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Like I just found out today that my grandfather actually served in the navy released for a little while really. Yeah till he got a dishonorable discharge well for stealing a jeep at gunpoint to go for a joyride. I'll God dude I would. So have my window open right now so I could get over to it. And it was fifty five. I would but then you guys that have to listen to Los Anchorage. We could sit here and be like at a dead at at that at that that at that at the data you'll awesome tacos. I got some toggles man. We got some well Blah Blah. Dog'll we talk? We got some Alaskan tackles man. We got we got. Some snow cone. Tackles may puck goal you snow cone Taco Paco. Oh man so you've been here before. God can see La. What's so a whose broad stripes and right through the The WHO parts. We soon released me. Ooh that up do they a land go back to ooh the and Mr President Mr Vice President Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gold Star families. Everyone we gather here today with shared attitude of gratitude. Day is the day we put aside remember fallen heroes and to pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. Today of. Thanks for the valor of others. A day to remember the splendor of America. They shall grow not old as we that are left grow. Old Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them. I was thinking this morning that across the country children and their parents would be going to the town parade and the young ones will sit on the sidewalks and wave. Their flags is the band goes by eight or maybe going to have a cookout day at the beach because today is a day to be with the family and to remember home said those who serve in our military have parts that are touched with fire. Heavy known great things. He said they are content with silence. Already Murphy in the wild wild courage. What else would you call it? The man bounds of the top of a disabled time stops an enemy advance saves lives of rallies his men and all of it single handedly when he radioed for artillery support was asked how close the enemy was to his position. He said. Wait a minute now. Legis Weekday Statue of the three servicemen fighting boys of yet man to Has Majesty. Reggie seen three rough boys walking together looking ahead with a steady gaze. There's something wounded about a kind of resigned toughness. But there's an unexpected ten minutes to the first you don't really notice but then you see that three are touching each other as if they're supporting each other. They learned not to rely on us. They learned to rely on each other and they were special in another way. They chose to be safe. They chose to reject the fashionable skepticism of their time. They chose to believe an answer or call a sleep. Soldiers still in honored. Rest your truth and valor wearing the brave star. The tenders the loving or the Garin. Thank all of you and bless you have a gate remember the views and opinions expressed by this show or any other show Devi radio and it's strictly those of set in vigils and do not reflect those of staff nor the staff dysfunctional veterans online. And on your mobile device through five wait a minute. Wait wait a minute. I remember seeing something like I believe in marriage is there that I knew that I belonged. I have come here to chew and kick him and being somebody in the neighborhood that was full of. Nobody's all take your position right here. We go hold you ears folks. It's is I wanNA for all the krantz talking my tea per serving. I mean he's just shut their vibrator off either. GonNa get soggy fast. Wrote my ass when I go to buy a new one. I can tell you that trigger. That's all I got. You'll never get rid of you're tuned into W are on. Dvd radio DOT net or by searching DVD radio on the free. Live three six five APP on your mobile device slash turn that is out is here on W. D. D. R. D. Radio Dot net. It's May Twenty Third Twenty Twenty. This barracks talk the Memorial Day special. Because some of you may not be able to make it this coming Monday for annual Memorial Day show. But I'm Boehner would got frosty Betsy Ross cutter. Like they're all in here. Google is not going to show up until whenever the flex she feels like because six decided to had dinner late and Rico. He said Fuck everything and he just fuck does don't they. They grow and ask that he was like you know. What screw you Bo? I don't have to show up to the show. I'm a stay home and do my thing so just us assholes so you gotta deal with us for the next two hours. How's everyone doing this evening? Ladies First and doing pretty good. It's all right. I met my boyfriend's grandmother for the first time this week which was rather interesting as she's from Germany and of leaves and a lot of conspiracy theories interesting. Sounds Fun and intriguing. Rosty your Dachsie followed up Marine Corps women the ELM damn jumped in there. I WHOA WHOA. Backup off the. Mike. It's it's not a penis. It's not a crown. You need backup off a bit just the knit just a tit just the nipple backup on the Mike on it. Pretty sure my ears are bleeding right now. I think that's that warm feeling that I'm getting right now. Trae soon as usual left on rate right on left pants on head ready to roll. Geez all right. So yes. This is the Memorial Day special year on suck like I said a lot of you might not be able to make it for whatever reason. Come Monday May Twenty fifth which is our annual Memorial Day with. Try to have one every single year since I've taken over at least But we will read off a few names tonight. We're not going to go through the whole gambit that has come in us it's we made the post. Thank you guys so much for for doing that. but Monday we will read every single name That is on any posts that is shared or anything of that nature. It would be better if he put it on the original post on the radio. But if you don't do that that's perfectly fine We're not gonna read the the life stories. I'm sorry because you should see the list I have now. We would not be able to get through that and still have our minds in the right place but we will read the names of everybody. That is Put in on those posts a combinator memorial day show As of right now we're probably going to start either. Nineteen hundred or twenty hundred. Come they just pay attention to DVD radio? Make sure that you're watching that. So that your updated on when we start the show between now and Monday we will for sure be letting me know so be prepared between nineteen hundred and twenty one hundred eastern time for us to go live into our memorial day. Show I think everybody that's on tonight's going to be on that show For a little bit at least if they've got a leave of course they're more than welcome to come in and say a few things leaned I gotta hit up everybody else. Objected zero say scape hard-luck Who else am I forgetting? Anybody Chris from K. Bar Feel from you bore Anybody that we work closely with. We're going to try to get on here and let them have a couple of minutes if that's all they need won't As we do every year and they're all invited and if you're listening to us right now let me know that you're going to be on Monday. So we can get everything fixed As for business. Like real business deformed still Nizhny your help not gonNA lie. You get that year all ready to go and put in jet. I think our boy frosty has oh. So it's frosty this. Change it up on your. Just keep everybody on their toes right. Yes so we do have a go fund me that is still in effect and We do need those donations and I. 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So after we pay our merchandiser and gets all but a dollar of those sales so be on the lookout for that. That's probably going to happen. June first At the latest. So be ready for that again. let's see Devi radios door is still in operation. they are still working on a skeleton crew as you guys know they use. Us So shipping times suck major monkey balls. Let me say that again. They use U. S. P. S. United States postal services so shipping times suck major monkey balls. Don't get mad at them. The trend Danis of been in contact with them pretty much sits the whole. My Sharana virus started in their great great people. There will into help anybody in any way they can. So if you order something from the Devi Radio Sore you have to click on that tab there on the website and go straight there or any of the blinking images that says Devi radios are. Obviously you'll get taken right to our duty. Radio store site and Right now during the whole Misha buyers things could take up to a month to ship out. I'm so sorry that's not at our fall started merchandiser fault. They've tried to get them out. Quicker but people. Usps fucking like. I Dunno a good metaphor for this one like I. I'm usually good with metaphors. Do for this one but yet. So that's that as far as business. I think I'm my wrong crossing a jewel. Okay okay Yeah so I don't know when Google is really going to be here. She said nine thirty. So that'll be when we're going to fucking break might make a mike maker wait until after to get in. Here what's see what's on Zee itinerary? Oh yeah that guy. Do I wanNA talk about him now or do? I want to talk about master break. I guess I mean you know what I'm talking about military towns. Yeah I I'd say after because I think it's GonNa stir out a discussion. I mean we can do it before but yeah we're definitely got to take a break. Yeah come back to it but yeah it's going to bring up a got pissed off ship personal spokesperson Bo took Shit. Really fucking personal. Yes I'm referring to myself in the third anyway. Yeah I I got. Net Net struck a chord way to like I said I echo your comments and thought pattern and everything one hundred thousand percent. You know. It's it's ridiculous but like I said we'll get into after the break is just and if you've not read my article be prepared for a lengthy fucking article. It's not my shortest article. I've ever written that down. Sure I had a few people say. Oh my God that's so. Yeah it's long for a reason and I didn't even get my point across the way I wanted to not even gonNA lie We'll have that Yariel to my article. Which has the original article in it here for you guys in a little bit so you can go check that out if not read it. It's called jokes. The problem But like going said will go into. Let's six and saying do it now. We will we will go in dive deeper into that Subject after the break and I will invite this person to come to. Barrett's talk and prove US wrong. Honestly it's after the break. The article absorb listeners. Read it before During the break. Yeah you cannot send it in chat