Mattel CEO, Dominion Energy CEO, & Processing Colgate-Palmolive


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Any Day can be colored by reports out of China on the number of people hospitalized. The number release the number who died. That's why the markets seem so whistles today delving tipping twenty five points. Spf Wendy percent. Now it's important to percents which is good a place as Eddie to roll out our game plan for next week. I as know. We're closed Monday for Presidents Day but China's very much open. I fear another awful set of statistics use antiquated Chinese authorities. But I don't know why more people though says they don't know what to do. They want people to go back to work. They want the GDP up. They don't want to let people down so the toll key to discouraging but the whole world is hang on these numbers because if this operate goes Pale he could turn to an existential crisis for the globe. If it gets there you'll have executives fearing not just for the coverage but for the laws that's right the very laws. I think the new infections will keep climbing. And it'll colored Tuesday's trading but again remember what I said from the very beginning. No one listened to me. Trust no numbers out of China Gold Trust them. What else Madison Tuesday Walmart reports? This also comes with an analysts beating. This now earns a bunch of people predict analysts. Predict this week that the quarter might be week. Although that's not clear to me at all I think much of their worrying goes back to targets disappointing results but if anything. I'm betting Walmart gain market share from target as lots of good things to say. We want to know how much they'll be hurt by the China's slow down and pick through their supply team we disrupt the important foods domestic. They've got a huge amount of business. That's that is from domestic source. But they have a lot of China now. Maybe you don't WanNa bet something something. So how about now case you bet on Mitch. Chronic medtronic member the medical device maker. We see them. We got to San Francisco. Now this is going to be the last conference call for the legendary. Ceo Omar Schroeck. And I expect it to be real. Good he's made shareholders a ton of money. In his time Wednesday. We might learn what this network plans to do with the assis buying for next to nothing from sprint. T. Mobile now I. They pledged to build out a wireless Debra can. I think we need some partners to make that happen. Or maybe we'll just tell us about the quarter in teasers about the future that could be now. We also hear from balanced health. And that's a company forming on his values and they come in all the time and this things become a reliable fixture in the growth stock community ever since Joe. Papa came in the CEO to fix the now. He's developed the habit of making the numbers. So unless bash reports are real bad day for the corona virus. I think the stock can go higher. Now we've seen some incredible moves in the semi stocks. Haven't we haven't witnessed invidia boring today? If you're amazing quarter we're going to spend more time talking about in video later this show how about analog devices. Api while it's nowhere near as is video. It's been consistent winner thanks to its Internet of things exposure kind of the manufacturing industrial semi. Then there's a Longo Alma health and I've been a big fan of wet as you know it's another animal health play but it's had been moved along on the other hand not as good as lettuce right but it's been a bit of a of a spun off and I like the odds on this one at this point. I'm not fan of oil to put it mildly. The stocks have been abysmal performers. Both because there's glide but also be his. Wall Street now cares about sustainability. Nearly every day that goes by we hear more stories about divestments and that block is gaining steam. The fossil fuel stocks tend to have no grow dicey balances especially for natural gas horrific fundamentals pressure naturalist. Kim Look at it. But there's one growth oil company. I actually want to listen to you. And that's pioneer not buying natural resources. We should push close now. These guys are always played straight. They'll give us the real skinny where the industry is headed. I trust them. I know lots of people are bonded about this negative stance when fossil fuels if you own stocks so if you hate hearing bad things about the industry well put your hands over your ears is. I'm doubling down right now. From energy transfer partners eating the giant pipeline company a same day. And I think you'll be able to figure out that we simply have too much pipe for ATP's own good. Now I also want to make further point says a very high yield and yet I worry about the size of that you'll given what's been going on in the AMMO situation. Avoid the stock well Thursday Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings reports. I think it said to say that the past is not prologue cruise industry right now. This whole industry is in crisis. You got a cruise ship quantity off the coast of Japan. It's filled with people to me. The Japanese you're making human guinea pigs for the krona virus number allowed off. Another ship was stranded. Asian wars