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"Dear Deion, Thank you for the Double..." Episode #99


hey guys. Welcome to tales from a butterfly podcast. I'm your host to reassure Endo Sometimes Caterpillar sometimes uh-huh butterfly but always driving to make it through. Life's many metamorphosis with my faith intact with this podcast. I hope to encourage anyone that is going through life situations no matter what they are they have left. You feeling like you will ever be a caterpillar in the cocooning stage having to continually shed your skin. While fighting to get free from any chains that are holding you back from your transformation. I WanNa tell you keep your faith in the transformer believing that just like the butterfly. Lie when you come out you will be a thing of beauty who is not afraid to fly so come on my butterfly less and you're listening episode ninety nine of the tales from butterfly. podcast titled Dion. Thank you for the double and I'm your host to reassure window so let's get into it. Hey guys thank you so so much for downloading this episode episode ninety nine Dear Dion. Thank you for the double ninety nine. I am one away from one hundred drip one. I am so excited and I just want to take this moment to thank you guys. Thank my listeners. Thank you butterflies whether you're a caterpillar pillar in your cocooning stage or a full blown butterfly and your situation. I just want to thank you for listening to me. WHO's could be all three at any one given day depending upon the situation for those of you that have been with me from the beginning? Thank you thank you for for encouraging me. Thank you for letting me know that this is encouraging you. Thank you for sharing the podcast with your friends. Your families on your social. Media's I wanNA thank you and for those of you that just found me my new listeners. I WanNa thank you. Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope that with this podcast you see my heart but you hear God now. This episode came about because I was listening to Kevin. Hart's Radio Show straight from the heart on Sirius. Xm The laugh loud channel. One Oh one and they have a sports segment and they were talking about Dion Sanders about his. ESPN thirty for thirty for those of you. Who Don't know what to ESPN thirty for thirty is? It's where they do like. I call it a little documentary about sports player. You know someone who is great you know. During the time they played or what have you and they go a little more in depth about him and as I was listening to Kevin and the Plastic Cup boys talk about this thirty for thirty. Something just moved inside of me. I don't know it just. I felt like I had to watch it. Just hearing them talk about some of it felt like I had to watch it myself so went to. ESPN couldn't find it. Found outlet came out January of two thousand nineteen so it wasn't still on their went to Hulu nope then I went to Amazon prime. I'm a prime member I was like yes the ESPN ESPN THIRTY FOR THIRTY S. About to watch this. They had every season but the one that was on I was like. Are you kidding me but I found it. I went pay four ninety nine and downloaded the ESPN plus APP and watched the Dion Sanders. Double play on that and I can't begin to tell you again just how moved. I was and it just it almost like it shifted my thinking. I watched it five and a half times. I listened to it about two or three times because if I was doing something around the house or like jumping in the shower it couldn't watch. I still played it so I could listen. It was just stirred stirred something in my spirit you know and so I hope that me recapping it and sharing with you how it related to me. How it inspired spiraled me? I hope that it does the same for you. The listener in Nineteen eighty-eight Dion. Sanders was drafted by the New York Yankees Baseball team. In one one thousand nine hundred nine Dion Sanders was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Football Team on September Fifth Nineteen Eight. Dion hit his second Major League home run. The next day he played six innings and left the team. He was disappointed to believing the Yankees but he signed this lucrative deal with the Falcons and reported to Atlanta for game. Aim on Sunday even without any time in training camp. Sanders caused a splash by returning a punt. Sixty eight yards for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams Dion. Sanders made history that week by becoming the only person to ever hit a home run. In and score a touchdown at baseball and football's highest performance level. He was the only one again he hit a home. Run in and scored a touchdown touchdown at baseball and football's highest levels. All in the same week like I said earlier I watched about three and a five and a half times. Listen to it about two or three times because it was so inspiring to me and while I don't play football or baseball now side note I do love softball. I've loved softball. Since since the beginning of time and Korean I actually played on the Softball League together a couple of years ago and I loved doing something. I love doing things like that with him. I feel like sometimes we should do more like that. Like physical activities like that. I loved playing softball with him. Because of always loved the game. And US putting on our jerseys and you know just go into the game together or what have you. I just loved it now game night come game night when I was in the middle of doing something within a running around and had to stop but I was doing I would be like. Oh why did I sign up for this but once I got there I was ready. 