Our Little Bot is Heading to College!


All right guys. We're back together for a spoon editor podcast for all back. Were all back for japan. We're back last week but i feel like i saw a jet lag a gen marston when you were writing for us like crazy while we are japan. Thank you for doing all that hard work yeah jen. Thanks guys you are an amazingly only fast worker <hes> and i we appreciate it. We are going to talk about some of the stories that <hes> you've written chris written over the past week or so chris i want to start with you and and ask you about the news this morning your article about starship getting yet another funding round like they just keep raising money yeah well. It was funny. I spoke with lex expire there and i asked him why they had already raised <hes> forty million. I can't remember now but they had raised forty million as part of a seed round so i was joking and asking why this was now a series a forty million and not just added to like a seed to you might as well just keep rolling on <hes> literally with their robots but yeah they had a bunch of news that came out today which is one they raised a forty million series a this brings the total funding to eighty five million that we're going to put a pin in that that's actually pretty important and then to their actually they announced two new colleges. They're going after which one is university of pittsburgh and one is purdue university <hes> and this is their third and fourth fourth publicly announced a collegiate partners. They rolled out to george mason university earlier this year and northern arizona university both of whom have increased the the number of robots in their delivery fleet and the hours of operation and i should probably step back starship creates these little these small cooler sized six wheeled robots. What's that are autonomously drive around campus and in this case they will go and pick up food from restaurants on campus restaurants or where you know stores are whatever over and deliver it to students faculty workers wherever they want on campus they can drop a pin and the robot shows up with the thing and there you are so you can be at the library. Do kids hang out in the quad anymore dayton. It seems like so many of these robot companies are focusing on on college campuses a key we actually i think they call their their company campus. <hes> are we certainly a core part of their identity and also chow botox is rolling sally out to college. Let's campuses wise college getting so much robot action well. If you think about what college is right it is a specific perfect area that is filled with tens of thousands of people especially for larger schools right all of whom eat and many of whom like students are eating throughout the day a. and evening in fact when i spoke with starship they were saying there are four distinct meals sort of in their pattern <hes> one thing that they've actually caused more kids to eat breakfast. There's more students are eating breakfast because they can get delivered to their dorms so they don't have to presumably although when i was in college i remember getting up at noon but they have like a breakfast meal l. a. lunch at dinner and then a second dinner which happens later in the evening <hes> and anybody who's gone to college and had that experience probably remember sort of the same sort of pattern fourth martin. I mean alcohol advertising campaign around fourth meal like hobbit. Yes the opposite of hobbits. I don't know what that would be if that's a wood l. For if that i don't know anyway but yes do you have like yes chow botox moved sally their salad making robot <hes> on college campuses and <hes> starship and kiwi or going to college campuses because they have just this for a couple of reasons one is that they have this contained population right. They can plug into meal plans. So there's a way there's payment mechanisms terms that are built in <hes> plus if you think about a college campus it's typically very pedestrian friendly so it's not it's a lot of you know well paved well groomed and walkways <hes>. It's a good chance you know is not a lot of traffic pedestrian traffic but right it's not it's not like trying to navigate a city street eight. It's just like it's like learning to robot <hes> city. Yeah that's exactly right so like actually star. Ships robots are on <hes> <hes> campuses of the pittsburgh and purdue right now and they in what they're doing right now is mapping the campus so that they are ready for win. Students show up <hes> <hes> next month catherine. You're probably the last one i'm guessing that actually went to contact. I know that unless gen u._c. Slid in some course in about <hes>. Would you have wanted to knock it out of your get out of bed and wisely order food from a delivery robot. I mean absolutely how could you not my my college was pretty small so the level of laziness would even more extreme <hes> we also only had three restaurants in the entire town so pretty limited but i can imagine if i go into a bigger school where it actually takes you know. Fifteen twenty minutes walk across campus. That would absolutely be the case. I look look at some of these colleges. One invent their own robots like some of the technical technology for schools yeah. They probably have their own robots. It's going yeah. I think that there's also just a lot that goes into it. It's not just the driving right. It's also the mapping the payments all of that stuff <hes> but yeah i mean it's also if you think about this safety for some schools that are bigger you know the ability to have a robot come to your dorm instead of walking across the dark campus also just something like if you think about if you get pizza or some kind of other food delivery key will go off campus. They'll go out into berkley <hes> and get your meal and bring it back to you on campus. If you had a delivery person do that if they're in a car then they had to find a parking spot that's close by and that's hard on college campuses and then they got to run to your dorm or whatever right like this just makes it. The little robot can just be bop and wheel across campus robot. I don't i think a lot of times on campuses to like. It's it's hard for delivery. People to the buildings are not always marked super clearly early like this. Oh yeah so you know if there's a pinpoint instead you're just meeting a body at that would make a lot that would cut down on the amount amount of on the chances that some delivery guys wandering around with a pizza looking for your dorm and not able to find you or when you're plane hacky sack in the quad kids do right and that's generally the quad what i think. I think what you'll see is starship. Starship said they planned to go out to one hundred universities over the next two years. Kiwi was going out to <hes> it's gonna be. It's gonna be in fifteen universities this year right so you're gonna gonna see colleges be a battleground which is why starship raising forty million is kind of important that gives them a sizable amount of cash to go <music> out and really lock in these these college campuses before others can get to them and speaking of battleground. Isn't