didn't even have the virus. It was rejected by five ports until Cambodia. Generously allowed them in. I'm wondering just how many reservations have been canceled because the Disease Chapman crucible DEMOC. So how can you this Norwegian your? I think it's too risky. You know before the Corona I did like this very much but I want them to make the case. We also get results from one of the worst performers in my travel. Trust the embarrassing Viacom. Cbs Viacom finally merged with CBS. Reuniting after fifteen years separation I never would have guessed we had a first class ticket shareholder hale is incredible how this company has done when it said it set out to do to everything. It's it's it said emerged of the wall. Street considered impossible but it stock is probably the most hated the S. and P. Five hundred will why. Because it's all about cord cutting and people cutting the court that combination is. What attracted me to the but these days Viacom CBS. What more to entice other shareholders? Until then I'm talking about a broken stock you want consistency vote for American. Let you power con Ed which important warning respectively. These are two of the three best utility stocks along with Dominion Energy. Who we're going to hear from very night. I kinda napier absolutely worth owning ahead of the quarter but those talks have been smoke in all right. We hear from dominance to it. I want to know if the company still under pressure from these cheap on online delivery platforms. I'm talking about posts. Door DASH to privately held companies can afford to burn through cash because they're playing with venture capital money. The competitions hurt them but the action in the stock. Typically today for Domino's tells me that maybe there's some good things happening. It has traded incredibly wellness week. Now here's one that you know I've been behind. It's been struggling of late. Then toss booth and be able to pull out its tailspin. This was my favorite healthcare real estate investment. Trust re come under Farley. Because as MRS own forecasts thanks to an oversupply of nursing homes at least on the APP. Listen we missed it. I'm betting your deb. Cafaro gets the story back on track. She's historically been a bankable chief executive plus ventanas pay you a five point three percent yield to wait for the turn that I think deb is going on in gym. Cyber-security security stocks have become a little problematic plate now one of my favorite Z scaler reports after the close and its stock has been sneaking back up after some real turbulence makes sense to me. This killer does cloud scurry and I think that remains a hot area I think the Z. Scaler is going to be fine. I really do. I know I was cyber was a bummer. And didn't didn't that that well but I think this was finally. Friday brings us to deer and regular viewers know that I'm partial to the former equipment maker. Worries me though is that the corona virus has the whole agricultural complex. Stole who've been doing terribly but never fear. This is an election year and in election years. Farmers tend to get big handouts even bigger than these little subsidies bottom line as we head into next week. Remember every night. China puts out new corona virus numbers. They may be fiction. They may be fact. Probably something in between but the Rossi doesn't matter until the outbreak burns itself out the corona statistics and not earnings will continue to control the day to day action. I need to go to Bob in Michigan Bob. Jim Thanks for taking my call. I'm a longtime investor but only a recent convert to Jimmy Kill. But I'm wondering about Merck. It's been such a good performer for two three years now but they recently announced a spin off of some of their products or new company their stock prices off the coast of ten dollars from their fifty. Two Week is but fails forty five percent. So I'm unsure. What's next is this a buying opportunity or I have said Bob that it was not a buying opportunity and I'M GONNA change my mind right here when it got to three percent yield. That was enough for me by Merck at three point. Spying Saint Murky three percent with fourteen audible. I am ready to position now. The world is hang on these a grown virus numbers. That's really what people talk about. Expect those to color all of next week screen trouble in Toyland. Well I gotTa tell you. We've got Mattel. Wanted and Tomlin after earnings is a red flag or is it a buying opportunity. But then there's plenty of unknowns in this barking so which defensive plays could be worse circling back to you know themselves the group. I've got an unlikely one that you really like and demanding just committed to reaching net zero emission by twenty fifty. I'll find out what that means for the stock when I sit down with the CEO. So stay with Kramer. Don't miss a second of that money. Follow at Jim Cramer on twitter. I have a question tweet. Gramer Hashtag mad tweets send Jimmy Mail to mad money at CNBC DOT COM or. Give us a call one. Eight hundred seven four three CNBC. There's something bedtime mad money dot. Cnbc DOT com. What IS DECISION TECH BY FIDELITY? It's technology that can help you find a stock based on what's trending or an investing