frosty let if they want to try and read it. Madeiran debris I know. Some people are really slow. Readers Marines Not GonNA cut out any names or anything. Okay I'm sorry. It took me three hours to read it and almost through conversation. If you're not what you're talking about right well it's funny because I wrote it up and I love my mom. Read it and I'll let jj redick because as to that. I had readily available. And you weren't dizzy at the moment and my mom's in here and she's reading Jason fucking contests on WHO's going to get. I end up. Got Her on my laptop. Jj ON MY tablet. And I'm like waiting for one of them. Say something in here comes. Jj and then like a minute later comes mom but it was like at ten minutes fan of flooding sweat boiling and fucking drew up in and they were like dude. That's right on it's great and I'm like are you sure it's not just because I wrote it because I hate that shit. I hate biased. Opinions like be honest with me and JJ would Jj liked it. And I was like all right. Let's go so hopefully hopefully got sema point. You don't have to agree with me. It's just an opinion piece. But anyway I digress. Off of Devi Radio Betsy. How's your week? Been and Kinda up and down but today one of our have I one of our one her class so we got first place so that was actually pretty cool so we're no money from Texas and so that was a really really big deal for us Other than that just trying to survive honestly trying to get by three done. My husband Bites just being honest. I gotta be honest. I am the honest other than that. Just trying to just trying to survive this months and I don't know just a bunch of fog in craziness. No Yeah I'm definitely with you there. Yes because Tuesday's the anniversary date of Rice's death so I'm just like everything's hitting at once especially next week so Murray Memorial Day weekend when all hell broke loose so system. Big Domino effect life. Yes it is and I think we can all attest to be end in the same mindset to some degree or another please. Don't everybody answer at once but yes fight three. We hope you get that very quickly husband of Betsy. I'm sure I'm I'm not like what I'm about what I'm trying to get out because anonymity here like untrammelled. Anyway I took a week leave As a medical crap going on my hip is still kind of Fu barred. And docks what's going on with it so Yeah we just took US loosely. Even you know might as well take it since Calling every day was getting to be a pain in the ass so right yeah we took some leave and then Got a chance to talk to the DOC and on a personal more personal level. I mean that's probably the only good thing about this. Kobe Cheetahs at the. They don't have a lot of patients walking in and out so they actually have more time for one on ones right especially in the military treatment facility. They you know that's probably a good thing. I don't know but other than that. You don't get chilled around the house and get caught up on some You know disastrous creed. But other than that. You're wasn't wasn't a bad week. Coup good good cutter So like I said met my boyfriend's grandmother which was very interesting And other than that. It was just a lot of work. We had some really beautiful weather here this week. So I got got out to the Dog Pirka few times and Just trying to Get some medical stuff together. And they're not just a really kind of good week. Which when you have. Ptsd and depression and stuff. You take any little bit. She in here hair. Okay on all right frothy pretty good week. I didn't make any messes and you'll have to listen to Breakout breakout this Friday. Night to find out about that one. Oh my God I hate you all. I fucking all flood. Jj Fuck nevermore fought for US. The clock on link thought you all holy cow with kids unsupervised. Let me tell you guys what happened so. Jj Records Frag out drag out for me. And he uploads it to our system and he uploaded episode thirty three episode thirty four and the same night because they quote unquote recorded two shows in one night so that debt load them and put them into refer to go to edit them. Guess what they're the exact same fucking file every bit of it. The exact same fucking vile come to find out. I found out why they decided to end on some toxicity that night. An what is alcohol. The last forty the last forty minutes of that show. You can tell it. They were having fun Never was like take whatever you need to out. Frosty saying it. He's like take whatever out boquet in it. And how this that and the other and like you know what guys you guys you guys are dumb asses and stupid as flight and you guys got dark a couple of times but you didn't say anything that pissed me off or I was like no. We can't have that. Don't show so. This ended up being a four part fucking episode. It was nearly two fucking hours long for frag out drag out Memorial Day special on Friday night at nine thirty so that was my fucking week but you have to but we all had to admit afterwards. We needed a night like that. Yes yeah it was. It was next time I mean I don't care what I don't care. What if you guys drink you guys know that I mean as long as you don't get stupid and like some of our past? It's fun and I think I heard a heifer and that girl you got a few the life of rancher pay I told you I stay on the go right. You know we we should. We should dedicate like a whole day a nothing but betsy on the ranch that screaming in the background. There'd be like there'd be like get away from cash it got y'all ready. They play in that. I gave up on that nothing cowboys. Oh my God. I can't stop them. They don't don't stay up to whatever the FRESH ORANGE. I don't know the driver wins. Have their moments too? But Miami was chocolate. Colored brings a whole new meaning to mud. God who I'm crying. Oh my God oh. This is dysfunctional veterans China. Right foamy out on air dumbbell own. Oh Oh my God who? Well guess what kids drag fashion. We mentioned poop in broadcast. Well just read it. I know there will be no junk in the news tonight. I will say that. Let's put it that way now. Okay we'll give had a long day so she's not going to be on tonight Anyway we need to go to break. We need to get that out of the way so we can pay some bills Your Lessons Barracks Talk. Live Earl podcast. Where you can find us at pod. Bean stitcher play a lot of other place. Oh no where you guys put us. But thank you and we will be up on spotify whenever the hell I can get through years of backlog to edit them but we'll be back right after this on. Wer Devi Ready. Dot Net radio. Okay listen up before we start this understand what it is. The Spartan pledge is a battle drill what to do when you don't know what to do remember that two things every warfighter needs them to see is a battle buddy and the mission off a last repeat after me. I will not take my own life by my own hand. I until I talked to my battle Buddy I. My mission is to find a mission to help my warfighter fan which thank you now taking the sport and pledge. Don't let it die here. You are not authorized to go and tell other people other warfighters. You don't take it for yourself. You take it for them. 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Dot Net five veterans four veterans playmate. For you simply made for you here at Wdbo Didi radio DOT net. You're listening to us. Lead on up or this to his own podcast and trying to fix the website while I read a lot of shit off to you guys because I've had a one fucking week and why not fuck up the rest of the week right so while I'm trying to work on this fucking website because our host decided update servers. And Fuck Shit up tomorrow night Sunday Nee twenty-fourth at twenty eight hundred eight. Pm Eastern as a rear in the past episode of the service dog show as JJ Had some stuff going on on page this past week any wanted to address this once more so for those who have lost their. May Soon lose their service dogs. This episode is for you. We have a frank discussion with PTSD DOG. Admins and service dog handlers. Bloop and blackjack about how to deal. With the mortality of service dogs listener discretion is advised. So please do not go and listen to it unless you are ready and prepared to listen to it trust me. It's a very hard hitting Episode that airs at Twenty Hundred Eight. Pm May twenty four th at more night here on DVD. I can't get to the state. You still got loud. Three six thousand tune in and I apologize. I'm really trying to fix this shit Following that on Tuesday at nine hundred seven. Pm Eastern is an e tunes media litter sandwich. Catherine David also as galactic dust. Bunny art is a history teacher. That writes illustrates comics that personifies states as people. This and related topics discussed intones media litter sandwich here on TV radio DOT net. Or if you can't get to the website because I can't find my website that I fucking built nor any of the other ones. You got louder sixteen seventeen in and I'm about to lose my shit so I think and frosty and everybody'll take over for a minute please. Don't everybody talk at once. Everybody's fucking muted exactly. What's going on no more complex? Still Down we're still having issues with our emails So there is a post up on. Dv Radio's of facebook page on how to contact by email Like I said the hopefully. We'll get this situation. Remedied quickly but until then there is a backup email account. I also created another backup email account in case bogus overwhelmed. And you know has three hundred. You know messages in his inbox at the some guys can lead by sending to my backup which is dv. Underscore wink at Yahu That'd be my backup for now until we can get the radio email fixed and for whatever reason it just seemed like it messed up radio Peijun our our email server so everything else needs to be working all right. So we'll we'll have to get the update and fixture anybody. I don't know say on so I'm hoping this is okay to drop but on my facebook page for dv Cutter On Monday at zero or twenty hundred I will be doing a meditation. Al- veteran or As a reminder mindful reminder of those that we've lost and Hopefully we can get a link out there but I just love everybody to take a few minutes Those that we've lost And try to relieve some of the stress. That really comes with Memorial Day for a lot of veterans. It's a good idea. And since they're still nothing derek. I'm back so so yeah we're working on it All of our websites are not showing up at all. Fucking life But we're trying to fix that and I'm trying to get you guys a link to the chats ICAN actually it to us and I do apologize for that. You can't get to the website but yeah that's my life. This is my daily life guys. All