Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - July 3rd 2020


Welcome to the weekend. Stakes preview on the horse racing radio network presented by naira vets. It is coma. Don't want to catch as they come into the stretch in the grade. One run happy, Carter. Coma with the lead networker affect driving up on the outside of American them. Then forensic fire coma has a five lane played, and comber is pouring out in the strateg- hey really loved the slop in this grade. One run happy Garter much best seven furlongs over off going in one minute twenty one seconds, but coma takes great wants thanks now. Here's Anthony Stabile and Bobby Newman. Welcome to the weekend. Stakes preview present the by narrow bats here on the horse racing radio network. I'm the big a aunt that needs to be all up at Beautiful Belmont, Park. Where just? Hours away less than a day away from the grade. One run happy met mile and fantastic eleven race card down in south Florida's Bobby Newman. Back and our Lexington Kentucky Studios OP. reducer lead Dela Pena. We've got a dozen stakes for you tonight. We'll go to Belmont a little woodbine Delaware. Park has the Delaware Oaks and the Kent Tomorrow Gulfstream Park Action Out West Los alamitos greatly em and Loselle Derby, some points on the line for the Kentucky Derby in that low sow derby, Baffert, as you would expect, has strong hand with the favorite uncle chuck and a thousand words. What's happening bobby, Newman. Looking forward to a great day should be a awesome at Belmont Park tomorrow. Wish I could be there. Be there in spirit, and obviously wagering wise his plotting my pick five strategies as we speak eleven race card, you can catch us on talking horses and he certainly an I'll go over the cart at noon. Take a look over the Nari. Youtube Channel watching Arab bets account of course on the Admiral's Day at the races all day long, check. NYERERE DOT COM TV schedule for that information, and of course if you WANNA play along. And then over at naira, bets head on over open a restaurant new account use the Promo HR and twenty. There's a positive match mon two hundred bucks. Once you bet double. That's if you put it in two hundred four hundred. Hundred dollars back in your account tomorrow there was a special run. Happy met Mile Promotion. The first win. Bet You place on the met mile at Belmont parts more on that one. Happy Mile Qualifies for Promotion. If you bet hits and your horse is less than five to one. They will bring your bed up to five one so if you like McKinsey to one. They will bring him up to five to one maximum twenty dollars. That's the CAP. The bonuses cap that scout the twenty, but hey. We've been enough. What's wrong with a free twenty bucks? HEAD ON OVER TO NARROW BETS DOT COM for more details. We had a lot to get to bobby, so let's go right to it. The victory ride kicks off the stakes action here at Belmont Park tomorrow afternoon grade three early in the caught has just the feel of five phillies. Going to go. Six, and a half furlongs as for the three year old's warning line favors one francs rock cat hall of Famer Bill Will Give Fellow, Hall of Famer John Velazquez a leg up, and this phillies done very little wrong on her career. She's three for seven. With four second-place finishes ran second in a couple of graded stakes including the grade one spin away up at Saratoga last year last seen winning a third level allowance. She uses stakes. Winner took the any limit kick off three year old season three starts back. And probably the only reason that this race isn't later in the card is that it's a five Horsfield and Franks Rakhat is three to five on the morning line, and she may be the the loan speed in race, so she's going to be tough to beat at three to five, but that's a pretty short price, considering there some pretty good up and coming phillies near now I think number four center I'll. I'm going to give her another shot for. For Chad Brown and Joel Rosario Sheila Great Getting Her Maiden Win Gulfstream, Park when bet down to three to five at the end of March, then came back in a tough allowance race at Churchill downs where she was really over bet, she was three to five that day against another very impressive maiden winner of this one for Steve, asmussen in casual casual, ran a great race that day center I'll had all sorts of problems. She didn't break that well. She had trouble during the race, and she was just really never in at any point I think it's a racy can kind of draw a line through? If she runs closer to the way she did and her debut I think she's the one that could give Franks rock cat, the biggest problem. Franks rocket will probably get the lead. I would think Rosario would have center I'll sitting justin behind her and seeing if they can outgun into the line going six and a half furlongs. With you I'm going to take a shot with center. Rile planner. If. When I plan early took five tomorrow, I will use both Franks rocket and center, but I'll tell you what I think. You can make a case. Also for up in smoke was undefeated and sprints. She's four five and a career. Lone blemish came when George. Weaver tries to stretch her out Hollywood wildcat. Go at Gulfstream Park. She's raced exclusively of Gulfstream in fact, steady diet once. Once a month February march April may June now. She gets a race in July here over Big Sandy. She wanted the game face overboard last time out for weaver. Rod Ortiz Junior who wrote her in her debut against fellow Florida breads down at Gulfstream Park's in the climb back aboard for the first time. Since that day looks, you'll need a little help up front if Franks rockets able to set an easy pace I. She's going to be very very tough I. think Senator I'll be the first one to come calling. Those are the two up in smoke. If you're looking to three deep, I don't think you need to center for Bobby and I race number three goes as the great three six and a half for a long victory ride go to the end of the card. Eleven race card like I, said earlier, and the final four races make up an all stakes pick four, and it starts in reasoning with the greed three poker. Flat Mile on the turf for many years. This was the fourth of July staple. On the naira calendar, and here it is now as part of a super five stakes card. In the poker, though run a mile on the widener, so they come out of that shoot. On the clubhouse turn we get a field of eight entered for the turf as a main track. Only it's all relevant with the way. The weather's been here. I would imagine you know they're supposed to be some rain. We're recording the show Friday afternoon supposed to be some rains rather day on Friday and into the evening. I