The Sneaker Box Episode 53 The Nike Kyrie 6 Preheat Collection


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW dot I'd passed the Troy Dot Com before information. I don't know if you want you. Okay got everything lane. You're kind of selfish is it. I know thank you. He's blocking introduction. Everything is now all about you. Thank you gene you were. It's three minutes in certainly that bill. Gino being good. We're having to have the wrong size. audio problems advertised the belts take this waltz. I read is hilarious enough. We need video the video working on it. Got The lady of the show Serena. Hello I'm Thaddeus with all his weather so so yeah if people don't don't don't know we live in Detroit we got bombarded was no and it's not even a snow. That's the worst as part of a drive. That's the worst part on these individuals literally every year they forget just is going to snow and then when it does snow they forget how to drive on it temporarily which is weird because it's the same as last year very exactly the same as last year but only snow like what eight months ago how they forgotten. Now I'm shocked every time so same and eight hours here. Wasn't it a little bit. Not as much as it is the topics that definitely want to touch on We give our thoughts on this year dorm recollection Adidas is they can boost to outerspace. Aw apparently there are hype East Outer Space Nekia sewing love medical workers. Everyone with the newest shoe Nike is also getting blind. This is crazy. They're getting blamed for being too good with one of the rudge's ducks. What the Hell don't worry about me? He turned into Guru Maze. Maser Gino what the fuck moon is it right now. It's something about mercury in retrograde. Yeah I know it sounds crazy. Those funny MSN someone's over thirty thousand dollars for someone's car sneaky kind of Atlanta which is like a voice ago but still I just heard about it so I'm pretty sure throwing up there with thirty two. JK well first of all I know the JC Yeah I I don't believe thousand thousand. His estimate probably got Rod. Oh my God it was like a million dollars in my gars is crazy. I need a million dollars. Thirty thousand dollars cash. No thirty thousand I guess of value. How okay but if you don't you taking Atlanta thirty thousand valuables? He had them bricks. We'd in all white bricks often bricks of white Anyway this is this Nigga box. PODCAST radio show Lavin the podcast Detroit studios apart Trae family and the detail. Our Radio Network Miserable social media. You can follow us on twitter at Te. ESPN radio INSTAGRAM. At this knickebocker under video you can follow us on facebook by looking up this box. Radio show page and make sure to go on to. Our show was on air with a sneaky ECOMMERCE questions every week from seven thirty to eight thirty eastern status on by calling us at two four eight six hundred seven eighteen three and If you can't catch us live on it you can always leave us a message on our voicemail line with the sneaker related topics you want to discuss or you want to respond to something we said on the show are are. You can leave a message by dial in the same number as I said before. Two four eight six seven seven eighteen. Oh three and we'll pick up the best messages address them on a future episode Yeah so the curry's sixers just dropped. Well he's those shot. Drop a one or two pairs on the sneakers up on. Think think honestly I think that was the the preheat. The shoes Shaq dropped recollect. I don't even care. I'm still pissed. I didn't hit the closest winning. No No shock drop can make this up to question it would now if you did get those where you're going to own distress him. I WanNa say say yes but like probably not if I got two pairs for sure. Well of course not think to distress look on the clouds. Look way better. Yeah No. That's it will saloon. Own White goes good shots. Auto crips out there Somebody without sorry yes. I don't like the red perks. Visible air bubble in it okay. I'll vacant I actually. My though the white pair whatever Gino's acres I've lived through it so but having to remember colors Yeah I'm the real thing it is. I mean it's kind of we didn't have it and that's why I chose you. I well I said them Kinda word. Ever go out to California one day because it's like would wear you know you can still. I usually just doing your thing that you forget like I'm not destroy cute and some localized Olga on the lobby. So you don't like all red read right. Basically a wide routes he's our wings or you sick night might as well bill. UH-HUH GONNA walk away from so I was so nervous getting my luggage our lifetime. Avoid anybody wearing blue and luckily I came some Neutral Zealand. The Lakers as soon as you get off the plank will set you claim I was like Nah. I'll get back on the plane. Better not do that so have you did get at the class lease on. Were all of blue with that are actually now is the net supreme nor face doesn't have like the Danna look on on it. Sometimes the last ones had dropped the massive statue of Liberty all over but I was dull. Sweet I don't like it really. I didn't even go for the first time. I didn't go for the North Super Team. Yeah I mean not has no value because he just like talks himself into Atlanta for bogus. Oh goes I got four bogus. Where Supreme San Francisco Box logo they They dropped the other week. Another shock drop so I thought I had six. I got to cancels and Iran botts farm. I probably so that was. That was a good run. What's that he's so smug about like? I wish we could see the semi pro. He's intensely brought on so. Oh yeah exactly L. Bad about sex and I paid for it why I I don't feel any time because right bring yeah you might as well. Yeah go ahead use all the things that brought 'em him uh win. Everybody wanted letters win for everybody there. You go actually you want a while back. We argued argued about five when you compared using about prosecution right. No I mean no okay Kinda SORTA but I would say paying resell on stock access more like prostitution than running it. You know I guess is meant to say this like three weeks ago. I guess admitting damage 'cause nobody's okay because you know why because right now you like oh I got got the bus and most people are proud of like nobody is proud of him stuck x prizes right like nobody brags these guys like. Nobody's proud of this. You kids are okay. Nobody was sense is a proud of here. We go like you'll never hear a grown man make on this not a bragging right life. I got it for resale now. Dan I might. I might say lighting retail or something like that. But it's not so it's like paying for low in strip Prostitute prostitute. Like you got yours but you really weren't too happy bottles knocking like bottle prostitute but then using the like going back page which the shit right debit end of the day I. It doesn't sound. I'll I'll think I will quite equate it to going on back payers. 'CAUSE SUMMARY IS I might pay resell for these clots wondering on before right now. Luckily I'm a size eleven. So many many guests like five hundred UCLA so cavalier like when people get them in hand it's GonNa drop probably four hundred of course while they're going to eleven gonNA panic sellers people with their MOMS credit cards or anyone. That's rushing to pay their bills before the holidays once everyone has them in hand. It's a battle of the undercovers. You know it's funny to follow to this is is usually. This is usually the good time to buy sneakers because like you say 'cause people trying to get quick cash to Christmas shopping or whatever over and so they're getting rid of some things you know and so usually runs Tommy. I usually find some good stuff. It's tax season that I hate the way. Ah Everybody's looking at like Goddamn like tax but to be interesting to see what the tax return issue twenty twenty years. Hello this is the fourth I wonder what would okay. So what's slated to come out early next listening early yours ores. Were these early next year will be those yellow trap sixes like the mustard looking on. That won't be a tax return. Show it's gotta be a super. Gr Shoe uh-huh not because most people won't be able to afford them if they couldn't but you know the tax returns show was like. That's the one that everybody gets hyped up about and then it's like I just went to classes in light tax return shoes because I remember a massive swells like everybody that was tax. Return Shoe Shoe. Yeah that was another one that was you could like some stores. You could just walk away. Go get nobody wants US shooting and actually it was funny. Talk about the mass wells and how the on the reverse taxis actually just came out a couple of weeks ago. sideshow essentially sway would like some insurrection. Go this tax. Matter of fact we just get twelve with the uh-huh doing those are first of all our narrows I don't know where the doors of the twelve I do know I heard from somebody. That works joined brand where take over time trying to streamline the designs of course you know making more fashionable more sleek in audit other shit unaccustomed. I'm going to say fuck it right. So apologies the any pastors reverence deacons listens to show. I fucking love love. Jesus WHOA WHOA didn't even say that. Are they appreciate. What surreally ghetto? Insert Kinda comment here Eh. Love everybody knows is on a roll. What is it is it real beer Rubia the route I wish out of pocket? I May when I went into free. Yeah so it's a Drinking the competition. But that's okay Anyway it gets released from the previous week brought to you by minimum lay checkout. Everyone's favorite new clothing brand between the like. And you know it's something. Both sides agree. If you're looking at from Thai but dress up from t-shirt joggers the minimal the Malays the apparel brand for you. You get quality street. Where without the street where prices head to M. N. F. L. LA forest last? He has be the check out the separate one of apparel use Promo Code checkout