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Thanks for listening to the best of her. Podcast be sure to catch us. Live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox sports radio. Nfs One find your local station for the hurt Fox. Sports radio DOT COM or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio. App by searching heard is the best of the herd with Colin cowherd on Fox sports radio. Oh here we go on a Thursday. We are packed. Live and locks angeles. This is GonNa hurt wherever you may be however you may be listening iheartradio Fox sports radio. Nfs One. I had a one day retirement yesterday. Ate An omelette took a nap play. Tennis and I had the greatest one day retirement of all time amid weekday off and now I'm back for the next two days joy. David how're you? I will be honest. I spent most the decimated sleeping significant amount. Yes just chilling out at home and sleep like see like how teenagers can sleep obscene amount. My daughter takes four and a half hours. Yeah I I can't do that anymore. I used to be able to and yesterday I achieved you have a lot of energy day. I'm very well rested. So there's this to me I cover football. We cover football until about the super bowl a week. We talk about football and this is the time I start watching a lot of NBA Games. And last night I watched Denver and the Lakers. And I'll get more into the game later but I wanNA talk about Lebron James. He was unbelievable last night. And there's always been this debate with Michael Jordan and Lebron and I've always said they're just two different people and as people age I've noticed something they become more of who they truly are because when you get older and you have money and you don't really need as many things as you get older you become more of who you are. You don't have to placate people and be a yes man Brown nose the boss and you become as you age more. Who you truly are and Lebron. I like the way he ages more than Michael Jordan. How it should be noted as the Lakers beat Denver and overtime last night in Denver which is saying something that both players at thirty five years old. Mj and Lebron Great. Mj was the league. Mvp Twenty nine points a game. Lebron's averaging twenty five point two game shooting forty nine percent M. J. was the best player in the game. And let's be honest. Lebron still the best player most dominant player in the NBA and will control the League. Hell even controls the TV ratings. But here's the stark difference and again as you age you become more of who you are at thirty five. Michael Jordan had the fewest assists of Chicago career. Lebron this year has the most and that's who they are. Michael Jordan's answer and he's the best basketball players. I think I've ever seen he magic. Lebron Michael Jordan's answered everything was I got this Lebron's answered everything is we got this. As Michael became a true or personification of who he was it thirty five the fewest assists Lebron the most even their Olympic experiences Michael went to the Olympics and was babbling magic to prove. I'm better than you. Lebron goes to the Olympics. Knows he's the best player and tries to create a community and friendships with other players. If you go listen Michael Jordan at this point thirty five. Lebron's got three hundred and twenty more regular season games. Four Full Seasons Sixty more playoff games. He should be worn down. He should be beat up. Lebron is fresher. He's happier. I've never seen him last night. He was totally laser focus. There is no bitterness Michael Jordan. After thirty fifth birthday quit for a second time. And it's it really gives you sort of a view on how to age. Listen Michael's a great basketball player. But even as he's retired he's just disappeared into his own. Sort of cocoon. That's not going to be held. Lebron retires he's going to be a global and domestic basketball ambassador. You'll hear about him all the time. Not just through press releases like MJ. But as I looked at Michael Jordan at thirty five years old he was great but it was in his last year in Chicago. I got this. I'M GETTING. I'm getting another title. Fellas get on my shoulders. I got this and that is seen as bravado and Matt Cheese and basketball people love that but Michael was burnout. He retired for a second time any way too few years and went to Washington. There was never the same player. I watched Lebron last night. Three hundred twenty more games than Mj. Sixty more playoff games. He is so fresh and so good and so focused and so easy to play with last night. He's got. He's got the most assists now in his career. He's averaging eleven and a half a game by the way they only have one other real true score. It's not like he's got seven guys he can depend on. Kyle kouzmines their number three. And he's averaging fifteen sixteen tonight so I liked the way Lebron's aged I liked his base. Dna Lebron's going to age incredibly well and is aging. He is an incredibly fresh seventeenth here in the NBA. I see very little wear and tear. I see no bitterness. I