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Enjoy the show. I remember stay safe. Stay healthy and keep laughing. Hello and welcome to daily beans for Wednesday April Twenty Third Twenty twenty today the CDC Director Warns Second Wave of Corona Virus and insane interview between the mayor. Of Las. Vegas and Anderson Cooper. Why KEMP WANTS TO OPEN CERTAIN BUSINESSES UP IN GEORGIA? How different rates of testing yield different results? Autopsies find the first. Us deaths occurred early February a real time blower on hydroxy cork when comes forward and a bunch of good news. I'm your host G. Hey everybody it is. Ag I am Flying Solo in a block today. Actually in the INTRO. Today the block is going to be Jordan. Jordan is going to be here to talk to you about that insane interview in case you didn't catch it and even if you did you know what? I'm talking about with Goodman the Mayor of Las Vegas and Anderson Cooper absolutely astounding. I wanted to do a piece on it. And Jordan is going to be bringing that to you in the Abe lock We're going to have a little bit later in the show Our FRIEND NATASHA. Bertrand from politico will be joining us to discuss Senator Ron wyden footnotes in not footnotes but like additional comments in the Senate Intel Committee report. That was released earlier in the week. We we've already talked to David priests former CIA and author about that and we've spoken to Frankford Losey former assistant director of the FBI about the body of of the of what was in the report. And as I was finishing parsing it last night I noticed. These widened comments at the end and I wanted to bring in an expert national security expert to talk about that so Natasha will be with us. She's absolutely an outstanding person. If you don't follow her on twitter you should Her and Kyle Cheney and Betsy Woodrow Swan. Politico is excellent news organization news outlet but as I said Oh and this Friday join us for our cocktail meet and greet if you're a patron We're going to have that at four. Pm Pacific Time It's basically on crowd source if you if you have that APP and the hosts we get up and we just answer questions like fun. Questions and we have cocktails. And we have themes. And we've had a Pajama Jimmy Jam. We've had a get dressed up FEM- and This week steam is music. However you want to interpret that music so keyboard necktie perhaps or You know bring an instrument. Whatever you WANNA do anyway. There are lots of fun. We've had hundreds of people join us on these every week. And it's it's it's one of my favorite things I look for whatever so join us for that but as I said it is time right now for Jordan to be covering that interview between the Mayor of Las Vegas and Anderson Cooper so it's time for hot notes pot notes. Hello welcome to Jordan's corn beans. I will be doing the b-block today covering an interview that some of you may have already seen going around the Internet. Some have not but now you will know that Anderson Cooper completely demolished. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman on national television the other day. It's my hometown. Las Vegas a bit of a bummer to see the mayor being such a fucking asshole And she gave no fucks. Didn't even try to not sound like an asshole. In fact it sounded like the opposite. If you were trying to be an asshole. That's what it would look like Carolyn. Goodman the asshole emerging from an otherwise smooth. But that is Las Vegas she is the whole and it is sad because jokes aside obviously It's yeah it's the worst. It was such a crazy interview. She goes she goes on What for what I imagine was to try to explain herself further. She just got caught up in saying the wrong thing over and over and over again and she just doubles down this interview with Anderson Cooper and basically what had happened was she. She wants to open up Las Vegas. She's like everybody back to work. We need to reopen you know. The economy is suffering and my people can't take it and we need to open back up. That's a sentiment that I think everybody can at least understand right. They can understand mayors and people of cities feeling this way obviously to feel that way in the absence of any regard for what scientists are telling you is another thing and that is what she really displayed in this interview. And that's why it's particularly disappointing. But she wants to increase. She wants to Like I said reopened Las Vegas but she has zero plans to increase testing and contact contact tracing in the city which is what medical professionals and scientists everywhere are saying is going to be necessary for us to start opening places up again so cooper asks her basically about how she plans on opening up the city with no plans and This is this is the exchange that they had. Let's take a listen. First of all is someone who's pretty sure she possibly had it January. I have already been into the hospital sake. My take my plasma years. What are you doing as mayor on? I'm calling upon everyone to go ahead. If they're positive to go ahead and see if they can help be in part of the preventative or the treatment oil that will have this plasma available. What are you doing anything on testing and contact tracing? Because in order to open businesses every scientist says that well no that's far scientists and the whole thing is is that true. You're you're right fact. You're calling for businesses to reopen every scientist and person who looks. There says what we really need to do. That is more testing. You're tracing that no that can't were. We're not getting the truth. And I know over the years going back in the nineteen fifties with the atomic bomb. Don't worry about more testing in Nevada. You'll all be signed. Take a shower. The reality is the one saying you'll be fine. What we're saying is testing. Contact your words in my mouth. I said open up Las Vegas let us get started and go back as mayor. What are you doing? Or encouraged to feed their families or take care of their. I get I get the pain. That's out there. And it's real and I'm not minimizing. I'm just asking you as mayor. What are you doing to improve testing? Make it more accessible and improve contact tracing because every scientist who you say you listen to will tell you. That's what you need in order to get online as fast as possible. What are you doing? Every single email comes in with offers to give us the kits and get everything here. I send it up to the people in hospitals for them to filter through to find out if these test kits and everything that's being offered in providing you said in another talked to Los Angeles mayor. Eric Garcetti okay if you talk to Mayor Garcetti. He's doing everything he can to improve testing in Los Angeles. I think and I you said it's not your job way. No it is not part of our job. That's part of our health department. Part of our hospital jobs are labs. Those are the ones who are the experience. Roll up your sleeves helping your health department to try to figure out. My days are so full I am everywhere in this city trying to hold the hands of families and everyone else that to get them back to work so they pay for the food for their children and keep a roof over their head. We are two point three million and we so many probably close nine hundred thousand. That are out of work because wonderful cities than shut down. So that's that's insane. All of that is so insane to here. It's like I get again. I get that you want to open up clearly. A lot of people can understand that but she has no plan at all and said that. It's not even her job to have a plan. She says blatantly. It is not my job to work for there to be progress in the realm of getting vaccines done and testing done in contact. Tracing done she just blatantly says. That's not my job and that's not my problem and everybody else can deal with it. My job