the cigarettes of extra ten percent of your first order Minimum or legs a lot of sneakers complete the fifth spending a lot less. It's been a lot more I love affluent. I'm able to say that website now. I remember like the first couple of soldiers stomach like a baby deer A Book I've got my Five number five. We got the adidas rivalry hi hi Rez Green. I I like the I like the rivalry higher. I like the colors. They've come out with issue. I have yet to fantasize for that. I don't know if that's the first is ago. Or if they just don't make that size at all issue but you know. Hopefully I'm able to get this pair of the Knicks panels. Another period deals like Collab- with somebody like graphics on something like sketches or South on. I can't describe it but Everything I I I mean. That's don't shoot. I don't think there's any colored will look bad on. Our show does just like you say it was not easy released in his life. Nobody's really talking about Adidas. Exactly like it does. It does feel like that if it's not easily as his like what is people talk. I'm still waiting on the kid. Cudi Adidas Shoe I forgot about see. That's what I'm saying now is they're going to be like his own shoe is they're gonna like him touching acquirer tim touching up Stand Smith I think it's like a rival high or something that I've no idea what it looks like but I've got faith actually saw kid cudi last week. A complex though you said hi tops. I Love High Tabs I finally most girls don't lie is like the like mid the low now. I think I mean I like men choose more regardless so it's harder to pull off the high tops. I've seen some girls really fuck it up like trying to tuck their pants and not doing it. Right but That's my two cents. Yeah thank you got a visual really ballots done right. It looks great but it's got it'd be done right gene so then we're not talking about the they are Mike There just for comfort looked it. Looked like you just go because I keep my things nice. You don't wrong. They're they're not the best looking the comfort shabby as you'll be all over it. Hey like I said if somebody bought me a payer's NAM still late in life. I'm out here but I episode just came out the Guy I'm just saying okay and if someone wants to buy me some themselves come out. Friday's the no-one put on Friday. So yeah so yeah the come this weekend. Can you'll have lights you. Oh Yeah Oh yeah say well say no. You don't know there's no hello government but you do not get woah because as you descend like five minutes ago I'll take free shit handouts to. They got shame and dunks game. Wow Wow wow you never know slowly why is this is a different world. We live in. Let them shoot shots Size eleven gliding for. Wow okay. We're only we're only like what number five on the list number four for he canceled. I have my own top five as well. uh-huh how it's going to be easy. One on there well see ulysses trashing is probably number one now number five. I'm impressed. It should not even be tough. I mean the fact that he's got on his list. I was not number one. Hell my list is in no specific order but I like to use the least Israeli number one. What the L. Air Force One is number one? I got really sick. I didn't they just two weeks ago last week. Oh well he was here but he was he was Oh yeah he was. Okay he was here in Francis. Yes in this costume okay. Show Francis for the the Olympic Kim Special Edition Air Jordan Retro Four. I okay. So he's got a timeout. That's on the list. Like honestly the name of no. I'm just saying like out of all the shoes in that pack. I said the pack the say the only reason I say you know why because I wanted to bitch about it. A wax affect black cat. You play is almost like Jordan. Brand plagiarized aroused own shit. Like you use the same concept inspiration. Athene sank Holloway. Same insular and he just put like Pony Heron upper like it like some like this whole argument about collaborations like it just felt like an excellent not really collaboration now looking at the closeness entirety. Maybe the whistle sense of collaboration but just looking at his shoe individually. Just I felt like what thought was put into this disappointing era. Neil's like Arnold and what kills me and this is probably going to go go over. A lot of people's is is the fact that they put Nike Air on the hill. But it's the jump logo on also way way way. Exactly it's like go go go go go. And if you're going to like do jump man or Jordan brand around whatever go that way half ass like eight the threes the free throw line assets that they do okay okay. We won't give you the Nike Air Logo on a hill. But just yeah. If you're gonNA just do you know why go go halfway with either go. All the way was I so I had a cousin. My cousin just walked in. I think I've mentioned on the show before like he's he's probably. The biggest reason is that I had to see this and walk in school like every day like the fact that he came in with the red coming. Hey I I got a mentioned. This is the worst host because you'll go to his house house. He'll walk around without re offer you anything that's supposed to be a lot of your phone call. It might be a market though. I tried calling guys last week. Didn't answer yeah figured okay sitting there halfway across country guys. I'm still here except press one. That is somebody. Somebody's thinking from. Jackson paid call. No Guga locked up his talk. Show host the one info awesome. Larry now need call them back when we. I'm just like Oh yes. Cousin inspired kick. He had to be the person I've ever known spoil. We're talking to the side of it so until trash out man. Every time you were over like was made yeah you know. Let me tell you something about my cousin. African Caesar's you auto know so every time he comes over. Hey man burn his new city burners Lumasoda. Why was he infested computer? Like a porn star. We pause back. I don't even download. Descend a voicemail press to presswood. Who's this they follow? Instructions really wants the call. One Thousand Times grew. I can call them back. Don't text me from that number. Like sees Komo answered the phone. I wonder you can't cop on the sneakers. That man died. Look what kind of got the best phone on the market. Here we go. Oh that's only okay. So it's not even like Reagan like somebody is prison number grows in Iowa in Iowa. What what's the one person in the state they wanted to start? Every your call cannot be completed as the called Party is temporarily unavailable also so yeah anyway my cousin I is the worst because like he'll make Kula in La if he does off your is like one third of the Cup like samples. They give you a sample Costas Office. We're supposed to know if you asked me for three to considerable size You know you gotta go. At least halfway three order I would go. I would drink and so fast enough to like like mouthwash like let me tell you It was like two thousand one. McDonald's had mcnuggets. filet twenty peace like a dollar ninety nine hundred sixty nuggets. They want to share one. Actually sales like learn true. That's that's my mind. That's called balance in the universe. My Lion No. Yeah that was good. You Bet for every couple cool at you did not give me but he wash does nuggets now with a cooler at my house. He as sixty to say you supply the KOOL aid. Who gave the Hula? Though I was he okay. Eight sixty eight fifty eight. He gave me one of my God brother. One Walk brought to you peasants nuggets like you. Eight over fifty nuggets. You gotTA understand. It's got to be like some Guinness World what you need to be in there with homeboy from even assume you know we understand that my mom was apples laugh. Ah hasn't exactly like working worked out and had a job and play basketball. I was like smashing everything. And now what do you do you go to work. Sit on your ask you washing their flakes is do fifty nuggets in amazing Sunday in liquor rappers off we were pissed rappers so you know how to barbecue sauce has rappers. He would look at us like the voice guru. I believe you is true true. Some some affects the voicemail. Guys Talk to you but also facing these guys. They're called talk to you question for you. Is this twenty member Christmas time if the Cobra coverage come out what will happen the following years it went forward. Do you think that they're going to do something. Like cameras or the seventeen she'd hands. I mean what really take your brand do with eleven. After that in turn also curious. I saw the new dorm record collection is question. It looks good Alec Before Teens But my question is also regarded. You love how come the heritage of loved yet they will. And it'd be I do that for later. Dr Becker. One with that'd be holiday at least one being the release the other shoes like a beginning December but dorm. Becker acker eleven for Christmas. Actually thinks voicemail player so we're actually going to touch on the doorman collision liberal later. But I guess what is entering eleven question Goal there is a bunch of questions so let's break it down okay so cool graves. Yeah like like what was he saying. Like what will happen with like the Ku Gray specifically or what will happen with silhouette and like retro in other colors. I think it was more so your second. The second point is if next yes year. Because they've gone in order. Okay so seems like I guess. Glad gic site they would be dropping. Columbia's will come. I would think those will you know. Just come out well. They did like a legend blue which was a little often like oh jeez or we haven't gotten a true retro the Columbia gambling. It's too soon but I wouldn't be shocked active. They know I think it was asking. If they're gonNA break you know how they came out the cool greys space to house and then a concours and they came out with the seventy two tans and then the Gama's Camas and they went back to the some of the OJ the hiker So could come up with another mysterious callaway they could it would be like ranch. The Light Nugget. We WanNA goes