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The B. It's episode one sixty four of the FI. The official Lipson cast the PODCASTS. That takes beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting with podcasting tips and information for the everyday pot cancer and taking you inside. Lipson the largest podcast host distribution network since two thousand and four. Welcome friend how's IT Goin' I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this. I cast as well as the community manager at Lipson. And do we have a long one for you? Hopefully this episode will occupy your brain and give you some awesome relief. Time to geek out on all things podcasting. Here's what we're covering on the show communication from the president of Lipson Lori Sims tips for remote recording. How the pandemic is affecting downloads with some actual data. What is happening to podcast advertising during this time? Why your audience is the most important thing ever apple releases all kinds of toys shows? Oh my gosh being taken off of spotify the difference between listens and downloads. And Oh goodness all kinds of stats. Are you ready? If you know what's coming and you WANNA get on with it. Then hit that thirty second forward but in about four times right now for the rest of you. Here's the scoop on getting on this show you can send a thirty second promo to the feed at Lipson DOT com. It needs to be thirty seconds or less and be clean as in no profanity and again do your very best to keep it to thirty seconds attached to your email and send it to the feed at Lipson DOT com. If you don't have a promo but you want your voice on the show ask us a question or add to the conversation that you hear on an episode so you send us your feedback. It's super cool. You'll hear in this episode for shore. You can again record it and email it to us. You can call us at four one two five seven three nine thousand nine hundred thirty four or you. Can you speak pipe over at speak? Pipe Dot com slash the feed? We also have a long-running blog feature called Rock and Lipson podcasts. In every Monday we highlight one. Lipson podcast and in order for you to be featured on the blog email the feed at lipson dot com. That's it I'll send you all the information. It is a first come first serve so the sooner you get your info to me. The sooner I'll get you in the queue. And now let's jump into our main conversation with WALT VP OF PODCAST or relations at. Lipson as well as my co-host right after our first promo of the episode from our friend. Paul Hello. I'm Paul and this is ninety six year old World War. Two tank. Captain Stan. Perry did shoot a German triage reaction. Go Start Bruton's shopping shop. One should should Geneva Convention presents. Wall kings go roper short move. This is the fighting through podcast. Great unpublished history. Hello Rob good. Generic time of the day in anything but a generic time of our lives. Yes that would be correct except for us because we're still recording. Yes we still doing everything. And we both worked from home for a while so the work from home thing for us is nothing new and you were homeschooling. So yeah you're impact is minimal But a lot of people are are learning how to deal with working from home and being around their significant other all the time every day you would be correct except we've also figured out how to do that very well so we know how to do that. There will a we have your that out so Yeah that's that's good. Some of my wife's friends are are dealing with this and it's funny hearing Her friends complained to her about it. Yeah it's a whole other thing it's like usually there's like it's your home. This is my home. Not You're only supposed to be here from this time this time. Now my God all right. So what are we talking about? I guess you know I mean I think the entire world that this put you know this is possibly one of the only things that we can start talking about that is not regional like we can't let let's say like Oh. Today is a holiday for the United States. Right this is lake. Everybody knows what we're talking about with us even saying something that's pretty that's pretty phenomenal. I think you have a good way. No not an would be. I know but this we had a letter from our president that went out to Lipson. Clients deals of you guys who host your podcast with us about the corona virus outbreak and pandemic that. We have going on right now and. I don't know if you had an opportunity to read that letter. I know that most of you guys have gotten like. Oh my God. We are not going to reread that here for you so you don't have to hit. That jumped thirty thirty three thirty. But don't worry but I think the long the short that letter is Laurie. Our president at Lipson wanted to assure all customers we have you covered technically and support wise during these but can be best described. Twelve monkey like times Which of you're GonNa Watch any movie about outbreaks. Twelve monkeys best. One Terry. Gill on Bruce Willis Brad Pitt. Best best one on this topic without a doubt. I'll watch long. I'm trying to go back but I don't WanNa scare myself too much. It's like Oh my Gosh. This is crazy okay. So but yes and the other thing that Lori really eloquently shared with the all in this is actually the quote that was shared in social media ally in fact we had some people create quotes in Instagram of her words which was the first time. I think that that's really ever happened with an eating any any kind of communication that we share and it was really the fact that your voices matter the end as a podcast. Sir and that although maybe things might feel like are you know maybe people aren't or your downloads down or something like that or you haven't been able to put a show out that you might be a lifeline for somebody and it is an important thing for you understand and to remember that your voice is important and I think that that really landed for a lot of people and they were very thankful for that letter so if you haven't read that email look look through all the spam that you've gotten and maybe it'll bring smile to your face okay. So shall we continue on? Yes so I talked to One. Producer of comedy podcast. That did all their episodes in front of a live audience for obvious reasons when you get that feedback the laughter and that's not going to be a viable option for the near future and some people need that live audience for that feedback and for those people. I think looking at John Oliver's last week tonight from March fifteenth where he had no live audience. If you watch that show. It was a very bizarre feel to the episode. There was no laugh track an I now see why the added laugh tracks to television shows because it would have changed the whole feel of that episode of the they added a laugh track So if you were someone did live in front of an audience. It might be time to get a few laugh tracks. Ready to go or to stop doing a solo show and bring in a guest or co host. Virtually of course to get their feedback and laughter into your episode per doing show with multiple hosts. Gas and people have asked how to do this. I'm still partial to SKYPE SKYPE Kamarck rate. If used correctly that means closing out all other applications on your computer if UNIMAK that means male for sure you definitely want close male out and really all other apps just having skype running and maybe safari and you can use call recorder on the MAC to record Or you can take it out and bringing into zoom eight six and record off that way the audio but The easiest would be call recorder and you have everybody recording their sides with call recorder. You can always do multiple double triple quadruple lenders. And bring altogether so L. C. thoughts on that. I know I'm sure you're hearing from other people too. Yeah there's a lot of questions about remote recording especially from people who haven't really done it before and one of the biggest things that I want to understand is that there is no tool out there. That's better than another tool as in as in there's something specifically soul much better about this specific tool than another tool because every single one of the tools relies on connection via internet right so bound with speeds are important and also the other person's band with speed is also very important and your ability to know how to work your own your own microphone and have your own. Settings is also very important so all of those three things have nothing to do with the tool and a lot of the time when I see people complain about the audio quality not being the best and all of those kinds of things a lot of that can be fixed by seeing all of these other issues that are arising so yes I think the easiest thing. Skype just like rob mentioned. I think he can call. Recorder is the easiest thing ever but even in that respect I have found that I've been having trouble especially with you. And I would some settings inside of skype audio in the audio components inside of my my new macbook air that I got this summer that I still. I think. Let's see what happens this time because there's been a few episodes of the feed that are slightly more over compressed and. I don't know why that's happening like I'm I'm a little bit at a loss. Oh I reset some more things this time and I'm like maybe this time it won't be totally blown out but you have to work at it