and I'm very busy by the way she says I'm very busy. That's why I can't look over those other things but my job is just to reopen the city and make sure that everybody's okay In the economic sense. But it's a newsflash. Everybody is not going to be okay without any sort of medical precautions. Moving forward hearing you talk like this is very scary and baffling to. It's baffling the hero. Talk like this. Then she offered up the city of Las Vegas has a control group. She uses words. She calls her people control group in the experiments of seeing how this virus works when they start bringing people back from quarantine so she's literally offering up her people as a control group it is such a scary irresponsibly worded thing to say. I don't even care what she was trying to say. She doubled down on saying things in the Shittiest Way. Just to be antagonistic. Because she felt like Anderson wasn't being fair to her or anybody. That's interviewing her right now. Really could you just keep seeing dumb shit but the call people control group and then to not own up to it when she gets called out on it is incredibly frustrating to hear So I'm GonNa it for you. Let's listen to that clip as May or are you not concerned when you see just conditions spreads this and other people become legionnaires disease? That's just what I said. And so of course. We know that we tried to work on the sensitivities of people to be responsible as to spreading any kind of germ whether it's the don't you think word in Nevada in Las Vegas social distancing? Don't you think it's worked because I mean one hundred sixty three deaths that compared to some other states? That's where for those families. Three two point three million people in southern Nevada. And we've had one hundred sixty deaths. We are sixty three the latest number extra for Nevada. That's Nevada this year hundred fifty two in Nevada. You've had in Las Vegas. You've got one hundred and fifty sixty three two hundred three hundred social distance that you would have had far more without it. Three million here. There are two point three million to overall in the state. The numbers may be off. But I know were well over to not believe so for Disney's live. We were the lion share of the population and in And the jobs when you have twenty three million and you have lost an every one of those hundred fifty. Oh my gosh it could be your own mother your grandmother your grandfather your brother your sister anybody. Everyone of those lives is a tragic loss. But when you count one hundred fifty versus two point three million you have to say we have to open up. We have to go back or bus. Drivers are but hasn't been because of social distancing that the numbers have been what they are. How do you know until we have a controlled group? We offered to be a control group. Anybody knows anything about statistics. Knows that. For instance who have offering citizens of Las Vegas to be a control group to see if your theory on social assistance wrong absolutely wrong? Don't but worse I'm out. You just said excuse me what I said was I offered to be a control group and I was told by our statistician. You can't do that because people from all parts of southern Nevada. I'm in to work in the city and I said Oh that's too bad because I know when you have a disease you have a placebo that gets the water this sugar and then you get those that actually get the shot. We would love to be that placebo sightseeing something to measure against so all data and get the placebo. You don't WanNa get the group against the placebo by the way usually gets the short end of the stick. Well you don't know. How do you know many mayor? You are a mirror. If so that was their exchange interviews about thirteen minutes long you can look it up on Youtube. The full one is there to Anderson. Sure she she ends again saying that testing is not her job at the very end of the interview and Anderson was like well. Why don't you talk to the La Mayor because he seems to have a plan for how he wants to reopen up the city and also have plans in place for this testing in for this contact? Tracing in Anderson is like you know talk to him. He's your buddy she's a yes. He is my buddy. I know him very well. We go way back. He's like okay. Good we'll talk to him because somehow he can figure out a way to work on those issues that you're seeing is not your job you know find it. Find out how he does it. You guys have the same job. Title and Anderson goes a Anderson was like well. I guess the mayor has more duties than you. Do you know like if he considers working on testing and working on contact tracing if you consider that part of his job card essentially than Anderson you know he says Well apparently you know. He has a longer job than you do and she goes. Oh yes he definitely does as if I know she gets the point. She's just being annoying. She's just being really antagonistic because she's she has a very controversial opinion that she is just going full steam ahead with and she gives no fucks at all and she's being incredibly defensive and devil's advocate he and just really really not. She's not doing herself any favors. Like if you're going to take the position that you WANNA open up sooner at least say you're going to try to work on more testing right like. That's the least you could do if your job is to be there for your people and you're saying that you need to reopen up everything immediately because everyone's suffering so much maybe sending them out into the world saying it's not your job to cover any of the medical requirements necessary to make this as safe a transition back into anyone any kind of normal where we're going to see again. At least at least you could say you could. At least say you're trying you know but you're sending your people that you say you're doing this for because you care about them out into the world calling them a control group it's so counterproductive her messaging. It's incredibly counterproductive realistically. I think Vegas just has an insane amount of hotel owners that are just very erase. Should say people invested in the hotel industry that I imagined are like constantly nagging her and she's probably getting it from all sides but I do also know that there are people involved in that industry. That don't WanNa just haphazardly. Open up because they understand that. That's not good either but I feel like the stuff she saying so nonsensical that it can't be what she just at in her heart you know wants to do. She's probably under an incredible amount of pressure from a bunch of rich people. That don't really care how everything opens up again. Because they're most likely going to be fine so they're willing to take that risk because the blood really won't be on their hands and I think this is kind of how being the Mayor of Las Vegas tends to go. You know. It's I mean it's a crazy fucking city But New York seems to be handling it. Well La is on their way to handling it well in terms of testing and how to come back from the struggles that we've had until this point when it comes to contact tracing and. I just wish that she would at least not be a complete ass about how she's she's saying all this stuff it's damaging it's you know. I know the the mindset I have a bunch of friends back in Vegas the mindset. There's just totally different than it is in California and California right now. Everybody is just super on the same page at least from what I'm seeing in terms of locked down you know if you go out and you're like oh I hung out with someone here. Everyone's like what in Vegas I have friends that are going in hanging out with other people just for funsies right now so. It's definitely a different vibe. There and I have to wonder if that's because the messaging might be coming from people like her. That are saying this this crazy shit. You