on those. This is based on. I think they would wait. Are you before. I think they'd wait on introducing new collars until went back to the old cut. At least maybe that what a two christmases ago with the joins true true broke. Okay What were the blue ones? They came away as well. Depends on Santo. Pack Terrible. They really trying to force the twenty nine and everybody They did all ended up. Even people think those things away way but I- eleven always be the Christmas. You ever did a dorm Becker. I'll ever uh I don't think that ever do Becker. They going to say that for very last minute and I I mean is the point that he kind of interesting if they did that they probably would try. Satellite try to combine it as doorbell collision released and their Christmas release. They probably would i. I don't see I don't do all that trying to because because eleven Christmas shoot. That's like hot so they know that they could drop any eleven in is going to slow that that's why I don't think they would have it as a dorm. Becker Shoe we've got you know I agree with you. Nothing like going to mass produce the shit out of it because your production numbers are going up you ever year but then the other thing too is because of what what the Dorm Becker collection is. What is that going to say about the other kids get the designer shoes? GonNa run here Eh. When the DVD collection I started they were all dope? And you know whether the terminally ill or not. I'll go ahead and say like they've gotten worse and worse over time they have like. There's always like a staple that like the bonds but what I'm saying with that on the how'd you how would you thin-film you're if you're one of the kids. Yeah get a chance to design the eleven would say you got a Pegasus thirty no losses meaning in a The whole shore Jordan process is losses meaning as far as like what it stands for when it first came out it it had meaning in the stood for something but with resellers and everybody has lost. Its meaning completely I mean I would. I would say sneakers in general have lost they meaning to the masses anywhere outside of the dorm. I think the dorm record legend is still like one of those people Still a doe opportunity for those kids and it's still it's still whole whole some type of What's the word emotional value? The most other shoes don't always going to be the hype attached to it because people are going Luisita They can flip it and I will say they've gotten better with the payers Time to the the production payers because one point it but honestly think that's when it was better. I thought I like being honest because I feel like because special thank you think. He's got better things design yet. I've gotten feel bad saying that but I mean you're not shit so it's okay I was gonna say will come out and do a hate us for saying this stuff but they they actually like love it which is crazy. This is encouraging me but I for one I was one of the people like the Fifteenth Leisure. So Oh so what fifteen like I said if I'm not feeling is fourteen true I liked I liked to alternate the Ethan Ellison's that's probably the best in the upcoming pag what I do. I definitely the best no election. I will admit there's a little lackluster but but that's my whole point. Because they force feed these littlewoods Joey Bates had the dunks. I liked with like a little chicken or because these kids. I'll give you the epic agree. ACT like nobody. No kid is like I need that. Ever I WANNA design they walk in with the silhouettes and the kids you know they do a little over it and whatever and well like I said I think it is a lot of Nike trying to force feed us on a lot. Everybody's Salah because when you think about it like we used to get ninety five. We used to get ninety. Kids pick what they WANNA do some pretty sure. I got a phone positive before. Now I can see the Jordan is like okay. Because you know everybody's GonNa do like an eleven you know so okay. We're GONNA do this but if another kid doesn't other going to be like oh there's another dunk. No okay cool. Speaking of you know I'm not like terminally ill boy. They should let me design like a mental health awareness dunk. That'd be yeah I mean I. There's any hear about them but hey if they let me design my own shoe had bought it just to make it. Tate's he's in a home with all his inventories put a robot on the hill. Almost had to coordinate you load uh-huh huge compliment go down all this fakes. Thanks to you know. He's not going to sell them No. I'm anti fake. Nobody believes I. Guess what everybody I believe you. I believe I got you appreciate all like that. I'd be disappointed in you guys if you had someone like that on the show. Who who had fakes? Well we've had some great. You know I it did dry. Okay tell us a story. The three no Air Jordan Retro Thirteen Alan Green Egg a a Donald Supply Aka Tiffany Ligo timeout. The tiffany dunk. No thirteen th th the ones that came to the best part about the host. Tiffany colored paper did it. Yeah that's the best part. You're not at the job. I want those actually actually like I mean first of all thirteen is one of my favorite joins. The LEWITT's all the good users. I'm serious no Hologram. Honestly I I was going to bother me. But if you factor ran the whole tiffany thing that held metallic Jew. Would it still on that particular time on the island Green Perr. Yeah Oh okay sitting here which are outside of the credit for Tiffany dunks. I mean that's as if he doesn't yes I said associate no no no Vang. Big Facts on Mo- those was look way by me better. No so I personally like the whole first of all if you'd like to. I don't even see what the problem is. The tiffany thirteen. That's one who's a calling the tiffany thirteen's who's calling them. The tiffany African seasons trump. I know I mean I might be okay so the alley which we know. They're trying to play. Well tiffany paper until until you said it. I had no idea. Well if you go off the dominance of law dunks which was a play off of the whole tiffany thing right then you know the correlation is there a new house ten years they redid the high tops When the Red October came out a few years ago but he's saying colors and even as saying was that a fake crocodile crocodile print? Yeah they use it like essentially essentially the same but it's not even a colored. Oh I mean because I guess they trade Martha Color so they they can just calling him. That's the point going into so. Stop calling he can't just like the Columbia. Okay legible. Eleven love is like considering that the Columbia's even though they couldn't really come out. This is a good conversation because this was a huge thing. With SB dunks like there was like the name and then like the unofficial nicknames Bertha. The point is I haven't heard anyone call these. tiffany thirteen saying the correlation is their degree. This is six degrees of separation racing. You know what they plan on. I just said it had if they plan. That was made my donald supply. That was a playoff tiffany. Like is this now I get it. I seen him in person. That didn't look good at all. I liked him. I do too. I thought it was. You saw him in person. I thought they would go get him. Where tearing apart as long as along with drugs? Are you on when you saw that a person who is only what you said earlier in the show the drugs you all right now to make you forget I say a Lotta Shit he forgives but he's gone. This is fun gays your bag Francis. dunks yeah whatever by topic. I'll take it up but I thought he was honestly I thought he's adult like I said. Thirteen is one of my favorite silhouettes. I like how they you know. Basically everything came out Today by the level of agility dealt with other briefly Dawson Island Green. Fire US while the those white ones. Yeah with the three Cheetah white primary. That's the key is released. The kids released. I can't really get with those Shaughnessy. We're headed sued. Come on are you on right. They do I mean you like the The CAP and gown eleven. I still don't like I said name. Issue Time Rock. Those weren't you. Didn't you know I didn't come out. There's nothing wrong with those who are just like offshoot Gamma Gamma Kappa. Got Thirteen you know I remember I was on. I was told I didn't like him. I was used okay so first of all my bad I do other eleven. I thought he was coming out. Thirteen are universally hated. Nobody hey okay once again. You're the Katrina the show because you don't have commercials. I would say nine hundred ten doctors. There's always that one doctor that just as the disagree Gino's dotted calf. McGowan is wrong with the CAP and gown eleven. They were just like not as good as the gamma oliver better lament the lack that little bit of Teal and yellow out. There Gavin gone eleven problem. The laces I mean theoretically the latest on anywhere or it doesn't really matter and at that slate or new bug upper. Whatever I mean outside is I think the That winning that women's pair that black let him go once. Yeah I think that was way better. I've been good to put em. I cannot ah they. They were visual. Oh yeah that one was better. I feel like they could have put that out as a capsule go. DMP Surreal what you think. I don't know which one the cabin gals are the all black somebody pitcher for this picture. Gama's don't know pitch again. Somebody picking but they got with the gallows he wasn't supposed to are you selling Gama's right up now selling cap and gowns that you say you go. Oh crazy graduation of high school I type in cap and gown and the Gamba's popped up. I know that's somebody took his searches. I know I'm eleven the a cabinet level. I like these. Yeah what is it. Hey I understand their dope. I'm on your side. Thank y'all talking to Jean John Kerry and I'm just trying to figure out how do you hate it all like eleven like really okay inquiry into these those were. Ah those were better. We haven't given a hard time. I like after this. Go ask the the actual latium so asked