Funeral in Berlin (1966) - Part 1


It is follow-up performances Harry Palmer in the ipcress file Michael Caine returns for the next by Adventure in funeral in Berlin. But in the world of spy movies, whose funeral is it in Berlin? Hi, this is Tom Passat and Dan Silvestri from Spy Movie Today. We're cracking the code of funeral in Berlin. If you like our podcast, please give us a 5-star rating on your favorite podcast app that helps a lot. All right, it's time to attend a funeral in Berlin will divide this podcast into two shorter parts. So let's get going with part one off. I was just her a little clip from the music by Conrad elfers from the funeral in Berlin and it really is kind of a dirge Melody. So it sets the tone for what you're going to see it is different than the John Barry score we heard before absolutely from the upgrade does change the flavor a little bit. Yeah today, we're talking about another spy movie but not just any spy movie. But where the character Harry Palmer continues to develop his character from the Hypocrites file here. We see another spy other than Bond developing into an ongoing story and this is based on the novels by Len deighton. Now the main players in the funeral in Berlin are Michael Cain, of course is Harry Palmer Paul. Hubschmitt has Johnny Vulcan Heinz Schubert as Aaron Levine. Nicholasville says Verner Oscar Homolka as Colonel stock. Terrific Eva. Renzi is Samantha Steele and Gunther Meisner as kreutzmann. Now, this is the second movie in the Harry Palmer Trilogy. Yeah, we've done a two-part podcast on the first movie the ipcress file earlier this year today. We're diving into funeral in Berlin a 1966 by film that stars Michael Caine who is just great in everything he does but there are ties between Bond and other spy movies and funeral and Berlin and we're going to look at all the connections right now. Okay, and whose funeral is there's a line in this movie by Colonel stock about half way through where he references storming the Winter Palace in st. Petersburg. Yeah. The winter package is now a part of a the wonderful Hermitage Museum and my wife and I happened to get up tour of the Hermitage Museum. I would strongly recommend if you do get the Saint Petersburg, you do check out that Museum and job You're there. They do have the Fabrics a museum, which has the Faberge eggs, like the one that was featured in octopussy. So let's get back into funeral and Berlin. Yeah, we take this as a very solid by movie and now a classic if you are in to spy movies like we are and you probably are since you're listening to this then take a look at funeral in Berlin like the ipcress file a general in Berlin has many of the same people involved in its production who have ties to the James Bond movies first. It's directed by Guy Hamilton. Yeah, but this is nineteen sixty-six and he directed the Bond film Goldfinger which released in 1964. Yeah. He did timings are forever Live and Let Die The Man with the Golden Gun and he was also a pre-production director on the spy who loved me. So he was fresh off very intense Bond filming for really one of the greatest Bond movies ever Goldfinger. Yeah, I'd say one of the greatest movies ever get a cold finger and yep. And what about the production design can Adam did both Goldfinger and funeral in Berlin as well as the across file and five other Bond movies. Wow, these are two huge connections from bond to this very solid 1966 by film but wait like the ipcress file Harry Saltzman produced this movie, too. Of course Salzman co-produced many of the early Bond movies along with Albert R. Broccoli cubby broccoli and had a production company to do this. He used it for Film Production of eight movies 1965 through 1998, including three Harry Palmer films with Michael Cain including the ipcress file from 1965 funeral in Berlin home, which we're doing now in nineteen sixty-six and billion dollar brain in nineteen sixty-seven now Frank Ernst who was the location manager on funeral in Berlin had his hand in many different roles in the James Bond movies Series. So in one, you know, one more Thai in there, so will we see some Bond like elements in funeral in Berlin? Hmm. Let's on Earth this together off and we also need to remember that 1966 was the first year since 1962 that there wasn't a James Bond movie released. Yeah, that's so there was a void that came out for both funeral. In Berlin and the quiller memorandum mean remember the days when there was a year between releases. Yeah. Those are our favorite spy movies. Now, we're five six seven years between and interestingly Saltzman approached Dayton in nineteen sixty-two to secure rights for making a movie based on the up Chris file. The F Chris file wage even been published yet Palmer is gritty and more of your everyday kind of spy doing gritty spy work not like Bond a low bond does some pretty spyware off and Saltzman told Dayton something like hey, I'm the only guy in the world who's not going to make your hero a bind like character, which is probably true long time. So this is when dr. No was just