dad and his corner, and after the fight said, he can't go on without his dad and left his gloves in the ring and I know you've got a lot of thoughts on this one saw turn it over to you. Well first of all I want to make a correction. Stakes, to, believe it or not. I just described a widow fight. And everything I say. What what I saw and what I obviously one applaud. But I made one mistake. Would it that's why make notes wigger. was. Trolling Orthodox Jab against the South Poor. In in CANANEA. So, it was his orthodox jabbed I was dominating all night against the South Pole which really really really. Made it extra. Impressive. Because you don't usually dominate from an Orthodox position, you'll end right hands with a southpaw. Southbound kill but you don't usually dominate with a jab because it's hard to get the right ankle. Feel the right position for the jam but Would it go was from an Orthodox position. Was Using his jab to score against his South Poor. So I got that twisted. And at the end, but but it's all happened away. I said it just. As you the reverse positions of style where at the end when whitaker got caught a third round. He got caught Ronin Orthodox. Conventional left-hand Jab, and he got a court which was really. Extra impressive. He got caught over it. With a South Pole Hook. From From CANANEA and usually when. Other dogs fighter will get counted. By a southpaw will get kind of you know Trona Jab at by an Orthodox fighted trove straight right handovers JEB he throws it. It's the back head. It's in other words to the dogs fighter was in this position and the right hand is in Powell. Lane. Bowel position way you told from back here and you turn into a Metro Powell Punch. And a lot of ties with it. All Dogs, fighter, Dros Jeff from too close with another Orthodox fighter. The opponent might bang throw the right hand over that chip in this case, the opponent. CANANEA was a southpaw. He couldn't do that. He couldn't count with with this. is to Jeb columns bull twelve the right here he had the right handed. Fun. US out poor. He had to counter with the hulk. That was pretty damn good. So what a good throws to jab in the third round little callous slow a little bit too far away from the wrong position and what happens. CANANEA. Catches some. With the right hook and wobbles I just wanted to make that. I WanNa make that correction out there. And make sure we don't have any. Because I love fans to know that they would never never looked to be critical. In any way hurtful. But. But they might out just. Properly. Say attended was south for the other way. Yeah. But. You get the idea everything else's was. As far as the main event. With With Gadji. In. Khabib. Well. You know you set it up, you set it up the way it was. Could be going in this fight to first time without his father. He has fought without his father quotable before though, right? Ken. I believe. So yeah, he has but never without his father on this earth without his father in the camp leading up to it and Cetera et says yeah. Yeah. So he goes in there with obviously heavy ought. Of. Listen the man who you know. It's kind of like tiger woods without his father when his father passed I mean. Tiger Woods was. Created in a way built made into a champion comfort by his father from the time he was you know the time he was born he that was the plan. Same Way would Lohman Shaneco right? who just lost to Lopez his father had a plan from the time that. You know was born that he's going to be a champion. So. Here here he is without that man and. Well This is what I saw. I saw. A few good shots and leg kicks. You know. By? Gadji. Where early on He landed some good good good legs shots kicks. But The punches even though he landed a left Hook I, believe of my memory is. he led the couple couples solid shots on the Chin of Khabib who's pressing the action of course, but the punches can were almost as they were like desperation shots, not com control ones they were. Would like Out of trying to survive in kind of like, hold the guy off. There was a certain. Frenzy nece I think that's fair. Right almost like hail. Mary. Punches. A good way of putting it like. The clock is the clock is ticking down in a football game and you gotTa throw a Hail Mary Pass into the end zone downfield is father to draw and you hope you just hope it's not something that you. Have tremendous belief in confidence in that, you wanted to be in that position you just hope and. Almost hoping. Against Hope. That it's going to, it's going to get caught. That, it's GonNa, pull you out of the fire that it's going to land and. For me I'm watching people. Then you know I would think the average person saying, wait a minute he's throwing. Yale, landed a couple. But there's frenzy nece. Out. Of Control. NECE. It has approach. This NATA. Acom or A. Real true belief behind them as the normally would gauge gauge is terrific and. It tells you what this guy's about can. It tells and for the people that. Don't necessarily see it. They just look at it as A. One. One time visual at the final result. But they don't see with this guy does how he deteriorate you. How Will without even told a punch just by pressure his presence, his look. Everything. They don't realize and I had a friend. WHO's a real? Expert part of this. He's in that crowd with everybody that. I would hope that I can add something to there. To what they what they'd Alcee. They see a guy that I just described engage. You only trolls more control punches better punches right? Less phonetically phonetic punches. More control punches. And he's not and they don't see why they don't see what else is going on there. They don't see this. The radiant rays. Of the. Sun. On a hot hundred five degree. July. Day. That's coming down. And evaporating that puddle. Industry they don't see those rates. They see puddles. But. They don't see the rays. Before the puddle is, GonNa Wind. that. Made that puddle to Sapir those rays of Kabeba there. That's part of what makes him special. That's what I WANNA do this podcast this way today I wanted people to be able to understand that part which very hard to understand if it's not explained. Of You have been there and had that experience. which he submits these ultra. Raise. These infrared rays and his confidence, his belief, his persona has pressure. All of that. and. When you? Would you believe that? You're going to. Have the effect that you have in. Utah the punches in a certain way. But when your overtaken by these raise what I'm describing here. By this kind of presence pressure. Life is. So I was GONNA say boxing and UFC seventy, five percent mental. I'm not saying it. Life is. Life is how many you people out there sitting in? Desks whatever you're doing. Thank God taken care of your family trying to take him take them. Wherever you are wherever you wa. Garage working on 'cause in classroom teaching. Hospital. As a nurse Doctor PA. Whatever whatever it happens to be. How many you've been worn down by something you don't even know what it was but. You feel. You feel one down you feel. Broken you feel. Sometimes. Hopeless. Feel. Less than what you WANNA feel like. You're not in control. It's pressure. As precious of form of pressure it's raise. This pressure is more intense. There's once they have right there. The other one might get at your day by day hour by hour. Week by week month by month. The responsibilities of being a single mom whatever it