S04E06: Pressing In for Pressing On


This is making disciples with robbie galley which is part of the replicate podcast network as a resource to equip and encourage leaders to make disciples who make disciple makers. Here's your host. Chris wings today on the podcast. We are continuing to talk through the long hollow revival. And we're going to talk about something. I'm pretty about pressing in or pressing on. We are at a point here as we continue through the story. We talked about your year of praying and seeking god for personal revival. We've talked about the amazing sunday. We had that blew our minds With ninety nine baptisms followed by a couple of days later. Eighty something baptisms on a tuesday night prayer service that we just said. Hey let's just meet together and pray that's all we're going. Do open the doors two days before christmas. Why don't we meet together and pray. No i don't think it was meet together and pray it was just. Let's open the door and see who comes to be baptized. We sent one email and one message online and that was it. That's one of the reasons. We're doing this podcast. We want to remember what god has done and celebrate. What god is continuing to do more and more portland one. Encourage you exactly. Yes you may be a pastor. Listen to some of this and thinking man. I want to do something like that. My church and i would just say if someone would have called us in november and just said. Hey god's about to do something great and you're miss. I think we wouldn't believe it. But i'm not sure we would have believed that at the level of what god is doing and honestly a couple of things to clarify. Never want you. maybe saying. Are you sure this is revival. What you mean revival because a lot of people here revive on it's a it's a mark date on the calendar you know we're going to have revival for the week and and we drew up Things for god to come here. We believe in obviously It's only the lord but we believe this is a genuine move of the lord and that is now spreading out to other churches. That's why we use the term revival because there are people now watching with the use of technology and the internet and online church services that are watching long hollow being moved in the spirit to be baptized at their own churches. Now and so we're getting reports as recently as the last two weeks right of people who have seen what's happened here and went to their pastor and said would you baptize me. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Yes because we're going to tell those stories more in depth to and what we wanted to do today as we continue. Pass that tuesday timeframe or kind of walking through it slightly chronologically is. We had a decision to make catherine incredible sunday. Hundreds of people baptized between sunday. And tuesday and christmas is coming. And i feel like in my mind as a church leader. I was thinking may god is great. Let's see what happens in twenty twenty one versus. I think the way you were thinking of that point is got his great. And i want more. What's happening right now. Me yeah no. That's exactly what we had gotten to a place. Where after a tuesday as as you can imagine. I mean we just baptize. What one hundred and eighty people i think. One hundred eighty people over one hundred and eighty people at that point. In fact i got the exact number. Because i was documenting with the law was doing December twenty second we baptize one hundred and three december. Twenty four th so. We're going into christmas with a hundred and eighty six now. I'm gonna tell you the baptism on wednesday. That's pretty amazing. And this is really where chris started. I had known at that point. One hundred and eighty five people in december twenty third in cova. Let me just remind your couple things in kovin were online exclusively now. Bake april are barricaded sequestered in their homes. Because of the virus is tennessee is leading the country. Yeah in cases are services or not meeting in person that people in tennessee. Tennessee never thought it was a real thing anyway to begin with unfortunately some people and now it's just got some but they need that they know. Now it's a real deal and so now we're all kind of nervous and so we have everything stacked against us. Okay and so. I believe i mean like you In in three days to baptize one hundred eighty five people. If that would have been it we would have talked about those three days forever. I mean i wanna talk that for the rest of my ministry. I remember that three day period long hollow where we ties one hundred eighty. Five people eighty five percent at that time. We're adults mostly adults. Many over sixty you go back and look at the videos which you can look at those service dates many of them over sixty years old in fact. If you haven't seen the videos robert is going to link that or ad that linked to the show notes for the podcast. You can. you can watch that. Well worth watch. I was just go. Watch one of them. I dare you to try to watch it without crying. I dare you you. Can't i mean it's it's impossible to do that So anyway we're going into Christmas eve agai the day before. Christmas eve and i get an email for my sister. Actually i email on tuesday and the email is this. My mother has been watching you online that they go too long hollow but the mom is sickly and so she was in the hospital and she said mom's been watching your line since she can't come in person we are. We are faithful of long hollow. Obviously because a cova we haven't been but mom just got sent home today with hospice. And she has one dying wish slaves in her seventies late. Seventies one dying wish. Okay was that you would baptize her. Passer would you come and baptizing my mother. She sent home with hospice. This is this is tuesday afternoon. I get the email and i respond in right then. I have to say when we left the tuesday service. If you remember was so jazzed up and so fired up. We were supposed to be off okay. We were