goal. It's real time insights and information delivered in your own customized view of the market it smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions and it's only from fidelity open an account today at fidelity dot com slash trading fidelity brokerage services. Llc MEMBER NYSE SIPC gotten to the ICONIC toymaker Barbie Hot Wheels Fisher Price Puerta seemingly solid quarter last night while they're salesmen tad light down three percent year over year. They still delivered a terrific eight cents. Earnings beat all three phases nationals full year forecast looked impressive. Initially mattel stock soared in after hours. It was up. Five percent of one point makes sense but then the enthusiasm faded stock coping flat and then by ten thirty editor negative and fish. They down three percent of the problem. According to some analysts this was a low quality. Most of the gains here are coming from Costco's now from any strength in the toy business which is in rough shape. My you look tells you turn yourself around if they can generate much better than expected. Profitability was slightly subpar sales. Well who knows I will do when the revenues go up. So could it be worth buying into this this? Let's start with being on cry. Mattel get more incentives confusing. Where TURNAROUND MR CHRIST? Welcome back to money. Thank you Jim. It's great to be here okay. So here's I'm GonNa Pause it something you take it. I think people misunderstanding. What's happening. You cleaned up everything including costs in twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty beginning with the net flicks mattel deal you are now playing offense absolutely right. Two Thousand Nineteen was an inflection. Point in our turnaround we stabilize topline. After five years of consecutive decline we manage to significantly improve profitability and became positive free cash flow for the first time in three years. So the turnaround is working and when it comes to our revenue performance. We actually grew revenue in every geographical region and in five out of the six categories where we operate so. We're very happy with the performance. We grew market share in the fourth quarter and retain our global leadership position for the year. Now you have what I would describe as being a very attractive entertainments slate when I first met you. You were saying that. Michelle is going to be a platform when I see for instance a masters of the universe series coming. I'm thinking this is what's going to spur. Demand for Mattel twenty twenty absolutely. Our strategy is to transform a tale into an IP driven high-performing. Roy Company will in one of the strongest catalogue of children and Family and determined franchises in the world. And what you're seeing now with masters of the universe as well as movies in total that we announced between two thousand and eight thousand eight hundred nine hundred is a perfect example for his coming. Masters of the Universe is a great franchise. One of the Great. We thought Aji Superhero mythology to shows with Netflix. Another movie coming. Expect more to arrive now. In the meantime reenergize Barbie. I have to point out and people have to understand how important this is ninth consecutive quarter of growth. Where can franchise go if it grew nine percent to one point two billion highest for your gross sales list six years exactly the our purpose as a company is to empower the next generation to explore the wonder of childhood enrich the full potential? And you couldn't have a better flag-carrier than Barbie to promote diversity and inclusion and inspire bureaus to fulfil their potential. And be anything they want. Bobby is on Iran as you said it would just achieved our highest year of sales of the six years. Barbie has been the number one fashion property globally for each of the last four years and the best is yet to come. We have some great product innovation that we're introducing this year. Just can't wait to show you more. Speaking can't wait. I can't wait to hear what you're going to talk about with American girl at the food at the festival and I have to believe that. You've got a plan because that does that. The turnaround exactly American girl isn't turnaround. It is one of the most iconic cherish browns in the industry it has great legacy great heritage and deep engage fan base. We're now in the first year of a turnaround. We're launching a new strategy under a new leadership with enhancing the retail experience where launching new content new product architecture. Great experience in the stores again. It's a turnaround. It will take time but we are very firm believers in the potential and the future of the brand. I I know you as a total no nonsense guy. I needed truth on the ground appraisal of a very dynamic fluid situation which is China and the krone of ours. I have to believe that you've checked this out. You've made some decisions about how to handle it. Tell me what's really going on so I I should say that are Thoughts are with the people affected. Are People on the ground. Where taking all the necessary actions to protect their well. Being the health and safety we have a team of experts in the region that are looking to minimize disruption. We