know throwing out ideas like it's okay for everybody to just be a control group and getting back to this. Everybody wants to get back everybody. Obviously I'm not saying we can never get back again you know. No one's saying that no one's saying we need to be in quarantine for like ten years straight. Everybody is just saying that is trying to be rational about this. Please just keep listening to the scientists. That's all. Is that so much to ask during this science centric problem. Can we just do that? Can We? At least try to do that and her answer is no. It's not my job. So thank you Anderson Cooper for being on her ass about the dumb shit she was saying I do think he kind of tends to be a little bit too antagonistic to the point. Where it's like. Okay you're clearly just trying to you know. Get Get your jabs in. Which sometimes you know. I'm a fan of but personally it would be nice to see. Maybe you don't have to try to make her look like a Dick. She makes her look like herself. Make Look Make. She makes herself look like an asshole on her own but I do appreciate him following up on the absolutely ridiculous things that she says so everyone. If you're in Las Vegas let us know how you feel that And if you agree with my assessment of you all kinds of having like a more lax mindset when it comes to the social distancing thing that's kind of what it seems like I do know there's a bunch of people that are doing it very seriously as well. I'm just going off of what I've heard. But that's Mahat note from corn beans and mccutchen. Everybody had a great day. 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There is some new polling out and I wanted to share these numbers with you From a morning consult poll. Only fourteen percent of Americans say which would stop social distancing to stimulate the economy even if it means increasing the spread of the virus whereas seventy six percent say Americans should continue to social distance for as long as necessary even if it means economic damage. Seventy six percent of Americans not Democrats American seventy. You can't get seventy six percent of America to agree on anything but they agree on this. We should continue to social distance for as long as necessary and a Quinnipiac poll says seventy two percent of Florida. Voters say that Florida should not loosen social distancing rules. Seventy two percent of Florida says this They should not loosen rules. By the end of April twenty two percent say they should and seventy six percent say that the state's economy should only reopened when public health officials? Deem IT SAFE I. I'm assuming that means as opposed to politicians probably a wise choice. Seventy six percent of Florida voters. No Yeah Florida voters and a new Reuters. Ipsos poll Reuters and put these polls out. Seventy two percent of adults in the United States. Said people should stay at home until doctors and public. Health officials say at safe and that includes eighty percent of Democrats who are the twelve percent. That's weird that seems low fifty five percent of Republicans say we should stay at home until doctors and public health officials. Tell us it's okay. And seventy percent of independence. Big Number right there. Independent swing elections. So that is a big big number. Seventy seven and ten independence. These are encouraging poll numbers in the face of governors like Rhonda Santa's in Florida and camp and Georgia who are reopening businesses without even meeting the gate and criteria for phase one reopening set forth by the trump's by the trump task force the White House Task Force and Camp in Georgia appears to be opening businesses that require actual contact between the client and the provider like the opposite of the businesses. You would open I. And he's naming that he's like he's calling them out like body piercing shops TATTOO PARLORS. Nail salons hair salons a massage studios. I'm surprised he's not. You know opening up vomit oriels or GDP inspiration point where people make out hug city. Come to hug city and you know in the store where everyone's face but David masterson positive something more sinister on twitter. He says this is about making sure people can't file an employment. It isn't about saving lives. It's certainly not about the peak of the curve. It's not about reopening the economy. He says he thinks a lot of people are going to ignore the governor. And stay home regardless. This isn't a decision. He says being driven by Epidemiology. If there's no state order calling for businesses to be closed the people who are unemployed can no longer claim their unemployment is involuntary even if it would be utter idiocy for them to return to work a hairdresser or a massage. Therapist cannot maintain social distance. But they can certainly file for relief unless the law says they can work. So gyms fitness centers bowling alleys. Where y'all share shoes and body art studios barbers cosmetologists hair designers NAIL CARE? Artists AESTHETICIANS School there and they're beauty schools and massage therapists not banks not software firms. Not Factories not schools and he says it's no coincidence that the businesses on this list staffed by relatively poor people because that's who he wants off the unemployment rolls and then he says after they die. Well they're mostly black and Brown people or Asian people or poor people and that's an acceptable political loss for Republican governor. The purpose of this he says is not to open up these businesses. It's to get the workers there off the Dole work and die or don't work so that was a twitter thread that I read. I read it and this is just an. It's a theory you know. These are just beans. they're not my beans but I wanted to share that with you and I wanted to see what you all thought of that But that guy's name is David Masterson and you can find. It Re tweeted on my twitter feed at muller she wrote all right and and oddly trump said today in the White House press briefing. I know don't usually talk about them but this made the news. He said he disagrees with Kemp on opening up based on a model that says Georgia and eleven. Other states shouldn't open until June eighth. It is April Twenty. Second Twenty third if you're listening M- on Wednesday June eighth. This model says but trump was very soft on this. He said however he didn't mention the June eighth date any said Well I disagree with what he's doing but he's the governor. He can do what he wants to do what he needs to do. So the buck clearly doesn't stop with Teflon Don and a doctor said today. He was removed from a key. Federal Agency in charge of developing a vaccine for Corona virus after pushing for rigorous testing of hydroxy chloroquine. The doctors names Rick. Bright was a career official and he was leading the administration's push for a vaccine but says he was pushed out for trying to limit the use of hydroxy chloroquine. We'll talk about this whistle blower a little more in detail in a bit with Natasha Bertrand. But he has hired Christine Blase. Ford's lawyers and he's he's and his name is out there. He's not. He's not threatened by exposure from bill bar in his bully assholes and in another story here the head of the CDC. Dr Redfield said we're going to. He told The Washington Post. We're going to have the flu. Epidemic Corona virus epidemic at the same time that could be devastating but he said today when asked about at the press briefing that he he. He did. Say that he he actually. There's no but here. He confirmed that those were his remarks. Twice and that This spring what we just went through. We had the benefit of having the flu season. Beat over so we could. We could use all of our flu systems to say this corona virus but next fall and winter we're going to have to viruses and we'll have to differentiate between the two and he says the comments. I made Are