The Stuttering John Podcast-October 13th, 2020


Yeah, baby, welcome to the world famous stuttering John podcast. No song today. Why because this computer can't handle anything else. I just buy this computer and then for some reason I got the air instead of the pro and the air can't handle your all the things cuz of the processors not big enough. So I bought my new Macbook Pro 1200 bucks, but they gave me a credit for $560 for this one. I thank you heather found her guy Ned for for help me out with the details of why I should get a MacBook Pro and how sparks so now I have that there's a link. If you want to donate you could also donate on through Super Chat and become a patreon member. I start my beer on the balcony new episode on Thursday after the show dog. After this show so now without further Ado. Let me bring on my good buddy the great Noel casler. How are you pal Megs on how are you my friend? Good to see you my man to see you dude. The production's got a little bit better. See now. I have a fireplace to looking good. Yeah, man fireplace got the beer on the balcony. I got the beard off. So you're so smart and that beer and I am not going to shave it may be election day. Just so you know everybody everybody in the chats are saying how much they love, you know, you're always welcome here and I was really happy that you agreed to do this podcast, especially because you know a hell of a lot more than I do about six guests Carolyn Maloney who's going to be coming on in about 10 minutes. So feel free to talk as much as you want because you know, I mean I like I was reading your tweets and I'm like, all right. No no song. All about this woman, but Dad and tell our audience here about all the great things that she's done. Well the honourable Carolyn Maloney, you know, she's been a representative in New York since 1993. She's represented was the 12th District and then it became the 14th District before that. She was a city councilwoman in New York City cover in Spanish Harlem and she's tireless, you know, Wayne Barrett called her at IBM in the house. You know, she got every dime do nine eleven, you know victims and workers after nine-eleven, you know, she's the one who got the healthcare pass that covered all the related illnesses that that, you know First Responders and everybody got down there and she made sure that insurance last four seventy-five years, you know, so, you know, and she's looked out for women's rights, you know, she was looking out for same-sex Partnerships back in the eighties, you know in our city council days gun, right, you know, not gun rights, but gun safety rights. She was the one who came up with the idea to put a gun liability insurance, you know gun on him. Be financially liable if their weapon was used to kill, you know and harm in Maine you you buy a car you need insurance, right? You need liability insurance on your car, but you can buy an AR-15 and there's no sort of insurance for the damage you can cause strawman laws was another gun thing. She did where you know, people would you know use a third-party criminals would use a third-party to go off a weapon in Pennsylvania or something and bring it to New York and my favorite accomplishment the Second Avenue subway, you know, I live in her neighborhood. You know, she yeah, I live in her neighborhood, right? She's the eldest found the more stately one. But so if you live on the upper east side of Manhattan you live on the east end where I used to live it's a long walk to the sixth train, you know you live on Fifth Avenue, it's not that far to Lexington, but everybody's on the 6th, you know the sixth train so she got this wonderful 2nd Avenue, you know subway built which really has changed, you know, it's the nicest Subway in New York City. It's sort of taken to to exam. And now if you got an apartment on 2nd Avenue at 1st Avenue your site, you know, you got a great Subway and out the real estate. So she somebody who, you know deals with the big issues that we face and deals with the smaller issues that you face as a New Yorker and what more do you want in a in a representative in Congress than that? Yeah, and I'm really excited to have her on and then also I hope you're going to stick around cuz they have an Army Major Richard Ojeda who's really really really upset with Donald Trump and everything that he's been doing and he's been posted a lot of videos and it's always cool to have an ex-army guy, you know ex-soldier to comment on this guy who has no liking or no respect for our troops. No, absolutely, and he's doing that wonderful project where they're getting all these Democrats to run in these red States, you know, West Virginia Kentucky all that kind of stuff. So we need guys like him, you know, cuz Trump Play Zone not much is Mo, you know, I'm a man of the Law and Order and the military he's not as we know he dodged the draft five times when it was his turn to serve, you know, so I'll definitely stick around. I want to hear what he has to say. Oh good. Good. Good. Let me see. I hope this other screw it up and turn off my Wi-Fi just so I have a direct connection cuz I'm plugged directly into the modem. So everything's fine right looking good to me. Okay good because I just don't want anything. You know, I've been having so many technical issues know it's non-stop. So like so I'm just going to I'm not going to play any Clips. I'm just going to stay on this turns up the Wi-Fi and directly into the modem. I don't want any problems. But how's the book coming? It's good. You know, I've been writing as you age. No, you've done. It takes a long time. You know, I'm going to I'm writing about my life to not just the Trump stuff. You know, I definitely don't want to be like cashing in for lack of a better word. You know, I sort of took a little disillusioned with how many people are like just kind of writing books, you know, like they just want to make a buck. That's not what I'm about you know, so, you know, it's going well, but you know, it's just, you know, you know how it is, you know, it's it's hard to stay off of Twitter. It's like every day you're like, all right, right today. It's like presidents on his way to Walter Reed with covid-19 like oh my God. Yeah. No, I know especially with this President cuz there's not a day. There's not a minute that goes by without him saying or doing something stupid, you know, when he wants it. Did you see him dancing last night? I saw that dance. That's his dog. Got out of his mind dance. Is that a dance? Yeah. I don't know. That's the white man's overbite, you know, like I know cuz he doesn't move his feet if you watch he has a job. So he can't move that way. He can't bend his knees like a normal person. So they're the feet are prone and it looks like he's moonwalking cuz he's just and he's got the girdle and everything but makes he makes what's his face? I just I just blanked on the guy's name. Who was the who was the fat guy was Karl Rove car? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, he makes Karl Rove look like Baryshnikov. Exactly. Exactly. Now, he's a stiff as he can be, you know, I know and and then he holds these rallies know in Florida and and meanwhile, nobody social distancing. Nobody's wearing masks. These people are going to die. And then you have Ron DeSantis who introduces him and then in his like we own nothing to let the Democrats tell us what to do. It's like fine dude, right wait until everything spikes again. And you lose a lot of your people. Let's see how proud you are of your of your idiocy. Yep. You know what? I mean? It's just crazy know. It's it's the height of insanity and it's dangerous and people are going to die, you know just Santa's walked into that rally and high-fived everybody. Then he picked his nose am literally on camera like there couldn't there is no more irresponsible state government than Florida. Yeah. No, I know and I have a lot of friends in Florida and they'll like this is insanity. Just you know, like they're not even leaving the house to like I'm not going out now and because it because they're all idiots. Yeah. This is my shirt vote him out and do it vote him out because I am now, you know and have you seen what happened in Virginia? Yeah. It also happened in Florida. They cut the cable. Yep that so people can't register in on the last day in California the GOP set up fake ballot drop-off boxes. I mean, this is Tom This is unbelievable know that doing every freaking thing they can they are and the scary thing is, you know, a thousand of those little acts all over the country writ large always need to do is get the electoral votes. You know, he doesn't need to steal the ten million votes. He'll lose the popular vote by he needs to steal like last time 70,000 votes in Three Counties. So when you multiply like those kind of incidents, you know will last time I was on the show we talked about a guy a judge in in Montana who threw out a bunch of early absentee ballots. And if you didn't happen to know that he threw out your ballot your vote doesn't count, you know, so and and lets you know, we can talk about this with representative Maloney, but look at the lines, you know, the people were standing in line for 11000 hours yesterday in Georgia, you know in Buckhead and wherever that like fancy suburb is it was 20 minutes to vote. If you're affluent white person you zip in your zip out, you know, if if you're if you're worth Class or person of color you're standing in line for 11 12 hours, but the good news is they're doing it. Anyway, yes, they are and yeah, I don't know if you saw that the video of an African American kid who posted it whether all waiting in line for like seven eight hours and he's like we're going to wait and we're going to vote no matter what you do and that's what we need. No. Like that to just you know, what you could do all you can but we are going to vote. Exactly exactly. I thank you Julian lamden, and then yeah and we gotta talk about the congresswoman about because she wants to talk about health care. And and now as you watch the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, what's more important now than the Affordable Care Act and wage, you know, they're going to get rid of this. They definitely are they absolutely are and I don't know if you watched any of the clips of Amy Barrett know Amy McGrath debating wage. Connell and he just sits there and laughs while she says your bought out by big Pharma and this is why you want to get rid of Obamacare because you know, I mean and he just sits there and laughs. I know he last like an an evil like, you know cartoon movie. Yeah. That's right. I've heard that lot that's like the kind of laugh of people who who laugh at Holocaust jokes and stuff. Yeah. I mean, it's that kind of like a forced kind of all that funny cuz it's cruel, you know. Yeah and then did you see him on Hannah me where he goes about packing because it goes, you know, why didn't Obama pack the course of those because I was there to block it exactly. What a freaking prick I gotta say. No links guy is like, I mean so egregious. I mean just such an evil man. You know, he is and what's Sheldon Whitehouse Senator Whitehouse just had a big thing off. You know dark money in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings just happened, you know and like buying judges, you know, outside influences buying judges and that all started with the Koch brothers, you know, and and nobody Jenna fitted from that kind of stuff more than Mitch McConnell and the fact that his constituents continue to put him send him back to the Senate, you know, when they clearly have a more viable choice this time the fact that they continue to fall for just you know, racism basically, you know, yeah truly and and and and a person whose team over country that. I mean he can give a crap about his constituents he can give a crap about about this country. All he cares is his team and asking him is the GOP which is not even a GOP of the Reagan years. This is this is this is trumpism and he's okay with it. Yeah. This is tea party it started, you know, ten years ago. This is tea party GOP Ted Cruz off. Guys came in off of Koch brothers money after the you know, sort of racist backlash of President Obama, you know, they're not the the gentleman you know that HW Bush was you know, that real life these guys that I have my difference with obviously politically but came from something these other people, you know, these this is the Republican party of Matt gets you know, I mean, I'm just like r a p Frat Boys, you know trying to own the lips. Yeah. And who was the guy he was a Democratic senator who who were really had a good point with Amy Coney Barrett. He was saying how you're okay with a vote to you. The right to vote is a civil thing, but the right to hold a gun that's a federal thing. I mean, you're right to vote can be taken away on a Civic County state law, you know, but but you're you know, you're right to bear weapons of war and arms or you know, a Biblical commandment essentially is what you were saying, you know. Yeah, who is that, correct? That it was a Senator at you know after hearing but but you know what the congressman is here. How are you? I'm so excited to have you on this is my co-host for today. This is Michael kastler. He lives in your district. And he was just saying how great you've been for your District. Thank you. I've just have to ask you cuz that looks like an l-rod fireplace behind you is it it is I know if I have a country house up in Westchester too. So I'm up there in Westchester. It looks like that exactly exactly yeah, it's handmade each individual Stone so beautiful. Yeah, but I'm A Carnegie Hill resident. I'm a long time right off of 5th in the nineties. So you've represented wonderfully for many many years. Thank you. Thank you. You still up there. I do. We're kind of up here for the quarantine. Yes, you know, we we've been up here since March, but I'll be in the city tomorrow and great. We all we want all of you. Who've To come back we want you to come back our city needs your leadership and it almost feels like a ghost town with so many people out of town by now know it's it's it's bizarre to say the least. I know I'm honored to have you on Congressman Carolyn Maloney or the second. You're the second Congressman that normally take out only at David cicilline the congressman from Rhode Island. Good friend of mine. Yeah. Yeah, and I have a lot to talk to you about and a limited time. So let's get to it. Okay Healthcare took a big issue. I mean counting Amy Coney Barrett is unfortunately about to get appointed to the Supreme Court, even though Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham said they would never do that right now. Is she going to abolish Obamacare or what? Will you you can only you don't know what she's going to do quite frankly, but you can guess by her prior statements birth. And and she According to some prior decisions and statements. She would abolish him the Affordable Care Act removing Healthcare and from twenty million people and over a hundred million for pre-existing conditions than Trump Administration is in court right now trying to roll back a pre-existing conditions and to tell you how terrible this is pregnant age is considered a pre-existing condition. If you do believe that before the Affordable Care Act, I would have women come to my office. They were pregnant. They could not buy Health Care off cause they had a pre-existing condition pregnancy. How is that for a family-friendly country supposedly, so