have the ability to mobilize some resources. Shift inventories leveraging our production capabilities and relationship with third parties. And so far. We're okay if this lingers it will have it will have an impact just take it will On the rest of the world but we believe we have relatively speaking A good standing in a better position than the rest of the industry because of our size our liquidity the where we design our manufacturing footprint which is now becoming a competitive advantage. And we hope that we'll be able to mitigate the disruption of course this lingers it would be tougher but for the time being we just have to wait and see and react as things evolve. I know you took over. You said you're going asset light your again completely true to your word last question. Where is the best place to build a toy? If China's off-line capitalizes key part of our strategy We as of now reduced three of the factories we consolidated or closed in China Mexico and Indonesia. We recently announced that we closing another factory in Canada. And this is all part of a campaign to achieve. More efficiency is higher performance and better output from our manufacturing footprint we are also in the process of reducing the number of items manufactured by thirty percent by the end of two thousand twenty. This is all part of our structures simplification effort which has been a headline driver for our cost. cost savings and really designing a company that is more progressive more than I make more flexible that is able to progress and cuts your value from our incredible acid base. This this is really part of a journey. We're not done this year. There's more calming. We expect to achieve fifty million dollars of savings in two thousand twenty from our capitalized project. And this is on top of the eight hundred and seventy five million dollars of savings rate savings that we achieved as of the end of two thousand nineteen so a lot of efficiency to capture dropping the bottom line and helping us drive growth in the long term. Alright well look. The story is just gets better and better. Every time I talk to you completely true to your word about what you said you do. And I think you'll do the same in two thousand twenty booths for shareholders. Thank you to eat on Christ sir. Thank you Jim. Man of his word. Toby is going to do everything that he's ended up doing. I think the story is a good one. Do have some corona virus risk. Obviously Christ he said Chairman and CEO of Battelle in my backyard down days for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This is still a remarkable run so therefore what I do I get worried that it might not be sustainable. It only takes one bad set of coronavirus numbers. Maybe something from this weekend. To send the average into a tailspin. That's why I keep circling back to the classic defensive stocks because this outbreaks putting a real dent global economy and when the world slows will. You GotTa have some safety your performance. Why keep trying to expose you to these names. For instance last week we spoke to cross us. You know I think. That's the perfect corona virus play. We own it for the travelers. Don't forget bleach can kill everything including the grown virus because the surface does matter. It's a lot of is transmitted tonight. I've got another one for you. It's a long suffering consumer packaged goods. Name it used to be the best in the Group. It suddenly got screwed back again. It's called Colgate palmolive. Here's a company that makes toothpaste soap laundry detergent. All sorts of personal care products. Think Irish spring speed stick Ajax. Tom's of Maine. I mean. Think about it. Doesn't this look like what's in your bathroom. If I open the cabinet half the stuff is going to fall out. Unless you have it secured the colgate-palmolive for the last couple of years it's been dicey operator inconsistent was an inconsistent earner like Tony Soprano stock market. Prefers good earners as a result. The stock is under performance bouncing between the high fifty s and the mid Seventies. The better part of five five years in the last six weeks so come alive is up eleven percent for the year with most of that. Move Coming after the company reported a blowout quarter to SCO and stocks. That do that rarely stop at that percentage they go higher. And you know what? If you're spending years lost in the Wilderness. I think the future is looking bright for colgate. And I think it's a by what makes me believe in this turn consider where the company's coming from caucus main problem. It's been a lack of growth. Something that often happens to these big consumer packaged goods place from twenty fourteenth. Two Thousand Sixteen. The country experienced three straight years of declining sales. And that's thanks in part to a sprawling military restructuring effort by the twenty seventeen. It seemed like they had their house. Were but then. The business stalled out with another contraction the second after twenty eighteen. What went wrong. Okay first off. Colgate is a truly global company. This one even though you've seen all the time in the store only twenty one percent of his business. North America has very little for these kinds