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The. The pride passion and patterns of college football leaves here. This is no Paul finebaum show. Our to podcast. Everybody. Welcome back to the Paul finebaum show. I'm not fall. I do have glasses. And I did go to Tennissee as Paul did. Although he was there about forty seven years for I was I'm Ryan McGee sitting in for Paul mama's. I will do from time to time particularly when it's March madness. And there's plenty of madness Auburn probably should have lost. But they move will move onto the second round. Michigan state. We always talk about Tommaso being the man in March. We'll right now they're down by point to Bradley at halftime. And there's a whole other store about Bradley that will we'll get to in a little bit. Listen, we will go live. Now, we're about Auburn that dramatic game that they tried to lose. Let's go down to the podium, and this would Pearl and his boys have to say about that. Engine McCormack to the dice. We'll go ahead and remind you to when you have a question when we opened it two questions. Please hail the microphone holder and ask your question into a microphone during the student athlete period. If you can direct your question to student athlete, that's helpful. And we'll go ahead and open it up to questions urge to brief opening statement from coach Pearl coach. I congratulate Mexico state coach Chris Johns outstanding season his team place. Like, he coaches, no fear. Well, coached they play together. They're relentless on the boards. And I told my team the toughest toughest one for us to was probably going to be the first one the next game. The team will play Kansas on north eastern are not not better than no, no state. There is good. I just compliments in Mexico state. But our kids worked hard to build that lead. And obviously, we did not a great job of taking care of the ball. But given to Mexico state credit for push. List direct questions. Now if we could to Auburn student athletes Jared Harper, Giovane McCormick. And when we've exhausted those questions will turn it over to questions for coach Purnell question for student athletes. Question for Jared Arbor. Jared every time they made a run there in the second half seemed like you came up with the big shot. Same in the SEC championship talk about the play in the second half and the timely shooting the three point line from you feel like I started shoot the ball. Well house I get downhill and get up early in the second half with confidence. Now, I have not my first three to start a second half. So just being able to make place on my team. Trust me. So. Air questions for student athletes. Jerry was the atmosphere like at the end of the game in the final minute of intense insead first round matchup. Oh like oh. Shit before our first game. It's gonna be a hardest game. We kinda made some plays down the stretch that that didn't help us made a lot of mistakes me personally, I made a couple of states couple of turnovers on bath foul situation at the end again my stuff at the game. So I just glad my teammates Bill milk. Giovan you're planning the choke gesture at those last free throws reopened. They get the free throw shooters attention there. I see is facing is pretty scared and we knew coming into the Baffert shooting team. So they have played a key. Did you could you kinda describe Auburn swagger for me? I feel like we really. We all got a chip on our shoulder. So we just come out with swag. And. All right. We'll dismiss the student athletes and then direct questions to coach Pearl. Thank you us. You guys were spectacular. Thanks, can I follow up on that chip that swagger. I'm glad you think we have a swagger, but I think hesitation answering the question is because I'm not so sure our kids to in this sense. He came back with it. He's kind of got a chip on shoulder j von was not Heather player. Most of our guys most guys were three and four three stars. So we've developed a confidence and trust in one another and our deficit seasons for guest. I don't know that we really have a swagger yet. Burst. How agonizing for you was that last you minutes of that game. I mean, I can't have you ever been involved anything quite that preposterous. During the only time I can remember almost losing like that was when we did lose it. Jarrett's freshman year against Missouri. First round the tournament. And it was kind of unfolding. Same way. How many times practiser spacing? And what you want to do it on situations. And so you get that moment. You just don't know how you're gonna react. We obviously panicked. And. Made our share of mistakes, which could have cost us the game. But at the same time we had made enough really good place throughout the game against a really good team. That's a really good five twelve win for Auburn. Because I had to Mexico state team is. Formidable. I don't wanna do it again. Coach on that final sequence. You know, they were gonna look for a law towards the basket. I even did a great job of forcing it in the middle forcing the kickout. A while three was at the plan, you know, tuck into the middle and force little along jumper again. Chris a great job with that. Call your thinking one seven we got to protect the room. They've got some good lob things in there. So I put my center one of my centers on the ball. I actually played two centers one to protect the rim. But we did not switch out on the ball side shooter. And so that was a mistake. They gotta clean look. Obviously could have knocked down. But we got. And. And we're fortunate. Do you take anything from