preserving the Affordable Care Act and access to Affordable and here Healthcare. It should be a goal that everyone shares in this country and she's a threat to that but let's get to fairness when President Obama was President seven months before his birth. Ended he appointed our had a nominated a judge. They failed to have any consideration no hearings nothing. And now, what are we three weeks of before an election and they're jamming through their appointment and it is one from what I can read. I believe that I believe from what I know about her that she will vote to abolish the Affordable Care Act and drove away which gives women the right to have decisions about their own body which more fair than that. And so I am very distressed about it. I know she's a good mother. She's a good person. She adopted two children. She has four of her own. She has a loving family but her her positions are very frightening to me quite frankly, and do we have any chance of any of the people in the Senate to vote against her? Well based on our votes that went for impeachment which I thought we made a very good case. We impeached him in the house. They they didn't do anything. So she kind of basing it on how they've acted in the past. It looks like they're you know, lock-step with Republican leadership and they are they're bashing. It's just that's all I can say and I think this place to an election we should wait until the people have spoken until after the election of President Trump always says, well, I'm still in charge. I'm president for a year. Well guess what President Obama was in charge and it was seven months before his term ended and this is roughly what three weeks before Bush President Trump's term end. I hope yeah well getting and and and that's something that I know you want to talk about and I certainly do especially after what just happened in Virginia. It happened in, Florida and, New Jersey. California this is election fraud and we're talking about the cables getting cut in Virginia and Florida on the last day of the day to register and in California the GOP set up fake ballot drop-off boxes. What do you I mean, how can we prevent this or the Democrats doing anything to prevent this from happening wage? I can tell you another one you ought to talk about what Texas did to suppress about and they it's a huge State. They have millions of people Thursday and in some of their their their districts they had in one District. They had fourteen different drop-off boxes. They came out with their wisdom and said each district should only have one which makes it very difficult for people to vote absentee. So that is a another example. I now chair the oversight committee and when it was reported to me off That the Postmaster General Mister Joy was slowing down the mail. We immediately had hearings we heard from across the country that he was slowing down the mail that said it's a hoax. It's not I don't believe it. Well, we got internal documents from a whistleblower that we're authenticated as true documents that said that in every major category of the new Postmaster General had slowed down the mail anywhere from 6% to 9.5 any any thoughts private CEO that took over a company and reduced their productivity anywhere from 6 to 9.5% and believe me. They would have been fired that day. I did get him to agree to stop his actions to slow down the mail and we're getting them to replace some of the mailboxes. They took out and and the the delivery with the truck. Yet they were saying only one a day if you if you needed the truck to come ten times a day only one and across the whole country people were having their mail slow down. They've stopped those activities. So that's one action that we did and and leader Pelosi called for all of us to come back and vote for the delivery for America Act which really sucks. The damage e steps that the joy has taken and passed overwhelmingly and the house did not pass the Senate. We hadn't picked up significant Republicans support on that day off because it was so outrageously particularly during a pandemic where people need the post office for all of their needs particularly their medical needs and and here this individual new Postmaster General. I I couldn't arrest until I got a bill In Too Deep politicize the post office and say that you cannot be the top fundraiser for presents a truck. To be the Postmaster General and also of the those that he had pointed to the the oversight board. Also were really big major contributors to pass the pact the for the for 25 packs that one love the one from McConnell and for the present the Republican party. So the post office should be above politics is there to serve the people and that's what my bill does. Yeah exactly. But is it going to replace the 700 or so sorting machines that he destroyed? Well, we at least stopped him from going forward and I heard from some post offices that they've restored the Sorting machines some they trashed disconnected them through them away and bins and you brought up an incredibly important issue because he's supporting these of sorting machines can do the work of so many people they can sort thirty thousand pieces of mail in 1 hour. You're confronting we're going to have a surge of mail-in ballots the likes of which the post office has not seen and his probably ill equipped with Personnel. Another thing he tried to do is to prevent any overtime. Obviously, I think we have honest hard-working post office workers. They'll be worth no light. They'll be working long hours to get the mail stamped and and delivered and out and and and then he was taking away the overtime play so the birth People can be paid for their work. He has agreed to restore that until after the pandemic are after the election. It's so far a show. It's like you can't believe what's happening. I know we and it's right in front of our eyes, you know Sydney. Yeah, we stopped him at least and the investigation continues. He would not give us documents. We subpoenaed in so we are continuing to get a documents and we're continuing our investigation right now. We are on recess at the order of a 24-hour notice to return to vote. Hopefully on the heroes act that will get get monies out to people and hospitals and mass transit and schools that education and Healthcare and all the things that are needed and small business loans and and grants to help so we are on loan to go back. But after the election will be back on our on our investigator. I'll be giving you an a weekly report an update. If you want it any time that you want to come on. I would love you, New York, New York or nose in New York. I mean, I'd love to have you on any time. I have to ask you a couple more questions before you have to go and I know I'm I have a heart out. So let's see I've got I had I had one question but I'll go to the office on climate change. I have three children. Okay, and my daughter is a valedictorian. She's you know, she yeah, she's in college 4.5 Coombs. She speaks fluent Spanish High honors everything and I was on a hike with her and and we were talking about climate change and now nothing is being done. And she's like Dad, you know, unfortunately, it's going to be my generation who was going to have to fix this home and I feel bad because the Republicans are doing nothing about climate change when it's a it's science. Why what what is it because the big oil? Yes, and we've got to get off a big oil and and and and one of the things that piece of legislation I put in as they for our Fleet for the Post Office. Let's make them the wage is Fleet for the 21st century. Let's make them totally electric off of fossil fuel. We're working to do that in New York City. We should do it all across the country get off a gas and fossil-fuel go to electricity and turn their post office sites into charging stations for electric cars. That's one concrete example. I am a billion to require em agency to report on how they are going to move to green and awful fossil-fuel. How are you going to accomplish that we have to move on that? We we've had a hearing loss and I report that I just issued that was really aided very much by Duke University and the professors there in the environment that came out with what some way to track what would happen to us. If we went to two degrees Celsius, which was the goal of the Paris Accord that 190 countries signed on believe that Joe a hundred ninety countries aren't wrong. We should have stuck there. But if we're out of it we can still work on those goals and our governor and our mayor in New York, which is where I live. They have pledged to keep the goals in the standards and and the goals that we were moving forward and we have to have a plan and and the Paris Accord was off a plan, but anybody can have a plan but we can still do that and we're trying to do that in our city and state and we're trying to do that and and Washington we've come out with a series of bills to support alternative energy and to move to off of fossil fuels for our fleets of our cars for clean air clean water, but this report was birth. Frightening it showed what would happen just in New York state they were looking at everything in New York state if it got two degrees Celsius warmer a more pollution in the air more pollution in the office or affecting the health care of hundreds of thousands of people in causing more deaths of creating less opportunity in our economy. And we need to connect me with all policies with tax breaks for alternative fuel for our policies that demand that we move forward and and stop building these polluting energy plants that just makes people sick. Let's just stop it and and and make a determination to get off of it and that's what I'm working for. And here's I would say majority of Democrats in Congress who share that concern in a working for a Greener better America, but gotta let me ask you when Donald Trump said that windmills cause cancer birth Like shake your head and go what the heck is wrong with this car? What about when he said Clorox save you from home, so I don't even listen to him because it just it's just so crazy that I didn't want to hear it. And then another thing he does that I think he does it on purpose. He takes every position on every on every issue and he'll be against it'll be for it. He'll be sideways and you know, you get dizzy trying to figure out what is faith is policy. I would say most presidents are very cautious and what they say they are very careful because people many times a follow them. I can't I can't believe this but a number of Americans followed him on the Clorox they dropped it, but they ended up in the hospital. I mean this is this is insane. It's like a it's like a it's just dead. Really? So anyway, we we have a choice on this November and and I hope that people will vote vote for a saner a better America for all of our our people that support alternative energies that support the Affordable Care Act that support a woman's right to choose and off on the ballot that I'm going to be voting for is a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Yes. Yes. I will talk before you go know. Do you have anything that you want to add? You know, here's a big fan of yours cuz I'm a resident of New York City, you know and I can't you know, I can't think of anybody to take over the late great Elijah Cummings work on the oversight share the new so I'm thrilled and I hope that's permanent, you know, and you touched on all the issues that affect us from you know, the the Lower East Side flooding after superstorm stamp Sandy and you were instrumental in getting a job. For that a lot of my friends worked on at Ground Zero after nine-eleven, and I know you make sure we got every dime, you know, that was that was due the city and I appreciate a lot of my friends felt felt ill so I appreciate all you've done for their health care and getting extended for 75 years and addressing all these issues and also the Second Avenue subway, you know, you change your change the make-up of the operator page that one so on a lighter note, I mean what a dream come true, you know, so just thank you and continue to do your wonderful work and Congressman. I hope all your listeners will get out there and vote for me and buy them and and Kamala always and Congressman one last question. Have you ever met Mitch McConnell and and or Lindsey Graham and and gave him a piece of your mind? Well when I'm meeting with them, I'm usually asking them to support and vote for something like like the 2nd Avenue in a way like healthcare for a 911 Heroes and heroines for the credit card Bill of Rights that would cut out all the abusive practices of the financial industry. Am I all reports saves over ten billion dollars for you the consumer and you're not in their fees. I call it the Maloney stimulus package cuz I've already raised over a hundred billion dollars just with that bill alone. So actually when I talk to them, I'm usually asking for something for my constituents and for America. So I'm to be honest with you I am back and I'm very polite and sometimes they support me. They supported the nine-eleven health bill. They supported the credit card Bill of Rights. But then of course the whole nation was supporting them. Parts them to sick now. So one approach to get the whole nation just end up to say that it is wrong and unfair to have these hearings on a on a new Germany to the Supreme Court without a time for the American people to hear their views and react to it. But thanks to put a have to do is I have to go get everybody to Congress supporting and then Mitch can't say no cuz everybody under him supporting it so I try to get things done and I will go up there and they just scream. I really try to work with people and figure out how I can get the money to continue building the Second Avenue subway all the way down up to East Harlem all the way down to the tip of Manhattan down to Brock's Brooklyn and Queens and and that would help the people that provide good jobs and help the quality of life of all the people in New York City and help the economy. So to be honest when I'm talking to them, I'm usually on my best behavior trying to get that whole support a bill that I'm trying to get past but I don't you don't you know, you have to you have to figure out how to get things done and by screaming at someone and telling them go to hell just doesn't work. It's better to appeal to their reason and hope that they can get on the right side will get them take do you think that will take back the I'm stuttering I stutter. Do you think that we're going to take back the Senate and the presidency? Yep. I'm an optimist and that gives me more energy as I my goals and one of my goals is to do that. Can you imagine what we could do we could get all these environmental bills. We could pass gun safety. We could finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Let's get it over with guys and gals and move on to other issues. And I I think you would see the most active 100 days you've ever seen if you had a democratic house Democratic Senate and a a President Bush and president President Biden. I think one of the reasons New Yorkers like him so much is that he knows us he flew into New York, and he said this if this airport is the worst of our been too long, just like a good friend he says, but they turns around and helps us get the federal money to rebuild it, which we are doing. So, I think he knows America knows all our states. He knows the leaders in him. He took a partner and helping us correct all the