of companies forty hips income for emerging markets. Now that's a great source of growth but it also carries some unique risk when you get the vast bulk of your sales from overseas. Well guess what you're at the mercy of one of the worst markets in the world the currency mortgage getting a strong dollar in two thousand eighteen and declining currencies in Latin America. The most important regally colgate numbers just took a real hit remember. Strong dollar means they're foreign sales translate into fewer greenbacks and South America's put in wave greenback. Second thanks in part to these foreign exchange fluctuations raw cost inflation higher transportation costs. We've talked about a lot. Colgate had forced through some substantial price increases. Especially in countries devalue the currency's they had to do it to protect mortgages but obviously price hikes. Well you took the economy class. Probably they drive away customers. Put it altogether and these problems translated into a series of very weak numbers from two thousand. Eighteen and weak. Numbers gives you a stock. Of course colgate managed to rebound the first half of last year. Nice relief rally some of. That's because foliage chase me dividend dragged him. Although it currently yields only two point two percent but some of it was company-specific in April colgate delivered a modest beat that was good enough. Wall Street with management forecasting two to four percent organic growth. That's exactly what investors wanted to see companies able to raise prices without sacrificing vibe. That has changed now fast. Forward to July. You got another robust quarter. This time management told us that organic growth will come at the high end of the previous forecast. Stock China to seventy five however Wall Street started feeling more bullish about the economy landfalls. I've told you over and over again. So investors rotated they swapped out a defensive sock like colgate and they put their money into more cyclical names. It didn't help that when the company report November numbers were just okay. While the headline results were basically in line and management raised their organic growth forecasts slightly bunch of analysts took issue with the software than expected margin still stuck bottomed in a few days later. But it was in the mid sixties. Now you got a little bit of levitation. The run up to the end of the year and the first couple of weeks January but Kobe can really come roaring back until it reported. Its most recent end stunning screaming stunning results two weeks ago. Oh boy. This quarter was different while the line. The sales hotline much expected of five point five year over year price. It was up one point. Five percent global unify a five point five percent the organic sales rising and outstanding five percent. And you've got some nice margin expansion. Because that's the holy grail vegetable matter gave me very bullish forecast for two thousand twenty. No Wallace not met the new. Ceo Guided for three to five percent gaining sales. But this year. I think he's the only one in this whole. Sumer Package Group that I have not met Abe bricks more gross margin expansion two and mid to high single digit earnings will furry impressive. How did they pull it off? If you're struggling to generate growth colgate became a much more consistent opera it's a good earner get. They made that happen by investing in the brands and forcing price increases to maintain their margins. Wasn't doesn't hurt. Guess what the weekly which gives them a lot more breathing than the rest of the world. This is the ultimate weak dollar. Play right here. There are two more factors work since this fellow Wallace took over. Ceo last year the companies made a series of acquisitions. They brought this to Largo for large. I'll get it right for Laura's skincare business. Won't I really love the skincare business because I follow US water? This is a piece of it. This is the premium tight aging brand. And it's part of a broader strategy. We're doubling down on higher margin products. Florida deals already giving their sales a nice boost. It was really smart then last month. They NASA sport transaction pip hello products. That's rattling going. Toothpaste mouthwash brand. They're really getting a lot of toothpaste business. I used to use this sense and I know these really good. This is a real good book. The second factor Kobe's long been a leader in sustainability frears. No one on Wall Street really cared about this stuff. Think water conservation reducing plastic packaging. Now though there's a lot of money floating around that specifically earmarked for sustainable investments and so matters so. Can The stock continue to climb? Let me give you the bottom line. You're I the stocks feels little fully. I E trading twenty four times next year's estimates. But we're going to get some bad days in this market. This is want to buy a market white. Pullback the yard pounds coit exactly the kind of defensive name that could be worth buying into the teeth of a panic that. I expect now because the corona virus outbreak. And I've gotTa tell you panic possibility and when it happens colgate colgate colgate palmolive so fifty-six sixty