'cause it was exciting and being in the atmosphere atmosphere and I was happy to be there with Corey and to play some just a little note about myself that you may or may not have known so anyway like I said this thirty for thirty was very inspiring to me and while I don't play football or baseball I to know where I wanna be in this life. I've seen where I WANNA be in this life and and watching dion hearing how he got where he got it inspired me Deanza attitude and mentality the assuredness that seemed the just exude from him. This man a man that was talented like so many other baseball football players. Think about it. Think about how how many teams are in the NFL thinking about how many teams are in the MLB. There was so many teams and so many players on the teams that were talented. Talented Dion see Dionne was an only a talented man. He was the only one that was gifted to do what seemed like impossible. And looking at it that way like I said it just stirred up and fired up some things in me and it showed me some things that I learned some lessons sense from watching and listening to Dion Sanders. Thirty for thirty double-play so let me go ahead and talk about it number one you have to. I see it and then say it. I saw this. It started when I was seven. I told my mom I'm I'M GONNA make a lot of money. You're never gonNA have to work another day in your life. This is what the on Sanders told. His mom came across an article on Jesus Culture Dot Dot Com titled the Power Of Vision Written by Chris. Valentine on October eighth two thousand nine. It reads vision. Is What what we see but it is also the way in which we see. Vision is the Lens that interprets the events of our life the way we view people and our concept of God. If you have a scratch on our glasses it may seem like everybody around us has scratches too but the problem actually lies with us because our vision is impaired our minds receive images from is but our heart interprets these images if a heart becomes bitter jealous was hurt or in some way infected. The Lens of our heart is distorted what we perceive is happening and what is really going on could be two completely different things in his sophomore year in college. Dion said an agent handed me some paperwork and I saw how much all of the all of the positions were were paid in the NFL. And I was highly disappointed that my position was one of the least paid dion physically saw with his two is that his physician was the lowest paid position and even though he solid with his two is physically. That didn't line up with what he saw on his heart which was him taking care of his mother making sure that she never had to work another day in her life and instead of him leading with what is is saw he led with what his heart saw. Aw which which helped push him into who. He was to become prime time. Now I want you to think about yourself your life and the space space that you occupy on this on this earth this space and time appointed specifically for you. You're here right now. This space space in time. You were appointed to be here for this time so ask yourself. Are you leading your life with what. Your natural is Z.. Or with what your heart sees. Think about the dream that God gave you. Think about when you first became aware of the dream where you little were you a child where you a teen gene or you in college. Were you young adult. Are you just saying seeing it now. Think about when you first became aware of the dream the the desire inside you to fulfill that dream. Are you still saying that dream through the eyes of your heart. Are you seeing it. Through the eyes of life circumstances through the eyes of doubt through the eyes of age. Feeling like you're old. You're too young through the eyes of not having enough money to do you. What it is that you WanNa do the dream that you wish to fulfil? Are you seeing this dream through the eyes of the people around you who play your dream like it's a hobby because they don't know anyone that's ever woken up from a dream and lived it so they smile when you talk about your dream you share. How excited you are? And meanwhile their eyes are glazing over while they're unbelievable displayed through their body language and they may give you a generic. I know that's right and you're GONNA make it. I'm praying for you you believe. I'm sure you've experienced that now. Don't take that personally. Don't take it to heart again. You have to remember that a lot of those people have never ever seen anybody fulfilling dream so to them. It will always remain a dream and now. I know you've had that happen to you. I know I've had. It happened to me with the PODCAST. Different things so excited sharing with only for them to say. Oh that's cool or Yep I know you can do it and you're like man. They didn't even seem excited or they don't even seem like they believe it can happen. But they don't have to believe and they may not see it but it's is not for them to see yet. God gave it for you to see so. Don't worry about if they don't see it yet and stop looking at your dream