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what is Charles and Meghan? Murray here with you from girl's talking boys. Hey y'all obviously Dallas cowboys did some great work in the NFL draft this year and they grabbed a couple players out of Oklahoma so we took the time to sit down with sooner sports reporter. Cudi in really find out more about Neville in CD. Yeah our first girl. Girls Talk and boys. I know it was great. It was great. Yeah she told us why. Cd pick the number two also. What has favorite game was in college? I was shocked. Yeah and never had some really really interesting stories to his upbringing where he came from how he has been setting records since he's been playing football so just amplifying my stanhood Neville out more honestly. It was great so without further. Ado. We'll go ahead and let you guys enjoy all right and as promised with a very special guest for you guys. Today Jessica. Kuti from sooner. Sports Television is coming on to talk all things CD. Land and Naval Gilmore. Just got. Hello Hey they travel beyond. I'm excited that you know as soon nation is pumped that the sooners are staying close to home and of course both of Played a big minutes down there in Jerry world so I think sooner fans are pumped. Yes we have to talk about that but look at introduction to you for those that may not follow you yet. If you've ever seen the viral Baker Mayfield dancing video of him doing the Mili- rock from his Oklahoma Days. Then you seen Jessica's work so you can go ahead and thank you for that because I know each and everyone of you know exactly what I'm talking about. How could you? It's so crazy how that all went down. I mean they mailed was a walk on at that time you know he was. We were at the bowl game and the way that the teams kind of traveled to certain events. You have your offense bus your defense boss that you have basically your special teams in Like basically you're specialists in walk on the other bus zone with other two buses being full staff a lot of times. Just jump on that last bus. The vacant was on that last bus at the time he was starting quarterback. And you know I'm I features Show kind of all the different Against events in in the behind the scenes type of things that happened with with the team so I was just videoing because they were visiting some some sick kids some some patients that were you know. Make a wish. Kids is videoing and next thing. You know you hear a whole team. They had this dance circle and the whole team Starting to get Baker. Mayfield out there so I just happened to have my phone out already and then I reported at an I asked him when we got back on the bus as in Haiti by poses and he said no I. I don't care at all so I posed that was in January or December late December. And it didn't really go viral until the next summer and then it was crazy it was like it blew up so quickly it. Yeah so it's still kind of crazy to me when people tweeted out that I shot that that's from my phone and it was just complete luck that I happened to have my phone out reporting. Well we thank you for that content because I have to say I think I've used it once or twice in on the twitter verse. Obviously Oklahoma is known for turning out some pretty good football players make it to the next level in the League Into cowboys were lucky enough to pick up to those guys this year CD lamb wide receiver at pick seventeen in the first round. We also snagged Neville Gallimore D. Lineman number eighty two pick in the draft by. Yes Jessica again. You're you're embedded with the team. You know these guys better than anyone. I think we can start with. Cd against because he's a first rounder. Tell us about him what what's been your experience with him. Like what kind of guy is he even a face to this dynamic named? We just can't wait to get in the door. Well I could tell you just being that from the second. He walked in the doors at Oklahoma. The second he walks in the door is on there in Dallas Teeth. Going to be loved locker room and he stepped on campus as a freshman and immediately you heard players talking about how this guy does not play like a fresh This guy is not a fresh spin the from the first very first practice. Not even before coaches could even be out there when it was just one on one like a notepad just seven on seven guys getting together just to you know get get some rugged you you heard the talk about this freshman kid begging some unbelievable plays and I think from that from that moment there from the second that he stepped on he started to gain the trust of Baker Mayfield's Baker Mayfield. Was the returning a guy at this point and this is his last year. The year that culminated going to the Rose Bowl Baker immediately trusted this guy as a freshman so it may be the wide receivers that were on that team that year Mark Andrews who is now one of the best tight ends was a all pro. Pro Bowl tight. End this year. Baltimore Marquees Brown also with Baltimore. set rookie records for Baltimore. And you know just just the lineup of a receivers that Baker Mayfield already had and then he he relies on. Cd-rom to the tune of vittal freshman of the year and CD Lamb sets big twelve freshman or Oklahoma freshman receiving records. And you're talking about the previous guy that