focused loving into it. We got this DNA guy and I know you can call Michael the best ever I get it but I talked about this with my wife all the time. I don't want to be a crusty old bitter guy when I retire doing. You know winnebago commercials on local radio. I WANNA age. Well I WANNA be happy. I want to be part of a community. I want to make other people better. I Look Lebron last night in Denver. A tough place to play. I'm blown away by it. This guy has figured out how to do it. Surround yourself. Lean on people ask for some help. Pass the ball more. It's not like Lebron couldn't go out and score thirty three a night. You Watch that game last night. Nobody can stop him. Denver's got no answer for him. Utah's got no answer for the only team in the NBA. That has an answer for Milwaukee with the honest at the Rim and the Clippers on the wing with Paul George and quiet. Nobody else has an answer for Lebron Utah to navigate the garden. You Houston doesn't Portland's got Carmelo in the wing. He can't stop him. Lebron score there's a great stat about Lebron James my favorite Lebron Stat of all time. Is that Lebron High School. I think his junior year John. You can look it up to then. My numbers aren't exact but Lebron as a junior in high school average like you know twenty seven twenty eight a game like freshman average this then software then junior so you could think Lebron as a junior in high schools average twenty seven points a game. What did he average thirty nine or forty a senior year? No he didn't he didn't he averaged a point or two more as he was in his massive growth stage. Because that's who Lebron is. That's why he's happy that's why he's not quitting for the second time. That's why doesn't turn off all his teammates like. Mj Did when he went to Washington. Nobody could stand playing with him last night. They asked Anthony Davis. What do you make a Lebron? And he's like he's the best player on the team players love him. I mean what did what did join. I say the amazing thing about this Laker team when they added a D. And all these parts. The first thing we said join. I said the first month was hell. They're like best friends there. Chemistry's incredible Michael's last stop. Nobody could stand him. And this is not to bash Michael Jordan but watching Lebron play with the joy and the focus in the happiness and the sharing and the most assists. That's how I want age. That's how you do it. That's how you do it. You give a little you don't. It's not out I got this. It's a we got this and it's it is a pleasure to watch all right. Well the inter-web For those of you just tuning in. That's the Internet. It was Al Gore created it. Years Ago I think and it's called the inter-web I'm on it all day and boy. It went crazy yesterday when my friend Bucky Brooks who played in the NFL that sorta matters and scouted for the Carolina Panthers and now he works for the NFL network. He came out and all scary times on the INTERWEB. He listed his top five quarterbacks. All all Joe Borough was it number one in fact bucky brooks top five quarterbacks. Where the exact order? I would put them in to a number one. Joe Borough number two Justin Herbert very close to a three Jordan. Love Foreign Jacobson. Five by the way until mid-november you do realize everybody had to over Joe Borough in mid-november but what happened in this happens a lot in sports. You get these perfect storms and Joe Borough. Nobody will admit this. I like the kid. But he had a perfect storm. Lsu Roll the dice on a coach from the saints named Joe Brady. None of us knew who he was and Joe Brady ended up being a perfect fit. Lsu's offensive line was named the number one offensive line in the country. This year. They had a star running back to star receivers and a good tight end. They also played too when he was about sixty percent and then they gotta play the National Championship. You know as a home game in New Orleans. It was a perfect storm. Perfect storm for Joe Borough who it should be. Noted is a fifth year senior. That's what I said about Baker Mayfield. Be careful about Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield came into the NFL. Older than SAM darnold older than Lamar Jackson so he was closer to a ceiling. I think what you see. Baker is ceiling. I think what you see a Joe Borough. This is his fifth year. He's transferred last year. Del She was numbers were average. He's an older quarterback closer to his athletic ceiling to a didn't have to wait until his fifth year to be great. He was remarkable at night as a true freshman called on in the National Championship against a great Georgia. Team and delivered. Three touchdown passes to win the game. Take a deep breath until embiid November tool was number one on everybody's board then he got banged up. People are freaking out. And they've moved him down. I'll say it again. It happens in sports and it happens all the time you get this perfect storm of events. You Play Oklahoma. I you don't have to play Ohio state. I in the playoff championship at home. You