can't imagine anything enough to take this off the turf, so let's say it will be a field of eight. You know when I through this race, you of course noticed the presence of Chad Brown valid points in a returning the grade, one secretariat for troubled trip in the shadow turf mile at and last year. That's when he ended his career. ended his three year old season career thankfully We haven't seen him for nine months now. He's a former stakes. Winner hawkish won the pen mile back in twenty eighteen cliffhanger last year, seismic wave stakes winner over the course chal paranoia to read three Appleton. eons won the greed three. Kent we see. The mayor got stormy back. She's a great one winner value proposition value proposition, the only one in here without a stakes. When to his Belton. He figures along dream friend. They should say and they figured it'd be two major players in here. And I think you have to use both of them for plane horizontal wagers, Dream friend is going to be the speed of field. There's no one else who can come close to as much the speed that he has a. he has a tendency to get a little bit tired late, and he hasn't won in quite a while, but he still running very very good races. He was beaten by value proposition last time out. I think social paranoia is another. Another one that has a chance didn't have the didn't run his best race last time out and I think he's capable better than that, but I think number. Two valid point is my top choice in here, and if it was somebody other than Chad Brown training the source I'd be a little bit more roy the fact that he hasn't run. Since the beginning of October, they put up a great stat on America's Day at the races on Thursday with the. Amount of horses, Chad Brown has had that have already in twenty twenty returned from two hundred plus day layoffs to win stakes at the most recent one happened on Thursday with fifty five, so I'm not really worried about valid point being ready to fire a big shot in the poker off the laugh. This horse was favored in the grade. One shadwell turf mile at Keeneland, which is always A. A phenomenal race didn't have the greatest of trips that day finished tenth, but was only beaten three lengths when he really didn't have a good trip now he's off the layoff. Really writer Ho Higher Castellano was aboard. He's one of the ones that's going to be trying to track down dream friend. I expect him to fire a big shot off. The layoff and seven to two is a fair price. seventy-two own valid point Bob Newman the tours as I mentioned. That haven't stakes to places. I went here. Dream, friend. Is Loose on the lead Jose. Scandal certainly knows how to Dole out some speed on the front end source office seven month break last time out ran really well when he left when he the race before the break I needed them for about eight thousand such terrible beat beaten still regard that day was going to be one of the favorites in the Manhattan. If not the favorite he's going to be loose on the lead in here. It didn't work off the bench. We'll see and we'll see how much pressure got stormy puts on. Am I went to value? Proposition overcame a mediocre pace last time the only time this horse got beat when they. Put them on the lead. He's not speed or so be off the pace. He gets leading. Tease Junior I thought they would have to. I wanted to lean on that lead pick five, and then this all stakes four, I'M GONNA. Use a little valid point. I'M GONNA use seismic wave. WHO GETS A? Big Ryder change to Joel Rosario, so is the perfect two for two at the mile. He won a couple of minor stakes to Cutler Bay and the English Channel They will, both against St, three year olds. He made his four year old debut first start against open company in that first defense going seven furlongs last night out he. He's a little bit more. More real estate I think you gotTA. Use Him in here. He's going to offer some value for Martin. Rosario but I'll take the number nine value proposition top pick over dream friend race eight does as the great three poker. The big one is the first segment. The grade one run happy met Mile Metropolitan, handicap grade one half million dollars on the line. As strong a field of eight, as you are going to see for a grade one I, mean you could in all honesty in some cases of stronger than others, but you could make a case for every one of the eight runners in here McKenzie's toodle one of the morning line. He's the favourite for combs. The five th to second choice and Kovar is the three to one third choice. It is just a wide open run. Happy met mile this year, really happy to see this race as the centerpiece of this Fourth July, Cart. And all three of those horses you mentioned that are the morning line. Favorites are coming off impressive wins. Last time out in preparation for this race. They're all going to have to track down the outside runners, warriors, charge and mister freeze figured to be the speedier of the of the speed horses in this spot, and although they're very good runners in their own right, I think the three that you mentioned are are definitely the ones to beat number three mackenzie is a rare Bob baffert trainee. Does not mind shipping back and forth to New York a Baffert as not always had the greatest success with these things, of course he did I've arrogate who won very impressively at Saratoga a few years ago because he ran a very good race last year in the met mile didn't have the cleanest trips that day ended up finished second to Matali and came back with a resounding win. The Whitney after that loved his win. Last time out in the triple brand. Triple Bend is I. Start off the layoffs inside running poorly in Saudi Arabia. beat the greatest field in the triple bend that day, but he beat them very easily, and he came home very fast. I think the one turn mile hit some right in the head, and I think two to one is probably the right price i. He's the one beating the spot. The other one I would use with him. Is number two coma because he's a little bit of an unknown. This was a horse who? Really was on the Derby trail and looked like he had a shot in the Kentucky Derby last year. He didn't run very well. That day. Behind maximum security is first time on a sloppy track, but seemed like about three quarters of the field that day had trouble or didn't run well, so it's a racial can kind of draw a line through his? His previous four starts were all good to start this year. have been great including the run happy Carter last time out, worry tried the sloppy track again and he just aired in race that I think would be good enough to beat. This met mile fields I don't know if he's going to run that well again