held that record was Kenny stills. Who again is a guy in a league? Making big time plays on Sunday now meets with Houston. But you know a guy that that record had stood in Kenny stills broker guy by the name of Ryan Royle's record so it's just the caliber of wide receivers that Oklahoma had in what. Cd was able to do would come in as a freshman it GonNa make his own mark. I think was really eye opening to a lot of people. So He's the big twelve freshman offensive freshman of the year. Then he sets all the records as a as a freshman. He comes in his sophomore year. It's time for a new quarterback Kyle Murray who had been playing baseball and in He got drafted Major League baseball draft so he wasn't really actually around as much of the summer. Now now CD did get a chance to work with. Tyler was the backup behind Baker but again. Maybe not as much as you would think a quarterback in a wide receiver get going into that year. Cd Helps Baker Mayfield win. Win The heisman. Then he goes in and he helps Tyler Maury hyphen year number. Three time for new quarterback in this. What's crazy about all this is. It was even less time than the other two that he had time to build that chemistry. So here comes. Jalen hurts and he comes you know. I think he'd been in January. They really only have a spring in CD. Kind of takes matters into his own hands to help build this street. Help build this relationship with his new quarterback in Bikes Jalen Jalen and have a place to stay invites him to stay with him in Charleston Rambo at their house at their apartment. Jalen suck on her couch. The Hours and the time thanked would end behind scenes that nobody knew. I think Jalen gets a lot of robson a lot of eyeballs on him and maybe his post-game workouts but at the CD was also a guy that really put in a lot of time and put in a lot of time with Jalen to help build that chemistry in the night they'd get showed obviously on Saturdays a lot of times when Jalen was going to see over and over again that was his guy. So you're talking about three different guys quarterback exit were arguably one of the best Baker Tyler's case they were the best quarterback in college. Football Jalen hurts. Trophy runner. Up CD lamb was one of the GO-TO for each those three guys. And you hear what each of those three a m as that team guy. He's a you know all in whatever the team needs from him at the most people that have studied cd at this point of the blocking on and I think that he does outside of just catching the football and what does after he catches the football that thinks the place that he makes without the football in San stew or what's impressive Especially for Kyla Murray He. That's what he specifically made note of is that he's not a guy that you know is is going to. He doesn't necessarily have to have the ball in his hands. All the time to make a huge difference on the field and so just to kind of make note of that kind of could go on and him being a teammate. Guy. In a guy that is loved by the team is GonNa put the team. I no matter what you missed the Baylor Game in Waco this past year the biggest game of the season for Oklahoma for the big twelve. Basically period You know it was. The there was rumors that CD wasn't going to get to play up because of an injury and He all the whole week everybody was how has Oklahoma GonNa Win Without CD Land? Well he doesn't get to play Because of that injury comes out and goes down twenty eight to three at halftime or twenty two three and owns it coming back and winning winning that game in this past Right before priority. This past March. We had all those guys. Kinda sit down together and we all went around the room and ask them. What was your favorite game CD? Lamb said the Baylor game that he didn't even get to play and how excited that his team was able to come back and win that game even without him despite named upbeat out there the best player on the fields. Oh you was able to win that. And that he picked that game so I think that just speaks volumes of the type teammates. Cd IS THAT. He doesn't care just wants to win. I love that you're giving me channels thinking about like him. Enact potential look back probably came by over on his couch sincere. We're going through right. But I think the bonding thing for your for your point is really important. Because you know these guys. Everyone's going to be in that situation. This year transitional period where I know see dealt with three different quarterbacks but now the entire cowboys team has a new coaching staff the first time in Riley right at a not like Riley for several years so I look at a guy like died stories telling me what value do you think that guy like. Cb can bring those situations. It's not only a new a new scheme if you will a new coaching staff but you're also trying to learn it implemented in a really really weird time right in And that's another thing that you hear. Dennis Simmons talk about And then Kyle lowry Jalen Baker. All of them have talked about that. He's a very smart football player that he understands the game. It's not just hey lineup. Go catch football for CD. He he understands kind of the exit does he knows of it. Oh he'll be meeting rooms and they've talked about meeting could see things a lot of times when he's watching film