bring in an assistant that takes an average Joe Borough and fits perfectly. You have the best offensive line. A star running back great. Lsu Wide Receivers you play too when he sixty percent I love to. I liked Joe Bureau but loving to a doesn't mean you hate Joe Borough. I just think it was a perfect series of events that allowed etheridge Iran. A guy that lost a troy at home in his second year at Lsu to be named national coach of the year. I'm going to bet that never happens again. And I'm happy for ED. And he'll win a bunch of games but he was on his way out by year three if they lost one more game. It was such a perfect year for lsu that ed or Giran fired at old miss. Usc wouldn't give them a shot about the kit. Canned lsu on the national coach of the year deserves it. Happy form. Good Guy Great story but I think Ed story at this point is leapt his coaching ability. He's a solid coach. He's not the Best College football coach and Joe Borough. Story and perfect storm has leaped. His ability are solid size. Okay athletic ability solid good to is. Accuracy is drew brees. Great interweb take a deep breath. We get these perfect storms. All the time and they elevate coaches and players. I love to I like Burl and Buggy Brooks nailed it to a burrow herber love. Jacobson one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you lie it is still early in the year just February. 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N. in the box checkout for special savings that's Legalzoom Dot Com Code Colin legalzoom where life meet legal. We now have and I noticed about nine months ago when Adam schefter a friend of mine and somebody I respect somebody everybody at Fox respects at I fell reporter said this Brady thing. He's GonNa look around. Don't kid yourself on this so this is not sloppy the blogger it's Adam schefter Christian fauria a former. Nfl or Patriot. Now works in Boston. Media came out yesterday and said Tom's done and they're done with Tom New England's done with Tom now again I have my beliefs on where he's going to go but there's three or four things. We have to all be honest about here. We now have legitimate reporters who I trust and players that. No Tom that are saying these are not again. These are not bloggers quoting each other. These are real people we also know that Brady and Bella Check Jay Glazer reported. Tom's not taking a pay cut. We also know Bella. Check generally doesn't pay anybody. I mean outside of Stefan Gilmore. Anybody we've seen tension in this relationship. We know that I can. I can tell you I have one thing. Sourced Brady is privately grumbling to those close to him about the lack of weapons and New England's inability over the last five or six years post Randy Moss to get weapons and keep weapons and draft and develop weapons. These are all things you can't dispute so I've been thinking a lot about this this morning on our show we love pies. We love a good delicious pie and I was GonNa do a Brady Pie this morning because I think it's it's at least optically. It's the easiest thing to put your arms around seventy percent of the PIE. I think Tom's going back to New England. Not because he's totally happy but moving at his age. Learning a new offense is a pain in the rear. I'll give one percent to retirement. He just throws his hands up in the air. Four percent a surprise team. I just don't buy the chargers. I don't have connections to the franchise. I don't buy them. I don't buy Oakland. I don't care that. He bought a house there. I don't buy that. I don't buy Miami team. I'm going to throw out there in the more I think about this. I think they're the favorite in the clubhouse beyond New England. It's the Tennessee Titans in. I'll tell you why I think this. I've moved four times in my career across the country and I was comfortable and making a lot of money in all the places but when you move you always move for the same reasons you choose a place that is solving a current headache. Every place I left there was an obstacle or a headache and I wanted to solve it and I didn't believe I could solve it. Sorta like Brady. What are Brady's to annoyances in New England that he can't solve number one bella check will not spend money on weapons? He doesn't he wouldn't spend it on his buddy welker. He doesn't and Tom can overcome that. Because Tom can't control acquisitions and trades so. Tom Can control that so he wants. Better weapons secondly is. He wants to have more fun. He wants to have fun. He's got the money in the titles bills. Not Fun bills uncomfortable. They don't have a relationship really so just think of the one place that solves both of those the two annoyances. Tom Can't fix fun. Mike rebels one of his best friends. He coaches Tennessee. He'd have fun with Mike. Vrabel number two is they have excellent weapons arguably the best running back in the league. I've got two excellent receivers rookie last year from all miss crushed it. They've got a SLOT RECEIVER ADAM. Humphreys and a lot of draft picks. They solve the annoyances that are