The best Panthers team to not win a Super Bowl


I think that's what you guys this. But while emails I mailed Seth Today. Who's you know? Version of And because he emailed us about our best teams one title thing and I was like if we don't have any teams in the sixty four team bracket that you made. What do I do and he's like? Oh you'll have to do anything. I think the Hornets are the only team that I have a single team. That was good enough to even to almost win. A CHAMPIONSHIP. Took talks low sounding. Podcast as always this is. Brian joined by Brad and John. John How are you doing this? Fine evening okay go fuck myself Brad. How're you doing? I'm doing great Brian. I'm sorry it's okay I got to say I just started it off with Elga. Fuck myself so that works out. Yes that's fine. I mean I heard you try to talk but I realize now you can hear me. It's fine it seems to fit with the whole theme of the way the world's going these days I have a comment though about The intro that we just had I realized I needed to make new music. Yeah because I mean queen while I was going to keep the cat scratch fever thing but like I think every player. That's in the little like audio montage except for Christian McCaffrey has gone makes remember. It's like cams in it Greg Olsen Senate. Thomas Davis is. Maybe I think Thomas Keith Senate Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah you're right. You're Aso that needs to be fixed. That can ever find the time to do in these in these like sack Thompson Christian McCaffrey and DJBA DJ more. I was GONNA say will greer but yeah same. Maybe after the draft will have some. I got some audio snippet of whoever like the panthers draft? Brian get the play by play of Kyle Allen turning a potential fourth and one into a twenty five yard loss that would go along with the vibe of our podcast after receiving fine like the commentary from that life. Yeah so speaking of Horrible Memories So for this episode of the PODCAST. We're going to talk about what was a really great time experiencing it living through it and then turns out to be kind of a horrible memory in the two thousand fifteen. Nfl season so for espy nation steam. Week a what was the theme of the spread. It was the best teams to ever win a championship. Yup and I only have two choices because we've been to the super bowl twice and I don't think very many people would say that the two thousand three team was better than the two thousand fifteen team. Yeah in two thousand eight never really got a chance to even get close because Jake degrom. Yeah she doesn't thirteen team all four. They were good but but they were ready to go to the super bowl known now on top of that the panthers in the playoffs they had that they put a bunch of points on the seahawks and the seahawks did come back. Which if it wasn't for fucking Ron Rivera. That would have been enough. And we wouldn't have had to be sitting there in the fourth quarter wondering if they were gonNA blow this lead. But then the panthers absolutely fucking steamrolled. The cardinals team that team. That was really good in that. In that year like the panthers went into their own stadium and they blew them out. It was like they. They put up like fifty on the cardinals right. Forty nine forty nine. Yeah like a team that had been consistently almost as good as Carolina throughout the season and thirteen three in the regular season. And Yeah They. They beat a lot of teams really really convincingly so for Carolina to all of a sudden play them. I know there are a lot of people who predicted the cardinals to beat the panthers. Just because it seemed like the panthers season they had a lot of fluky winds and Carolina just destroyed them so like yeah I I can't disagree that like the this was definitely the best squad to have never won a super bowl for the panthers. Because you're just everybody going into to the fifteen and one super bowl like you just expect Carolina and win like they. The broncos barely beat the Patriots meanwhile the Panthers had put up thirty plus forty plus they put up thirty on the seahawks. And Forty on the cardinals. You just expected them to blown out like it didn't seem like it was going to be a game at all. Shame gets are good. I would say I think that if the panthers played that version of the Broncos nine times out of ten they would have won if they played ten times. Yeah I remember when the panthers way the cardinals it was like the winner of that game is the Super Bowl champion because them beating the Broncos Kinda formality because the broncos were not nearly as they told me before but like they're playing with painting Scorza quarterback of the other options Brock osweiler. And it was like. There's the panthers in the cardinals like upsets us. So there's no way they can keep up with them but they did and the defense was good enough to win that game. I mean the final score was twenty four to ten. But the broncos scored a defensive touchdown and then they also scored a touchdown because they had the ball the eight yard line yeah. Mike Tolbert fumbled the ball for the first time in his career. He fumbled twice and Jonathan Stewart. Fumble he also got injured to what Jon Stewart. Getting hurt I think is what really sealed the deal. Yeah he was the iron man for that for that group like obviously Cam. Newton was definitely the Superman of of that squad no pun intended but stop Jonathan Stewart. Was the iron man of that squad. I think it was kind of happened. Was the