is. But this one is right there at you at that moment in this. Of Truth with a boxing ring or whether an octagon in his case. And it's common at you and rather than throw the punch way, you normally would that confidence with that form. Your you like the guy that's. The last stand of the Alamo. Yeah Yeah Ken, and normally normally you know you're shooting with a designed to your shooting. Here, he is Bom. Bop Bop BOP, you know there's a purpose you know that there's a belief that you're going to get to the guys you gotta get to. But at the animal. You know there's another. Five. Thousand of those guys coming in the door. I could just say it's over. Now nobody says it's over nobody consciously say but you behave like. Palo. Down Alamo you. Because you know there's another. Two thousand three thousand four thousand guys common. Like you're out of control that control the normally had. That might set of control. That you normally live within. Its gone. Gone Hopeless. Now. For the Senate, in the PODCAST, we never give up hope I say again I stand by that it's true but there's some people that make you feel like you don't have hope. Now you have to. Cooperate to a certain degree I'll give you that. But. These guys are special Lohman Chunk Oh at his best when he was making all those guys quit what do you think he was doing guys did go in there wanting to quit they never quit life before. On that night. He was like I said before like the full guy. And he goes into the chest cavity and he pulls your heart out. Without without that, you have hope he takes away lohman check would make you feel like you couldn't hit him. You couldn't control him like he was in control like you had. No Hope. And empty vessel you just felt. I mean that's what he did. I mean. We did it to. George Foreman. In. Zaire. Woman is one of the greatest. Juban things. Fight as champions successful. People. I've ever met my life, but most of it from what he did after that. Oh, he learned from that. But on that night Zaire Alley made them feel like there was no hope. He made them feel like he wasn't in control. Like Ali was in control. No. You're even control to you say you're not in control and that's what happened. That's what he does. That's what could be does in a way that I'm trying to explain it. And like I said, there's a of Mine Anthony. He's a great. A. Fan An expert I mean he knows all of it. And he's seventy attacks to the fight saying how disappointed he was engaging the way to his punches to a Slob they were no. You're not seeing what created that the greatness the phenomena. Does. Melt. Days. And he's one guy he's my friend. But I'm sure there's a lot of. That is seeing the same way she Detroit Lake Piz waited like that. Why was he tired so fast? Because when you in there with that unstoppable force. Yeah, that's what I'm going to name it. He makes himself an unstoppable immovable object. When you're in there with that and that. Comes across to the PGA. You You? Start. I'm not. GonNa, say panic. I'm not gonNA use that word that's that's more for the civilians. That don't have the training that a that a gadget. You know these guys have. But you run to fast. you start running too fast to try to keep this movable force off you. There's unstoppable. Force offer you start running to you start burning up can. You, Start Your your your. Your combusting too much energy too much fuel you don't mean to. But it's what happens and you've wanted to fast you're working too hard. You're working at a rate that you body can sustain to keep because it's here to. To keep the movable unstoppable far. From invading your soul. And so that's what took place and that's why seem tired. That's why you turn around on two hundred five degree July Day, your turn you say. Where Dipoto goal? You didn't see the waves to your point. It's like when you watch a fight and the trainer is telling them throw this job and. Commentators like I don't know why he's not doing that. Well, he obviously thinks that when he does that he's getting countered or he's convinced himself, he's GonNa get countered and let's not forget like look. Right that's right the threat, the pressure, the the the. Infrared rays? Heading you all the time like like almost like you have. No say. You No. Longer have say what's going to happen of course yeah. But it's like that would take it away Fabio Yeah and let's not forget gay cheat looked awesome against Tony Ferguson who's considered a super elite striker. So it's not like gauge became a different person in there. It was Khabib who made him into a different person and imposed his will on him and it just force gauge his whole game plan to change in went out the window I listened what's good for the Gander. Well it's good for the goose is good for the Gander Right Okay I gotta be honest enough man enough whatever you WANNA call it doesn't take much of a man to do this but. Man has do tough things. There's but to be honest. I've been there I've felt it. I don't want to say this. I was going to let it. Go I'm human. I. Had to that part of my brain. That says let go. Let that go because. It'd be a little more convenient to let it go teddy a little more comfortable. Let go talk about the. Examples with someone else that doesn't touch you. Know that's fair. It happened to us to me My fault. But it happened to me. With by champion, it was I think he's a great fighter great champion he beat down to Stevenson great puncher. And He's of bronze medalist. Retired. But he's Brown's Melissa I mean he's potted the lawman. Shaiko. Stable I'm talking about Alexander, the voltage and when we fought better be if. We were not. We win that place. With those race better be put. That kind of. Kind of force. That kind of. Irresistible almost. But that kind of forced those race. That that that that persona that Attitude that presence physical and mental that. I don't give a crap. Would you do to me? It Ain't change when I'm going to do to you. You have no say I have and of course, it's not true but. It's as convincing. As. Debilitating and we felt. By fighter fought Alexander he fought his hot out and he fought a tremendous fight and he was winning going into the tenth round on all scorecards. but. that. Force. I'd be lying to say that we didn't feel it. I didn't even I was aware of it. So I know what I'm talking about. I felted. I've been susceptible to it. I recognize it. And I'm putting it out there for the fans out there to. To hope that it helps everybody and they're all places in the world to be aware of such things and at the end of the day, you still control the put you have to be. You gotTa to have that APPs festive suit on. The keep those race you know, and that's that's the development on your own and. My fighter I had it but it's still got to us because I don't think I quite did enough. On that night. To. To deal with it to be aware of. Of truly as much as I have no excuse because I am aware. But of truly how How debilitating it is and? So I I know what I'm talking about. and. Whether I want to or not, and I just want to say that. I gauge is tremendous I think is going to probably be a world champion. Anything is going to be a world champion again. I, think tremendous. True People of the merit of what they put. They put themselves forward to be truly truly warriors. Truly. Honest. About what they face Balto. and. and. Truly people that Give. Respect. And appreciation. And understanding. To the