LIRS Extends Deadline for Taxpayers To File Annual Returns


You're listening to the news this time when Africa Business Radio the League allstate Revenue Service has extended the deadline for filing of annual tax returns to June. Thirty Twenty Twenty this. According to agencies and continuous efforts to provide the much needed relief to taxpayers and mitigate the economic impacts of Kobe nineteen pandemic according to a statement signed on Tuesday by L. I. R. S. Head of corporate communications monsoon rats a Massa it said Anwar returns individuals both employees and self-employed persons. That way. Nisha lead you may the first twenty twenty cannot be fouled anytime on thirtieth of June Twenty Twenty and irs therefore urge taxpayers to take advantage of the new extension to file very tense taxpayers also advised to access the e X. Platforms for all tax administration matters including filing of annual returns generation of assessment and payments shuttle and payments of the liabilities for the comforts of their homes and offices and that was the news at this time and Africa Business Radio. You can't continue to this in life online at stopping. Ww ADULTS AFRICA BUSINESS RADIO DOT COM or via mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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