$8,400 Bitcoin On The Cards Soon?


The. Crypto show talking business influx. Jane? Everybody. Welcome to the crypt ipod. Kost. It's you host Craig Cobb the websites tried to call dot com. If you haven't heard about maybe four anyway, you having a crack let's get through and have a bit of a walk around the top ten currently. I just say what's going on at the bitcoin right now. The again, I come back to these fifteen minute time frontal talk through this yesterday. Bang on the Nonoc local rod ran at nine. Am sydney. Tom's. That's what forty one minutes ago is probably an hour or so from when you actually he this. If you get a straight away, we saw a big wild can volatility out of crank we sort of high of fifty three twenty one and the low of fifty one eight quota saws will move. And in fact, it was one of the biggest the biggest candle of the day then everything settled down and the problem backup hitting a high yesterday all fifty three seventy three now similar thing. Could this morning? I just happened to be sitting. At the same time as the as I am every single day five days a week talking through my scan my watchers doing my members in VIP and live trading floor. And again, the candle had opening price all fifty two hundred nine call three hundred and a low of fifty to fifty three now that Spock could very very quickly and against like it sold off shook at some some sellers and the buys of reentered now, I wouldn't be surprised at all. As a matter of fact to see is break up above the high of fifty three thirty six base on this fifteen minute trank just seems to be something that's been going on something in the water with that being said, you know, we are looking at the moment in the next twenty minutes, we go into close probably be closing somewhere around the highs of the Canley out one point five percent right now bitcoin, and what does it actually mean? For one or two things. I wanna say I wanna say bitcoin push onto these new highs and starts continue to climb towards that six thousand Mark, and I'll be looking fever Naci boost trades when that occurs if that was to occur because I've got some beautiful high lows coming in now, I'm just waiting to save. I can get some entries this. That'll be one option. The other option realistically we do need to pull back now. Is it going to happen? Now. When's it gonna happen that I don't know either? But it has had a very very strong run. And it hasn't pulled back yet. And it does need to have somewhat of a pullback for it to be healthy in this transited to continue. Now, I don't mind not having a pullback for the time being if you recall back through the November run will broke down through six thousand we went from six thousand to three thousand six hundred in a very very far sixty one hundred pretty much shot straight down sixty one hundred all the way down to thirty two hundred. So he just about hot. Halved in value. So to give you some perspective in that flip that on its head and do a handstand right flip that around doubling from where we were on this move. So forty two hundred eighty four hundred now that might seem really unlikely to you right now. But as a matter of fact, isn't that far away when you consider what this market does you see when it moves? It moves hard. And as I said throughout that titles. Are that November breakdown through that range, speak speaking for quite a long time? We did see it move extraordinarily fast. Now could we see that again? Absolutely. We could see that. Again, absolutely noted that in my mind. That's why I tried these market. It's off it's headed moves. So phenomenally fuss. I'm going to be the pave of both will all types of situations. And I'm probably going to be focusing on the lower tone timeframe, if we do push to new highs today. With that being said we'd have theorem up three percent as well. Sitting around those holidays. It's time to really established trend now though, it hasn't moved quite as far as what bitcoin houses not great deal of resistance in the white now, obviously there's around number of two hundred. Yes, that would probably be tested, but a saw from being around number on not too concerned about that. It's a NAS looking trend Knauss looking move. And there wasn't opportunity for Naci boosted their over not back into the pullback for me again, the wedding those lower timeframes to push on to new highs coming back. Nats else is up one point six four percent a little bit flack that six al-makassed resistance to get through. And then a little bit more six dollars fifty so happy to leave that one alone for the time Bank. Still Lumine is currently down one point one six percent. Not doing a great deal. Just meandering alongside ways reveal is outside of that thirty five high side of that rain. It's just hanging out there right now, not too much more to say, it's actually Dan one point six four percent. And likewise down three point one percent today that pullback. Starting to occur backing on daily. I'd love to see it. Get back come on little puppy giving them off to him a love, and I'll be all over you. That sounds horrible. But you get my point looking for tried setup. Bitcoin cash three point four percent sitting still three hundred even three hundred and eleven dollars cowardly still holding up around those Hawes bonnets and five percent. The biggest Fula in the top ten got taken out of my tried from January thirty first I very long run, of course, several months or couple of months paining that and against Tampa two hundred percent gang and against bitcoin. It was a hundred percent guy. And I forget that was will bitcoin was going up so very very happy with that position. A best trade of the no leverage. Unfortunately, but autumn on it was still good position Tron up six point four percent arenas. Push to the upside there for Toronto. Honestly that trend sowings look what gnaws we've got high allies pushing in now higher Haase is gonna white and see. If I can get a little way pullback into there because there are options to try that with margin as well. We've got finally cow. Don, I sitting three point two percent to the downside and having a little bit more pullback at the moment. So across the market is still very much up in the air. There's nothing to wall going on. We just seem to be grinding Haya just need to see something more happen if we're gonna slowly grind high probably going to slowly grind high with strong divergence on some of those midterm timeframes, which would probably be keeping me out of Loa tem timeframe trends for the time being. So I wanna see shop move up or shot move down. A the way we got options both sides of that. If he pulled back we've got options if we move high with good options. Good thing is we have options. Guys have fantastic Daschle speak to you all again, very very soon. If you haven't gone across the website and the place to go check out what we do here at try to call dot com. We very good educating people systemized trading with risen checklist than anybody. Can lynn? Day boston. The traded Cup. Crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called ultra courses products and tools can be found at Tradenkov dot com. Because experience met is.

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