whether you think those are slightly nice to look at but the bottom on the cabinet countered is kind of like I like the Blue Tint thank you oh 'cause got the low gum Kinda like this. I mean I give you that. I just feel like this was is a much. If you're gonNA use that cap and gown thing I feel like this you would have been made it. It would have been better rather than just all black because you're could've called the blackout level. The big difference in my opinion is just like the the height of the leather maternal drove up and then the Tassell lasers those nice touch. I didn't even pay attention. I sold them before I even looked at took. Yeah it's almost like he's like in a confession booth when he comes here total themselves. I remember his friend total. So I xe and dill no longer works there man job deal the deal. God's ever commit a crime with deal collins. I just saw those with the proxy company. Now how far from there ever our giveaway. Hurry he's burning man. I've got a win for at least a while. A guy like he's he's I. Guess what I'm doing today Eh. Breaking the law Number two we got the Nike lebrons. Seventeen red-carpet dares as on the battle with these they're mediocre. I thought it was go outside right now. You can say no man you saw the other day we saw last night about these. I love them all the first of all I was looking for our issues not saying all already how does she got family. Here is he -ffiliated. He like already a lot no he. He fake thinking he wanted to be and I really love or read so he the starbucks Lebron so I'll put him upon Lebron's every shoe put up once more okay. So he's the the reason why work now see now see credit but okay backtrack from knows. 'cause he put me on that. What foams questions I like? I like this right here. I the Jason Kidd Zero. I off first off. Oh you did. Oh yeah so every show up. Put you posted it. I'll put but you've got to read the caption his got him. But I already can't because I got I saw his shoot ever and I get a little I don't have a pair of Lebron's is you also don't have a payer sees which are probably more comfortable now a never been. We're on a pair uses one. Unfortunately I have a beer. I want to go back and I want to go back this month. Bucket because out of the sand. What would I put us right now? This is great so I okay okay. Poorer than his. No we love slam. Magazine wasn't GonNa be like you were under six grade seven dams hail. How fucking big couples is a year right right like fourteen is spare shoes? I feel like your news. The most compare shoes told him body. Then there was. I choose like that like so. You see walk into the classrooms which was covering those those those are those those grills like social like do came today. Oh I still get fresh. You know lifestyle different Utah. It sounds like I was taking out the trash that was carrying. I didn't care buy shoes at the time. You did not excuse me push us back in the box at the dog. Shoes are all the time another pair today. The ringing going in the right one okay. So eating sixty seven our our love. His is worse than not doing it. We are not doing Ed. Regulate Scott. Set the Mike's Number. Because we gotta get out about it though with great with never concerned with the white shoes Puma Cougar shoes eerie. Go number one number unperceived Nike Kathy. Six Pre collection. They came across eleven cities across the globe. Twelve pairs I believe And they got a lot of different cities so good luck getting every last pair Gino Wong but he gave it back. Yeah at least one of them dunks. I know you probably GonNa try to lock down. Not that one no right because you both like that one was I think any of them the Berlin and the Houston the Berlin Houston best to the camera. That Berlin one. It's like the more like Maroney's Kinda like railroads to see them but the ones that goes for we don't see it as you did. He just China. We don't wake got bottle arm. Now are you android uh-huh if it wasn't for all my resigned tactics no one would have been notified on that shock. Drop even though you cancelled it was true. He's over Berlin. That's all your your life because of what color it is it got like that He had affiliate though. Because I got all blue so can't play both sides. I told you you belying nips united everybody so you come back red and blue Actually whereas blackout of time he's neutral has no saying like any color all the nipsy but oh well oh you know. He wears black too because he's black Trying to think outside of black I I mean I already all blue. WHO's dope is dope but going back Lebron seven ts though is I am a sucker for already issues however I don't like Alrea As missile duds out there And I was Kinda mad about those rebuff questions that CNN do you like those. I like them and it was only women's. Oh okay okay so you but by a seventeen and women packer joins. What have you know? You know you could've you could've made a phone call I'll get making those phone calls or dirtier than running buds making phone calls for trying to get like shoes asking for favors more. That's more prostitutes than running ads. I mean Susan. Yeah you know. That's not a favorite cash transaction going on there. If I call somebody I know Oh personally say. Hey what's up so low or what's going on with this shoe you high level prostitute and then is there anything you can the prostitute not the voice. How's it prostitution? Because you say they're not getting anything out of your GonNa GonNa hold something we are. Are you getting so form of satisfaction out of the deal but there's no trust little transactional prostitution requires transaction. I will do this for in exchange for this. I hope she listened to this because I don't I believe I believe they saying you see how Caesar's you been believings eighty four man. I believe you thank you all right now. Back to the stories about telling me so we got our. He cut me off like traffic. He realized he shouldn't shirow invited. Three options Livia Kim Nike Air Force. Which I think is the the number one thing I mean? That was pretty bad but I don't know about stressing me no matter what Catholic school in Roswell I gotta go in. I try and tell stories all the time. Good luck getting it out man go. Free Supreme has the Nike Air. Max Ninety Five looks collection. You Terrible House. Yeah and we have the Air Jordan Russell. Eight and seven penalties. I I thought I was trying to. I don't even know why he wakes up with zero ends on Megan issue. Honestly because then you talk about collection has gotten progressively worse. Out of seven collection has gotten progressively worse. There's if I'm an Indian online just do us a favorite not make any native American Mind Komarov Man. You know what I meant to say Jesus earlier said I love Jesus F in love. Jesus I know you'll get the extra what I do love much See what is it's wrong prison. He's the one that said you pray to. Jesus Christ Jesus we all make the statements okay redemption. I bought the Jesus King Album. Tell us who actually spend money on them. I bought a t shirt. It came with you. Anyway how did you try. Did you sell the actually want. You actually hasn't even shipped yet okay but when it does get you click on ever alone. Probably I don't have high expectations nine days. You might get it like council orderly right now. I mean I would cancel that this is this is when he was in town for his. Sean Detroit Wave Yes. Try to Scott. His merchandise say album came out two weeks two and a half weeks whose urging foster Christ what why are you still waiting. Saline Lavar dunks. You should've used the body us about no direct. Yeah from Connie's website recess. Go ahead you were just like chilling and it was like I should just plug it while I was at the show and they didn't sell merge and then they did like a website thing for all the Detroit stuff there was no bootleggers out there. Not that I I've seen simposed people got some shirts. Their giveaways nothing for sale. Okay so you can come in for free though unfortunate the tickets were I duNno. I actually took my mom and I had to be well behaved behaved not like pushing shoving stuff you think a mother a heart. Look wow man. That's crazy I believe it. Is it black. Wow on days like this. Oh boy so you're looking at both events both. Wow it was you. She thinks as a character. And kinda just want into like see what it was all about calm and I mean she thinks. He's Kinda like egotistical but like wanted to see what all the rage about was that he's genuine with this Christ movement My honest opinion is it was like a week rebrand eases but like trying to be like okay. Maybe Lake like there is a higher power AKA running for president soon. And I'm a good citizen to fuck fan where being are usually. Don't like to talk politics. But he's got my vote. Take some phone. I'm running by. I'm putting words another contract and they can't get any worse than trauma you already. I don't know you could go to Africa. Really really. Can't be Africa's bill. We are mad. I if that's if that's going to be the tickets you should make sovereign nation. I am I like go over another planet somewhere. It was is on Air Force last weekend. Go Nowhere C. Can you imagine. Imagine Kim was the first lady now could a man you guys. You Got Melania trump. So yeah but she doesn't. I don't think he's a real by can't she talk like honestly I've programmer. Yes you can whatever you want on a swear that I swear to God another funny story by me African season we snuck into seven movies Saratoga in one day Oh that was pretty southfield. That's not GonNa South. It was nice. Bye Week we star Star. We went there. Good morning lead nine nine. PM that's every movies over one hundred dollars. John Candy Zooey metabolism. It was Kinda stare at that point restaurants. I remember. Do you usually go to star. Really uh-huh Imagine Nj date. I'll go with like okay there. We go see. I was waiting to see you. Try to impress someone. They're very unimpressed. Very