especially, if the track's not wet. But he just may be a better horse right now. As a four year old, he was three year old, and that's not unusual also. Those are the two I'm kion, most number, three Mackenzie, my top choice, but also using number to vima. Kennedy's my top choices. Well, I just I've always thought he was middle distance horse, probably a little bit better around one term then to. He's one around to turn. One of his fastest numbers. I think he's one turn horse I. Think he's a miler. I'm a big believer in that. I think there are other horses in here as as much as I do like Mckinsey I thought you can make a case for like I said. I only throughout. I only put XS through Hakkari Costco's a bit of a stretch for me and warriors charge. They're the two that would really surprise me. I think you can make a big case for MR freeze. That MR freeze is going to get do what he wants to do. And that's a one turn mile has two wins at the distance came and stakes, races, lone defeat, going mile came in that weird configuration out of the shooter. LS Park so he's two for to around the one turn mile on his card. That's all he has of these two one turn raises so I think he's going to be very tough around one turn. I like endorsed effort last time out now, you. Maybe you can argue that them wet track. Move Them Up. He had lost his two prior stopped on my tracks. E was one for one rather on his two prior starts to address one for to a win in the second. You could argue it. Move them up I think he had a little bit more of a kick. Then Code of honor had you can make a case for Kovar as well, but I think code of honor might be the one most affected by this mile distance now. He loves dome on Park. In fact, the only time he lost, it was in the champagne when he had a brutal break and Eric. Council did a great job just finishing second to complexity that he's undefeated. Thoughts one by way of D Q in the Jockey Club Gold Cup but I think he wants more ground than the rest of them I think you can make a case for for coma Bobby. I think you make a case for network effect That may be. He's Kinda rounding into a good race. He gets he's junior. He'll have some paste onto here. He's already inside will save some ground. I can make as for all I like. Mckinsey on top I'M GONNA use. Mr Freeze. There's going to be a one race where I'll go thin the rest of the way in spread when I first looked at the race bobby I. Don't know if you felt this way more often than non. You're following the the national scene like we. Do you kind of know who you like when the injury comes out when the entries come out. And I tried to put that. Away for a minute when you handicap this race top to bottom. Men this is going to be a real slugfest I early contender for the year from me. And it seems like it always is the met mild and never disappoints. It was phenomenal last year. It is another great field this year. We both went on. Mackenzie, but we both agree it's going to be. An absolute battle cannot wait. The run happy met. Mile goes as race nine tomorrow here at Belmont. Park will take our first break when we come back you. The Blood Horse News Update will wrap the card at Mont the Manhattan and the suburban. The to stakes left will head north of the border up at Woodbine. 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This is the weekend stakes freeview presented by naira beds along with instilled regard who has made a move there flop shot has now come on, and the field is at the top of the stretch temple had to check out of a three quarters in one eleven and one, and here is instilled regard to take over the lead in the stretch some like it rod and second then it synchrony Dow. Gaining on the outside, but just the sixteenth to the finish. It isn't still regard with the lead. Closing fast and still regard. Is the water. In still regard holding off the late charge of devastating. Welcome back. In still regard. Just a second stakes win. Of His career. He. On the TURF, he'll look for the elusive grade. One Win in the Manhattan tomorrow afternoon here at Belmont, park welcome back to the weekend. Stakes preview presented by IRA bets here on the Horse Racing Radio Network before we wrap up no on action, head up toward mine. It's time now for the Lord's news. Update and look at the top headlines. BLOOD HORSE DOT COM. Says on improves to two with win. At Los Alamos Cezanne, who turned heads by selling seven figures as juvenile and winning his debut Jim Six hundred seventy. The park improve to two winning a forty five thousand dollars allowance optional claiming race. Linked to three quarters July second los, alamitos race course, the one tonight favored the field five match against three horses, which started in claiming races and stablemate. Ron would not racist number. The BOB BAFFERT trainee took charge from a stalking position, leaving the second of two turns in the mile race without any significant challenge down the stretch seems tend to idol causing jockey fluffy in practice. Strike Him. Four Times to maintain a clear advantage. Vicki may delete a little early. This kind of lost weight in this stretch Baffert, told Los Alamos complicity he wanted. We wanted to nice to turn into him. He needed it any ran pretty fast to the reserve. The goal of giving him experience of around he handled well. I thought it was good. Baffert said via telephone from him he does. He will move way forward off that he was blowing pretty good. I'm glad we found this spot. He's got a ways to go, but he's improving. We'll have to see how he comes out of this. We'll try to find a little stakes. Race form probably out of town. That wraps up. The season of the doors news update update download a copy of Horse magazine or tablet today from the APP store, or we will play, or you can sign up a horse dot com slash digital where digital subscriptions are also available and for a limited time. Digital Access subscriptions are only forty nine dollars a year. That's DOT COM backslash digital. League oh Bob. We talked a little bit about him on the Brisbane Dot com call in show last night. He got the job done I have been underwhelmed by Cezanne. and I don't know if that's the the gaudy purchase price, or the fact that so far. He just hasn't been that impressive. Well I, think I think he's run very well and both starts, but it's hard to say who is beaten both those races that that allowance race yesterday. Most of those horses were barely allowance horses. They are more like high high level claiming type horses so the waters. WE'RE GONNA get deeper, but he's done what he's had to do, and so far too for two, and there's no reason he can't continue to