ideas pushed a few buttons. Just now it looks like in the process recreate. We created a new drinking game really. Yeah every time. We have dead air our listeners. To take a shot you know. That's an old thing right that started years ago. I have seen that in a while. Or Yeah just just ordered a new card game. This week called this game. We'll get you drunk and we need to do a DVD version of that this week a DVD version. Of what. It's a it's Kinda like a card like like conversation cards but all of them involved drink and I would die and Crohn's would kill me like straight Crohn's and killing. It'd be like Fuck Bo. So something happened this week. An article came out on. The original. Article hustled up. You do have it pulled up. Yep could you explain to everybody in a biased format? What the article was about while I get our chat box and some other stuff on facebook page? Yeah basically Ordered benders There's you know when you walk into your Piatra be extra little vendors at or normally selling the little knickknacks stuff's or You know would art or something that they created out front this not necessarily atheist product or it's inside the main Store itself but Ap's ordered vendors to remove the quote. Medicated that ball. Caps after combat veteran racist concerns this combat veteran as an army major and He didn't feel that it was. I guess in good taste to have these ball caps That says you know heavily. Medicated or Medicated vet for your protection You know the the typical Devi dark humor that we all got to have and he said he didn't find it funny. He thought you know that this was causing suicides or they people were choosing suicides over this. Because of you know crazy you know things like this and it's you have to actually read the article to see his point but the eighties basically told the vendor to go ahead and remove that because it was You know in violation of their Products are vulgar and or promote drugs and alcohol so apparently if he's found that to be vulgar and order that guy to remove it. Yeah so what he is sitting there saying and he actually says in the article. What's the actual sentence that they quote in their own Honestly is intended to be funny. I can't eat. I continue to see too much civil and military. Divide over this stereotype and see the service members chose suicide over treatment. So I don't know if that's the same one you're talking about. Yes that's the exact same one I am referring to and I don't know how else you're supposed to take that sentence other than these jokes call suicide. That's me. I'm not an idiot. I might be stupid. But that's how I took it if that's wrong. I need to be told by him. Not by somebody on the outside looking in That's why I said he's invited to come on and talk to us about it. I want to hear his side. I WANNA know if that's why he met. I had to fill and he's going to say no that's not exactly what he meant but I do. Still debt is What he was trying to say and I took it. Personal took it really person wanted. I take it personal here at Devi care if farm duty radio. Dysfunctional veterans veteran humor page. Dvd's six page. How do we cope with things anybody? Normally I used to go through humor. Yeah Oh definitely Humor in a small does alcohol and I personally have been down deepest darkest fucking rude you could fuck and possibly imagine. I have been there. We've all been there to some extent or another I getting so much of a depressive state that when I look back my time on facebook people literally just walked away from you and ask if I was okay and say anything but I can't tell you what they did say to me. You're to depressive. I can't stand your status. I literally had somebody say that to me one day and I go back and I'll look at my status and unlike as seen this before. Where have I seen this before? Started dysfunctional veterans in two thousand thirteen. That's when I came on latter part of two thousand fifteen first time. I've seen stuff like that was one dysfunctional veterans facebook page. Back when we had the big page guys remember that before the great thousand eighteen facebook perch. Yeah Yeah so I realized that my own quote unquote friends and family didn't give a shit about what I was saying. They didn't care and there was a tweet. That was tweeted out just this week. That really pissed me off but I try to stay cool shot. Stay calm somebody in this host meeting knows what I'm talking about right now. And they said the majority of Americans do nothing but bitch and Moan that personal and this is all related. So I'm not digressing. Stay with me and I said how do you know when somebody has suicidal depressive or having a PTSD triggered moment or anything of that nature just by what they're saying that it's bitching and moaning and it's not actually a cry for help? How do you how do you know how do you know? How do you know by reading? Somebody's status that they're not actually saying. Hey I really need to talk somebody because half the time they're like you know what fuck the world fuck this that and the we all see it on a daily basis right we all see it a C. Time line that's why don't get it my Tomlin because the groups because it gets really depressive and it's not that I don't want to help them is that I know also helping them and I won't do other stuff and I won't do things outside of that. I will fall back into what I was doing beforehand. Then I'll get into SRP mode. It'll it'll take over my life like it would really take over my life. And that's what put me in the hospital a couple of times along with P That's why SRP hasn't been on a couple years. He quit doing things and he's so much fucking healthier but so I took that personal. Because you're telling me that. The leading cause of suicide desk of monks veterans and are veteran community are dark humor jokes and I right now to you major. Call Bullshit. If you would like to tell me that I'm wrong. I you to come on barracks talk and tell me that. I'm wrong but I want you to explain it and I want you to tell me why I'm wrong. And you better have a good down the explanation and justification because I guarantee you that somebody else other than me is going to tell you that you're wrong because everybody I've asked and spoke to jokes are not the problem. Problem is the fact that everybody blows it off. The fact is that everybody doesn't want to talk about. The fact is that everybody gets uncomfortable when they hear suicide. Ptsd depression sexual trauma rate. They don't WanNa talk about it when they hear those words. That's the fucking problem. That's my opinion I might be wrong. I've always wrong. I'm wrong ninety percent of the time but proved me wrong. Show me where jokes are the fucking problem please. I don't agree with a lot of jokes. I don't win. Patton OSWALT talks about suicide. I think fucking dumb ass. I don't like it but you know what I don't say anything. Because he has that right comedy. Art is fucking subjective. I don't have the right to tell you you can do this or do that. I can but I can't stocking so you tell somebody they can't sell a product because it's quote unquote the calls of suicide. I honestly to you major and I'll tell you when you're here you're an asshole you're dumb. It's s o if that's what you think it starts with leadership and then it trickles down to us that say. Oh they're just bitching shut the fuck up and yes. I'm randy but it pisses me off because I take it so fucking person because I have friends that have committed suicide and I didn't see the fucking signs and that's what we try to in. That's what we try to present through. Tv We're a triage GONNA lie. We send you to battle in distress but at the same time. We're trying to not have to send you to battle in distress. We're trying to get you down off that ledge trying to try to pull you back if I'm wrong somebody reach out to that major and Major. If you're listening please contact is I want to talk to you I can. I can talk civilly with you a promise. I'm not going to be rate you. Let's say you what I think. But I wanNA have a Nand discussion here on barracks talk on TV radio. I want to know why you said that. Why you think that the proof and if you WanNa read the article anybody. It's there in the in the chat box. I think frosties got it. You don't have to. I don't care you just heard me ran about it but I took that person. I'm just looking at the actual article. It's on the military times and one of the guys on his Damn Major. I've had this hat forever. My family bought for many many years ago. I wear a lot and many people that I don't even know stopped. The told me that the hat is the funniest thing I've ever seen in years. I am serious connected with one hundred percent disabled and sometimes when they go to to be I where the hat and it brings many smiles from the old farts like me that are waiting on their doctors. So major like is said many times below. You really should get a life and stop acting like a pussy in uniform. And that's just one of the comments on that original Article there at the military times and I posted Our emails on their at the alternate emails Devi Underscore Yahoo Dot com in the Devi radio network at Ferdie major to reach out to us. So let's a I mean like you said we we can discuss it civilly but to have one sided to have one Vet Flake is as as would call his guy to contact. Eighties eighty someone as violating their restrictions and selling products are vulgar. Who makes that determination? You know who says that's Bulger. I say it's humor may be dark humor but it's humor and like the one gentleman said it brings smiles. The old veterans faces when he walks into the. Va with that hat on. Because it's that humor. That opens us up and gets rid of the stigma of being taboo to talk about with her suicide or or medication. You know that the huge cocktails and everybody's walking in there on You know it opens up. Doors is what I personally what I think it. Does it open up stores furs to allow to be talking about the stuff and and get rid of stigmas those taboo labels and ship. You know all right so really quick before you guys go on. The shortened link from Delhi should be working again So if you want to mass produce that out to your friends family members so on so forth. That should work is you're trying. Dd radio DOT net. It will take you back here If you're cookies are raised into lead into stuff like that We're trying to make sure everything's working kosher with the bidding link right now. I do apologize for that. Shit is fucked up there. Update never like five seconds. It seems like but who was getting ready to talk and say something about whatever was just every bit of it