and the manifestation of have your dream through their eyes. If you've had a dream that seemed like you were dreaming the impossible dream chances are again. You shared it with someone close to you you maybe mom dad cousin best friend CO worker. What have you someone even in the same field as where your dream is and you? May they have gotten that generic response that I spoke about but I want you to be encouraged by psalms one. Eighteen verse eight. The King James version which reads it is better to trust trust in the Lord then to put your confidence in man so stop looking for people to validate your dream while trying to interpret what you see allow how God to refocus you on a dream that may have been deferred but his most certainly not denied number two after after you have seen it and after you have said US then may have to create it and then set the atmosphere for it. Prime Time I looked up the etymology of the word prime it comes from the Latin word. Primis I in in order. I the first first part figuratively chief. Principle excellent distinguished noble. Today's meaning of the word prime. According to Merriam websters is the earliest stage. The most active thriving or sat satisfying stage or period. The chief or best individual or part I just in time. It was interesting to me that the word time is included in the meaning of the word prime the etymology of the word time time is old English team limited space of time from Proto Germanic Tim. On time abstract sense of the time as an indefinite continuous duration it was recorded from late. Fourteen C Merriam Webster defines time as the measured it or measurable period during which an action process or condition exists or continues the point or period when something occurs and appointed fixed ext customary moment or hour for something to happen begin or end a historical period so when I took those two meanings the etymology of those two words and put it together like Dion. Sanders did primetime. Primetime actually means the first of its kind signed to exist in an appointed measured historical period again. When put together the words? Primetime mean the first of its kind to exist in an appointed measured historical period. A few minutes ago I mentioned that Dion saw with his own eyes paperwork worked showed them how much each position the NFL May and his position was the lowest paid he further went on to say right then and there in that dormitory Tori Room. I created what you know as prime time. He said You love them or you hate them but you had to see him play. When he played baseball he was simply dion? He couldn't be prime time in baseball. He said it didn't call for that. Indians words. He said just dion alone couldn't fulfill the obligation allegation that he promised his mother but prime baby. He's all that and then some understood. There is a difference between prime time and endymion. He knew he had to step out of what was already created into something that he himself had to create in order to fulfill the desire he had to take care of his mother and he was wise enough to know exactly where this was needed where it needed to be created the football field not on the baseball diamond so when he signed the contract and it was with the Yankees he realize man. I made a promise to my mom. I saw it at seven that I was going to take care of my mother but I know this isn't going to do it and he already played bass football so we said what can I create. That will help fulfill what I spoke to my mom. All those years ago what I saw all those years ago so his dorm room after seeing how much his his position would pay he created prime time and notice he didn't go and have a roundtable with friends. Family teammates cousins ends best friend. The person that waited on him in the cafeteria at Florida State University. The girl down at the walgreens that he spoke to he didn't have a conversation with them and say man. This is what I told my mom. I was young and I don't know how I'm going to fulfil this. He didn't have conversation. He created right then and there. He didn't go take opole. A census or give people questionnaires to fill out asking them. If they thought he could do it. He just created aided in that moment he moved when he looked at the salaries of the different. NFL positions. What his is? Naturally we saw didn't match up with what is heart soul and again right then and there in that dorm room. He started creating what he wanted to happen. He didn't and let the fact that no one else had an essence created their own marketing campaign to market themselves. He didn't let that stop him. He didn't let himself get hung up on whatever. What what everyone else was going to say or think about Prime Times he gets? Primetime was flashy dion when he played baseball was the talented and gifted in baseball. He was dion he hit the ball caught. You know made some plays. He was dion. Primetime was flashy Ashi. Everybody had no choice but to notice who primetime was. He was the first so they had no choice. Every time he stepped on that football field he was was then prime time and see. He created primetime before he ever got to display it professionally. So he knew he had to create something to help him eventually so when he was in college he created prime time knowing that he would need to help him get to the big leagues and be able to