and so what I suggest is. Don't expect perfection the first time whatever you choose because there's a lot of them like Zan casteran squad cast and clean feed and stream yard All of those you can connect with but ultimately doing a double ender is going to be the best so if you can do that meaning record your side. Your guests records their side. But a lot of people can't do that. But just like rob said I think for the just press record and be done with it camcorder recorder for Max is the easiest thing ever. I think when you talk guests is different than co host. Yes you can expect double enders triple enters into work that you're doing this on a regular basis. Only have guessed. I'm never really comfortable having a guest. Who's going to do this one time maybe a month or a year recording? So you definitely want to forget. Try to find a solution where you're according on your side. Even if you'RE GONNA ask them record make sure you're recording their side as well fresh air and for those of you who do have the funds available. I have found that the easiest solution for that for me for like. Let's say for the case which is mine which is sometimes very very low bandwidth. There are times when things drop. I can't get back in things like that The road caster pro pro for me has been a savior because I get an opportunity to have people come on via cell phone and I don't change anything I have separate tracks even though the guests or the Co host audio is on a cell phone at the moment I'm still able to bring people in in that scenario in the easiest way possible so I can just say to somebody. Just call my phone and they'll just call my phone and boom done so That's been amazing. 'cause I don't have to deal with any extra software. It's just all the hardware but if you don't have that obviously at the moment I completely understand that that's outside of the scope but that for me is the easy solution and has been the most reliable solution anyway. If you guys have any other questions please send them in. We would love to hear your feedback or maybe any other questions about maybe changing up your recording setup. We're happy to help you out and figure out new ways to do stuff. I'm sure both Robin I have had plenty of experience doing all kinds of funky things so we might have a hack for you to try and you can always email the feed at Lipson dot com one thing to remember skype. If you're going to have three or four or five people on one skype call have the person with the fastest ban with initiate the call. Good call that is correct. Yes absolutely there's been so many times when I've had I been connected via zoom in. I come into somebody's zoom call and it's and it's worked great and I'm like Oh gosh everything's fantastic. This is great. I'm going to use zoom and then I initiate something and it's a total fail and so I learned that lesson there early on where it's really. Unfortunately they are the ones like if possible to start stuff out. That's why my co host generally do it but alas okay let's go we have a voice mail correct and let's take it away. John from professor sluts. Hey guys good. Generic time of the day. I had a question about this latest self quarantine thing that's going on in the United States and I wondered. I saw drops him. My my statistics my stats and I wondered if you think this is going to be a long term thing. There's been talk of people working from home more often less people on the road and I thought maybe people listen to. Podcasts would reduce because being in the car is where you listen to podcasts right so I was curious what your opinion will be on that Otherwise I wanted to make you aware that Youtube is demonetizing. Any video that talks about the Corona Virus. So those people have podcasts up and they talk about current virus and they put it on. Youtube. If they're expecting anything like Monetization Youtube Nip. That in the bud okay. Thanks a lot This is John. Frito professor slats Master Casino slots when Your Way to success? Thanks bye thank you John. Perkovic one thousand nine hundred downloads. We're definitely have seen a downturn in download numbers and this is to be expected as less and less people are commuting to work that said the drop is in aggregate for all shows. Some individual shows will see an increase in downloads. For example. I would guess anything that has to do with working from home or investing or how to deal with your significant other twenty seventh those will be in higher demand right now as well anything dealing with Covet nineteen but overall most podcast will likely see a drop in numbers. As less and less people are commuting despite what some might say most consumption does not happen at home it happens during the week going to and from work and at work removing the going to and from work and well you remove a lot of potential downloads. I did look at the downloads. This past week of March Fifteenth and compared it to the averages from the weeks of January Twelfth Nineteen Th and twenty six would I'll be using as a baseline number for this and future mentions of how stats are doing and I should point out. This is one week's worth of numbers we will get more into this the next episode when we have more data what we found for the week of March fifteenth is the following and this is for the whole week from Sunday starting on Sunday to through Saturday there was a decrease of around twelve percent compared to again the averages of the twelfth and Nineteenth and twenty six January but if you looked at just Tuesday Wednesday Thursday traditionally. Those are the three biggest days of the week for downloads. We saw a decrease of around sixteen point six percent. But here's the interesting and positive thing in the numbers. Looking at Sunday and Saturday we saw an increase of around one percent. That leads me to believe people were trying to catch up on their favorite podcasts. On the weekend that they missed during the week because of lack of commuting again we'll get into the numbers more episode one sixty five when we have more data and also that will include when New York and California Connecticut New Jersey Illinois. Were all on stayed home waters. I would expect the drops increase in coming weeks. if you are seeing a drop in your stats. It is not a stats. Measurement issue is not you doing anything wrong issue? And please don't believe those bogus parts coming out that said there is or will be an increase in podcast consumption with the pandemic that is just not what the hard data is so far nor is common sense would be saying. I think we do. We do have to take a moment back right we. We cannot extrapolate what's going to be happening in the future given our circumstances right now because it's all very very very new regardless of what what what's happening you entered wasn't podcasting ninety eighty. No no no there was not. You're right but also you know what I've noticed is that I am now like on calls that I have in had to be on calls before so a lot of my day even though I'm working from home and I always have for the majority of the chunk of my time. I now that time is actually spent listening to other people's speak on then on the podcast. Is they used to be in my ears so even if I wanted to? The just circumstances are slightly off right. Everybody's kind of catching up doing this kind of thing. And and we have to allow for those transitions trying to figure out how to school things for the kids and videos coming in and download over here and uploads over there and so I think it does bring a a sense of chaos and so we do need time to kind of figure out look back in and really move forward with whatever we have switch staying here on this the back to the voice mail we mentioned the demonisation of Youtube and all that I want to warn people. Don't be using Kovic. Nineteen as a keyword. Don't put it in your title in your show notes in your in your author tag. Don't be using it as a keyword when I off at your show has maybe has nothing to do with it. And even if you do have something to do with where you're gonNA talk about Covert Nineteen. You might want to be careful. Even using covert nineteen and the title of episodes we've seen shows where move from spotify already from apple podcast. We'll mention that are mentioned already and you know again. I just I just enough. People Apple spotify. Youtube are going to overreact on the side of caution and if they have any doubt We had an APP for communion reader podcast episode in there talking about how covered nineteen kit affect your your chameleons in reading and the APP was not approved because the Kovic nineteen in there in the title of an episode APP stores. Everyone is going to overreact on the side of caution so don't use coming eighteen keyword. Don't think oh I'm GONNA get up there move my show up in the rankings. You might find your show gone period my so be careful absolutely and keep it. I think generalized information out. There you know and of course I think at this point the entire world knows kind of what you're talking about and if it is a very specific episode about maybe something to do with Coronel Binary Corona virus or or something very very specific in your show is about virology what the the title of this episode could be the episode talking about it. I know that's right. See like that's about it because there is going to