that that will make it more difficult. Not impossible just difficult and What I was wanting to do is appeal to the public that they really can help by getting the flu vaccine so we can eliminate as much as possible because we don't have a vaccine for Corona Virus. But we do have a vaccine for flu. He he did not mention or comment on his word devastating though and at that point trump but it said that the headline in The Washington Post was wrong though And the headline said that it will be more devastating and Redfield at was asked out again. Did you mean that? Did you say that? And he he again said He. He confirms what he told The Washington Post but he did not affirm or deny that he used the word devastating but trump insisted that he did not know when a reporter a woman by the way asked Redfield. Why did you re tweet the article? If the headline was inaccurate at which point redfield just left the podium and trump pointed the woman with his index finger pointed at her and said you weren't called. You weren't called scolded her and then Burke Scott up and said she wanted to address. The word devastating. She said we've well. We've learned a lot and we're building together in the strength of the American people and their ability to protect themselves and we have this summer to prepare for the fall if cova comes back so we're preparing making sure all the pieces are in place and what Redfield was asking for was to follow the guidelines and get a flu shot trump then said but it in from the sidelines and said there's a good chance cove it won't come back in the fall so that was just a shit show. Redfield wouldn't back off of his comment. Trump called it fake news. He shut down the reporters asking about it. And then Burke said we'll be ready if it may be possibly potentially comes back and then trump added if it does come back. It won't come back in the way that it was it will come back and smaller doses. We can contain. He said what Redfield was saying if it comes back with the flu but from everything. I've seen it can't be anything like what we've just went through for everything he's seen. It can't be like what we've just went through all of these pandemics. He's been through he. He's seeing it won't be what we've gone through. In the spring at which point berks left the stage just exit stage left so trump is promising. We will not go through what we've gone through. Someone asked him. How can you know it won't come back? Worse than before to which trump answered it may not come back at all and if it does come back it's not going to come back and I've spoken to like ten different people and it's not going to be like it was ten different people. People hate the races people so trump is telling America. It's not gonNA come back in the fall. Don't worry about it comes back at all. It won't even be in. It'll be in small doses and will contain it because we know how to wash your hands now. No one ever heard of washing hands but every fifteen minutes. No one even knew what that meant. He actually said that yesterday. No one knows what that meant. Wash your hands every fifteen minutes. But now we know and we have three months to prepare so absolutely ridiculous and from the Washington Post. According to health officials in California at least two people who died early and in mid-february had contracted the novel Corona Virus and died from it. That's weeks earlier than previously thought and both patients hadn't traveled so it was contracted from community spread according to health officials. Initially the nation's earliest cove fatality was thought to have occurred February. Twenty ninth in Kirkland Washington and then one in March and in March health officials then linked to February twenty six deaths to Cova earlier deaths. Now the ones that are in early and mid February could mean cove in nineteen may have been misdiagnosed in many people earlier this year being mistaken for pneumonia the flu and also modeling like the model. That said you know we would be at one hundred thousand deaths by August. It was adjusted down to sixty thousand deaths by August but we just had an update. It's been upped to sixty six thousand deaths by August. What trump calls a win models like these rely heavily on the start date of an outbreak if date gets pushed back models have to be redone to be reviewed could increase the number of people believed to be infected right now? So this is a big deal. And we'll be right back. After this to discuss additional comments on the Senate intelligence reports by Ron Wyden and the new whistleblower with Natasha Bertrand says stay with us. Hey everybody it's ag in today's episode of daily beans is brought to you by molecule. Did you know over? 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Hey everybody welcome back joining me today for the interview with politico national security correspondent and MSNBC contributor and Natasha Bertrand and Tasha. Thank you for speaking with me today. Yeah I'm young. Yeah no problem so so. I've studying and parsing this recent report released by the Senate Select Committee on intelligence which I'd like to remind. Everyone is still chaired by Republican Richard. Burr and I've spoken to this week already spoken to David priests about it and Frank Lenzi about it and that was mostly about the body of the report. As it pertains to you know the proper predication for opening the Russia investigation et Cetera. But then I got to the end you know I just. I didn't get to the end until recently and there are these comments by Senator Wyden additional remarks and a couple things a couple of things struck me and I wanted to ask you because I know you tweeted about this He wants us to understand that. The report doesn't only support the intelligence community assessment that Russia interfered in our elections to help trump in two thousand sixteen. But he says why didn't hear says it also debunks trump's false assertions about Ukraine. How does this report do that? Yeah so one of trump's conspiracy theories since he was elected really has been that the DNC the Democratic National Committee was actually hacked by Ukrainians. And it something to do with. The group has something to do with the DNC server being in Ukraine and cloud strike being owned by Ukrainian which is not true. All of this kind of nonsense that his own advisers tried to wave him off pretty early on In his presidency. But that really just stuck with him probably because he had Putin in his ear telling him that Ukraine not Russia was responsible for hacking DNC and releasing all of those emails in two thousand sixteen. So what this report with the SEC- report does that came out this week is it definitively says that the assessment the intelligence community made in twenty seventeen about Russia's election and your parents was fundamentally correct that it was the Russians who hacked the DMC and it doesn't say that in so many words what it says is that because a lot of this report is blocked out. What it says is that they found these judgements to be analytically. Sound and that there was an appropriate amount of analysts and Good sourcing that went into this determination including the attribution to the Russians The basically the entire section is redacted including sections on motivation. But what we do then. Is We go back to the ICA intelligence near the assessment. We see what they said about. Of course the the Hammadi and see what they say is that they can attribute the cyber attacks on the political organizations. Which of course was the Democrats in two thousand sixteen to Russia? And so you know you go back. Is this your report? They say they find that to be sound. You're basically debunking the president's conspiracy theories about Ukraine Yeah and I can't help but wonder what's under those redacted par portions of Putin's role