New Doorway to Space


The doorways on the international space station of work just fine for the past twenty years but as more researchers expand the scope and size of their projects a larger doorway could open up space. This is a special series of innovation now. Celebrating twenty years of continuous human presence on the international space station to harp. Relieve the bottleneck. That sometimes happens on the international space station. As satellites experiments and larger payloads are received nanno racks. llc has built a new and different kind of doorway into space. The private company created the nanno racks bishop airlock module. That will serve as another door to the space station. The new airlock delivered on a spacex dragon. Resupply services mission is the first commercial. Airlock added to the station. This ship will provide five times. The capacity of the stations other operational air locks allowing for larger payloads to be moved inside and outside the station. The bell jar shape contains rows of tracks for mounting modules and housing electrical connections which can be configured in a variety of ways. This versatile design supports conducting experiments or deploying satellites simultaneously making space for a lot more stations science for innovation. Now i'm jennifer. Poet innovation now is produced by the national institute of aerospace through collaboration with nasa.

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