be. They're going to be airing on the side of safety protection and I find that. That's a good choice because with as much of as many of us that are creating content that will be helpful to our listeners and You know informative and educational and all of those things. There are also some people who are not going to want to do it for those reasons and we're going to be Alex Jones outer exactly and we don't we don't want that and I would rather have platforms be slightly a little more overprotective at this point then. Not because it's just not okay to to you know consciously be trying to in some way gain from this crisis now per Cova Nineteen and advertising. The industry is starting to see ad campaigns being cancelled a pushed out some are being canceled because they are travel or sports ticket related and that is a no dud. Cancel others are being pushed out because IT products flying off the shelf. I E frozen meat delivery most companies podcasting were not around back in two thousand eight but we should expect the same. If not worse pullback on ads and podcasting as we saw in two thousand and eight in two thousand eight those businesses that were completely or mostly ad-supported did not fare well this time around. It's like the going to greatly impact companies that rely heavily on advertising revenue F. Y. Lips not one of them to small small percentage of our business. We are actually very well positioned for major advertising pullback so if you are hosting US rest assured all be good because the last thing you want right now is to be hosting somewhere that gives you a less than one week notice before they shut down which we saw happened back in two thousand eight two thousand nine period again very very few companies and podcasting space today were part of the space in two thousand eight nor will any of the newsletters that cover podcasting covering back then either it will be a difficult and challenging time for many this year and the other thing too is in the same vein is that there are possibilities to of long relationships right because they are have been in terms of advertising. There have been some shows out there that had relationships with advertisers for a long time for the same advertisers. Like I'm thinking of all of the Mac Mac. A lot of the MAC podcasters at that. I've had have ongoing relationships with so many developers were just a deeper understanding and they know each other so well. I think that there can be a synergy with a lot of people that are build relationships with companies and I think in fact I kind of believe that those are the ones that are going to survive. Those are the ones that in because they've created a synergy with audiences with podcasters with like minded people who support one another in our happening to be making money in a good way with one another. They're going to survive. But I think if it is just about let let's see. Who can we sign up? Who can we sign up? Who can we sign up? It's going to be a little bit more of a challenge So relationships at this moment which is I think what we want to give. You guys is that you need to build your relationship with your audience. Is the most important thing that you can cultivate during this time. I have one advertiser that I know is ticking. And I'm not allowed to mention anything about it the situation and it's for home router system so I'm like how do I work in the joke about well? You know. It's nice to have a Mesh network in your house so that one all the other people in the house are driving you crazy? No matter which corner you go hide in still have good WIFI connection. Oh and also I obviously think that there's GonNa be some people who are going to really benefit from the space. Now I mean the infrastructure's there we know what we do things how we can do things in so many different ways in terms of advertising and getting the right advertiser with the right but cancer. But you know if you're putting all your eggs in that one basket it might be a little more challenging now guys a little painful when I'm looking over to podcast in the in the group and then I see like I think I'm ready for advertisers. Now or or actually. No it's actually newbies that like launch just launched in there like what number should I be looking for to start monitoring may show and sending out my sponsor deck. And I'm always like only like I don't know how how much of a tweet teller I should be at this moment. This is good. This is a good time if you're starting out to work on audience building and we say all this and we've said all of this about advertising and what's going on in the reality situation to point out you need to make sure you keep up your relationship with your audience and absolutely not just keep it up you grow it and the dust settles and we get back to normal. It is your core audience that matters most when advertisers do come back and full strength and they will they will absolutely come back and full strength in the future whether that six months or twelve months or eighteen months. We don't know but they're gonNA come back and when they do make sure you have that relationship really strong with your listeners during the covet nineteen pandemic With with people being locked down that means your listeners. May Have More time to get your feedback. So make sure in your episodes to solicit feedback from you. Listeners now is absolutely the time to create a Community Forum board if you do not have one. People are being isolated. And here's your chance to give them some social interaction for your listeners. If you do not have a community board for your show hit pause and thirty two seconds and then go to me. We dot com or dare I say facebook and create a community for your show and then release an episode urging your listeners. To go sign up and this is really important. Make sure you and or some key listeners. Moderate the community. Then let your listeners. Know it'll be a safe place for them. Gather and talk about the show almost anything else they want within reason and politics are almost never within reason and again hit pause now and go do that. Good Call Rob. Yeah people are looking for for that sense of connection for sure and also it the same way that rob mentioned before about people not doing things and maybe not listening to the show and whatnot again. This is the kind of behavior that might they might want to do. But it's GonNa take them a little bit of time to do it so that's something for you to keep in mind as well once they start catching up on your shows and go. Oh my Gosh I. I want to send to feedback or I want to do this. And so he can go both ways so again. Don't please don't get discouraged if you get. No traction at first please don't again. It's about continuing the conversation. This is not as we all know. Podcasting is not like a quick kit. It's a long tail and we've allot been investing in a lot so take your time and be patient with yourself and with your audience grew. Switch Gears We mentioned in the last episode of the feed that a new update was coming to listen and well it came and it is here update. Yes so part of that. Update included the ability to get the episode. Id number from the RSS feed and to do that. You need to add some code to the end of the IRS. Feed you are out and that code is question. Mark include dash in Dash Meta data equal true and that feed. You'll see a tag which is Lipson colon item. Id if you want that code the for this just Emami Robert Lipson dot com or you can go back and try to listen to that multiple times but essentially you just put that at the end of the URL and then when you check that you when you check your feed in You know browser that supports looking at the code you can go in and look at Chroma supports that But that's what you do. So it's not that we add it to your current feed is already out there just one that just end slash ourselves. You add that code at the end so it slash question. Mark Include Dash Lips Dash Meta data equal. True and in. Some people are using that again. Get that idead. So they can auto generate players up on their webpage. Nats where it comes in. They Rob Apple. Never wanted to go with the heard what we're GONNA go ahead in the midst of this pandemic and we're going to release new products because we want to give people something to think about. That was apple's thought process. We only want to give people something new to think about an apple announced in the middle of all this chaos this past week the new fourth generation IPAD pro twelve point nine inch and also an eleven inch version and more importantly a keyboard with a track pad. This new keyboard track pad will work for both the third and fourth generation. Twelve point nine inch. I've had pros. This is the USB see ipad pros plus the eleven inch USB see ipad pros which is significant in that. It will make editing audio on the ipad much easier with the addition of the track pad combined with zero fan noise and the ipad Pro plus keyboard slash track pad. He's a really nice tool for podcasters. However it's not cheap tool maxing out two point nine inch ipad pro in getting the keyboard with track pad and Apple Pencil to will set you back. Twenty one hundred and twenty. Seven dollars pretexts. Yeah so still if you like to record and edit as you go this is a really nice tool for that and again. Don't fan noise. I