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Meditation: Vast and Timeless Presence (2019-10-16)


The following meditation is led by Tara Brach tax more of my meditations join my email lists please visit Tara Brock Dot COM opening all the sensations sensations they're down to the back of the neck were there is a real truth this matters this is what I care about that the brow smooth for meditating so this is an inquiry of what really matters you may consciously soften the is deepening are listening attention at the heart and sense what brings you to practicing right now what is your deepest intention face letting everything be justice is floating awareness feeling the scalp and the skull to you and that's an invitation to feel your sincerity that's kind of deep innocence in the stillness you might scan through your body and notice if there's Chung free to spread and fill the lower pallet relaxing down to the root of the town in the areas of obvious tension or tightness and see what wants to let go right now you might sense the throat felling the neck beware of the sensations aliveness the space inside the neck allowing the shoulders relaxed back down some letting your body and mind settle doing in awareness the movement of the brass sense if you can feel the breath directly in the area of the heart no slight smile at the mouth letting the job unhinged sin saying the but awareness fill the shoulder so you can sense more intimately where effortless way new might soften sadness or tension might be just let it flow in awareness unwind itself allowing the hamster rest easy the hand soften again and feel them from the inside about the aliveness attend them the tingling the vibrating unfolding and floating awareness letting life be just as it is the movement of energy the places of tightness or flow letting everything be as it is unfolding floating in awareness matter being open ernest the chest let awareness fill the chassis can feel from the inside out the name down the torso the abdominal area relaxing moving the awareness fill the belly list you might census next breath being received in a softening ballet feeling the awareness failing the ballet where the sensations aliveness the energy that's they're letting it all flows extend is full presence without any resist this breath and now this one again the same allowing awareness to the pelvic region including the aliveness there nations there right down into the feet widening the lens of attention to feel the down to the legs going to lend them the volume whole body all at once this energy body as fueled of sensation the way of the legs nothing the awareness fill the legs you can feel not stopping anything not opposing anything open awareness and explore what it means to let everything be just as it is energy moving and unfolding in just as it is pleasantness or unpleasantness tightness are flow intensity numbness everything belongs in this opened allow minefield of awareness all world of sensation belongs including an awareness to sounds that are here dancing if there's any emotional weather systems in this field of awareness even the most distant sounds feelings of fear sorrow excitement anger happiness or hurt sensations arise spontaneously sound letting everything belong be aware in the foreground changing sensations failings sounds feelings emotions sometimes strong this vast space awareness wasteful open everything belongs and sensing in the background tone spontaneously in this vast awake presence all included in this open wasteful space awareness that are right here noticing where your attention as deep allowing stillness when you notice you've been lost in thoughts gently relax open again feel the sensation not resisting not opposing in the foreground not letting life just lose that openness and wakefulness of presence for a time then awareness recognizes that goal little more list all this universe to the furthest stars all the on them is your flesh your fruit now breath breathing itself wacoal open and still an all the stars are dead perhaps sensing can lecco again in the body leading CNN's aliveness right here the center the sounds Chris go spinning through the night blazing high above your head but in you is the presence that will be enter of all centers core of course almond self enclosed and growing sweet and in the background that vast space of awareness take fluids rise and flow illuminated in your infinite piece a billion stars quite natural for thought to arise and they get lost inside the thoughts and and if the minds drifting thoughts without any judgment just gently reopen your attention you feel how nothing clings to your vast shell reaches into endless space and they're the rich into and feeling the change in flow moment to moment letting everything be just as it is listening to the sounds that are right here tunes and aliveness sets here southbound we close with a poem from poet Roca Changing flow breath breathe. Sit Self sensation

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