Sixers + Embiid Mess & Does LeBron Have Enough?


The and you out to the pig the you gotta be picking up. The pick and pop now lakers, just changed completely. So nothing that is in between now you look at a gala lightweight, Howard who's been around in those mvp Bam barely complain that. So this really just shows you. The time has really affected especially bigs you know apnea Davis. Because he can shoot the three. Yokich. What's more than that? Though right they can put the ball on the floor bid. Can keep up with guards on the perimeter. Certain extent, Yoga, folks. Keep up by Perma his but he I think you have to have multiple skill sets and Yokich brings a ball up the floor. He's a great passer. He's a big wall on inside. He's not you're not gonna it's not going to block a lot of shots, but he will contest, and so you got to be doing able have to be able to do all those different things says a guy now Over seven where does dwelling be fall this conversation? Schick. Scott. Every. Joel Embiid is unique entity in the fact that he can do a lot of those things. He's not going going to guard guys. On the barometer like that. But what Joel embiid will do, he will block shots, he'll run the floor, clog the middle of. His problem is the early in the basketball game. Here's aggressive. He's consistent in going into the paint. The later gets in the game as the game progresses. Joel embiid goes from being posted up three feet away to post Nevada feet away. Then the later on this from being five p the way he's fifteen they say you know he's a shooting threes after wrongly. That is not his forte and. Of that Robert Perry said and he's a hall of Famer gotTa believe what he said Robert Parish played my former teammate played more games than anybody in the history of the NBA. And the first thing he said to me about what we're talking about biggs and. was talking about Karl Anthony towns and Joel embiid and I mentioned his name. Lisa. Let me tell you. So Joel embiid he needs to get his big. ASS SHAPE. So Rowley Paris ages, and Joel Embiid and Robert Perez against play more. More, NBA Games than anybody in the history of the League I think it was for a while that. In those words resonate because that's exactly where I was getting at I'm glad you brought that out. That was right on cue because to me this isn't a matter of all. He doesn't have enough help or Brent Brown is in you know I mean there's some of that. There's some truth to that Brett Brown sort of doing wacky things on both ends of the floor if you asked me but a lot of has to do with him just running out of energy people are like Oh withdrawn be he's not he he's he's shying away from the big moment he's given up no no, he's lost his lakes. There's a big difference wherever there is a big difference. He does he well, they have to arrest him in really critical moments and that's the time the team really needs to be in. He's the he's windy. So I'm Joel embiid that do one thing over this this year coming up I just dedicate one year towards being the best shape of my life. Awakening and Go there signing. Because you don't. GET HIM ON THAT meal plan lose about one inches and be just cut. Your chance to see a difference in how he plays and I think that's just simple on top of that or Philadelphia right now the big thing is that when you lose Ben Simmons, Ben Simmons was huge for the what they do not only. On. As you said, you mentioned the deepest of me and where he has been the stalwart then you know he's a big body and they're he's he's athletic cut guys off but more. So on the opposite into me where he is that one option to Philadelphia that he can be a one man fastbreak. He turned the jess on. He reminds me a lot of magic just churning just gone or like Y-. Honest guys two guys down back and guys will be back on the heels and they can come up and you can do they keep coming and there are so fast and they're so quick in this so strong and that's That's what killed Celtics season they get you in a restrictive area. And there's nothing to do our. Now he's not a great free throw shooter but I still think that part of their offenses lost because he's not around. With the other part of it because I didn't think Philadelphia seventy. sixers. would. Would put up a good fight here I just did I. Just think they're overmach without Ben. Simmons. So I I'm just surprised that they're playing the way. They are even without him. I didn't think he'd be this bad. But what do you think is the? Part of other ports. Ports don't fit right now and you're talking about watching out. I. Said that are post game the other day and on the game it's like watching. Alice Body language looks like me during my divorce here. Blake. Biden language. Okay Okay and elaborate on that though everyone can. Remember it on the that if you want. To handle his. Best position is when he starts in the pain in the works outside the take juncture. Now what you're saying the AL is he's going to beat exclusively jump shooter and he's not exclusively a jump shooter analyst. Best moments have been when he's been on the post pick and rolls picking pop, and he gets to do none of that right now where L. is doing is you know essentially he gets in and His he was down low post one time set up get the ball and Joel embiid comes in waves amount look. Yeah. That's that's that's my home you know. And and now they will couple blaze. I didn't even know where to go and Joel embiid. Go over there do. And Directing. Our Justin nine. Okay. Where do I go and it's really sad to see it because Al still has some skills for this league. When you have a big that can run the floor a big that can rebound big that can push the ball that has l.'s best forte and they've taken never way from him in the way that they play. What I don't understand is I always go back to what we saw in the game the very first quarter and looked like the. same out we saw with the Celtics throughout all