know I'm so glad I just I didn't really yeah. I just bought mine but I would have been awesome this last one. But that's okay. I know that it works with the attract Pat Fisher so I was super stokes. That said the other thing that I found really intriguing which I haven't seen in a long time from like apple. Pundits is that everybody is blown away by how much better it is than they thought. And and so. That's got me excited. Because most of the pundits that I follow usually they're they're very complementary to apple they're also very critical you know and they say like this is a great release but this it's missing this and this white indeed do this. You know there. There's a lot of that of course but the initial take of whatever that might be is that it is beyond particularly the Mouse. The mouse stuff a lot better than they even imagined which is kind of wow think like oh my God. That's crazy so good job apple for I guess you know Kudos to them for bringing a little bit of joy to people who are feeling overwhelmed. Because if you're into things like this it makes you happy even if most of the stuff like this these releases. Make me happy. Even though I'm not going to get it it's just like ou need it. Just it's nice so it'll be really interesting to see what happened because I was thinking like I guess you could just order it. And then they'll just be delivered to you because all the apple stores are closed. That's actually had an apple store appointment for the Saturday that for Saturday. They were close. My guys yeah I had. My son is bummed because I'm returning my other macbook to finally get the battery. Opt Out for him so he's GonNa get it so he's like why didn't you? Why did you have the appointment earlier in the week? I'm sorry I know that's just so messed up man. I was going to go to the apple too because I'm having keyboard of course I'm having a keyboard thing happened and I was like. Oh it's not bad enough that I'm going to take it in and I kind of slacked the last time. We went to Pittsburgh just like a great. He stuck with this for a while. Because I'm not I'm not sending it in via mail you getting me. I don't know what's going to happen all right. Let's go ahead and move into a little teeny email. Do you know if the music performed by the. Us Marine band is in the public domain regards. And our he provided a url on Youtube. And it's like YouTube dot com slash user slash. Us Marine band slash videos? And we'll put the Lincoln the show notes For that and I sent this question in link to Gordon Fire Mark and I said Hi Gordon per music created by the US. Marine band link above is that considered in the public domain as it was created by part of the US government assuming the original songwriter created prior to nineteen twenty four. I believe it is regards rob Coordin- replied back per the question link and he said quote if these are the recordings being used I'd say yes they're productions of the US government and thus available for public use unquote of course as with anything like this. It isn't assumption. The content is in public domain. But given it was by the US Marine band should be. It will come down to win. The song was originally written composed for example the William tell overture was originally composed back in eighteen twenty nine so it's performance by the US. Marine band would be something you should be able to use on your podcast with no issues at all. Dat said one of the songs. The Marine Band played was the imperial March from empire strikes back and that is still covered by copyright assigned to John Williams. So that song even though performed by the marine band is not one you can use on your podcast as so in our. If you want more formal legal advice please contact Gordon. Fire Mark Directly or anybody should contact Gordon and you can hire him and to do a legal review of the music you want to use. But we'll have a link at least for the US Marine Band if you WanNa find some nice background music that town's pretty darn good cool. That's awesome K. moving to another email here Hello Elsie and Rom. I had my show. Dagan down by spotify for copyright violation and there was no music. Here's my story. Hey guys it's stiffen dish in from the nitrous living show. It was so wonderful to meet you guys at pod Fest in Orlando and Rabbi particularly really enjoyed your presentation on the State of podcasting in twenty twenty And I was listening to the feed on my way back and In the last one if every twenty fifth episode 162 you talked about spotify taking down a podcast for copyright violations. Well I've had a similar experience except mine. There was absolutely no music involved. Couple years ago I interviewed a guy who was working for an organization and he talked about how great it was. And what a wonderful place to work and then subsequently got fired and He did not like the fact that he was on the Internet. Talking about how great they were since now he'd been fired and he asked me to take down that particular episode now. I refused because I said look. It is what it is what you said at the time was representative. And in fact you were thrilled for for the podcast episodes. In how many listens it got and how much feedback you got from it. So there's really no reason but I'll tell you what I will record a follow up episode. Might even Penn something if you want me to to the original episode. But I'm not taking it down. He didn't take that well so he complained about copyright violation with the copyright violation process with both apple and spotify so it's a well established principle in law that the copyright belongs to the interviewer An apple asked me about the situation and I explained what exactly what I've just explained. And they said Okay and that was the end of but spotify immediately took down the entire show not one episode and sent me a note. Didn't ask me note. They've done so now I wrote back. I explained nothing waited a week. Followed up nothing. Follow up to three times. I don't remember exactly then. I contacted the Stay podcast or support email and to make a long story short. It was a lot of back and forth and there was several months ago and finally I think the most effective thing I did was going through to twitter Contact Information and they sent me an email to contact people that had taken me down. Sent me an email which is not the same people as the podcast or support and asked me to if I if I replied and said that all of my content was legal and not a violation. I would indemnify them. They would put backup so it's not quite backup yet. But according to what they said it should be soon but I was quite Nightmare to go through and frankly They should be in a situation like that particular. They should've asked me I. So thanks for letting me vent about that and I hope nobody else has to go through that to Thanks for the kind words about my podcast presentation and purrier issue. I completely understand why you would not want it. Taken down and his use of copyright violation is not at all what it's there for so that someone trying to abuse the system. Hopefully that was a one time. Misunderstanding on spotify is part and they will look a little closer at takedown notices in the future I did reach out to spotify on this and they said quote. Hi Rob podcasters should always feel free to contact suppo- spotify podcast support at podcasters dash support at spotify dot com. For more information on. Why show was taken down? We do take down. Podcast that are primarily music. Spotify for podcasters is not intended to be used as a music distribution till regardless of the licensing status of the music in the show. We also want to ensure that music and podcasts are clearly inappropriate organized in our APP. I can't speak to take down your listener. Experience as it seems to be more of a general copyright infringement issue and was handled by different team within spotify unquote so again Stefan. It does sound like an isolated issue. You faced with spotify but per those with mostly music podcasts. Spotify clearly saying there are other ways for that music to get up there rather than a podcast at least inside spotify moving on here. We have our second promo the episode. And this is the Celtic myth pod show welcome to the Celtic myth. Potrero bringing the tales and stories of the ancient celts to your fireside with a mixture of narrative and drama. We retail the ancient stories of the celts in a way. That's ideally suited to modern audiences. We've also created some special shows bringing you. Modern Celtic stories music and traditional folklore. Sit back comfortably and listen to the Celtic myth. Put Show available. Where all the West podcasts? Hang out or on our website at Celtic Myth Poach. Oh Dot Com all right here we go and now we've got a long email so elsie reading Mama interrupt you here here we go. Dvd Od d all a huge fan of the podcast and the information stats in friendly conversation. I also want to do. Just make a comment about the Samsung Q to us. I have been using a blue yeti which is a condenser mic for the very first year of my podcasting journey but on the recommendation of yourselves and a few friends. I decided to take the leap and get some cute to us recently. I have to say the difference in the resulting recording is like night and day I've even found myself recommending them new folks who asked