because I was on the phone with our webmaster. Okay so you're tuned into back stock here on Radio. Dot Net W DDR. It is may twenty third twenty twenty As I said at the beginning of the show we are going to read some names off. Tonight where our listeners have Put on the facebook post on. Dvd radio veteran humor. the midnight frosty Frag out drag-out winks page and a few other places saying it Thank you guys for doing that so much. I'M NOT GONNA go through the entire list tonight like I said But Monday Monday may twenty Fifth Memorial Day show we will probably go ahead and go all love at nineteen hundred eastern standard time That's the feedback back on getting from people right now. I know nobody in this show has gotten that yet because I haven't asked them So you guys. It's nineteen hundred restarting eastern time Memorial Day But a few names. I'd like to read all right now and like. I said we'll do the entire gamut of names come Monday when everybody gets others in Before the show a few that I got right here Jacob Lewin. Us Army F- Andrew Laszlo US coastguard Seaman Seaman okay. See I'm not naval so I don't fucking know these days you gotta write the shit out for him. Okay I love his. It's last name his door and went what it's specialist Jacob Doren. I thought I said that. Did I not know? Never Mind Sergeant Cody Gross or Gross Corporal Holly Charette Marines Do Do do do do do do. I'm trying to find some names that I don't have to sound out in my fucking head and sound like a dumb now has. Psc pokes added States Marine Corps Kia. Afghanistan Joe's Joe Scholtz Third SF. What'S HEARD S G? I know that I know that acronym I'm sorry for not knowing that off the top of my head I'd Jeans Special Forces Group out. I wanted to say that's what that is. I think that's exactly what that is We apologize people. I'm sorry I'm trying to do fifty things at once a Jane's Patrick Crawford. Corporal United States Marine Corps Vietnam. Eight twenty six may nineteen sixty eight kwong to products William Oscar Warren United States Marine Corps Korea The I never said this right. The I N. C. H. O. N. Landing Amtrak driver became a machine gunner. He went on to serve at the. I missed some fucking words. Something Reservoir I missed a word. I literally missed word. It just as the reservoir not going to lie either. I missed a word or whoever type that out. It's probably chosen. Okay more okay. I was wondering I was like I knew. That's not just a reservoir Apologize Got Bear with me. I'm sorry A couple more names lieutenant. Colonel Thomas Three Eight Marine Corps Carter Gamble Iraq June twenty. Four two thousand seven An army pse Devon J. guerrilla dot September six two thousand four serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Twenty one of the DNA Ohio Census Seven Zero Six Transportation Company Army Reserve Mansfield Ohio Killed September. Six when an improvised explosive device. Id exploited near his convoy vehicle in Iraq Like I said we're going to read more names. Come Monday we're GonNa read them all off If you still would like to put your name on that list Frosty if you don't mind putting that in the Chat Chatterbox on DVD radio. will read. All those named I promise you come. Monday will probably break it up in chunks long list but we will make sure that everybody's name is read off and again for wanting to participate in that we do appreciate it and it means a lot to us. There's a lot more than you think. So what did everybody think about? Whatever the fuck we were talking about before I had to talk about. Yeah I mean like like like I said I think I agree one hundred percent with what you wrote the article And it is a link theory but because it spells out exactly how we feel you know about the word dysfunctional and the connotation that some people have against it But the thought that. That's what's driving veterans to commit suicide or to take your life that's Horse Shit. Come on yeah. I can vouch for that L. The Times that I've caught myself going down a dark alley. I it was never because of a shirt. It was never because of anything. You'd see on dysfunctional veterans. It has to do with either life. It had to do with myself personally. Had nothing to do with laughing. Something off if anything you needed that and all the stories I've heard when I've interviewed people for For the fight series. All of it had to do with the humor anytime they they went outside the wire they came back and they would laugh about something. 'cause they had had that because if you didn't you would lose your mind like if all you thought about was negative stuff you couldn't laugh couldn't smile you couldn't joke about anything you lose your mind. You don't that humor and I want to make it clear to everybody. That's not our merchandise that got pulled. Its some off brand market bullshit. It's it's not ours But I do want you to know that we have been told that. We're the calls of the way. Veterans are looked down upon in the way they're looked at and that dysfunction was not correct word but yet we have other organizations out there like disgruntled and irreverence and I put definitions in the article. And I want you to tell me which of those definitions is the worst truly. Tell me which of those three definitions would you rather be called dysfunctional irreverent or disgruntled? That simple you can't sit here and say upward is so bad citing native it just like fuck fuck is not a bad word. Shit is not a bad word downhill. Those are not bad words. We need them bad words. I say popcorn and use it in a derogatory fashion. It becomes a bad word. Society makes things bad especially when we don't talk about things become problems. Not just bad but problems. That's my point of the article. That's my point of jokes. Are The problem I I don't know how else to explain it. But if you'd like to say something about it please let us know you can email us at the g mail And let us know where you can tweet us or you can tell us on facebook. Let us know what she's saying about the article and what you think about The the original article from the major I WanNa know your thoughts Only know frosty cutter. What are your thoughts about What happened? I think it's a load of crap but you know I don't i. Don't run these these companies and what the quality of the leadership that I see today. What happened doesn't surprise me right and they're with you might seem to be like they'd rather whine and complain about everything and make everything all politically correct that it really killing morale and everything. So it's an it's it's almost causing more damage right and I think I brought this up to all you guys when I was talking about this article that I wrote and grown man even sit here. Because he's a major. He's an officer right. He's he's been officer since two thousand eight two thousand seven two thousand eight and he set right there and he even said it it starts with leadership starts with your leadership and your a major. You're a nature in the United States army and you instead of actually trying to attack the problem you throw it off on somebody else and you don't go and attack the problem. You don't see what the problem actually is. You're a United States army major and instead of using your power and your reach to do good. You actually take one of our venting and outlets away from us. Is that the way to use your what. What's what's the Dan. What is what's the fucking leaf is. Is that the way to use that. Is that really the way to use that rank? You're going to say you're helping your soldiers and you're helping your veterans. Is that the way you do it? Would you actually go and investigate and find out why things are happening that pinpointing something as simple as that is just overlooking so many other problems like if you're focusing on the dark humor and the t shirts whatever you're missing you have eighteen year old kids who have never lived anywhere near home or anywhere but home who feel alone and scared and don't have anyone to talk to your missing the downward spiral people have where they don't feel that they can open up to people and there's a multitude of reasons that people get really dark places and if you heard so wrapped up in something that simple? You'RE GONNA overlook very legitimate reasons if enough the humor is what you have a problem with like. Do you even understand military culture? And that's like yeah. That's that was my entire point of the article and my rent like I don't know one person that has listened to us. That said you guys made me want to do something because you said a joke you told a joke or I seen one of your means like if anything. They're praising US I I've had emails had facebook status of had twitter tweets like. I know it's helping people. I've seen it over five fucking years over what ten years if you count the beginning in inception a DVD as itself. There's a reason they're out there. It's actually helping people not just veterans but civilians on top of that civilians are actually saying. Oh my God they knew exactly what I'm talking about. They know exactly how he'll say with veterans and servicemembers and I knew it said Dr depressing flooding subject. But if we don't talk about who the fuck is going to talk about it. When are they going to talk about it? It's like I told Betsy when she tells me every time. I think I should just give up on the series. I'm like okay if not you then who if not now then fucking win seriously and speaking of Betsy Ross and her series. Would you like to tell us about the fight series for those? That may not know what it's about shameless plug. Yes well fight definitely. It's it's a hard topic it's I mean even to write it it. I have to really put myself in that state of mind. Where it's where's the pain really coming from? Where is this suicidal? Tendencies Coming From and I know I've been there and I know others have to do and that's kind of the heart is. We're not alone if you feel like you're just so unique where no one will understand your pain where you have your. You can only go to the bottle or you know. Just lock yourself away because no one wants understand that is that's the biggest lie your propel yourself and civilly to what major has done as far as pinpointing where this suicide entities are coming from. I mean we. We have so much to pinpoint other than the so-called obvious And that's where I wanted to find the right the fight series. Because you know why our veterans committing suicide. Where are the active duty committing suicide? There's just so many variables involved but you know a lot of turned to people we trust unless the chain of man kicked us away In uniform off where do