produce in the big leagues. He didn't wait. He didn't wait till they got to the NFL NFL to create a listen to what I'm saying. He was thinking long term. He didn't wait and so he got to the NFL to create prime time. He created primetime in college before he had the exposure of the NFL. He was thinking so again. He didn't let himself get caught. Caught up on what everybody was gonNA think about prime time because primetime was seen he and he didn't worry about his talent offending others. His gift defending others so often you may have a gift. You may be a singer and someone may say you may be an acquirer and who wants to sing the Solo. When because you love this thing you WanNa sing the Solo? But you're so all concerned about offending someone else or someone being offended by your talent or thinking that your show off that you don't step into the opportunity entity that may have been presented just for you. Dionne didn't worry about his talent offending others. He just focused on what he had to do. Not letting the lack of a blueprint to a follow to get to where he needed to go deter him he just did it and he was going to be the first one to do it. CBS Sports reporter Pat. O'Brien said and there was nobody else named prime time. Nobody else. y'All there was nobody else named prime time. Which means dion again was the first? I now remember earlier in the podcast. I said you have to see it. And then say it Dion Saul it. Dion said it and then he created it and then other saw the manifestation of what. Dan had envisioned long before. Now he seen it he said it he created created but he also had to create an atmosphere for it to be able to survive to live now. When I looked up the word atmosphere the word atmosphere is derived for modern modern? Latin word atmosphere from Greek atmos- meaning vapor or steam. James Four verse. Fourteen new King James version reads whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow for. What is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then it vanishes away. I'm GonNa read that scripture to you again remember you have to create the atmosphere in order for your dream. Rain to be able to survive and thrive the word atmosphere again in the Greek means vapor and steam James Four verse fourteen eighteen new King James version reads whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is Your Life is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes banishes away. Now I want you to think about those choice of words Vapor James Use the word vapor when you think about your life in terms of being a vapor or comparing your life to a vapor something. That's not here long like a steam or miss. You've seen steam and missed how it operates it hovers in its there and surrounds for short while. But then it's gone when you think about your life in those terms you realize that although this life we're living may seem seem like a long time I'm forty two. I feel like I've been here a long time. And depending on what you're going through what situation you're going through. You may be feeling like this is endless. But in actuality were only here for a time like a vapor so in this your appointed time on birth you were appointed for this time. Will you be bold enough to create what God has shown you. Will you be bold enough to display display and walk in your gifts and your talents. Will you fight for the vision. God gave you with what your heart sees. Will you fight for it with everything everything you've got and if you say yes if you answered all those questions and said yes. Are you aware that the words you speak create and set the atmosphere of of the environment that will determine whether or not your dream stay sleep with you or wakes up to manifest. What words are you speaking to create your environment amount? And there's no disclaimer on words. You just can't throw out words. The Bible says a man's going to give an account for every careless list. Were for every word that he's thrown out. You're going to have to give an account for it one day so think about the words you're speaking. Are they creating an environment for your dream to live live. And if you believe if you truly believe that you're positive words will manifest then you've got to believe that there's another side of that the negative words that you speak. They'll manifest to trust me. I've been there. I've been on both ends of the spectrum. I've spoken words towards my future drove my family and things have manifested and I've also done the opposite and been negative and those have manifested too. So what atmosphere or your words creating. I'm ask you again. What atmosphere are your words? Creating for your dream to live are the words you speak giving oxygen to your dreams or have have the words you've been speaking become carbon dioxide poisonous to your atmosphere and killing off your dreams with it Matthew Twelve Verse Thirty Seven and IV The reeds. For by your words you'll be acquitted and by your words. You will be condemned so if you were on trial if somebody said your dream has died and we WANNA know how your dream died. So we're going to put you on trial to see if you killed your dream and the only evidence that they had to present was your words when they put every word that you said and spoken about your dream when they put it on the screen for all the jurors to see