difference of being in there with a guy. that. Is just going to be four night. But a guy who's reached a level I'm talking about. where he projects. Everything. that is. Power. Within this folk ation. True power power of the mind POW THE BELIEF POW of dispirit. POW of the? Body. and. Like I said I a two read it until you feel that. Heat you know it's kind of like you you. You think that you felt the heat of stove. Until you felt the heat of furnace. You know what I mean can he? Yeah We took Alex you will be in camp, we took them to. To cry or cryotherapy and where it would be one, hundred, hundred, fifty degrees below zero put them in a chamber to revitalize some after work out right and then we found another place. That had a temperature of one, hundred, ninety below. Wow. We thought we will feel some at one, hundred, fifty, odd hundred, Forty Andrea, and then you go to one, hundred ninety. Two one, hundred below. It's it's. A it's all cold. Cold Baby. It's all cold brother brothers out there sisters. It's all cold. But this stuff is stunningly. immobilizing paralyzing. Cold and that's what I'm talking about and to you feel it for the first time. You're not you don't know what it really is. That's that's what I'm saying. That's what this podcast today is about. It ain't about Kabaeva just beat another guy. Tremendous guy. But it ages about that. He you know he mounted the guy that does he his legs and all of that. Beautiful but it's about this. That his father was part of. and. I'll finish it up. By saying. I always say. To you guys out there that. The thing. That is always consistent. Always, reliable. Always there. Paralleled with sport. Whether it's UFC any form of fighting any form of overcoming any form of dealing with fear any form of? Resistance. Of Challenge. Challenge to your being to your existence. Any of that kind of threat. Any of that. Eddie of it. There's there's always going to be. A need. A need. To. Overcome that to. Be Able to deal with that. Put Zozo. Could be a component of. That is a special intelligence. How many times have you heard me say, can that that when you in this business? The mental pods, the most important. And what these guys don't get enough credit for that I always see and try to remind people of parallels the top guys smart and separates them. Yeah tough. It's a prerequisite to this business to the fighting. Business is a prerequisite to life I, hate to. News Bamako. You make out there. Yeah. You go to school year you get good mocks. Yeah. But you better be tough. Somewhere along the line you better be tough to you better. Be Able to take a punch in the nose whether it's literally of figuratively, but you better be able to say, no, I'm not going away. I'm going away. But All of these guys consistently. That separate. From just a tough guy so the ones that are smart to. Under that kind of extreme. Environment to be smart to to think. And I. Applaud them for that. That my in my business is the guys like Salvador Sanchez will be the great Indian Red Lopez years ago in the Eighties Seventies. I Love Daddy Red Lopez Little Red Lopez loved them great puncher tough undefeated afforded salvator has such as destroyed him. They were both tough put. Centers for smarter. So have made them tougher. and. You see the same things here. It's not just a physical strength and quickness. But an toughness, but the ability to be smart separates them. Khabib smart. Brand. Genius. Noses technique at the end. How does he finish his quickness? Up He gets on him he mounts them. and. Next thing you know he makes a move he's got his legs wrapped around them like you said at the beginning like a python around his neck technique smart. The right move at the right time. Call this the whole package. Smart so smart all he's just a tough. He's an animal. No, no, no no. Please please please. Don't even let that commodity amount not understanding what he really is. He's so much more and especially ones are. And he added. So he's got that he's got that festers suit that he wears. That is able to hold off what he puts out. That if someone pushes it back to him. He could ward it off. He can repel it. He's got that development. And he's got the ability to put those race those ultra-violet. Infrared whatever you WANNA call. They burn you up. They debilitate you. They evaporate you. and. At the end like I said, he was like A. I don't know he was like A. Cheetah you ever watch those wildlife shows with a cheetah gets gets the prey. Whatever the? Chases down you know with its great speed gets up on it mounted but what is it do? It's instinctual and smart enough to go right to the juggler. It does a waste time biting around me. You know I know. This is tough. You've I opened nobody's getting ready to have lunch. Anything like that will have children on the Teddy Week Pat and watch this with our children where you're on herbal gone. We, we love you. We Love Ken. But. We gotta take the kids out of the room. But I'm just two point is. To cheated the Jaguar whatever goes right to the juggler because a smart. They know where to go. To not waste any time. Energy and. That's what a beep where to goal got the legs up there of made the move when underneath blow. He's got all done and I WANNA finish. Because normally I finished with that. And I want to say one other thing. I always use the word at the right times supreme. Confidence. That's the definite. This guy's the definition of that guys. I. Just want to make sure I said that to you that. Khabib was common controlled and shore knowing what was going to happen because he wouldn't let anything else happen. Supreme Confidence. That's what it means and that's what it is. That's supreme confidence. Complete believed one are sugar ray Robinson had. Allie added to great ones have it. It's not something that everyone asks. In the end. Yes. So strong on the matter. So quick to move and mountain. And that's not forget also so smart as I said to use the proper. Technique to get to them. And and then retire. Talk about strength. But how about that industry? To retire his mom asked him to now that his dad's no longer you know obviously with them to help them. and. Finally I want to say this is what I was saying. I usually leave Ken with. Deferral, physical. Description and analysis. Of what took place You know in a mental till. But this one I want to leave I want to go somewhere else. I wanted to say that his dad did a great job. Not just as a trainer. The obvious. You know make it a great champion, which of course he is. But in a way that he taught him and instilled in him, the great principles and character, it takes to be a real champion. And how to carry yourself as a champion because if you don't feel like a champion inside. You can't act like one on the outside. All. You need to know that his father accomplished was. Really, to hear them talk after the fight when he applauded his opponent and gave the great credit that he did. Get he was humble. Yet he was proud. And respectful everything a champion and anything should be and a credit to his father made him. We should have more fathers and sons and people like him. So? I just wanted to take -gratulations. Good luck to him and his retirement. And His sons I don't know if he has children can. But if he's blessed enough and he wants to have children his sons in whatever children he will have has. Also going to be champions. How could they not. Be. When it's going to