we go? Alcohol Drugs And then uncovers a lot of us become homeless and so I really wanted to give that emotional rollercoaster ride of how does of veteran who stood for uniform in country and patriotism. How do you go that to ending up on the street to becoming a drug user to just basically throwing your entire life away and offer what I speak to a Lotta veterans than they always miss in that purpose and just a sense of emission. And when all of that's gone it really puts life into perspective and it's really hard to put that into words to express to people you know it's not just a t shirt it's not just you know the so called obvious. Sometimes there are a lot deeper wounds and nightmares and just so many thoughts that really takeover in people really think it's like a switch. I think that's the hardest thing get people to avoid. It's a switch motions memories. They're not switches. Sometimes the everything comes back in a flood in. What do you do as human beings? We're emotional creatures or social creatures like for me. My chain of command threw me under the bus. They kicked me out and when I tried to go back they shut me out like. Hey I don't know you anymore. You're not in my ranks go away. Race and stow. Who did I? I had veterans. Even as I wrote site tell me to not do it that I was wrong but I had no right to write it so for me to come this far. It's really because of Bo and everyone dysfunction dysfunctional veterans and just a few handful that really have pushed me to continue fighting fight. Well you know we're here for you and we support you one hundred percent. I told six about the bite series and at first he was a little skeptical and he has every right to be. I mean we've seen things like that before. You know that a lot of people like Oh you should read my book about suicide or this that and the other and it turns out. It's a Hollywood novel right. You talked about that and when I when I seen the one. The one The expert that you wrote from that book to promote one night. I think it was like if that's actually from her book. This has to be a good fucking book at told six. I was like dude. We gotta we gotta work with her. I said I don't care I'll put money into it. I don't care I said we need to like push this. Nobody else is doing it. And he gave the minute and talked about it and it was like hell. Yeah he literally had hell. Yeah he was up for like never seen him so giddy about a book. Six doesn't read and he was Giddy about a book and I guess the pride that came from that it was. I don't know how to describe it. It was refreshing warning right the fact that. Dd Six who has really skeptical about a wad of shit that comes to us like that which we all are but more so books because like I said and he talked about at length most of turn out to be Hollywood not was and when I say Hollywood novels there a story about explosions and secrecy and spies and all the bullshit. That doesn't really happen right. The Shit that nobody actually does In filming for example W seven. That's Hollywood novel but after I actually got to sit here and read fight. The first book. I'm still working on the second book. I'm sorry two years later when I read that I when I read that first book I told six as like dude up. Never read anything like that. He went really. I said Dude. It's exactly how life happens. I said exactly what we're filling. It's exactly what we go through to fucking t us at the only thing about. The book is a fictional story with realistic experiences about realistic topics in subject matters. I said Dude. If you ever pick up a book as like read this fucking in. He was like all right. Obviously he has had time. But I mean for me to sit here and say a book. Is that fucking good? It's that fucking good. I'm I don't care for a lot of books that's out there. Nowadays I read a lot of old books like own books. Philosophy and shit like that Educational books but this one this one you know and I told you I was like it helps me while right while I've been writing the script like a lot it really does. And she's on the same wavelength as I am about. Not tiptoeing and walking on eggshells and actually saying things and actually giving you those those visualizations and for some of you. The book might not be good not going to lie. And if you can't read it that's fine but at the same time at least give it a chance and Intel Betsy. Hey this was good or this was bad because give constructive criticism. If you're going to criticize her. Don't just say betsy. You had no fucking writes about suicide. You don't know what it's about like you don't have a right to tell her she's wrong you don't you really don't but I think also bridging the gap between military and civilian with a book like that. That's something you can do like explaining to civilians. What it's like because they don't understand what it's like to see in do some of the things that we've seen and done in You know what put us on that path in the first place and to piggyback like that really quick to back off that sorry to piggyback off of Cutter Really Quick. We're not saying civilians. Don't have these things but it's a different limelight. It's a different experience her point. So don't say that on TV Radio. They said because we're not but what did what six it slips it says Or She has helped me as a family member understand. My veteran much more than a veteran could explain themselves it. Betsy you do a great job of that. You know a lot of us have these feelings and emotions and stuff that we can't somehow put down on paper you know it's hard to explain for similar. Us especially since a lot of us are always told to shut up and color Suck it up buttercup and you know when it comes time to actually put those feelings down or extract express yourself. It is truly is kind of hard for some people to do that and like like it says you know right there and chat it helps. You've already done that. The work has been done. You put it in paper you put it in writing so for somebody who simply pick up a book in read. You're going to get a little bit. A little more emotional. You're going to get those feelings going. It's going to touch hopefully touch you in places that you know you think about because it's in writing you know you can actually feel with this. I feeling you put those shoes on as if he were. You know those individuals or at least attempt to you know understand what they're going through just to make it clear we're not talking not talking about Joe Biden touching in places we're talking about so I couldn't help myself. That's the first thing that popped in my mind and I didn't want to interrupt you but yeah where can people find the flight series? Like you said we're GONNA fight three huseband of Betsy Ross and we are trying to get that out and publish and we do. Have the thing that we're going to run on patriotic to help you with that. But where until then can people get the first two books or anything related to fight? Say Right now. Fight one invites. You are both the on Amazon. In Paperback Kindle fight is also available on audiobook I just recently got fight. Onto Barnes and noble's website pay hard back Unfortunately couldn't get it on Nook at this time. It's a very big pain. But I am trying to broaden my My outlets had get fight more out there but honestly Amazon's than the easiest unafraid. If you don't like Amazon that's kind of the best way. Of course you can always go to betsy. Ross author DOT COM and You can purchase signed copies or just regular copies from me directly and I can have those since you three should be done soon. Hopefully it's it's coming close to time already again. Yes again. I keep pushing back the date. S why he yates that look but Buy Yes it's definitely conversation starter. It's it's topic. We're really getting to know. And when you hear things in the media or people talk about clothing I. It's definitely puts things into perspective as to why so-called dysfunctional veterans disgruntled veterans. You know why veterans have their own stereotype. It's VICI- you gotta get at mindsets. Really you know is that humor is dark Merisi. You know. We're not all just you know. Let's go kill babies. It's you know there's humor in there for a reason. So right I mean. I've come across a lot of veterans from all various generations and it's amazing how diverse we are all human beings. We all have different backgrounds but it is kind of interesting when you put on the same uniform all the sudden when you bring up certain topics how crazy different and belittling. I guess it can be when you literally get shutdown residents. I'M NOT GONNA lie. It's hurtful and I came home. I had no one to go to. This is not I. I'm nowhere near a base of any kind of any military branch so it's not be surrounded by military and all of a sudden. You're trying to fight for veterans. It's it's not a good feeling this not only that not only that you're trying to keep your mind out of the deepest darkest flooding whole while trying to help somebody else. Stay out of that hole at. That's definitely not the not easy Of course they always say well always a lot of people have said where they will create a program or rate something some mission because it keeps it gives them a purpose and that's a great thing it really is but I'm not GonNa lie how many times I keep having fight myself to not go down that road Especially during these times of racist anniversary of his dates around the corner and I. It's so weird on how conscious works but but as all had talked about earlier with making a veterans or even just civilians feel about from perspectives. Reading fight was it. They served or not as I've mentioned before on here that one of my One of my readers actually read the book related every I mean she could relate everything to it and she told her husband to read it and she said I can't express anything. This is how I feel and you need to read it. And ever since then. Their marriage is saved their marriage. Like to me when she told me that that was one of the best testimonies ever. That's it she's like. No you literally saved my marriage because she had no way of expressing yourself until she read the book and said Oh my God. This is how I feel so she gave it her husband or read it Bam every they were on the same level again so that those testimonies really push me forward to and like. I said about testimonials in criticism. If you're going to criticize someone if you're going to give a testimony you're going to feedback do it in a constructive manner. Don't Tell Them. They had no clue what they're talking about. Because you don't know that individual you don't know what they've been through. I