would you be found guilty of killing your dream. Would you be equipped with. They have said No. She spoke positive. She always affirmed herself always affirmed her dream. Spoke the word even when she was feeling doubt that it would happen. She may have felt doubt doubt but she spoke faith or would you be convicted because the words you spoke. Would you have been convicted of killing your dream. Because of the words that you spoke with create your atmosphere think about it number three even when you make history in the presence presence of a cloud of witnesses there are some that will still wonder how and why it happened but it won't change the fact that it did happen. The word clouds was was taken from the Greek word. Neef rose however the Greek word Nikos that again translates to the word. Clouds has an additional meaning in ancient classical Greek Times. The word clouds was used to describe the highest seats in the bleachers of a stadium. The seats at the very top of the stadium were called the the clouds because they were so high up in the air. Now if you had gone to a sports competition with a ticket for one of these seats you're usher might have said. Your seat is in the clouds today. This meant you'd be seated in the highest row available in the bleachers Eric powers and Ken Rogers the directors of Dion Sanders. Thirty for thirty double-play said when people think of to sport professional athletes. They always think of Bo Jackson but Dion Sanders is still the only player to hit a home. Run and score four touchdown in the same week. It's just incredible natural ability to be able to switch between sports and to just be at the highest level. It's something that individually is a great achievement. But really when we think about it. Why hasn't this happened since it might be? Because it really shouldn't have happened in the first place. No one else has ever thought to do what I did. And at the same time while Bo Jackson and did play baseball and football. He didn't play them at the same time full on he played baseball fully during the season and he played football when he was available. Deanne Dionne did both at the same time. Four out so when I watch this short film this documentary this thirty for thirty this inspirational channel piece on Mr Dion Sanders for me. It was clear that there were some that. Were still trying to figure out how dion manage to make history. It was like they're. They are sitting in their stadium seats in the clouds. They were the cloud of witnesses. That dion was performing in front of their watching him. They're watching history be made right in front of them while simultaneously rejecting the idea that it was happening because they had never seen it funny that they didn't realize it was happening because dion himself solid all those years ago and there are times when you may be going through life the faith being your only method of transportation because you have nothing else but your faith when you're going and chasing after your dreams and you don't have the support you need. You don't have the money honey you need. You don't have the pedigree you need. You don't have the background or the schooling or the training that you need faith becomes your only method of Transportation Tation on the move to your dream and the more you trust guide as you're moving toward and in your dreams you may have people watching you wondering how are those doors opening for them wondering how you've taken a concept that's been around for years and made it your own and made it successful. What Dion did was was took a concept marketing that was been around before him and create it primetime and made marketing look like a whole new thing? He did that. He created created it because he knew where he wanted to be he took a concept that have been around for years and made it his own and the the people there watching winging wandering almost to the point of being upset by your willingness to not allow your natural. I see and at times what you may feel you not allowing net to stop you from pursuit of your dream. They can't believe that you. How dare you have the audacity to try and do what's never been done before and then they'll try to talk chalk it up to your arrogance? They'll try to say they're just arrogant. They think that they can do all of this. They're just arrogant. I'll never forget years ago. I want my whole family to mind and I asked my family. Do you guys want a mom. I just always felt like I should do it even if it was only once and they all said no okay sign up on my own. Signed up on my own. No joke signed up on my own. And the leader who was leading at that time ended ended up having an emergency and had to leave Maryland for a while to be with a family member and so the mom ministry was no more by the time. NEW LEADER LEADERSHIP CAME IN I. I wasn't able to do it but I always felt like I just needed to so I remember. Excuse me when I first signed up a tech somebody because I was so excited and their words back. We're okay that's great but don't get arrogant if you're able to do it. Don't get arrogant. If you're good at it just just remain humble because remember not everybody can do multiple things now. I'M NOT GONNA LA my flesh was like I know you ain't but I stopped myself self took a deep breath and I'm like okay got I'm not GonNa let this deter me