The Tutts Experience - Episode 68 (The Return)


At Farmers Insurance we have concrete evidence that parking under an industrial cement mixer that's just asking for trouble seen it covered it click for more underwritten by farmers truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates not available in every state. Hello I'm back yes. It's a Tutsi experience is back here on the trending topics that work I am your host Keiron Ari toss it as wear. The TUX comes from touchy. Yes a well goodness make always eight. Spain awhile hasn't say it's been an M._A.. Singley long time and <hes> it's sir been an interesting what were the last time I spoke to was on second of eight pro two thousand eighteen so so almost a year ago and Mike Goodness me the year has flown by lying and <hes> yeah don't know I generally I'm struggling to think where Venice sell hot but <hes> yeah I'm back basically on a hope you off very well indeed. This is the most important thing you need to be well so you can listen to the Shire and you'll as the working which is obviously the most important thing otherwise it'd be difficult wouldn't he. Sar Remember you can follow the podcast cost at Tutts experience on twitter and of course you can <hes> like facebook page as well if you wish on. It's just called the tops experience so w._W._W.. Dot facebook dot com slash of the Tut's experience experience. Yeah we can come out starts experience at Hotmail DOT com. Yes it is still there yeah not being very used for much of course and he could blame it <hes> blaming I have because I've been very very quiet but I'm GonNa give you obviously guys and gals the reason why yeah now why do I saw well first things first as many if you may know already fuel Furore D my friends on facebook. I've been suffering with real mental. Health Issues <hes> an unknown so sure if I talked about this on the previous episode episode always at sixty seven so this is episode sixty eight uh yeah yes. I'm more previous job now. We're knows the manager supervisor. Shall I say of the hard interchange <hes> which is this big bus station in Portsmouth in the south coast of the U._k.. Here and in the county of Hampshire <hes> there was sorry much going on so much going on <hes> in the amount of stress levels. <hes> that was affecting me not only was I._B._P.. Being paid less than what I was even as a bus driver let learn be in the very works and Publicity Coordinator Blue Star <hes> but there was no security there was lots of antisocial behavior behavior in and around off the building. There's things going on inside the building which I couldn't control an O._E._M.. FAW from being a security guard I am a big worse. I am softest butter. I hate confrontation. I hate arguing with people <hes> and I hate. I just hate bad an ill-feeling and knowing the I had hardly I had no security during the day there is hundreds if not thousands of people using the bus station every day. I couldn't cope with it. I just could not cope with him and it's not tricking off. <hes> I am matter actually that is affected me I ever since two thousand thirteen when our work when I was working for a bus company cool velvets and there was a small independent bus company and I was driving a bus along the motorway will freeway fewer Americans <hes> I was on the m twenty seven. We call it so basically called this the South Coast Highway <hes>. I don't know if anybody else in Britain was hurt at that both parents I it's only a little bit anywhere between Portsmouth and Southampton but <hes> my wheel came from the double decker yeah and our had to struggle to one of the wheels on the decker came off and <hes> the bus just I went tying onto the four of the of the of the tarmac and I had to struggle to get across into the heart shoulder and I've never felt so scared in Oman wife so basically it all go post traumatic stress disorder and it doesn't have to kick in straight away like that but it develops over a number of years now hat done on I've been suppressing it <hes> dealing with that incident and getting very nervous us about driving on the most way but <hes> this stress and anxiety incident down at the heart interchange. It's a trick or for me so I for the first first few months in two thousand and eighteen eighteen a could not and by through two thousand seventeen. I couldn't drive on the motorway. Asu I was petrified the tree our but my hands on the steering wheel annoyed I would think I'm worry that Mahan will just completely so flight fly off the steering wheel and I'll lose control so that obviously <hes> isn't very healthy when you're out there driving on the most