currently unsolvable. He would have a lot more fun and they've got weapons nationals also cool city. I don't think that's the be all end all but if you said Indianapolis or Nashville most people with money and options would choose Nashville as a place to live. I certainly would joy if given option probably. Would I think Tom Brady would? I don't think that's the be all end all but I do think Nashville's fun cool hip city where you know. It's still close to the eastern time zone. I think Nashville to me. Kind of gain steam and the other thing that matters here in others. There's they've said before. It's easier for a child's brain to learn a new language then an older person that it's much might. My daughter can speak French. She at twelve and thirteen fourteen years old. She picked up French like that. If you're trying to figure out how to speak French good luck. Picking up a new language later in life is hard. Tennessee speaks. Tom's language. Mike Vrabel knows his culture and his language the GM's of former Patriot. There are patriots all through the building. They're not all through the building in Indie or Miami or Oakland or the chargers. They're not there's a couple Miami a couple so between solving the two annoyances he'd have more fun and he'd have more weapons and and the reality that in an incredibly winnable division and that you talk about a place. You could go tomorrow a Jacksonville dysfunctional. Houston Indianapolis doesn't have a quarterback he walks in can win division. They speak my language. I'd have fun. I'd have weapons. Here's my Tom Brady. My official final. Tom Brady delicious by seventy percent. New England twenty five percent titans. Four percent shocker. One percent I give up. I'm quitting short. A catch live editions of the heard. Weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific on Fox sports radio F S One and the iheartradio APP. I have never watched the ton of NBA in October November December January. I don't think he'd get into mid February late February and then you start watching these. Nba Games in the players. Are you can tell the good team. Start to dial stuff in the trading deadlines over. You're stuck with what you got. You know you can't go to social media demand this or demand is at this point. The teams are what they are. This is what they are and I watched. I watched the Lakers nuggets last night. In Denver. It was a great game. It was a great game and it felt like a playoff game. It felt like intense. Yeah Yeah you could see. This Janas took the night off for Milwaukee and they couldn't score so you can do that way as well but last night I watched Denver and at home a very good team. And then I watch the Lakers and I have said about Denver after Yokich and I like Jamal Murray. They don't have a third guy. You just can't go into and they're really really young last night too. Great example of why Denver is not going to get out of the west yet and why the Lakers have a chance to get out of the West and win at all. Although I don't think the Lakers should be favorite last night. Showed you all the limitations of Denver and it showed you why the Lakers are GonNA end up at minimum in the Western Conference finals. And I said this two days ago so I watch the game last night. And it was classic. Second Quarter Yokich. A great player gets cold. Doesn't do anything. He's just he's they get outscored eighteen to Jamal Murray disappears and they don't have a third score. That's Denver's problem. You can't rely on Yokich to be dominant for forty eight minutes. Players have dry spell's players get fatigued players. He did he kind of disappears. And there's nobody else in the building for Denver. Nobody Jamal Murray shot three times. Missed all of them. They don't have a third score. Gary Harris is not going to get you to the neck. You can't depend on him. It showed all the limitation to Denver. Denver's at home it's high altitude. It's the day before the All Star game. It's Denver's game to win. They got the home crowd. They're standing as they tip off and they have a dry spell in the first half and and then late in the game. Denver has twenty-four-year-old Yokich twenty two year. Old joe-marie Twenty five year old Gary Harris one starter over thirty years old over twenty five. Excuse me one starter. Over twenty five years old late in the game in overtime they just couldn't make the play. Of course they couldn't because their kids and the Lakers who have Rondo. Dwight Howard was once carrying a team to the finals. You Got Javale McGee Avery. Bradley Lebron James have all this. Playoff experience the Lakers go to Denver. High-altitude game goes to overtime. They should be gassed with old roster and the Lakers made all the big plays late. And that's what. The playoffs are for an old team. Day before the all-star game to go into high altitude Denver and to be able to go to overtime place. It's different altitude folks. You're not playing at sea level blown up in the mountains. It buries teams even average Denver. Teams are good at home. The