but I was really blown like I'm sharing with. Have you might excitement over something that I'm getting ready to try. And you're telling me don't get arrogant because not everybody is talented to do more more than one thing. I haven't even tried it yet. I believe I believed I could do it but I had never shown anyone and here they were already saying saying. Don't get arrogant because not everybody can do or be good at more than one thing and that showed me something even when you're trying to do you something that you feel like you should do and just excited. There's always gonna be that person or some people that don't want you to do it. That are angry because how dare you try to become fearless and do something that you want to do but our little scared to do. Because if you don't know me what people may not know was it. I'll be. I am very nervous when I do when I do public speaking even sometimes when I do the podcast because I want the content to be good but I've asked Lord not to take that nervousness away before blown to where I'm shaking but leave a little hint of the nervousness because when I feel that I know that it's only God that I'm relying on. I'm not relying on to restraint. I'm relying on God so I actually thank him for the nervousness because it keeps me in check and reminds me not by my strength that I'm able to do this but by God strains so even when people try to chalk up you going after your dreams to your arrogance. Don't fall for it. Just keep going. They did the same thing with Dion this force reporters and even the braves. GM they did it with the end. They said he was arrogant. They said that he was trying to play two sports at one time for his ego that he was feeding his ego not realizing that that he made a commitment to his teammates and the funny thing is he had a contract with the break. The braves called him the comeback. Because they want him to help them get dependent. He had a contract that I think expired June thirtieth Iran out June thirtieth but they still want him to stay so on his were on the strength of a handshake he continued but he actually had a contract after that time with football so his contract was with football but because the the breeze needed him he agreed to stay. Here's the thing the falcons who he had a contract with supported reported him in his quest to do this in his quest to play both sports. His coach said if I had the talent like like him to do both and somebody somebody called and asked me to do both. I would his teammates. They just want it the state of Georgia to win something whether it be the Beta baseball championship or NFL superbowl. They just want to Atlanta to win something. So his falcons teammates the one. He had a contract with. They supported him but the baseball GM's the ones that he didn't even have a contract with that he was still continuing to a play with them at the highest level and still give his hundred and ten percent. They're the ones that were upset that he was trying to keep both of his commitments. But he didn't let that stop. Stop Him and you can't let that stop you either. Even when your body feels like you put too much on it even when you feel like man. I'm working I'm going to school. I'm taking care of these kids kids. I'm trying to start this nonprofit. I'm trying to do all of this. I don't even have time to pursue my dream not feel that way sometimes. I'm driving because I know this has got to be done in this. Got To be done over. The kids need this and this needs to be done and I don't know if I'm going to be able to focus on what I WANNA do. You gotTa keep going even when you feel like you just WanNa sit down and take a break take a break or take a pause. Matter of fact don't take a break take a pause and then hit the play button and keep going even when when those watching you are hoping it won't work out even the ones closest to you because they don't know how to handle it and they're talking about you publicly keep keep going because God will have no choice but to elevate you in front of your enemies and in order for your enemies to be front and center to see it. The more than likely going to be people that are close to you close to the front and the last one number for when you you have big faith God will send big assistance. Dion had walked away from baseball his love but was called by the braves to come up and help the team chase dependent that year in the same year he helped the braves. Make the postseason for the first time in nine years and also helped the Falcons make the playoffs for the first time in nine years it was like dion was just made for this one particular day practice ended at three thirty PM. For the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Atlanta Braves doubleheader started at four fifteen pm. Dion had given his word that he would be there reporters those watching him leave. Asked him Dion Dion. Are you worried about getting there on time. See because watching this play by play. They have the real footage of different things in this in this particular instance they have the footage so again. He's leaving practice at three thirty having to get to and be dressed and be ready to go on the field for the Atlanta braves at four fifteen so reporters are saying Dionne Dionne. Are you worried about getting there on time. And this is where the people that