Hornets are the Hornets are basketball my TV? Panthers were so it they did get a lot of lucky breaks. They were really really good. It's only the luck. Throw into fifteen in one but they did get a lot of breaks over the course of the season and it was like the regression to the mean so to speak all happened all at once in the last game of the season. Yeah and ultimate in two thousand sixteen season. Yeah all mistakes. That players like that were very characteristic of players before but hadn't shown up during the regular season came back lay said like the the lack of fumbles. The turnover battle switched. Because I remember the panthers were extremely lucky with turnovers they got an interception or fumble recovery in the first quarter of every game to help jump out to leads and then all of that guy flipped for the last game of the season so it was like it was like damn burst. The dam of a bad luck burst. Yeah everything that had gone. Well for the panthers just shit on us it just shit on. Us I remember I. I'm trying to get some structure here so I want to say Let's talk about just because I was about to get into it. Our our personal experiences watching that Super Bowl After that let's get into just some of our better memories from the season and then let's talk about are like favorite players from that season or most surprising. Or just somebody you want to mention. Sp- shout out if that sounds good yeah So I remember. I watched the play offs in my parents basement or the entire on rand. Yes very on brand the not not anymore but at the time yes and I was also writing the recaps at the time which which was Super Fun because the panthers were really good so writing. The recaps was awesome I watched the play offs with at my parents. House usually in the basement and the seahawks game was stressful. But at the end the beginning I loved it because it was the Carolina beating the Shit Seattle and they almost came back then. I had a bunch of friends over for the cardinals game because now all of a sudden people are like Oh Shit Carolina might actually be good and they were like what is happening. What like who is this team. Because none of them were even knew a whole lot about the panthers. They just knew they were a good team that year. So they watched the panthers steamroll the cardinals like just and I was just sitting there like surprised I was like Holy Shit because I was fully expecting Carolina's hit the bed. Net game was the cardinals like they did it to us in two thousand eight. I haven't recovered from that still to this day and that the cardinals arguably at like the better team even though the panthers had a better record yeah they were still like like if you look at the two teams on paper. The cardinals were a better team. So then we watch the Super Bowl in the same group of friends came over. We were playing pool. We're having fun. And then it just went bad that Stewart touchdown I just remember being sad the entire time like everybody was like coming over like. Oh the pants will be fine. And I'm just sitting there like I don't know man like it. Just it was specifically after the Jericho. Khatri non catch where I was like. Fuck here we go. Classic Panthers Feeling of like well. This is my life now as a fan especially because that that team never gave us reason to believe that they come back because they were like I said earlier. They're playing from ahead like every single game that season. Yeah right they were. I wasn't teams out. Yeah Yeah so. There's no like it wasn't like the cardiac cats from two thousand three where it's like. Oh we're never out of it. These these guys have have spunk. It was just like wait. We're losing what does this? How does this work this happened? Yeah it was really the worst experience ever to be honest. Be Around my friends as their Shit Watson a dame enjoying enjoying the game and I'm just sitting there like my fucking God I have to write a recap about one of the greatest. Nfl SEASONS IN NFL history. Where the panthers didn't make honestly there's only like maybe maybe one or two teams who had a worse turn out as far as the super bowl goes based on their record like going from the regular season. I mean there was the Patriots Are you talking about like? Are you talking about like the how much how poorly they performed a relative to their regular season success? That's exactly what I'm saying. Yeah the probably the the Broncos team that got not nine later by the seahawks a couple of years before okay. Yeah like the other record was but I know they got beat like forty eight. That kind of takes the cake there but yeah Jayme over after the first drive when the on the first play of the game wasn't the first play of the game with the Center. Snap A head but yeah. I mean but you ever fifteen and one team to get manhandled on the Super Bowl is pretty unprecedented. Yeah and it's it's weird. How all that shit happened to. Because you know Wade Phillips knew how to scheme against our offense and stop it but I genuinely believe that. If Denver didn't pull off that come from behind win against the Patriots the panthers would have beaten the Patriots in the Super Bowl. They would have beaten them soundly at that. I believe I yeah. I don't think we're talking about the the best team to never win the Super Bowl if New England wins the AFC championship game. That year came elite. Three thousand three team or the two thousand thirteen team if the Patriots had played US instead of the Broncos