in Putin's goals in this and if it has to do with putting the blame on Ukraine. I mean we can sit here and guess what's under those forever but it's just. I thought it was very very fascinating that Ron Wyden. Just put this at the end of the report lake. Just a couple of things that I WANNA point out. I mean I think we were told that By Senator Kaine not what's under? The reductions is primarily predominantly like ninety nine point nine percent having to do with Sourcing so for Putin's motivations enroll for example. It most likely has to do with the person inside the Kremlin that the US government has been running as a source Because that's really the only way that you could get it at Putin's short of intercepts. I mean having someone near Putin and his inner circle hearing him express his preferred candidate. is really one of the only ways you can get a definitive read on on his motivation. So that that would be my guess. It's sources method stuff. Yeah Yeah and we did have that guy that was eventually pulled out a like a deep. Kremlin's by that had to come back exactly could be him could be peop- somebody would never heard of but yeah that's definitely all has to remain redacted But it's just it's absolutely fascinating and then and then and then this just freaks me out. It goes on to say and I haven't heard this come up in a while it with regards to the Russian interference he says he's concerned about Department of Homeland Security and the intelligence communities assessments. Lack of commentary on the vote tally manipulation. What does that? What is he referring to? Yes so I think what he means is that he they. There wasn't enough kind of investigation or really any kind of investigation done into whether there was any there was no forensic investigation done rates. There were intelligence gaps and there were caveats that were not included in the public version of the and that of course is alarming because the icy and administration officials have been saying for years. Now that there is no evidence that any votes were changed and that of course kind of conveyed a sense of certainty To the American public that you know they have competence when they went to the voting booth but Ron wideness. Egg is that there were serious. Gaps indeed Jesse's assessment and this to my knowledge and you pointed this out earlier is seems like it's the first that lawmakers come out and actually called D H s out on this So you know. I think it's really important to go back and recall that it's always been. There's no evidence for this. We haven't seen evidence of it. It's never been you know. This is definitively not what happened. So I think it's an ongoing saga with regard to the actual vote counts but the election structure to my knowledge has has improved a bit of twenty sixteen but it really hasn't improved as much as it needs to. Yano and he brings up. You know paper ballots. Landmark paper ballots something auditable. A paper trail Some things that people are obviously concerned about and and it's not even like That there's no evidence that they didn't even look into it and because Muller said this in his report at least from his vantage point with his investigation he's like I can't tell you if votes if the vote count was manipulated because I did not even investigate that and so and of course you know the the. There's going to be certain people who take that to mean. The Votes. Were not manipulated. But here's Ron wyden saying we don't know if they were and we need to know these kinds of things and I wanNA bring that to everyone's attention right exactly bananas. What occurred what a interesting timing to you. Know with the whole release bars release or the. Mci Rick Grenell's release of the DOJ AIG's footnotes and. It's yeah I mean. I think there's a reason why those have been selectively leaked to from journalists Of course of course the most all say about that. It was like the selective leaks of the struck page texts. You know in the middle of the night from the Department of Justice. But don't say where you got them right exactly. Yeah I mean I. I don't think anything is a coincidence. These days right so you know it. Can't it really can't be and now this last minute thing? I wanted to ask you about just because of your. I know your background rick. Bright the doctor Totally off subject here. But this doctor who is now like a live action whistleblower coming out of a federal health agency working on a vaccine. Saying I was taken out of my job because I was pushing back against Hydroxy Cora Quentin And I just find that absolutely absolutely fascinating that we have a live. Real time whistleblower. That didn't get punted by some deny are pushed aside by the Department of Justice. So I think this is going to be a fascinating story. Yeah this is going to be a big fight. Especially because I mean he hired the same lawyers that represented Christine Wasi Ford. He is clearly going very big on this like he leaked the statement. I The New York to Miami near times to ensure maximum exposure. So he is going all out. I mean when he was fired a few days ago we ERC when he was tired when he was reassigned a few days ago we all thought that was very very weird. It was very abrupt and our health folks just said that it just didn't smell right so it makes sense now that the truth is coming out on but it just goes to show that like this administration will will do virtually anything to make sure that trump looks good And that he is above all else you know seen as seen correct encinas doing. What's right in this situation? So even at the expense of actual expertise so it's going to be a an interesting storyline to follow just a personal question not personal but personally wouldn't why do you think trump pushed hydroxy. Clark when so hard I? It doesn't seem like it's a profitable drug. Do you think it was just to some way to get reelected. Like what was his motive. You know it's possible that he there are a couple of things that could be possible. The first is that he had rudy Giuliani in his ear. constantly. Who has been pushing this for weeks and weeks? Not Months as a potential cure rudy. Giuliani is someone who's extremely influential on. Who Trump really respects and he has been talking to the president for a long time about this. So that's one thing it's like. Trump has a tendency to just do in say with whoever you know whatever was locked in his ear from whoever But another yeah. Another possibility is the more cynical one which is that. He just wanted a cure and quick And he thought that it might speed things off and reopen the economy. Which of course he needs to to potentially reelected so there are a couple of reasons. The New York Times floated the possibility. Of course he has some stock in some companies that may benefit from it. But it doesn't seem like it's enough money to actually really make a difference for him but you know Kurnia them all that you really can't You can't write it off. Yeah no and maybe not an actual cure but maybe a. You know a figurative cure. That can't be disproven. You know not kind of kind of Shit. Who knows I assume some day somebody will dig it up and we'll figure it out? Well thank you so much everybody. Thank you for listening national security correspondent for Politico Natasha Bertrand. Thank you again for speaking to me. Thank you all right. Everybody coming up next. Is the good news block. You don't want to miss it today. We all need it. Stick around. Everybody IS AG in this. Helping of daily beans is brought to you by rate con whether working from home or working on your fitness. You want what you're listening to what you're listening to not what your roommates neighbors and kids are listening to. And everyone needs a great pair of wireless ear buds but before you go dropping hundreds of dollars on a pair. Just please check out. Wireless Ear Buds from Ray. Con- that's R. A. Y. C. O. N. There your bud started about half the price of other premium wireless ear buds on the market and they sound just as amazing the other top audio brands their newest model everyday a twenty five year. Bud's best ones yet. They have six hours of playtime seamless. 