could sit here and go down. The gamut of how many people told me I was wrong about the script that I'm ready. You shouldn't write about rape shouldn't do this. You shouldn't do that. People aren't ready when the fucker. You're going to be ready to talk about this shit. Tell me that. Tell me what people are going to be ready. Tell me when be one. One thing I run into a lot is that I'm really really open about some of the bad things that happened to me. Had Military Sexual Trauma I got a purple heart and people always want to tell me. Oh would you. That's just your experience. You know yeah well I'm talking to you about it because you clearly don't understand that experience and I'm an people are like Oh like even my family be like. Oh don't don't talk about that. We don't need to talk about the time that you know someone touched you inappropriately. And it's like but if I don't talk about it nobody's going to talk about it and there. Are you know hundreds of thousands of veterans? That think that they can't talk about it and maybe I'm one person but maybe if I'm open about it somebody else will be open about their bugging them their issues And that's that's always been a big old for me because it seems like a lot of women. Veterans went to keep their mouth shut. Search about things will happen to them or or they think that you know I gotta be a mom. I and it's like yeah but you. You also have to talk about these things eventually and I always try to be open and it makes people really uncomfortable. Yes yes and I WANNA ask you cutter and betsy since you are the emails here tonight. What what stops you from talking about south when you're around people like eat cutter brought up you're afraid to talk about why then you guys don't have to get personal. But what are what are some of the reasons why you can't talk about things like that from a female perspective? At least why think at least for me. A lot of it is that I get put down that like my service wasn't equal to that of a man's right in the Coast Guard. We don't have any male only rates. You're a woman can do any job and I was a fifty caliber machine gun. Her like I saw stuff that was not pleasant to put it lightly and people want to be like. Oh you're a woman or oh you're a toasty. You don't know anything right and in that makes me really hesitant especially with somebody that I don't know and like like let's say a military event with my mini medals on and we'd be like. Oh what branch were you in is in the Coast Guard? And they're like oh I I didn't think the Coast Guard. You know could get military awards and things like that and it's sometimes. I just don't WanNa hear it gets. It's a day where I have days. Where all fight the fight and I'll talk about stuff and all inform people but some days. I'm just like I'm not going to win this argument. I'm just not even gonNA try like ink. Whatever you're going to think and I don't care unfortunately as a by a couple of things for me one personally I didn't stir blown adding deploy. I don't have crazy backstory I. It's very depressing. Because I have all the names of the fallen comrades with on my truck at my book. I haven't them everywhere. Deep will always will WanNa know what cruel story I can come up with for this. And it's like this is what it is and they all commit suicide except wine and they're like oh you didn't serve so it's like I couldn't. I didn't serve long. Did employees so they just thought you know. It's like literally just walk away and it's like are you serious. This is life. We're talking `bout but you know that's part that's partly for me especially when they're veterans or they're not it's like oh it's like hey a hell of a Shit happens in those two years. Where would you like me to begin? And that was. That's whole different topic. But the second thing is Let's see for me whether it's on social media impersonates this slightly as I'm not a feminist or say I'm not like all Gung Ho women equal rights and everything else crazy because I understand the military's dominance by looking at data. Okay got it okay? I've passed and okay. I can shoot my problem as far as not being associated with frigging barracks bunny. I hated those terms. Do Not Sleep around. Never did but it's just like they instantly want to jump to. Oh you went to barracks parties. Oh so you knew this person and this person. It's like okay so I don't know anybody pretend I don't know anybody 'cause anytime speaking people from who I was stationed with. It's like no. We did not go to that same party. We didn't do this and this it's like they always associate with. Oh you slept around. That's all you can do. Apparently especially because I was at bloom this I know everyone has their own personal experiences with that. But there became a stereotype or you bliss and it was like all you did was one thing. Yup and it's like I is not associated with any of that it looks bad. It sounds bad but I was not associated that and it was like I. I can't really speak with those who were as that. I knew even passing at bliss that So the double standard. I guess so. Yeah it's like they couldn't remember me from you know something we did on one of the pretend convoys we went on for training or anything like that it's Oh you knew so. And so. Therefore you're this it's like no yes. I lived to co ED BARRACKS. But that doesn't mean anything so it's like. I was always associated with. Oh you're woman oh you were hordes okay and it's like no no. I don't know you I don't know anybody never mind walking away now. See this is a question for you. Do you ever get that. Oh year. You can't be a veteran. You're too pretty and it's like I have gotten that times. Yeah and it's like this. I don't even WanNa talk to you. If that's the stereotype you have like the military women sleep around and like have to be like ugly people and it's like okay. I appreciate you calling me attractive. But like that doesn't hanging by negate the four and a half years. I spent serving my wake. I don't understand the logic there. Well yes I'm there with the girls on seeing that because we had I think it was six females. Maybe a that were in the actual. I know this is gonNA sound stupid. But they were in the actual unit like they were in the soldier unit right of our unit and the rest like either in the talk or done something that had no relation to you know anything that we do it and the de fac or the or the garage or or supply right And we did have one of the women that was your quote unquote stereotypical barracks. I'M NOT GONNA lie. We had that woman we really did. Girl man has talked about it. He could back me up on this however I am really close with a lot of those females. Because they were just like us they didn't give a shit about sex. They didn't care about facts they didn't they just wanted to do their career right. They wanted to be their individual self. But yet you had this asshole Dick face guy who is better than everybody else talking about this woman. That probably hasn't done anything wrong. In her entire life and can probably be qualified as mother. Teresa's fucking Demi God dollar right and you're like why like tell me why. What makes you think we because she's pretty because she's attractive because she can actually fucking qualify on every fucking weapon? We've been through and you can ask why because I happen I seen a wad guys that were jealous of the females and vice versa. Because they done something good deer and I can eat that shit up. I love that like I love watching the underdog and I think most of us do the to do something and then you're quote unquote jock or Pratt is sitting there. And they're so pissed off that all they can do is hurled insults at you. Oh I was a fifty couch. Her and my first time ever bore so we to go out with Navy vessels and I got on the navy vessel. And they're like. Oh we don't have female birding. She can't be here and my my senior chores. No she's our governor. She's not going anywhere and he did that thing where he kind of made us all scatter and found a place to sleep but even like within other branches. I think I got really lucky that the branch I joined was really like friendly to women in in there. I can't say that everything is perfect in the coast guard. We still have a huge sexual harassment and sexual assault problem every other branch but to hear it from an officer in another branch that just because I'm a woman like I can't do. My job is just ridiculous but that was a little off topic but that it just made me think of like branches being like. You're a woman. You can't do that like I can. Humble whole fifty and extra am like fleas were talking about females in the military. Don't say in Georgia and Best I can. But no you're you're exactly right. You're exactly right right. My wife has faced a lot of the same issue. You guys are bringing up. You know she was in maintenance career field in the air force so as a mechanic she ran into the same things. You can't turn that ranch US too big. You can't carry that. She might not been able to physically lift that. You know two hundred pound tire but you know what she would find something else that would in transported you know she would use your resources available in you know. Get THESE BIG BRUTE. Geyser trying to beep typical testosterone fucking flow into their brains. I'm just going to pick it up and carry it now. What do you fuck have bad backs on these right nugget idiots but yeah she's facing the same issues same? I mean so my hat like I said my hat's off every woman that's ever served in the military so obviously like you said it's it is you know arena for the most part and you know. Unfortunately yes you have. These younger females come in just like these younger males this their first time away from home and they have that freedom so there is going to be some of those promiscuous little moments women that are just out there having fun and have makes a bad name for everybody so just like the typical males who you know that dog that goes out and and sleeps around and I was. I guess that could be part of that early. Mike her so we won't go down that street but anyway but you know what I'm saying you know. Don't take just one bed bad name to get everybody. You know even that there's even that double standard because like guys would high five you for sleeping around yell as a woman in the military will. Oh my God what a whore like. Why are you doing that? You're you know like you. It's a huge shuttle standard. Now being best. He's talked about that at extent to like we. We talk about things. We go in depth men Bazzi. Let me tell you and I mean not just in the military either. I mean the civilian