supposed to be off between the sunday before christmas. And the in the sunday. After christmas and even through new years well. And i think i keep that thought but i think it's important to remember sunday you were. You preach sunday a nine. People got baptized on sunday morning. And then you made the announcement. We're not going to meet for four weeks. It was almost like you. You went to the the altar important instead. Let's put some water on the altar. This is once again. There's not enough water but more on the would. Yeah no that's exactly right. And i hesitant. Lee said that. Like are we gonna and we're gonna talk about that in a future episode. What god is teaching us about his ministry and the move of god in the use of technology because it flies in the face of everything. You've ever read about in books and biographies for years. So get this email. On tuesday night and when i got it. I've just gotten a lecture if you will a strong encouragement from my leadership team. Which chris one of which said to me pastor. You have to take a break. I was pretty jazzed up. I was working since that. No i didn't sleep. I honestly did not sleep because baptizing during the week. I was baptizing on monday. I was baptized on tuesday. We had the tuesday night service. I was ready to meet on christmas day. You know they were hoping passer. Please do not call a christmas day. Baptism service so they looked at me and said you have got to take some days just because we were running pretty hard from august and i said okay and then that night i got the email it was from this lady and she said my mother I think her name was theresa. And she said my mother Just got sent home with hospice. And she said she has a wish that you would come baptize. Her and the first thing. I did when i read. That email was man. I'd love to do that but my staff just told me. You probably need to take a break. So i wanted to say to her. Can i push it back a day or two okay. Can i push it back till the day after christmas. Right and But something just just convicted me. Yeah and the spirit really a really spiritus really spoke to me and i thought now you have to do this now so i emailed her back and i said i'll be there tomorrow at noon can come at noon. She said yes. You can do that at noon. So i got together. Brother timber floor. You know. Tim on the podcast. Him are equipping pastor here long hollow works with replicate and i said Brother t what. We're going to go anoint. A lady now. I will say this which is pretty interesting. We went and it was the first time i had done. A baptism like this. I'm gonna give a disclaimer now about this. We're gonna talk about it after the break but it is a baptism. Unlike any that i've ever done before and it's a unique baptism. Because of the circumstances right it was it was not a situation where you can do things normally because of a medical medical condition. Yes so you had to adapt and we'll talk more about that on the other side of this break as you leave your disciple making movement. The replicate network provides ongoing practical training and community of like minded church leaders to help you and your church thrive each month. You'll get frameworks. Acute anytime with rodney gallen and access to our online forums and groups we will provide you with prayer and personal support practical resources discounts and benefits as you seek to make disciples who make disciple makers check out the replicate network today at replicate network dot com and we're back talking about pressing in or pressing on the decision we as leaders had to make and again just to follow god and what he was doing again. None of this is orchestrated by us. We didn't have a game plan. We didn't have a step by step. We weren't trying to manufacture anything. We were just like god. What you're doing is incredible and we want more of it and so we talk through Where we're at and we we talked about this lady that was really in in in the last days of her life in hospice and she had this request that you would cut. She'd been watching. What's going on at long haul. And she wanted to be baptized or so she contacted you. Got your longtime mentor. And one of our staff members are equipping. Pastor protei headed over to her house to baptize her and we talk about her medical condition and just the situation she was not allow a getting up from where she's at going full immersion emergent. Right right yeah. So we found out the scenario which was she was immovable in the bed. She was very frail. She was obviously on the on the verge of death and so tim calls me and he says what do you think we ought to do. Pastor said well let's do some research through the history of the church in through the centuries to see if there are any concessions for a person who's dying or person who is unable to get under the water into the water and so brother. Tim did some research and that morning. I had a first time meeting with dylan brown. So dylan brown and i went to pinera now. For those. Who are following dylan. Brown was the man who actually Really god really used him early on To to help spark this revival because he was the ten year former satan worship and got radically saved and I think we've talked about that story. Okay so dylan. Brown gets radically saved and So we're meeting and he's telling me his testimony. And i'm seeing their pinero and i'm telling you the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. As he said he came the long hollow. And i said well how did you come. The long hollow is a student at the school across the street. Young and he said i came along hollow and i saw a bunch of students. This is what he said. What an indictment on the church a bunch of students who were jazzed up for jesus on wednesday and then went back to school and live no different than the pagan friends that they were in class with. Yeah and he said what really drove me to satanism and this is what was full force. Drove me and he said we're the parents who