that a lot of guys can't so. I think learning a new system in in a short amount of time is not going to be a problem for seating lamb. I think just given the track record of what he's able to do With the quarterbacks just in college I think Dak Prescott is GonNa really like CD lamb and I don't think CD's GonNa have a problem bidding. In even I mean again like I mentioned earlier enemies when he's comes in as a freshman he's not the Guy Right. He's not the number one receiver even as a sophomore. He's not the number one receiver. Marquees Brown was but he was all for being the supplemental. He's the number two guy whatever needs to be. So if Amari Cooper is the guy and CD. Lambs Number. Two number three guy. He's all for that as long as he's helped him win. Love that. So you mentioned needle again. Lots of From him in his collegiate career somebody that has adversity and overcoming it. I know also in his personal life off the field. He had some adversity to overcome namely in his youth where he had actually evacuate New Orleans because of Katrina did he ever mentioned that to you or talk about how that could have impacted the way. He approached adversarial situations on the field. A thousand percent you know. He talks a lot about that kind of shape. Big His drive in his work at thick and You know I think a lot of people say you know they work Har- but you know it's it's easy to say that because everybody works hard bright but I think if you have a driving force behind that and you know. Cd Kinda saw a you know his family and and some of the people that were posted to hit rock bottom because of that in the way that they had to pick up a move everything and he doesn't want his family to have to go through that he wants to provide for them. He wants to make a better life for them so they get drives him every single day he talks about that. I mean he there. There's more behind why he's working than just. I WANNA be a great football player and I think you know. Every player has their own story but CD is definitely one of those. That's working much bigger than just for him to be a star. Nfl football player. I mean it's it's It drives him every single day. He wants to be a year. He wants to take care of his family. He started taking care of them when Zinc College. In so I think he. He has a good head on his shoulders in that regard of knowing that it. It's bigger than him sorry. My dog is barking. Great out his name. Sammy what's up? Hey for no stranger to dock. My task is actually. He's A. He is a cocker Spaniel and never met a stranger but he thinks he's a big bad having to guard the door whenever whenever the ups guy I love it. I love it. Okay so I wanted to ask you a little bit now. His experience at at Stadium and he's already made some big plays down there out when he based Texas in the big twelve championship game and won. Mvp right what's is like day. One started potential. And what do you think he can bring to it? How his offense and tell me a little bit about those moments? I mean. Unbelievable and not even. Just sit at cowboys stadium. But in the cotton bowl too when he played Texas he's had some big moments in Dallas just period and so I think he's looking forward to continue to making those out. Wow moments down there I especially at Baylor. I just remember thinking. It was unfortunate that he didn't win the bullet the cough. I think a lot of people and obviously I would probably be a little bit biased. Being that I work for Oklahoma but I think a lot of people thought that You know he got robbed. Maybe as at Baylor game it would have been a different story. Who knows but I just think you know towards the end and especially in that game the big twelve championship game. There was just no doubt that he was the best player on the field. And just some of the things that he can do that most people can't. It's just it's just right there. You know pretty you can see it. It's right there on the field. You can see what separates them. And so I think a lot of Especially the Victory Championship. It was no doubt that he was the best player on the field. You know that's the first time I think well out of the three big little chip games at the two previous years were won by quarterbacks and so we're Baker Mayfield than Kyla Murray. So I think it. I don't think there's any doubt when I was sitting in the media room or in the upstairs in the press conference room in there is no doubt that. Cd-rom was GONNA win MVP. I think he's there's just this This cool kind of connection a between Oklahoma and Dallas. And it's a big recruiting bed for for Oklahoma. But then you talk about the river showdown that happens in. Dallas every year. And so you know I was telling you guys about just think her sooner fans. They couldn't be more excited a lot of Oklahoma people. We don't have an hell team so a lot of people around here are cowboys. Fans and Asian right. I think they were already. Cowboy stands because that's the closest team that they have an so for now to have to sooners going and then to join Gerald McCoy who's one of the all time favorite sooners ever while it's just like big. You're going to have even more more sooner fan but I think I think just kind of going back to talk about with CD. I think he'll be able to make an immediate