have around around you become really important. The peop- The guy that he had with him wrapped his arm around dion neck. And when they're asking these questions are you worried. Are you worried before dion could even answer his support. That was with him said no no. He's not worried they spoke for for him. They let no we got you inside diem may have been worried. But I'm pretty sure when he heard his support say no no. He's not worried they got it. I'm going to get there there. Dion himself said if you live in Atlanta you know that traffic is crazy down eighty five so you do wonder how is this going to work but then someone one offered him a helicopter to make the game and he made it so just imagine and forty five minutes. He's got to get to the stadium. Get dressed and be on on the field. Because I'm sure the coach has to give the starting lineup to whomever the announcer whomever so he's got to be there and somebody offered a helicopter and and he never ridden in a helicopter before so. He made it on Saturday October tenth. Nineteen Ninety two and eight thirty PM. Dion John was playing with the braves and Pittsburgh and then needed to get to Miami. To play with the Falcons the next day at one pm and then that evening he needed to be back back in Pittsburgh with the braves. He didn't have a cell phone to book a hotel or to make sure that his cleats and all his equipment that was needed was in his hotel room when he left the braves in Pittsburgh and got to Miami and he had to wear specific cleats because Nike represented him so he couldn't just get there and hope that somebody could run out and get him things he had to wear something specific so I'm GonNa say it again remember. He was playing eight thirty pm that night with the braves had to then leave. Get some Miami. To play with the Falcons. The next day and that same night had to return back to Pittsburgh to play with the braves. He didn't have a way to get a flight. He didn't have time. He was playing and there were no cellphones so he called his Nike Brand. Rep told them the situation and they supported him. They said when they first met him he made such an impression and on them so they supported him and his endeavour and and his attempt to do this that not only did they get him cleats and everything that he needed to wear because again Nike represented him his brand Rep. got on a plane flew to Pittsburgh back to be with him and to get him from that game to then fly him to Miami she was still with him then. Fly Back to Pittsburgh Org to play the game. Oh and on. Top of that. Nike covered. Everything Nike covered. The cost Nike covered the cost of the private plane for him. Go from Pittsburgh to Miami and back the hotels and again. They brought the equipment that he needed all because he picked up the phone and he asked and I know there's times when all you have to do is just ask for assistance but you feel like now got it. I can do it or no. I don't want them to think then I'm using them or no I don't want I don't WanNa be a burden. He had no fear in asking Nike. He was just asking for help. Like look I need this equipment. And and they believed in him so much that they got a private plane to make sure he got to where he needed to go and they covered it. He didn't have to come out of pocket. That's amazing to me. I just think that's amazing. Now he got on that plane at midnight after the braves game arrived in the wee hours of the morning slept for a few hours and was dressed to play with the Falcons at one PM. The coat of the Falcons said that he kept him out of the first play because Dion hadn't even practice for them and he told Dion on. Come stand by me. You're not going in yet. Come stand by me. Dion could have freaked out went off. His teammates could have been like how you going to not put. Put Him in when you know we need him and dion could have been like. I'm primetime baby. You're not gonNA put me on the field but he didn't do any of that he humbly took what his coach Said stood beside him and then Dion was put in the game after the game. He was delayed getting back to Pittsburgh that evening for his baseball game. In at eight thirty he was delayed because his body had been put through so much that he needed to Ivy's in order to replenish Glenis. You know the fluids in his body and then after that happened. The private plane was too heavy. The Nike Rep said. She felt like they may have had one person too many on it. So the private plane took dion and his team of people with him to Pittsburgh went back to Miami and got the Nike Rep and then it came back to Pittsburgh. That's fueled that's extra fuel that's money. This is all on Nike's bill because they support him but guess what Dion made with those delays. He made it now. He did say that he's hearing these sportscasters in these. GM's talk about him. Talk about how he's he's arrogant. Talk about basically who in the world is. He think he is that he should be able to do this. And he said when he got on that plane from Miami to go back to Pittsburgh he wanted to tell the pilot eh left. I'm going back to Atlanta. But he said you've got to finish what you started so he made it there and was in the dugout. I believe seventeen minutes after the game started and he didn't play that night. He said he knew he wasn't gonNA play. Because it's coach again was upset and