me about getting into podcast. So thank you for that. I've also been a big advocate for hardware base records recently. I've been making use of the age six and absolutely love it. I know that they can crash. But I've had much better luck with with it than any other recording software. We lost an early episode of the waffling. Taylor's when my recording APP crashed on saving a two hour long recording I also cannot recommend double enders enough for remote recordings. A lot of folks talk about using this APP or that APP for remote recordings but you cannot beat the quality of double ender as long as you have sync signal. I get everyone to clap. Once at the beginning of the recording in episode 163 you mentioned that lips and users can now make use of the headliner integration is this available to all. Lipson users also. I'm not sure that you had mentioned that. Headliner is a service with its own. Subscription levels outside of control of Lipson does the Lipson headliner integration auto post to linked social channels. So we should pause here in answer that question. So does it do that? I haven't used. I haven't really started a new episode of my podcast. Just since we've launched so that's why I haven't used it yet. It does not it does have separate and I think we did mention this you do and it's in the Faq not FAQ's in the KB article knowledge base article all of this is explained so part of the usage of headliner. Integration is that you do have to have an account with headliner and you can have a free account. I believe for headliner it. Just it's like everything else like you know how phonic I don't know if you guys know this but in a phonic you get X. amount free minutes and then if you want more minutes you buy more minutes. Headliner is kind of like that. And it's also based on. I think it's based on minutes or length of of your video. Whatever that might be that you are processing out is what I believe. And so yeah you do need to get an account in that way and but it does not you kind of have to share that out independently of us so it's not like it goes one way and then it comes back to the Lipson Dashboard. I don't believe it does that. In fact I all come clean too. I have not used it either because we were talking about before. Habits are hard to break and it's like adding a whole new thing that I never did before so it's like sometimes. I'm such a time crunch that I'm like I just WanNa just WANNA put my show L. I don't WanNa make all this extra stuff right. Now that we've seen a lot of people use it and it looks great. It's awesome and it is the free version of headliner. Yes now integration and we in the future will when we roll out Lipson five. We'll have more integration all right and then okay so continuing on with email because it continues here. We go quote rob also mentioned recently that the Google play destination had been deprecated is their replacement destination or do we have a different way of getting the show into Google podcasts. Pause right here. And it's a google play music and Google. Podcasts are two completely different services. Getting into Google play. Music did not did not get you into Google podcasts. At You Google. Podcast scraped your feet from your website. Google play music. You had to submit their two. Different things We will home. Works off of Google podcasts android. Google podcast again that those are different than Google play music getting into Google play music. You adjust into Google play music which was just available in the US so just want to let you know those are two completely different services. Even though we both start with Google so can understand why people were confused. Correct okay. I have already done this for my shows by including an html tag on my show node site which looks like this and then she shares the link. I'm a developer in have built sites for each of my shows which I'll agree will be difficult to read on the show. I can see that this is included in the Lipson. Podcast page the one at you'll do showed name. Dot LIPSON DOT COM. Do folks who haven't made custom sites need to do this or will? The process feed we picked up be picked up from the Lipson. Podcast page all right. So the answer to that is it should be picked up from podcast page. Lipson podcast page is optimized for Google podcasts for to scrape and pick it up so if you're only website is the Lipson podcast page us. Should get your show picked up by Google podcasts. And that's what we see Moesha's okay and then it continues on Quote I'd also like to submit Promo for my show. The DOT net core podcast. I'm attached it as an MP three but can happily provide way. You're so cute. You guys awesome. I mean just send it to me not picky about it. I just want them and thank you so much. Your podcast schedule. I mean sorry. Your Promo is scheduled to be on the next episode. Okay and then. Lastly thanks for creating the show and for being the best a IMO. Podcast whose deep. So it's a matter of fact in my opinion oh invest in my opinion vodkas Dean Service. Keep up the great work kind regards. This is for Jamie. Thank you so much Jamie so appreciated Jamie I am. Oh my my a matter of fact. That was a great. You know all right good content. Another email here L. C. N. rob. I thought you might be amused. Do Know How I celebrated my two hundred episode instead of reminiscing recapping or talking about highlights. I read most of my one star reviews on my call I group them into themes and tried to find the truth or insight. They contained before I read them. I share two reasons to my listeners. That highlights the positive value of one-star reviews one. They may point out something I can change and should change two. They keep me humble and remind me that my podcast isn't for everyone. I also shared three reasons why. I don't en- won't regularly read one star reviews on my podcast number one. It is hard not to sound angry and vindictive. I like to provide a positive experience to my listeners. To negative reviews can really upset regular listeners. Who loved the show? They can be very protective in. Don't want to want to unnecessarily stressed out. Mama Bear Syndrome. I know right three the the biggest reason I don't regular read my one-star reviews on my podcast is that the people who wrote them probably aren't listening. So it's better to spend time reading feedback from people who are actually listening. Terry smart okay. Anyway it was truly a lot of fun. Bundling them altogether finding themes and reading them. My podcast for an anniversary episode. Iv received nothing but positive feedback from my listeners. So far regards and this is from Harris from this. Sleep whispers podcast. I love that. They received nothing but positive feedback by reading their negative feedback. Teams Rather Ironic. I know I think I think that's kind of cool. All right moving on here we go another email High Ralston. Email string so we're gonNA go back and forth year all right so just to let you know so. This is one that came in from one of the bigger podcast. But go ahead. Okay Hi Rob. We're starting chargeable immigration. We began yesterday by adding the prefix to show name redacted and saw a swell of downloads charitable is saying they did not pause it but the timing is way too convenient have you seen charitable causes swell before for guards and our whenever you add a pre penned a changes the URL for the media files in the enclosure tag but not the Guid tech good aggregate. Here's just look at the G. U. Id Tag but not all aggregate are good and some do look for the URL of the media file in the enclosure tag and because it does change some not good acting aggregate will download episodes again. I have seen that happen with other pre pens when they are added and removed not just chargeable. To be clear. It is not specifically a chargeable issue but it is definitely triggered by adding chargeable any other prepaid prefix to feed in theory. Ish should not happen but again not all aggregated do what they are supposed to do and one more item. We recommend you wait at least one full week before you look at stats for any prepaid service ignore the statue seeing charitable or any other stats service for the first week that you use them. Hi Well what is happening with the stats? The first week. That makes them suspect. Is it things like this bump in traffic that we saw in our correct waiting a week makes sure any changes have propagated out to most of your listeners. And any that are subscribed with not good at gator. Apps will have finished with any extra downloads. It should at that point. Get you where you are looking at. Mostly legit download requests and not any because of the change in the url from the pre penned addition high route. If you drill into the show name redacted increases they are coming all from spotify and our and Yep spotify as one of those but not the only one that a change in the file. Url will caused files to be downloaded for anyone that had downloaded them before we saw back in November December. Right after we switched over to pass through is just how the spotify APP works and again how some others work as well long the short now that users can add in their own pre pens in Lipson on their own at any time which for some reason someone wants reported. That was a bad thing. Anyway now that producers can do that in lives in. Please make