coming out in Fleming new of Len deighton and what he was doing and actually he liked the ipcress file and log, That was one of his favorite books of the year in 1962 in funeral in Berlin. What is the mission the movie centers on Harry Palmer a British agent who's assigned to get to Berlin to retrieve a communist Defector Colonel stock way to communist Defector like Costco off in The Living Daylights, maybe absolutely and actually very much like the way koskov quote defected bought a quote. We'll take a look. Of course. Nothing goes smoothly and there are twists and turns that you must pay attention to the photography paints a very Bleak picture of East Berlin in nineteen sixty-six East and West Berlin were divided and it was not easy for East berliners to leave. There was a wall and guard towers between the divided City. This is the backdrop for the entire film. It's kind of interesting how they did this in comparison to the movie The Spy Who Came in from the cold in funeral in Berlin, New Jersey. The color tones of the movie are very muted, but they are in color in The Spy Who Came in from the cold which came out a year earlier Martin Ritt who was the director decided to shoot down in black and white so we have two movies that came out a year apart with very different approaches how to portray the bleakness of the divided Berlin and if you look at this it really nice, they're both Bleak pictures of East Berlin without a doubt, but the color in funeral in Berlin versus the Black and White and The Spy Who Came in from the cold it looks like a party in the funeral berlet. All right move on the opening shots show the contrast between the successful and comfortable West Berlin and the Dismal communist East Berlin a worker under guard is helping to lay land mines near the barbed wire fence to prevent people from escaping East Berlin in a moment song. He runs and jumps into a large bucket that is on the ground lowered by a crane on the other side shots are fired. But he escapes to the West successful. He's a musician by the way now skip ahead to 1969 On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Does this scene sound a little familiar with Peter Hunt is now directing. Remember when bond is in Bern heading up to the lawyer gumballs office to crack his safe and get info on blofeld. How is the safecracking machine slash combo photocopier brought into the office? Oh, yeah. That's right. No, no buying could not carry this large device know how long it was hoisted up to the balcony of gumballs office by a large bin. Same kind by a crane. Wow. Yeah this time that didn't have anybody shooting at it. Yeah. Yep. Just find retrieves. It uses it and as the bin is hoisted back up. He throws it into the bin for safe retrieval On The Ground by another MI6 agent took a coincidence for sure. The whole opening sequence sets us up for the overall contrast between the East and the West the conflict between communism and the Free World and the whole storyline here. All right, we haven't met Palmer yet in this film. Yeah, but we did meet him in the ipcress file. Yeah, we know we don't worry about them from their place while but in the books. He didn't have a name. I didn't have a name in the past. So when it came time for the movies, they had to give him a name so they gave him Harry Palmer and we talked about that in the hypocrisy file. Yeah, just exactly he's a guy named Harry Palmer and what we're going to see Palmer when we cut to the next scene of Palmer in his home with a woman. His relationship with a woman is unclear but it is morning and she's wearing pajama top and and maybe under where I think they kind of show a glimpse of underwear or something. That's kind of like Sylvia trench and dr. Know. Oh, yeah, another coincidence another cool incident. The radio is playing and someone is playing the piano which turns out to be a scape musician that we just talked about from the opening scene Palmer does not like the music and he asks who's playing the piano with his elbows and and he wants coffee mean. What is it with all these spy movies and coffee? I just don't understand it. Yeah, what's another spy movie with coffee? I don't know. One of our sponsors is spiked coffee, Maybe that's why I thought maybe you can just notice it more. Hey, yeah, I mean they're like, I'm drinking some now, actually it is good as an eye veteran-owned small business offering a variety of coughing. Lens in both ground and whole-bean and even K-Cups get some double agent medium roast, which I'm drinking. Now one of our favorites here at spy movie our listeners get a 20% discount on purchases when they use the Spy code. Spine Ave. S p y n a v as the coupon code at checkout. So if you're a coffee lover head over to spike off he's off in order some very good coffee and just remember to use spy nav for your 20% discount. All right, so well Palmer's getting his coffee his phone rings and he answers it in the man on the other end says this is round-robin calling. Javac of this part. It's like hm who's round-robin obviously, he's using a code which