be taught. By such a man. Who lives by such principles and such teachings. How can they not be and you know what that means? It means we're probably have some more UFC. It future but more importantly. It be that we have. Better human beings on this planet and we need them. We need them even more than data, white needs more UFC champions. Believe me we do. Have to say. I was beautiful. Yeah congratulations to be looks like it leaves that. Weight. Class Wide Open now here for the likes of Conor McGregor our friend. Dustin. Pori a just engage obviously Tony Ferguson should be interesting to see what happens there. But with that, let's get to some boxing I. Know that are fans. Of Hardcore boxing fans are going to be ready to hear about the fight from Friday night on the zone one, one on Francisco Estrada Carlos Quadros match from two thousand, seventeen match Astrada won that fight on all three cards by one round. I think there was a knock down late in the fight there in Was the difference in the pfeiffer Estrada and in the fight Friday night. Estrada put down in the third round knocked down by Quadros. Awesome. Fight all action all night both guys tough as hell knee get neither one given up very much in the eleventh round. quadros knocked down twice before the R- finally stopped at as Estrada put it on them and closed a show like a champ setting up a potential rematch with chocolate Tito who was also victorious. But what did you think of that Estrada qualified a lot of people talking about as a potential candidate for fight of the year. First of all. You know I can be hard on people because I think that might be a reason to. But I always think earned the right to be because if it's the other side that I have to be a hard on myself for. Admit or allow myself to be. Looking at the other side of me you know. Needing to use some. I am saw I feel it gives me the right to to say something of I'm won't to hear something and avid said. Get Credit for this me because I wasn't going to do this fight. Because we had a lot of fights and a lot of boxing and. You. I was I was out Sunday visits somebody in hospital and. I didn't quite feel like going home to be honest and watch them more fight fill. Because they didn't get a chance to see life. But you told me that it was something worthwhile. And because of that I did. I wanted to take the easy way out I. WanNa say did enough. And it still would have been enough because we we do with our heart and we do it with. A soul by didn't think it would have been enough but it wouldn't have been everything that could have been. So you got me to look at it, I looked at it as soon as I looked at it. Yeah. Yeah I said Jeeze. This can actually know something once. Everyone gets lucky once in a while. I mean you know like they say you know the Mickey Duff used to say to me the Great, Mickey Duff the great late great great. Mickey. Duff people don't know enough about Mickey Duff One of the most brilliant people of all time in the game of boxing. He used to run everything him and his partners in London for years for years. Before you had missed I heard and his father before that and everybody else. You know that do good job over there and Frank Warren and everybody else. But boy that Mickey, he was the best and. You know he was the first that the first ever put. Before those guys of today and. You know he he used to say Teddy. Even A. Even, a blind squirrel finds aid quarter once in awhile. You're not obliged squirrel. The writer not by any means. Mr Reidy your and if you are, you're my blind squirrel. So let anybody say anything was see what happens. No you right can. First of all after I looked at it. I said this fight of the year because there's three or month dissipate and Barrett check. Of course, Lopez, even some people say wasn great. I thought it was great because the suspense involved in the skill levels involve Lopez and Lohman Shaneco you know there was a great to way action of first half of the fight. But for me, it was like watching a brand picture, you're not seeing ahead. So you're not seeing all months but. You'll see some brands about how the pitches keeping the back. Out of the hands of the head is. Great hit Loma jackals great hitter. So I thought that Lopez Lobby Jacko fight with some people all you that was exciting. The first seven rounds. I thought it was exciting all the way true. For the reasons I just said, there was always suspense of could he continue to keep the bad out of his hands you know what's going to happen next so and then of because Cepeda and Berra check to be that was welcome soccer mobile great art five rounds down a flow five times between them selves. But it was. It was a slugfest. So it was a I want to say but was up here. Was Appears twenty-six roll whatever number they used to put in the old days when they were described just a brawl You know PM. And but let's I'd take on the way for them but the skill levels with Lopez Check Ohio and then fight. Well. The skill levels were better. That is high as Lopez and Lohman SHANECO. At all but I could appreciate. Where Quadras have lost the first time, he's in a rematch. He, he comes into this fight. WITH A to who a lot of people have on their power for palace can for. As number ten for pound for pound best fighters in a game right now I don't. But. This was like almost like. Man This is almost like an audition for his top patent for his. giving. Real reason. And validation to the people that put them on a powerful powerless because a lot of people haven't seen. Estrada even Oh, you know he's got so many fights, but he's been a champion. He's fought so many good fighters, but allow people haven't seen him. So it was nice to be able to again get get a chance to see him. What I saw was. A Micky Ward Gatty? Fight. The first one. That's what I saw. Absent flows back and forth guys being hurt and recovering incredibly recovering. I saw the counterpunching ability of Estrada. I think that's why people have monitored pal the people that do have them. Was a chance and let me see why the people have them on a power power. That's how I was looking at it too and the way he punches with that left talk a little bit like Ryan Garcia, the young undefeated kid out there but. It does it added more impactful level level but. He's very very. Efficient with that love to counter that. Assad. Is really takes a half step back. You start the company loose give a little space maybe missing right hand and bang. He sticks that Kinda love took. He also true beautiful counter right hand where it was so much account as it was a time punch way was timing. Inside the wider punches of Quadros drawing right hands timing, him inside. The wide shots, Quadras was not as good technically not as advanced of, but all my goodness. You know when he was online getting out hearts from God. He must ask for an extra service. He must've said, can I have some more? Fleas both of them, both of them but. He. He's a little fat was punches that might be an understatement sometimes and but he's not fat with his relentless attitude. To come forward and get you. There was it was like it was like watching a tropical storm where the rain is hard and then the spots where it's harder. But it's always raining. Drain. Can and I know why you told me to watch it's raining and all of a sudden my goodness. You can't get much more and then all of a sudden rains harder and then you say, well, Camerino then