I've got to imagine or like the Riviera worst migraine and it's like Nine in Middle Bill Burr attended middlebelt or something star the alarm couple of the. AMC's are still nice though. Where the one John They redid Giancarlo John Really Nice? ANC Twenty in the volume of north minute. That was nice. Those mild is The one about artificial house okay. But once again we use those recliner seats a theater arts girl or something. The the Maple Fifteen Telegraph. Okay I don't think about Sheens Birmingham eight pledge fiber fire fire sick and dope as basement honestly. That's I'll watch my movies because that's how I wash joker Twi Think sent you just now or a month ago. I'm oil company. Takes them times to get one question. I just call them when I got when I got I got I got stuff that I can. Black minimum wage like that weight knows. He's on an ion though like no. I'm not yes you are I don I call one eight nine a worst between the three of us the worst. I'll call or text you and get nothing. Then you'll be active in a group chat. Yeah so it depends on what he doesn't like White uh-huh because I don't think any of you guys do really you try now. I will admit Gino. Prolly Ali response the most in the atmosphere to do when I was that laws. But I'll say I'll be at work was saying though. This is before where he became a coach. And whatever I'm doing now I've been coaching ten years off even before they had nothing common in Florida before. We had nothing to do you still whether you were in school. Text messages came out. Got Your cell phone not you in your opinion that first bill you know you name it. I was the personal south. The hell when you away this down the statue of limitations been over seven years right all right. Bet Yeah alleys phone the Nokia but you know it was a phone and that house like the hot food just having a phone cool back there having southwest might who has no green card on who that is she was black the most likely will but she was using at least from what I remember and I had to do anyway. I got the phone. I'm good let me tell you about the story African Caesar Okay Anyway. We guys grade stories. The Cherry Humiliating Dunk Story. If it makes you feel we gotta get the woke up this morning a pair opponents. I don't debit what he put white out on. A pair of ponies or is your wants to put a Nike sign on an in class in drew it on that and we had a basketball game that day. How was like rookie? He's like oh it is. He put more. Why their own Andrew again seventh grade? He originally drew a newport. Yeah he eh Cam on the back. But I don't know which way it goes. He Joe Camel during the layer jump man aside but he actually draw No it's a true story Nike sound a pair of Pony while or accumulation wise man Douglas. Nobody's Vince Carter's okay anyway. Adidas Bartering Withholding Zone Chemo dealers. This is burning with them to customize it just made. The real shoes won't going. I can't remember. It was funny loss to show just enough. We got their funny had Sky Davis. Yeah he has. This Guy Davis back in like ninety seven and he drew the site Nike signed on Beacon of then someone common on instagram. Like if we were episode of Doug Funny Yeah I like Mike. How you you get to be dug though to cure to are you? Are you skier or Caesar to He. He looks just like pork chop he may basically yeah. I will make Jackie Roger Roger Roger Class. It's just eight nine off a guy who shoo. I'm W- shoes I had to get it out. uh-huh see that I apologize. I'll tell you man it'll be interesting. Dita partnering with the International Space Station test products and space in an article. Aw Written by Alec Infancy and the data's launching a multi year partnership with the International Space Station US National Laboratory make another. I ran a test. Improvements to footwear has space the first phase of the partnership will focus on product innovation by testing products in microgravity which is the conditioning. Was People. Object Excuse me weightless Adidas delivered soccer balls the International Space Station early this year in order to run experiments at a tip so extend the understanding a flight characteristics mystics beyond earth. Wow No why would we need that unless we going to do. Something off the planet with Without gravity shape and flight path of the ball and air resist affecting the ball's flight spin researchers are able to able to concentrate on testing other variables For their part Adidas may be able to incorporate right with the alarm from these tests into the design of the panel shape of the ball the surface texture and design and the material to engineer. Future laws. Adidas also so plans to test this boost technology in space so while you might be stop dirt. I WanNa go to the moon or wherever you know. This is where you hear. I'm down there you go The podcast send me out there. You know all sponsors of money just on the Senate him. I mean boost. Man I'll I'll wear the uh-huh animal genes that we will have a commercial giving people ideas need to say man. We really try to do that. S A real thing. I mean what's my man's name at a virgin. Entertainment was at either either the Guy Richer. Richard Branson Yeah He. He's been trying to go into space. Ever talk like space exists. You can't get to Space Elon. Musk I was gonna say he's already working on like a you you can't even Mersal spaceships. It'll happen very atmosphere. I go ahead and do it. I mean it's a different conversation but we're we're worried about stuff that we can't do he's going out. Yeah it's probably a waste of resources. Absolutely it's definitely a I think it is. I don't think it's like Neil Armstrong jumping on the moon. Not but that's what they feed us though. It's not true to life everybody has common sense. That's not wish video. I wish as we have studio for US I urge of arguing. I mean but no matter what you want to believe it or not. That's just stupid. Michael Jordan didn't really jump from the free throw line. He was a step inside but we really did. Then we would have been bad. We have been back win. I mean we're in space all the time we we've had rovers on Mars really Not Humans like like a portable robots. Yes the International Space Station is in space right now. Doing research like uh we've left his atmosphere. Yes Hausa yes I just need like is like a matter of physics or proof I need them like go live and then go outside. Show me a picture from Spain. My father has a gps and all that stuff is a satellite. Thank you ooh. I'll explain what I'll we're taking inspect passer atmosphere hovering over. Yeah I don't know. Oh how many miles like as well more than three four five miles before I mean and it's not just like other countries have settled Russia. They've probably got nuclear Oslo saying they probably got more watch us. Can I want one just simple question. If you're in the middle of Montana once we have service if the satellite everywhere because requires I'm not talking to you. Oh God I don't know enough about that to give you. I respect Dan well he is because GPS and radio as two different things. One the requires towers. which is what you see? Rally is different cell phones hours and he usually paying off with just how pretty much figure out outside of. GPS for such a location depending on how close proximity is to a tower. So those two things together. I've just I know how you are. You question everything and I question. I didn't know this has been answered because how I just really don't think we've been. What does this mean haven't been as an haven't been as there's there's a small chance that the the whole videos from the sixties or whenever they let guys how good job they hang up? We can't into that right now from from We could go to the moon right now. It's just a waste of resources. Then go why have you night you particular but via by its last time we try. Everybody died the Challenger. Yes but we went Tom. They did tat. I challenger to that one was successful. I think they're focused on Mars You know going to pass that. visit him the moon. Because we've been there done. It has been there done that you believe on trying to make commercial crafts for us like people like us to go to the moon. Only you one million dollars. At this point it has asked the listeners to get your ticket to the moon champion they raffle. He'll get you about one actually. I need a raffle by the other day. We need to To bought spoofs on Nike. That's a great idea. But let me get this story though so also plans to research human performance of sustainability for the physical training winning regimen developed for astronauts. Data's host to improve astronaut endurance a strength training by studying the conditions required to prepare for space travel Do this last explore the range of motion in the human body and muscle development atrophy are affected without gravity as an added. Bonus Adidas Officers Partnership with the International Space Station nationw- yield takeaways for more sustainable may factory The test are slated to begin early next year and astronauts will experiment order to test if it's possible to produce boozman midsize with regions of different particle sizes of Zion boost came from like Maybe not NASA book came from the be as such or something. Yeah given a whole research and development. I think permits now Ra unlicensed their technology Olga. Technically didn't added didn't have that technique. Would they put something out like it. I I don't know who came first but all of a sudden I'm looking at it like the data's been created was another company and they took licensed Kinda like flying it and prime minute. Yeah well it was such a shot it. I feel like the answer. Here's is like okay. Here's technology everybody created their own versions of it. As opposed to the dealers are GonNa take your should wisely making her own so like speaking of taking taking. We shouldn't making it your own. I missed last week by sauce. sketchers won that suit. Yeah the