Palmer immediately breaks ranks and asked Chico what he wants calling him Chico Chico wants Palmer to observe security procedure and Palmer doesn't tend to follow the rules and that ball league wants to see him urgently at Bald Eagles home. So I love that she could keeps doing it. Yeah. Yeah Palmer break sachiko keeps going. Yeah. So well Chico's talking Palmer staring at the woman a beautiful sexy legs. Yeah, very bottom. Like he says tell him I'll be late exactly. He was lately, of course while we think it's an ongoing Trend here as a character trade-off. So Bond often played off his opportunity with a woman to delay leaving for an important trip or meeting. Yeah remembering doctor know when he finds her in his apartment and he says he has to leave immediately off. She's very playful with him. And he says well, maybe not immediately. Yeah or in From Russia with Love when he's with Sylvia trench again picnicking he gets that call to come in. He says it'll be an hour but Sylvia trenches again playful with him and he says make that two very good too. I love it. So we know Palmer's a bit of a rebel as he broke ranks with the security and protocol job. On the phone and we saw some of this in the upper case File as well. And now he shows a keen interest in women at the expense of his boss having to wait bond with smile that yeah. So we takes a bus to Bald Eagles house sees his boss's wife. Mrs. Ross and she'll make doesn't make bald eagle Mister Ross home. If we have to remember from the up Chris file, his boss was Ross. Yeah, and she tells him he's around back. She goes with him and Palmer says morning sir, his boss squids back good afternoon. Palmer is being late. This trait is becoming more and more prevalent as we see from the ipcress file and now in few months in Berlin as well then mrs. Ross says their husband. This is Palmer's boss or CM equivalent that she's taking the Bentley to the Butcher and mr. Rossiter off. Get blood all over the car and she asks bomber. How could you work for that Dreadful man? And Palmer says loyalty another bomb like features. Yeah as Bond was loyal to the cause and Country Ross notes that he has late presumably he enjoyed some time with that woman in his flat. So Ross hands Palmer a packet Palmer opens it wage. He knows a lot about the contents already Colonel stock KGB in charge of the intelligence sector raw says he is thinking of defecting and says the Palmer your plane leaves at 3:30 this afternoon it was but that was after Palmer said to him. I'll go tomorrow or something. Yeah Rasta reply say you're leaving at 3:30 this afternoon. Yeah, Kitana money. Yeah. It's kind of like am telling bonded doctor. No 3:30 in the morning. That bond is on a 7 a.m. Flight to Jamaica same kind of thing you're going now. So we see the similar relationship between Palmer and Ross as we see between Bond and EM now one thing that distinguishes this movie from James Bond goes to help Costco defect in The Living Daylights, and he's been briefed on the mission but not by em. So he actually was briefed by Saunders from station V, Indiana. Yeah, that's true. So Saunders tries to direct Bond & Bond doesn't really take any directive from them at all in this scene. Yeah, you see more of the character here of bomber as it develops as Palmer is leaving here equips the Russ. Have you ever thought of it, sir? Brasas quiz quizzical looking at him like what? And Palmer says defecting I have so this is beyond what Bond would say to em because of the Loyalty Factor. Yeah a little bombs quit on them a bunch of times and retire that's that's true. Yeah, but it wouldn't affect but but we still know that Palmer really doesn't mean it because of his loyalty loyalty there quite a few quips like this all throughout the movie The Palmer makes I think he might even have more quips and Rodger Moore's bonded in a movie. Although I actually didn't take the time to count them for believe it or not. I didn't do their research Dan say, you know, oh my god, you're kidding me. Yeah, it does. I think he has a lot of Clips, but he does he delivers them typical British way of life pan headband, boom in-your-face kind of thing, but it's wry humor of his dry humor. Yeah. My my favorite line in this hole in Raleigh. The movie is when Ross says he likes wage. It's Palmer says yes, they're easy to grow. Yeah Ross is working in his garden in the yard there as Palmer talks to him and it doesn't look ready and he loved hey don't want flowers like heaven cemeteries or something. He said yeah, but I just love the dryness of the yes, they're easy to grow and I remember this scene later in the movie. So it was just a fun little quip. It's going to come back later in the movie. Yeah. Yeah. So Palmer's got ahead to West Berlin so he's got to get his passport and papers. So he heads over to hellems place and process sends them there to get his fake passport and he looks at it and Harry's name on the passport Mister Edmund dorf Amar jokes, he'd rather be Rock Hunter man. The exit Hallam says to him give my dog. To Berlin I was there with Monty