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A. dot com slash daily beans for fifteen percent off. Econ WIRELESS EAR BUDS BY RECON DOT com slash daily means. You'll be glad you did all right. Everybody welcome back. Thanks again for joining us today. And now you've stuck around for it. It is time for the good news. Of course joining us for the good news block as always Jordan Coburn Jordan. How are you? I am doing well today on this fun. Earth Day it. Yeah what is a Wednesday? I forget yes. It's just a Wednesday after yes. Yeah Wednesday I'm doing. I'm doing well. I have been exercising and I think I tore both calf muscles and I have not been walking easily the last two days so I oh God walked today. Dude you and me both. I dislocated my knee the other day. The day before yeah. I squatted down to get the dog food. I wasn't even exercising. I was getting a dog dish to give her food. And I stood up and my knee was out of its socket when I stood up and as I stood up at got further out of the socket and sort of bent sideways and so I had to kick my leg really hard to pop it back in and I went on twitter for medical advice as one does and that was a mistake but I decided on a course of Ibuprofen icing it every twenty minutes elevating and then before I went to bed. I wrapped it up in. I put a bunch of CD Tiger Balm on it and then wrapped it up with a with a Nice Secure. A bandage like a compression bandage and then Had some wine and then fell asleep and then it was it was. It was much better the next day which I think was today. Maybe could've been yesterday so I yeah I'm feeling you. You tore your calf muscles. It's terrible yeah I mean I say. Tore being dramatic but The yes I I definitely did. I did an exercise for far too long and I was like my legs. Feel like they're seizing. Why is this? I'll just keep going and then I kept going? I woke up the next morning. Like fuck I felt you know. This is a bleak thing but you know in like German shepherds have their that thing when they get older and their Achilles kind of get like all floppy and they're just like yeah. There's kind of like flopping their feet around basically just trying to get around as best as they can. That's essentially me and my apartment but on but on two legs I'm fine. Sounds that sounds terrible. Yes it is a total privilege problem and I'm doing great is the short answer to your question. Good I'm glad I'm glad these are the things I have the ability to complain about. But but yes we have so much. Good good good news from all of our listeners. And we have a lot of funny quarantine confession today too. So Do You. I'M GONNA pop into it or did you have your own good news. I my only good news. Was that my treadmill got delivered and It's been assembled and now I need to wait for my need to calm down before I use it but it's here and so I'm excited about about being able to do that again because I haven't I haven't been running in in a couple of weeks you know. Yeah be careful. Are you looking up like knee? Pt Exercises and stuff. Yeah and you know. I do a lot of stretching and yoga stuff and now that I think I feel like if I have if I hadn't been doing yoga I hadn't had that sort of background. This could have been a lot worse. I feel like because they've got like good musk. Musk muscle structure around the area. That helped with the healing but man that treadmill from fucking big nude. It's either she can figure it out. I'm sure she can help. You can just walk. I couldn't find a I couldn't find a mid century. Modern treadmill confined treadmill from the sixties doesn't fit the decor and it's huge. But using what would that look just like a Martini holder on one side and the long cigarette stick on the left. Probably one of those belts that just shakes you and you stand there And it comes with a hat. That has a fishing pole of the twinkie. At the end of it just and you and you were and you wear your kitchen dress with your apron while you're on it and heels it is. It is a hill whole resistant treadmill belt to me. But that's my only good news. So now let's hear what our listeners have to say. I need the good news boost today. So let's dive in. Let's hear it all right so I from Cory Cory says my boss called me today to tell me how happy he is with the work. I'm doing and how satisfied he is with hiring me. Also I sold all of my turnips for over three point. Five million bills today in animal crossing Wuhu. What the fuck. I can't get my bell. Price of sixty nine bells interesting number. I know what's I again am unfamiliar with the concept so bells currency in the animal crossing land. I imagine yeah bells like a dollar right and you can play the stock market the S. T. A. L. K. market five buying buying turnips from Sao Jones. J. O. A. N. Sao Jones. She's a pig named Joan so sow Jones. Instead of Dow Jones. You can play the stock market by buying her turnips and so you buy them for like ninety bells a piece or whatever and you have to buy them ten at a time and then you go and you go to the store every day and ask what the price is for turnips and if it's above if it's well above what you paid for him you know. Sell Your turnips man. But you can only but they only last a week so if the price just keeps going down you know you're you're gonNA you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA lose your ass in Sao Jones stock market interesting. How has covert affected the animal crossing economy yet? Or is it more or less unfazed the only difference is it? There's no social distancing rules but there are face masks available for sale in nooks. Crannies your story by things. Even though there's no pandemic you just choose to wear would just feel some kind of moral consistency in your own life. I like that That's Nice I'm excited to get the game. I set up my Nintendo switch. That one of our listeners gave me out of the huge amount of kindness in their heart. And I have Crash bandicoot the trilogy of Games. I grew up playing which is very exciting. And then Mario Kart eight inches. Pretty scenario carts. Good yes Okay so I gotta get animal. Crossing next is my point all right at him next up from Nikki. More animal crossing news. We purchased animal crossing for my son's birthday. After hearing about this game on this podcast and other outlets it has raised my curiosity to play it myself. My husband and I are both working in schooling from home and I have enjoyed playing this game so much that when I am done with my work for the day I kick my kids off whatever game they are playing so I can make my island a five star island. It has been a long long time because I have looked forward to play video game. That doesn't have any kind of violence and brings me this much joy. I limit my news watching after I play so I can have my good feels vibe when I start my nightly routine with my family yeah see it's I love that you just kick your kids off That's that's awesome all right. Dad's turn everybody out love that God. This game is changing the nation isn't it world Okay next from Brion. Good News and confession. I've been stress ordering comfort items for myself that I've always felt guilty for spending money on like extra books. Puzzles bath bombs cute mugs little home luxuries etc. I justify it by ordering my favorite local small businesses. I think I'm doing my part to help the local economy right right. I say absolutely that is that is correct fantastic. I gotta find. I've always I've I wish there was a sort of phonebook. Just for small businesses