mid so lawsuit against conference. That's ridiculous I think so too. Their argument was is that the wasn't a patent for it so so because there wasn't a patent for the mid so UK you can't make an argument Kamini against other companies for you. Yeah so not that they didn't. I mean you can look at it and tell them that they stole the idea. They stole the design. But if it's not protected living with the day still theoretically so anyway Nike is creating a super medical work as doctors and nurses Out there And I feel like they only guru check because you know my wife is a nurse and this is one of the things I brought up. I was brought up by. Oh yes Jamaica's. I'm making shoes like everybody else makes shoes for. You know people like that and I just got off handily and here. They come up with a shoe so you know I gotTa. The judge sentenced me anytime or direct. Deposit Okay Oh you know what. Just give me Take the cash no revenue the right back to them. Just give me like You know just keep the cash some size if he's giving you a tablet sneakers out late this time with guaranteed access exactly But in article on Nike Dot Com the new Nike Airs Zone Pulse Shoumei for everyday heroes like nurses doctors home health providers and others who worked it's highest lead to support patients Product testing a medical worker insights took place at the dorm. Becker Children's Hospital Portland Oregon. During the sessions the designers of the impose learnt of the rigors of healthcare workers later day efforts nurses for example walk approximately forty five miles and sit for less than an hour during the course of of a twelve hour shift which is true. You won't believe the word that nurses do I kinda like laughs at until I had to sit for San Argument owners there's regarded construction workers. I still don't believe that because construction construction workers are high in drunk during their job. The twenty four seven cannot be no. Oh Nah no drunk. Twenty four seven. No not anyway your drink afterward but John's like now if someone's on probation parole the for the only job they're going to get is probably working for a construction company and they usually laborer stuff. They use it. He's gone but how people cleaning up talking like skilled trades like okay. Actually I'll give you that yeah Excuse me the work is physically and mentally demanding of course Designer the Nike Arizona. Post tackles those challenges while making the shoe easy to get on and off and equally easy to clean the cushioning attraction systems work together to secure the Flynn all hospital. Conditions with design Nike wanted to confront a range of medical workers specific challenges. Like how can you be both comfortable for long stretches of standing ending and versatile enough to support. The hurry movement's required an emergency situations There was a full length also a flexible. Drop 'em Miss Oh with the zoom air. He'll unit in a secure. He'll fit I don't want it to thank you. Once again I was talking to them was The type of material the shoes are made out of. Because you work in you know. You're drawing blood. Lord knows other fluids you missile wit so spills occurred and I know like like I said my wife. She didn't like she loves the Raji but she didn't want to because of that Mesh material on there and the Spiel League. That's actually show. I was GONNA say probably sounds like would be. I guess she left but like other than with all of the Horiuchi though you know right as I say that's why no like back in the day. I remember a lot of nurses coming in to get like all white airmax nineties because it was leather spider. Most comfortable all other shoe that they could find right so so The mechanism of post also features the laceless upper for easy cleaning. which is once again? If you're a nurse or doctor this huge. 'CAUSE YOU WANNA clean joints you wear it on. Because hospitals had to be dirtiest places on earth Koto box protect any against any type of spills which I just talked about on the last extra for at it. Foot lockdown look for the Nike Arizona. Post release this December This story got me Kinda like laver because it will planet about Nike Making should too good so People are mad at Nike for making his running shoe to Fares Article Garamba Bennett for install dot com. Dennis Meadows twenty fourteen world record two hours. Two minutes and fifty seconds has been better on five five different occasions each time but athlete where the Nike Zoom ex-labour Flat Nex Luek out of the name right ran a marathon which was twenty six point two miles in less than two hours recently. That's pretty fast. Which is the fastest time ever recorded in the entire world while also wear the Nike Zoom? The PLA- favor fly next. Unfortunately the world breaking time with a record-breaking Zion would not be officially recognized as a world record because it is not run under open marathon conditions and because it featured dense rotation of professional pacesetters which against our shoes the the International Association of Athletics Federation or the I aa of has received reports about the shoes affecting races in response the IWF said for that reason. Advances in technology means that the concept of assistance to athletes has been the subject of much debate in the athletics world. The either bluff has established a working in group to consider the issues. The question is isn't it. Brands like Nike's responsibility to assist. The athletes and their job is to make good products for the athletes to wear it shoes. He's not steroids. Thank you it's not a performance. And because Okay I. I'm pretty sure this shoes. Jesse Owens war. I want them now because I'm a slow runner and there's nothing wrong with Ed both in La what's the technological difference between the shoes. As the warriors the ones who same boat wears pretty sure. There's GonNa be some differences as far as the shootout so the difference now just be with the Investments Technologies Comfort Great. The shoe is super light and I guess attributing the lightness of the shoot to the ability of the runners run faster. I mean once you once you get to that level but I mean but that'd be like the same thing with the basketball Russia. Yeah or or football league exactly so by okay. So as Lebron's achievements not as good as Oscar Robertson's because in Lebron has better shoes the where did or even like I said with the football club like you think like yeah please now are being made to be lighter or even a helmets looking right here. You know what I mean so I just want. The cutoff is door. Okay no no issues too good beginning like I mean I. I just felt like job. Jot Nike's job is to make quality performance. I was isn't wasn't something like that in there. The the Blue Ribbon sports original mission statement s So I mean the whole waffle tractor thing that that was an advantage wjr against other track shoes because of the way that the waffle-patterned and everything else I mean every brand is looking for an advantage like look okay like you look at receivers. The gloves like the way the way they wear the gloves Stuff like they didn't have that back in the day though. Are we going to count that against them. Though like I I just I mean I guess when you're talking about old school new school and who's better who's worse. I I guess that would be a guest something that you bring up there but I think most people kind of like look at it is a generational thing so like you know since everybody has the same think of is like right now like you have the option to where you know. Nike Basketball Products Ordeals basketball products. Whatever you feel gives you the best chance to be your your best? Whatever sport play? You're going to use that right now like any like somebody's wearing like I say I just Owen track shoes now. Aw Ready to begin somebody who's wearing you know that's that's not it just doesn't make sense. Yeah talking about world records. I guess I can understand anthem. But I'm just Kinda like but that's been the case since forever like every year something comes out that's better than even that's the case. I don't think that I anchor was shoe. You're wearing nobody's GonNa be you saying well. You know what I mean. I roll records. Jesse Owens hat the record and then you say breaks it and now they're trying to a lot of that to the shoes or to the technology war `pumas right in not a man. We don't know what technology was in those fast. Even you could assume that attack in those shoes. Better than the Jesse Owens had right. Yeah I mean but we wouldn't hold it against you saying that's what I'm saying. We are going to hold it against you. Say both say it's the shoes now. Does he have a competitive now. If he was raising Jesse head to head yes he will have minute. Cabinet confirmed competitive balance of competitive advantage advantage And I guess that comes into play when you're talking about somebody beating their record right. I mean he set this record doing this. But how do you Ho somebody back late only way you can hold back is that okay. You know what not only you can only wear the products that people were nineteen twenty and therefore like everything's evolution. Thank you are you gonNA put an Asterisk next to their the family just because it right I mean it is what it is. I mean people before just emotions I mean because you know another good comparison to that would be like in baseball with the home run record. -nology what how they make bats and they know how they practice right so I mean I mean I mean it's it's so difficult and one thing I can I can attest to that is So I have my own. Hey you program. So we're sponsored by We're no DITA's a Ghana circuit and we're also on PREP hoops. But my kids feel more comfortable wearing their Nike's because they're comfortable more knows but rather than the two shoes juice they feel that either a Damian Lillard or the hardens that they liked to wear us far as well as you said that they don't feel