and 45, of course Montgomery Palmer mumbles. So that's why the Germans surrendered again find like Clips here and you don't really see a lot of spies in other movies making quips like this. You certainly don't see it in the The Spy Who Came in from the cold and virtually any other spy movie that they're making equipped like this, maybe Mission Impossible but like the quip that he talked about the weeds instead of roses. We're going to hear that come back up later in the movie Rock Hunter off, you know wanting to be call Roc Hunter comes back up in this movie again, so it's not just that the clips happen. The quips have life. Yeah, that's good. That's a good point. So Harry lands in West Berlin home and notice he comes in on Pan Am just like in the Bond movies doctor know on Her Majesty's Secret Service, and it's actually you know top cuz I like Rodger Moore. I've been watching the saint I started from the dead. Very first episode he flies in all over the world in that series and this is 1962 the series started and guess what airline he flies on. Yeah, Panama new well most movies seem to either especially from that era seem to either be PanAm or TWA. That's true and both are out of business now, but and both our own business now, yeah weirdest so he lands he gets there and Johnny Vulcan is there to pick him up but there's a guy there watching his every move. Yeah, He's he's sitting in a car and he reads reminds me of the Bulgarian in From Russia with Love. Yeah. If we remember that guy, he had the bushy mustache kind of dark features dark hair and in this movie with a guy who's watching has the dark hair at the dark features and the bushy mustache. So it really took me back to From Russia with Love and in Istanbul. Yeah. Yep. The car Vulcan asked Palmer by the way, Harry, I never had the chance to thank you for covering for me on that and a f i deal the nasty deal Anthony go to hell is that yeah, and that's why maybe Palmer is working for Ross now because of him covering. So any ask them. How did you beat the rap up and Palmer says I didn't it was either jail or work for a Ross. So now we know why you know way he's working for us that we did not know in the ipcress file. We have a little hint here, but when it's still well they hinted and hip Chris that he wasn't so voluntarily. He was there a little reluctantly. Yeah, we don't we we have no idea. Why now, we think okay so has something to do with this nappy deal. And he said no I didn't it was either go to jail or work for Ross. So but that sounds a lot like Nyah in mission impossible to yeah, cuz she has to kind of go along Volcan here says he was right your idea was brilliant. And Palmer says so brilliant. I'm still on suspended sentence. Now. I researched Nasi and as far as I can tell it's just stood former Navy Army and the Air Force Institute. That was a company created by the British government on December 9th, nineteen twenty to run recreational establishments needed by the British armed forces and to sell Goods to the servicemen and their families. It runs clubs bars shops supermarkets, launderettes restaurants cafes and other facilities and most British military bases and also canteens on board Royal Navy ships. So what did Harry do covering for Vulcan there? We still don't know and I can't figure it out. Yeah, they don't they don't really give it away know at least in the in this movie. So anyways, Palmer is posing as a lingerie salesman. Yeah, that's good. And there's a fun little scene going through security about that Vulcan takes them back to their jobs in manufacturing plant and their office, which is really just a cover for the British agents running as a regular business. So it's real entity in West Berlin, right? Yeah in West Berlin. It's a real entity, but it's really a cover place for the British agents. So that person was trailing them. The one with the mustache season go in and we find out later that this guy ends up being Aaron Levine who was a key player in the way the movie flushes out. Yeah. Yeah Palmer does not believe that Colonel stock wants to defect but he's going to head to East Berlin to meet with the colonel at this Rendezvous point at this really dilapidated building with an address of 59. This is directly opposite of what Bond thought about cost cough in dog. Living Daylights, that's true Bond thought koskoff really wanted to defect so there is a nice twist between these two movies with regard to the defecting higher-ups and the enemies of life as Vulcan drops Palmer off at the Allied checkpoint, which we call Checkpoint Charlie. He asks Palmer. So do you have the address and Palmer says and my Luger Pistol and my cyanide pills took a inflatable Batman suit, you gotta love this guy's attitude his sense of humor's fabulous and he delivers these lines. So it's like it's in your face, but God smooth low low key poke it gets reject Point Charlie at the border and Harry's allowed the pass. So now that's good. That's good. But no representation of Checkpoint Charlie in The Spy Who Came in from the cold. Yeah. Well see it