improve. Now. looks like Cezanne is definitely A. Going to be part of that second wave of Bob Baffert runners when it comes to this year's Kentucky, Derby which force will be held for the one hundred and six time, but this year on September fifth all right back to the weekend action. Saturday action to be exact mile a quarter. Great one Manhattan's worth four hundred thousand dollars this year. It'll be run. Run on the inner turf course we'll go a little more than once around the turf course remember three biggest courses in America. Right here at Belmont Park a mile and three sixteenths for the inner surf, a mile and five sixteenths for the widener enforce big sandy mile half the dirt track, so we'll go a little more than once around the inner here Chad Brown again installed regard from the rail with radical tease junior rock emperor John. Velazquez reunited from post to He'll settle DEVA MANI as well. We'll chatted just missed behind. Install regard always Rosario. Reid, he's the number five Um, so of course half the field he. Chad Brown a big player in the Manhattan. And you said you could make a case for almost everyone in the run. Happy met mile. I could make a case for all eight of the runners in the Manhattan including number three cross-border, who I'd I don't quite think as good as these horses, but may get the lead by himself, and who knows could take them a long way out there I'm actually going to select the other New York bread on top. That's number seven dot Matrix, Brad Cox and Flora Giroux I just think he loves Belmont, Park. He's been in the money. Eight of fourteen tries at Belmont. ran in the tiller last time. Time out and finished second. to parade only beaten ahead that day. That wasn't a mile and three eighths so i. don't think this distance will do anything. Be Right up his alley. He's one of the one of the ones here who a mile and a quarter I'm not worried at all about F- lingerie reunited with the son of Freud last time. This horse one Laurent's route was aboard. It was a great three event down at Sam Houston listen. He doesn't have all the GAUDY numbers that other ones like Sadler's joy or instilled regard, have with the grade, one grade two wins, but. He's a horse who's really gotten good at ages five six and hopefully seven, and he's one of the ones in here and at six to one. I don't think he'll be any lower than that. He could be actually hired just because of the big names surrounding these other runners. All right, so bobby newman hit dot matrix home at a price list. He was a peripheral player from me I don't know. If he really wants to go amount of quarter now that sounds ridiculous because he's wanted a mile and a half, and he's run well three eighths this mile and a quarter distance those a little difference between her distance. we'll see I. he could absolutely win I like rock Cambre. I like Rock Emperor. Last year's a three year old He had a couple of tough trips one here in the Belmont. Derby where he was in post fourteen, and then he chased of you know he had no chance a no chance trip when there was no pace in the Saratoga Derby invitational. The moonies, his three four year, old debut, speed, favoring turf, course, and then last time out, you know. He had that trip in the Wittingham out in California going my own quarter, one of his two wins in his career of coming a mile and a quarter I. I'M A fan. Installed regard ran well last time I think he got a little lucky to survive though last time and these other wars. You know I don't know how far he wants to go but I'm going to use him. You gotta use Sadler's joy. The old campaigner and Deva Mani was the real interesting one for me. When Devil Mani ran his other races, they were not for Chad his other mile and a quarter races. They were not for Chad Brown. Source Rain is to best races of his career for Chad Brown in his last two starts four months apart over two courses. That couldn't be more different Tampa Bay downs and Belmont Park. I flirted with putting this horse on top because truth be told if he runs back to his last race. His last race puts him right. Right on the wire here with the other ones, and he's going to be the the best price. Of the of the three. Chad that I think can win. I'M GONNA use all four of those horse. I mentioned I may even throw dot Matrix on on a ticket. Alabama but I'm a rock emperor fan, and I think his improvement will continue, and I think he'll get the money agreed one Manhattan and a quarter that goes race number ten race number eleven. Mile and a quarter on the dirt, the grade to two hundred thousand dollar suburban. We get the field of. Eight And we get tacitus and. Man I just I saw, and I breathe. blinkers go back on. If you're a believer. In speed figures the blinkers on racist, whereas to fastest John, Velazquez ruled for the first time in the oaklawn handicap last time out. He's back aboard. He gets a rail draw. In the field of eight. And he should get a perfect trip and it really looks to me like the to morning line favorites layover this field. One of those horses should win number one tacitus our number four Mr. Buff Mr Buff may be the faster of the two. He certainly faster early I just don't know if a mile and a quarter is really what Mr Buff. I think he's wants more of a mile and a sixteenth or a mile and an eighth, and although he's the speed of the speed, their horses like Joe via and ready in the field. That probably won't let him just dawdle around there for the first half mile. They'll at least be in close. Close Up. But I don't think task. This is going to be too far back either and he's going to be the one who's coming in. He is the most consistent runner in the field in my eyes. He doesn't win that often. He hasn't won since the wooden moral actually back in April of last year. And he's never won at Belmont Park, but I think he's going to get the right trip. I think he's the horse to beat and it's one of those things. I mean if he if he doesn't win this race. I don't know who is going to beat later in the year this this race is really drawn up for Tacitus to get to the wire I. So Along the lines of the met mile conversation. You see these horses. You know who you WANNA. Use you know you kind of know who you like. When. When you? Think of Tacitus you. Your breathe heavy. You frustrated at least I do. all the above so when I looked at on the when I looked on paper. At this race. You and I have talked about this all week on Redburn Rabia. You, say to yourself. Tacitus is supposed to be the sources. Supposed to beat these sources, I mean that's that's it. and. I'm going to reiterate. He supposed to beat these horses. And that's it now if you do not