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Christopher Yuan on Holy Sexuality


responding well to someone who identifies as gay is difficult to say, the least, thankfully, there's a new resource that can help the Colson center, I'm John Stonestreet this break. There's a line. That's credited the CS Lewis that I often repeat that the most dangerous ideas, and a society are not the ones being argued. But rather the ones that are Sumed in our time that saying perfectly describes the idea that our desires determine our identities our culture has fully trained people when they talk of sexual desires to not say, I feel but rather to reach for being verbs like I am if I experienced same sex attraction, they'll say, therefore, I am gay while author and moody bible institute. Professor Christopher you on thinks it's time to expose this unspoken idea and how it's poisoning not just our culture, but so many individual lives. He knows for years you on self identified as a gay man and lived in incredibly broken life. He was kicked out of dental school on the eve of graduation for selling drugs to faculty and threw away. His relationship with his Christian converted parents in favor of gay bars in the life of a dealer at one point you on says, his father even handed him a bible, and he chucked it in the trash can not long after he found himself in prison where he received the life altering news that he was HIV positive you on recounts catching sight of another trash can while incarcerated and thinking to himself, this is my life. But then he noticed something on top of that trash can gideon's bible. So he picked it up and began to read it I out of boredom later with growing interest after wrestling with scripture and trying to reconcile it with his choices and the sexual identity you on came to a crossroads either to let his attractions determine how he lived or to find his identity and Jesus by the grace of God you on chose Jesus today. Haven't taken the unlikely course from prisoner to bible professor you on emphasizes the need to rethink along. The lines of what scripture teaches for example, something most Christians know by experience a conversion does. Intimidation the battle with what the apostle Paul calls. The flash remains, including when it comes to our sexual desires. That's why you on is chosen to think with different categories this. He says the goal of the Christian life isn't to become heterosexual. It's to become holy whether we pursue that through lifelong celibacy or in marriage. It's holiness. That's the subject of yuan's latest book, which is the Colson centers book offer for the month of April in the book. Holy sexuality and the gospel sex desire and relationships shaped by God's grand story you on subjects the issue surrounding sexuality to the bigger questions. Those questions that shape our world views, which in terms shape, our lives questions like what sexuality four why do we have desires, and what's the purpose of marriage? You on offers answers that are not only grounded in scripture, but also debunked the lies of our culture. Lies like upstanding from Sex's impossible or unconditional, love means unconditional approval or the biggest lie of all. I am the. Some of my desires, my identity rights you on is not gay. It's not ex gay. It's not even heterosexual. My density is a child of the living. God must be Jesus Christ alone out of his clear thinking about sexuality in person hood. You on offers advice for those who have a loved one who confesses a struggle with same sex attraction, he tells readers first to acknowledge the trust. But then to let that son daughter sibling, her friend, no upfront that they're not alone that you'll walk with them. Love them and pray with them. No matter what you on boldly affirms with the bible affirms about homosexual behavior. It's ascent. He writes one who's destructive power. He knows all too. Well, but he refuses to shackle people to the embedded ideas contained in words, like gay straight by trans or any of the other labels. Our culture uses to reduce people down to their desires to get a copy of holy sexuality in the gospel. Come to breakpoint dot org, and we'll tell you how also link to other resources that can help you love walk with and. Pray for those who are struggling with same sex attraction for breakpoint, I'm John Stonestreet.

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