in the thirty for thirty one. Coach's I'm not sure if it was a base coach. What have you? But one of the coaches said that it wasn't him that made the decision. It was the other coat and the other coach said to him. I don't care serve Me and you have to get on. The field will play before dion will but it didn't matter Diaz showed up and was still in uniform. He's still pushed his body beyond physical limits. He said that there was a point where he was in the shower hurting tears running down his face saying why am I doing this. But he made a commitment it to himself to his mother because you know what he promised her and to his team he did end up playing. I believe in the the last two games. If I'm not mistaken as a pinch hitter I think I said this earlier but I'm say this again. Interestingly Enough Dion Sanders is the only only player to have to have appeared in a super bowl and in a world series. This was because of the vision he saw when he was seven years old and his determination to do whatever ever he had to do to fulfill his proclamation that he made to his mom dion sanders and prime time they not only only both were a part of history. Dion and primetime made history listeners. I know you may be thinking that what you may have been called to do. Seems absolutely impossible. You're looking at it and you're like there's no way I'm going to be able to pull this. I don't have the money. I don't have the backing. I don't have the support art. I don't have the knowledge you may be thinking. It's the impossible that what God is showing you he wants you to do has never been done. So you're like how am I gonNa do this. Florida it's never even been done. You may be afraid to move forward because what would people say. What would people say that? I'm trying to do all of this and it's never ever been done and they've never heard of something like that before and I need to be prepared to fail. What would the people say? But I want to encourage you to keep fighting for for your dream. Keep making strides to fulfill your goals and don't get caught up in. How is this going to happen? Like Dion when he had to get from practice when it ended at three thirty to the braves stadium the play four fifteen game and out of the blue. He's offered a helicopter to get there. I just have faith. Don't worry about how is it going to happen. Who is GonNa make it happen? How will I ever get the resources to get where you have to get? Get God because God will send you a helicopter in a different way may not be in the form of actual helicopter. It may be a jet. I know I'm claiming the jet so so when I have to interview Dion Sanders if he hears this and said well you know what I want to sit down and talk to that young lady or ID on you put me on a jet and bring me out to where you are. I'm there I'm just just speaking it putting it in the atmosphere but anyway seriously have that helicopter kind of faith believe that because of your big faith God is going to send assistance. If you continue to work it continued trust. Continue to stay in your word. Continue to pray even when you feel doubt even when it looks like you need to give up and walk away even when Phil's like you need to give up and walk away when you have people around you telling you you need to give this up and walk away and they're looking at you like you're crazy. Keep the faith. Keep the faith that you serve a god who does not fail and keep putting in the work in as if you already are where you WanNa be again remember Dion Created Primetime sometime in college not in the NFL. He created prime time before he was where he ultimately wanted to be. Keep creating keep producing at. I promise you just like with Dion. God will show up in your situation with some big help. Samat that big faith guys thank you so much for hanging out with me and listening to Tales My Butterfly Episode Ninety Nine Dion. Thank you for the double go to either either items blueberries stitcher Google play music. SPOTIFY IHEARTRADIO RADIO DOT COM and any other place podcast can be found and type in tales does T. A. L. E. S. from butterfly. While you're there please subscribe rate and review the podcast. The more you do that the more sponsors that I'll get also share the podcast with friends families and Co workers employees and I appreciate you guys sharing by word of mouth however for if you could share by your social media sites the same way you share those means with your tag me you know in stuff do the same for this podcast. The help your girl out okay. And speaking of social media you can follow me on twitter at Ti phase on Instagram CS phase on and on facebook at tales from butterfly and butterflies caterpillars. If you're listening people that feel like you're still still in the cocooning stage. Keep fighting keep going no matter how impossible it may seem no matter how many people people again are surrounding you saying. I don't think you should try this. You may be too old. He may not be old enough heap. Deep going God was this danger. You'll be able to run and not be weary. You'll be able to walk and not faint. Keep heap going. Keep swinging that bat. And keep running for that touchdown knowing that God can and will give you both at the same time fly on butterflies. I love you guys. Thanks for listening.

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