impact just because I think he's fine doing whatever he needs to do without the ball his hand in you can see some of the blocking and one of the The wide receivers coach coached him. I asked Tim where two CD rank among some of the best blocking receivers at at and he's had multiple bullet award winners. He's had a lot of guys. Go play in the League. Said that he would probably put. Cd Up there at the top is the best law receiver that he's ever had in his coaching career. So I think looking beyond just catching the football which he's going to do an making plays which is going to do just things that he can add outside of that you know. I think that will make him an immediate impact for this team. A host of the show podcast in two thousand fifteen iceberg. It's what he was most afraid of a pandemic respiratory flu. He told me were living in his nightmare. Now so I had him back on the show to ask him what his he learned. What do all of us need to learn? How far are we from vaccine? And what does he hope for society on the other side of this crisis? What do we need to do to build something better in its aftermath unless our conversation by subscribing to guess or client show wherever you get your podcasts a magical in ancient tree branch to climb up a Spooky K Zero Island by Ghosts? Where all the answers are. Why welcome to the island of explain where we answer questions about? What's going on right now. B- go through scores and do things that we have to be. Adult discretion is advised but seriously kids of all ages are welcome. Even you grown up. Kit was toss island on spot or wherever you listen to today explained back Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. I love that I mean you mentioned. He's had some big in Dallas and I actually got the chance to watch him for the rest of the game and it was fun and I are I read some recap reports. I think the best way I could have described him was where one writer said. The defenders were just bounced off of him. I could hit at her myself That's just one of the ways. He plays bigger than what he is and needs to work with Roy Meeting and having conversations with him. Obviously he's The quarterbacks coach over at Oklahoma so video to the secondary and he's gotta use his guys in prep guys to play against. Cd In practice. What did he have to say about how he prepared them to face a threat at the wires position like Lamm will be I mean? I think it's pretty well known across college football. The big twelve is the best offensive. Comforts right in Year in and you're out you're seeing the best offenses in the country and a weekend every single Saturday. You're C- Just an explosive offense that can put up the numbers with Watson perceiver playmakers so I think the more that CD that the stronger in the bigger that he got in by the time last year that especially this year as a junior when Roy manning came in and started talking to his guys about going up against CD lamb it. He just talked about how you know. Look what you're seeing. Every single day on a daily basis in practice is not going to be as hard as what? You're seeing on Saturday so you're going up against the very best everyday in practice. It's only GonNa make you better for what you see in a game. And so I think he saw that tremendous Progress especially with a guy like part on Motley who had a tremendous senior season. He was the number one rated cornerback in the big twelve Stats wise this past year. And both Parnell and Roy Manning will both credit be lamb for that growth in part on Motley in him being the best cornerback arguably in the big twelve last year was because of what he had to do against cd-rom every single day in practice. So yeah I mean I think one other thing that I think Roy Meeting said that. Think you also your what a lot of guys say about. Cd LAMB is that he just loves playing football. He loves it in a way that a lot of people don't and that's kind of what separates him in a lot of ways from a lot of different guys is pure love for the game. A lot of people might just do it to do it. Because they're good at it. Maybe they they love the love that CD LAMB has in game. Roy Management around at a lot of guys that love the game but he said the love the CD lamb has it's just not everybody has it. And that's a lot of times what separates him is just his love for Bill. Which again goes back to have been talking about him. Just being demanded doing whatever it takes he just loves playing a game no matter what that means for him however that means he gets to play the game he loves to play it. You know it's so funny you say that because as you continue to talk about how much he loves the bunny. He's obsessed with the game. I can't help but think of some other wide receivers that have played for the cowboys and leads me. Perfectly into my next question may leave and talking about a lot. There's some controversy around what numbers guys in a way. Yeah he's either He's talked about saying sorry. He has said that he wants to attend but Jerry seems to think that he'd make a great eighty eight. Would you trust him to give eight? It's do if he ends up wearing it. Or why do you think he came up with the number ten you know? I don't know about ten because I know two has always been something that he's used