rates harder. There was still just so many spurts Quadras, both of them, both quadros fought in those kind of. hellacious. spurts where he'd be slow down where maybe someone else's slow it down but. You know, and then all of a sudden speed up get be while his slowing down was probably one hundred punches around. Feeding up was about four thousand around so. You get the picture guys if you didn't watch where he Ford spurts, but all his little spurts were were like a whole fife somebody else when it came to the punch numbers and that's another thing I I didn't I have no idea what the punch, no bizarre You know. I don't usually put a lot of validity in the human beings trying to count punches that people trolling you know within split seconds sets not to I wouldn't count on those numbers all the time, but you know that they threw a lot. They do a lot they too a lot and if you what doing punch numbers, you'd have to ice your fingers. Because they'd be you'd be crippled. Yeah. You wouldn't able to. You wouldn't be able to pick up your grandchildren which I'm going to do a little while later. Your fingers would be numb so. You had that kind of that's the kind of fighter was but throughout the fight except for the third round where you said Quadra dropped astrada except for that for the most part back and forth ebbs and flows every time you thought Strato was getting control over sudden quadruples would say, no, no, no, no no I still got something to say over here and he would come back but at the end. I thought Astrada was in control from that third round on he was he was the guy land in the more effective efficient cleaner telling punches. Throughout. The night he was a troll. Monster. Guy had fun of them who would never let them. Never let him get out of the building. and. Just say. It's mine. He dragged him back in the boat and I that's goes some kind of like fighting that guy and you walk away from you think it's over and then all of a sudden he grabs you by the shoulder come Bang Pudgy. We're not done. We're not done. We're not done. Do I say we're done and that's that's what it was. It was. A TREMENDOUS FIGHT I I'm ready to. Put it. After I saw it, I always try to look at things the first time in a second and third time in my mind to evaluate a little deep at first I said she's Kevin's right. I think this is fight of the year out of the ones I just said I think there's five of the year, but then I said wait a minute. Maybe instill leaves a little opening for Lohman Chaco and people could argue with me for the reason I said they're going to say the first ball wants competitive buffalo unshackle Lopez because. For the most part is great as it was. There was one guy winning the fight. Pretty much throughout the fight and always winning the fight and that was Estrada as much as he got arguments from the other side and attacked from the other side at tested from the other side and brought back from the other side but it was him. Because of his. Better, sophistication technically was. Always a little bit ahead in charge a little bit so. You can make the argument in the Lopez. Logan Oh fight. Coming down. The. Stretch. You could make an argument except tomato with those judges if you made it with those judges, forget it you out of business because they they had their minds made up who's going to win I guess. But for me, you could make an argument down the stretch that. The Guy who was in charge wasn't a traditional that was Lopez and somebody a new Chevrolet was in town. I was juggle and he was threatened to take charge and have went down the stretch like that until you know until Lopez showed great championship bought in the last round and said, no, I'm going to finish like a champion and he did so. It's right up there. It's right up there could be fighting. It needs consideration. Can. Fight of two year and. Just wanted to see I. Think. I covered one I wanted to. Of course still love talk I talked about the great timing of strategies right and side punches and his left accounted but his love took to the liver can has left took to the body probably. Probably captured to fight in the end. It probably captured to fight in the end when he stopped him in eleventh with those. Body shots I mean. I. Did a great job going to deliver took to the body and you know. Taking something out of a guy that it's hard to take anything out of in quadruples. And Body shots for the. The winning formula. Oh, the. The. Final part of the puzzle of your will to get that stop at the end. Yeah. Awesome. Win for Astrada should be interesting to see where it goes from there. With. That being said I think that covers most of the action from last weekend. But before we go I, want to talk about two of the upcoming fights next weekend starting with all exam. What does it say? One other thing sorry God, i. think it's important and again that's why I make notes because it's hard to remember everything. and. I think it's worth site. And is from humanity standpoint is Just from a position of responsibility as people. And somebody in his business like many. But from my point, my position I know. The dangers I think we also, but I know, maybe a little. More, being in a business, my whole life than the average guide. The dangers of this business and rose to these great warriors give us. And how we appreciate it. But we also have to appreciate what it takes out of them and I've always said you've heard me. Over the twenty, four, twenty, five years at ESPN. In all fighter leaves a ring with himself than he answers it. I've been saying that for twenty five years. And I've wanted to. Use this moment. I know a lot of people listen to podcasts we appreciate it. And a lot of people that are in. Defense, we appreciate the most. And then of course, these people that make a living in the sport of match makers to. Produce TV directors. Commentators. the you know the managers promoters. this as. People from the organizations to alphabet which we Tanna crap out of when we think they need to be Taunton crap out of but they all the all. The, all listen the doctors. I hear from people from Doctors St- They that have ring site they listen they they watch. Appreciate. All of us. And I want to say this because I know. The audience. To be what it is that they. An people that will hear this. Of cited so. To all of them. Those the Manitou who's GonNa fight or it's doctor. WHO's got to make a decision whether or not a fighter? What he should fight again if he should fight again. What testy should have? I just want to say that. As great as this fight was. Started kept his title. Fighting and behaving like a champ. Quadros. Foreign behaved like a champion to. quadros especially, he shouldn't fight anytime soon. I'm the last one, the World WanNa keep anybody for making eleven but over the last one, the world also that wants to see you fight are. And when you take that kind of punishment, it's worse than get knocked out clean and. Two, three, four, five, six, seven rounds you get knocked out boom. It's all right. I can yep what? But in this case can. We, it's the word accumulation. It's a dangerous word in my business. A new accumulation of punches. That's where the. That's where the damage comes me and Max Kellerman, when we were together on Friday night fights, we would talk about this a lot. And to the credit of Max he would. He would back it up. He would say yeah. And he would you know we would both them out