(Convos in 5 minutes or less) From Bosnian wars to Atlanta project fights



Like how will the people that live? There ready were, they did look man trying to disrespect? Nobody. I mean, you know, seeing what you say, but this is the thing that like when because there it was like it was just come in and like, because there were black people living there on regionally. It was all black people. So I like I, I think they had like a plan. Let's move. These new no Bosnian, folks looking like why folks, you'll be, but really, you know, we come from from from this factor place when it ain't gonna be better. It was still like 'cause we can't we wasn't like, you know, not like those type of people, we scared fact that we was in, especially that the time when we got here, the mind of we have our mind set, man, I we will stop finding like most of black folks, like just because they were trying to, you know, make fun of us probably was like, you know, we was weak and thought your marks yet ROY and. We will come deeply twenty of us, like we'd nobody's speaking. But we learn how to fight rose. We fuck you. I mean. Based on how you grew up in order stuff you described. I mean to get into a street fighting nine and that Tempera it was like one of those things. But okay, this factor say shifts you start like because most of us would just like like most of us would like just cared like of, of, you know, you like you know, that thing man, don't like if you ready for a battle man, don't, don't go to like you don't fight man. You know. So, like, if you ain't if you ain't got a, the thing is if I think you're gonna like literally a fight. I'm thinking, I'm I wanna find you. I that's, that's my motto. You know, I'm, I'm coming to fight you for. I'm not waiting for you to punch me. So that's how we were like, okay? So this, this is we have a problem. Let's go. We we go. And honestly, man, we will run up in motherfuckers houses were like, and then, you know, when we start knowing that law like more, and, you know, we got caught, you know, police and a lot of motherfuckers got deported back and.

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