to honor his uncle as the chain and so I don't know I I think again I was at. I was with a the simmons that their house when CD's named got called and When they got to face tight. Timing him Yes he was a born in to leave New Orleans but again being a guy that's from Texas just to see his pure joy he knows all about the Dallas cowboys. If you're at Texas Kid. You're from the state of Texas. It's a dream to play for. The cowboys are America's rights just to see his pure joy. I honestly think no matter what number he gets he will he will do its due diligence. He will honor it if it's eighty eight. He's GonNa do his best doing whatever it might be. But I think he's just so happy to put on that uniform. It doesn't matter what number it is. So what was the story about the number two in his uncle so his uncle was really got him into a playing football and he was a Wide Receiver he got drafted. He played in. I'm not sure that the details but he was a pretty he. He played a lot of football. Played a big time college football and kind of got him into play football and being a receiver and working at all of those little details. The work running the routes things like that got him really into it in. His uncle. Tragically passed away. So it's kind of again another one of those behind the scenes type of things that motivate CD. And that's why he wears that to his uncle. War blame a number that had the two so whatever he wore in high school. I think had a two in it and then he had the two So there's there's something about the numbers that he's always warned somehow ties back to his uncle. So it'll be interesting to see. I think again when he came in as a freshman to was taken some of the other numbers that he was looking at so he wore nine but then he went back to two so as a fresh pretty. Were number nine but I think you know whatever is available for him. I think he'll be more than happy to rapid I would imagine just given his track record in what he's done in his fast. It might have something to do to honor who's on hold but I don't know again whatever I think. He'll take whatever number whatever number is given in. He'll love it that's awesome. Yeah while we talk a lot about CD or super excited about him. But there's another guy that we picked up from your team to that. Were very excited about Neville Gallimore in the third round. Like a mentioned before Visit Defensive. Lineman tackle fills a need. This cowboys team really really really is desperately needed for a minute. We have some some uncertainties on. Who's GONNA actually beat? The starting is in in several positions in so he really comes in in provides some much needed depth in. I Know Meghan specifically loves this guy. Yeah I just so. He's been pretty outspoken about like how excited he is and he's already rapid all the cowboys year in Sweden boys all over his profiles. And you've kind of got me excited about him. Also something desperately needed but could you tell us a little bit about him. I mean Neville so. Cd is a you guys are GonNa love how fans are GonNa love both of those guys with. Cd's a little bit more reserved a little. Bit More I guess maybe not. I wouldn't say shy but just a little bit more reserved in end Neville. Gallimore is the guy that he has the best personality he's Hilarious. He's very outgoing. That's why I cannot wait to see Neville Gallimore Journal McCoy together because Jerrell McCoy is a sooner grew and grew. I think everybody saw his post is videos about outside. And he was when when both of them are brought on but especially for Gala more inevitable guy. That's just really beginning to scratch the surface of what he can do because he he grew up in Canada wasn't necessarily a football guy. He played really every sport and actually went to Canada crap. And there's a fun story behind that. If you guys want me to get into that here at no for a while he he would candidate prep ends up. Becoming the number one recruit out of Canada also becomes the first Canadian to be named a US army high school. All American. He comes to Oklahoma completely raw. He was overweight Had never played this hand in the ground and so you don't break his first year and incomes in and then he starts playing immediately as a REDSHIRT FRESHMAN. I think from the start. It's always been his athleticism and his forty time. Everybody out of the water at the but nobody from Oklahoma. That's been around devil. That were from the start. Were surprised about that at all. He's just from the start. He's been every year you would pull the team. Who would be the most athletic sooner never will be at the top of the list His his -sition coach Calvin told me one time that if they were you know drafting on the picking team to to put together basketball team amongst the football team. Never would be one of the first one picks. It could dunk a basketball at age thirteen so I think the raw athleticism is there. It's always been there. It's just now of beginning to scratch the surface of what it can be with that As a football player and so I think again with your old McCoy Guy who obviously has done it at highest level of this one of the best in the NFL. He'll take him under his wing and help him. Continue to grow with that staff continuing to just you know. Become a very good defensive lineman as opposed to just a very athletic. You know enacting out there on the field so I think he's. You saw the Players Tribune. He's not even close to his ceiling. He played one year under Alex Branch. The new defensive coordinator I think people could see just the disruptive nece and what he could do so I think it's it's just barely beginning description. The surface for Neville Neville Gallivare. It's really cool to that. You mentioned Jeb McCoy. He'll get to learn a lot him to. But you've got a guy like Jim Tomasulo who's GonNa come in and we talk about a man who's who's shown his words I really think he'll take a guy. Like Netherland molds him as an opportunity that you just don't get very often You mentioned forty time. It's four point seven nine man like i. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA say he's a he's especially player on those numbers. But that's I forbid guy. Yeah Yeah it was what the third fastest time by defense environments in year two thousand. Yeah I yeah in in running at that at three or four and he came in again. I mentioned he. He lost thirty pounds even just at the individual junior season to Richard Junior season to this past season. But you know he had lost I think overall I would say over fifty pounds from the star and so yeah I think again figuring out really how to really play the game of football at a high level all the time because it's really again coming from candidate. He didn't have the type of opportunities of a corner and he played soccer. He played basketball and he played You try he ran. Track guilty literally did every sport and then you got noticed by a coach at candidate. Prep and so they offer him a spot. But it's it's expensive right in. This is part of the feature that I did it on his fast year with his family in another guy that his family is extremely extremely important to him and and for this. A big part is right here. Is You know. He has two brothers and he went to his his family. Said look if if you guys get. Let me somehow find a way to help me get to Canada Prep? I know that I can do big things. I know that it can get me places and so you know. His family didn't have the money at the time but his older brother. Gari found a way somehow scraped the money to get him to candidate to go to where he could. You know hold on his football skills a little bit bored and it's Canada football happen so That's what ended up ultimately getting him discovered and and getting him recruited and all these accolades being the talker Canada. And so you know. And he talked about how serious it was for his family. The conversation that were providing this opportunity. But we've got this money that we're giving you to go to this you. You'd better not mess it up. You better take care of business in you. Know he's agents have a plan B added. Just Take Your Business. They said the second grades are falling the second. You know anything that if you're not doing everything that you need to do to stay on track there were blind you out of that. We're not wasting our money. So that's he. He got his stuff together in boy you know. He really has an appreciation for where he is because of what the sacrifices that it took first family to get him there. Anna as telling you about how his family get to come down and watch him play Bunch. They got to go watch. Oklahoma played at West Virginia. I believe is reg registered year but They got to come down for the first time. this for senior night and he had all of his friends in all of his family and had a lot of friends in the stands as well and they got to be on the field for the first time. I think again it. Just kind of reminds him He has a different kind of perspective than I think. A lot of people in a lot of people do just because you know from Canada. You don't like people from where he's from They don't get these opportunities and so he wants to make the most of them. I actually love that because I know his family is actually the immigration gone. They were farmers. And I can't help but think that played a small part in this mentality of you. We stick together but when we give you an opportunity or we work for an opportunity to take it seriously and I can't help me. Did he ever talk about that part of his his family's history at all? Yeah I didn't really get into much about the the immigration pardon in coming from Haiti but I did You know just the growing up in and with his family and how close they are and Just how important they are and in him wanting to provide for them and and just a lot for them in there. You know you talk about People's y you know nevels wise his family. Hey everyone it's Jimmy model on the Ho- speed run a new show on qube produced by the team at Polygon. Speed run gives your daily dose of the biggest gaming and entertainment news every weekday. We'll give analysis the latest video games and highlight. Some of the best of the gaming community will cover everything from the twenty year evolution of action role playing games to the breakout success of riots. Valent for stories like this and much more. Download the APP to watch new episodes of speed run every weekday. I mean I'm excited about him. I love for him only gross. So he's going to be go also also to a half the note if you ever need any help with