Lakers made all the crucial steal couple threes by a D. They tie up created. Jump Ball all the crucial plays late by all the veteran laker players. And that young team in Denver doesn't make and that's the playoffs. This is why Denver can win a playoff series potentially could win a second but they'll never to me never win the Western Conference finals last night. Too great example it. It was a playoff game in February. That's what a playoff game feels like and it was a classic game. The Lakers will end up winning those in the playoffs. Because they have all these sage veterans me Dwight Howard coming off the bench and is this guy who's been to NBA finals. This guy was leader of franchise. He's not what it used to be. He's been a hell of a player for the for the Lakers. This year off the bench and I'm not a Rondo fan but avery Rondo Javagal. It was it that game told you exactly what you're gonNA see in April young talented Denver team that needs a third guy and count connor. Count on anybody when Yokich is a little off or as dry spell for six minutes and a Laker team. That's going to get outplayed. Certain nights and figure out a way to win because they have all these cagey veterans. Lebron talked about the game last night. Which which you could tell. Clearly he felt like this is a big one because we we may end up playing Denver in the playoffs and we want to let them know. These games will win a opportunity. We get the plan to close. Gave us a tough opponent? All of US prepares us. You know for postseason game whereas we'll be back and forth back and forth. I thought tonight with the playoff atmosphere both teams being number one number. Two and West Conference Jockeying for position. So you know just trying to make plays whatever it takes office of on a van and you know eighty was there. You know knocking big. Three's again a blog gets stops. You know it was just got the got the jump all whale big time all the big plays spectrum sports net. Thanks for the video. They're all the big players late. The old team should be tired and ot get ready for a nice all star break made all the big plays late. The young guys did not welcome to what the playoffs looked like. An April may end. You be sure to catch live editions of the heard. Weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific Dak. Prescott was asked a couple days ago as he worth forty million dollars and Dak shot back What do you think the reporter people tend to use? They tend to use words like deserve. Let's talk about what contract negotiations are. Here's the word leverage. It's not about deserving. I've never been paid because I deserve something. I've been paid a lot of money if I have some leverage the company needs me at least a little bit and And maybe I have other offers. It's called leverage. It's not called deserve earn. Dak has some leverage here. Because the cowboys don't have anybody behind him that can play. And it's the world's well it's America's biggest sports brand. That's leverage forget deserving earn DAX got some leverage cowboys have some leverage on the open market. Dax Not getting a lot of offers for thirty seven million. Let's start with zero and work our way down. So they both have leverage different kinds of leverage. And because of that deal get done now it just comes down to a certain number but the deal will get done because deck needs them in on the open market. He's not getting this money and the cowboys need him. They don't WanNa go into chaos mode at quarterback. That's a nightmare. The one time they did networks took Cowboy Games off and Jerry loves the publicity. Now the concern. Is We have a quarterback in Dak that is going to get paid a lot of money. Thirty five thirty six million. If you look at the current quarterbacks that are making that kind of money. Russell Wilson won a super bowl. Ben One to jared goff got to one Aaron got to one in one Carson Wentz was having an MVP or when he got hurt clearly shown the ability to carry a team and Matt Ryan got to should've but didn't win a Super Bowl. Dak with the best align with the best running back has a playoff win. That's a concern. Here's the reality of deck. He doesn't Miss Starts got leadership qualities and he keeps in most. Nfl Games that in his leverage is GONNA get him probably thirty five million bucks. Cap Goes Up. It won't hurt nearly as much. Here's my biggest problem with deck and why I would probably franchise tag him. Here's my problem when when I when I say the word Apple Google Amazon. Those are massive brands. They are imperfect and flawed. But they don't really have a ceiling if I say Real Madrid Manchester United International sports teams. They are imperfect and have bad seasons but they never have low ceilings thing. Go getting paid for who they want when I say Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Lakers in New York Yankees. I'm not asking for perfect but I would never wanna be trapped and feel like I have a low ceiling when the brand is universal. Google Apple Amazon. Real Madrid Lakers. I can