sure if you do it. You ignore the stats for the first week. Great and onward at to another one. Hi Rob I had a client last year receive around two thousand reviews on launch day. Her community was very excited. However due to the overwhelmingly positive response I believe it triggered some issues in apple systems that are designed to prevent fraud in spam. I also had a client. July debut with even more than two thousand reviews on launch day but we didn't encounter any issues. My question is I am about to help. Launch another show that I believe will debut with a similar subscriber slash review count. But I'm wondering what I can do proactively to avoid the apple system being triggered for fraud. Thank you and are high. In our focus on the subscribing to the show and consuming episodes I if lots of people putting reviews but do not subscribe and or consume the episodes that will likely raise a big red flag. Ratings and reviews are way way overrated as well subscribing and actually listening are much more important in the apple ecosystem if their audience does that subscribes and actually listens then. No amount of reviews should trigger any fraud warning. I don't know if the reason they're all three of our clients are launching at the same time is because that's what someone in Bangladesh cells or stare legit so you know. That's how apple looks at it. You know so. It has to be legit users subscribing consuming apples and you had you had a podcast. That was rejected on initial submission. did and Technically everything looked great. I mean I looked over that feed. There was nothing nothing wrong with it. I scrubbed it from head to toe in the only possible issue. I could figure out was episode. One had coveted nineteen in the title of the episode and it was a financial podcast and well that is kind of a big deal in the financial markets. Right now that said I asked them to change the title of the episode removed. Kovic Nineteen They. Did they resubmitted? And it went right through. I asked apple if this was the reason they said it was not but it seems awfully coincidental but if you have a podcast rejected and it has cova. Nineteen the title of the show or an episode. Yumei want to remove it and resubmit honestly I WOULD NOT BLAME APPLE. One bit for that level of filtering. There are going to be a lot of people that play on all the flood. That's going around Kovic. Nineteen so absolutely. If apple was restricting or rejecting podcasts because they think there are blatant. Cova nineteen scam or or jumping on the bandwagon or something that that's not legit. I don't blame apple for projecting for that. So just folks if you're submitting new podcast and the first episode has Cova Nineteen and a title or Joe Has Been Nineteen title and I guess rejected could be why we heard earlier on our first audio feedback on this show about the fact that youtube is not not monetize. Ing on video are are about the virus. I assume you know and so that's really smart of Youtube as well because that's just evil and if you do have something that you're creating to help people particularly around this time. I don't think that the you know making cash off of video views is a way to go about it either so I think it's great. Okay so worse tweet of the week this over. I don't know if you WANNA well. You know what it was really interesting because I did. I get a little bit of feedback. I had somebody that was 'cause this happens a lot people for your head. They were like very angry already so they were already very angry and they're just being very extra in on social media right when they were like. Oh my God you guys just are off all. I need somebody to listen to me like very loudly inside of DM so this is all private messages and stuff and generally speaking when people do that. I am as light hearted as I possibly can be not light hearted as in like dismissive of people but like as in like Oh my. Gosh. I am so sorry that this happened at. Obviously we've dropped the ball. Let me get you some help kind of responses but I also like to keep my language very down to Earth in my thought and right casual casual. Yeah and generally generally so. I'm going to give you the back story of this because I don't think you've heard the story of this so I I was like okay and usually lately I've been using Ooi Bison like oh I but more like oil like oh my gosh. That's how I interpreted right so this guy sent me this message and I was like. I'm so sorry this happened to you. And then I continued right and I just went like that and then he responded essentially about how horrible I was in how lack of professionalism and he was just like really really angry and then he requested that I be fired and house lake cheese. I mean I didn't do anything that was really crazy right so like there are some of the People. I know it was really. I mean if you guys could see if you guys could see like just the conversation you would see that. There's wasn't bad like rate. It was just normal but but I thought you know I'm GonNa do a little bit of research on I and I actually reached out because I did a little research on this person and I found out that this person was from the UK and so I reached out to our country that has the greatest comedians. Sometimes they don't have the best sense of humor so then I went out of my way to like reach out to my friend. Marcus with WHO I was like he is you know from the UK. And I asked and I said okay if I responded to somebody like this and I just copied my response and I sent him and I said would. Is this a bad thing? Like would you be upset by this or I just wanted to know I like I did. I gave no context. Just sent that and he goes. Yeah I yeah. That's probably not the best. Because I guess Roy in like in in England maybe one of you guys all of you. English people sending some feedback to us to explain the difference between that tone so I guess it is more like a net negative response. It's like a dismissive response to somebody. Like like as if he was making a big deal of nothing and I was dismissive. Break from the Gecko so it is. It was a misstep on my part to use a term that in his culture is not particularly as light hearted as I meant it so there was some misunderstanding in the translation. So now I know right. Although this person was very angry with me and I was like. Why is he getting so mad anyway? How about that rob? So don't ever say to see it's a different feeling so you know number so anyway now I know but if you guys can explain it better fleas and sent him feedback over the feet lives dot com. We would love to play it because Yeah that was learning me. And why don't we go ahead and switch gears and I believe we mentioned a few episodes back. Tammy was going to increase pricing from ten cents per minute to twenty five cents per minute. Well Tammy finally dropped the dime and went to the quarter. I just wanted to say that. So expect to see an increase in your transcription. The next time you use the service still. It is better price than most other solutions. But if that increases too much you you might want to look at the script or Oughta I. I'm telling you I really like it. Okay so where have you been here? We go hi. Elsie and rob. You sometimes ask podcasters to tell you where they have been or have been seen my show got featured in the travel section of the New York Times. Thought you'd appreciate it and so this is from fish nerds. Oh my gosh. And we'll have a Lincolnshire notes click -gratulations congrats. Clay Groves. We love you. We support you just giving you a shoutout Murray and you guys go check out this article and if you love fishing subscription show okay. Moving on High Rob. I was on a panel today to discuss podcasting when the question of is download a listen came up. How do you answer this question? Regards Rachel Hi Rachel. I was on the IB committee that wrote the two podcasts. Metrics back envy one. We spent over four months debating. This question and the results were no a download. Not a listen. As in podcasting a download does not mean. Someone listened to that show but that episode. We hope they do but we have no way to accurately verify it from the server side. Deportivo. Podcast is hosted. Only the client side I e. Podcast GATOR BY APPLE PODCASTS. Spotify overcast can tell if an episode was listened to and how much any guest hosting service that calls it. A listen is being misleading as the client side is not reporting back actual listens info on to the podcast hosting service. However you can log into apple podcasts. Connect to see the data and saying what spotify on an episode by episode basis. You can see what percentage of people I listened in how far through but in podcasting a listen is not a download and download is not listened. Unfortunately there are some companies either through malice. Incompetence are starting to use the word. Listen in their their dashboard. And it's one of the two miles or incompetence but we spent four or four months debating. This and at the end of the day download was the phrase and we felt using listen with definitely disingenuous. Yeah sadly that's Oh it's absolutely on point and it is something that I think we. We need to be able to explain to people a lot of the time because there is that Miss Understanding that just because you have a download that people are actually listening to your show and