those years in the very beginning. I don't remember that there's like five straight possessions where he was the office was going through him. Yeah. No play was going to start without him touch the ball. Well, they were trying to get out of the ball at the very top heat set a pick, and then he'd get it at the top and he had decision you had the option, but the options were were were limited with. Lost options were. Looking for Joel embiid. was wasn't an option like I'm going to take on the shoes. I'm GONNA make plays. Now, I'm looking to get the ball at the free throw line and I'm looking for Joel embiid instead of maybe me catching the ball, the free throw line to a wing Guy said the pig and now I pick and pop or pick them roll out is not been involved in that and then you look at Harris and you know going. Where's he being? I mean different chains on the team I mean but. The thing about him is that think he he has a lot of skills but who was the dog lash you that they had? Jimmy Butler other Jamie Butler's the Dolphin Lot. He is the dog over there. He his attitude you know you look at Miami right now they're they're they're Jimmy Butler like in that they don't give a damn. They're GONNA get in your face. They're GONNA fit and that's where Jimmy did but that's why he's not there anymore though well, he saw the writing on the wall. Dance here the way I. Would things he did when he was there in the Elsa, we're really Jimmy Butler light but you know at the end of the day Jimmy knows that those two guys are always want to get more touches than me not the way I see where he was going to get the movie right? The Miami Yeah you go, get get your touches but. At a certain age it's not about touches is about wins and about feeling your role to what everybody else does so. Him. He doesn't get as many touches right now Miami, was some of those guys shooting a basketball. Then in this last game, he some Texas where knocked down some tracing Jimmy Butler had something this year in the League where he was one of the worst three point shooters around but in the Miami Game Against Indiana. Knocked down three. But but that's that's Jimmy. Butler well, that's a guy buying into the system that no, that's that's ridiculous. You think that's the attitude that's the air. I'm actually. Both on and off the court. Blessed that's the arrogance and the attitude and the cockiness of Jimmy Butler which I love. I absolutely love no same. But my mom point is I don't think it's a matter of off Jimmy couldn't couldn't cut it in the culture of Philadelphia I. Just think he looked at it as I don't like it here. I don't believe in this because I don't think this is the former little win i. think we were browse going through now he's lost that's. Of you're talking in that way of Jimmy Butler, have you talked in Brett? Brown and Eric's poster there's there's no Karasin right because they're exposed to has won multiple championships. Eric's poster has pat rally in Johnston in his ear. Well, it's one of the best coaches impair rally toughness ear from the front and their personnel that they have around. Jimmy are essentially like scrappy guys all those guys have scrappers Bam the scrapper J., J. Grandees, all scrappers just like him so. I never went the underdog Dunkin. Robson this this guy can them arrival? He he really unless he could be right now but he's coming. He's coming out picks man. Do this do this dangerous. Him Allure Biller, a roommate he's not gonna down so I think this is some combination really works out well for them in Philadelphia. It's just a bad formula, bad mix, and if Philly bows out. And it it? It doesn't look good right now they've got to win this next game but if they out where the where the Whisper Brett Brown will be next year and you're going to have to think now about what you're GonNa do with that team 'cause Harris has a long term deal like you know twenty five, thirty, million euro got Joel embiid you got a ow you got. And and Those guys and Got Simmons and so you have four guys with long term contracts. How are you going to? How are you going to move our right now? Twenty five, million years three years left on your move you who's GonNa take our right I think you look at the other guys just mentioned and hate to say it but I mean I. Don't know if you had to say you have to break off Simmons and embiid but that's a conversation worth having no you if you're going to change GonNa do. You have to Lou be world to lose. One of those guys are more likely is going to be Simmons has been B. J. Right? You have to because you're not gonNA move but what are you gonNa Harris and and then and now and now and it's true so you would move. I think I would have and for the right pieces around the M B I, have to get them dogs that are around him and I think symon played similar displays are these aggressive but. Sometimes, talent levels don't that. And I was there and I played with the Chemo lascaux on a row Samson. It just didn't. It did not fish that those two guys as great as they were did not complement each other. So I mean I think Simmons, and EMBIID. Two young players and this kind of hard to say you to give up on the guy. Years ago. Who runs like him, and maybe eventually will can be at three point shooter I. 