this game? And a it to the next round. Could you repeat that apologize? Do you take anything from this game and apply to the next round? Guys. This was our fifth game in eight days. Stop it think about that is our fifth game in eight days. It looked like it. Bryce was tired. Jared was exhausted at the end of that game. And so. I think what I'm gonna take away is that we're going to be fresher. Horace is is the he's the energy bunny out there. He didn't have a ton of energy. This is his fifth game in eight days. We played we played Sunday travel across the country. And I mean, we had to play hard because we're into Miskel state place. Our kids were popped at the end. Time for one more question. If there is one. Okay. Thank you coach. So I think the most important question we can ask at this point. Is is Bruce pros voice gonna hold up. Right. That's the pace himself. He's mentioned five games in eight days. He's our pre game speeches showed it on on Gabriel. But he needs to pace himself, or if I'm not having a voice, and by the way, it's a fair question about swagger as a follow up to. Hey, you gave the guy the choke sign. The free throw line to participate in the game. So. That's a that's a fair question. But yes, this team has swagger whether they would like to go into great detail about that. Or not brisk pros lose his voice Elissa Lang has not. And she will join us live foam all right outside the arena there Jacksonville. There you go, right? Okay. Somewhere hundred is the arena. I think listening to Paul finebaum show podcast everybody. Welcome back to the finebaum show. And I was just coming about the fact that this Jacksonville regional so great. There's nothing like being in the building. When there's good teams, and you have a chance for good games. And we just happened to have somebody that's down there for that. And that'd be missile Lysa. Lynn how you doing? I'm doing well. I'm feeling really blessed to be able to witness some good, basketball and LSU and Yale. Got it going for us pretty early today. Right. Listen, you start in the morning with you know, you got statements going out from the Kentucky coach late the night before you got statements coming out about injuries the morning of that in a second. However, tell me about the feeling in the building that LSU team. Did you get a read on them when they walked in based on what all they've had to deal with off the court of the last couple of weeks. You know, having seen this LSU team for the last couple of weeks. I think one of the things that's impressive about them. As the read. I get from them doesn't really change from Nashville into this tournament. They're always kind of cool, calm and collected. Even after that win. It was a hard-fought win. It was an emotional game down to the wire and in the locker room, they're all very relaxed, and they're all very confident and playing LSU basketball wasn't something that they did down the stretch against Yale. They were able to recognize that they trust each other. And they're confident that this is a team that can go far into this tournament as long as they can clean some stuff up. Of course, they came out a little bit of nerves a little rusty today after not having played for a couple of days. But this Yale team was a talented team. I think when you look at Yale schedule this was a team that lost by over thirty points to do earlier in the season. But that's not the same Yale team. We saw on the floor today, especially in the second half. So I think it's a testament to LSU the fact that they are able to battle through some of these games. We saw them obviously lose a game that they would not have liked to drop. In Nashville the SEC tournament. But I think they've really turned it on at this point. They know who they are they know their identity, they know their backs are up against the wall. And that a lot of people are counting them out, and they feel a little disrespected they're ready to try to go as far as they can here. And obviously that starts in Jacksonville with getting the win today. Joining us from Jacksonville for the first incidentally tournament. No, I'm not there you are. But I have seen this so many times with teams that have had to deal with the headline have had to deal with and your case, the will waive situation, there's sometimes a sense of relief when they can get on the court and just worry about basketball, and yeah coach isn't there. But maybe that's not a bad thing. Did you get that sense from this team when they got to the arena yesterday? Absolutely. I mean, this is a team that understands completely. What's surrounding them in one of the questions that we were asking them after the wind today was do you feel disrespected and how has this team dealt with adversity? Because a lot of people are looking at this LSU team looking at all the noise that surrounded them looking at how they exited the SEC tournament and saying this is a team that won't last and they hear all that noise. But they're able to kind of take it pack it in and turn it into something that you know, we saw today pulling out a win against a good Yale team to survive an advanced to Saturday. So I mean, this is a very talented team. This is a team that we've seen play some really good basketball this season when you're led by guys like trauma waters in Schuyler maze. They understand what's at stake. They know what's on the line. And they wanna represent their LSU team. Well, they wanna represent will wait. Well, they're playing for everybody. They're playing for tiger nation. They absolutely understand