world is fucking red with double standards. You see it every fucking day and I just message in my friend. And she was talking about. She goes through the same thing at work. And I'm like disgusting. Doesn't even begin to describe it. I mean I'm one of the odd dog is that doesn't talk about my sex life except with my partner or whomever the fuck. I'm with but I can't sit here and honestly tell you how many guys have been like. Hey Dude I slept with XYZ and we ABCD and BLOB. And I'm like are you fucking kidding me but yet if a woman if a woman come up to you and said I slept with XYZ and we ABC? She's a whore she's a slut she's a call girl. She's a fair explaining. She's this she's that she's disgusting. He's probably got. Std's like there's a whole fucking and it pisses me off. It really does because I was a high school whore. According to ninety nine percent of the people that I went to school with and I I was not even close one hand I can count on. Why but yeah you have that double fucking standard and I? I don't know where humans get off on that and don't don't mean get all as in like in a sexual way at all. I mean it. It's drama high. School never ends. It doesn't matter if you go to the military doesn't matter if you start a job anywhere in any field. You're going to have that high school drama and I think that that's the drama that really makes people feel like they can't talk about it with decide of men and women that they feel like. Oh if I do this. I'm a drama queen or you know whatever and they or you know anything. People don't WanNa make a fuss about themselves in the military and then they get really alone in that set vicious cycle that leads people to what I you know. Contemplate hurting themselves or contemplate. You know in in their lives in the. That's that's what leads us down. A dark path. Is this fear of flake judgment. Somehow because we're in the military toxic to keep our feelings to ourselves and then when it comes to that dark place it's really hard for people to reach out exactly. Yeah They I. I know we need to pay bills and go to break. I'm sorry I'm sorry if anybody that's listening. Is YOU KNOW UPSET. That were doing this discussion or anything. Because it is more Memorial Day weekend But I felt like we had to talk about it It doesn't get talked about enough obviously But before we go to break you wanted to mention the objectives zero out yeah folks. It is a rough time right now for everybody like I said. I have a good buddy. I was stationed with for fifteen years in. I've been away from him for twelve years so he's been accused of my life almost thirty years now and what? I mean a part of my life. He is my brother in. Oh brother maybe not by blood but brother definitely by service and you know he's reached out to me a couple times in the last couple of weeks and it's been rough and the top it off. He just found out his brother who also had served is now doing so well in the hospital so he's got double edged sword he's leaning on and you know that it's just it's not a good time now for people and all he's looking to do is to talk to somebody whether it be what's going on at the current moment. What's his wife was going on with his finances. What's going you know? Just whatever and if you're just looking to chat folks and not have that stigma of bugging a friend or bugging that you know a battle buddy ill at two o'clock in the morning folks head over to objective zero dot org in check out this APP that they have created. It is an APP that you know Saving lives the just a simple active listening There's volunteers that are on twenty four hours a day seven days a week for you to pick up the phone and talk to whether you want to do by chat whether you WanNa do it by You know actual phone calls or by video chat all available and link are the excuse me. The APP also has links to other resources For your choosing a veteran suicide hotline to military one source to just a conglomerate of you know resources for veterans to reach out and talk to somebody so again head over to objectives zero dot org download the free APP in. Check it out really. It could save. Somebody's life yes and We're going to go to break things. We need to talk about on the other side of the break. As far as Dede radio business is concerned. But you're listening to barracks care on Wdr Dra Dot net would back right after this new junk in the news. Are you looking for veteran? Resources and fear support objective zero has an APP for that download the objective zero APP for free from the APP store or Google play access wellness resources like yoga and a free subscription to head space. The world's most popular meditation at Checkout veteran's resources and access accession nationwide network here support. Speak to fellow women veterans or someone in your field and branch of service. You get to choose who you want to channel it learn more at. Www DOT addicted zero dot org. That's www dot objectives zero dot org. Nothing's watch on TV. That's why you're listening to Barrett saw deedee radio dot net. W The this ain't Reality Day. They're black and white clear as crystal. It was at this moment that he knew he fought Paschall nutty. Don't you think you should rephrase Mama said Mama Mama said mom good day Sir? Plus this gentleman Shooters Express Charlotte's number one destination for personal defense. Sport instruction and recreational shooting supplies. They offer concealed carry classes for only twenty nine ninety five. That's only twenty nine ninety five for concealed carry classes and if you're military or law enforcement yours you great deals the eligible for even more shooters express so head over shooting expressing Belmont North Carolina or visit shooters expressed dot com for more information and monthly deals that shooters expressed in Belmont North Carolina. Your we're we're with this. Where Back Devi you ready? Talk Bro singing right anyway. So yes the Memorial Day special which is happening. Monday may twenty fifth. Which is the last Monday of the mock? Like it should be is happening at one. Pm Nineteen Hundred Eastern Right here on TV radio. It's something happens and the websites not working. Please don't fret let us know but don't lose your shit. We still got loud three sixty five minutes in APPs. Other is the link to the chat box on facebook. But if something happens just in case you still have those available to you laughter. Sixty five will still be running On Monday at three. Pm Eastern Time. We will take an hour of silence here on. Dv Radio. What does that mean? It means there will be nothing running from three o'clock or fifteen hundred until four o'clock or sixteen hundred. I know most people are going to sit there and say it's only supposed to be a minute but I'm GonNa take an hour staying about doing it and our for each three o'clock across the country but you guys hate me and I would get tired and how the show to prepare for So I went ahead and done the three to four or detain hundred. Sixteen hundred. All there will be nothing played. There will be no sweepers. There will be no battery sixty clouds the when about not being songs that we're not being announcements at fifteen hundred precisely eastern time lot three sixty five. We'll be silent for one whole hour so if you come over here between fifteen hundred and sixteen hundred eastern time Monday and there's nothing plane that's why please spread the news. Everybody know there will be a post made but I know how facebook and twitter is and if you're not on say scape then you're not gonna see it because you have to be followed us. Say Skate so get over on say scape and follow US Betsy and think and whomever else over there. Frosties over there Girl Man. Marquee faster towed. They're all over there. So go over the say scape and follow us. You can use your android devices Say Scape or STAY SCAPE DOT COM. If you're on a desktop but again from fifteen hundred to sixteen hundred eastern standard time or whatever the fucking E. S. t. e. yeah EDTA's the other one Eastern daylight time we will have Silat for one whole hour observing Memorial Day again. I know it's supposed to only be a minute but I am Bo. I run shit here. It's going to be an our K- We'll be going live like I said at nineteen hundred seven. Pm Eastern that evening Hopefully Betsy and Lincoln and cutter and frosty and girl man and marquee and recoil and six in Google and chief and gas from yet. Your Foundation Goldstar Ride Purple Heart Homes Hard like Otto everybody that we work with and are close to. Hopefully they can make it Monday. I'm sorry I'm losing my voice. I've been talking a lot this week but Hopefully they will be able to make it. They can't please go. Check them out on facebook on any social media. But the you're thinking about the on Memorial Day because ninety percent of those people are as bad as we are on that day in this weekend There's a song that normally play on Memorial Day from a buddy. I'm not going to do it this year. I can't really hit me hard this year. I can't I can't do it I just I can't It's called sitting at a bar. You know that song. Go listen to it. You don't know that song listen to it. It's really beautiful song. I've got it on my playlist on spotify If you follow derating network on spotify I have to skip it every time it comes up like I can't I I can't listen to it Yeah but please If you have anybody that you would like to recognize honor or for us just to name all Monday. Leave their name Any information we're not gonna read stories but I'll try to get in the little experts that you guys have We'll read every single name from the start of the show. It's the end of the show. I don't know when we'll end It could be late. It could be early but either way I will make Goddamn sure that we read everybody's names. I don't care if they died in combat. I don't care if it was suicide. I don't care. They natural causes. It's Memorial Day. They deserve to be recognized because they can't sit here and enjoy the freedoms that they helped fight for. They can't enjoy the wife after service and I don't care how old they would be. I know some people are like but my GRANDPA would be two hundred years old. Okay we still need to recognize them. And don't be the Dick that sits there and explains to somebody. The Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Don't do that. Somebody thinks you say you're welcome. Don't beat addict to explain to them. What Memorial Day and Veterans Day is on Memorial Day? Don't do that take it. 