Twang and you've got lots of people Ranji in there and you've got their life in your hands Omer Song haven't you if you do behind the wheel <hes> of a motor I drive down the most race are just ahead to get something done so local counseling and it was wonderful the talk service that the N._H._S. to here in in in England is just fantastic. They helped me so much of that and <hes> everything taste back to normal now now back Blue Star and working in the travel shop and <hes> I'm working very regular our some practically working a nine to five job Monday to Friday <hes> but I do the odd Saturday and do a little bit drive into the weekend some times. We're not have more weekends free but to be honest with you. I am thankfully just taking it easy and the only thing that's what I told by. You need to take easy sire. It's just a bit of a balanced there <hes> which I badly needed in my life and it's come across beautifully now everything's going swimmingly. I'm still not quite Roy Dr <hes> and and it's never gonna be completely one hundred percent Roy until I am ready to do Sir Butts that time will come none of Myron control but eventually I know it will happen Sir. You know there are certain situations. I don't like to be in <hes> certain things are I just don't cut conduit a moment because I'm not ready to do so. One of those sadly at the moment is exercise. I just don't have any gap ngare of the MARLINS. <hes> I very much plateaued in my weight so of stuck around eighteen stern ten at the moment I've for for me quite a broad big guy. I'm 6-foot-3 <hes> sorry rates just he's really on my stomach. My belly where the promos Alexa fine homes felling it's just my belly on our hated couldn't stand and if I managed to get rid of that would be so much more happier Arca deal with all the rest but on my stomach's just awful sorry I do need to address it. My Cell Phone Rope if can't Soda Gym Membership Causeway Spending Spending over both of us about seventy pounds each month for and we're don't using him not using it when I could go out for a job or a run locally here in my village of monthly in Fareham <hes> I could go out and do walking around it rings knowing's wings for me to go straight to Jim and do any exercise their plus. I'm an it's a great atmosphere. I must admit Families Center it. They couldn't be noise so the couldn't be any more helpful. They couldn't be any more more invoicing but it's just me Akon bring myself off to work or even in the weekends to get changed. Go down there and do work how seeing the same name people around me in that tight Lloyd Kerr and staring are it's just it's to me. It's just are Dr his north in May I've never on I honestly guys and Gals I have never been exercise mad. I toll all the way through primary school and in Secondary Henry School just never all the way from from the age of four all the way up to sixteen are just not interested tool taking part in sports. He's just not me. Sir such a troy and and lose weight is is becoming very difficult for pain. Sorry I'm dieting is difficult to because it does make me. Happy there's no denying effect because I love cooking. I love eating drinking drinking tea and coffee <hes> and fizzy drinks and stuff but I don't drink much. I recall fees my worst Bam. Don't have enough t to warm morning about that but yeah the the noise stuff Nama chocoholics are I think it's <hes> it's a pain but I do need to sort town but when times ready I will do it. Yes so Amer. That's a bit of a synopsis of how things are going at the moments. I'm very happy of than the on your vision two thousand nine teen is his <hes> on its way as I'm speaking to on Saturday afternoon clock toy when I was like oh good number quote a puck costs for change so some the second of March two thousand nineteen Saturday afternoon I mean we currently have nine teen entries <hes> for the two thousand Nineteen Eurovision Song contest and all going to give you a little bit of a recap of those but two nights I on Saturday nights. We're GONNA find lined out six songs that will be representing various countries at Eurovision Song contest this year sorry I we got Finland in <hes> U.. M. K. and thence Moldova <hes> <hes> picking up picking their entry tonight and then also Iceland Norway and Portugal and Sweden have got their Melody Festival and second chance round with the Jews and then tomorrow and Sunday Sunday the third March. We're GONNA have find out the winner and the entry of Georgia and Serbia very exciting yes so I stick around here on the Tutsi experience since I'm going to basically keep you entertained for <hes> for as long as I can so