knew this was happening and allowed it. He said i saw the whole thing as hypocrisy me to satanism so he told me the story about high win on the internet and search. I didn't know you could search this how to sell your soul to the devil. Did you know you could do that. I i knew. I could go on google and ask questions. That's not a question. I've ever even thought i never thought to ask ask that question. I'm telling you. I'm at panera. A sip hot coffee with a straight face. I mean it was tough and he told me how he met. He was getting a tattoo at the same time. And if you've seen pictures of dill and he's got tattoos from head to toe from that lifestyle and he said i'm getting a tattoo tattoo artist tells me hey listen i can help you with that. I'm a satan worshipper. Anton levay high priest in the movement. And i can help you. And so he says let's go out to a field they go out to a feel. They make a bonfire they Put a pentagram on the ground. They they draw blood from the sacrifice of an animal. He slits a part of his wrist. He makes a deal in repeats. This seance type ritual and he tells me these words and this is right before leaving to go baptize this lady. He said robbie. When i looked into the fire i saw the face of satan. And i said oh really and he said yep and he said from that point on for the next ten years of my life. I was successful by the world standards. He said everything. I touched a successful women. Partying money. possessions jobs. You name it drugs. I mean he. He said everything by the world standards he said. But here's the thing he said would satan did to me as he said on the outside. I'll look successful on the inside. I was hollow shell. I was empty. And he said what happened. Was i went to prison For the fourth and fifth time and he sent me made a deal with the lord he said. Try to call out to satan. He was no help. And so i decided. I remembered what i learned years ago at long hollow about the lower and cried out to the lord and i said if you're real and you get me out of jail i'll surrender my life to you fleece the obote i've seen god do greater things right and so he gets out of jail. Miraculously he comes and finds the only christian he knows. Which has danny. Who is the leader of our celebrate. Recovery recovery ministry. Here he goes to danny. And says danny i think christian danny says you need to be baptized and so that starts so i'm sitting there with with With bill and i say hey listen. And this is one of those instances where i spoke before i thought not not that i would've taken it back but you're gonna see what i'm talking about so i say hey. I'm about to go baptize a lady in her home. Because i'm always big on discipleship and taking people with me and doing ministry which was great for him. Obviously but i didn't ask the people. Before i brought dillon with me and again and again i said hey would you want to come. He said absolutely hanging with you hanger. Both tim i'm in and so as we're driving to switch cars and everybody getting one car i realize i'm about to bring a former satan worshiper touted from head to toe. Yes to the home of hospice patients of a sweet couple. Think about but then the lord or an item e. Yeah but then you have. Tim leflore former alcoholic than we. Have you a former drug addict and alcoholic dylan. A former say this is the. This is the motley crue of christianity. Right here guys. I mean this is it and so we walk into the home and as we drive there. Tim says in the dedicate which is an ancient riding back in the first second century. Which was kind of a manual if you if you know this. They founded the dead sea in the kumaon area. It was a manual on how to practice christianity. Carry out things and in the manual. There is a concession that win. there's no not enough water or there's a certain medical or situation where you can't get someone in the water you can sprinkle the head i. It's two or three times. I think you do it so we went in there. And we had to give dylan and another guy. Who was with is a disclaimer. You're going to see to baptist pastors sprinkle a lady. So let's just. Let's just get this out the way this is not the normal way to baptize. in fact baptisms always immersion always after faith and repentance just a little feel logical side note. you know. Baptism doesn't save you. We don't believe baptism save you. God is doing incredible things. You baptism a long hollow right now but it is always. After we'd counseled we talked through salvation. Salvation is is the key map peasants outward expression of salvation. Just wanna make sure as we're telling these stories people understand that. Yes the good clarification and i would say this most of the people that were baptizing because you're probably wondering what what was it that led most of the people the baptize. I was thinking about this yesterday. I think most of the people. I i would say half of the people we baptize and i get to hear most of the stories or a lot of them. I ask them what your story. Most of the people say i was christened or sprinkled catholic like you as a methodist as a presbyterian as a lutheran yeah later in life i realized i had no say in that decision. Yeah that was something that was done to me. It was not something. I had any choice in choice. In the matter it wasn't until years later high-school college adult years. That i came to faith in christ and i knew that i surrendered my life to christ and i was born again. And now. The time that's elapsed. Since that day till today has made it very difficult for me to be baptized because of my pride and say that. Because i know there are some listening or we have family members like that and you you need to understand that it becomes increasingly harder the longer. The time is elapsed between the day. You surrendered your life to christ today and you saw it. I mean you see chris. Baptized people ready for this. Who have waited sixty years to follow through about some of waited longer. I would say