some voiceover best voice if you've ever heard it in. We actually used him to do some intro video Hype video stuff. He out loves doing that kind of stuff. I told them I said whenever COCO's over you could go be a a voice guy in Hollywood. Is He has voiced mertz like in a land far way perfect voice for that kind of like setting up telling near writing a story. It's unbelievable that he has the best gifts ever. That's funny you say that because I have a friend who works in your video department for the team and when we drafted him I reached out to him and I was like. What's the deal with these guys? He's fun facts. Devil is great and he loves broadcasting and he can't get enough of it so you guys ever need of so. Don't worry cowboys Asian. I already took that information and delivered it to our director of broadcasting. The cowboys central media uses. Yeah like He. I'm sure he will be leveraged for sure. Yeah I don't know if you guys have been open for your podcast but you should definitely think about naval because he could definitely provide you a phenomenal one. I love it I love it. Well the thing I think I keep on hearing. Jira is just between these two guys. Oh you DNA is a thing that is preached throughout this program and I feel like obviously there seems to be some secret sauce. Coming out of Norman. You've got guys like Baker. Carla Murray Democra- Murray Adrian Peterson appointment. You could name them. The list of people that are just different performing a higher level but they also have a free sixty approach to how they approach the game Can you talk about what about this? Program is made him so successful. But turning churning high performance athletes out into the world well I think first and foremost. It's a tradition. I mean it's not just the past three years It's not just been with Lincoln Riley. It goes back to Bob stoops and you know a very switzer. I think a cowboys fan a little bit about him. Do in Wilkinson. I mean this is a program. That's one in one four years. I mean it's the most. Winning is the winningest program. Since World War. Two in the Modern Day era. There is not a win their program. That's that's one more than Oklahoma. And so I think you come to Oklahoma with a certain expectation to win. And there's a lot of times it probably. Oh you wins by just being you. Buy just stepping out on the field. Because they're Obama because they've always done they've always fun and so the tradition and upholding. That tradition is very very important to these players. It's it is. It's bigger than just you and what you do in. What your team does you want to you. Don't WanNa be the team that. Let's downed torture. That doesn't win like these other guys. I mean if you guys ever come to Norman let me know all walk you through the facility if you see just the everywhere you look there's banners there's names of all Americans there's trophies. There's there's one wall in particular that has hanging up the jerseys of the guys in the NFL and there's a Jordan shoe a wall and just the all American heisman wall. I mean it's just it goes on and on and on so you come tonight you better be ready to Uphold that in. Nba Art of that Earth. Don't they they've got this thing where it's next man up? We too deep. They've got somebody else that can so I think being a part of that number one and then I think the way they prepare them to Every year guys come back that Have been in the pros and they talk about how not that. It was an easy transition but it was easier because it. It's almost ran the expectations. In what you guys have. What they have to do is players it. Oklahoma is is almost like a pro program in so I hear over and over again for years that once they got the NFL locker room. It was an easier transition for them. That a lot of the guys that were around the mezro piece because they were prepared because of Oklahoma diff- them while they were in that locker room. And that's everything from you know taking care of business from you. Know a weight room Strengthening conditioning the SPILLMAN. Study the Academic see everything. It's all the expectations that are there per everything that you do and I think that's why translate so well to the NFL is. It's the expectations that come with being in Oklahoma. Sooner it kind of just you you take that into the NFL and you carry it into when it becomes your job and your business Things that you learned as an Oklahoma sooner mean when this is over it sounds like we have a road trip order. You've got to get a consecutive out. Why I think it's going to fit in really nicely here down in Dallas again. I think you you can consider a place like Oklahoma a dynasty program in. I I know me personally. I think a lot of people view the cowboys in a similar light too. So I like they'll fit right in that regard but Do you have any final parting stories? Just funny little. Interactions it either of these guys you know in your in your coverage of Dammar. Any other fun facts that we should know yet. You've given us a lot but I saw more. I don't know yeah I I just. I think they're they're just they're so you just knew with both of them. Really that big things were coming. I think is the big thing I mean. There's there's a lot of players you their five star recruit or whatever but I just