that. So they had a little bit of a chip on their shoulder. I think there were some nerves going into today's. Game. They said that in the locker room today. But I think that was more of hey, March madness this year, we're in the tournament kind of nerves. We gotta get that first game out of the way. And they all said they knew that the first game was going to be the hardest one as long as they could make it through this one. They feel confident about what they can do for the next couple of weeks, but it was just getting past this home, and they were able to do that even though down the stretch yielded give them a little bit issue. This porn so Kentucky. It's been an interesting week that it have the week. They obviously wanted to have when you saw them last in Nashville now they're in the incident tournament, which there are year coaches saying I'm not going to take the UCLA job. And now there was also news this morning about one of the best players or not. Yeah. The the big story line here going into tonight's game. Whether or not PJ Washington will play that was kind of the story yesterday to him arriving to the arena, obviously, he did have an injury in that Tennessee game which coach Cal said yesterday. But he said he wants to play PJ Washington wants to play obviously, it's the tournament. We're not sure yet whether or not we'll see him what will happen tonight. Obviously this isn't Abilene Christian team. That's ready to put it all on the line. They're playing with house money. They know there's nothing to lose. Sometimes that's the scariest opponent when you're a Kentucky team. So obviously they like to have PJ Washington on the floor. They're different team with him on the floor. But they are. So are also very talented on the rest with the rest of the guys on that team, and they can certainly get done without him. But again, there's that outside noise and everybody asking if they can get it done without PJ. The one thing that I'm curious to see if Kentucky makes it through tonight without PJ Washington. How Saturday we'll go, especially if they face a Wofford. Team who you were giving some credit to a few minutes ago Wofford might be able to give them a bit of a hard time. If PJ is not on the floor. So it'll be really interesting to see if he does not play what kind of Kentucky team comes out right out of the gate tonight. Because you know, coach Cal is doing everything he can to get his guys ready. He's pretty good at getting his guys ready. Come tournament time. He knows this when it matters. So I think when Kentucky sets the tone if they set the tone right out of the gate. We'll get a really good idea of what kind of Kentucky basketball. We're gonna see over the next couple of days here. We'll learn joining us from Jacksonville for Sean into tournament talked about LSU and Kentucky. Let's we're friends. Right. We're workers uneasy to well. Yeah. Absolutely. So Joe go guy to coach from Abilene Christian has finish entire press conference on his ripped pants and the man needs another pair pants, but he says I need you to let me know as a member of the media how everyone reacts to and covers this are you going to tweet. This a photo of this coaches, rip pan. It's. Gosh, put me on the spot. You know, I'm probably not gonna walk up to him a picture of his riff pants, but I can confirm or deny via Twitter whether or not the pants are ripped when he is on the sidelines. I was gonna say I lived in Jacksonville for a couple of years. I might give him some Taylor recommendations here 'cause there's plenty of Jacksonville. Maybe not apple lean. But I'm pretty sure he could get his suit fixed Jackson. They make it to Saturday. There's a coupla out malls in divall county. I remember, I I think you could probably just to appreciate it. Thank you for joining us. And I look forward to your hard core. Reporting of the Abilene, Christian coaches pants later tonight. Thank you, very we'll keep you updated on the pants. There you go. That's the most important thing. I mean, all respect to see schools. We're we're turn with defined bomb show, and you can join us if you would like to eight five five four to seven to eight five that's a five. Eight five two four two Paul. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the foul ball show men are moving in the group. And we've got a lot of basketball going on. We got a drew lock pro day. We got people call in to tell me about the great legacy of wimp, Sanderson Alabama basketball of more importantly, we've been covering auburn's nailbiter win over New Mexico state one of the heroes of that game joins us now. Jared Harper Jared, you got a few minutes to kind of decompress you got away with one today. Man. Congratulations. Thank. By going out. Well, how tits was that atmosphere in that building? When it wasn't that close for a long time and suddenly in the closing minutes of that game yet got the free throw line with a chance to take the lead. Definitely on tough situation for like a team that plays to make route thirteen at one point. And we make some team I'm missing takes not self. So on just come out with a win five games in eight days. But you guys didn't look tire by any stretch. How are you keeping that energy level up for this thing just playing a heart without some people that we can have in court on where I would play harder. A lot of pains don't know have as many players on their as we do and we'd like to use are thriving. Now you had a question in the post game. And you didn't really answer it. But I'm gonna thought back at you in this team has swagger