wrongs that have happened and move us for it will be early, but absent email or vote on Election Day, but please remember to vote as if your life depended on it cuz it literally meant well, thank you congresswoman. And will you please come back again? Listen, I'll come back anytime just for fun. All right, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. I had a great way of life. Well, I got her for even more time than I thought. I would honor that's the chairwoman of the you know house oversight committee. Yeah, that was always, you know, I was only supposed to do ten, but she seemed happy to you know talk that's how she is. You know, we literally, you know, we live in the same neighborhood and that's the way she'll be if you run into her and the little grocery and things like that off, you know, and I forgot about the card act but you know, if you have a credit card in your pocket in the United States of America you owe that woman a debt of gratitude. She was being modest saying ten billion a year some estimates for $20 billion dollars a year that it's saved in you know consumers and credit card fees. So twenty billion dollars a year. The bill was passed in 2009. That's 11 years. That's two hundred billion dollars. Saved average Americans, you know like and she doesn't brag about it. She gets it done, you know. Yeah, you know, I gotta tell you this, you know, everyone's saying this is so far a great show and you know how long it not be a got my buddy no costlier everybody loves, you know to see, you know, like every every tweet an every time I say, you know, my shows coming up is no going to be there isn't all going to be there Thursday. So thanks for having me. It's an honor. So you are loved by you know, you know everybody who watches and listens to this show. So so like I told you before you have an open invitation any any any time thank you brother. I always loved being here, you know that, you know, I know but I you know, but I know you're writing a book. I know how hard it is to like juggle between that off social media because the election let's face it. It's so important know like I am doing this. Like as adamantly as I can to really book the best guess and to make sure that the word gets out and people are aware of how to vote what to do and why they should vote blue. You know what I mean? It's so important. This is the most important election of our lifetime. It's beyond important and what you want in your representatives of what you just saw and Carolyn Maloney representative Maloney, you know Trump likes to pretend like he's a man of the people and he tries to get these common folk to to vote for him. She brought up Environmental Policy Trump's buildings are the largest reporter polluter in New York City, you know, every building has a furnace, you know, when they burn fossil fuels you see that black smoke coming out of the roof Trump's are the worst dead, you know, they're all bad but they've tried to regulate these things Trump just throws up the regulations and throws them in the trash. Like they don't even bother trying to so, you know, you've got guys that are pretending they're dead. Hang out for you and they're poisoning the world, you know, and then you got people like Carolyn Maloney that represented Maloney that see the issue, you know and quietly go about doing the work as I pointed out before, you know, you want policy walks, you know, like you want people that are going to get the job done and sweat the details, you know, that's what you elect them to do, you know, don't crunch numbers off take care of my city take care of my Planet make sure my health-care rights, you know are protected, you know and Trump's going to pretend like he's going to help these people up in Mitch McConnell and they're going to they're going to screw him a hard as they can. You mentioned Mitch McConnell and then I'll shut up but his state is number 4 in opioid deaths, you know, they're like number forty-seven in the nation in education and Healthcare and infrastructure, you know, if I broke my leg and Kentucky, I'd try to get airlifted back to New York. I wouldn't even want to go in the hospital and I'm sure there's plenty of fun workers and doctors there just so over dead. Next because somebody like McConnell does all his work in the Senate to get brakes for billionaires. You know, McConnell's looking out for the guy who owns the coal mine. He's not looking out for the people that work in the coal mine may help and whether they waving a flag or not you want the people that are handling your business, you know? Yeah, it's the man is Despicable. I mean, I can't think of a more flexible person see Trump is just an idiot, but the colonel is smart but knows that he's evil and absolutely which is what makes him despicable. You know, how long you know what I mean? Like Trump is just such an like, you know, like I said, we say, he's a dotard he's an idiot. Like he doesn't understand anything like like he'll just light. You know, how long has he gets put McConnell knows what he's doing? Yeah, exactly. Like I say have Trump, you know, he wants to get he wants music to play when he walks in the room and he wants like to assault women basically log No, you saw a trump in his dancing last night. That's who he is. He just needs immediate grad for gratification and he walks people to like him McConnell's like evil on a different level. You know, that laugh was like, you know, I'm going to blow up the world and laugh about it, you know. Yeah, and and by the way, I think it's odd that Trump is used in the Village People song, even though they you know, that's m a g a you know that you know, but I know it's a joke not to cellphone to somebody, you know, there's a lot of closeted people in the Trump orbit, you know, and he'll he holds Secrets over people. So it may be a reminder. You know, it might be some kind of subtle weird message. I know I don't know what it is, you know. Well, well just let me thank some people environmental coffeehouse great show honest and real. Thanks. Thanks for the five bucks Adam Berry. Thanks for the five bucks. How bad is it? Look that the GOP is rushing this vote that they have until January 10th to get done down. Refusing to move forward with the stimulus bill of what do you say to that? No. Well think about it, you know, they're trying to get somebody jammed through on the Supreme Court who's going to take away your Healthcare, you know and take away your cutting rights while they're not going to send you another $1,200 check. The last checks went out in March, you know, that was eight months ago the Pooh like Insurance, you know, the extra six hundred bucks a month people are getting over the summer that ran out in August, you know, we're entering the cold weather season, you know, we're entering when you gotta pay a home heating oil bill, you know, when your kids need winter coats to go to Well, they suck if they're going to school. You know what I mean? You're you're entering the holidays, you know, we're going into a holiday season and a late fall and winter that's going to be unlike any of this country has seen you know off and and they're doing nothing to help you. Yep and Benny logo. Thanks for the five bucks. Save America votes straight blue ticket Yep. This is the dog. Oh, yeah, good as gold there's a sweetheart just said tell him know how to stop saying and then I'll shut up. We love when he talks keep talking know and I say the same thing to you know, that's what I said on the DMs. I said talk all you, I appreciate that. I I have a tendency to speak in paragraphs and Pages. That's why maybe writing is good for me. But you know, I thank you. I talked like that cuz I care about these issues and there's just so much to say and there's so much they don't want you to pay attention to you know, Trump doesn't want you thinking about the fact you haven't gotten a stimulus check and you're in a you know, your unemployment insurance ran out, you know, they want to get Amy Coney Barrett on the on the bench because they want to steal the election and they know it's going to be contested. You know, I'm not sure if your viewers are aware, but the Electoral College happens, right? You're elected Electoral College means you're electing an elector from each state, right? So those those results can be challenged. So the Republican party and Trump can say birth We don't trust the electors, you know to self report the results, right? So that ends up getting kicked up to the to the Supreme Court. So the Supreme Court could actually decide the election, you know, they could contest the results of say Ohio say Biden wins, Ohio, which it looks very likely he may now do the trunk could say we don't trust the you know, those electors reporting that and the Supreme Court could uphold that verdict. That's what happened in two thousand. But let me ask you a question know let's say if it's not only Ohio, it's Florida. It's it's Texas. It's it's Michigan and like if it's so many, it's Arizona, like if it's so many then how could they say that they can adjust the electives from every single state? Right? Well, they won't be able to events an overwhelming Landslide, you know ReSound in Victory, which is why again, everybody needs to get out and vote and they they off. You know and my guess is it's going to be such an ass kicking like Trump is going to be so mortally surprised that they'll yell for a couple of days. He won't accept him that night, you know, but it's going to be clear. He has no path to Victory even with all the obfuscation and voter suppression. And I think his lawyers will probably tell him that and the days after the election and here's the thing about Trump. He's going to be humiliated. He's going to feel like a loser. He's going to know deep down what she already knows is that he is a loser, you know, his dad has told him he's dumb and a loser his mom told him. He was nasty. You know, he he's he's a result of severe psychological deficits, right? So that's all going to weigh down on him in a crushing repudiation of his ego in the days after the election. So what I think will happen is, I think you gotta Taste of like all this media. He's been doing you know, he's been doing Rush Limbaugh Rush is not going to live out that long right so he can take over Rush Limbaugh's show and get a hundred million dead. Bucks a year, you know and address this audience which is still going to be there. Cuz the thing we gotta think about is Trump's going to be gone. But all those jerk offs with the American flags and The Punisher stickers on them, you know pickup trucks and the militia guys and Michigan those dudes aren't going anywhere, you know, and that's going to be a demographic he can continue to exploit. So I think somebody you know of a game is kind of ill will say hey recede into the sidelines now, you can do a radio show from Mara Lago, you know, you can you can get out of all these cases that you're facing cuz cuz you know home people hostage. He'll be like I'm not leaving until you make sure the sdny doesn't go after me and stuff like that and as much as people say we won't do that they will do that. You know, people will be so glad to move on that going to give him a break he'll go off into the distance and be this media guy Fanning the Flames of racism and dissent for years to come and here's another thing. I'll tell you and then I'll shut up you suck. Epic shut up. I'm banjo but the next guy who will announce will be gone Junior Don Jr. Will announce his candidacy the candidacy as soon as Biden is sworn it. And here's why because they they they they realize how much money there is in running for office and they're stealing the money that's just come out that they're laundering the money, you know, he got sixty million dollars in change any know where it came from and the last election, right? So don Jr. Files with the FEC to run all of a sudden they got an open account to start getting contributions and laundering money. So they'll keep the grift going off. But luckily he won't be doing it from the executive branch. Hopefully I wanted to say thank you to Lisa Guerrero lie, I'd hope I'm pronouncing your name right for the song 99. She's a fellow person from Massapequa and now it is in California. Just like myself know Massapequa was what's up and zebra and the great bands zebra. Yes, and I got to get you to sign posted that I told you I'd get you away. Hey, on that note, not the tangent too much. But Eddie Van Halen Man. Oh boy. I mean so depressing just so depressing birthday. I you know, it's still it's still bothers me like last night. I just kick back and listen to as much of an animal as I can get. You know, what you gotta do. I went outside and cried out as soon as I heard, you know, no shame. Like I just cried like that's that was my Guitar Hero from my youth, you know, every I used to get the Kramers and I'd rip off the pickguard and put tape all over them and you know everything you know, yeah. I was just you know, I was just saying way and he was my favorite guitar player and I'll admit to I cried last night. Yeah, you gotta cry, you know a guy like that as a gift. He gives us Melody gives us hope you know what I mean. It's like losing a flower or something and in these dark times having those guys leave, it feels almost that much more painful, you know, and he's a you know, if you get another Eddie Van Halen like you get another, you know Miles Davis or Art Tatum or Mozart like a guy like that doesn't come along. But once in a lifetime, it was like trance or somebody, you know, the you ain't replacing home. You know, yeah. No I know and and and I had the chance to meet him and he was a really really nice guy, you know, like you he didn't have an ego, you know what I mean, but I never got to meet him. I told you my stories about that. I worked when they were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but he didn't come and I was like, oh my big moment and I was assigned to Van Halen and he didn't show up quite often show up. He actually went into rehab the night before Oh, geez. What's in a way as the most rock and roll thing ever, you know, and I respected he was taking care of his life more than getting a silly award, you know, but I'm just like like I'm finally going to meet Van Halen and I show up this is back when we did it at the Waldorf. I show up to the gig and I'm like, where are they and they're like all the Van Halen parties over there. Right? And it's Michael Anthony and life. Sammy Hagar. There's no Alex Van Halen. There's no edit. There's no David Lee Roth. I was like what? You know when I was there was nobody from Van except for my plan that he was a great guy. But you know, you know and I got to meet Michael Anthony he was he was just a an audience and he's part of the audience at the at the Tonight Show. So I said hi to him but yeah, but Eddie, I mean Eddie was the best. I mean, I am ready and Randy Rhoads. That was when my guys I have Randy Rhoads posters all over my bedroom. I mean Randy Eddie was afraid, you know, I heard Interruption. I heard the tapping it was insane. Randy was even more and I remember when Randy. I remember I was in eighth grade or whatever when I heard that I was also I lived in Maryland and they were on their way to play in College Park Maryland, like home a week later and you want to hear a story that most people don't know I worked for the same bus company, you know tour bus, you know, Well Company we rented was the company that Florida coach Your call but Randy Rhoads