think that from the start with Really with never once he came in and was starting as a Richard. Freshmen in. You both talked about his big play capability in its thing with. Cd committed immediately. Heats not like a freshman so I think he just kinda new big things ahead. I'm so excited that it's right down the road and they get to be cowboys in and sooner fans are GonNa Flock to watch games. I guarantee that We I just think it's personality wise They're they're really opposite. You know I think like I mentioned but even still both very enjoyable guys berry supportive of one another. I mean I think you saw the tweets from both of them how excited they are You know never was one of the guys it's talking about. Cd about how you know. This kid game. Unday wasn't a freshman. He didn't play like a freshman and so they've played a lot of football together and you know they've they've won a lot of games together and they'll come in and I'll have the expectations to continue to win games together. A girl McCoy in on that even though they weren't he wasn't teammates. That those guys. It's that expectation that comes with being a sooner bill. Hab Expectations at the next level. That they're they expect to win and do it together and so I think it'll be. It'll be cool to see those three guys in how that kind of That oh you. Dna that Brotherhood that they talk about kind of carries on the Dallas Cowboys CD. We did this fun thing. One of the fundings again. It's probably one of those wins yet to see where the near but we had him on. What our spotlight shows in. We kind of try to have a fun game. We play had him kind of breakdown. Some gifts that he saw it it was one. Were the bear. I think caught like A. I don't know if you guys remember that gift for the bear high. The I think it was a piece of bread or something. Jiang guessing I was wrong. I don't know he cut some sort of food that somebody was throw. It added in the Syrian city wide. Receiver kind of breakdown Clip that off incidents. You guys 'cause it's Larry just hearing him break down how. The bear you know went up in in statue the food up. Yeah I will send it to you guys We did have that. I can I flip it off to you guys but yeah just great guys a raw greg is that are gonna WanNa win and do everything they can to help the cowboys. Flynn so I think you guys hit it out of the art with those duplicates awesome. We feel the same Lynn while Jessica. We're so excited. This has been so fun. And so insightful Obviously we can expect many more Oklahoma players to come out of your great university. Hopefully they'll come down across the river in Texas in Dallas reciprocally. But we'll be happy with the two we've got thus far from this past year. Can you go ahead and tell everywhere they can find you and your great feature work in where you are on Social Media. And all of the above yes. Oh I am at Jessica Kuti again as you mentioned. Cudi not many of us. Oh there's only one at Jessica Kuti and Tudor Sports Dot com sooner sports that TV and a lot of our programming actually have a A show that rearing right now on Fox Sports Southwest Bucks Oklahoma that included two of the features that I did on sea level. It was kind of a I did a special featured show on the guys that we're going to get drafted so jalen hurts. Kenneth Murray and in a CD devil and so. That's airing right now throughout Fox Sports Oklahoma if you have that Oxford southwest occasionally but if you look for sooner sports TV featured so yeah and then I think we`re. We've got a show coming up this this week on on Fox sports southwest to a senior spotlight will be breaking down and I have a feeling the guys did A. I'm on with the cowboys. Pick of CD LAMB NEVILLE gallimore going to go into Dallas awesome awesome. Well thank you so much. If you guys WANNA check out those features in all the great work that she in sooner sports are doing go ahead makes guys hit that follow button and we will definitely try to get our hands on. That CD bears cliff. That sounds amazing. It is awesome. It was funny so I'll get that definitely makes are having me on. It was fun. I always enjoy a talking football with the ladies. You don't get to do that very often. I know I will thanks so much. We appreciate it. Yeah it's the best see we told you. Is that be fun? She was awesome honestly. The stories were amazing. But what I really came out of that thinking was a high level. If you WANNA come on to our show and try your hand at podcasting were available. I mean I've heard you'd be good at it sled in my professional. Dam's same so speaking of DMZ. You can find on twitter. I'm at Kelsey underscore Charles at Meg. Murry with four hours and just a reminder. We've got new podcast episodes coming out every Monday and Friday on the blog and the boys feed. Wherever you find your podcast with Stitcher spotify I tunes make sure you're subscribed rate and review. That really helps us to We also have some really great lineups under the blocking the boys umbrella. So the OCHO. Seventy two twenty casillas talk in the draft and Bruce and boy. So we've got lots of content coming your way this off season but Make sure to US. Next Time. We enjoyed it and As always cowboys forever eagles for never later guys.

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