comfortable and I know me you spoke about this At length in the past couple of years my my kids don't feel comfortable but they play different and it's in a small subtle but you know you you feel more confidence. Certain shoes like say Brian Teams. I feel comfortable. I can do anything but you feel more comfortable and certain shoes even even nick placebo like in your mind. You know like with the with the tech so I had arguments told me like Adidas basketball. Ask The ball was like up. There Nike basketball. Knows you are high. You are high on drugs on Hulu Ma story just like there's only store I like to disagree allowed. God Damn make that. I can tell you that I can tell you that for because we are so we're at nationals in in Dallas Texas. This past year. Hear my kids are wearing everybody's wearing hardened it's like oh man I can't coach like please don't wear Nike. Said we were down here. We gotTA authorities the White Weekend Africa Minneapolis everywhere in Kobe. Pau Georgia's Day Lebron's whatever they're playing. Obviously I mean I don't want to say better but just start an option of shoes that they have to shoot crazy explosive and It's two shoes and when you don't like I told you yesterday. My school is the sponsor now by unarmored so now as a coach. I'm like we have X Y and Z fellas. And it's got choose from. I don't feel comfortable putting my my players know shoes. I don't I don't know what's going on with that. You know I don't I mean that's the point that people okay acting like because I say that guy okay. One monkeys number one for a reason. Do Leila's this is not the budget to a p maintains being number knbr one performed. Where so you have had more products like Adidas has eight shoes? legit shoes. Nike has pray about forty five. Huma yeah but I mean I think everybody has to but I think in general score. You know it's the money that's being spent time in. I guess in research and development minute like Nike really goes to extra mile to be able to ever qualify. You can talk to some of deism lives off the record. Ellie until you need is basketball. Category isn't what it should should be. So it's four parachute off and laugh at like you don't even think he's done many. I think the hardest dope I think the Grizz explosives adult in vain Lillard And that's it because I don't know if I'd never tried to be wide ws. The Dame's are okay. Boost their booth as saying that they don't do to this day I knew dame's the new names are. Are they feel awful me. They don't have no dame's boosting no no none of them have. But the the the the dame threes and fours I feel like in terms like his signature line to the best feeling like in terms of Adidas basketball shoes. Those those are the better dealers basketball. What I'm saying like you know when we had these tournaments were sponsored by these shut onto a deep love your sponsors and I have to We have to wear certain stuff but in the day our kids have to be comfortable in planning concerns. Subway advocate at six foot eight and I can't go to a regular store to go buy shoes. He whereas seventeen eighteen. So Dame James says he doesn't want to use boosts because he wants people to be able to afford his shoe Allen. It's like licensed since technologies. I know it's text the hard and dirty. I think the Dan Lewis are one team. I saw really as beltway people digital like. Oh Jordan's are one ninety and a and you know but eh one ninety like shoe and if it goes two hundred is like an outrage. There's a ten dollar difference. I mean I was outraged with those island. Green thirteen us on a tag on bitch went through one time. They used to be sixty five when I was. Yeah I mean well since. We're on the subject of bitching about the price of shoes. We'll go I bitch. Price Air Force. I used to be sixty five to fifty fifty retail all hail a fight anytime anytime all black fourth of coney island breath. I'm trying to figure out a way out of like make them like based up supreme shrouded through NBA Va Hogan. Let me you fight. Like Sumati rains working. I can't I can't removable Swish on there. They tried with with a with a bluer red. Swishes there is no saving the black mid of Rosemary. I'm out nothing I think. You definitely got some materials cereals. I like the only way you want to buy this. If you stuff cash we'll see you gotta have like a tournament. DOJ put his stash pocket on the time that she's crying right that's Bein number- Reebok the question occurs question. Do by now supra okay. So everybody's biting that'd be biting off s foot where with the original musk's back in the ninety s knowledge and then Gra- or grasshopper goal ducks. That's how I got A. Ah I know thing or two about stash pockets. Okay not not basketball technology. We know so everybody was opening jail. Oh Okay Plano. The root for Shit I mean you you white so the hell. They don't a lot of my kids my program. Aw are not black and they will duck over. I made us a new age though as Michigan. Because what's that Larry. Play Win The nineteen eighty nine one kid. They had the WHO makes videos of couple years. He'll ended up going to Georgetown. Max mccullum yeah. Yeah he got nasty. Ask the Hawk on a nasty single player on the nineteen sixty I got like. I hate to generalize I got I got a kid plays at my point guard. Plays deal set. Yep He's occasion but he has sauce and he will hear light one of us a life you know their as you know he playing division one one on one says he got this thing people just let him and his knees knocked the next season Kerrigan. You're not gonNA have him next season. Sorry I need them late. You gotTa trip to get Kobo. Play me man he probably GonNa Go Community College. I were you a bullying school. Naya the older older. You know how bullying starts. Usually usually they get bullied. Yeah that's how I started this. Napoleon complex is one of the take is short as anybody else because whatever. I'm not even sure no regular size reebok draws the Delta logo from this just because I'm under sixty dollars logo nothing. Can you eat chicken. Yeah you hold. It gave us. He gave us to definitely. Do I drink which you know. Don't let me well granddad right now. Gao Erotic in weird like so. You're seeing a man. He didn't WANNA share it all like like us. A scare rottweiler while outlined in sneaker boxing contest. If you put nuggets in front of me look at him. You'd think he not GonNa win on the line. Oh okay it's going to be the referee. See what what what would you say you in. What the Hell Dokes University of Florida? Also you can meet Whoa there. The Republican Party Congress right now so I believe you know. Put some champion shoes on the table. I'm pretty sure she. It is both under the table. You Chaffee issues. Are you training for a fight. Listen listen all I said was. I would take some repairs and I'd wear them by them with my own money though I wouldn't would you. where some free shoes champion? I have gotten rid of free shoes. I'm not GonNa say who that guy the deal. I'm my feet are. We are whereas thirteen Wi fi. I can't do it you know. It's perfect for white feet easies cracks. I got up here and they got greater close. The Blue Speaking of cracks got updated pictures of the easy phone runners. God be good. We know you know that was expected. Nobody surprised I knew. Even I caught myself garlic and I'm like all right I'll do it. Wow I can't believe you. He's running data so schools like it is the dumbest. Look it up to those Iranian. The Khartoum no the cartoon yeah but he and literally do taste good. Don't the nation super. Yeah that's that is he is like no. I want to put out the shittiest shoe and see what happens. Watch them by it though. Yeah he had a sample that like Scuba Scuba Lickin show while ago. They didn't release. Yeah that's the worst you. I've seen him. We talked about that. We've they got. They got beaten up. Pretty visually show actually look like a championship. WHO ended up with them to Jay's Jay Jay Z.? Yeah he ended up with Hausner. Looked like it was made out of like goodyear rubber stupid by will give a shit like I am not saying. We're so that's the point like it should shoot. Don't even matters relevant. Most people that are most celebrities are just taking existing shoes and putting color ways. Connie is you know even though too with a team coming up with his own unique designs which is not good though some of them are well fevers last once. He made them not good zebras. Good good color. Wave runners take a break. I'll I'll agrees your for Christ right. Well you know which one I do Kinda I think is decent Americans say Kinda like five hundred high. Those aren't out yet though. That's decent I personally don't like them so he's like. Hey those that means actually good then they. You don't have boost then. You shouldn't wear the mayonnaise Algiers. Good those have audie like they go to. MD ARS or whatever yeah whatever they are assigned to your sponsors but I feel great like that's alright. SMAJIC RAINA BILL ON. I'm not offended his Hopi Kitsch. The Jack River was out because polio or black book. That is wow three centuries of you have been called like please i. I think he's been waiting forever. Talks do polio polio. Yeah which is making a comeback somehow get vaccinated people but not reebok drops the Delta from his Ludlow as it doesn't make a difference with an article by Carolina forbids journals dot com reebok streamlining streamlining logo across all products starting next year. Getting rid of the Red Delta's civil Reebok will now brand or product with the vector simple and a drop our that previously has been reserved for revised classic and lifestyle focused products The Reebok veteran logo was first introduced the nineteen ninety-two excuse with a ray. Doubts logo debut in two thousand eleven. The the Red Reebok Delta logo was still appear across. The you'll see brandit rebuffed apparel. I don't even know why they came with a dumb as love to begin with me. Honest the victim that