trust him, the problem is Mr Bufton went. Sir Winston can win. I think just whistle can win because he's gotten a little quicker with the addition of blinkers. And Obviously Moretti can win. So the problem becomes the. Problem we talk about you know. You still gambling on the good horses you gambling on the steak sources the same gambling on claiming west. So here, the problem becomes. If this were not a great to race and. This would be the kind of race where you would say and I'm pretty sure I could speak for you as well bobby? If you don't like Tacitus y'all almost have to hit the all button. Because I think you can make a case for a lot of these sources. Maybe not as strong for some but MR, buff is probably the second most talented was the most talented horse in the race. I don't trust friend or foe out of a spy town Medical Mouna quarter now he's handled a mile nape just fine, but. He's probably never faced a field or awards like tacitus. In a spot where he could win. And now he's got to go ten forms to do it. Tyson doesn't win this race tomorrow. I don't know what's next. I, don't. So. He is my clear cut selection race number eleven rates. Who suburban Tacitus for me to wrap the Belmont Cart over at Woodbine. MILENA sixteen on the all weather the eclipse Ray two-mile, hundred and seventy-five thousand Mr Rich, the number four. Is Your even money favourite jody? Carol and Patrick Husbands in the field of seven. Josie Carroll actually has two of the runners also number two. ABC's flatter along with the favourite. Mr Reds I actually think both of them have a chance in here. Mr Reds. Probably the speed of the speech. There is some other speed in the race most notably from number one uncle bowl, maybe even number two ABC's flatter, although I would think Josie Carroll would probably let the writers know not to go off and hurt each other up. Beat each other up on the front end Mr Ritz. If he runs his good races, he's going to win this race and He ran a good race in the eclipse stakes last year off a similar Lafayette Enron since October came back in the eclipse lead every jump, except for the last one. Lose by a nose to super tap. While finishing clear of the rest of the field. That may be his biggest downfalls the fact that I race off layoff in the other races. He ran last year second third fourth star off were better than that race in the eclipse. But also proved that he's pretty good off the layoff, and if he gets out in front of this field, I think he's going to be tough to beat. I don't want him in even money or four to five, but I think he's going to take them wire-to-wire. Right I am going to. Uh. Take one little shot against him. The one uncle bowls of fresh gelding hasn't run since the Hollywood Derby. He's one for one on the synthetic for trainer. Mark, Cassie I'M GONNA go bowl from the rail. She's betraying Foley for this. As a fifteen hundred four over the local course I'm going to try uncle bull upset the apple cart race number eight goes into the great to eclipse all right one and a half way home. We'll take a break when we come back. We'll head down at Gulfstream Park still. Gulfstream Park Delaware. Park and Los Alamitos to come your way in the second half of the weekend. 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You're listening to horse racing radio network. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets move past the quarter pole with less than a quarter mile run Cajun Catha trying to stretch out a bit. Double Crown Loosen charging as green light go is not firing less than a quarter of a mile to go double crown, shifting ground, but up to take the lead Cajun Casanovas next from between horses, green light go! Here's the run from with verve under product. We storming home in deep stretch. Double crowd is in front green light. Go comes again on the inside. Double Crown wins the roar. Double. Crown beat green light. Go found extra energy in deep stretch. He was second with Verve, third and one sixteen into. Welcome back. Against presented by naira. Betsy. You're on each are and. Pal on the call of the roar double crown got the money. See if he can do it again in the carry back tomorrow at Gulfstream Park, play it all at narrow dot. com had over to open an account HR in twenty the promo code though the positive match-up two hundred bucks once you bet four hundred. Or double. An DOT COM for details go to narrow dot com slash TV check out the TV section to find out America's Day. The Racist Broadcast Information Tomorrow and Sunday. And they got that twenty bucks. Cap On the met mile. You're winner up to five to one. If he's less than that head over reds dot com for more details, identical, Gulfstream Park is Alia kicks off. The stakes action for US race number nine seven furlongs four, the three year, old fillies, a field of six, including the aforementioned born, she tasted defeat for just a second time when up in smoke ran by in the game face. She's looking for first stakes win and she's six to five on the morning line do so! She certainly wanted the one. Maybe the speed of the speed I'm not one hundred percent sure that seven furlongs is the distance she wants She's gotten a little tired at six and a half furlongs and three of her last four starts. I know it's weird. Say that being the. She won two of them by daylight, but she came home that last sixteenth of a mile in about seven seconds flat in both of those starts so i. Tell me that she's going to love getting more distance and she's going to be the heavy favorite hair, so because of that thick take a shot with number two steeler talent also for one Aragona and Sami Camacho. She's only gotten a maiden win. To her credit, but she's been in the money. All six of her career starts. At Maiden win albeit on a sloppy track was at the one turn mile, so I don't think the distance is GonNa hurt her at all and her speed figures actually even though they were against, maidens are not far behind. The favorite born, so I'm gonNA take a little shot with the steel talent, so at a nice price and I'll show with the former claimer. Don't get cozy. WHO's made a bunch of starts for tag? She has been good. She's just three quarters of a length away from five consecutive win against much less, but she has gotten better and what you mentioned. Mentioned about born in that seven furlongs and get cozy two for four with a second going seven panels best race of her life last time she absolutely galloping what I like about her versatility. The kind of walked going a mile to starts back. She was right on top of the pace. They went fast last time she came from far back. They went. Reasonable sensible fractions back in