about it when it was time to open your mouth about it and I'm opening my mouth again. About it right now, there was a great accumulation of punches taken in that fight by both special by Quadros clean punches that if he got knocked out early would have been easier and less impact on his body in his brain, but he didn't because of his great heart. And he took those punches. All night. I don't. First of all. The tests, the cat scans summarize marriage they have to be done, and hopefully they will be done before he can fight again most states and so you know. It's a law as. A rule. Put Substances, that But. No matter. What state. We're talking about the state of humanity we're talking about the state of human beings we're talking about the state that's bigger than any of the states that are represented by our flag will talk about. The State of Health to state of common sense he has to be tested properly. A one. But number two. He no matter what the tests show or don't show. He should not be allowed to fight again. For a certain period of time, he should be given that time for his brain was body to rest without getting hit. Whether it's six months and I'm going to say it should be at least six months maybe more like eight or nine to be quite frank. I just don't think people will always abide by it but. I know you gotTa make a living. But I, also know you got to stay alive to make a living. Good point I know that too. So I don't WanNa hit a wall uments. I think that I've seen fighters parish first hand. And again, it's a dangerous sport inherently dangerous we know that. They know when they sign up we all do. But you can take away some of that danger. You can minimize some of that danger by being smart by being. Proactive by being preventive MEDICI- medicine. So to speak and this is one of those cases where yeah. Make sure he gets the test please please the people with them. That are out there and again the people that are charged with these commissions before he fights and your commission the doctors. The promoters before fights on your show make sure I'm trying not to take anything away from him. I've really trying not to take anything away from. Anything. especially, his life. So please make sure that he gets the test and that even like I said, no matter what they do or don't show make sure he gets arrest put on a card for six seven eight months. Let them get that rest keep them out of the gym don't let them get hit in sparring. For at least five, six, seven months. Don't. He's deserved that care he's earned it. Give it all. I had to say that I'm just thought it was important. Very Good I. Agree Let's talk about some of the upcoming action. Next week we've got Alexander. Who Sick Against Derek Watcher saw Looking forward to this one I. Think. Well I'm curious to hear what you think first of all well. I mean. To Seora. His thirty six, he's going to be thirty seven years old and two suburbs always closer to thirty, seven and thirty, six Thirty three this. Even though it's for, it's three four year difference. It's more than that You sick doesn't have a lot of miles on his old dominance over does it's got more fights. Dirty to a nine twenty counts. And he's been knocked out himself of three times. you sick of course, seventeen in altea knockouts. Medalist. Gold medalist from the Olympics representing Ukraine, the same campus lohman Chaco Vos Eq. You sick as of at the Holyfield, don't go crazy. Event Holyfield was too great as away. Champion full-time music is right there with them right there with them. The greatest cruiserweight champion of all time he unified like Holyfield went through the whole division unified all the titles that he went on to test heavyweight waters, Foley field did and he. Did. Some people didn't take small a guy could do and he he went way titles and be, of course, bigger giants He. He might have people that Biblical story of David Goliath. What holyfield did throughout his career? In a heavyweight. cruiserweight, title. You sick. is going to try to do the same thing and following his that he's already following his pad by unifying all the cruiserweight titles. Being thought of one and for me as one of the greatest coups awaits if not the greatest, the second greatest behind Holyfield. I. Guess of of all. Time. And holy feel he would. He's a gold medal is used holyfield would have been a gold medalists accepted. By that referee when he he tool punched, it was already being thrown before the bow Atlanta's split second after the Bell, he knocked out his opponent. Barry Right from New Zealand. He knocks him out and then he gets taken disqualified from the Olympics and He should add gold medal. So he's very similar to use a lot of ways. I think you. It can do and a lot of ways very similar to what? Beyond what he's already done in a career of Holyfield he going heavyweight title I. Think He I think I put my money on him. because. He's smart. Obviously. Talented gifted and he's got legs. So would he goes in there with the bigger guys he's got good legs. He can use that to counter the guys. The bigger. And? More physical and he's a strong guy. He's got that. Although ability that I always recognize an Holyfield. That that doesn't show up on a piece of paper as measurable the ability to win. He knows how to win. Holyfield. Knew how to win. And You know. Music knows how to win. Now He's being brought up like holyfield gradually in heavy weights you know not just being thrown in the deep end you know the First one when he was given chazz Witherspoon Chazz Witherspoon was kind of taken out of mothballs in know he he had A. Retired he wasn't fighting any real competition. For you know for a while and. He had lost at the top Chaz Good Guy Nice guy heavyweight, but he had lost when he fought. When he stepped into the tougher waters deeper waters, he had laws and he was put there as an opponent obviously for us to test the waters with and. Stop Chaz. Tra- Zora's better than chess next progression as the next step but having said that. Seora does a winner to top level. He's fought. At what I consider the next level, nine times and lost all nine times so he can be competitive sometimes, but he loses at that next level I believe using as that next level. Could be wrong. But. I believe he is that next level and that means that juice over does win at that level nine times. He's been able to tell before you tell me what what you think happens in this one, let me give a quick shout out to my bookie today's sponsor mybookie check on at my bookie dot ag use the Promo Code Atlas A. T. L. A. S. for one hundred percent credit on your first deposit up to a thousand dollars with that said, Teddy, Lucic is a huge favorite minus seven fifty chickasaw at plus four fifty. I are willing to lay seven fifty to one hundred bucks on. In this fight. I never liked to lay those kind of odds, but I would I would if I. had. That extra money like you do you know sitting around in. An volt in insider inside you house. One of your faults. Have more than one. Point. One volts that you know hidden behind. Those lays of steel wool that you have I i. would. I would. But couple couple of times on USIG well, I would back it up this way for the people out there I would say that. I would say that WHO sick? I like the widow united was obviously once a unanimous decision stop to soaring the late rounds. I'm stoppage by stoppage you can get him at almost even money. Yeah I