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SEC Sues Tesla, Musk Rejected Settlement - DTH


These are the daily tech headlines for Friday, September twenty. Eighth twenty eighteen. I'm Tom Merritt the US securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit, Thursday against Tesla's CEO Elon Musk alleging securities fraud due to Musk's tweets about taking the company private and saying funding for such a move was secured CNBC reports the SEC and musk had agreed to a settlement where musk and tesla would pay fines. Musk would step down as chairman of tesla for two years and to new independent directors would be appointed to Tesla's board in exchange musk would not have had to admit guilt. However, musk refuse to sign the deal because supposedly he didn't feel it would be truthful to himself. He has called the allegations unjustified. And the tesla board issued a statement expressing full confidence in musk. Facebook says it discovered an attack earlier this week that affected up to fifty million users attackers were able to explode the view as featured to copy access tokens. Facebook says it has pets. The vulnerability and logged out more than ninety million accounts to prevent any tokens from being used. Because only the tokens were accessed. Facebook says, users do not need to change passwords. Law enforcement is investigating until announced Friday. It will prioritize production of Zeon and core processors and says, it has enough supplies to meet its full year revenue targets until has been catering more to data centers, but expects growth in the PC market this year for the first time since twenty eleven until also said yields are improving for ten nanometer chips. And it still expects volume production of those chips. In two thousand nineteen. Google began rolling out where OS two point one to watch his Friday to the new interface focuses on fitness and notifications. Also improves responsiveness and battery life. The reprieve for classic Skype is about to end Microsoft says it will stop supporting Skype, seven point zero on the desktop, November first, and on mobile November fifteenth. It will still be usable quote for a little while after that. According to an Editor's Note on the blog. DV shoe Shing has launched its ride hailing service in Osaka Japan, including the Kansai international airport. It lets users call rides from ten local taxi companies. DD fusing in partnership with SoftBank will launch the service in Kyoto Fukuoka, Tokyo and other cities in the near future. It will compete with Japan, taxi and line as well. The Wall Street Journal sources say slack intends to go public with an IPO of stock plan for the first half of twenty nineteen valuing the company at around seven billion dollars. Fog goes, well. It could happen as early as the first quarter company has reportedly not yet hired underwriters for the IPO, but are looking for some. Security researchers at duo, discovered a vulnerability in the apple interface used to enroll apple devices in a mobile device management system or MDM. The researchers spoofed serial numbers of enrolled devices to connect militias devices and gain trusted access. Apple's device enrollment protocol supports up then occasion, but does not require it. The researchers warned that serial numbers alone should not be relied upon to let devices join corporate networks. Six security experts issued a joint report on vulnerabilities in election equipment, discovered during Defcon. One would let someone remotely access a vote counting system from ESPN SM six fifty that is used in twenty US states. The report identified four areas of concern, including a lack of supply chain security for the voting machines. The researchers also note that some vulnerabilities have been reported as long as ten years ago, but still have not been patched. Each at researchers have uncovered what is probably the first UP root kit in the wild. It was found as part of a toolkit for patching victims, firmware to install malware. The researchers recorded an actual case of a malicious UV module written to a systems Espy. I flash module leading Texaco of militias code during boot. The only way to remove them outwear would be to flash the firmware. It has been used by a group called variously. Fancy bare said knit APD Twenty-eight strontium or so. Sophie. Spiegel online and courts. Both reports Spotify has begun e-mailing. Some users of its premium for family plans in Germany in the United States, asking for GPS location data to confirm that the members of the plan all live at the same dress. The Email contains a link to a page that states Spotify will only use the GPS data to verify location. Spotify told ports it is testing improvements to the user experience of premium for family, Spotify average revenue per user fell, twelve percent in q two. Nielsen data suggests smart speaker adoption grew in the US from twenty two percent to twenty four percent in q two, four of ten smart speaker owners have more than one sixty. Three percent have a speaker in the living room, thirty five percent in the bedroom and twenty eight percent in the kitchen. Finally, apple won an appeal against a decision that it infringed patents held by the university of Wisconsin Madison in iphone processors. The US federal circuit court of appeals in Washington DC ruled that no reasonable juror could have determined apple infringed on the patent for more discussion of tech news of the day subscribed to daily tech news, show dot com. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time.

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