'cause it might be the only time you ever it and then down the road you're going to be like. I'd never get my service. You can explain to him later do that but for now you're good guy be a good girl. Don't be a dysfunctional be nice Reach Out. Don't be ashamed. Reached the fuck out. I can't stress that a fucking enough. I don't care where you reach out reach out somebody. I don't care if you call the suicide hotline. I don't care if you do it onto the object zero. I don't care if you go to battle in distress or somebody that you're comfortable with fucking talk to them. I don't care if it's a two year old child or a dog fucking talk to somebody. Don't let it fucking sit inside and muster up. Don't fucking do that. A been there done that all of the south. Don't fuck be that guy or that girl please. Don't I'm begging? You do this every fucking week for a reason because I love it I love helping men and women everyone a love you off fucking day a really fucking dare. But I'm going to be a really pissed off motherfucker if I find out that you've made a post and then an hour later take your own life because you didn't think you were worthy enough to talk. Somebody Really GonNa take that personally. I really am so reach out please. I'm fucking begging you to reach out. Do It Betsy rebound and the show. What would you like to tell our wonderful listeners? This Memorial Day weekend and I'm sorry everybody that was so depressing and boring for some of you but it had to be talked about definitely. Not Definitely if anyone is on your mind even if you haven't spoken to them in a long time definitely just simply say hi. That was definitely my state nine years ago. Well nine years ago when I could have reached out special rights and I spoke with him just for a little bit. I didn't really get to say what I wanted to say. But it was like a couple of hours later found that he hung himself and his ex. And so it's amazing. How vice really short. So you get to say hi you get to see your family. I know this cove things really miss setup but you are able to at least speak to your family members or loved ones definitely do so take advantage of that link married off number here for you brothers and sisters out there and I want you to share it one. Eight hundred two seven three eight to five again. One eight hundred two seven three eight two five five. That's the veterans crisis line. I want you call that number. Reach out again. Check out object zero. If you don't WANNA called Veterans Crisis I need just WanNa talk to fellow veteran or brothers and sisters that it's going to have your back Discuss what we need to talk to the be. The main and most important thing is to talk to somebody folks. I mean like I said I have a dear brother minded. I'm watching closely in You know we're GONNA get them through it so and that's what he needs to do is call me every day. I told her to do so. So you know. Reach out talk you brothers and sisters and make sure that they're doing all right because this go which is driving a lot of people crazy right now not just military civilians as well. So if you're a first responder and You know need same thing reach out cutter so one thing. I'd like to say is that every year at Arlington cemetery which I live not too far from they do. What's called Mindful Memorial Day? And they asked that you take the name of a service. Member walked to their grave in section sixty and just take a few moments to meditate and be mindful about the The Servicemember the situation and to say their name so that they're not forgotten In this year it's going to go online so I encourage everyone to go to mindful memorial on facebook or Mindful Memorial Foundation Dot Com and Ben King. The founder is a veteran himself premiered veteran and He's asking that people. Just take a name and post themselves saying that name and doing a short meditation and like. I said earlier on my Devi Cutter Page on Monday at eight PM Eastern I will be doing a About a half hour. Forty five minute meditation. for veterans just reflect on. Memorial Day What it means to relax a little bit because the this holiday can be really bad and really stressful for people so I love you guys to like the page. Stevie cutter And join me at eight eastern For THAT MEDITATION PROSTATE YEAR. The last but not least we saved the best for LADD. Who Always Pretty? Well beat this dead horse but if you need to reach out reach out we've gone through all the different resources or whole not all of them but a whole bunch of resources that we know If you're in a good spot reach out to some of your brothers and sisters that might not be. I mean who knows that phone call can make a difference that you'd never you don't even realize wouldn't happens and then Just to kind of make it a little bit on the lighter side you know. I'm tired of people complaining about the Seven Dollar Beers. Ten dollar parking and twenty dollar cover charge. So if you don't like the prices stopped coming to my house. Well you heard it here. Folks don't go to his house if you don't like the price if you're going to drink this weekend do it safely. Do it with somebody if you can. He can't get on zoom or whatever fucking video conference and how the drink with somebody make sure. Somebody's looking out for you in. You're looking out for somebody else. Reach out somebody. I don't care if it's been two years since she taught somebody check on them if it looks sketchy probably is. If you think they're bitching they might not be if they're screening and you're saying fuck it I'm just gonNA keep scrolling. Go back talk to them. Make sure they're OK. Someone just committed suicide yesterday. Twenty two years old. Everybody looked over her. Status is didn't say guy downward and it's prominent you can see. She was going down big time a seen him. Men was talking about this morning. Beautiful Girl career just started literally just fucking started and all because nobody reached out to her. She didn't get help. Nevermore more always says you know be careful and mindful the strong winds the ones that have it all together. Sometimes they don't Yup so I'm not the pressing. Please reach out reach out. Be The stroman until somebody can. We love you guys. We really fucking dead me So hopefully like. I said you'll all join US Monday at seventeen or nineteen hundred seven. Pm Eastern time for Memorial Day special. What's the annual? We'll probably get drunk. Toss back if you and be stupid because it's Devi radio it's it's US we're retards. I said Retards I did. Yeah really really quick and really quick. I don't think we talked about that show. Alexa makes an appearance. That was fucking fled to make Only cross tell us about drag out. Well I kinda was DVD. That night. I had if you don't get me wrong But I had to leave early in designated ditched. Yeah I mean. I didn't say Tutut motherfuckers this buses leaving but y'all climb on board so yeah check it out When we get this up on podcast it's going to be two hour special. Or at least the in the airing was two hours of the podcast might be shorter than that but You will not be disappointed in the laughter in the boon read. The you guys went through after I left I was there to. Don't get me wrong but still wow. It was like a train wreck. You just can't look away. Let me tell you I had some fine with the beginning of that show. Probably by the end. You're like these guys ever stop. Yeah it was it was. It was a time though. Thank everybody especially right now. It was something that we all needed as host. And you know we got together. We really didn't have anything to talk about. We weren't going to talk about the stupid Kobe stuff anymore. We just crack a bottle in. It just was natural so realized it was going to be Memorial Day weekend show and turn it into a party. Yeah I think winker frosty. I think one of you said that the person that recorded Alexa that they might have a career with us out what you said. Yeah obviously we were talking about the elect. You're talking about the Alexa voice that I've made on Drag out it goes. Hey they might have a career with radio. Yeah Yeah and I was like. Oh my God we just went down this road wow it might sound like how. I actually thought about this. Un that to the voice. But I was like I wanNA make it sound a little bit eight bit. I WANNA make it sound a little bit like the speak and spell with a little bit of robot thrown in and I did. I fucking was proud of that. It sounded fighting awesome. Yeah you can't you cannot recognize the original voice whatsoever. I was like yes. I Buchan done something right talking about when Alexis started talking during yes out I literally took what was said by Alexa Verbatim and had my friend record what was said and I turned that voice into my own Alexa Voice. So Amazon Whitney hit us with a copyright strike is I don't know how big they are on Alexa von on other stuff. I really appreciate that because it said my real first name. I didn't hear that and that'll be the next episode. Oh that's great so if you're if you're listening warning report Miss Alexa as listening. So if you're if you're paying attention you're going to be on the next episode of drag out because I have to use you again. You're going to have to be your voice once more But please go to forum dot org share. Find out more about the far. If you'd like to give monetarily hit donate button you can give via pay pal. If you don't have to pay pal account look underneath where it says to enter your mouth and it says give credit or debit if you can't give monetarily but you still gotta shop online head over. Smile DOT AMAZON DOT COM. Even home your voice no hidden Beezer Causton portion of your shopping cart purchase goes directly to the DVD farm. If you're doing facebook fundraiser. Please let us know veteran humor. Deedee Radio Frag out drag-out let us know and we'll get that out there if you're getting ready to do something and we don't know about it but it's for the farm again let us know send us an email at the Backup email for TV. Radio that you can find on facebook and as soon as it's updated we will let you on. Hopefully our website will be updated next week. And we won't have these fucking problems until that happens. Please excuse me the temporary email and the web link to get here I don't have anything else. Do you guys now. Okay since I say since I hear crickets I'm GonNa say now I love you all? We love everyone of you please. Again reach out objectives zero battle stress. I don't care reach out four Betsy. Russ DVD cutter oink frosty and DV six. Google Marquee Davis grown as motherfucking man. And Recoil. Who said Fuck everybody. We're GONNA stay off the show tonight. Am Boehner would just heard barracks talk right here on W. Dvr de Radio Dot net until next week flex south on data.

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