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Bank of Ghana Creates Fintech & Innovation Office To Deepen Regulation Of E-Payment Channels


You're listening to the news. This are Africa Business Radio. The Bank of Ghana has established a new FINTECH and innovation office to drive this cash. Let e payments and digitization agenda according to the central bank emergency of fintech solutions has introduced significance. Complexities that require. It's a focus understand and supervise effectively among the role of the FINTECH and innovation office little bitty license in an oversize of dedicates at electric on issues. Such AS MOBILE MONEY OPERATES. Est Payments Service providers and closed loop payments products. The Bank of Ghana said companies engaged in online or digital transactions including money money operations and fence X. have up to June twenty twenty so acquire their licenses when they naval them up a rates in the electronic payments space and. That was the news. At this time. On Africa Business Radio you can continue to listen life online at. Www Dot Africa business radio dot COM OVALLES ARABLE APP. Thank you for listening.

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