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And I'm not sure if you didn't play Suffolk didn't play last night. In a long term you're much better with Gordon. But in a short term, you might be able to get away in this. Exactly what I said about the Celtics because I think they are the deepest team in the league from top to bottom. You can lose a player. And you could coordinate what right now and still bring other gas. Now I don't think you can lose Brown or lose them right now. Right? You can't afford to lose me. If you lost chemical while if you lost what for Awhile which you've lost, you might able to compensate. Now if they are able to beat billy and plays Rancho now I, think that's when you really going to miss a guy. Gordon Hayward. Because he's he's played really well against these got. Yeah. That's the thing. The band dry with the second unit especially when in terms of point production which we haven't all year long. This is a bet that did it without. Marcus. SMART. How often you're going to see that though like listen you go into Philadelphia. Seventy sixers. Protection against the raptors I think the Celtics are more top heavy I. always say the Celtics have the best top six their top six players can beat out in terms of talent for talent you can match with anyone of the League. Pure death was out. Seventy view through in the other guy who believe formed day was kanter. Gant is onto best rebound. The in the in the League he's. Okay and you can say they're going to be times when even baby UCLA semio's Osceola. Maybe play for you. Romeo link your chance when he's going to be able to do some things for you and I don't the you can overlook as as. The number one free throw shooter. You looked me and. Someone mentioned that. I don't know who that is. None of someone else mentioned in there like hey. Telecast to. The best free throw shooter, the NBA's Brad Wanamaker, and I'm sitting in. Thanks Max Max. Told me last week? Yeah. So Am bread is bread the guy who was laid look at the series so far Brandon's play. Pretty good. He's he said he's been. A hate you know thing about Brad Brad is one these guys verse something's GonNa hurt. You. And we talk about the way the Boston Celtics play. And we we still look at this particular game. and. KANTER. Outplayed Thais Thais has been your guy but the better player against him be. Is Probably. GonNa be kanter because he is going to be physical and he's going to make him work on the defensive purser. He's going you up trying to get offense rebound versus what Kanter does. So you're trying to box him out and do all this stuff whereas Daniel Thais says pick from pick and rolls. You know he can pick and pop. They'll. Tyson. China face in like you'll get in front of him times but he won't bang download way came to me. And that's the thing about Steve Stevens made Ernie and he wants he said Okay Danger Visibly, physically, cancer is stronger. So he's going to present a bigger problem maybe not defensively but. Offensively trying to get to those boards and an MBA, has to use a little bit more trying to keep them away from the blast yet. Definitely. So in the wake of Gordon, Hayward. Injury. Everyone's looking long term of course, looking past the sixers at this point that things over. So you look at the next couple of rounds I mean, how tough is it going to be for this others without Gordon Hayward and realistically do you think the Celtics are able to get to the Eastern Conference finals? Do you think he will be available? Thinking that time, we would be Boettger you give them a month. You give you know you. You give them wait another way. Yeah. Yeah. About then you give them I'd say about the release of now he's should be back at least on the floor trying to do some things but you know ankle taught to funding ankles really funny. But it wasn't the ankle of the leg diddy broke. When you just It was just awkward. He just stepped on. And turn the ankle completely. You could actually see the ankle hit the ground and with all your weight on one leg and man that had the way he hobbled out there now, he's in a boot. But great three at thing. Yeah. Great and which means which means tendons, which which which could be. You which didn't, but you didn't tear anything. You did you. You might have strained it. So you're going to get ice treatments twenty, four seven. So he's going to feel better eventually our saying the next two or three days I would think you would probably be walking with the wet not out of crutches I would I would hope that that would be the case the very first game in the playoffs. It's just unfortunate for someone like Gordon easily his best year of southern tenure. And the wave and playing the bubble is like okay. Now, everyone's talking about everyone's noticing now you're seeing the Gordon Haywood before he got hurt. Gordy was was exception when he was when he was with Utah you know he had. His best thing. Was He he could he could create his own he'd get his own shy but he cuchara shots for others. He's a good sized rebounder good size guard. He could play a small forward. So he could play all these multiple positions and that's where Brad has had them. But is there right now you look at the tatum and Brown. Two Boys. Whole `nother level is. Really Ain't found billion bounty sports keep coming back. So does your bed in them with our exclusive wagering partner that online dot, AG, Major League, Baseball's already started. There's no shortage of ways to get in on the action that online has all the odds, futures and props for you to bet on we got an MBA that started now. NFL's not that far away. And as a sports season starts to return Ben Online, sat down with Eddie George from the NFL Robert Ory the seven time NBA champion. Hair Reynolds. For Major League Baseball to get their opinions on what will be like playing without fans and what they have called the fantastic. Visit Ban, online dot, ag today, check out all the odds up up-to-date sports news. Don't forget to sign up and take advantage all the welcome back to sports bonuses a bunch of. US About online make sure you go to your online wagering experts. TATUM looks like we're back in February again. Tatum looks like he has we're in la off forty that that swagger but Youth League of the to you, you don't have anybody defending him now I think that's even more Roberto. Somebody asked me the other day. So what in Your Eero? Who Does tatum remind you of during the eighties said not a dampers. It's not one person and not. Because what he's done, what he delayed the defending him. Okay. You're onto your