and that's what's frustrating to me but the I knew the game was over when Khatri called it but was ruled incomplete. Like I knew that was it. You know I just had a feeling I was like. Yeah this that's it. I don't remember my like moment. I tend to like shift perspective really fast when things go poorly in sports that. I'm watching so I remember being sad but it wasn't like it was just like oh I know how this is going to go so he has hope for the best but expect the worst so in the game ended as well. Well that was fun and I know this this is GonNa make a lot of people mad. That are listening to it. But I really don't care I was mad quote unquote for about ten minutes. I got over it. I mean that's how I am with sports. I said Shit really. This is a sport. It's entertainment and caring so much where you're still bitter and still angry about it. Five years later is not healthy. If you are still mad about it and still bitter about it please get because it's not healthy to hold onto things like that anymore. I've learned that in my almost forty years of life now. Ten years ago fifteen years ago I would still be on the fuck Denver train but it's just not worth being mad. It's they get paid millions of dollars to entertain me. You know that's it. It's not life or death. It's very unhealthy to stress about things. Like it's it's commonly used to stress about things you can't control. You cannot control the performance of your favorite sports team meter when me being mad does not change one thing about that game. It doesn't bring it doesn't bring it back and have it. It doesn't it doesn't do anything except make me bitter and a better. I think the one thing that bothers me the most coming off that game was I sat down and wrote the recap even though I was sad at the time was just that. There was an overwhelming amount of optimism about the panthers because like they lost that game but they still had a really good core of people they had cam. Newton had Greg Olson to have keithly had Jonathan Stewart. They didn't have Kelvin. Benjamin that season they still made it to super bowl which we didn't know how bad government was You know there were so many talented players on that roster where it was like. We expected them to come back. After that season we were like okay. This could be better and then it just fucking blew up that following season when Josh Norman left You Know Kelvin. Benjamin came back. He wasn't nearly the player. Was We lost Michael To An injury and it all just like that show. It became a flash in the PAN rather than what should have been like a defining season to say. This is going to be a really good team for a while like it. Just that's the part that I hate the most about that. Super Bowl is that it looks like Carolina was GonNa be a contender and like potentially a dynasty and it just turned out to be one. Hit wonder apparently like yeah exactly but it happens. That is sports. That is sports. That is Sports Cam Newton. I want to also touch on this because a lot of people did not like the fact that Cam Newton was named NFL MVP in two thousand. Fifteen yeah you can kindly take that opinion and shove it. He was to ninety six four ninety five which is fifty nine point. Eight completion percentage if he would have completed one more pass he would have been an elite quarterback. It's a shame that he could not do that. He threw for thirty eight hundred yards. Thirty five touchdowns ten interceptions. He had ten rushing touchdowns as well as six hundred rushing yards so he was responsible for almost forty five hundred yards forty five touchdowns and between ten and fifteen turnovers because he had five fumbles. I don't know if all of those are considered lost. Fumbles orifice just fumbles. So and he was doing this with Philly Brown. Ted Gannon Jericho Khatri as his wide receivers and Britain Burson was his fourth wide receiver. Greg Olsen was his number one target with eleven hundred yards and seven touchdowns. How in the hell can you justify giving the MVP to literally anyone else cam? Newton won fifteen games with Ted ginn Jericho Khatri and Philly Brown as his wide receiving Grand Bremerton and Brenton Bersin I mean they scored five hundred points. That was number one in the league. They averaged thirty one point three points per game. They allow three hundred and eight. They gave up nineteen point three points per game. They had the sixth best scoring defense in the league. They I don't remember the exact number and I didn't find it and I didn't feel like looking too deep into it but I'm sure they had the number one turnover margin in the league because that's why they went fifteen and one. We've already touched on it. There turnover margin was insanity. I believe you're correct. They they they had a streak of turnovers and I think it was. What ten or eleven games or they had a turnover in every game and I mean it was nuts. Leukemia had talked back turnovers. They pay this turnover in every single game that season. Okay okay. I knew it was something crazy. Like no one. There's one game they didn't. They didn't four servings the seahawks and but like it does not look like a turnover column after that it was like four two two five three one four. That's how many turnovers a game. They're forcing. Yeah it was insane and leuke. Klay had back to back. Pick sixes in the playoffs. Yup Against Seattle and against Arizona had pick six in each game that that to get into the like what I enjoyed the most from the two