five you know what I mean. It's got to wear them in Tennessee. William Jimmy Chill. Oh Man. I've been feeling what's up calling in regards to Yeti ticker symbol lights yes? I'm surprised that stock is back over. Five points despite Positive beat on earnings and a good twenty twenty outlook Followed you're successful guidance. To pick this up slowly as it sells off in the past in other time Yes ben Sterile and I my research record over and over and we feel exact same way. This talks being pushed down. It shouldn't be it is it had a brilliant quarter and there's been lean on thing from day one. They've got a good product. I think they do a good job and I thought the stock should have been out there for that. Were all right colgate palmolive. Yes holgate of all things is exactly. The pits name to buy the best doctor recommended for years eighties nineties. I think it's back. I think you should pal six hundred back now. Much money exclusive with. Maybe one of the foreign look totally companies in the country dominion dividend stocks suddenly back and styles at ten onto circle. Back to that company. I've got to see you then. The stock beat goes on. But is this sustainable? I'm giving my take and what it means for your portfolio of course oil on your calls rapid fire nights addition of light with fine yields plunging dividend stocks back in style in the Wall Street fashion show especially utilities which are red hot. Are Any of them. Still worth buying it. This move consider dominion energy. That's the Big East Coast Utility. It's got a little bit of everything. Regulated electrical and Gas Gas Pipeline look natural gas export terminal in Maryland. Oh and they're even a major player in renewables now reporter strong quarter earlier this week and talks been on a tear lately made new highs today but even appeared still sports abound four point three percent yield could have more upset. Let's take a close look with Tom. Foul the chairman president. Ceo Million Energy better in the quarter and where his company is headed. Hey Don we'll come back to make money. Jim Great to be with you happy. Valentine's Day same to you. You gave facebook terrific. Valentine's Day president yesterday with renewable energy partners. And I want you to talk about it because what this is about is when a forward thinking utility. Does something terrific to get business in where everybody wins? So you've got the floor. Thanks Jim you're referring of course to our Contract we entered into with facebook to build solar farm with them. We also done one with Arlington County. We have others with Microsoft. Amazon is moving eastern headquarters to northern Virginia in Arlington County. We've been working with them on that we have other. They have a lot of data centers. Here we've been working for that whole community for years now to help them meet their needs and desires to go to all renewable if they can get there and as quickly as they can and we're looking at trying to do the same thing if we can with the offshore wind farm we plan on building. Well one of the things when we went out to see Saudi Adele at Microsoft. I know he wants to have. Is these different scopes where he thinks that he can help. Change Really SA- food chain of energy so to speak. Most of the energy companies have are trying. Why are you so forehead? Why are you able to do these things when others keep saying trying? Well we've got a thoughtful about it. I think probably half a decade ago and started trying to instead of just saying hey. It's difficult to do that. Because of the way the regulation works or whatever we said. Let's work with them. Let's work with regulators to see if we can come up with methods that are worked for them making sure that the extra cost if there is any a lot of it can be done without any extra cost. Make sure that whatever extra costs are don't filter through to the rest of our customer base. So that's what we've been working on for. You know most of about five or six years. I wish others would listen. Because you're coming in you'll gross rate is still above the whole industry. Yes it is we you know just even five years ago Jim. We had a very little solar on our system. We wanted to make sure the cost got to a place where it was effective and cost efficient for our customers. Before we started deploying it in large quantities we brought from having none to the fourth largest utility holding company for solar in the country in just four years. Five Years Adulation for doing that. You've also put out a goal that I think is very hard for a lot of energy companies to do but I bet you beat. It introduced a Niro Net zero emissions by twenty fifty target carbon methane emissions. I mean these are very difficult for utilities. Meet they are and where you know where you have even more complicated for us than most because we also have a very large. We have a lot of local gas distribution companies in our company. We have a large gas transmission. Storage business. You Mentioned Co Point Allergy Export Facility Import and export facility a few minutes ago so we worked very hard on this. We'd had a goal to reduce methane emissions by fifty percent by twenty thirty and our carbon. We'd already