May and April. She came from mid pack. She can do it all. She's four to one of the morning line I liked that they showing faith, and leaving the Apprentice Joey trails aboard I liked. Don't get cozy a lot tomorrow. In recent number nine, the seventy five thousand dollar, a Zeljko later on the card at Gulfstream, Park. Is the carry back we heard. penile on the call of the roar went the double crown so otherwise the length away from being undefeated, all three of his starts Christian. Torres, who just lost the bug RISA CAPI RID FO? He'll break from post number five His wins have come at six six and a half he to. Seven furlongs tomorrow for the first time. You have some more cutting back like the one French. James the to Cajun brother, they went the mile, and an eighth a mile respectively last time Poe, did the same thing even with Verve, so you got some worship cutting back here to go the seven furlong some for the first time, some like with Vervoordt one for one of the distance having handled fell. Florida breads back in February. Yeah by the way the Israelian carry back both part of the summit of speed at calder for several years. I think the carry back actually used to be a great three event, I think I got to call lost in the fog, winning the Kerry back around thousand and five so. No lost in the fog's here. Though double crown to for Kathy Richaud. Both private purchases after impressive wins at Laurel. Number three our nation on parade and number, five double crown purchase by reeves thoroughbred racing cathy rip phone now trains Nice Win by double crown last time out beat with verve that day by about a length and a half at six and a half furlongs, I think those are the two players once again i. don't see any reason the double crown. Can't stretch out to seven furlongs and still run well lightly raced has been finishing well and all three of his starts. He's the logical one to beat the spot and I think with verve is probably the best chance of beating him. A little shower cajun brother, the number two Michael Years had a fantastic star twenty. Twenty I'm GonNa, people can say that but Michael Yates can. The source tried the mile last time out and got himself involved in a little bit of a speed duel early Kind Kinda tired and hit the rail. We see a little bit of. The kind of regrouped now just got a couple of breezes. You'll cut back to a sprint He's got plenty of speed to be on the lead, or he can suggest off I would like to see Mickey Vasquez. Let this source run from the Rep tomorrow I think he's going to I'm going to try Cajun breeze. He's five to one in the morning line. I think we'll be right around that. So Cajun Cajun brother other Cajun breeze with Kelly sources, Cajun brother me. Race numbers eleven goes as the seven furlong. Carry back the Delaware Park we go couple of grade. Threes degrade three Delaware oaks for the three year old fillies. They'll mile and a sixteenth. On the main track. Field of eight. Seth Godin Post in here to inside Warner's. The one comical is five two on the morning line for Hall of Famer Steve Asmussen Alex cintron arrive the number two piece of my heart to to one morning line favorite Clean Robertson Join Talamo team up. These two ran one to peace in my heart, got in front of calm and kept on going into. Gardenia at Oakland, Park they were eight to one and six to one respectively that day. You'RE NOT GONNA get that price on this twilight zone exactly if it comes in tomorrow, Delaware. And both of them have some natural speed, but there's also speed in the field from number, five hopeful growth and number six project whiskey so I'm going to take a little bit of a shot hair with somebody, hopefully from off the pace, and that's number eight queen bridget for John Teas and Tyler, baze ran on the turf last time out at Churchill downs, and I'm not one hundred percent. Sure that she's better on the turf than she is on the main track. Her previous tries on the. The at Oaklawn were pretty good, including a third place finish to demean where she was only beaten about six and a half lengths Camin would be one two nine was in this field so only six and a half lengths behind demean and the ability to pass other phillies. I think are two things that are in the favor of number, eight queen bridget cheese eight to one on the born line. That's the right price for me and we'll look for her to be mowing them down late. Queen Bridget. Sources also cross entered. Sunday at Prairie Meadows. We'll. Those tracks are not very close to each other. Lucky so. They know already where they're running I'm sure that Queen. Bridget is wherever she needs to be already For for my sake I, hope I hope she runs a Delaware part. Tomorrow. Yeah. That Gardenia was really fast race. It was it was. For this type. Listed stakes, horses, and I know comical, just a missed by a neck and the chandelier grade one to bass than Piece of my heart was kind of stepping up for the first time last time out. I want another horse that stepping up and the number five hopeful growth for Saint Elias and Tony. Moore gotTa Trevor McCarthy GonNa ride forth different rider, four different rider, four different track, fourth different distance for this three year old daughter of aperture, so she is adapted well to change, and in fact you know it's so funny. We say that first time she ran with blinkers. Second. Time she went with blinkers and lasix and second time she ran, was nine and a half months after the first time she ran when he broker which he a made into first asking at Monmouth, so first time with Lincoln's second time of liquors and Lasix and then last night we just lay success. She's never had anything the same. In their starts. The one thing that's when the same she's always home in a good effort to wins a second place finish off the nine and a half month layoff. She stretches out third. Start off the bench. She'll stretch out. Numbers aren't great for the born on the stretch out from the sprinted around this. This really got to sprint under about. She's going to be a a decent enough price. Think be ten to. To one that she's in the morning, it'll be sixty one I'm GONNA try hopeful growth to get the to get the money and race number eight, the grade three Delaware. Okay, all right, we'll take one more break when we come back. We got one more for you on the turf. The Kent another grade, three Delaware Park, and we'll head out the Los Alamos for a couple of graded stakes as well you listening to. The weekend stakes preview present the by naira bats here on the horse racing radio network. That and watch the races worldwide from the palm of your hand with Nyra bets sign up for narrow bets today and