Delta logo originally for like some of the holiday performance running shoes or something so dumb. Yeah no because I feel like light. That was made to kind of tell the difference between I guess what was the performance or the has the do that like That's the main is. Why Reebok is in a position is in the ones again? Those are very reluctant to do then and them. Announcing that they're getting rid of an interstellar does getting rid of the fact that you actually ready to so I mean it's new so you could find something Lamelo I could've you know I want to try and keep you plug alive. I know that's one way of looking at it. Sat out the Reebok you know. Here's the thing about this. Is I get frustrated when they do dumb shit and then it's like you know like thinking I I mean I watch try to get back to the love of new pair of shoes and L. needs a group of people like yeah they make new shoes. Do I have any current players. They I got him. He doesn't he's in the big food is are you saving Harveson in the Big Three. I'd say I mean I don't know who jumping up and down right now for him but I think honestly therefore aw 'cause it's GonNa ride with it too. Was John Wall. Yeah Yeah 'cause have bad Julian Martin it but I'm rebuy I mean that and he didn't didn't it took him two on the sands eventually. Yeah we took too long slow process slow burn and then by the time he did. I think by the time you've got good. He's not as I mean injuries and stuff but I don't see him. I see asked to spe. Yes I don a level which is why I was probably trying to drop his contract as John. Our drop late not even two years into his five year. Deal like The Last Supper ways I mean when you stuck with dirt roads contract might as well not thank you. Sarah Rose Man. Thank you for being a piston man. We love you here. We get to this Guy Jackson This weekend stupid though we got thirty thousand is an dollars and sneakers and clothes stolen from park are on an article. Written by Brandon came sneaker shod Talk Dot Com Jason Ridden our was walking out of sneaker and Atlanta recently when he approached his car immediately noticed that his car door have been pried open the secrecy persons that the event was missing. Apparently after walking around and shopping Jason went to the wild wing cafe to get something to eat the wild wing cafe loosely but during the time people broke into to his car and so all of shoes from the event surveillance footage shows a black horse. SUV part that. Jason Jason Car for twenty two minutes prior to him leaving the cafe Police SUV was initially parts of the right of his car. Before pulling out backing in on the other side Jason said of the items were in the back of his car covered with a sheet sheet which is a good indicator something underneath that you don't want people to take. Dan Can fit in the truck. I mean if you want to take it put on the truck while you put a sheet over something you're back see the people are GonNa look at that and say was obviously something valuable for Unit to cover it just have acidly may this. She must have not been a good like it necessarily have gypsum. Cotton sheets the three black. She she in the back. I mean I've done that before. You know I mean put someone to the US nigger car and there's Yeah Apollo Shit with a sheet over it in the back seat. What kind of car was it against? I did I say what kind of car looking looking looking the car that stole the stuff was a porsche. Saw Tell me you would think that they will not all the Porsche I could have been. Oj Simpson like store. Houston this stuff back but it could just as I don't always an inside job we D- just copped this this this and they resell gone for thirty cage. It's probably worth like ten K.. Tops probably Jason. Dogs dogs are at anyone who saw active work mark. Jason also mentioned anyone who saw the Garg said that there was something there so Jason said that the feast approximately forty shoes and twenty articles articles of clothing. He said that he's almost the entire life savings. That's his fault. It couldn't believe that this happened affluent area of trump. It's hard to fit forty pairs of shoes like normal sedan with shoebox again. That's what I'm saying like. What kind of car was being a suburban cars as back as a resume? You had to start the Magnum award. One of the worst cars ever met. THAT'D BE A. I think that was horrible to the HR actually know made the PT. Cruiser funny was Delete videos they have like the other new paint on the cruiser Iran around down the browser. Other can't probably Morris cars avenue of you doing stuff like that you desire. Sorry to get so stuff stolen from me. Jason written our is related. Luke wonderful try we CHICAGO SNEAKER CON Chicago. Oh this week Schambori guys technically Chicago. I haven do it like you forty minutes away like not even I gotta drive forty minutes away so the line should have been a pontiac. Lines won't point yes Luca. Uh I'm just making like I hate when they stick Chicago five minutes away from Chicago Ardo sticking got Illinois distinct conjugo call them neighbors here say neighbors Ville a shoe shoe collection. Nick Berg brings us why I told you that the best bet was the star hotel where it was that cause right right there. Yeah well does not let detail forbid gets Laissez Hotel. Nobody nobody was here for that. Those were the first ones that was nice. The Second Hotel the second night was like I mean you walk into a drug deal going now. A man I'm GonNa say this White Ho hold up hold Obando man are we we still. Are we still with them. They know I thought about it. Plenty of argosy. Keep Talking Shit about him. Oh that should have been a rare flag for you right there where they pay for and must not cost much it did you see the ventures did not cost a lot of a Dr. y'All y'all look for books in that sense for John was looking for someone. Missile tired at that point. I just search for books is I probably but Johnny Christ. Jesus shot earlier about the way he was on his birthday coming up song. But I appreciate you inviting Mirman the I regret it already. But you gotTA bring Couso sees back I coach I go to basketball so and and I'm Edina high school man I don't I don't sweat equity as I used to just know like I do. I love being because Muslims eighty four but right now would a two-month odor out of time. Nonsense congratulations I hope you get some thank Maro so I'm going to be really really really good yuccas dollars over the next two days right tomorrow. Hopefully that was not the word like I could be doing anything you don't deal with tears like underdog I gotta do. I still gotta drive to work now. I deal with kids on the psych now. What happens when I get there? That's totally different situation. I still have to get there. That's the point. I never appreciate a snow days until I started working to education Fi. I used to always gracious no days when they went to school. Because I didn't end now as a as a educator is like Oh Allan King I wanna see all ass to the next day and we all Francis no days. They came off a rush man. We don't have school tomorrow. Say Mamat pray and do whatever I do so we'll have no. He probably has unflappable garage. He probably had like every deity. Possibly I believe and as I don't know what else is Ron Bible knows. He can offend them to whatever man or whatever may have over The toward Nike. Nike's thank you saw in the Hale Bopp comet what he's what he worship they help upcoming buddy nikes on the the hill comment I was he bro. Yeah that sounds like some. He's like yeah okay because he went to Iowa got arrested will be the only black men in Iowa Caucasian women and got him miserable. His phone call didn't work because we haven't gotten passer atmosphere yet. That's a good way to bring back. We're going to also somebody got to be on which one time she wants is a free phone if anyone's listening yes there you go so I'm free righteous but I found eleven looks Kinda Nice so it's really just trying to get out of his free shipping. The thing about it. I'd be Christmas. Like Friday. Saw Her shot dunk shooting. Here's that's out table. Sugar Daddy that be awesome. I hope that's code for the biggest. The funniest hit squad list on the ball walking around together man he goes to he goes he goes to be looking at. It'd be the oldest uglies white dude with John John Blackjack so he paying rent at his health issue nation and Reggie Miller and her shirt right now. Since I met. You means. Somebody's little girl show. I ain't trying to be in public like that coming release we. We had the clots today. Thursday we have the Supreme Amoah collection which is kind of a little late for Halloween. Got Spider webs on it we also have the off white woman newspaper streets. That'll be in three color ways trash. I agree Friday. We've got the melody. Whatever her name is air force? One Melody Johnny. Yes which are actually pretty dope art art and usually I don't like maids but they just had blue the great mid to quarter right. Those were great for our two Saturdays as a huge day. We've got the travel air force ones at all shocked a few days ago you had to be in Texas to get it for sneaker stash. Were able to get it. They'll have another wider. Release a Saturday and easy. Three eighty which is a new silhouette term in terms of botch off is not doing wilkes added checkpoints. So you can only want around on one to five tasks and in terms of Nike Ghost is not working and being bees entering but being heavily filtered out this weekend to recover. It's the Brian Bryant teams. So I'm thinking well people listening to it. Okay Jesus on that no Jesus after getting the finger little. Nobody knew they won't get the attention. Laurie I got something special planned for next week. I'll give everyone a clue blue which is project destroyer also on that no was up to thirty nine episodes to forty. Yeah so we look forward to seeing you guys. We love we out.

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