thousand fifteen season that season really cemented. Luke keithly as not just a really good linebacker. It's cemented him. As one of the best players I've ever seen play like he was insane in two thousand fifteen on. Never Forget. I was watching the Dallas cowboys game. I was GonNa say this season where we beat the shit out of Tony. Romo on Thanksgiving. Yeah we we not only. That was the first time. Not the first of two different situations where a quarterback came back from injury and the panthers put him back on the injury report. But I remember watching the game and Luke. Kuechley made that pick six against the against Tony Romo which by the way. Kirk Coleman also had a pick six on the first drive the cowboys that Game Kirk Bowman. It's snacks under him. On the head. As he scored a touchdown he's straight up. Disrespected Tony Romo on the way into the end zone but I remember watching him run also holy fuck you look defensive back running right now like and then on the next drive the next throw by Tony Romo. He picked it off again like I was like Holy. Shit like that game specifically like. I've never seen a defensive player who who was like that. Who had that kind of impact throughout a season like? I think that there's probably a few in the conversation as far as like J. J. Watt and obviously players that. I didn't personally get to watch growing up. But that was the season that cemented luke equally as one of the best linebackers of all time because he just was a complete game. Changer which something you don't see from linebackers nowadays. Yeah here's a couple of Trivia questions without looking how many overtime wins did the panthers have One I was GONNA say to wrecked. They beat they. Because Ted Ted ginn dropped a touchdown at the end of the game. I forgot about that. Oh my that's that's used in the difference between completion percentage and accuracy because he put it right in his hands again alligator armed. How many Games did the panthers win? By less than a touchdown touchdown I mean the general definition of touchdown as in seven points. Not Going to seven eight nine nine nine. Both of you were wrong. Brian. You're closer. They won five games by less than a touchdown. Geez how many games. And how many games did they win by one possession by one possession? I do mean by eight points fewer nine and seven so a couple of games Bhai nine points to. That's probably why you thought nine. So I'll I'll go into what I was GONNA say. As my memory of the season was the two things. The constant like lack of credit panthers got as the seasons went on. Yeah people yeah. Yeah Big Joe Yell. At worst fourteen year old team ever worse. Thirteen not as the season went on to the point where they were underdogs teno and they were underdogs against three and seven cowboys on things. We out of them with Tony. Romo coming off an injury to whole like we're the home team. Was that either way the pay pretending. Oh they just beat Washington forty four to sixteen the week before in Dallas had lost every game or one in seven. Since Tony Romo got hurt too I don't know but The other thing which is probably why my my guess is so high because it felt like it had been every single week was the pants would get out onto the huge leads and then just like pedaling away because was like all right. It's halfway through the second quarter and by three touchdowns let's start pounding the rockaways the clock. Yes and that's part of the reason. Why like Ham could have had much better staffs if he was allowed to like? Throw the ball in the second half. Yeah yeah probably thrown for five thousand yards. If they didn't run the ball on the second hand Iran I was talking to my brother the other day and he said he was watching the giants game from that season. And that's very as infamous for like the Cam Newton head shaped the head like the nod ways. All right I got this. Wasn't that offered the Josh Norman. Oj Yeah but the panthers thirty five to seven with five and a half minutes left in the third quarter and the giants tied. The game with a minute forty-six left in the fourth quarter at thirty five. Thirty five yeah and that that that was the season to me the the panthers were blowing them out for most of the game and then that should be enough we can call it quits here and then cameras. Save them at the end and that happened a couple of times against Indianapolis in the overtime game on the Seattle in the playoffs It happened one other time too and I can't remember which game it was now but there was one other game that we had to do that. I'm pulling up the game by game right now. Palm means I think it was the saints because we beat them by three points. The panthers are on the colts. Twenty three to six with ten minutes left in the game and they were trailing overtime at one point they gave him twenty points in the fourth quarter and overtime to the to the To The saints the Pants were up. Twenty seven to sixteen in the third quarter. Which isn't terrible. But then they gave up fifteen straight points to go to fall behind. Took one of the greatest interceptions of all time from Josh Norman. To seal that win that was the first game the are up. Twenty seven to seven on the packers at halftime. That was the PAT. Yeah and How does that game in game because I feel like that game? They won't eight were. They won. Miss Davis made a major intersection. Right at the goal line was that it was at that point. I remember that play at and if it was yeah I