Burger King launches plant-based Impossible Whoppers, Kelloggs sells its cookies for $1.3B, and Googles Gmail turns 15


The. This is Chris and this is snacks daily. It's Tuesday, April second, and this is the best next daily. We've ever whipped. I'd say so we have three amazing stories, plus yards rose yester- pretty good, the US and China both reported great manufacturing data. Always like that markets serve it up nicely. Now. Our first story today Dulles these three stores, actually, they're so good. We did like triple check that these weren't. There's no way. These all. Actually, I'm still nervous. One of these fakes afraid it's going to get called out to story was Kellogg's it selling off its cookie business for one point three billion dollars. We know you're thinking, yes. This could affect girl scout cookies very well. Could second story is g mail. It. Just turned fifteen years old having birthing and celebration, Google is announcing a bunch of new updates to Jima. But it's learning G is earning third and final stories burger incredible. It is going to start selling this week eat free plant based impossible Walker. This is like a like a bar mitzvah for the. Animal free meats beef list beef now before we jump into all that we've got just big news for our college listeners out there if what is it it's March April, so they're sending out the emails now to get a summer, internship and the career departments like you should have something guess what we have found the maybe most perfect summer internship. It's transatlantic partnership between NASA and the European Space Agency. They're looking for a volunteer who is willing to lay in bed for sixty days and do Nuff. Here's the best part. You will be doing that over the summer while your friends are working, and you will earn more money twenty thousand dollars offering this one volunteer. They're trying to study weightlessness. I think the other key here is that if you do have a job, maybe considered quitting this job. The third key is that it's actually run by. The Germans bays agency running this experiment pretty intent. And you're gonna ask the driven. Can I have access to my Netflix account, the sixty days pretty easy answer from them nine. You can ask if you can maybe take a break get some food nine Hugh, not happening. All right guys before we jump into our. Ax daily few keywords. Daily. Hamre food to sit candy. They don't reflect the views her family. Just so that. Any securities is not a research report or investment advice or sale. All pro or sale of security. Business. Financial LLC member slash. PC for our first story Kellogg's just sold off its cookie business for one point three billion dollars to new tell owner Ferrara, which is based in Italy. It's big now, you know, what I think about Callum you've totally million times kind of evil side hustle. It draws up these cartoon characters slaps on cereal boxes and then sell sugared walked down aisle three and you're going to see a bunch of really big eyed cartoons like snap, crackle and pop. It's like Nickelodeon on I'll relating it's really freaky. Now what actually happened with Kellogg's yesterday is that this was the end of what was like a battle over the final piece of cake at the dinner table. So here's the Kellogg announced last year that it wanted to sell these unwanted cookie brands and to potential bidders emerged from the grocery store. I is for our which owns Natella which ended up buying the other is hostess brands, the owner of twinkies. Now, there are few key brands here we gotta talk about that or affect that. First girl scout cookies, talking Samoa's those cookies are. Actually baked in Keebler factories true. And that distribution deal might change second Keebler itself. Arno who knows what these elves are going to do. No one is any idea. I'll think they can have suitable skills ready. They comply somewhere else. They look like they're from Vermont in a good way. We love their flannel game of great flannel other than that though. There's not much the doing, okay, then famous Amos is another pecan tree company a throwback. That's a part of this deal. And then finally another thing that stunted my growth as a child. So Tra fruit snacks on my God. Now last year get this all those brands that we just mentioned brought in nine hundred million dollars in sales, and that is particularly sad for Kellogg because bought Keebler just Keebler just that one in two thousand one for four point four billion dollars. And now it selling Keebler, plus a bunch of other things for a fraction of let that sink in investment. This story is all about really one specific neglected candies. So true furrow is an Italian business, but basically acts like a. A private equity firm. Here's what it does. It goes out shops around. Yes searches for like neglected candy brands that nobody else wants and by for really cheap. Now, it just did this the other day it bought Nestle's US candy business for another one billion dollars. And guess what? It took butter fingers Lassic, and baby roots, which are part of that portfolio. It improved them like reinvigorated these candy bars new campaign called the quote, unquote, better butterfinger. Yeah. So it gave the butter fingers larger peanuts. No hydrogenated oils fake oil, and it also cut back on costs. And now it's probably worth more than what it bought it for nicely done for our for our second story. Geologist turn fifteen happy birthday Kingston air that is fifteen. There we go. Now, the celebration that Google just put on reveals just how powerful this thing is again real announcement, even those April Fool's day true. So to celebrate the fifteen year birthday it announced a whole bunch of expansions of its artificial intelligence. Which g mail is called smart compose, pretty soon g mail is going to be doing this podcast can predict the message that you want is end before you even realize it. And now smart compose speaks four new languages after yesterday. And it's getting better figuring out your style better than ever. Yeah. It's actually starting to sound exactly. Like freakishly like four dry density, really pretty much says my emails are the best the CEO of Google actually announced a Mazda yesterday. He said that smart compose already saves people from typing over a billion characters per week. That's like a huge number. But I have no idea if that's impressed. We can't tell anything over billions of big number. Now, the other key here is that there's going to be a new feature called basically right now send late. Yeah. And if anybody knows what boomerang is true, this is boomerang, sourced boomerang. So I feel bad for that company. Right in Email tonight and scheduled to go out tomorrow morning at seven. That you can schedule a whole bunch of emails out at random time. So it looks like it working twenty four seven incredible feature g mail might be the most under monetize asset ever think about this genial has one point five billion active users every day. Wow. Now, it would be one of the five largest social networks. If we were ranking it among the other social