deal with imperfection. I don't like the term low ceiling. That's what worries me with back. You Pam thirty five. You're not going be able to resign. Some guys defensively. And I think that's good. He's not special. I don't love that. Why I would franchise him. I'd like to see him. Play again without Zeke for a couple of weeks maybe with beat up offensive line. Prove he can carry it. Like went has to meet so far but a deal is going to get done. It's not about deserving earning it's about leverage and Dak has enough and Dallas has enough that a deal will get done one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like guys it's bobby bones. I host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much always sleepy because wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later I get all my friends together and we get into a room and we do a radio show. We share our allies. We tell stories. We try to find as much good in the world possibly can and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music too so wake up with a bunch of my friends. I Ninety eight point seven. W M Z Q in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP will blackmon is joining me. ten NFL seasons a super bowl champ with the giants And now he's in the wine business. I screwed up last night Useless into my DM's and asked me slot. Ask You a question. You asked me a question which was a said. What kind of wine do you like? And I thought I put Pinot Noir and I put pink Nawar so I said Rosie and know Oregon Pinot like like Duh and I'm like I just read five minutes ago and I'm like oh I did put pink nor my problem is I've had a couple of glasses of water so I couldn't see I was at the shop. I was going to shop for you and then you took too long. You were watch shop. You're at the shot. Yeah you drink rosy no no but I but I've had Rosaiah though Pinos. Okay I I'm a guy that goes back to the same thing over and over like a fine what I like in life at a restaurant and I order one or two things at the same. I go to the same restaurants and I are the same things. I'M NOT GONNA take big chances in my life. I don't Bungee jump at seventy. Why not my GRANDPA went skiing seventy three schemes? Not a risk for me. I'm excellent scared. I'm not going to jump out of a plane at eighty if I if I die at eighty-four it'll say cowher dies of old age. It won't say jumped off a cliff just to have a good time. Coward is so. I'm not moving onto wines that I haven't tasted and haven't grown an affinity very stream. Though jumbo to Plano trying Rosa will black joining me. I let me ask you this when you take over a new business. I've done this a few times. I started new show. I generally want to start from scratch. I went out and found John Goulet because it had John Goulet before. So I gotta get somebody. That's familiar with me. I by the Carolina Panthers. I got a new coach. I've changed the front office. I think I would move off Cam. I think I would move off him and by the way. I'm already picking seven I get to the number. Two spot moved off of a really good coach. So that's not farfetched. So what would you do? If you ran the franchise in Carolina with CAM will based off. Temper said he said. I'm I handle the business side now. I need to go down handle football side and he is truly going through every single little piece of what's going on there. Yes and his last interview he said. Okay is cam healthy. Because if he's not healthy. We can't do anything yet so. I'm I'm sure he's truly waiting to see if he's healthy because he can't he can't be a guy that owns a dealership and he's like man. I got this two thousand eleven Bentley. That is ready to go. We've got a couple of flat tires so you have to wait until we repair you know so. I think that's really what it is. I think he can get a second for Cam. Second Rounder. Yeah so I can my future quarterback. I've got a transitional piece kyle album. That's not my future but I can compete with them but any someone you can hold onto. Because he gets it back up. You can win with backups. For a while. They did absolutely now. Let's go to Matt Stafford Now At least cams gotten to a super bowl I like Matt. He's a good kid. He's got talent eleven years no division titles. Now he's a little broken down. He's still young enough. I could send him out to the trade market for India. The chargers I think both potentially would bite. I would move off him. Take the cap hit for a year. We're not winning the super bowl anyway. 