sit back relax what else you didn't realize you recognize. The fact that got that head out here that had that's banned from all Walmart mankind gave us no head last Thursday night on smackdown he did what how dare you say that out here. They presented him with that Mannequin head last Thursday night on smackdown. Okay that's right. It is a mannequin yeah now. This is the don't you think I don't want you. It boy when we think we can leave on has yeah uh-huh you too. uh-huh yeah is every camp there the what what of the latest single coming from Nikki French who represented the U._K.. Your Vision Two thousand that was her song on your marks. Get set go away and <hes> Yeah I love that song. Choice makes me smile. I remember ember days. Stocking Waterman classic British pop from the late eighties early nineties could stuff and then that previous our pay just before that from J._R.. In King being at the survivor series in nineteen ninety nine. Can you believe that shocking so that's why four put it in because you weren't expecting it where here so what I'm going to do now is I'm GonNa give you a recap of all current nineteen A. and trees that have been confirmed for the Eurovision Song contest two thousand nineteen in Tel Aviv Israel Albania Australia Croatia Yeah Aw Czech Republic in Denmark <music> Yeah Okay German a let's see if Hungary uh aw it's the last via. In in Lithuania aw it said yeah he said this Spagna Spain and finally the United Kingdom yes that is the entries currently of Saturday afternoon there is the Belgian intrigued can give it in the recap apologies. Yes operate you know so all of these things out rights I am we'll play in full on my your vision showcase. Show coming up this Sunday. Yes on the third hit right here. On the trending topics network of course now you can also listen on pulled on put Bain on the popping up and of course on spotify now yes the Eurovision showcases also now on spotify. Yes the big time. mm-hmm is hair Roy or yes as they church. Oh talk would say now what I'm going to do now is. I'm GonNa pay you in full the U._K.. Entry you guys haven't heard here on the on the experience of course someone GonNa play a few now. Here is Michael Royce representing the United Kingdom in Tel Aviv Israel and this is the song which is hopefully going to bring the Eurovision back to the United Kingdom. Here is bigger than you were. There are saying to our make its may we can have there. We now hello. It's big league do can you yeah you will never be alone is big <music> and Teigen Dan. It's bigger than you. This condu- everything we see ah Mike Reiss. They're bigger than us for the U.. K. Two thousand knowing teen well. I have to mention and give an honorable mention to the amazing Zing Merav with Siren Song I she was unceremoniously told to sign a contract in Ukraine off to she won the Ukrainian national fond of VIP data two thousand eighteen and <hes> and basically how the contracts he had to up council all of her tour dates in particularly in Russia now these autism sts in eastern Europe by they go to different countries and they do go to the their neighboring foreign countries to full gigs to make money remember the or these are these musical artists and eater live as well and the Ukrainian Bro Costs to said they go to cancel Olaf. MARUS IS GONNA cancel so cancel with her ones Russia and just SARS unbelievable really. It's shocking stuff but Maruf Song was <hes>. I don't know I she quite liked tape but it's very dead era devilish. Should I say and it's it's very current so I think he might like him. I'm hoping that you do so. I'M GONNA play it for you now. So this would have been Ukraine's your vision entry for two thousand annoying team here is Maruf with Siren Song. y'All the <music> Dang slow four score two pitchbook this group dentist <music> the Bank Bank in Dade Maroon with Siren Song. Yes it would have been the Ukrainian entry tree <hes> in normal circumstances but this isn't normal don't feel Ukraine Russia in these years of the Eurovision Song contest or day now back in two thousand and Hen Russia Ukraine. Ukraine did something similar where they actually had the winner of the Ukrainian National Fawn all and basically they said that you to public opinion they didn't rely care so they cancelled on Sudan's and then Pearl another song in there and then they changed the song from different artists the chase the artist and then changed the song three times as well. It's ridiculous so I'm GonNa tell you this own. That originally would have been the U._K.. U._K.. <hes> the U. K. The Ukrainian <hes> Song for Eurovision the two thousand ten and