networks and Google plus nattered or existed in the amount of mindshare. In other words, the amount of time that human beings minds are like using it service is gigantic coordinate everything in their lives, and it's all free. You just have to tolerate like one at at the top of your promotions dab, basically, Google's infiltrated every part of your life. But doing it as a public good. So Jack, what's the takeaway for buddies over at Google and their powerful g g mail Google's secret weapon advantage over Amazon, both Amazon and Google. They see what you search yet. You search for a lot of things Amazon and Google, but Google sees the intimacy. Of your Email. Yeah. Amazon's alexa. It only knows like the questions. You ask it on a Saturday morning before you're going out. What's the weather? Hey, alexa. What's happening at his with Google on the other hand, it's easier entire twenty four Email back and forth. Email chain about your Yosemite plans. It knows who you're connecting with what you're driving out there. What directions you're taking Google people? You're staying in that goes machines are reading your emails, and it's learning about you. Alexa is a stranger Google home knows you for our third and final story. I love this one Jack Burger King is launching a vegan burger with impossible foods, and they're calling it the impossible Walker. Very nicely seen the light. I've had impossible births. You have two lists. You look great. Thank you. You've been working out. Eating burgers, tastes, kind of like mushrooms in a good way. And there's a reason why I we gotta define what an impossible foods burger actually burger that is not made a beef plant based crew founded in two thousand eleven. Most invented it was invented in two thousand seven by Stanford professor who wants to make us less reliant on beef. Because beef is beef is big guys beef. Yeah. Let's let's have the talk as we need to talk about beef. It is horrible for the environments the bovine in the room beef has giant carbon footprint, and his very high energy resource intensive takes a long time to name each count. So this is trying to get rid of our beef consumption. But give us something that tastes like the second key about impossible foods is what is actually in a plant based impossible food burger. Okay. We saw video on the company's website. You'd throw a bunch of ingredients into a ball. But the base is we eat and potato protein. Very nice X factor. As love burger. It's something called hime, which extreme please, which is an extract from soybean route. And it looks like red blood to be on makes thing bleed. And basically looked like and then the third and final question, you're probably asking how much is this thing gonna cost me at burger and impossible Walker costs a buck more than a normal oppor has the same amount of protein ninety percent less cholesterol. And it requires ninety nine percent less water to like bring to your little warning for vegan friends though, it will come with mayo at Burger King. So you're gonna have to get on the side. Yeah. Hold them out now, Jack, and I were listening to this. And we thought you know, what we've to dive in snack style we did. And we thought this was a really perfect example of distribution as marketing impossible burger was very niche tough to find that stuff you years ago kicked off and you can only find it like David Chang fancy restaurant in the west village. It started expanding with the partnership white castle which three hundred eighty white castle. Had impossible burger thrown on like thirty white castle, sliders at a competitor beyond me, which makes something similar had a partnership with Carl's junior. So that's a thousand more stores in America have these things, but this distribution opportunity with Burger King is going to start which is fifty nine locations in Saint Louis, and if it successful, here's the big thing. Seventy three hundred Burger King locations that if the impossible Walker is accessible to that many Americans than it's mainstream. And this is when the marketing angle comes in because if you see an impossible food at Burger King, then you may go and buy it at a grocery store where it's widely available. It'd be huge for the alternative industry. So Jack, what's the takeaway for buddies over at Burger King impossible foods? This whole thing is all about the reduce -tarian trend Americans are reducing their meat intake big time, but they're not eliminating. That's right. Meatless Monday is very popular and the number of Americans who are just reducing the amount of meet the is growing faster than the number of Americans who are becoming. -tarian Taco Bell. Just two months ago said it was introducing a vegan menu. That's right. Taco Bell in Burger King. Both introducing vegan let that sink in the world is change. It is really big. And this moves big for the whole industry. Now, if you're wondering are at these are private companies, like impossible foods or beyond meets, how can you get involved beyond me is actually the one that's getting closer to territory. So eventually shares will be public and it'll be excessive because it's part of the reduce -tarian trend. Jack up the takeaways for Keebler coke is just got sold. And we learned marketing can save dime brands. We kind of feel bad. I don't know actually work cited for Keebler elves second. Yeah, they ever Magas second g mail. It's the giant data set of personal data, and it's also Google advantage over Amazon happy fifteenth birthday Gina now. Please subscribe us from those like Lincoln endorsement emails the impossible. Walker is a real thing. Finally, all about the reduce -tarian trae if you're reduce it -tarian, please tweet at us. We are to now time for snack fact of the day, Jack. What are we got ready for this legal Obama's memoir becoming which I started great one? It's on track to become the best selling memoir ever. You has won a number. We should lift that number here. Ten million copies have been sold since November. Unreal fast. We'd love that. Now. A couple other awesome stories recovering in the Robin Hood snacks newsletter. Okay. World wrestling entertainment to WWE. Its stock is down after a brutal segment on John Oliver TV show on HBO about the deteriorating health. It's wrestle. And then we got Saudi Aramco the Saudi Arabian oil company. They released information on their financials turns out, it's the most profitable company in the world by far dick ever, we loved having you on the snacks daily podcast with us. Can't wait catch up tomorrow. We'll talk tomorrow. The Robin Hood snacks podcast. You just heard reflects the opinions of only the host who are associated persons of robinhood, financial LLC and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets Inc or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The podcast is for informational purposes, only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer sale of security. The podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision. Robinhood, financial LLC, member FINRA SIPC.

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