that Ozzy Osbourne used. I shouldn't probably tell the story publicly but screw it. So the guy who owned that part that company would have these parties. He had like a ranch in North Florida right now and he would have these parties and everybody would get drunk and he would let like the bus drivers like fly the planes so that's who it I mean Randy gotten a plane with like a drunk bus driver and took off and they were going to buzz one of the buses as a joke and crashed into it but a drunken barbecue that went horribly wrong, you know. Oh that's it's so sad. I mean cuz you know, but even as great as Randy was and I'm not taking anything away from him. He did also use some of Eddie's Tricks. I mean, you know percent off, you know, there was nothing that sounded like Eddie before Eddie, you know, and anybody in Southern California, and then the entire world was instantly influenced by that and even the guys who weren't dead. It wasn't necessarily their style of music were like damn, you know, and here's the thing. I went to the mat last year, you know, they had the big display of everyone from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and they had Eddie's original rig, right and it was so simple. It was a hot wired Marshall that he he made more AC come in to to get a different sound and it was like two petals. It was like the the original phase ninety off the script, you know the mxr and like one other pedal and then the guitar it was the Echoplex Echoplex. Exactly. Yeah like that, you know nowadays people got kind of large with 20,000, you know for these pedals on it. Yeah. We had a volume knob I know I know, you know, hence Cathedral exactly and was insane because that guy was the investment, you know, the instrument was an extension of himself, you know, and just you know, an interesting story. I dated a girl on Her name was Joey. She was Eddie's ex-girlfriend and Ed. She told me how Eddie became so great is Eddie's mom locked him in the like like in the closet like she was you know erratic and she locked at him and cause when he was a little kid and it was dark in there and the only thing that he could do he found the little toy keyboard and and in the dark, he learned how to play the keyboard and he used that kind of life, you know, like dexterity if you will like to play the guitar and he did play the guitar like a keyboard. Yeah, he's doing it and he know and I know lies off guys are recorded with him in the studio. He could play you know who were in the same Sunset sound stuff. He could play a classical piano and they said it sounded like a classical pianist. Yeah. And do you know that Eddie was the drummer Alex was and but but I got so much better than Alex that Alex is like I like I'll take the drums exactly. That's crazy. You know and we'll stop here. But but he played with joy, you know, and if you remember before any everybody was all like dark, you know, it was Clapton who I love but everybody was in pain playing instrument right Eddie comes out makes it look fun. He says and Waylon and it's like, hey the sun's out there's pretty girls. Let's grab a beer and rock the fuck out, you know, yeah, you know, I had the wage I was lucky enough to go to the last show, you know, like think Eddie did around here which was at the Hollywood Bowl. Yeah, my friend opened for him Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Okay. Yeah, and that was with David Lee Roth and I have to say Eddie's solo just impeccable just amazing and even to this day and I've seen Van Halen quite a few times. I was just hoping on how is he doing this? How does he do this? It's amazing. You know what? I mean? I do. Wow, awesome. So I'm waiting for the Army Major. Let me see cuz he I was laid on sending him a link. So let me just check and see if he's if he got it, you know, I hate to go on Twitter because sometimes this whole thing will crash, but he let me see. He should be coming on any second. Nice. I'll bet it's Van Halen. Yes, just sent it. Let's go check your email. Cuz I I'd like to talk to him to cuz he's very passionate. He's pissed off. I was checking out his Twitter feed. He's got some great stuff on them. You know, I know these guys should be pissed off. I mean they fought for this country. You know what I'm like, I would be pissed off to you know, and all that stuff that came out about the troops. That's Trump off as you know, he has no respect for the troops behind the scenes. Oh, no, you know, we used to be losers. Exactly. We used to every live show. I ever worked on after like two thousand three thousand on would invite wounded troops to be in the audience. It was just like a thing in New York. If you were doing a show we'd reach out to some local VA and be like you got anybody who wants front row like we'll put them there. I was in charge of the Super Bowl. I would bring like wounded troops on the field and vets and stuff for a moment in the in the third quarter right Trump would never have that in invited audience when we taped the Celebrity Apprentice finale wage. You know, which was like a t show you'd have four hundred people there. They were all Russian. They were all business associates. He would just hand out the tickets to like dudes. He wanted to do business with you know, yeah. Yeah, no doubt. It's like who doesn't who does he like know? I guess he likes anybody that's going to give him money. Yeah, he likes himself and he likes Ivanka, you know and an unhealthy way. That's it. He doesn't he doesn't like I mean deep down. I think he hates himself. You know, he doesn't like anything like you'll never see him last, you know, even Mitch McConnell has that fake laugh that seems like somebody who was laughing like they would like had been told what a laugh looks like but it never really done that but Trump doesn't laugh. He doesn't have a sense of humor, which means he doesn't really have any Joy, you know anywhere in his soul so I don't know what he likes. I don't think he likes anything, you know, God. Yeah. No, I know. Yeah. Well, he certainly doesn't like I mean, he doesn't like black people. He doesn't like people of color. He doesn't like Hispanics. He doesn't like women. You know, he yes women. He hates women since he was a kid cuz they would laugh at him because he couldn't read he's dyslexic so he he couldn't read so when they'd have to read and like Elementary School and queens the Little girls would laugh at him that's part of his rage and where it comes from and if you see him giving a press conference and a female reporter interrupts him. He's like hold down watch yourself like you see his real life cuz they would make fun of them and he would act out on that and that's why he got sent to military school cuz he was a bad kid. They were like get him out of here or he's going to end up like choking some little girl in the classroom, you know, he's a black predator in a lot of ways. So and didn't he send dining dick head Junior to military school as well. He sent him to Pennsylvania. I'm not sure if it was a much-needed area school on that tip though. I know that Don Jr. Wanted to join the Marines after there was a lot of years that Don Jr. Didn't talk to his father. They hated each other from like when when Trump attractive, you know about that really ripped out her hair and assaulted her sexually cuz she sent him to a scalp reduction surgeon and and it left a scar and Trump was like you ruined my life and he attacked. All right, so that was when George Junior was about fifteen sixteen. So he hated his old man, and he hated him at the pain years, you know, and then when he left Penn Don Jr. Went out to Breckenridge and was like a ski bum, you know, you like working with the bartender and did cocaine and got drunk every night and like lived in his truck. Like he was like it cut off basically from Trump, you know, and during that time he had threatened to join the Marines and Dawn got rid of it and said, I'll cut you off like you'll never get another dime if you join that cuz it's seen as losers. You know, you're a trump. You're not going to be a sucker. It's like they said when he went to off visit the grave of John Kelly son, you know who died valiantly, you know gave his life for this country Trump looked at the grave and said I don't get it what's in it for them? It's just despicable. I mean look what's in it for them. Well, how about killing Hitler life? I mean, I mean, come on man. I mean, he's an idiot. Yeah. I mean, how about the Navy Seals, you know take out Bin Laden and and and take out the summer Pirates. I mean, you know, they're there to protect our country. Yeah, I mean, but he doesn't, you know, he doesn't he doesn't understand like People giving their lives to something bigger than themselves, you know, he doesn't understand selfless service to him. It's just if you're not getting something out of it, you're a sucker, you know, his father made his fortune besides laundering money for the Genovese crime family. His father made all his fortune building those buildings in New York off of FHA Loans, right? So that was part of the new deal was these no interest loans that were designed to give like housing 2G eyes when they were coming back from World War Two so Trump got it was socialism, you know, that's what it was. It was a Democratic Socialist policy his dad got all these loans built all these apartment buildings and then screwed over the tenants that were returning gi's, you know, he would double build the buildings for like boilers and things like that and she Tanja taxes. So he took his father took from this country benefited from you know, the money's that were paid into, you know, our treasury from honest taxpayers and then didn't pay his share of fact. Was back after he became a billionaire off of those deals and that's what Trump was raised it, you know, he was raised in that kind of thinking like if you pay your fair share, you're a sucker. You're a sucker like it's he's he's Psychopathic with that and so are his kids like, you know, like you were saying about Mitch McConnell and Trump like Trump's an idiot Ivanka Trump an idiot people like to say how stupid like, she's conniving, you know, Jarod is conniving, you know, Don Jr. He's out of control like he's obviously he's going to be in rehab, you know before bed God see that video of him. Like totally coked out dude. I can't you know, I did I did it was insane. It was insane and not only did they release the video of Republican committee used it in a commercial as a fundraiser like who's the guy was putting together that you know, the audio add video and he's like, oh, yeah, I think I'll use this clip instead of calling him up being like broke like, you know you Jeff Like you walked out of scores at 4 a.m. You know, and what did you think about now Trump using doctor office context doctor fact, she's going please take that down its out of context cuz he was talking about like, you know, like all the people in like in the nation. I mean, I wasn't talking about Trump specifically and then now that trumps going to come out with another one use inductive, ouchie. I know but interestingly enough doctor found she threatened him last night found. He said don't think he wants to play that game and when he when he was asked, you know, what do you feel about cuz the guy on CNN was like I know they're making another ad right now he goes. Well, they might not want to go down that road. They might not want to play that game which to me I took to mean like I'll endorse biting in a heartbeat. You know what I mean? I'll break with my 50-year unrivalled unrivaled unparalleled reputation and in dog A political candidate if you push it that far. Yeah, no and I mean and falchi, that would be unbelievable. Like you saw the New England Journal of Medicine endorse a job cuz they said Trump is a disaster. He's spreading the thing right now like for his ego. He's going to do another rally tonight in Wisconsin or somewhere people are going to die people will die that went to that thing last night people died that obviously went to you know, Amy Coney Barrett White House thing. Nineteen people got it in the white house just from that one event. They probably had two hundred people at it. He's doing rallies that have two thousand people out of it and they're high-fiving each other and spitting on each other when they scream like you're the greatest, you know, like he's going to kill people and that'll be his legacy. You know, that's what these guys are getting. He's going to be back in Mar-A-Lago, you know counting his money in January and these people are going to be on ventilators. God forbid, you know, he'll enjoy that he doesn't care. Just got hold on, you know, he is on understanding. Why won't it work you're saying that the email will not work. I'll cuz he's on AOL. I don't have a zoom link. I'm only hold on. Let me try something different about you know, the first guy. Hold on. No, I'm sorry don't apologize to me. It will get it worked out for him. It might it it. Yeah, cuz I think he's yeah, let me see if I can cuz cuz I'm inviting them from Gmail. Let me page from email and see if that works. It should work. Because guests don't have to be on you know on on stream yard. So oh they don't or it might be like cuz he's on like Firefox or Chrome or something like that. It might not be supported. Yeah. Well, I don't know what to do about that because let me just try this. I'm going to keep talking since your viewers are yeah, I'm glad that Carolyn Maloney liked my fireplace. She's correct. That is Adirondack style architecture off all the way up. Well here as we're waiting. You know, what you think about tax Trump's tax returns. Oh my gosh. There we go. Just life was just ranting on seven fifty in taxes. He paid $750 the last two years and taxes the fourteen years before that. He didn't pay any income tax when he got covid-19. You know, you would pay more than 750 in taxes for that year that you did that. If you were a sixteen-year-old kid with a job you'd pay more than that. So he's paying nothing and he's getting the best service in the world. And then he's turning it into like, you know, a campaign rally, you know, most people missed this but when he left that Sunday and gotten his SUV, he was dancing in the back of the SUV. He was looking a something out of the Joker the most recent one like he was bizarrely hopped up cuz he's on Adderall already as we know and now he's on whatever that you know dexamethasone which is page. I you know, I worked with rockstars that would take those things, you know, when they lose their voice and they wanted to do a concert and other people in the band would be like broke stay away from him when he's on that like he took a bite your face off literally and I'd be like, I'd share a tour bus with where can I hide I would do it, you know, but those things make you insane. So if you're already insane and you're already dead, You're already on the drugs. He's on that's why he left. You know, he clearly was like I'm not getting do my own personal thing here and well to read let me get out of here and went back to the White House so he could snort and if you push his videotape things on Tuesday a day after he was home a chunk flew out of his nose again really which is 3 jumps in the last three weeks and no one's even talking about it. It's right there on video and I guarantee you someday after this is all done. Somebody will make a documentary about drugs drug use and they'll show those clips, you know, how long it'll be like proof cuz they'll be like what else is flying out of your nose and little white chunks, you know? Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's crazy. And by the way, Julian lamden says I paid that 1983 from Burger King part time job 750 exactly now, it's nothing and he's getting everything. You know, he's using your jet. You know Air Force One belongs to the American people off. Using that to go to these campaign rods it cost several million dollars every time you know, he goes somewhere and like Carolyn Maloney was saying, you know environmental, you know hazards and fossil fuels what's the carbon footprint alone from taking a 757, you know across the country every day, you know as president to do campaign business well and not only that I mean I bought all the times he uses it so he can golf exactly and even before that he did it for twenty years as a private citizen. He had his own Jet and he would fly down from LaGuardia like he did before nine-eleven. He wasn't in New York in nine eleven. He tries to pretend that he was there. He wasn't in Midtown. He was down in Florida, you know, and he took his jet down he was down there with another couple but he took his job down there a 757 and he'd fly down there with like him and his buddies would like him and Jeffrey Epstein there's a famous story of Jeffrey Epstein kept him waiting once on the runway and LaGuardia and he got all pissed off. You know and then Jeffrey finally gotten a plane he yelled at him. But think about what kind of an asshole you have to be to take your own 757, you know a jet that can have six hundred passengers or whatever it is, you know off and just be like you and your kids like using that much fuel to go to Florida, you know, you can get a Learjet. It's still a pretty good ride. It's still not exactly environmental sound, you know environmentally sound wage its like within the scale of human decency, right? That would be like taking the qeii to go for like, you know a Sunday cruise around Great South Bay. You know what I mean instead of like a little boat. He takes a big massive like ocean liner just cuz that's how insecure he is. No, he's saying it's not letting him in. I don't know why I don't it works for everybody. I don't know. Let me tell them try from this phone. Yeah, he's got an iPhone that might. I mean, I don't you know, it's like there's nothing more I can do on my end. I mean anybody can get in with any email. I've had people in here from every email available and I can't imagine that he can't get in cuz cuz it's just a link right these things are tricky though, you know. It might probably the AOL, you know, like it's know they still had a no I'm trying to get away from it. But I mean the angel too I you know, cuz I you know, I got it free when I was on the Stern Show and then you know used to it that's going on I get it I guess now I'm I'm I'm I'm on email because is all messed up on on my end anything new comes in as a recently deleted and I'm just like sick of its so disorganized, but I thought I'd like to keep it cuz it has all old emails in case I got to bring something up so exactly. But yeah, so let's see. What else can we cover? I doubt he just guys going to be able to figure this out. So so, you know, so, you know, let's just just talk about right. Well, you'll be going to reschedule him cuz he's a wonderful Dude and all your viewers should check out his page, you know, he's definitely he's leading a coalition, you know of Democrats in red States, you know, and and not Democrats like dead, you know, the problem is we've let Trump paint this like image of like all Democrats or liberals and stuff which is just BS, you know, that was just a campaign manager came up with that, you know who later died in the in the eighties, you know, Lee Atwater came up with that thing, you know Democrats were cops. They were union workers. You know, they were Steel Workers. They were tough guys. They were longshoreman, you know, the Democrat Party they used to democratic party see Trump even able did that makes everybody call it the Democrat Party. It's the Democratic party, but you know, they used to be the backbone of of birth. And they should be you know, and then there's sort of jingoistic flag-waving like Republican propaganda made people think that like somehow being a democratic was equated to like being soft on crime, you know being not tough and it's just it's it's bulshit. You know, I'm sorry to curse but it's it's it's what the sort of people like the Koch brothers that manipulated off the Senate through their you know, their their citizens united which was Mitch McConnell as well Mitch McConnell is the guy who you know Ram citizens united through and then the Supreme Court upheld a month and that's why you care so much about conservative judges cuz not allowed no amount of of money there used to be limits on how much an individual could contribute politically. And once that happened the Koch brothers were able to buy people off, you know, they were able to buy off politicians and judges, you know, but those guys are only able to do that if the constituents believe the BS, you know off I really keep believing this crap that Trump waving a flag means he's a patriot. He's not a patriot. He makes his money off of Russians and Chinese investors, you know, the Chinese government the big fish tank and China has the 23rd floor of Trump Tower and they've rented it since 2008, you know, he makes four million dollars a year off of renting a back, you know, a building, you know, a floor of his building a Chinese Banks, you know, it's the agriculture Bank of China. So it's a scam, you know, it's a scam and it's going to weaken America, you know, all these tariffs those just hurt farmers and stuff farmers are dying in Wisconsin, you know, the state that he flipped from the Democrats in the last last election. We slaughtered those people milk and Dairy Producers in Wisconsin. These guys have killed themselves like hundreds of them because they saw no way out of the economic, you know. Like catastrophe the Trump's policies brought on them and his trade Wars with Canada and stuff Canada stopped importing and buying that milk and that that you know, their revenue dried up overnight. They would suck milk. They were dumping hundreds of gallons and this stuff is hundreds of thousands of gallons write this stuff is all related to the environment, you know, economic policies are another way to destroy the environment, you know, how much methane gets released into the atmosphere to have enough cows to produce a hundred thousand gallons of gas, you know, so all of this agriculture is is dead. The policies are being written by like oil companies, you know and big ConAgra companies. So he's pretending like he's the man for the little farmer. He's not in all the subsidies all the bailouts that he gave these Farmers those all went to Big Business, you know, those went to ConAgra and all these other companies your average Joe Farmer who had you know, three hundred cattles, you know, and was selling milk to you know, cheese manufacturer didn't get any of that. You know, the big business guy the same guys that are poisoning your your food and your land, you know, so it's it's you can't overstate the case for how dangerous it is for people to keep voting Republicans into office in in the way. They stand now in this current thing, you know of a you know, the GOP really be considered the Republican party. Like you said, it should be the Trump party, you know, it should be like the Trump apologist or the Trump, you know nationalist party or something cuz it's not the GOP, you know, it's not people that care off. That Americans are vets. It's people that pledge their fealty to a deranged drug-addicted fool who's going to try to steal as much money as he can get into damage this country as much as he can and then he's going to ride off into the distance, you know and here and and and like I gave me you hear the Republican congressmen and women and and the Senators call it, you know, where the Socialist Party it's like that's their new goju, you know, give me a freaking break, you know, you know and not the Socialist Party, you know, no we're not but you know, even that like saying socialism is a bad idea like what I What I just said earlier about Trump's dad and the New Deal, you know, and those low interest no interest FHA Loans, you know, that was all part of like Social Democratic policies that FDR came up with after you know, after the Great Depression and the reason those parties are the reason those policies existed is because we were destitute and before that. It was like Factory owners and poor people there actually was no middle class. So, you know, all this generation came back from fighting a war and those socialist policies took shape and things like the g i bill, you know, which then allowed a guy to go Tom College, you know, when it just got back from fighting in Belgium for two years or whatever. He got to go to college, you know, and he got to get a management degree or something and then he went and worked at a factory that had a pension system, you know, and then he was not able to get married and buy a house on those same FHA Loans out in Levittown out in Massapequa, you know, and these guys went to work and they worked hard and they're given credit for building this country club. You know the modern era but that modern era like, you know, the fertilizer for that growth was socialist policies, you know, it was socialism that allowed these guys to go to college, you know, if they'd come back from World War Two and they didn't have that they'd be picking up a hammer, you know and going and working in a factory somewhere pounding on a piece of Steel and guys were doing that as well and getting paid off but they were able to become upwardly-mobile, you know, a generation of children of immigrants were now entering, you know, the upper class of business management in this country long before that. It was all wasps, you know, it was all old money dudes had grown up in Greenwich and they controlled the companies and the workers were the workers. So socialism is what put most of America and most of what is not modern America on the map politically economically, you know, and then it switched back then Reagan came into office and he said enough of this, you know, the CEO shouldn't make 20 times as much choice. This worker. He should make two hundred times as much, you know, and he changed the game and you're now you had your Arab Gordon Gekko and all these guys greed-is-good and they decimated this stuff and they moved all these factories offshore, you know, and it created, you know, the Rust Belt and it created this modern economy where you're either basically working for Amazon, you know for twelve hours a day without getting a pee break and then the company made four hundred billion during the pandemic and still pays no income tax, you know, he's the richest man in the world. He doesn't pay any taxes. So that's the modern economy. You know, that's what a lack of socialism gives you you know, so, you know, they paint this socialism thing like, you know, it's it's Marxism or something and it's not, you know, it's it's about like make sure everybody gets a fair shake. You know, I check this out. Hold on. This was going to be it's going to be crazy. No, hold on. Hey, Richard. Did you hear him? Can you hear them though? I can't I can hear him barely. I don't know if your viewers can. All right, hold on your phone. I can see him. Well, yeah, hold on. I'm going to turn my phone up and I'll hold the microphone to him. Hold on. All right. All right there say hello to everybody that Richard. Do you hear me? Any better? Yeah, it's good. All right. So here he is. This is too funny. I don't know why you can't get on the you know, I don't know why you can't get on the link. West Virginia is probably you know, I got on Atari. Well, listen, first of all, thanks for your service. Thank you. And you know, what do you think about what's going on in Virginia now with these freaking you know, they cut the cable. 10 surprises the things that are going on in this country, you know, we've got a guy at the at the wheel that absolutely just it's it's a sad day in America know I know I know but I mean is this going to affect anything or you think people already, you know have registered? You know people are registered. I think that you know certain areas we have to keep our eyes on it's like what happened during the primary election in Louisville, Kentucky where they basically, you know closed all the polling stations in areas of color and just had everybody going to 1 I think we're I think you can guarantee them to see some of that on Election Day and I've been watching a lot of your videos. Tell everybody what you think about the tell everybody what you think about the dotard known as Donald Trump. Can I speak freely? Yes. An orange asshole who only cares about himself and his his family. Actually, he doesn't really care as much about his family. It's all about him. You know, this has been a nightmare for 3 and 1/2 years. I don't know how anybody could want to continue with another four years of this. But once again, I would I went to a place called me and asked me who I was voting for. And when I said he immediately come back with your divorce and you know, how long that the Republicans use every election. Yeah, no, I know and what do you think about him calling the soldiers losers and suckers? In uniform today or in the past you can vote for this guy. I mean, we know that he spoke negatively about prisoners of war God we know that he disrespects the gold star family. We know that he stood on the flight number 60 and said what was in it for them, you know, this is a guy he he he has no concept of what services isn't tired. Nobody in his entire bloodline has ever actually ended up in in in in in man to vote. I know I mean, but you know, what are your you know, your other military people think I mean, is there do you think the military is going to vote blue this year? You know, it's hard to say, you know, the one thing about the military that is you have to understand is that the Democratic party looks looks Veterans Home more Republican because it's all about the beans and the bullets and you know, all they really care about is are we going to have the finances to be able to do the training that we want to do and the truth? It's just when the Democrats were in power. I can remember under the clintons where you know, we used to March to the Drop Zones where we were supposed to do Airborne operations. But because the last quarter of every year long or short on money we would get in the back of of trucks and drive down the Drop Zone and jump out the back of the truck simulating that we were doing Airborne operations, and those things stay in your job. And and sadly, you know, I have a feeling that you know, there's still a lot of people that feel that way. I know a lot of people that I serve with that for some odd reason they still they still support Donald Trump and I just don't understand he didn't do nothing for my state. He come down here put on a coal miner's cap and acted like he was working and invisible shovel and at the end of the day we have 7100 Less jobs than wage. And then when he took office, he's just all hot air. I know I know and and oh, there's so many questions know you have anything that you want to suck just so well said sir, you know and I I appreciate you bringing up about the clintons cuz like we need