man, tell you explain the attitude with this team right now the ability to make this run that they are here marching on everybody having chip on our shoulder just on is. No that we that. We've been counting a lot just having our model of being on an unfinished. Business. So coming in this year, we have everybody filling his business from last year. So just looking to make anytime take us in the locker room and owned the bus. What is Bruce Pearl? Really like when now it's marts, and it's time to get on with it. Oh, just very energetic. And he he's happy to be playing basketball. Just this is a special time for basketball Martian fairness. It's just everything could do to hopeless, and it is being air force into something that we can enjoy at times co pay are y'all gonna take him to drugstore because I'm worried he's gonna lose his voice before the next game. I'm sorry. He's he's gonna get his voice right beside it. So what do you do? Now, take the mindset of a team you gotta wait to sue Hugo play. Now, you gotta game. It's a little more than thirty six hours. What do you do over that time now to make sure you're prepared for your next round on? This was contained by look at this. Who play the new covenant sitting aimed at first one was going to be the toughest game. Always the the happen of tournament. Play still when I go go get together on price star tonight. Get ready for playing the make sides. But how you feel it out there in the desert man you like a mile high air. Okay, you breathe it. All right. Yeah. I was it was an adjustment only got here on Tuesday. But now so normal so. You get acclimated. Well, you got acclimated to the to the tune of seventeen points today. Congratulations and good luck. In the next round. Thank for shut. It. Jared Harper Auburn guard they. So ridiculous. I'm still not convinced. I'm going gonna have a letter from a lawyer saying I gave too much play by play the heat, haze. Did he answer the swagger question because he wouldn't answer the press converse about trying to give it to them. Again. He answered it better here than he did in Salt Lake at the press conference. I mean the team's got swagger. They do thing about this way shot forty three's in forty minutes against Tennessee in the SEC championship in Nashville. If you're that confident, then you've got some swagger. That's a lot of threes. And the give chokes on it a guy that was a swagger that was again, I mentioned this earlier, but I'm looking at four televisions, and I've talked to coach is about this a million times. And we'll ask Pat Bradley about layer on the show, but there's no better atmosphere than being on the floor on the bench with the team coaching a team in the incidentally tournament. But everyone looks this Rable. I mean, it's awesome. And it's all you've ever wanted to do. And then you get there. And it looks like your looks like you're completely run out of air. And if you're in the case of Auburn, you're actually playing like in the desert like a lot higher above sea level. Than on the planes Michael in Alabama zone alive. Michael welcome into the five ball show. How you do it give. Let's go. Oh, man. I'm first time caller on the fan. All right. Yeah. Basin. I've been out in house. So I'm almost in Georgia now dry. Appreciate you staying on problem. I just wanted to put my two cents on the subject of Alabama being football school. When I hear that. I hear figure nails Crichton of light board. This does entertain people to say Alabama has peaked and basketball best possible. But man, when you say Alabama football school this respect so many sports, south baseball hall. You know gymnastics, these people are really over chief at their national championship winners. So we're more than football school. I agree with that. But your identity is your identity. I mean, you know, UCLA. They're still basketball North Carolina could win the next costlo playoff. They're not going to they could they're still going to be a basketball school. I don't know this a I don't know that it's necessarily a dissed everybody else. I don't see it that way. Well, I don't, but we can agree to act can't accept the fact that Alabama Kim out of Ford to hire basketball coach that will take on this challenge of because the recruits are in basis cycle. They hear that. Parents are yo you don't go out. Bama that's football school now. Guess what? In the end. I just relates to have good the basketball team going to be. Yeah. So I mean, that's just about two cents. And I feel like Alabama. Can I mean, I'm old enough? I remember morning with fantasy was the young man. Wow. So yeah. Yeah. With. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And I just want to send out pre that. Now. Let's listen to you. I said, I hope you get into Georgia safely, man. I had to call. You've been a whole so long almost George now. Let's get it. But your identity is your identity, and that's why when you have a school like Michigan Stanford. You know, when you have a school, Florida when you have a school that has national championship success simultaneously. Go into final fours 'em playing for BCS champs. What ball or we're going to sugar balls or whatever doesn't happen ever? And so when you do have a run, Ohio State has had little windows where they're always going to football. But then the basketball team is pretty good doesn't last very long, but they're pretty good for a little bit. So I I just always blown away when a school can do both of the premier spotlight revenue sports, and there's plenty of schools that are really good at one and pretty