again in the Bond movie octopussy. The bridge of spies is based on moving somebody across that area home. And the Man from Uncle so this is a fairly popular place in spy movies. Yeah, that's true Lovin. The guy we saw in the car originally is still tailing him and sees him through the checkpoint and go across the border Palmer takes a taxi to this Rendezvous point though. He wants to tax either way to taxi takes off and he's in this bleak a bombed-out looking Place. Yeah, it would be pretty frightening. I would think yeah, and now you're alone there and he's Berlin was like, okay no one else is around until a car pulls up with armed soldiers who take Palmer and bring them to a building and throw them into a dark room. Then the lights come on and Colonel stock is there he had pawned arrested to avoid suspicion. He says he must be careful as he says he is being watched. Now, this is a guy of course he wants to defect so now Palmer is face-to-face with Colonel wage. And what a stock said would I wish to defect he tells them lies, but Palmer just like Bond knows the truth Palmer. I know everything about you found. This is another another good line. You could have put this in Mission Impossible 2 Palmer says I know everything about you from the size of your refrigerator to the cubic capacity of your mistress. Okay? What what is this mean more sexual innuendos here for sure. I refrigerators have cubic capacity. That's how they're measured. You can drop out at that point. Okay? Yeah, so we got him here his Bond mission possible. And now we got Harry Palmer doing the same kind of thing more euphemisms. What kind of refrigerant me anyway, let's get back to it stock says you are not as stupid as you look I like that. And more bad their stocks as will be good headlines for the English when he defects. I love this new bomber says we get plenty of Russians too bad. You're not Chinese wage. I mean, it's just great stuff stock says he'll cooperate with providing information but says, hey, I'm not a traitor like a regular Trader. He says I'm still a good interest. You know, I love this seat. It's a fun thing stock is played with a lot of humor. I mean, he's supposed to be this big communist bad guy. Yeah. Yeah, he wants to defect and they've got all his humor there and you just totally love this guy. I mean you want to like him. Yeah, and I think this scene may have inspired the scene in the movie package when Tarantino movie Inglorious Bastards when Landa wants to surrender to the US. And get a house in a pension stock says he wants a Colonel's pay for Life. Yes house in the country, but I must have a big Garden. I'm a peasant at heart and I want to grow roses in my old age here. We are talking about growing roses again. So Harry comes in with his quip and he says in England roses are out weeds or am I just love how they tie this stuff back together. Yeah, and again in Inglorious Bastards. Londa says almost exactly the same type of needs in order to defect right now as a side note as we saw in the upgrade file Palmer really does not look like Bond He's a working-class spy making maybe Thirty pounds a week. I think they mentioned that somewhere I think stocks you were called you all this for thirty pounds a week. He wears decent clothing. Nothing spectacular has dark framed glasses on spy like but I think they were French Classes. They said that somewhere he's good-looking. He's Michael Caine anywhere as a Columbo style raincoat that's got off a hundred pockets in it, but he's cool. Always he's always cool. He doesn't sweat it. Yeah, he has a sweat cuz we have to remember he was forced into spying because she was to get the suspended sentence. Yeah, so we agreed to be a spy. So he's really a crook. So it doesn't it make sense that he wouldn't likely have the Panache of bond. Yeah off again stock is great. It's conditions for escape. I must have a foolproof method of Escape organized by professionals like by Auto Chrome. Now Palmer must find this guy kreitzman who apparently has gotten a lot of people out of East Berlin to the West before Palmer leaves stock says You must admit I scared you English with the hell of the fact that he just calls him English with taking him into the car and bringing him into the dark room and all this stuff. So it was like it was a good little lines kind of wrap up that whole little seed, which was cool. All right, so we have Harry Palmer back in Action. We have our Russian stock who wants to defect and seems very much in control. This is a good spot to break off part one a funeral in Berlin will pick up part 2 with Harry Palmer meeting Vulcan again about kreitzman great stuff, This has been Tom pasado Dan Silvestri from Spy movie where we've been cracking the code of funeral in Berlin. Thanks for listening. Join us for part two in our next podcast. Please give us a fire truck. R rating on your favorite podcast app and it really does help us a lot like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter and on Instagram to thanks again.

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