reduce carbon by fifty percent twice the industry average. By the time I got this year to reduce it all the to eighty by twenty fifty but we worked hard on that over the last most of the year because I want to announce a target of net zero without seeing a way to get there and we became convinced that we can do it through a number of programs. We're already the largest investor renewable natural gas with some of our partners in the United States. And there are other things we're going to do. We are going to need a research and development to help with this in public policy support but we see a path to getting their good you Mrs Features Velvet. I think when you first this when you talk with the plastics companies. You're not hoping that they recycle more. You're hoping is that. Come up with a new technology that allows it to biodegrade you when you need if we wouldn't be able to give someone in science. Let's say five billion dollars to develop something. What do you really want to make it so that your footprints more? I think the two things that I would ask them to concentrate on would be a cracking the code on effective storage for electricity at fast scale. Americans we use electricity at an enormous scale and the storage for now is really see bits and pieces other than pumped storage which we on the largest one in the world. Actually in operated in the Virginia Mountains and the other would be and this will be controversy for some is coming up with modular nuclear reactors much smaller safer quicker to install one. That's good have you ever spoken to? Eli Musk have not been at a conference with him. But I haven't spoken to them closely. He was proposed at a dinner party. Is that the first one that you mentioned of the two things. He said it's going to happen and he said he would do it. Come kind of tell you this guy when he puts his mind to it. Maybe he's got some ideas and you can share with the industry. That would be great this what he's what he has worked on through. One of his companies is what they call candidates a wall. I can't remember exactly the name they use for it. It's a it's a standard set of lithium batteries that you can use for short term storage. What worked what I'm talking about. Is Longterm hours and hours and hours at a very very large scale not just for a house or Business and the other thing. We really need help with his carbon capture and storage. That's another that's part of the the international organizations looking at climate change of said we really got to crack the code on that too. Well terrific and thank you for all you doing -gratulations on your on your your all time high. And you deserve it. I WANNA thank Tom. Farrell the chair in presidency of Dominion Energy. I know if he's out there. You can challenge me. But I think he's the most forward thinking when it comes to utilize and carbon footprint for that. He's backing. It is time what is that. That's the pattern and then the lightning round is over. Are you ready? Steve Data with Michael in Florida. My goal good evening Dr Chill doctor Dr Chill sounds like a super villain true So Nice soft easy from Sunny Tampa Florida. So there you go. You Bet I was reading an article the other day. And this guy mentioned three stock. That might be used to play the Thomas Driving. That might be coming in one of the one listed with black there. He was wrong and that's interesting. That guy don't go breaking my heart with that stock. I won't go breaking my. Don't go breaking my heart with Blackburn. Let's go to protect those comments from the doctor Jill. Let's go to Tom in North Carolina. Talk crammer thank you very much for taking my call and everything that you do here. I thought is keeping. I think he is nice. Simple story a little yield little growth. That's fine I need Patrick cow boy. Oh Patrick Hey bouillon Jimmy Chill Yoyo I need your opinion on Gilead Gilead Shrem. I've got so many great drug stocks. I don't need Julie. Warren Buffett Position Biologists I think that you should go for the better so I asked. Let's go to Art California art. Yes Professor Kramer would like to know your opinion concerning the purchasing a home depot or Alibaba. Oh jeeze if you put a gun and those I say thank you and take the gun away from my head. I happen to think that home depot is terrific. My challengers does it. But I'm not going against Alabama because thanks let's go to Dominic California Dominic. The grandson has a question for you. Sure Jimmy Chill Boulia. I'm a fourteen year old debt there in October. I called about this company at twenty two dollars a share. And you did your homework and many other segments on it and you said it's great with earnings on Tuesday. Should I keep continuing to be a buyer of the medical thank maker in most? I N now more believers. We wouldn't leave that one if we tried that. These heroes one. Fourteen year olds weren't interested in the market. I thought they didn't care. I thought they just wanted index funds. Let's go to heck during California's Hector. Hey Hey Jamie. This is your boy from Sunny Northern California. I wonder does on the solar industry as a whole but in particular a certain company solar as Technology Ticker S. E. G. Because your