take advantage of premier perks with the best live racing misery plays in hd, exclusive promotions and earn points on every bet, sign up for vets today with the Promo Code H RN twenty, and under the posit match of up to two hundred dollars again. That's H. R., N. Twenty with Nyra bet you can bet any track anywhere at anytime. Head over to IRA BECKS DOT COM. The fast track. To Fun this summer was park. Racing and gaming has an action packed schedule including the twenty twenty run. Happy Summer me and Ellis Park the run happy Ellis Park Derby. We'll be tracks I ever Kentucky Derby qualifying race. Preview the action. August second with the Happy Kentucky down. Freeview Day then on August ninth catch the excitement of the run. Happy Ellis Park Derby. We're the winners almost guaranteed a spot in the Kentucky Derby. We can't wait to make history with you this summer. Visit L. was park racing dot com for details. Racing is coming back this summer and HR and will be there every step of the way join us on July eleventh for our coverage of the blue grass stakes from keeneland and tune in August I for the Whitney stakes and August eighth for the travers live from Saratoga, and as always hr in is your radio home for the triple crown with the Kentucky Derby on? On September fifth, and the preakness stakes on October. Third Plus we'll have the Charles. Town classic from Charlestown and the Virginia Derby from colonial downs, and all the major stakes races from Belmont keeneland. Woodbine, pimlico Laurel Park Santa Anita and more HR. In is your home for racing's biggest events visit our website, horse racing radio dot net to see our complete summer and fall schedule. This is Jockey Rajiv March and I love the Horse Racing Radio Network Best Show on planet. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by NAIRA BETS quarter mile to go, and Uncle Chuck Widens now. He's in front by three and a half. Big Mouth tries to overhaul its stablemate down at the rail. Duma. They turned for home uncle. Chuck by four Big Mel, clearly in the second uncle Dumas's third coming to the sixteenth and I'll go. Chok is pouring it on a sparkling debut for this son of Uncle Mo.. Go Chuck and Mike Smith Romping home. They win by about seven. Big Mel second big Cheddar third uncle, a Duma for. The Mirror Man Frank Merle amount on the call Uncle Chuck Robb in his debut. Get to try stakes. Company for the first time when Louis Sayas in Los alamitos Derby tomorrow, afternoon. Out At low sal, welcome back to the weekend. Stakes presented by naira bats here on H. R. R. N.. Kick off your Saturday. With the way we kicked off the horse racing radio network showed launched the network, the equine forum tomorrow morning, eight to ten am eastern time. Mike Pence joined by trainer Vicki fully. She talks about her met mile contender. Haw, Creek Hustle. It'll be a big price. Met Vicki for the first time. Thursday night with the Mirror, man. Franken I and Friend had some some dinner. King Umberto ran into. Vicky and Danny Goggin so Vicki's here Ellis. Park Director of Operations Jeff Hall Discusses Their Meat and the Patch Eric House, from vm and GM erasing and Indiana ground looks ahead to Wednesday's the Derby and grade three, Indiana oaks both great threes. Unfortunately, we're not gonNA be able to bring you those races there in the evening. They're going to late start on Wednesday so We're not going to be able to bring you those apparently racing historian at Bowen looks back on star Green Tree Stables. They campaign warm at mild winters than any owner in history plus our industry star of the week presented by Stewart Mars and more equal forum tomorrow morning from eight to ten am eastern time series to nineteen Xm to oh one stream it live at horse, racing radio dot net, and that's what you can go if you missed anything this week Keith O'Brien son of trainer Leo O'Brien, of course, the conditioner four stars, all, Star and four star four star Dave. Keith does some voiceover work for us here at the network. He was the guest trainer doctors at by Phasing Tipton and Bobby. Newman filled infrared the Rosa with me on the prisoner dot com call show last night both up in podcast form this weekend stakes previous by. We'll be there soon to. Home for all of racing's biggest events plenty of podcast as well. Horse Racing Radio Dot net all right. We got about nine minutes to get through the last three races Kent is a great three. It goes reached number nine number nine at Delaware Park. mylan an eight that starts all the way up in the shoot and shoot goes all the way to the top of the far turn. It's really strange. Configuration their Delaware Field of eight. Entered for this GAFA. Christoph Clermont. Sources on race wintry, he got beaten his debut at act. After that three wins including the English Channel All wings with Gulfstream Park Trevor McCarthy GonNa live aboard for Christoph. Lamont five to on the morning line. I cannot imagine this horses anywhere near five to do when these ring the Latch Tomorrow Bobby Now he kinda should have a good setup in Kent I. There's a lot of speed in the race number eight. Maybe the speed of the speed, but number seven sensation is fast number four by Melvin is speedy and Kufo comes from well out of it as you chronicled. He's done very very well. Thus far I. I guess the only negative and I don't even know if he'd say it's a negative or not but he goes from to hall of fame. Caliber riders in Joel Rosario Ira Ortiz who have split duties during goof Os four starts as far trevor McCarthy who's very good in his own right. He's not kind of name that those guys are, and he does most of his writing in the mid Atlantic. Reason region, so he's never. GonNa get quite the publicity or or at the same kind of mounts that Ortiz a Rosaria do, but that would be the only I guess somewhat negative. If you're looking at it that way, but he should get the right trip and the racist he's been running. Thus far is improve with each and every start, and it looks like his last racer to or both good enough to beat this field. There's no reason he can't continue to improve so I. Agree Gluco at five to is the way to go, and if you could get five, you should run to the window if you get five to sign me up now that as much as I possibly can goof off from me as well. pixelated comes with his best race He could be right there with them, but. It's coming back a little quick. He's coming back just two weeks. I know Mike System keeps US sources in the mid Atlantic, and it's an easy. It's an easy ship, and especially the scratch to or what have you but. I mean if if the Horse that is your biggest contender, you biggest biggest threat