in like each city so you could just flip through and just source all of your stuff from local businesses. That would be so nice. I usually go to the specifically the there's a San Diego. Lgbtq plus Business Chamber of Commerce. And that's all locally owned mom and pop businesses owned by a folks there folks in our allies of the LGBTQ plus community. I like to. I like to lend my support to them. So that's where I go. And then also there is a black business bureau of Commerce in San Diego as well as a Latino one so I generally tend to search for what I'm looking for in in those first and then if I can look at whatever mom and pop shops I can find and then maybe some at C. creators or Folks who do small businesses through Amazon fulfillment You know just like that. Yeah that's great. I think Eireann when I worked in the small business office at UCSD there was a we did some work with LGBTQ group because they were just starting to recognize that label as one that can essentially get you. points with the federal government in terms of Russia's as state government. I think it was the state of California and I was GonNa Start having yells UBT Q. Procurement requirements which was really cool. And I wonder what the status of that is now. I hope that it's well on its way to being a requirement but But yeah there's tons of and there's like veteran owned ones too. I know Via Be in right. I think that's veteran owned small business. Like there's a group like that. Yeah and here is the sad part. I own a small business in. I'm a veteran and I'm not part of that. I need to get on that. Yeah totally yeah. They have We always used to go to the conferences to like present and stuff and and They always had amazing resources. And it was really cool community Anyways great news Thank you a love that health and local economies next up from Philip this past weekend my wife and I had our annual Polish feast drive-thru style. We cooked enough food for twenty four friends and had them come by to pick up their food and half hour intervals so we could sit on our porch swing and sit on our porch swing and catch up with them from a safe distance. That's fun. What an amazing idea. Yeah like a drive by dinner party. That is so fun. I just imagine you throwing Polish sausages into their window at high speeds aren't everybody opened up through and then they fly through the air and make that. Who's WHO's a helicopter sound. Yeah I can imagine it. Then that's so fun next up from high team. I'm an opera and classical singer in New York City and totally out of work. Obviously the good news is some friends have created a new opera specifically to be performed live on zoom basically they've invented in mastered an entire genre since the start of quarantine and performing in it this weekend. If you want to check it out find it on. Facebook it's called all decisions will be made by consensus which is also the title of the opera. It's weird wonderful and under fifteen minutes. Yay Awesome Awesome. That's so cool. What a great idea. Hell yeah that's beautiful. I love that went out. All decisions will be made by consensus. That's what it's called okay. Finally from Heather. Here's a good news story for you in mid February before. Most of us knew what was coming with this. Cova saying my daughter talked me into adopting a Dr for the pound. I was a little apprehensive at first because I'm not necessarily the best kind of dog owner but called me at work when afternoon and told me I needed to come to the pound as half to meet this dog. It was a fully grown Anatolian shepherd. Mix We finally were able to take her to the vet last week and we were all shocked to learn that she weighed in at ninety three pounds. That's a big Doug as we when we first. When we first brought her home we could see the trauma the stock had been through. Unfortunately the pound didn't know much of her story other than that. Someone had adopted her and returned her because they didn't make a guard dog out of her or they couldn't make a guard dog. Got Her in the beginning. She seems scared of everything. She would cower just because I stood up to fast or because I set something down the table with a clunk I would give her a treat and she would swipe it and run and hide as if she was in trouble for taking it. It took a week before she let out a single bark but now two months later. It's amazing to see the transformation. This dog has gone through after living in a kind and come home where she no. She is loved. I realized early on in the Corentin that might zoom meetings gatherings diety so I started making sure I had a good supply of rawhide bones on hand. I'm pretty sure she has come to associate my bosses voice so the rawhide bone now because she is gone from cowering Because I gave her a treat to now strutting around the living room as if that rawhide bone in her mouth is a badge of honor. That means she is the best dog ever and she is. I may be an in confident dog owners. Sometimes but I'm pretty sure she is the perfect dog for her perfect home with us. How man you gotTa Call? You GotTa Call Your boss Mr Pavlov. From now on so sweet. They're so many cool stories if everybody adopting dogs right now and cats and other animals and as really cool big hearts ninety three pounds. Y'All that's like almost nine scare emojis ways. Now I felt like throwing a scare Mucci in as measured today. Heavy amazing if he only weighed ten pounds. If all of this camera up here and saying it's been perspective shots right well. I figured since since eleven days a SCARAMUCCI that eleven pounds is. That's so funny beautiful beautiful. Thank you heather okay. Now we're onto quarantine confessions we hear you. We don't have a sound bite for that yet right. This is just going right into it. I know I feel like we needed one. Quarantine Quarantine Corny give veterans confessions. Yes or like we need some sort of a church music. Yes I was just going to say we can ask the kind of like. Oh whatever like how do you how do I can't? I can't harmonize on my own here. Obviously but settling like like hanes him How do you say that Hint? Is that a is that a Catholic thing Catholic him. Hymns get hers hymns yes precisely sleigh that would be great and we're or what's the thinking of like some sort of like nineties? There's like some song that has that music in the background. With this like sexy. They touched like beat. You're talking about it's I. I'll figure it out. Oh Oh oh you're talking enigma. You're talking about the Gregorian chant or not at all had. Yes no something like that. We could do Gregorian chant or we could even do Eddy Izard when he sings a hymn. Oh God I know from ages past hope is yeah we could. We could do any clips. I'll work on that figure out a good. I grew up Catholic. I'll find a clip okay. Perfect I'm counting on you so you didn't go to Catholic School for nothing. It was all for this moment into finally WON'T BE IN VAIN. Mine knuckles bled for you. I hope not. I got a are at moving right into it. Korte Confessions I ever member amber says. Today's the first day in about a month a quarantine that I actually sent the good morning message to my co workers. While I wasn't still in bed under the blankets and bonus. I even showered before I started work would do. That's fantastic. I love that. That's like a nice hindsight confession. That's a that's a should wrapped up in a good news. That's like it. I like it too. Yes I think everybody's working from bed if there it's so deserved. Everybody deserves to work in bed. So fucking hard. Even worked to the bone by this capitalist society forever. Take your checking shoes off all right next from anonymous a couple of weeks an accordion. I ran out of shampoo. Shave my head at the same time. I stopped shaving my legs. I went for a walk the other day. It really enjoyed the sun on my