good at the other one. And then there's a lot of schools that are really good at one. And okay at the old. And so it's. But it's okay to be a football school in by the way football pays for everything everywhere. So if you are a football school than all the other teams get to have much nicer vans to go ride to all their Vincent. That's the most apropos as we say Martin McGuinness apropos sound effect. The second Homer that we've had on the show today. Actual name Homer Homer was up. Home. Are you there? Homer has been on hold for so long. He went to sleep. I'm looking at the magic thing here. He's been on hold for almost two hours. He'll be so mad. Because he was on hold for that long. Tom and Dallas Solana Thomas up. Not a whole lot. How're you doing? I'm good. I'm good. Cantors thing does Williams my cousin real and. Yeah. In fact, my sister, I'm gonna call her in a little bit. He's thrown are out San Jose second year in a row, he flew her. And mother mother is our first cousin and to the Tarn about and. We hope he likes the see in that the end of the year whatever's best for him and his family. But what I'm curious about is IM, historically, it looks like in football and basketball. They can get rid of their coaches pretty quick. Essay. I mean, let's you have guys are there. There have been people who there for a long time. But it's been a long time since people were there for a long time. Again, you take been really good to me. Of course, he could. I'm sure I am too. Offer pretty good. They tried to get him back about. Oh when he is Marquette, they tried to get him. And but anyway, I'm actually I'm a big Texas Longhorn fan. But I'm a lot more most invested in football and basketball. Obviously, I'm all for him wherever he goes. So it's it just cannon interesting situation here. I saw him back my summer, we all got together. But I never ask him anything. I did. I did tell his wife that I hope he never takes the job at Oklahoma. Yeah. You said you all agree on that? Yeah. We're gonna agree on that. But I don't I don't know watching what I hope you got Justin Robinson back hoping to win a game or two I figured. Are you going to win out there in that region? Now on ask you something is the region you have to win three games or two. You went to games to get out of the reason. Yeah. To the to get to the to the Sweet Sixteen right? Okay. So MRs forty four games. Total get to the final four. So to be the regional champion. You've got to win four games. Right. But to get out of your current for you. Yeah. This four wins to get to the to get to Minneapolis to the final four. Okay. Because solid Yuka their thoughts Mississippi if they can win Mississippi State forgot missive stikes plan would play Virginia Tech last year. You know, Alabama beat them in the first round. We'll tell him. I think he's at a okay, I hate to cut you off. I appreciate that. And it's a good reminder buzz Williams is a Texas guy. And that's a good Ahmad opposite to call. Yeah. He's risen from Greenville, Texas, and we didn't get any super inside. But we did hear from family member. So we'll goes a, and I wanna know if if my man there's actually going to put on an Aggie shirt, I we're gonna have live reaction to what all is going down in. March madness is to ball show, man. We were full on hoops. Okay. Forcing football on me today. Summaries to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast there days when you come into this show. There's like nothing going on like in the middle of June. And there's like today, and it's just basketball everywhere. And breaking news and people are in attendance at these events, and we're talking to going live, two podiums and coaches and players calling in oughta Gonsalez joins us. Now, he's in Salt Lake City for what turned out to be probably going to be the craziest game of the day. What was like in the building there, man? It was crazy. I mean, this was really pack house. I think it was a very pro Auburn crowd throughout and you could tell them this stadium in the arena that people were stunned. I mean, Burnett a five point lead with fifty seconds left, and you could tell throughout this game that Auburn was the better team, but New Mexico state just would not go away this one all the is funny when these teams have to make these big trips out west and Bruce Pearl talked all week about altitude and they got up there Tuesday. I think to acclimate. What was that? When it hit the floor five games a fifth game in eight days. Was there any sign of any fatigue with these guys at all? Well, actually, Bruce Pearl told me right after he came out of the podium. I ask them about that final minute. He told me flat out his team was exhausted that they were pop at the end of that game. And I think you could tell Auburn made basically every mistake possible within those last fifty seconds. They had to turn overs. They lost a rebound out of bounce. They found the three point shooter. They let another three point shooter slip in the final second because they didn't switch, and it kinda got lucky that that the New Mexico state player did not make that shot air here mailed that shot but after the game you could see it in Auburn players faces. They seem kind of down because it seemed like this was a game that should not have been this close and Bruce Pearl told his team going into the tournament. He said the first game was going to be their hardest game. They had four games in four days in that NCAA tournament a flu across the country. They were playing an altitude make you said, and he saw it in his players faces at the end he knew that they were exhausted Mejia's needed a hold on outing dollars. Joining us from co worker from ESPN dot com. He's Salt Lake City. All probably into the game. And the day. I want to ask you this for for Auburn. And you said this was a kind of a pro Alva crowd into game started as you know, when you're in a building for these first round games. Sometimes that crab was starting to shift over to the underdog. What was the this fear? Like, did you feel maybe some of those other fans of switching over there allegiance as that game. Got tighter ten. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I went into it thinking, it was pro Auburn, and you saw a lot of these New Mexico state fan, especially in their section just kind of get really loud. I think a lot of these fans who a lot of them were coming in for that for that Kansas game. I think they were just really excited about about seeing such a close game at the end. And you know, the thing about Auburn. I mean, you could tell even in the first half the New Mexico state coach is really concerned about just auburn's athleticism going into this game. Because they don't see anything like that in their conference. You could tell that first half. Auburn shots were not falling. But it was so difficult for New Mexico state to get shot off in its half court offense Auburn in the second half morphed into the team that we expected they hit a bunch of three pointers. They made nine of them. They forced a ton of turnovers. And I think that's what's gonna make them so dangerous about this tournament. They could make threes. They could I force turnovers with the best of them. They just need to kind of hold on at the end. And if it is fatigue at the end for Auburn that it'll be very interesting to see how they respond on Saturday after getting that day off on Friday oughta go dollars join in the snow cone. A worker from ESPN. And I wanna ask you this. You said you talked to Bruce Pearl after the game. He said his team was exhausted. All right. So would you do now to make sure that they're ready to go when it's more than likely one of the greatest programs issue? College basketball waiting to play them in the second round and cans. I think BRUCE'S very hopeful that just having a day here to acclimate to that altitude is going to help his team. But I also think he said something really interesting interesting in the podium afterwards. He talked about look this is an team that was not supposed to win the SEC tournament. This is an opportune that's playing its best basketball late. They've won nine in a row ever since that loss to Kentucky. But one of the players, I think it was it was John McCormick. Got a question from a media member about just a swagger of this team. And Jeff McCormick. Just didn't answer the question. And then after the players let Bruce Pearl wanted to chime in he said that he doesn't feel like his players have that swagger yet. Because a lot of these guys like he pointed out, they were not heavily recruited. They were three star athletes coming out of high school, and he feels like this is a team that has built its confidence as the season has gone on. So I think his hope is more. So that they could build off a win like this beating a New Mexico state team that obviously wasn't heavily favored going into this tournament. But that's really physical. And it's very well balanced. He hopes that this. Team is just kind of growing into itself as this season prolongs. And I think he's hoping that they build off a win. Like this get you out of here on this. We were watching that press conference when kept throwing the swagger question, in fact, out through that question out to Jerry later on this show, and he just won't bite. Do you see that swagger in person that we keep trying to go back to? Not yet. I think this is a team that as I touched on here. I think they were little bit stunned with just the way that this game finished out. They could've lost his game. There was a a free throw with a second. Let coulda tighted that hit the rim. I think three times and open look to win this game. I think this was a team coming off this game a little bit stunned with the way finished out. But I think if they looked back on their performance they'll realize that for most of this game. They were the better team in the hope is that they tap into that a little bit more moving forward. All right. All listen writers. We all these assignments. Right. You're going to this game. Or that game. You win my friend because you guys crying on the bench with three minutes to go three point three free. Throws it could've wanted mystery pointers. So congratulations, sir. They call it madness. And you were right there for the start of it. Got a choke sign at the end and everything. There you go. I'll toss. Thank you, buddy. Good luck with the rest of the games. Yeah. Let's get you. See the flight it will back there. Right. Says March madness with the brackets and he wins. You get these assignments. Right. So last year I was assigned to the first second round in Charlotte and the games were stinkers. There were terrible. And the fourth game that day was some team you BMC BBC. We didn't who they were playing a one seed in Virginia. I went to dinner. Had a few drinks in me. And all the sudden somebody's like, hey, man. You might want to check in on that game. And I looked at my wife, and I go baby. You gotta get Uber. Home me, and captain Morgan's going back to go. The last five minutes, you BMC or UNBC, whatever.

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