is coming back in two weeks. Vandy some back in two weeks, also He ran the Pine Ridge here. Belmont I, I just I just think Google is him over a barrel race number nine goes degree three. Kent at Delaware Park Los Alameda. Couple of graded stakes, races, greed, three, los, alamitos Derby Mile and an eighth GonNa have some Derby points on the line, Twenty, eight, four and two feel the five here Bob Baffert has uncle chuck at six five in the morning line thousand words at nine to five annot door. Meaning finally showed some life last time it's it's pretty you know it's been a bad run when you get beat almost six lengths, and it's a sign of life, but he did last time. joined by a couple of other longshots here. Boy Uncle. Chuck looked really good breaking. His maiden went to water going flat mile. You talked about this, bobby. That's not something Bob. BAFFERT does more often than not these horses you know even the likes of justify justify sprinted first time out and uncle. Chuck and I know February's much different than June. Uncle truck went a flat mile first time out, and he looked good doing it. I don't know what kind of field he beat that day, but he beat them very impressively, and he'll probably be able to be on the lead once again there. Isn't that Tanna speed in this race. They look like more stocking types than front running types an. Uncle Chuck is able to get to the lead under a new writer. Louise Sayas. I think he's going to be very very tough to beat I. Don't like stablemate thousand words in this spot i. just was not a fan of his last two starts. His last race was awful at Oaklawn in the slop where he had a big excuse, but his priorities in the San Felipe pay I don't think he had an excuse, and he just kind of looked Just relooked dull to me down the lane so hopefully. If you're thousand words Fan he's refreshed and runs a better race tomorrow but I think uncle. Chuck is the way to go and I think the one I would also use with is number two great power Simon, Callaghan and Drayton Van Dyke. No secret when he broke his maiden in his debut, at odds of four to five came back, and had the misfortune of running into Charlatan in an allowance race, and he was beaten twelve lengths by Charlatan and rushy that day Russia came back got his win in his very next start so. Great Power, maybe as been facing the best competition, and if Uncle Chuck isn't all that we crack up to be great power could get there at a better than expected price. Wow! You, you you your little, do not as sold on uncle. Chuck some of us are well I think alkyl GonNa win the race. I think he's going to get out in front and go, but if for some I I think the best chance of beating him would be with great power I. Don't think cosmo down along the rail. WHO's a maiden as any chance in the field? I'm not an Ano Dole Dorfman for everything. You just mentioned his signs of life. We're getting beat seven lengths spy honoring. Got, six lengths by honore be and I I'm just not convinced that thousand words is as good as a at three as he was, too. Yeah. I mean I. Think oncle trucks just GonNa. Break Out Lewis I has? I, mean he? It's. It's weird because he didn't go that fast early on in his debut, he's just supposed to be front sources. He just looks fascinating sources, and when you're a horse to beat, and you have a tactical edge. Make even tougher I mean. You're not gonna you the winter three to five, but I'm I have no. You making pick fours fives tomorrow. You can single my head anyway. You can single uncle chuck. It looks the goods and the gray three Los Alamos. Derby now I'll make the same can be said for the favourite and race number eight, the gray, great lady, m six and a half furlongs Bella. Fina has your four to five favor from the rail. She's going to sprint and this is what she wants to do in the state of California, but she did lose Los. Alamos in her lone start, and I think you know. She's done some shipping this year and I don't know. Can She win? She can absolutely when I'm not taking her on top Bobby Newman. I'm not either, and she's easily the best filly in this field it's there's no doubt about it. Her most of her races would horrify this field, but she down on the rail, which is not her favorite place to be Noah's Nah. She's. Not Shipping across country. She's getting on a plane, but she's not at her home base of Santa Anita. Which I think is a slight negative philly. She lost in her debut at Los. Alamos. I was calling the racist there then she was heavily July to affiliate that it just to be honest. Is Not that good now. That was a long time ago and obviously is a much better philly now than she was then. The philly who finished second Bella Fina last time out in the desert stormer. Is Number five hang a star. She was forty three to one that day against fina, and got beat only a length that afternoon, going six furlongs while now they're going six and a half furlongs and hanging star looks like she is headed the right direction to me when she only got. She's. Doesn't doesn't have the seasoning. Abella Fina she hasn't faced competition that Bella. Fina has the most career, but she proved last time out when Bell Athena was on our own court that she could be within a length of her and I. Don't see any reason. Hanging Star can continue to improve I. DON'T THINK WE'RE GONNA get forty three to one, but I'm gonNA. Take her on top to turn the tables on Bella Fina in the Great Lady M. And I'm retrial number six amused Richard. Mandella brothers Philly back from a fourteen month layoff. Your inner a mile on the turf. Put her on a lead. Got Beat just length and a quarter first time, lasix cutback, nice tighter, dirt, Sprint training forwardly the number six of us. In the Great Lady, m all right WHO's an IRA bets? Best Bet, Bobby. An IRA bets best bet is in the can't stakes. At Delaware, Park I think goof. Oh, five to two on the morning line anywhere close run to the window. You know I thought long and hard about this. And I'm GONNA say it. Which I hope it's not for the last time. But if it doesn't happen, it will be the last time. Tacitus. In the great to suburban. Is My naira. Bats best bet. Let's see if he can get back on the win train tomorrow here on run. Happy met mild a great job as always bobby. We'll do it again next week. Have a great weekend. My friend new too happy Independence Day for Happy Fourth of July everyone. Go out and celebrate have a good weekend. Stay healthy and safe. For Bobby Lee on the big. I hope you went. All of your photo finishes Happy Independence Day Equine Forum tomorrow morning at eight have a great weekend. HR mission.

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