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The her this was a fun. One we knew it would be yes we did. And oh by the way. I'm candice and i'm gonna tell and this is not a single fork. Yes it is and it's lasted last interview not episode no this season but this is our last interview episode or the season for the season correct and this is a guy who i worked with in television actually he and his co host actually had a couple of co host over the course of the time that we work together they did. It was like a variety show within. Yeah oh yeah. It was just a cooking. No no i did a weekly cooking site because they loved me so much flores because you guys are. Bff's year and so we. That's how we got to know each other and since then it's just it was just magic. Yes very organic. It's very it is. It is being around him to and like. I felt that way to the first time i met him. It was like oh. Oh we're like old friends like he's just great. I have to add something will side note because you know you guys have listened to the other ones. Hopefully i've tried to ask people like what kind of weird shit they've done during covert that maybe isn't food related. And he did pick up a he picked up new talent. I guess we'll with that. But i remembered and i as i was. I was doing something the other day i saw. Oh shit i gotta talk about this on the podcast. And i thought you know. I think this is weird. I'm not sure that normal people do this. But maybe i'm wrong. I've vacuumed out the inside of my refrigerator. Wow because sometimes crimson shit in there and you're like how do i get this out without just dumping it on the floor so just put different attachment like a little handheld thing vacuum and i was like all just suck all this shit up and then clean it. Do you know i was. I wasn't thinking about that in terms of my refrigerator. but i have the drawers. Well no the griddle on top cooked up. Yeah because it has a little Like a ridge. Yeah yeah it's sort of like you know when you when you bowl the gutters the gutter you have a note around your mode to gutter around by griddle. Yeah and it gets crumbs. Yes and i was looking at it today and i thought it would be so handy if i had like a little sucky device like a back that you don't think about using it for that kind of shit but why not like. It's a hand held at that different attachments. It's not like. I went from like cleaning the floor and then just put it right into the refrigerator. That'd be fucking disgusting but and again in those drawers and stuff because some of them don't come out and then they've got them and then you're like trying to pick up all that shit so anyway that i wanted to share italian loves her back. I sometimes got him. The walls with the soft bristles just loves that fucking back. i do love Okay well okay. So we didn't even say what this guy's name is name is casey loop. He's namus he. He is the morning drive. Radio personality on mixing six lloyd with kc. Yeah casey in the morning. Casey in the mornings azmi so listen for him during the actually on every weekday but also he sometimes on on sunday mornings. I hear it. Oh yeah bless his heart. I feel bad for him. Kiss to get up. I mean at the history at the station at five fuck and he has like our country. I mean at least an hour to get there. Gm exactly so appreciate this interview with casey loop. We're back in my kitchen and your home kitchen in my home kit at your house. Yeah and the last time we did. This was a huge success. Because there's always booze involved. Yes so we have expectations for today. We do today well. This is a guy that actually worked with on tv really. Yeah how long ago. How long ago was it. Seven years has been long shifts seven hours. Why would we were warming my nuts. exactly warm. Not warm actually cooking nuts for those that don't know on television and we just giggled through the whole segment okay. There is warm salty nuts and we and we got great reviews for that we got cancelled for some reason and then we started doing not a singapore so we have with us today and local. Actually probably he's beyond local but he is very popular in tulsa okla popular. His name is kc loop and he is morning derive dj. What do you call yourself now. Radio personality is kind of a weird thing. Yeah radio on air personality. I think makes six point five and do the morning show nelson do a lotta things like you guys do do announced the fights river spirit casino for mixed martial arts ready to allowed to see that trademark tax cost you forty thousand dollars. Well shit we got. We'll just well. He talked testing. Are you do that. Is that funny. Do you like black girl about eleven years ago. And when i was burroughs studying i what i saw. What are the fights. Somebody who was working with working out with and she was fighting and i saw the announcer graham. Oh gosh there's a microphone and people punching each other. I can totally do this. And he wanted to retire. So i i've been doing it now. Eleven years now now. Well i had no idea you were doing it. But i didn't notice that it's really cool. Yeah i love doing that. And then i do. Voice overs for commercials and things like that a lot of on hold. You may call somewhere. And i may say for an italian press or fuck off. Fuck you a. Have you seen chick fight. Oh yeah. I was thinking about that to me. I've got to watch an amazon prime. I think well. I think it is amazon. I'm pretty sure okay. So it's the gal who was in rock of ages. She was recognizing people in tom. Cruise's love interest name. Who isn't tom cruise as well. I know but it was a very nice. I really liked this one and then