mean. But almost even money seems like a pretty good value there agree listen Zozo kind of guy that's getting older while we talk you know. He's getting older as we talk it's time he gets the ring he got it gets a little all he he just got knocked out in the late rounds. Against dillion white four fights ago I'm not even looking at my notes but I I trust my memory four fights ago he got knocked out by day and white who just got knocked out by a forty one year old perfecting my former fighter. You know who now has the title and? Choose Zora of to again to get a look or feel for the goods like how good is he? He he already. For me. Using. I'm talking about. Sorry use a to get a feel for how good he is. He's already beaten. A cruiserweight. He beat Michael Hunter, who's an Olympian for the United States but hunter moved up just like us. He moved up to heavyweight. And Hunter. Just for draw with perfection who has a said just knocked out the in White was the number one contender. So I say in substantive for you guys out there that are going to call my bookie. It's giving you a reference it's giving you something to reference off to to look at. Where use it for me has already shown. That he's a viable candidate to. Be. Able to have a shot to win every title because. By beating that level of a guy. in hotter. While he already beat a guy who's a top rated heavyweight because like I said, he just four draw would would prevented who's to in term champion right now just knocked out they in white. So He US is already shown you that he belongs and can win. At that level of heavyweight. I know hunters not as big as the other guys but still he's capable. Guy Fast hands puts punches together, and like I said, he just photo draw with the guy who happens to be an intern champ. So I. Like I said she. Never wanted this next level. What's Zora is he's much more physical and stronger than a witherspoon. He's a good puncher, but he's slow. He's predictable. He's writing funnier. And Punches. You know can be a little white so it gives a lot of opportunity. For. You sick to punch inside the punches stay in the pocket. sayas storm box on the outside get them to reach look to counter keep more balanced by using his legs give them angles. So Again Just. Sort of a good strong guy aggressive player heart. He's GonNa come. He's getting older and getting older and getting older. I think that you sick is gonNA. You know he's going to be in there with a bigger test, but it was supposed to be a progressive test supposed to be a little more and handle it. Handle that test. I just looked at my notes it's eight times. That nine. Times. That you saw has stepped up. To that next level of law. So I was off by one who's eight times and as I said. With all these fights at thirty seventy is going to be thirty seven in December. His miles there's a lot of miles on his all dominant. I liked Zora. I. You know to come forward. Try to put some heat on them but again. I like USIG. To control this fight I would agree with you next one same night, we've got Jeff. Davis. Leeann Santa Cruz in a showtime pay per view match yours for only seventy five dollars Davis again a huge favourite at minus six fifty. I gotTa say before I turn over to seventy five bucks to see tank Davis and I know that Floyd and Leonard Alabi will disagree with me but I just don't see the pay per view appeal with tank Davis not with the guys he's been fighting. If you tell me he's GonNa Fight Loma? Chango. Ryan Garcia I mean, no disrespect Leo Santa Cruz I just don't see him as the type of draw as those other guys in the division but. Seventy five bucks is rich. What do you think? It can listen I'm going to be your attorney for minute. God bless me. Guide help me. I'm going to be your attorney. I'm I'M GONNA. Need a big retainer. My friend. So I'M NOT GONNA ask for a retainer because you're my friend my friend on the show and would be because of the person you are. So I'm going to go to your defense. And say, you're not just saying words. Thrown them out of your mouth. Without a good damn reason I'm GonNa, use his exhibit A. to what you're saying. Go back to go back to. Our Hayman's show with the. Charles Brothers when they were charging seventy five dollars, seventy five dollars of pay per view and what are we say on show? It wasn't a pay per view show. A decent show they show, but it wasn't a pay per view show right but that's all opinion that doesn't mean anything except it's all opinion guess when it starts to mean something when the numbers come out. When the people have voted. When people have gone in either paid for not paid for the show. That's what it matters and guess what that show did if my memory serves me correctly, it did less than seventy thousand buys. The Charles Brothers at seventy five bucks. It did less than seventy thousand by my correct. That's the number that's been reported. It's always hard to tell, but that's if. I think it was sixty I think it was like sixty, seven, sixty, eight, thousand, whatever. Thousand Eight did if they did seventy thousand buys at seventy, five bucks each that means a total pay per view was roughly five point two, five, million. Yeah. They lost money. Exactly, can I say that fast, enough? They lost money. They lost money. And you know what? To to your coming to your defense of just backing up what you're saying that's all that we could be wrong. But cruising devante Davis. On paper of view. has a good chance. To do just as good or just as bad. As the Charles Brothers show. Where it's not a success. Financially maybe it will as a good fight I like to fight. It's a decent fight but. As a headline of for me you know as for pay per view. To bring in, you know get people to go in their pockets when times are tough. Tougher than ever now with the virus people being out of work. I don't I don't see it as a smart. Move to put that pay per view I don't, and that's listen to the credit of the guys over the as they put. Of course, they have deeper pockets over there. You Got Disney binds you but they went. And they put Loma was everyone wanted to see you know they put Lohman Lopez on free TV closest to get two free ESPN you know most people have that in their packages but they were smart to do that. There was smart to do that for the future. You know because times are tough. Now, who knows what they would have done on pay per view they would've done better than the Challah brothers I can guarantee you that and probably better than. Santa Cruz and Davis. But they look they have options some of these. Other people have put again. They have pockets of ESPN behind them, but there was smart to do that because they wanted to bring the they wanna give some to the fan base that has got anything since the pandemic and they WANNA give them to hope that. It pays dividends in the future that it brings up people back. Like I said before that fight, it was like putting. That searchlight up in the air. You know where they used to do that when a carnival came to town on New Restaurant opened up right and you see that you see that searchlight if your kids said. What they do, what would they do? Can they say that we got? We got to see what that is. We gotta go over there that we got to go over there. You know got everyone's attention and that's what that's what the Lomo Lopez was to bring everyone back to bring everybody back. So again, I agree with you one hundred percent. As far as the fight. You