do she demos he shoots so <music>. I love you for you so to me but I the new by <hes> <hes> <hes> <music> <music> <music>. Ah <music> was L.. Lhasa Voyage with I love you yeah. I was Ukraine's meant to be there ensuring twenty ten but it got changed is shame. I actually really liked cut song. I know it's very cheesy but then again that's just me isn't it. Oh dear well. That's a dish spate topher. If <hes> of our of how it goes sometimes yeah I'm I am very soppy and I am guilty guilty of that so yes to keep up debuted what's going on in the land of the Eurovision. Song contest had Fatu the Eurovision showcase podcasts of course where I spend a free giving you the latest news. I'm playing some fantastic music for the world of the Eurovision Song Contest I in D._D._R.. Yes well. I'm going to wrap up the tops tux experience that guys and gals and I heard enjoyed this episode and a brief sort of hilarious and finding out you know how things are going with another mostly things going pun tacitly well so far just traveling along. I'm hod the on facebook these days or something to do funny but I try not to go on them and sad 'cause like I could go on. You know like most of us could. I'm sure aw but I can't you nervous. Brexit stuff is just ruining my country and <hes> ruining our economy and <hes> when things could be spent better or N._H._S.. On infrastructure picture on the rial on in schools hospitals are just the at all the scars on why this country. I don't know stupid stupid but anyways you know my my feelings on that so just head over to <hes> the episode after June Twenty Sixteen then you know what I mean so and you should be able to find on this feed if not let me know sent it to you right well. That's it for me R._H._S.'s. I hope you take care of yourselves. I'm going to play us out with a comedy sketch which I know you will love at the end of of the Shire so I hope enjoy yourselves. Alves stay safe wrestlemanias not too far away now. We've got bow a month every wing fast lane coming up soon as well <hes> sorry I want rapid on what about wrestling because to be fair the guys on the trending topics network. He had the wonderful <hes> Tim Antique. I'm and T- Mac in our all ago you guys are the Spanish announce table to a fantastic job. NOPE and abby set does with this Russell Chat on my goodness me not boring is obsessed but heavy set if you are listening Justin Summers be ready be ready. I N Garden too so you're out with your Jedi. Babies are haven't forgotten my friends. I haven't forgotten I promise you don't get them for you right so stay by stamp boy and the rest of you take care spiky hair we you know it and I'll iffy debt G. Ofwat Feta Sane v Slat dopey Sanya addio Kelly Nita missy now. I'll go fantastic fantastic clip for you from the B._B._C.'s radio four shire dead ringers. He GonNa love this one. I think Americans will be quite surprised <hes> but <hes> it's it's basically in Mickey taking pressure. Enjoy hello and welcome to this week. I'm Andrew You. You've had a lot bucket head well. I'm Baden spat face joining me on the SOFA is the inventive cheese. A man makes life sized sculptures of Bryan. Adams twits die it Ju- incredulous infections do not work on me. I'm currently a billions see before oh you majestic my trophy which I've post between us. The most disastrous car-crash Political Interview Twenty Seventy yes Andrew Yes. I have finally rested the clown from nasally Bennett's good ought to know that when it comes to cringing interviews that make you want to stick things in your ears we still lead the toy Wa not so Fox Louis Johnson my deadly rivals deep. I have the justice wait what little credibility I have disastrous display fumbling Russell your papers coming and going Bah clearly that trophy belongs to you will take it this. I clearly have no idea about my posses posey on the place. Well I had no oh idea by parties police about the whole decimal points off my dignity might models at my lunch and their scenario book shamed the two of my leader. Jemmy me the name of your. I had no idea who doubled all I'm so foolish I will see your amaze. You will see all and raise you vice will lights bars voice. I cannot compete with that claptrap. You have an quish me Hurrah victories my as he's custom I will place my bottom on the this week so far far where I will be asked by sage advice by every meal okay coming up in the next hour. I'll be joined by a race of Cock roaches all with Michael Goals face the giggling holographic head of Cranston Lance and Boris Johnson quitting your burgers of coffee table. 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