alec baldwin and and he's an old drunk all august. Yeah m- alan mellon. Akkerman is under nine pm and bella. Thorne the there's there's a bunch of people you'll june the underground girls club fortune and it is fun so fun it is. We're talking about that. And there was a girl girl was fighting. Like you need to see chick flick. Flick flick fight okay. So what are we really here to ask him. Well as is the case with the rest of our interviews for this season we've been talking to people about the ever changing world due to covid and and being shut down and then coming back and now we've got vaccines and now people don't want to wear their masks and all that kinda shit. So did your work schedule. Change only didn't know which was weird because the rest of the world yeah The building i work in is humongous humor. That building twenty. It's funny when i used to work there. Twenty seven and memorial. And then i went down to another building to work with cox media group at seventy first and then. They bought that building back a great day. Green country was originally where we met. And that was. The building twenty-seventh memorial. The new went away threat. Now rubik fox. Yes i've been. I've been in that building other that one year. I've been there seventeen years driving that building. I've seen three dead bodies a lot in the packers. It's next to that really special motel show. Well you know the events center that was right there. I used to run that you ran the event center. Yes delilah has gone to the bathroom in their law. So i would have five hundred people there and i had the motorcycle bar or yeah and then they would get in fights and i wasn't allowed to have security. Oh i didn't used to run that crazy. Yeah that's right there so type bodies near parking the hotel across the street in of your business then the building empty and for some reason they wanted me and the guy that hosts the country morning show on ninety five point five to go to the station. Still and i'm like well we've set it all up where we can broadcast from home. I'm like we're doing this in your kitchen. We have the technology we can rebuild him. That's old school. That's six million dollar man. It's for that's so lee majors by married to farah. Farah fawcett fawcett is is that help. Okay you're in the club here in the cloudy out. They took micro a great fight. It would be rate by yes. It was just us two in this whole humongous building which used to be a burlington cofactor massive and so my my scheduled in change which was odd because my wife is a dance teacher. She runs a small studio in bristol. Strippers not those dancer. Oh they become after. They leave their their today. They gotta make a dollar so too much about that. Don't get so. so yes. So she her her dance studio close obviously and then reopened for a minute with social distance dancing. Oh god and then again and then you had parents going well. Her brother has kobe about. Can she still come to class. No now and so. She's closed three or four times and it's been just a disaster but for me. I was able to go every day and i just got my car driving a forty two minutes. I do my show my studio clean it get out gone. That's how that's how that's happening so nothing really changed at work but things changed Big time big and then do you have kids at home too. I have two boys. My youngest is a junior in high school. So he's still at home but he's driving goes and fuck girlfriend disappears for hours. Yup turned off. That location thinks it's weird now and then my oldest is a freshman at. Oh you okay. So he's down there in a house. And i never see little kids at home and you've had to deal with from school home school kind of shit. Can't you imagine. I know while been anyway so who normally cooks a home. Like a normal non covid time. Is it like you. Your wife do their split. That like how does that work. We actually split. I cook more because of kansas. Only it's very true. A i set things. I'm such the dad no but everybody has. That looks like that. Look like five things that they know that they can do. They know they can pump out so they do those things five things. Well i don't know what are yours. Okay western ryan turkey burgers. Yeah my kids are always like come on know my wife and i split it but we have completely opposite schedules which is running the dance studio. I get home right about one o'clock She goes in and start teaching three. She gets home at eight thirty. I go to bed at eight thirty. So crock pots. Whichever just talked about in this show. She loves crock pots. She also loves making soups and things like that. I'm more of a now. i'm much more create. If you'd be so proud of me you wouldn't be so proud of me. Because i think i've listened to so many of your shows and i honestly now have because it was the first season you guys talked about getting cook ranks. I bought those on amazon cool. You look throw that over your shoulder. And then you're like doing something you wipe your hands off easy and the salt and pepper ratio. Thank you for that. God you've learned. So i realized over pepper but only if you if i mean if you like pepper and everyone else around. You likes peppered yet. Oh okay. And they're they're so much pressure and everyone else did you ever. Did you do a lot to go food or like ordering food like fast food or the option. That will do that. Pizza hut or a fried chicken from coops we We do take take out if we take out. Grab something tall some brain home but we've been cooking a lot more at home. You're you're a lot more. So what is your. let's go with. What is the most popular. What's what's your favorite thing