to do better, you know, that was a mistake that the Democrats made, you know, and it took it has to be repudiated and I just I don't think many people point that out and I'm glad you did and you know, I know Donald Trump I worked with him, you know, he does not care about the troops at all. August and he doesn't care about troops. Michael's that are acting like he's the second coming of Christ when in actuality when they're all around him and they have their hands on his shoulders, you know, because you just said you worked with him, you know his mind he's thinking these suckers are falling for this and that's exactly the way that it is. I I cannot believe that you know, this man has literally destroyed the reputation of the United States of America that was learned from people charging onto that beach in Normandy. You know, that was a reputation that we had all across the globe and right now for the first time in our history other countries are not working to the United States for for for wisdom. They're looking at us as if you know, these people are absolutely crazy and wage oddly. You can't not argue with them. Yes. Well said well said and you know, my my great-uncle stormed Omaha Beach both of my grandfathers served in Naval intelligence of World War two and a half years. Dishonor to the blood spilled by that generation to lose the standard I have stood on that beach and I will tell you. It just it breaks my heart that we now on. The Global Spectrum are are are being looked at as if you know, we are no longer the the the the the the the power that we used to have. I mean, I've Got Friends all over the world and they're messaging me like my sister real, you know, you guys are living in a nightmare and we are off and all we can do is hope that the people out here are registered that they've voted that they're going to vote. They're going to make sure that all their family friends and relatives have a ride to the polls and we have to also be very wary that we are going to see motor suppression. But the way that we stop that is making sure the people vote early people have voted off record numbers right now, you know through the mail. Let me tell you something. We've been voting through the mail since the Civil War. I voted numerous times through the mail. There's no reason why everybody can't go through the mail fraud. Reason why they want that is because they know that the citizens out here have the opportunity to vote by mail. They can't suppress the vote. And without that they can't win. Well, let me let me say something Richard speaking of the suppression and no, you know you and I haven't talked about this yet. How about like these militants who are going to show up to the polls with guns to intimidate wage voters. I mean what since when is this ever happened in our elections? Well, we have a president of United States that actually tweets liberate Michigan, I mean we have a president that don't have the friggin backbone today going basically denounced white supremacy and I'll tell you what I could care less about these jackasses showing up at the polls. Most of them were a part of meal Team Six, you know, they're not going to look like they could sweat butter. I have no fear none of these daggone people, but I will tell you this, you know people we can't allow that kind of garbage to go on but people need to call out things that Donald Trump says and and I'll tell you right now that that attempts at the governor which now we also know that they also have plans to do something against the governor of Virginia. That's the kind of stuff that we can continue to see happening as long as J Trump continues to spew his rhetoric on land. Yeah it is and that's the thing though. I mean Donald Trump incites violence. I mean, you know, he's dead. Yeah, he likes this stuff Donald Trump. You know, he knows Donald Trump knows that the moment he's no longer in that position. He's going to be indicted and he's going to lose everything. So right now Donald Trump is hoping that if he loses his open people pull guns and start shooting and things like that. He wants that exact rules. He knows that that's the only way he's going to be able to try to log onto something but make no mistake about it. He will not win. We will not allow him to win. He's going to get beat in the Electoral College by the popular vote and make no mistake about if we have to I have full confidence in our military and I can assure you that our military is not going to allow this guy to drag this country over a clip I can tell you that we have leadership and our military that absolutely knows that Donald Trump is an absolute just a Jacqueline and I believe that if all else fails if these people start rising up after dog, Loses this election make no mistake about it. The last thing they want is the second ranger battalion kicking in their door the hundred and first Airborne the 82nd Airborne the tenth Mountain division. That's the last thing they want is real boys who know how to make it up showing up on their front porch. I love it. How many tours did you serve and where am I got to I got three tourist to operation Iraqi freedom, but one of them was not a combat deployment. That was the Jordan two of them were to Iraq and then I took another combat deployment to Afghanistan with the tenth Mountain division. Well again, I thank you for your service man. But I mean, so what I mean, I you know, I mean, what do you think the chances are that it Trump loses in a landslide that there are going to be, you know, these these militant groups shooting wage. Little bit of trouble losses in a landslide. It's going to take the wind out of their sails, you know, they're they're absolutely you know, I mean, I got a certain places. I live in West Virginia make no mistake about it. These people around here think Donald Trump is the second coming of Christ around here. You know, I tell people all the time. I'm like West Virginia is going to go to vote Trump. I'm just glad West Virginia's only five electoral votes because it's really not that much but you know at the end of the day we have to hope that some of these other states like Ohio where Donald Trump told people working in the Auto industry that they were going to work their ass off and he didn't follow through with that West Virginia, you know may have been Trump wholeheartedly but I do know that there's people even in my state that are waking up and realizing that it's not it's not the truth. Donald Trump has has flown a lot of people so I believe that, you know, even in the red states that Donald Trump wins home. It's going to be more contested this time than it was the last time and you know, I'm looking forward to not only him. I want to see his kids go down. I want to see everybody that's surrounding themselves around him are DeVos out loans. Should I want to see everyone of those go down and I'll tell you right now. I hope every one of them have to face the long arm of the law for the things that they've done this country and our reputation. I agree and I'm like no said before I Donald Junior Jared Kushner and Ivanka all are probably going to jail. They're all getting indicted. Oh and Eric Trump right for them. Once for charity is awesome Richard and and the Democratic Coalition that you're involved in. You know, I'm getting red stage to you know, vote Democratic. We were just they were voting against their self interest if you think Trump is this is the greatest thing that I've ever been a part of, you know, it's it's really dead. For July ran for congress in the reddest red US District in the country and no Tim Left Behind lets me and lets us go into red rural districts and pick a fight and we've got some amazing. Can you go to note? You left behind. Com and check on our candidates? You are going to like what you see and you know what we know that we're not going to win all these seats, but we're ready on November 4th to get back in the fight for a 2022. So make no mistake about it. We're putting in the groundwork while the Democratic party ignores these places. We're not going to ignore. We're going to not going to fight. What did you think and what did your military friends think about Donald Trump disparaging John McCain and saying that he wasn't a hero absolutely no matter what even if even if these people support Donald Trump, they do not agree with that, you know for him to say that people the prisoners of War are not Heroes, you know, you just have to you can research the things off. Have happened to prisoners of war in World War Two and the Korean war in the Vietnam War brutal brutal, you know know there's nobody that wears the uniform would ever look down on John McCain that man let me tell you something that man right there shows people over party and that's the type of person that we need more of in Washington DC. I'm sick and tired of these worms often Cruise trunk called Ted Cruz's wife ugly and he's licking Trump's boots. You know, I'm looking at these people like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell and I'm seeing which one has the most jobs all over their face absolute garbage. You gotta we gotta get you back in Congress, but let me tell you something, you know, I love You're not due right now and I don't need to be an elected official. I'm going to say what I'm saying, if people don't like it tough shit, but you know what? I really appreciate you John for giving me an opportunity to come off your show. And and once again, hopefully educate a few people out there and maybe turn some Minds. Well, that's yeah and that's important. And and what's really looking good is that five five five hundred top generals and Admirals came out against Donald Trump. Yeah, but the Taliban support, you know, the Taliban support. What's next Al-Qaeda? Exactly exactly the Isis branch of Donald Trump. I mean goodness gracious. This guy is a he is a stomach virus with no toilet paper straight up, but it's okay cuz he's wearing diapers. Yeah, exactly. Yeah picture of tails. So what do you think about him and holding rallies right now dead? That are where people aren't wearing masks and not social distancing. He's only swap speed It's bother me because guess what they're the ones that are going to be dropping off the friggin, you know, the the balance because they're going to be dead. And you know, what do you think about Mitch McConnell in Lindsey Graham going against their words and now trying to rush and Supreme Court Justice with with while the election is literally going on. Okay? Okay. That's okay. If they want to play that game we can play that game to see my pants kept asking Kamala Harris. And once again, they're going the same thing to Joe Biden. Are you going to stack the courts? Let me tell you something. Stop Cock n Bull shit games. Are you are they going to put her let's sing because if they want to play those games absolutely stacked the deck on courts, make sure that we put enough people in there to make sure that if they want to go after 8GB TQ rights if they want to go after woman's choice, we can just start the courts and we can change it. All right, then if they don't want to play fair weather, how do we have to play fair? How come everytime the deck on Republicans have the upper hand? They basically look at the Democrats it's a tough shit set the corner to us. We say and just eat this shit sandwich. But whenever the game on Democrats take back in power, they keep they'll send the Republicans say let's do some bipartisan support look up that way. I'm not the one I don't care. You know, I say Mitch McConnell if he don't lose but we take back the Senate put his ass in the bathroom. I agree. I you know, I I totally agree with them. I mean, I think it's I think it's rather sickening. But Joe Biden just came out and said that what he say, he's not a fan of packing the courts. Well, you think that means both of you suck. They what he's doing is he's basically not trying to rile up anybody. He doesn't want to cause any any any Strife or or turn anybody against him but at the end of the day you got to do what you got to do. If they they're going to decide that they want to use that capability to go after health care for our citizens to go after the rights of the LGBT off and go after woman's choice. And what can we do? You know Believe It or Not Democrats have actually been able to lower abortion rates far more than the Republicans because Republicans just want to talk to not access but the Democrats want to focus on jobs want to focus on Healthcare want to focus on capabilities for contraceptives make an IUD streets making IUD strings, Colorado reduce their abortion rates by fifty percent. That's what Democrats do that helped abortion. Once again, the Republicans they just want to say no. No no and when that happens get ready for Young dead. That don't have money because there's always going to be the ability for the Filthy Rich to get that little procedure done. But you're going to get ready to see the poor people in these back alleys once again dying from coat hangers birth abortions. I agree. I agree. It's freaking sick know. You know, what do you think about about Joe Biden saying that? Well, first of all Trump already packed and stacked the courts, he's may be something appointments. Okay. The second court of appeals is the one right below the Supreme Court. There's like ninety judges or something on that. So who says that the Supreme Court just has to be nine judges. Anyway, it shouldn't be that one person dies and all of a sudden all of the power is now concentrated in a minority. Why don't we have ninety judges on the Supreme Court. So one or two live won't take away the rights from the many, you know, the Freeport is almost like the Electoral College at this point, you know, it's allowing a small number of white men to remain powerful you off. And and that's not really that's not a living democracy. And as we know, you know, the Constitution is a living document, you know, if it was a strict constructionist thing women would be voting let alone same thing as judges on the Supreme Court anyway, you know, so stacking it with a handmade who like, you know, Richard so elegant said is going to ensure death and suffering for women of this country and predominantly home. Now poor poor with you know, cuz like you said Trump's Captain abortions Trump got jump out of made once he got pregnant. She wouldn't have an abortion and he had to pay her off. Okay once got more often these stuff and then anybody and I'm sure most of Congress does you know, but once again, they're trying to you know, punish punish the backs of the working class, you know, it's disgusting. You know, it's just hey Richard, you know, let's try and figure this out, you know, maybe you can come on from a different computer next time because I'd love to suck. From you but my arms getting tired from holding all this everything up right now. I know I got To do it. I'm a huge fan man. I'm I've been a fan for a while man. So this is a true honor for me to come on here. And and thank you for allowing me to speak about no Democrat left behind and thank you for giving me the opportunity to to be able to voice my opinion. All right, my brother, I will talk to you soon. Hey Richard, it's an annual honor Man YouTube Airborne. I'm sorry. No, I couldn't hold up my phone any longer. It would black guys. My favorite guest you've had and all the times. I've been on your show that guy needs to be in Congress that guy knows his stuff and he got the passion and the like no BS