state and the rules these solar companies have gone up there great specs and this is a great spec in. That's how I look at and that lays is lose enough. Money is sponsored by G Ameritrade. There's an undercurrent earning season that you might not recognize if you're new to the business so I gotta explain it to you right now. Companies are being rewarded. Not just for beating the numbers but for giving you one glorious word and that word is visibility okay. This is where this going out of fashion in recent years. Ever since the great recession companies have been loath to talk about visibility became too dicey too. Many businesses told us they had this Bollywood. It turned out they and when they're disappointing. Well guess what there's stocks got obliterated somewhat bother sticking ed set yourself up now. Visibilities is making a comeback. Maybe enough time has passed maybe businesses. Just better I don't know what do I know we are. Seeing what we're seeing stocks weren't up into earnings then go still higher because measures able to make a claim that the futures brighter than the past. They see it taking video uber. Kramer fave sending DR Congo some of the greatest visibility into its future of any company on Earth and that is not hyperbole. Even though the stock flew into the so-called print it jumped again. Because they gave you not only a beaten arrays with. They talked about a clear path in conversational artificial intelligence. We're talking about technology. You can answer basic questions from you. Your Voice within three hundred milliseconds almost instantly requires the idiom so key. Magin getting your car to say. Hey Take it in your starbucks. Or how about? Where's the nicest hotel? Where's the four seasons around here and fans sake and it's like not smarter than we are in US going to have that inference? It's here right now and this story is still so early that there's nothing to fear about the future it won't be like that you're from Helwan. Bitcoin our bitcoin miners overloaded on video graphics because granted cars because they thought there was gold then Dr Hills. When bitcoin collapse they returned the chips and video that stuck with a ton of excess inventory. This time is very different. We saw the company reported last night. Excess inventory thing of the past A. Why does this kind of visibility matter because it allows the analyst Model Future with more accuracy? Let's them say the stock looks expensive on this year's numbers as it does but it looks very cheap. One twenty twenty three estimates and that more than anything else is why money managers paid up for invidia today up nineteen dollars. Who else is in the visibility boat? Well no one's really weird videos. Frankly but I felt that ringcentral which is converting thousands of businesses to its customer centric cloud based communication. Problem is monitor them. They have dozens of clients to the website. Talking about how they save money generate more business had happier customers. Brinker the parent company of Chile's said the payback for ringcentral was pretty much instant. And that's how this company noses can keep growing that's why Vlad Guerrero then there's autorickshaw now this is one the probably unless you've watched the show. I've been huge backer of it. This is the data analytics company with a product. That I think seems vastly superior to Microsoft's excel. Which is still the way people do things. All these talks have rally then rallied again as they guided up tremendously. Nearly ten percent was trying to get them on the show. It won't be long now. We've also gotten some raised forecasts from Fang. My APP can from facebook games on Apple Nevelson Google. But they don't give you the kind of visibility to smart start to crave in fact the only big tech company great visibility is the non Microsoft with new clients. Coming Dros to Azure cloud platform there again. As far as the I can see. That's why it accelerating revenue. You want to know what it takes for a stock advance and they keep visiting if Bernie's listen for that word visibility if the company has it. I bet it's a stock by stick with cream. Stay right there. You're not WanNa miss a cease special report on the corner virus outbreak hosted by my friend. Tyler mathisen coming up next. We'll be excellent speaking Excellent in idiot quarter was as good as the stock being up. Nineteen why it's the inference chip because they figure out both the data center but more importantly how a chip can be smarter than you can figure out the things you want. It is the ultimate and voice and everybody wants it the stock to serve the highlights this summer hotshot find just for you right here money. I'm Kramer Tuesday to CNBC. Special report begins now. What IS DECISION TECH BY FIDELITY? It's technology that can help you find a stock based on what's trending or an investing goal. It's real time insights and information delivered in your own customized view of the market. It's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions and it's only from fidelity open an account today at fidelity dot com slash trading fidelity brokerage services. Llc MEMBER NYSE SIPC.

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