to cook like that. He just found or like well about trout developer crowd. That's a really good question honestly. Before i start with my favorite savory dish that i make for dinner and i've listened and i've here people don't like to bake we don't. I'm a rule follower. You'd love bacon. I it's great. And i didn't realize it until i did kito last year and i'm trying to use on flour in all these different things and and is anthem. This thing that make you shit to. I know nothing is not yet. But what did you make. I'm gosh i would make all these really cool kito cookies and but the one that i was really proud of is omitted cheesecake akita cheesecake for a friend of mine for her birthday and it was amazing. Like amazing i am. I'm one of those people that and you know from does from the tv show when you throw in stuff in the pan. I'm like i'm sitting in the beginning. I was telling my wife like they created the recipe with those measurements. For a reason. It works great for you. But i'm getting better where now i'm trying things and failing. And but googling great when. I'm like googling recipe so i've always been loved turkey burgers but i've always wanted to make them more flavorful and juicy. I've loved turkey. They can get pretty drizin dicey ask bland and boring. Yeah and so it make them to sliders usually so it's not too much drive or and i found this recipe that i love and i've been playing with a little bit so you. Do you probably know. But an egg. Some garlic some parsley fresh parsley rush. Parsley me wall chopping stuff. Sh- shifting nodding than costs for like were scher. And instead of like this really good soy got from the tiger rosary it. My kid went nuts. He's like dad. This is amazing. And i was like. Oh so you sit. There may have been some disasters. Those are the ones about three days ago. Okay d- oh i was like i'm gonna make fish tacos. Okay but i'm not gonna on a fryer rhino right bacon and i've got this blackened seasoning that put together i'm gonna do blackened and then i like doing the whole thing through the cabinet when i do so i have some refried beans and like okay. It's kind of mexican. And then i threw green chilies in there because i was like spice it up a little bit and then i made a mayo of saracho mail with some lime in it. Call that an only a. It's very fancy out. Can you ship an may only know. Now i'd like to see but yeah it's not way. What kind of fish did you use. It was a halibut. Oh do charge. No no no how thin okay. Good thought it was a frozen halibut. Which was all right. I think the blackened seasoning was too much much vad. Okay and what. It was my son who doesn't really care for fish. I was like you know. Just try it because and on by is like fish. My wife loves fish. She took one bite then like what happened to all the she said it. All separated like all the tastes separated. She's like what was that male thing and it was like. Oh that's an ao and said you can now. Oh it was terrible. But two of them. Because i wanted to. How awesome village. you know. We've heard that with every single person there like you know. I made this disaster but then is either punishment to themselves so that they are never do it again. They eat it. Yeah yeah. I don't know i mean really i wouldn't personally. I wouldn't have gone the black bean where each will refresh of win refried beans. I still wouldn't have gone that eventually with fish. Tacos you need to keep it roll fresh and low next time. Try a coleslaw of rant. People puts lawn. Yeah yeah is there anything else. Engine guys fish like if you're going to do halibut and is kind of standalone salt and pepper and olive to create. Doesn't mean he's not a bad idea. If you finish with that if you do like a saracho sabathia league or something. Like i just finished a little bit on top. Then i tried to resolve looked pretty now did not taste. Yeah you just have to go like kind of a light root. Cause we'll do we'll do a a kind of a cook coleslaw sort of of finish it in the Saute pan really quick after your tacos come out of the oven or wherever grill or whatever because we don't be fry hours either. We do them on the grill or we we roast them in the rooms are saute. You can do like a napa cabbage. That's shredded and then throw in some fresh tomato and what else we put in that Reunions or a gaba gaba line. And that's it just kind of keep it simple rules salsa if you wanna put together throw together like a tomato onion do at tropical salsa like main the biking pineapple one site. Yeah my house. Couple of days ago that would have been so good. Clauses attacks then. He's got his phone wouldn't have network. So how did you do anything or does your wife do anything during cova that like like this is an italian service. My favorite question. Because i i've i've caught myself and i realize it's when i'm highly caffeinated in the morning. Doing weird shit like cleaning my like. I clean my vent hood one day. I've never fucking done that in my life. I just something weird. The other day i was going to talk about. Remember what it was either. But like i've read. I read a ton of books. Like cleaned weird things like. Did you do any of that during kovin a good question. I think we've got more like learn how to play the ukulele. Like it's interesting. I learned how to play the cello covet. The beginning of it yeah. I love cello and violent. I love the cello because now the cello to me. That sound of it is is a very baritone alto sound voice. Yeah because. I'm a senior as well hearing that. The started battle stopped. Yeah drank. yeah. I did that too. Yeah did you find anything new that you might never had