'cause I'M GONNA draft to with the number three pack and not worry about Super Bowl for a year. What I need to do is add juiced energy and start over. Is that crazy or would you keep stafford? Stafford went to indy. They're instantly going to the playoffs because he's not gonna hit the staffer he has value on the market has tons of. Oh because just based on his skill set alone. I think the most underrated things people realize stafford is his arm strength. Yes no I still have a ligament that is partially torn because I try to pick off on his passes in just went right through my hands like he has a strong any and he's able to lead his team back but we'll I've always said this when the colts moved off Payton. When you get a divorce yeah you have to realize as a man because a man when you get a divorce. My ex wife is going to find happiness elsewhere. I've gotta come to terms with that and not worry about it. Denver Indianapolis had to realize. Payton's GonNa leave us and he's going to win for a while but we're going to move onto luck. Green Bay moves off Farve. Brett's GONNA be able to beat us for the next couple years as we go to Rogers right when you move off somebody the only way to move a player with value is he's going to win somewhere else but you also have a plan in two was my plan to is not going one so. I love to as a plan. I'm just saying that to if I can take to listen. I'm going to move Stafford. I'm going to trade him. But there's so many parts with Detroit where is like they're not far off. Oh you really think that I think in the NFC in the NFC. I don't think they're far off because one was the last time they had two thousand Russia. Reggie Bush was gonNA have one now. You gotta you gotTa get something like that. You gotta get something there. That's going to once again. He has enough talent where plenty of town where he needs. Something complementing around him you know. When Marvin Jones came back they will lighten it up until Marvin Jones GonNA injured. You know they still have Kennedy a great receiver. They gotta get more pieces on offense around him. Find a way to protect him They're not when you you. They have a franchise quarterback like you said he's still young and he's still able to do all these things he can throw for four years in his sleep. I guess my take on Cam and Stafford is they have market value. They will win elsewhere. I don't deny it with the right fit but I need to start over. I need new juice right. I'm eleven years in with Matt Stafford and I don't have a division title and I don't have a playoff win. Detroit Detroit is an interesting little infusing organization. Because you don't know at least what separate that he speak. He's telling you what we do. I know I listen. Tempers GonNa Win Games. I think he's going to offend some people but he's going to win games because he's honest he's brutal he's a he's cutthroat bottom line super bright. He's running his football team like ran a hedge. He's GonNa give me another quarterback deck. What do you do you pay him? How much thirty five. That's fair thirty six. I wouldn't pay him that much. Why can't a franchise tag him for one year? Because he I think he I believe he deserves the contract. Deserve deserves gets a lot of GM's fired. Is He special? He's a franchise quarterback all right. So he's is he is he better than Andy Dalton. He's very because he better. The Matt Ryan. He's not better Matt Ryan. Is he better than Kirk cousins? That's debatable okay. So thirty five million for kirk cousins. And you'd be comfortable with that if I had a like a turnkey situation like Minnesota in like Dallas does. Yeah Dak is good. Kirk causes good for that. All right just come just coming here and and don't mess it up. Well that's not that that's not very willful aspirations. Now Wolf enough rations. But that's why I look at. Don't mess it up for example. GonNa win and Super Bowls on. Don't mess it up wolf example. Minnesota thought they were one quarterback away so they occur as coming here in and get us where we need to be because we have everything in place Dallas. They felt like they had things in place and they need. They need someone to come here. And as a head coach to get us to where we need to go because we have a lot of the pieces here. So you think McCarthy and Dak is capable of getting to a conference champion. I believe so that by the way you should pay him if you believe that because if you if you think about forget the Super Bowl if you believe your quarterback quarterback in the league. Do you believe your quarterback can get to the conference championship. I didn't say win it. Yeah if your quarterback can get one hundred percent believed that quarterback that should be the line. Yeah because once you get to the conference championship facing Brady's and Rogers you're facing Russell Wilson. Mahomes that really is the baseline all this it. Is You believe your quarterback with the current construct of your coaching staff can get to a conference champion decisions. How does not enough now? It's not enough to Shawn Watson. Now he's GonNa win the south pretty much since Angela. He's GonNa win this off a lot so Daqing McCarthy too you can get then Pam. That's fair what would you? What do you make? I can't believe this is a story so years ago when we'll Blackman's joining so years ago when Tim Tebow got hot and I was at the other place and I. I think I was the only on air person of note in America during a seven game winning streak. I said this is not. He's winning but I'm not building around. He's a good football player. He is a good football player. It's