attitude that we need. That's the guy who needs to be talking to the Trump voters. You know, I'd like to get that guy in front of a thousand Trump voters after one of these rallies wage say, all right, let me deconstruct it for you cuz Trump speeding a b s you know, and that guy's got a great way of cutting right through it cuz he he's he's one of them he served this country, you know, he lives in West Virginia home. He's not a dude on the Upper East Side like me talking smack, you know, he's he's down there with the people that are going to suffer cuz here's the other thing the you know, the the Richer be going to remain Rich, you know, like people are anti Trump in New York City cuz we don't like his policies but they're still benefitting off the stock market. You know what I mean? They're still going to have a certain standard of living of the people that Trump is courting and that are supporting him are voting against their self interest in a way like it's existential like they'll die, you know took like wealthy liberals aren't going to die in another Trump term, you know, but working-class folks in Kentucky and West Virginia whose factories closed during his first term and lose their health insurance will not die. You know, they will I know it was so funny know cuz while well, I have him on the phone. This is the first time like, you know, so I had to take my phone off of airplane mode while I had Him on the phone trying to do this like, you know, Jimmy rig this thing then I have my ex-wife calling me every second. It was like it was like the you know, like it was like the The Perfect Storm, I know I saw that. Oh my God. I was going to send you a dick pic. Just I was just like, you know, you know like boss man. Come on, Susana you never call me like you barely call me now. You're calling me four times. Well, I'm trying to you know broadcast the guests from my phone. Yeah, now that's not but you know what? No, that's the that's what I like in a way about this show is just crazy. It's a free-for-all, you know, it's like, you know and look he the reason why he couldn't get on was not any doing a mine. It's just that his computer is not allowing him but I still was like I have to get him on he was he was great that guy made his point. He came across that was refreshing. You know, I've heard a lot of pundits in the last year, you know leading of selection that guy is somebody I would listen to you know, he was speaking from the heart and he was you know, he was speaking like from my heart, you know, but cuz that's how I feel, you know, and that guy was eloquent, you know in a in a very, you know, powerful way, you know, I was very impressed with him know I'll come back when he comes back if you need me and then oh. I would love to have you back, you know as soon as I can get my name. Hook up with him, but really so, you know, I you know, I know he had his answer. I didn't really get yours cuz I was busy dealing with everything. What is Joe Biden age? Is he not going to stack the courts or is he just saying that just to like it's almost a weird semantics game. They clearly it was kind of an unforced error for them to just not say no. We're not going to stop the courts, you know to say I'll give you my answer after the election was politically not a great thing to do because it gave Trump in the Republican Party a narrative and then the media took the bait and they kept writing articles about it. It's a nothing issued Trump. As I said is already, you know, a hundred ninety appointments lifetime appointments two people that the bar off, you know, the the bar like Administration or whatever Association said these guys aren't even qualify. You know Trump has like twenty nine year olds that have never tried a case on Lifetime circuit court appointed. Right now so he's already stopped the court, you know as we discussed earlier, they're trying to get a Miko me on there so they can you know, so they can possibly help steal the election and so they can take away, you know ACA so they can take away Healthcare before January, you know, so people can suffer further. So he's not trying to stack the courts there already stacked those lifetime appointments. Only took em Up when somebody dies, you know, what I'm saying was Biden referring to that or was it referring to the to the Supreme Court meeting expanding? It's jerking. I don't know I'm muddy on it, you know and if he was referring to the Supreme Court, he just should have said you know what I said, I think you should why should it just be nine people, you know, the second second circuit has more people why are just nine people going to they're going to decide whether people live or die, you know, whether people have a right to an abortion, you know, whether people have a right to Health Care. There's almost there's too much choice. Power because it allows people when your unscrupulous like Mitch McConnell to play these games, you know, like Merrick Garland should have gotten a vote. He didn't, you know trumps getting sucked on their the elections already started people started voting in September, you know sending in their ballots, so I don't know how to answer it properly. I just know by be creating the issue. I think that was a missed opportunity for Biden. I think it was an unforced error, you know when I should have just come up with an answer and like honestly like why do people care, you know, like why do people care about this song? I'm pro-life and pro-gun. What does that mean? Like, you're okay with a six-year-old getting cut in half in her classroom by another teenager who walks in with an AR-15, whatever they are. Both are fifteen. You know what I mean? Sandy Hook is you know is twenty minutes from where I am, you know, I know cops that we're like that like that are never the same again. You know what nobody should have to see that job? Just the visuals of what happened in a minute and a half to a classroom full of children and brave teachers. So you're defending the right to that but you're telling somebody they can't have an abortion wage, you know and stem cell research is why Trump's got that regeneron up at Walter Reed that's from fetal tissue. No up with that. Right? So and those same people that like, you know, forget this but like I eat meat but like you're a meat-eater, you know what I mean? Like you're you're pro-life but you're going to eat a big old steak, you know, if you look in to factory farming and some of this kind of stuff and like the amount of suffering then that exists in the same conservative sort of mindsets, you know, it's not religious to me, you know, it's it's using religion as a way to dominate people, you know and find a key pump or like like Richard said, you know, this Advantage elokobi us these guys don't care. They're having abortions Trump has had many abortions, you know, drunk doesn't pull out. He doesn't wear a khong You know that from Stormy Daniels, you know, yeah, so it's it's it's it's b s and I like why do people care, you know, I don't get it. I I don't either but here's the thing though all by today was look it's like, you know, it's too early to tell you know, I'm not going to talk about these things and you know, or just come up with a better answer than I'm not but I'm not saying I'm not a fan as ambiguous you say I'm not a fan of it, but I'm still going to do it. I mean I know and he gave them an opening, you know, and and I don't know what people are so scared of anyway, cuz like, you know the fear of that packing the courts, what does that mean? You're going to get liberal Justice liberal justices that are going to allow gay people to have the same rights you have so when their partner ends up in a hospital NICU they're allowed to visit the person they just spent their lives with, you know, instead of getting turned away and saying you're not a relative, you know that, you know gay and lesbian people are allowed to get married LBGTQ. Yep. Anybody however you identify you should have the right to live happy and healthy in this country, you know, and we want that, you know, that's what makes us strong. That's what makes us diverse. It's not Jake. It's like LeBron said the other night we gotta fight about against anything that isn't love, you know, and congratulations by the way on your Championship out there in LA. What Champions? Oh, I don't really I you know, I don't I don't follow basketball. I mean, I I can give a frog's fat asked me it's baseball and football and and and the Yankees are out and the giants look like crap, you know, I'm not a basketball guy either but I love LeBron James cuz he always speaks his mind, you know, and I worked on the NBA All-Star Game for like twelve years like the all-star weekend when you go to the city and it became a big party and stuff and one time I was on the court and they're like, we need you to be a standard like we were doing rehearsals, you know, and they're like go to the basket and do layups shoot layups. I didn't know what a layup was dead. They're like my tiny hands trying to like throw the basketball and the nuts are like thirty feet in the air, you know in real life. It's not like on your playground. You know, I know I know it's interesting. But you know what the NBA is the finest organization I've ever worked for in terms of like I did the Super Bowl Halftime to you know, the NFL's like a bunch of gangsters. They like mobster guys, you know God but the NBA is like a class at they take care of each other, but you know what they just did they finished their season not a single player got infected. I know I know there's a very smart about them. They're you know, they care and they're responsible for each other and that's that's what we need as a nation, you know, we need like, you know, this kind of tough guy rugged individualism is is what the Republicans are trying to sell people especially in this election. It's BS they're talking about stacking the courts. They're stacking the game against you there stack in the system. You're not going to get ahead when people make purchase. Four hundred billion dollars during a pandemic and don't pay taxes. You're not going to get ahead in that world. Your infrastructure is going to crumble you're not going to have cities and Roads and your schools are going to be full of life mold and lead paint and all kinds of other things like your first guest said environmental catastrophes are stacking up, you know, look at Lake Charles, Louisiana, they've been hit twice in six weeks off major hurricanes, you know, there's people down there that just put the torque on their roof, you know, they were just about to start Roofing again and they got another hurricane that's all going to increase, you know, so do you want an environmental companies make a you know, our oil companies make a fortune off the continued destruction of this planet, you know, so a bunch of rich people cuz if not going to matter to Donald Trump own now, it's not going to matter to the Jeff Bezos. It's not going to matter to the guys making a fortune know but it's going to be an existential crisis for most Americans. You know before we end this like I do want to talk about the the bipartisan Christian group that just came out against Donald Trump. I don't know if you read that off. Oh, yeah. Yeah, but but before let me just do these two quick sponsors. Okay. All right know as you know, and you know, I'm glad that you're all sober but I still love smoke Speed Weed and I did it last night and I was listening to Van Halen. I had tears coming out of my eyes but speed we'd delivers Edibles Indica sativa CBDs and they come fast and they're cheap and they're good speed If you're in LA and then sports are in full swing right now. We have baseball played games on although my Yankees are not in it. It's very upsetting to me. But if you want to you know, and then we have the NFL so you could bet on them with their excuse. Wagering partner Major League Baseball's in the play-offs and there's no shortage of ways to get in on the action that online. AG has all the odd features and props for YouTube on Anna Sports starts to return been online at sat down with Eddie George from the NFL Robert Horry 7 time NBA champ and Harold Reynolds or Major League Baseball to get their opinions and what it will be like playing without fans may have called fandemic visit today to check out all the odds and up-to-date sports news. Don't forget to sign up and take advantage of all the welcome back to sports bonuses and they have brought a lot of casino games as well. But online. AG your online wagering experts and if you need a house and Woodland Hills 4647 Canoga Avenue, that's my friend Greg Phelps off and just you know, I'm listening. It's just you could just hit me up now. So bipartisan Christian group can't remember the name of it, but the article came out today was on birth. Kingdom post has come out in favor of Joe Biden said saying something like Trump is the farthest thing from Christ that you'll ever have and I just want to get your thoughts about what Trump thinks about Catholics and Christians. Oh, he thinks they're suckers just like he thinks of soldiers, you know Trump Warriors that cuz it's not religious. You know, he's a guy who's like he rapes women, you know, like how unrelentless is that? You know, he he's letting people die for his own political gains, you know, like what he said to Bob Woodward like yeah. I know it's deadly but you know, I'm trying to tell people that it'll hurt my stock market. It'll hurt my re-election chances, you know, I don't think that was one of the Jesus's teachings, you know, you know, I don't think it was like, you know, give us quality check your poor. But unless it affects their 401K, you know, stay quiet on this, you know, nobody could be more, you know, Trump's like the Antichrist, you know, I I agree home. Heartedly, I've been saying that all along you luck. We've had a lot of serial killers. One of the things America is famous for is he's crazy, you know, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy and stuff Trump will go down in history eclipsing all of those guys and he's even crazier. You know, when I went into stand-up I would tell people after the show, like what I'm trying to explain to people is like the guy I saw is the last guy you want in charge of anything, like people don't understand how depraved he is. They will someday, you know, the Jeffrey Epstein stuff. Jeffrey was like his proteges drunk gets off on beating up young girls. You know, he's a very sick guy who would have gone to prison for what he's done and he's wealthy so he got away with it and all of a thirteen-year-old victims disappear, you know and half of runaways and people that you know, Society doesn't protect anyway, so he's gotten away with the most unchristian violent predatory things his whole life, you know, but when someday the truth will come out and they'll be like wage. That guy was a serial killer, you know, that guy was a psychotic human being and I would say like you could probably walk into a prison in America right now and like walking to a break room number and area and be like that guy and just pick and regular criminal out and he would be better than President Trump, you know, cuz even like, you know, even a normal guy who's into criminality would have their limits Trump has no limits, you know, the guy I know would drop a nuclear bomb to save face. He doesn't understand like humans suck. If anything it gets him off, you know, it makes him feel alive to watch other people suffer