and again. It's not dismissive that you have done loads just sometimes like I I download so many podcast episodes the last time I was in town because I did not know when I was going back for my girls cause we again because we don't have regular Wifi in this house so I like filled up their ipads with like as many episodes I possibly could. I was just like being. And so yeah. There's a Lotta download. There's some people who I downloaded their entire back catalogue. I don't know if my girls are going to listen to all those episodes but they're they're so yup okay so now we're almost the most special and and beloved part of our show but before we get to that part here we go on our third Promo episode. This is sleepy. Time Tales. Good evening friends. Inslee struggle for you. Do you find it difficult to fall asleep or do you wake up in the night out. Sleepytime tails. I'm Dave and I'll read or tell you a story and Ma boring voice to help distract you. So that sleep isn't a stranger fund show at the. Tom Tells Dot net search. Sleepy Tom Tales. Wherever you find your podcasts could night and sweet dreams all right thank you. Thank you sending that in folks. Please send in your promos. I play on the show. Now we're getting into stats and in this case we're GonNa talk about infinite dials. We're going to get a little a little bit of infinite dial Stat Info and thanks. Tom Webster who ran the Edison Research incident dial Lebanon on Thursday the nineteenth of March where they introduced twenty twenty numbers originally that was going to be they. Were Planning on having it a live event people coming in and not so much this year. This down just go over the methodology. 'cause they always point that out so. I want to point that out here. The numbers we're GONNA talk about. This was a survey conducted in January and February. Twenty twenty via telephone with fifteen hundred two people aged twelve and older in the United States only and they called both cell phones and Land Light. Some of the interesting at least to me tidbits. From this year's report one smartphone ownership has flatlined at eighty five percent. So from this point on it is really about replacement devices not growth smartphones to tablet ownership flatlined. Back IN TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN. When forty nine percent this year it was fifty three percent ownership of of a tablet down fifty six percent last year. I don't know what happened to those three percent of people's tablets. Just throw out. But between forty nine and fifty six percent. The last six years those combined means the tide has stopped rising for mobile devices to consume podcasts. From this point forward again it's about replacement devices and and hopefully at some point on android a native APP that will help the tide rise again but from from actual devices where people consume It's now you say we're at a ubiquitous mode. Everybody's got it. That's going to have it from this point. Forward Three Smart Speaker ownership continues to rise but the percentage of consumption on podcast based on what we measure is not really going up percentage wise and in the US. Alexa has the clear lead. Twenty one percent in the US having Alexa versus eleven percent have a Google home and just one percent with an apple homepod. Which by the way. It's really nice device just expensive. If I thought number of radios in the household continues its decline with thirty two percent having zero radios in their house in two thousand twenty versus twenty one percent in two thousand nineteen and ten percent in two thousand eighteen That means go to your local goodwill if you wanNA radio because people must be donating them in Bunches I. I don't know if we're technically considered a house without a radio. If that radio happens to be in the basement in a bin that's the only place other than our weather radio. I couldn't tell you whether there's been basement. There's some old radios you know what I think. I WanNa go against the grain. I think that's GonNa be the next. I was thinking about that. We should have a radio in the house because the girls could then play with that now again because we're disconnected. So they could just you know. Move around and listen to music without having to download anything but yeah. We don't have a radio right now so I got. I got a record player here in my in my office you. I don't know how old school you can say you have. I have a record player. It's a USB connected. Oh Yeah Yeah. Okay where we at now for they They asked people what audio brands they used to. Listen to audio. In the last month in Pandora and spotify tied at twenty five percent. Each Amazon music was at fourteen percent. Third-place Apple Music was at twelve percent at fourth place and I heart. Radio came in fifth place with eleven percent so again Pandora spotify top then apple music that assuming Amazon music then apple music than iheartradio in. That's mostly about consuming music in that. In that part though services of many of those services have podcasting and now never five to the podcasting specific part familiarity with the name. Podcast is now at seventy five percent. Us up from seventy percent last year which leads me to ask who the heck are those twenty five percent. That don't know what a podcast is really. Hey let's the same people that don't know what an APP is or you know. Don't have a smartphone off three or more radios in their house. I guess I guess possibly fifty-five number six fifty five percent of the. Us has ever listened to a podcast that works out to one hundred and fifty five million listeners. Ever listening to a podcast number seven. And now this is the slide. I find the most important of all the sides. The percentage of people in the US that listen to a podcast in the last month. I e the active podcast listening audience in the. Us is now thirty seven percent. That's up from thirty two percent in two thousand nineteen in that represents general hundred four million regular podcast listeners. Us cracked that one hundred million mark. That's authorized baking. Now I went and I did some studies in topped one of my slides. And here's what I found on some other monthly listeners the US Sirius Xm thirty four point nine million monthly subscribers at the end of twenty nine thousand nine Pandora had sixty three point one million active US listeners or users in the US and spotify came in at sixty five point four million active monthly users in us and those were all at the end of twenty nineteen so again podcasting with one hundred and four million US active listeners eclipses all three of those jobs so I just love how people don't realize how big a medium podcasting is it's bigger than Sirius. Xm Is bigger than Pandora. It's bigger than spotify in the US. Think about that. When you're you're at a company in your company's designed to decide should they do a podcast that tell them that you give him that? Email me Robert loops. I'll send you a slide where I have to show them a graph next to each other in you show that internally and you'll be doing a podcast now there was one other thing they get the gave item eight and this was the average time spent listening to podcasts. Last week it increased not last week specifically but in the last week from when they interviewed people and it increased to six hours and thirty nine minutes and the US weekly podcast listeners. Average six podcast episodes last week. When asked that meaning the average length of each episode was? Yep over one hour actually over one hour and six minutes so even more data to kill that horrible twenty two minute ideal Nathan so cool. I know so the asking people what we're seeing with the data showing the hard data at Serva- The whole twenty. Two Minute myth wrong. I can't say it enough. It just people that don't know the space so everything points to longer all right there is lots of other data in Edison Research Infinite report and these stats interests you at all than I do. Recommend you review. The entire report wants to release thanks. Tom Is always for the entertaining and informative Webinar. A Triton Yay Edison. Tommy John you guys did fantastic without pants. Ask them if they were very pain. Thought we know anything about that which I would not no. I don't know what this person was. Think okay so now. Moving to some advanced dance. Yes and this is an update so this is an update from what we said on the last episode. So on last episode I said CASS BOX. One point four percent of downloads and it had a big drop and well after that recording. I figured out what was going on. Cass box is android APP updated with a new user agent and I confirmed it with cashbox kind of figured out when I started really digging into it. I found this user agent in their call Lenox and it was like the exact same amount that they dropped an ESA. That seems strange. So the user engineer lives in stat which Lennox going back and adding links to cast box that brought the number for Feb two one point nine two percent for the month so that updated percentages so. Here's updated percentages for the top eight aggregate or APPS for February downloads. And they go following number one apple. Podcast I tuned sixty three point. Eight percent spotify came in at second. Ten Point Six stitcher third two point two overcast for two point. One cast box fifth at one point. Nine Google podcasts. Six at one point eight percent podcast attic seventh at one point. Seven and number eight was podcasts. At one point two percent and percentage wise that's everybody over one percent and cashbox did make it sound in their email to me like they would be updating their user agent to get it back to cast box in the future. Didn't sound like it was an intentional change. So where have we been into a segment is going to be only about virtual things you and me and Dave and Robert Greenlee were in a couple of folks from there were at pod. Fest in Orlando March. Sixth Eighth and bounded. Chris you are lucky man. Line Union RESI. Yes he did Maung. That was the closing act before the shutdown so unbelievable. It was weird to think a week after I was on stage with a thousand people in the audience that being in a room with a thousand people you know it was like wow So things have changed quite a bit but Chris Thank you what a great event podcast is. Wonderful It is the largest focused on the INDIE podcast event. Going and can't wait for next year and again bilateral ticket. Chris Rock you man. That's amazing I know I I can't I still like my mind is blown. 