GotTa Love Listen? If you love power. You Love Tag Davis to vaunted Davis I mean he's a he's a good punch, but he didn't look good in his last fight. Get for my bookie people out there. That will go I'm trying to do the best. I. Can to give you everything that needs to be given to you for Admiral. So to speak to go in to what you gotTa do Well. He didn't look good against Gamboa's Gibo was a gold medalist from Cuba the world champion at a small wait. A. biggie won a featherweight but Davis didn't look good in that fight. He dropped me stop them into twelve body was fighting a guy had an injured leg You know Gambler hurt his leg and quite frankly I think bows his shot fighter I think he's a great talent great speed but I think it's he's old I. Think he's he it's not that Omar he's he's Shop One and and he didn't have the greatest cities but on the floor, a lot of times great heart but but on a floor with everybody and. Dave Davis didn't stop until the twelfth. So you know who knows what's behind that maybe Davis had a bad night maybe troublemaker weight baby was taken for granted no excuses but maybe that it. It didn't it didn't help us stock. But against Santa Cruz who doesn't like Santa Cruz? Can you gotta like Santa Cruz? He acts like a champion into ring. He's been a champion all these years. He acts like a champion outside the ring in and out of the ring he does himself nothing. But on the way he behaves as fight as a person as a human being he's a literal literal pudgy machine. I mean, sure. Really. I mean he he makes Compu- bugs, skies guys that do the punch number guys he makes them quit. Submit. Loma. Chuckle you some guys quit you know he? He makes some cry of hands. I quit I can't. Push I care push those things I quit I quit I mean he doesn't stop. Does trump punches during the national anthem and he don't stop. He don't stop and he's a tall guy for that weight but you don't really always use it. He just goes get you and he drove Ponzi got a lot of character a lot It makes himself proud and the people around them. Proud as a champion. All the time in and out of the rigorous I, said But lately, he's been using his height and reach a little more he's getting older. You know he he's. He's he's getting. He's getting older now and he has some miles on his domina. You know he does he's got his miles. He's got some miles on it. So dominant, he's thirty two years. Old Davis is only twenty five years old and cruises put in. Thirty nine fights all action fights. That's all he knows how to bring punches not a big puncher but he relentless he doesn't. He doesn't stop and he's fighting the guy was a legitimate punch and knows how to fight in Java Davis and offer what he looked like against Gamboa's Davis might have a tough time. Ever tough time but. The vantage, Davis has besides to youth unless Malzahn Dhamma. The bigger. Punch. He's big guy he's been shooting you lightweight. His whole career is to lightweight. Now, crews started off as a bantamweight. And moved up to featherweight his whole career Ken as been bantamweight and featherweight crews. He's stepping up to say way. Lohman. Chaco stepped up and allow people question you know will that be a factor against the bigger Lopez Younger Lopez very similar here younger Dave is bigger. Davis. Younger. Lopez bigalow pass won't be a difference. Yeah I. Think it will I dig a well show it did show a long fight it definitely did. In the lawman, Shackelford, I think. It's GONNA show in his fight I think at the. DIG At the end of the day Davis might be too young to bake and you know cruise guy that. You can. You can hit them you can find them Santa, Cruz he's in funnier. I think that. For My bookie out there for the people waiting to hear me drop it. I would say that. I would say. The bigger younger Tavon Davis winds up. Winning this fight. Either by a late stoppage for decision, but he hurts towards getting that decision. I think he always has to hurt crews. To get that decision because crews look how punch them out workum. So To kinda work against that factor I think Davis has a slow down. And to slow down, he's got hurt him. So, at the end of the day I probably. I Love Cruise I love what he represents I. Love what he does for the sporty sedan. Bazzar. For sport that needs an ambassador. Quite, frankly, but at the end of the day. I would if I was. Going into your fault and Bono couple bucks to call up my bookie I would probably. PUT IT ON A. Davis there you have it. Lucic and Davis for your daily Double Parlay One quick before we before we sign off here, just want to remind fans if you'd like to receive a personalized message from video from from Teddy, check it out at Cameo Dot, com search, teddy outlets, Teddy record a personalized message for you video message I cameo One other thing that we didn't discuss, but we've got the monster. No Ya in a way is in action as well against Jason Maroney on On Zone I believe. While Italy is one of my favorites what do I album and Mike powerful pound? I don't have my bowel listen fun of me but I believe he's like number four. I think you've met three. Yes. All right, number three, even better even better. I mean I look I obviously I love the fact that he's got Paolini the end but I, I love everything about him. As seriousness you know always being serious always ready, always prepared No us that's supposed to be taken for granted, but it shouldn't be taken for granted in anything in Life when you're professional Yay supposed to be ready you supposed to be. But it doesn't happen all the time but the ones that what they're supposed to be it happens with that's why we're talking about them but in a way. He's one of my favorites because. He's always balanced. He's never out of position to Troll Punch always position always ready to deliver would power. As we say sometimes he knows how to win I mean he wanNA title very young very very early with only a few fights and then he's gone on to win I don't said what what is it three different weight classes now yeah I think so. Not least to. This, one's going to be IBM WBA Bantamweight Against Jason Maloney To add to the. Pay Per view questions it's on ESPN plus data that Noaa fight. So you've got that on. ESPN plus you've got sick just saw on the zone and then you've got a seventy five dollar pay per view card for Davis and Santa Cruz, I like I said I I. Don't understand that pay per view or the Price Tag, but I guess we'll see how they do. Yeah, we'll see in. Dole Ken for loan. Please someone out. They'RE GONNA go I'm sorry I know somebody out there. Going to watch this show let's say they liked it. They liked the info they liked the inside I, updates i. Hope they do and then they're going to say. Call hit up Canfora loan. He's revolted as. Well. If, we could ask the fans for one favorite would be to leave us a review on apple podcast subscribe to the Youtube Channel share the links we appreciate all the love and support. Teddy. I'm good unless you got anything else. I just want to say give my best to your family. Appreciate you. Care about you appreciate rob camp him and appreciate San Rivera who sitting in my home here in office helping us with these putting out this product as good as possible Thank you everyone who's and Fence. All right. Thanks guys thanks for being with us. We've got some more stuff, some more exciting stuff happening soon. So stay to take care.

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