something even longer but sixty years i mean. Think about that so I i want you to know. Baptism doesn't save you. But i really believe. This is an outward sign of an inward desire to follow. Christ that becomes a spiritual marker. You remember the day you got baptized. I remember the day. I got baptized I it's something you never forget. Obviously and and even now so it's becoming even more impactful so we drive up to the house. The lady walks out the and keep in mind. I'd never met this couple before so they were long long hollow members but i never got the chance to meet him before and so we pull up to the house and they say hey passer. Glad you're here. And then they look over immediately. I say you. This is my friend dylan brown. I asked dylan the come with us. And she said this is crazy. Oh we know. Dylan we know. All about dylan's. She said we watch baptize. We watch him via part of the bat. We know dylan is a great and so dylan said. I'm glad to be here. And so we walk in the house and we tell them what we're gonna do. And i and i said i could probably pick her. That's tim told me on the way there. He said if you move her and she gets hurt. It could be really bad. You don't want to be the cause of her getting hurt worse so i said listen. This is not normative. However we believe that the desire of her heart right and the and the water that we're going pour over her head is going to suffice for baptism. So we go in there. Chris we go in the room and her whole families their families there she's laying she's laying in the bed and she tells me right for you walk in. This is only the lord. She says mom is not coherent. She has not been coherence since we got home. She's in Kind of a lucid state. She's not really there. I said okay. So we walk in soon as i walk in i said teresa. It's robbie galaxy. It was like a light switch went off. She turned over in the bed and she looked at me. She said pastor robbie. I'm so glad to see you totally locked in and said teresa. We're here because you requested for us to come baptize you and it is a privilege of mind to be able to do that and she said i'm so glad you came and i said great so we prayed. I got a cup of water. Put a towel under ahead ported over ahead a couple of times we prayed and thank the lord foreign the name of the lord. Jesus name of the father son and the holy spirit berry with christ raised to walk in new life with baptism. And i said wow what a joy is to do that she said. Can i ask you a question. And she began asking me questions. I think she asked me two questions. About baptism about death in about cremation. She was nervous to be put in a casket. People have different perspectives on death. I mean she had a. She had a concern of claustrophobia. This is true. And then she legitimately concerned she said. I just don't know if my body in a casket is something. I want What do you think about cremation which was interesting question. But she's really locked in. She's locked in. And so i said well i can answer questions. We talked for about ten minutes. And then tim says why. Don't we sing. Tim's always good for an old gospel on. He likes to wrap it up with a. He always does this. And i'm telling you when. Tim began to sing the power of god into that room chris. It was like we were singing with. I mean i don't wanna make too much of it but it was almost like the angels were singing with us so we began to sing. Amazing grace how sweet the sound saved a like me. And then i think we send saying final one when we've been there ten thousand years bright shining as the sun and when we finished She said thank you and when we left the daughter told us she went right back to being completely out of it it was as if the lord for that one window of time not just for us but for her family to see her knowing being secure in her salvation and us praying for i went home. We had a great time. Obviously i was so thank the lord. Allow me to do that. I got an email. I'm sorry. I got a text the next morning at six thirty. Am the tech simply was this mom has gone home to be with the lord in eighteen hours from the time we baptize in prayed for she entered the presence of jesus and i can't think of you think about that celebration. Yeah here's a woman who at the end of her life. She has one dying wish to be obedient to the lord. Jesus even to death. And i can't help but think jesus welcome her into his arms now. The cool thing is the grandson of the of the grandmother who died. Saw all this and i got an email the next week and from the parents and they said past rob. You never going to believe this. Our grandson our son watched what happened to grandma. And he wants to be baptized. so it's the ripple effect of obedience. And that's the thing. I want us to close today. When your obedient there is a ripple effect in your life where other people see your faithfulness and it stirs within them something to do the same so don't ever neglect the simple step of obedience to whatever the lord's calling to listen to that and you're saying i need to follow through baptism. Right do it. I need to apologize to someone do it. I need to surrender my life in an area do it. The greatest thing lee with as we close is obey the holy spirit. That's a good word and that is that it's been a theme for us throughout what god has been doing these last eight nine weeks and we are careful. God will continue to move. Can't wait to continue talking through story on the next episode of the podcast. If you enjoy this podcast or want to share it with someone else takes them right now. Send them a link rate us wherever you listen to podcasts. That'll help us out until next time. Bye bye thank you for joining us this episode. Take a moment to subscribe and share this. Podcast you can receive more free resources to help you make disciples in your home group or church by clicking the link in the show notes or visiting our website at replicate dot org.

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