believe house. The other game I couldn't think of it was the packers game. That season took years off my life. So Thomas Davis intercepted Aaron Rodgers in the end zone with at the two minute warning and so the panthers came out nice game by running for one yard with John. Stewart running for one yard with by Tolbert running for five yards of John Stewart. And then putting to give the packers of all back which is only six seconds left but still that was just like perfectly emblematic of the strategy for that season. Damn hate era. I the two thousand fifteen taught me because of that Kinda Shit that I can't let myself get too involved like get too invested because in the end it doesn't matter in Iran Iran. Hopefully rules not going to rule but anyway go ahead now. I'm I think that's the end of it. And then there's the seahawks game like we talked about but I think as good as the team was in that was also kind of planted the seed like in my brain like Ron avair. Maybe isn't the guy that need is. The team needs to lead them to consistent success. Because he's having the best season his team has ever had had and they are barely beating teams after they get up to like three score leads on a consistent basis like there's no way it's that hard. Oh when you're thirty thirty one to nothing to us at halftime and you can barely barely hold onto win. Does that happen? Do you guys remember when Ron Rivera made the fucking comment about? We want to twist the knife when we're up up on teams and he just never fucking did that. That was the epitome of it. Was the two thousand fifteen season when he was like. We want to twist the knife. We WanNA WE WANNA blow these teams out. Any never fucking did that. He always took him out of like he took them back like two years. Whenever they have like three touchdown lead in hindsight. It's so frustrating. And even the Games where they did go on to blow out teams like wire-to-wire. It wasn't because they kept their foot on the gas so it was just because they're usually playing bad teams because I think they might have had the weakest schedule in the League that year but they would just get in they would just get turnovers and the other team would just not be competent to put together drops. It wasn't like depends still coming out there. Like what's in quarterbacks and Colin pathways in stuff matching their opponents. Yeah it might not have been the weakest schedule but it was in the lower It was like bottom five in the league and that was where the whole. This is the worst undefeated team ever. Shit came from everybody who said well. Your strength of schedule is like thirtieth. Thirty two You should be winning all these games and all that other I will always for fifteen for a couple of things number one. Of course we go fifteen in one in the regular season. And of course the Goddamn Falcons of the team that beat US. Because why would it be any other team number two? I thoroughly enjoyed the first half against the seahawks in the playoffs. I've never enjoyed football more than I did that. Half 'cause fuck fuck them. The first play from scrimmage is a fifty eight yard run by Jonathan Stewart. Where just about any other running back in the league scores because they don't run a gas after they've run fifty yards but to be fair? Jonathan Stewart had been out for three weeks because he was hurt which he always was hurt. But you know we score the touchdown on that opening drive and then the second play the seahawks run the they they force a pick. Six and the route is on. And then obviously we've already said it turned into a damn nail biter. Thomas Davis had to recover. Fuck it onside kick. Who AFTER BEING UP THIRTY ONE TO NOTHING? It had absolutely nonsensical And then I really enjoyed the NFC championship game although I felt sorry for Carson Palmer. I don't think I've ever felt sorry for another team quarterback as much as I have felt for Carson Palmer that they could do nothing that day like they were they were out of it. By halftime. There was nothing they could do to stop that onslaught. Now that defense had no answer and their offense just continued to turn the ball over. It was not fun like they even had there was a punt return. Patrick Peterson tried to return a punt. And then he fumbled it clearly. He was clearly trying to do too much on the return. Yeah I mean that they were desperate at that point and it just everything they did. It just blew up their face thousand eight season for the two thousand eight season when we run the ball down their throat on the opening drive and then John Fox decides hey. Let's just let jake throw it around the old backyard now. Like what the Fuck Karmic justice? Brad that's what it was so I I've been doing some research pro. Football reference has a strength of schedule like metric thing and it's like zero is average in the higher the higher. The number is the hardest. The lower numbers. The easier schedule is the panthers Schedule rating in two thousand fifteen was minus three point eight. There's been nobody already goes to like negative for The I have not the The next easiest found Cincinnati is negative minus two point seven. Now there's a minus three in that same season. And it was falcons their minus three point four so we just the NFC south because he NFC's alphabet and they played year after the twenty fourteen where we went seven eight one and won the division so we had six games against a shit division. Yeah we played. Afc South who who were won by