scalp and the spring breeze blowing through my leg hair and to be honest. I'm thoroughly enjoying the new. Look not only because of the economic benefits and convenience but secretly also as an f you to my boyfriend who decided to let the Xbox homeschool is kids and not help with mine. That's so funny dude. Hell from anonymous I was GONNA say. Are there pictures but probably not if it's anonymous I love that Fuck Ya at. I saw another person who shave their head and it looks dope. It looks so cool. Yeah feels ice. There's it feels so nice have you. I used to In College I like shaved half of my head when that was in and it used to feel so nice when it's like growing back in your heads off fuzzy it's the best Sauce super soft. Yeah yes okay. Next from Bronwyn. I write to you from Sydney Australia. In due to this worldwide apocalypse I lost my job a month ago so I have decided to wholeheartedly throw my technical skills into my puppy. Shoebox instagram profile. Corentin has made me become one of those people. Sorry not sorry. Ps You can follow him at Chewbacca. Underscore the underscore Labra doodle. He already follows you back. He's very politically minded. Levy is you keep me sane and informed come to Oz once this is over. I Will Cook you all dinner. Ooh Let's do it. Oh Heck Yeah I'll do that. Fuck Ya and they're in Sydney. God I want to go to Australia. So bad me too okay. Hopefully we can make that work. Thank you for the offer. Thank you for the Quarantine Confession And everybody follow Chewbacca. Underscore the underscore. Labra doodle on instagram. Okay next up from Lola. Lola says is my nightgown on inside out and also backward. Why yes it is. Do I care fuck? No yes love that. What is stitching? Anyway who cares love it finally Or No second-class from anonymous in quarantine. So far my wife is baked cakes. Rice crispy treats sweet bread. Lots of cookies and accidentally in quotes ordered two gallons of chocolate ice cream for curbside pickup. Guys I think she's prepping me for cannibalism. Yes beware that's so funny two gallons of chocolate ice cream. Oh my God I just started eight boxes of girl scout cookies based on our conversation yesterday and one of the girl Scout Councils in need was west Utah End so I ordered it from that specific one because they They basically when you go to the website it gives you a list of Girl Scout Councils that need the most assistance and you can pick from that list cool. That's great I'm going to open that Tabah. My Browser an assignment forget actually toward some fucking cookies Okay and finally we have a quarantine confession from I don't I don't know if they WANNA be anonymous or not. This one came through twitter. Dm So I'm just gonNA keep doing on us but this person said my library posted a meme joking about how everyone has memorized library card member number now because you needed to check out yearbooks but they also use your library card number in your last name as the Default Sinan you change your password later so I was reading the replies in every time a trump supporter replied with card number. I put the Miller report on hold for them and it is delivered immediately to their ear reader as the library has unlimited copies. I know it's wrong. I was frustrated. I love that first of all. First of all trump supporters go into libraries. All right okay. Yeah that's true. I do feel like this is a nice alternative to going and stealing trump yard science. Which is what my drunk itself has done in. My acts of protests in this is much more productive. At least people learn lance this way. You're not trespassing with this one. Yeah what if like? What if? What if she did that or he? I'm not sure sorry who this person was. But what if they photo shopped by Reagan onto it? Do you think that would make a difference? Mullah report written by the mother of Ronald Reagan by Ronald Reagan Muller. I Bet I bet that. Would I swear to God if you changed that people? There's a decent chunk of people that would pick it up in read it. It'd be amazing. Just throw in a couple like reaganism. 's In there you know more or less as long as you get the point across really all that matters. No one's GonNa fact check any of it really the part about Ronald Reagan writing. At least yeah you could put right in the beginning that you know The Russians hacked the election from the Shining City on the hill. And people would go yeah. That's Reagan yeah there's GonNa be. He's GonNa have to be a lot of gaps in historical knowledge for this work but I have rain still being alive for one exactly. That's the that's the first one. I have faith in the readership though. I think they can not know things will enough for this to work Oh and by the way. Thank you for all of your confessions. I do now have the best a clip for the segment and so you will have already heard it by the time. You're hearing me tell you this but now you can go. Yep that was. That was the best thing that you could have picked a G. You're absolutely right so it's going to be great. You'll see or you will have seen. You will have seen already. What does that the past present? Perfect tense something that something. That hasn't happened yet but it will happen but is in the past but is in the future. We'll we'll have so weird. Yeah especially since we're prerecording. That's a whole new second. Return him to it. That hasn't been hasn't even been invented yet. What if you prerecord something for the future? That hasn't been played yet but it's something in the recording that refers to something in the past in the recording but in the future too. When you recorded what is that That sounds like star. Wars Shit sure does all right. Yeah we'RE GONNA have to go back in time and get some wheels to save the planet. I think is what's going to happen. Speaking of on Earth Day I watched a documentary on a Disney. Plus if you have it that's all about fuck I forget what it's called. I'll have to find it but it's it's a documentary about a woman who's dedicated her life to see conservation essentially like conservation of coral reefs and sustainable fishing and shit like that and basically throughout the course of the documentary. They're looking at and convincing people to essentially expand a protected part of the ocean around so that it's like did I talk about this. I may vary talked about this. I don't remember either way. It's basically like creating a national park in the ocean and they wind up being successful at the end Obama winds up signing it into existence. So that's that's pretty fun. Earth Day Nature Doc. If anyone's looking for something to watch celebrate I it. Sounds like it's a happy ending to it does which is really really nice. There's a couple happy ending things excellent. Which is it's not all just bleak. Good then yeah watch that. If you have a chance today. Las You about looking that up to all right. Well that is the good news and our corning version. Thank you all for sending a menu knew how to get hold of us by now and send those into us and thank you for all of your support and for listening. We really appreciate it and I just. I can't thank you enough. Thanks Jordan for joining me. Everyone please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Take care of the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been gee I've been Jordan Coburn. Them's the beans daily beans executive produced and directed by AG. And Jordan Coburn and engineered edited by Mackenzie Mozelle and Star Burns. Industries Are Marketing Manager Executive Assistant Production and Social Media Direction. Amanda Reader Fact Checking Research by AG Jordan Coburn and Amanda Reader. Our music is written and performed by. They might be giants. Are Web design and branding or by Joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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