before and you drink yes. Okay wait on us as best podcast of rescue about the dishes. That i tried that. I'm really proud of okay. I play video games. You interviewed somebody that was like he's being a connor. Holton bolton strike. Beer play video. You did take wine or whisky. Or scotch irish whiskey. So there's this video game called sea of thieves which era pirates on it and you play marburg drink around. Well they have yes. I never drink rum. And they had. When they released the game years ago they released a recipe of the grog. And in the game. You could get groggy and you drink and get drunk and stuff. So i said real life. Yeah and it's simple very sweet drink rum and brown sugar and lime juice and some water and shaken a darkroom. It is delicious. Sounds great additives. Like a coke or a mixture of any kind of water. Yes it's really so. I'm takes the scurvy away i really dirty nerds. But can i tell you about the dishes. Yes we listening. Yeah what we want to hear about. Last mother's day cohen way it was nice. It was beautiful outside. And i i kind of google. What's a good brunch dish and schuch. We were just talking about that. I did that the people who like. Well that's where you would cookers. We could says the girl can cook. So yeah. I made chuck and i made the tomato sauce from scratch which is not very mean and i it was. It was fantastic. We sat outside on the deck in the sunshine and the whole family and been into cooking the iron skillet. My buddy veto that works at mckinsey five. He collects iron skillet. And we'll find them and refinish them and so two hundred skills that i love and it's just great accent. Was that a difficult district like. Did you feel like no. I didn't twice okay. Yeah the second time didn't turn out as well. I didn't spice it up enough. I don't think i didn't have enough garlic. I think well then you're gonna have to do it again. It's so simple for those that don't check shoe. it's it's a tomato based tomato base with exit and then baked very middle eastern so good. it's delicious. yeah. I was going kind of like i was so this last weekend. I was going camping fucking cabin but anyway but in calf gonna can't but we were talking last week and i was like i was in charge. I listen girls and they were like okay you. You're trying to breakfast both days. And i was like okay great and this was like. Why don't you make leaky lace or shut. Yeah i didn't do either. But she bought some great breakfast sandwiches that they could just throw. The michael jackson was like why am i can harness. We'll just in warm something up in the microwave. What was your other. You said you had a few dishes. We had an exchange for a while a couple of years ago. I was from brazil. And so i made fish wada. Yeah it's a poor jimmy freshwater to pork and black bean dish. So did this person. Do we teach you to make this. He told me okay. You told me about it marcelo. And it was so funny because he'd never even bagels and so to see a bagel was really interesting. All this bread all this really great process car adding america food. Yeah and so. I cop dogs nothing. Give him a hot dog with a hot dog bun he too hot dogs on a bun and then have four. Hotdogs can eat and he was like rail thin but the one thing he said about us. He's like you eat all the time we a lot but we three times a day. And that's it. It's like the boys come home. You want a snack. He's like no no eight lunch. Kids are like so. Tell us more about the fish which was a lot of a lot of different meats pork and the black beans with a bunch of different spices and garlic and it really just cooks longtime like a stew on notes thicker than a steel it stu summary but thicker and it was delicious delicious. Yeah at pepperdine really liked to come over and make my what experiment i. I wanted to make bread pudding bread pudding and after you get off kito breath and i didn't have the guts to make try to make it make it make it so i bought from world market. They have a box of delicious. Oh what good does a good job. We'd love been in there. And i didn't even know they have food in there. I've never been in there for that one time. Have you been back. No laugh near my wife right now. You've never world market now but it was delicious. I don't know what it is but some boxes delicious. The other thing that. I'm really excited about my wife. Made a bunch of soups and stews and things that she's like you guys ship throw stuff in. She can't make the same thing twice right. You know last year at saint patrick's day. She made this. Because i'm irish. And she knows. I love potatoes and stu and it was amazing and so i asked her again to make it again. It was delicious But she made a phenomenal. Baked potato soup and i don't like mushrooms but she made this wild mushroom that she said was brilliant. Detriot the in these online. I appreciated that. It probably tastes good for people that like mushrooms. What's your deal with mushrooms. i don't the texture as it that people don't like the texture. I don't mind it's the taste. It's like a back of the tongue. Not the dirt not bitter to sort of bland Better i'm not sure maybe. Yeah blondie bidder. Well welcome to be bitter media. We've had questions for casey that we have planned because no i don't have anything plant. Okay no me. Spreadsheet apposite told you this before you turned the microphone but this podcast so great because you guys are so bread and for all these people fifty something hundred people are listening our six thousand millions and millions. Yes when you listen to the show you want to hang out with. You got so kim. When i listen i know what hanging out