'cause you know even days afterwards things just completely started to change right and I think one of the things that I found the most delightful of being a podcast is the fact that didn't have time to obsessively check the news. So there was an element and I and I'm super grateful for this. I mean totally privileged to be able to spend three days focusing on something. We love so much and you know creating community and talking about podcasting in and laughing and being with friends and and going out to eat and all the things all over the no longer really great because it really removed. It's was like we were in this little cocoon and it's amazing. I look back and go out. We were those are pictures of US having a meet up. Oh my God. We were very close to each other and people in and people were a little worried at the event actually had a green dot they put on the badge. It said no which meant no physical contact. I was not one with green dot so I was out there hugging and everything so now. We're we're past our incubation period. So I think everything's okay but it was It was a crazy time To think about how quickly once we got back Recent changed that said Virtually I was interviewed by Mitch. Stephan on the real estate investor summit. Podcast we talked about podcasting. My people get into it and how to succeed with it by helping. Build up your brand plus much more. Lincoln the show notes for that and and this is normally where we go into the. Where are we going segment? Maybe we should call it. Where were we going but not long more because PLANET COMIC CON? Which was supposed to be this weekend for me In Kansas City that got canceled. So that's actually not cancelled pushed out so the rescheduled for August. D- optimistic so that one's August but NABC in Las Vegas Hundred Thousand Plus People that one twenty twenty cancelled and then there's the where where we might be going. Dave JACKSON MIGHT BE AT UTAH pod summit in June but I would probably say doubtful I haven't heard officially from them. What what's going on there And then there's podcast Ohio in July for and I'm going to skip the rest of this right now because I think this right. Some events have been canceled. Some have been announced official dates. And we'll talk about that more in the future. We get a clear picture of where the world's going but for now Virtually is where we talk about. Where have we been so You Know Elsie was anywhere that you were also have got to ask. Virtually we just finished doing our broadcasting quickstart with Chris. Oh we have one every month and it was very well attended. It was possibly the most well attended podcasting quick star though we have done in the past three years. It percentage wise it. I think people are just looking for just to be with each other and we're going to be doing it again the beginning of April. So if you guys want to come and check it out. That's fine and the reason that I I'm suggesting this to you. Guys those of you guys who have in podcasting for a while because I think most people listen to this show have at least started their podcast or maybe have already been with us for over a decade for some of you guys but the reason that we love I love that webinars because we really walk you through the behind the scenes of the lips and interface and all the new things that we have in new updates. We might be having or best practices and I have found it to be a really important part of education particularly if you happen to have moved into the consulting or coaching space for podcasters or helping podcasters launch. This will really give you an opportunity to get a lot of to make sure that your clients succeed in that. You look really good. Plus we have lots of fun questions. Come up from the people other than that. I was last year last year. Two weeks ago I mentioned that I was on the create like a mother. Podcast and my friend. Hillary did not publish the episode. I thought she would but she didn't but now is live. So if you guys want to check out episode twelve create like a mother. I think it's very relevant conversation because we did talk about the way we've created our life to help our children thrive in it's kind of unconventional in the way that the world works. And maybe you guys can listen. And maybe learn some tips about homeschooling staff and being creative outside of the norm and whatnot. It's a it's a fun Condo and Hillary and I go back way way back. She was my very the very first person that I inspired to do. A podcast way back in the day so in Kansas homeschooling is now the thing because we they cancelled the school year. I saw that I have. That's coming up for everybody. So or is the Mimi Kansas in in the community the local the community board. I kept get the name of the thing but there was a mean going around and says and just like that spanking is back in school. Oh man is a challenge. I mean I'm not. Yeah Daddy does a majority of the Yeah he's got the temperament. Let's put it that way. He has the temperament to do it. I have a little bit more of an emotional connection to most things. So I'm a lot more emotional about stuff which means that. My patience is not quite as high with my children and he is a really really big advocate in making sure that the learning experience is a positive things folks feelings of pleasure and goodness and excitement and enthusiasm around learning and so that's actually his biggest thing so he will not do anything if they're being unreasonable whereas I don't have to so so it's best that he doesn't we're GONNA see how it goes with our kids because it actually porter school starts online learning on Wednesday next week. So after pick up his chromebook for that on today and We'll start with him online. And then the older one Henry Who's in public school? His school they said they're going to do something but we haven't heard what it is. We don't know what it is but I told him when he for he left the last acid. I've feeling they might cancel. Bring everything yeah. So we'll see how that goes but start here. What is it? My parents are clueless. In this whole thing I enjoy my so I talked to my parents last night And and my dad's telling me about his golf outing the day before and my mom's talking about a birthday party they would just at and I'm like what is wrong with you. Like why are you going out and there are new? York is wrong with you in the US. Okay I'll she's old Italian. You Know Watch. Everyone loves Raymond his MOM. Yeah that's my mom on steroids worse but anyway and her attitude was well. I've seen worse. I remember polio. Oh my gosh what is wrong with with with people in eighties. It if you're eighteen or eighty you to getting this on the beach down in Florida right. So yeah it's it's the Gen xers we're all the ones that are like no down. Exactly now oh my God. Yeah well if you guys listen if y'all have any feedback or any fun stories of you podcasting at home or any anything like that. We'd love to hear from you guys as always and it would be really fun to just have a funny stories any. Are you in the mood? Please help that. We would love funny stories about then. He kind of podcasting related things that you found out or any tips and tricks that you've figured out that have been like Oh. I didn't know that I do this. Just because you're allowed your your brain to kind of look outside of things and find new ways of doing things always you can email the feed at Lipson dot com and we will be back in a couple of weeks here to be with you guys and if you want to again continue giving us feedback or maybe you have something to say about any of the topics that we've covered. You can email the show the feet at Lipson Dot Com. You can call us at four one two five seven three nine thousand nine hundred ninety four or you can download our free apps for both I o s an android and you can get them at the APP stores at their respective APP stores and search for Lipson S. Y. N. the feed. And you will get us right away so we look forward to hearing your voices and to connect and continue to connect with y'all so we will see you and a couple of weeks or hear from you guys go by.

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