the tax into a nine and seven. And who else do we play the? Nfc East you're ten. Were were bad. Yeah the cowboys are four. And twelve giants or six and ten beagles are Saturnine in Washington. Wanted Division at nine seven so we play bad divisions but yeah basically the easiest schedule in in recent history that season. So they're very good. You can only play. Who's on your schedule? Pru like pro. Football reference else is like a metric that combines like your point your point differential with your strength of schedule in the panthers as he's mostly because they're sees their schedule so easy. Yeah but that's also that's also skewed by Ron Rivera. Taking forty point leads in making the middle ten point wins so instead of making him sixty point leads. Yeah so is that there is that so to end off the episode. I just want to take some time to highlight the players that we enjoyed the most. And the guy that actually. I'm GonNa let you guys go that way. If you want you can just change it so brat. Neither one of us are going to say. Britain Burson Brian. That's not who I was GONNA say. Why don't you? I really enjoy Greg. Olsen that year. He had eleven hundred yards receiving had seven touchdowns seventy seven catches. That doesn't even really reflect. How good he was that. No it doesn't and that's that's the amazing. You know he but he was. He was a beast that year. How could you not Cam Newton? That's my answer who's VP. Because only the best player that lets the easy choice. Yeah I'm GonNa say these choice I'm GonNa do it. We'll take it go ahead take it bigger. We would all pick somebody. That's not cam because that's the obvious I want to remember. Can because he's not here anymore. Neither is greg now. I don so fucked. Now we're back to where we started that Tell us why you love Brenton Bersin so much. So it's not Brenton Bersin though I will say I am still right to this day in two thousand fourteen. I said he was going to make the roster and he did and he stayed so fuck you Brenton Bersin Fan sir. Not Not fans haters so I really appreciate it Philly Brown in two Thousand Fifteen. Because he was a guy who shouldn't have been there but he got the opportunity because of Kelvin. Benjamin obviously being hurt and they just had nobody else I almost picked Jericho Khatri. Because he was just he was great too. But the thing that people are GonNa Forget about the two thousand fifteen season. Because the panthers didn't win the Super Bowl is philly. Brown took a key to lead to town in that Super Bowl. He he got concussed. I think on his fourth reception to lead grabbing the facemask in-intentionally no. It was after that when he felt like he caught a downfield pass. That was like it was a long pass and he hit that he hit the turf and he was out for the rest of the game but he was taking a keep to lead to school and Matt. Game White Illman caught four passes but every time he beat a keep to leave like senselessly and I was the whole time. I was like Philly Brown. Should be the MVP. If we somehow win this game he was so good and he was even better in the game before that Billy Brown had I know. Most of it was on a long touchdown but he had like two hundred hold on. We find it where I'm guessing. He had a heart in yards and four hundred thirteen yards against the against the cardinals too so like he showed up in the playoffs. So it sucks because Ilie Brown didn't do anything after leaving Carolina but he was really good for them that year so he was my on some hero of the two thousand fifteen panthers. Yeah I remember. He was beaten to keep police a bad that keep to leave got mad and news just like. I'M GONNA intentionally swim around by his face mask incidents other five anyway. Independently won't count against. Yeah that was. Absolute Bush. League hated notable scumbag. A keep to lead Yup. The breaker of chains seriously keep delayed. Yeah for real fucking those people fucking And also fuck the field by the way. Fuck the field Mr Brewer. Because there are several gifts of Michael. Oher literally on skates getting pushed back by demarcus ware. So fuck that field. Because that's part of the reason why the panthers didn't win I don't know if I want to talk about this anymore guest. It's time to someday. Yeah Yeah So. That was our breakdown of the best team in Carolina History to not win the championship and it was pleasure. It was pleasurable at times. But it sucked in the end and we're all going to have to live with it so and didn't get worse from the Super Bowl onward like we we recovered and we've we've been to the playoffs every year ever since and everything's Great Yup. They totally didn't totally sixteen didn't happen. Two thousand eighteen didn't happen. Two Thousand Nineteen didn't happen. That was really the start. The start of the long downhill road for the Ron Rivera era. Yup and Ron has gone now. They didn't capitalize on what was a pristine window to super bowl sell. Yeah things are great but hey get the future ahead so maybe things would be better. Who knows but anyway from all of us here at the keep sounding podcast. Thank you for listening. This is our breakdown of the best team to never would've super bowl and hopefully we don't have to talk about that anytime soon again. This Brian joined by Brad John. And you guys next Mandak when we need many content. Yeah and we're told to do this by munition. That's not what happened transparency. See you later bye.

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