with them is like amazing interviews this whole season and it's been awesome because everybody you talked to. They love you. You love them. I think you should have a big season six party. Who with all of those people. Once the covert thing we're all vaccinated. That's not about it. Wouldn't it be a fun party. Yeah it would definitely use van party and then we could film and we charge you to watch it on patriot exactly thinking yeah. Yeah charge a million. I'm paying so now that we're kind of we kind of see the light at the end of the. Do you think you're going to continue doing a lot of the cooking and things that you have developed over this weird time period or you just like. Oh my god. I can't wait to get you a restaurant and i'm never leaving me. One hundred percent cook more. I found that. I'm one of the house and uncooking or just eating the house. I'm paying attention to what a meeting more than i do. More fresh vegetables when my wife's making suu i'm eating things that i know are better for me. I do miss. You know how much i love. Having trying new dishes trying having show we have a reliable phenomenal schefter green country so i love trying their stuff. But i'm now finding things that i love that i'm making so much more warning to find the simple thing about adding that great soy sauce that i found this turkey burger. That made it amazing. That's more amazing to me than broida restaurant sitting down eating too much paying. Too much shooting needed too much drinking too much. Yeah oh yeah. I can do that much cheaper much cheaper but i think i will engender to. My wife is the same way. She's she's loving experimenting with cooking. You guys get your mind out of the gutter. Okay living marioni angers giving madrid here. See what i mean like. He says that he wants to hang out with all these people. But like honestly like you guys prior. Wanna hang out with him now. Oh you know he is the best guy to hang out with. He's so fun he's fun- he's smart. He's energetic which i love. He's witty which i love more snappy snappy like he can hang yeah you know he's he's an as he was saying he was an actor he was he was on broadway. The right yeah you said. He was joseph he was but i was on the ostlund. Yeah so anyway he is. He's very versatile guy. Yeah he's had a lot of lives he has has and it was so interesting that his life in terms of course he continued on. Yeah but his wife jan who had dance studio. Wow and that totally changes home life. And even when he came over and he got here and he was like. Oh my god people like. It's so nice to see people. Because he he goes to work and they're on he and his wife are on opposite schedules. Who knows how often or long they get to see each other and then he doesn't see anybody go into work so then yeah yes in. He's in a bubble. He's in his little bubble. We had a lot of fun but man like he's open to experimenting with food. Yup all kinds of different. The whole shock shuka. Yeah experience and the thing. The brazilian kid taught him to make the fish water. Yeah and i love how he's like. Yeah let's do it like he's and he said that guy could see you want to do this and he'd be like yeah. Let's do it. You know. I got him to try brussels sprouts and he doesn't. He doesn't like brussels. We liked my bet. He'd like mushrooms too. I bet he would write likes mushrooms anyway but said he doesn't like on steady. He's doesn't like mushrooms except his wife made that soup and he likes to. he likes that. Guess right yeah forgot about. I really love him like yeah. He's just he's the best he's the best and was the thing. Oh the disaster. Yes a fish fish tacos so after we stopped recording. We had a long discussion with him about how to fix app. Yeah we did. Yeah and so. Our advice was something. Crunchy like a slaw. Even if it's always a slow with fish too. I do. I do tennis. They're soft no matter how you make the fish if you fry it if you grill it soft. It's still soft something with a little crunch and you really had a judge has to do much to the fish. And that's where he went wrong. A little bit was he kind of overseas his delicious. That calibrates delicious now. So anyway it was. I think it was informative for all of us. Yes oh and he told us he has. He has a podcast. He has a podcast. On and taking a walk with casey and luna which is his little pup and i guess when he goes. I don't think they're very long. He goes on a walk with her. And just records like random thoughts. Well no probably. He's again he's out in the country he probably sees all kinds of things. And he's very improvisational. So i'm sure it turns into a very entertaining walk with luna. He's very entertaining so whatever he does. I would listen to me too. And and you can hear casey. His podcast right now is just on mix ninety six point five website and their app so be sure to check it out on. I know you'll love it if you listen. Akc at all at casey in the morning on mix ninety six point five. You will love this podcast yet for shirt. Yeah and love him. Because how can you. How can you not. Yeah exactly so. Stay warm nuts bag. Covid nineteen better known as corona virus has spread throughout the world symptoms of this respiratory disease may include fever cough and shortness of breath. These symptoms may show up to to fourteen days after exposure. If you are experiencing these symptoms and have come in contact with or are in an area with an ongoing outbreak. Please call and or consult a physician. Clean and disinfect. High touch services for more information. Please visit cdc dot gov slash covid nineteen thank you.

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