and to exert his power on others, you know, that's narcissistic personality disorder and that's what he has like, he only feels alive if somebody else is suffering, you know, and that's and we see that we've been shut down for eight months like America's never suffered like it is now he was dancing last night 210,000. People are dead and got to be buried without their families at their side and he's dancing. If you were the leader in charge of that you shouldn't be dancing for the rest of your life. You should never dance again, you know, you should be like my job is to make sure you someday get to dance again, but I don't dance again cuz I carry the weight of history on my shoulders and I'm responsible for my role in this trumps dance-off tells you all you need to know about the guy. Yeah, and you know, I had Glenn Kirchner on, you know, the 30-year prosecutor who's brilliant and he said Trump is guilty of depraved-heart murder and wage like you meaning he knows about like he said he once tried a case where a robber was chasing a woman and the woman got hit by a car and died right now with the robber is guilty of depraved-heart murder because although it was the car that killed her. It was what he did that caused that death what Trump did was to downplay this Downplay this virus which caused the death of all these people and he mishandled the whole the whole pandemic. I mean, he's responsible for all these deaths. I mean, I mean, okay, maybe the first twenty thousand thirty thousand. Okay, you know, you know, you could say that he you know, then nobody could do about those but ever since those. Oh, yeah. I mean, I'm he knows about him. He holds Ralph's Chuy's in Norman came died because of it and he hasn't mentioned his name once you know and the projections are going to be 400,000 by January twice as many as died now will offer by January, you know, it's going to be worse. It's cold now, you know this first way and it was warm out people could go outside, you know what I mean? It's winter now you can't go outside. So it's going to spread in recirculated air. You're in an office building. Now, you're breathing the cost that somebody just had even on another floor, you know, so yeah, he's he's definitely guilty of depraved homicide. Yep. And he'll get away with it. That's a sad thing and you gotta not let him at least get away with it as president of the United States, you know, well, I I hope that he I mean I hope he goes directly to jail as soon as he is voted out because sdny and I mean, you know, you know, they want to put them away and they do you know, who could put them away as killer but he won't Keith was his guy Keith went up to Trump and said you should hire me when when Keith was a cop. You know, he ran into Trump was in court One Day downtown and Keith went up and said you need to hire me, you know and keep him a part-time guy and then full-time body man for Trump and his job when he was on NYPD as he was in the counter like narcotics unit in the Bronx. He was a rama his job was to bust open a door, you know, if you were drugged in or whatever and then they run and so he was a guy who applied to be Trump's body man and then became his body man, so that guy would have seen sexual assaults. He would have seen them. Use you would have seen all kinds of Nefarious stuff, you know keeps the guy was beating up the protester in front of Trump Tower, you know, so if sdny got a guy like that to flip, you know, and by the way when Robert Mullen his investigation the first thing Trump did after he fired Comey and he had case-shiller delivered that letter was sent teeth out of DC and the Republican committee gave Keith $15,000 a month and you've heard a word from him since right my point in all this is there's guys who know where the bodies are buried, you know, and it's not Michael Cohen, you know, who is his lawyer talked to him on the phone and stuff. You took the guys that were with him, you know at 1 in the morning when he was in Bedminster, you know, when he was at his casinos when he was in Trump Tower. Those are the guys that saw stuff that you know, Trump would never come back from but drunk got away with it forever, you know, it's not like people didn't know in the eighties. He was mobbed up psychopath. So, you know, yeah, and it's but you know, we'll see if he's a Teflon Don Jose. Not because I don't know. I mean there's too many crimes. You know, I just think he's going to get indicted. I mean, I mean you heard that he had a meeting saying that he would resign if they drop all the charges against it and I think that's what he's going to do. As I said, I think the play now and and Richard said it will like he wants you to be firing. He wants these militias to life do a bunch of chaos, you know, cuz you ever see like, you know, like in a movie where it's like here cover me, you know, and they guy shoots and the other guy runs across the field and escapes or whatever, you know, that's what I was looking for. You know, he's looking for his followers to go out and light stuff on fire, you know and shoot up some places and make a bunch of noise so he can cut aside deal to sneak out the back so he can say all right, you want peace in the streets? I'll leave but you gotta make sure I'm free from any crimes at sdny ivanka's free Don Juniors free, you know, and now people say America cares wage Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you know here in with us today was Tiffany's birthday Trump tweeted 80 times. He never wished her. Happy birthday. Really? Yeah, and I didn't know there was a Tiffany Trump and my job is taking care of the Trump family on Celebrity Apprentice. I didn't know there was a Tiffany until like 2015. I mean like we never had her around cuz she doesn't look to him like what what he wants a blonde woman to look like go. Now. She's trying to look like Ivanka. If you've noticed you got all the plastic surgery. Yeah, but has he ever tweeted happy birthday to any of his kids? I don't I don't recall ever seen one of them. That's a good point. Yeah, cuz he's not a family. You know, it's yeah and where is Melania, you know, it's like wage here is it's it's insane. Yeah. Yeah, it is. Well, no. Listen, please come back. You know anytime man. Oh people are asking are you get your own podcast? No, I was joking. I made it. I had a a praying mantis on my head and like I was sitting on my deck and I had a praying mantis and everybody's got a podcast now, so I was like, here's my new podcast mantis and me, you know, and I was just like Hey, we're going to talk about politics and Hip-Hop and all that stuff, you know, but now I like being a guest, you know, it's a no Right in the book and stuff. There's a million podcasts. I know I know we'll listen man. You know, I probably spend like ten more minutes answering questions and you know you then yeah. I'm going to get out of here too soon. So thank you so much. No, it was great to have you on man. Always good to see you man. And you know, I'll let you know who's coming up and you know, whenever you want to come off. Thank you brother. I love to come back soon. Be safe man. Tell all your viewers vote. I know they will. All right pal my buddy. All right, the great know casler on the Stuttering John program. Now I take this last, you know, ten fifteen twenty minutes to talk to you guys about well firm want to start off with my patreon and my YouTube If you go on patreon become a member, it starts at $5 a month, which is nothing you get access to all episodes beer on the balcony. I might do something like from my phone at the pub even if it's quick but you know, you'll have access to to that for just five bucks and and I'll give you a shout out and answer your questions anything that you may have. So check that out and you know, you know, I'm always you know, it always helps to keep things going. You know, I I'm constantly upgrading and trying to make this, you know a better show so, you know, A lot of this money goes to ensuring that that happens and then if you want to donate to me directly off you could always do that. Here and that's that's my that's my PayPal, you know people have been very generous and and it helps because I get to buy the things that are you know, I'm I'm getting new lights brand new camera that house Forest came over and told me to get camera stands light stands a lavalier. So I don't have this big bulky microphone a cordless a lavalier. So all that costs money on top of the screen yard and top of everything else that you have to pay for. So everything helps them and I know we're in hard time. So so trust me. Nobody has to it's not a requirement. But if you could afford the five bucks a month, if you got a ten bucks a month or more perks and and twenty bucks you get all the perks including a zoom meeting with me and assign t-shirt and everything else. So there it is. There's the link And now let me see what you guys have to say in the chats. It was hard to really You know focus on you guys cuz I mean God it was a a stack show today. We had no casler. We had representative Carolyn Maloney and we had Army Major Richard Ojeda. And you know, I'm you know, I'm in the process of booking one or two more congresswoman coming up. Hopefully before the election. I would like to get a senator on I'm going to try and get out of chiffon. I really like to get Adam Schiff on he is like down the block pretty much, you know, he is dead is in Burbank so so and maybe even Brad Sherman cuz he's literally done the book and at least from my kids in Sherman Oaks Malcolm Nance good as gold. I will I will do my best. You know, I'm trying you know, who do I reach out to Jon Favreau? I did yesterday today. I reached out to somebody, you know, some of these celebrities, you know, they don't they don't respond. But every once awhile, I get lucky Al Franken. I tried top rock, but he has not responded. I did enjoy his video of him practically crying on camera telling the people that they could vote from a broad Americans that are living abroad and I think he said go to vote vote from abroad. Com vote from abroad. Com. Mark p how about John Lovett mark p as a patreon fan look become a subscriber to patreon because Thursday I'm doing the beer on the balcony show. I might have or comedian guests and you know, like if you're not on patreon or you're not on YouTube, you're not going to get that so please, you know, Chicago and sign up Gerard Sullivan any news on Artie Lange. I really don't have any the last news I got was from Monique from Radio Gunk and that was that he's living with his mother and I guess she's keeping them straight and sober we could all so I'm not tired at all. I'm just you know been talking for two hours long. Good as gold I'm a patron front fan. How do I get that green badge to I don't know. I'll have to look into it. I set up a conference call with patreon for I believe Friday morning and I'm going to get all the answers to everything else. I don't know how you get that badge, but I will make sure that you get it there. Hope already makes it Nashville I do too. Top rock under the bridge grade tune. Union goons tried with 55 made me yawn. You know yawning is contagious. If you see somebody on nine times out of ten you're going to yawn has nothing to do with being tied. By the way yawning has to do with the release of carbon dioxide on your muscles. And how do I know that because when I yawned a mister mom is Biology class in junior high, he made me right at the 2 to 3 page essay on yawning cuz he was pissed that I yawned during his long lecture. So but he was a cool dude. He was a cool teacher now the idea I had yesterday while smoking speed weed on my balcony was the name on the balcony podcast what I want to do and tell me if you think this is cool. I want to get all my bandmates from high school to the present, you know, Eric Mala my phone number. Lead singer Bruce Valero my drama Bob levalley my bass player, you know Nikki bencivenga my bass player. Yeah, you know like how long at all these guys that were in my bands Mike dimeo. My lead singer who went on to win a Grammy playing piano for Johnny Winter Berry Nagel one of my old drummers had Greenberg one of my old drummers and just get all these guys on Craig Pullman my keyboard player piano player and just get all these guys on and just Mike Valero was you know, who played guitar with us Brewster's brother for a little while go to all these guys off and reminisce some great old stories of being on the road and playing our high school battle of the bands and all this stuff and think it would be a fun show. So, you know, I think that'd be a fun show for beer on the balcony and all these guys will be drinking beer too and we'll just be you know, we'll do it like with like ten guys and I'm just all you know, chuda crap and then and then have a great time and you know answer all your questions and any questions that you have as far as somebody saying I can't play I can't play that many Van Halen licks. I I played quite a few in my day. Although I haven't practiced lately, but I would play games going about love and you know like that that lead and somebody get me a doctor and that lead and you know, there are a lot of A lot of Van Halen songs out of love again. I mean Pretty Woman exists where have all the good times gone. I mean dead. Running With the Devil Jamie's Cryin I was playing a lot of those licks can't do a melee as well as Eddie, but I would come you know, I would do okay I even wage I came close to doing a good Cathedral wrong. Yeah, even walking, you know, look I walked about three miles off. And took a shower whenever anybody mentions yawning. I'm I'm just going to yawn. But if you don't have any more questions eruption wage, there's no way I could play her up. I don't have the chops. I don't have the chops to play eruption Gillian lamb. And what was the name of your band are off first name? Will my first name was blue brass band with Joe catering Jim Billy up. Mm. That's because I played the trumpet then and joked a dog had a blue drum kit. So is the blue Brass Band where the blue Brass Band and we started from scratch. We don't really know just where we're at with the Bluegrass band where the blue bridge where the blue Brass Band and then and then a big drum solo and then the next name. was in high school was a stranger and that morphed into stiff Minister stiff Minister everyone in high school would carve stiff Minister on the desk. We had t-shirts made with a great logo. They would paint it all over the school. I would play the Battle of bands. I was like the hero of like the the high school cuz I brought back Battle of the Bands cuz I too was homeroom representative for the sole reason of getting Battle of the Bands back and we kicked ass at the Battle of the Bands and you know, and then that money into Monde and a rubber beaver and then eventually Stuttering John was the name. And and that was it. Those are all the bad now and rockslide for a minute Bruce Valero, my drama had that idea, but I never really liked that name. But anyway, I think it's time for me to part. So let me just thank all of our guests know casler. We thank representative Carolyn B Moloney. We may think Army Major Richard Ojeda. I think Sean Hockey Canada 25 for moderating. I thank Nikki be for lunch or rating. I thank speed. We'd and 4647 Canoga Avenue Woodland Hills my buddy Craig Phelps. I will see you all on Thursday and this is Stuttering John saying agiya. And get off your asses.

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