not sustainable. There's a difference between Kenny win. Sunday and dependent. Are you gonNA build around him so all of a sudden? I never even thought of tastes. Smells starting quarterback. I mean he's a good kid. I think he's a more athletic. Tim Tebow ran four five. T Bill Renna four seven. He's a more athletic Tibo with better throwing motion. I I think he can win on Sunday. Tastes Milkin win on Sunday but in all the years he's been in New Orleans he's attempted fifteen passes pretty much sums up what they think is blocking punts. He is a great athlete. I never thought of them. Really as a franchise quarterback I think of him as more athletic. Tibo and I always said about Tibo loved Abba Mamma Roster. I'm just not building around him. So there's this belief that if breeze retired I go teddy bridgewater. I wouldn't even think twice about it right. There's a lot of people out there. Saying you know the special teams coach said he does a better ball. Then Lamar Jackson d you as a football player Tastes Hill as a franchise quarterback no neither do I. I never seen anything that will let me believe that. That's exactly what I think he's a guy who's GonNa play ten years because he has value and I would pay him by the way I would love to have him on my roster some kind of like a mass later type of deal. I even more because I think he can score touchdowns Matt can block upon right. There are guys in this league. I think that the mistake we make will is we confuse. He could win a game Sunday with. I'm building around him. The infrastructure for some hill would have. You'd have to have this quirky off it. It just wouldn't work so he's not as hyper. Athletic is Lamar. He can't throw nearly as well as top twelve quarterbacks in the League. I don't I don't get the story here because you know he wasn't healthy in college. The medical register in order to keep playing. Then I don't I haven't seen any full preseason games of him by the way he's he's going to have to go somewhere in in winners job. I could be wrong here. Let me look this up real quick. Hold on one second. He's GonNa turn third. He's going to turn a third. Okay so ask yourself. In the history of comedy one stand up comedian was a late bloomer. One Rodney Dangerfield. Everybody else by sixteen eighteen twenty two Zimba knowing was good and young was younger. Dangerfield's the only generally if you look at Mojo in tech. Nobody's a late bloomer. Intech the people that are great at Twelve Eighteen Bill Gates sixteen. You can't be thirty and nobody has said. Let's make a franchise quarterback it's not a position you can be quarterbacks. Don't be aren't late bloomers. I just don't see it. Finally Tom Brady your Tom Today. What do you do I am staying with New England and we at Tom Brady? You're like okay. What's the incentive right? He he's done everything right if I look at. If there's one thing that would motivate. Tom Is because there were only two organizations. Have Six superbowls right Patriots and steelers? Maybe he wants seven. You stay and get seven otherwise you go home and sort. Here's my Brady Pie. Seventy Percent New England twenty five percent Nashville because he would have fun and he struggled having fun. Retirement surprise team for one percent retirement. Yeah I mean one percent. He just says I'm done with this guys. I don't trust New England it. I've taken a beating in Costa Rica with his wife and kids and there's like you know what I don't miss out you think. What do you think retirements at? I think it's hard to that higher. As ending like twenty-five you'd think yeah I think five twenty five seventy five New England twenty-five retirement. I can see him going to Costa Rica and just saying you know what I don't. We don't show any indication we're going to draft a tight end or wide receivers and I'm out. I can see it. I'd just have it. A smaller percentage. If I'm I'm waiting to see what happens during preseason do I get weapons? He just needs offense weapons. All you have to wait for the draft. You don't have to wait for preseason but that time. Listen New England's got a thread the needle here because bottom line in order. They want him to have to PAY THEM BY MARCH. Eighteenth or too much bigger cap hit so they have to thread the needle on this and. I don't think it's going to happen it's funnier. Tom Can really screw over the Patriots. Tom Can basically not saying he would. But Tom's got a lot of leverage here. They don't have anybody in house. Who can win a lot of games? Is there a true now? Will Blackmon good seeing you always a pleasure? Yeah Yeah Yeah among other things David Bruce Pinot noir fantastic. Who was that David? Bruce Pinot Noir Santa Cruz mountains. Oh Yo I'm his wind was in the nineteen seventy six judgement of Paris. Finish top ten twenty sleeper. It's legit the richest most powerful place on our of fiction. Podcast TUMAN BAY on an epic scale. Powders everything powered everything. We have to get away from this place. Who is our destiny? 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