onto that give that. But that step back three pointer nobody's defending. Saying is defending that we step into the side. What you can't You can't defend that of what he does. He set you up with the tricky dribble. He. You get hypnotized by watching them go boop. And next thing you're looking at the dribbling he's taken that sidestep and they got separation he doing. Down that load. Jalen Jaylen Brown same way jalen coming up these picks and Jalen has been. Everybody talks about Gordon. I mean tatum but Gordon but June jalen Brown has been just as good. If not better from time to time I feel like this setup is perfect for each is this bubble no crowd he says in his own zone I. Think, they're part of the not having the crowd is one thing. But I think he been playing he was the most consistent guy all. All. Year long he was the most consistent guy that you had and there were take them head those starbuck burst moments when you go but the most consistent guy was was Jaylen Brown and that's been from from day from day one until you until the bubble man no question. Iraq before we get out of here, let's go out west. Lakers trailblazers. Boy In trouble Lebron trouble I think he is, and I know Sean. Grandy my broadcast partner. He says China I'm telling you. They look they look completely different. Who is going to guard Damian Lillard? This man is taken the we've been steph curry shoot from deep. It's taking thirty eight foot is now. Thirty. Eight You Garden a guy three he is three four feet behind the three point line. which is just unheard. He's coming off a pick and you gotta give some separation and now that was going on would lakers they don't have any bi especially the GAR position to counter. Ami. If. I think you have a little bit more pressure on got Danny Green. Who isn't as quick can get those picks Rondo I'm not high sure. Effective Rondo can be if he if he if he if he comes back which I think is going to I'd still don't think he can effectively play against. Ranas to want to fight you don't want chances. Might WanNA chance it but I'm telling dame limit where he's doing there. Then the other person who is slipping and father time. Lebron going by people as fast as. He's done used at all strength right now we turns around you WANNA book before he would like. It was just a blurred trying to he's gone now he's turned around the strongest years he can back guys now I'm as the point is calling plays coming. With is supposed to be. Tans have we seen the Brian James in a game get his shot blocked And against it gets Portland he got a shot blocked about three or four times going towards the whole and you never saw bad. Job was NURKIC missing lashes Merkich and white sal white sides and white says been really the Guy Blocking shots. He's been in whiteside against the Celtics was ineffective but against a slower team and you know and you give I just it's GonNa be a hard road I mean. Is A must win game for the Lakers this episode of the actual. 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Twenty at mass gave Dot Com get yourself twenty percents off when you use that code just listening to this podcast and get twenty percents off your order manscaping take your grooming game to the next level popular status a set Paul says if Lebron Leaguers don't advance and they get balanced out of the first round, you can't mention the bronze naming the go conversation anymore. So women so women. Make. Sure I. Get this straight. Michael Jordan got bumped out many times in the first round. Yes. No no different is no different. This is like ninety seven Michael. You're talking not even talking about what Michael six Michael got early he was gone home every talking around Michael Went Home I run and ninety six. Women of this but we're. Your we're first of all I don't agree with Palestinians but. I'm just saying, well, you still talking about Lebron James we use this warm that. Sixteen, seventeen seventeen. Seventeen. Years and he is never got beaten in the first round. About that? I. Like people saying Paul Pierce has this thing you know with the broncos and Lebron is not on this top five lists. He's not one of the top five top five. Oh, I don't know I. I'm just trying to figure out like who the WHO Paul his top five are did anybody ever say that he did because that's what I wanNA know he did I'm going to try to remember at the top I, know it was New yet three Lakers. So I WANNA say Karim Matic Kobe Okay Mexico. Guess that's that's not bad. That's hard to borrow. The break knows dream magic hoping Russell Russell. Russell. So I mean, he has Magilla Gripe about that when. He wants to say daddy you know I don't know who number it's suffered obey we've talked about it on so. Everybody has an opinion, but I think that Paul knows that time he nj pokes. Jim Jordan and. That time is hard to break exactly which one you just deal with everybody else. Did you just hear what Paul said and you're like oh? That's ridiculous. Now I didn't say it was ridiculous who was five Year but you were surprised. That he lived with Ron. Surprise because within the WHO is five work? I think that's legitimate they. Talk can say. What Paul does and I think you're right about this Paul pokes to bear. Every every opportunity opportunity every opportunity. I would've left this one alone the holding. Game Restaurant don't touch every every opportunity that Paul has poke at the Bronx he was gone. And that's just the way Paul is so and I think Paul knows the mileage is going to get. Who You? Talk it Lebron Brian Yo appears. This hard to not put him in. There's one of those top. You know top tier players of all time but. Are you taking Kareem out taken out? Exactly. Are you taking? Are you the only one? I could take out of that list. If I was replaced in his grades I, think magic is a our put. Output Lebron there I'll put in the Brahmin in there.

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