there like a little bit of confusion over was at purdue you with both that has sort of both starship and kiwi or not really sure yeah you know. I'm really trying to find this out and i haven't heard back yet. So i'm you know when i reported on kiwi's expansion earlier this year one of the schools they had said they were expanding to purdue and low and behold starship said we're going to purdue and we've already sent a robot's there to start right mapping and we are you know we're working with the university so trying to find out what's going on there. If they're doubling up or what's happening but you know you're going to see these things things that i think you're definitely going to see more delivery bots on campuses and they're definitely going to be sort of a place where people are fighting as they go to market before before we move on chris any other outdated college pop culture references you wanna make doesn't dragons. Maybe you're thinking. I was just trying to think of a band. Everybody's still listening to toad the wet sprocket. I met two. Let's rock at a party. I threw in college. That's how were they the most boring party guests of all time glasses. He hated being in my party. He really hated it partly because i think from me but this is a long time ago before for add more gray hair. That's amazing but anyway. Let's move on me. I wonder what it's gonna be called meal. 'they melfi healthy like first of all. The problem in this company is it has the type of name you can't pronounce. Wake is a meal seacrest healthy. I don't know catherine was the one who wrote about i did but even i don't know so i mean i in my head. I was saying meal just because it's about cooking meals so that would make all these word of sense <hes> but as we <hes> we know sometimes the name does not really sound like you intended to sound with these especially these start up no matter the name though they raised over million dollars on equity crowdfunding which is kind of crazy for a piece of cooking hardware. Yes that was the cap that they're allowed to and i i'm not super familiar with all the rules but from what i read that's the maximum amount they started up allowed to raise on crowd funding platform so they raised a little over a million dollars and i actually sorry just to clarify. I think it's for equity equity raise a lot more than that on just like kickstarter but you don't get any equity so the difference here is that they get backers equity in the company out to me makes it even more puzzling like an equity crowdfunding campaign for housewares type of product is interesting <hes> and i'm glad they pointed out that pointed talkers so people actually own part of the business now yeah that's intriguing. I mean writing about it. Yesterday i with a a little bit confused about the appeal. At first i mean essentially they we are so much about like smart kitchen appliances here and all these kitchen appliances that have this added connectivity and in keeping smart capabilities mielke is just making kitchen cooking devices so they have something that's <hes> a multi cooker sort of a competitor to the instant pot. They also have have some sort of thing like a lid that you can put on top of other cookers. That's supposed to turn it into a <hes> air fryer so yeah. Those are cool parts a would that converts an instant pot into an air freighter is kind of cool yeah exactly so that that they just launched <hes> and then there but then so they're kind of going in one way with sort of getting more into high tech kitchen appliances than the ones that they are now developing a line of hands hands of nonstick pans and stuff like that where i'm like. That's kind of cool but we really need more of those. There's nothing really to to set them apart. As far as i can tell but clearly there's a lot lot of interest around it because they raised so much money they were aiming for twenty five thousand initially interests over a million so pretty impressive <hes> i think my take away away from from doing a little bit of research into this is just that it shows how much consumers really want these convenient. <hes> you know just put all the ingredients in in their press a button and come back to dinner in thirty minutes like they want these hands off cooking solutions. Meal kits are are easy but you still have to actually do the preparation. Something with an instant pot is just like so hand off and there's just a lot of demand for that meal basically promises that it will give you instant experience but just be a little bit quicker a little bit higher air-quality not sort of what they're trying to edge on that instant pot. <hes> popularity wasn't part of it the allure though that they also did like recipe. It was a full stack solution. They didn't just do the pans. There was some recipes attached to it as well is <hes> an instant pod actually does that as well which i was researching but it's not connected to their particular appliance in any way like you can't just look at an african find mielke developed mielke created rated recipes and then cook them with their appliances but it's not something where like you can connect to the appliance with your phone. It'll just you'll pick a recipe. You have the mielke device and you can read through the recipe step by step and then cook so there is a sort of recipe. I take opponent and you can also shop the recipes through their app so that's cool. It's kind of like two separate the pieces but there's not a connected aspect to will interesting. Let's keep an eye on it. I'm a little bit perplexed because instant pot is kind of a runaway train very affordable affordable and actually they have an air fryer but here's a startup. That's doing equity crafting so maybe people just wanted to in on the action wanted to own a little bit of an ownership stake but <hes> <hes> and to your point chris they also have this recipe part so it makes it just a little bit of a convoluted offering from trying to figure out exactly what they are but it'll be at least worth worth watching <hes> kind of where they go this and distracting it further. I want to talk about plant base and this is an interesting story that came out. I think another story <hes> the you'd ridden catherine <hes> plant be smoke is so hot that the cow guys wanna see for cal farmers get on it. They actually released a blended cowl milk and plant piecemeal yeah yeah so yesterday i spoke to i keep switching up the name and calling it real live farms but it's actually live real farms which is a brand made by the dairy farmers of america collective and they have this new blended product called dairy plus blends and and it is a suite of products that are fifty percent cow milk. I mean milk fifty percent either almond or out milk and so speaking with them yesterday yesterday they are saying that they try and speaking with consumers they said that they liked the taste of plant based milk but they wanted something that also had the the cream unison versatility and the nutritional profile of animal milk because there's a lot more protein in animal milk than an almond or milk and so they're coming out with this product to sort of target target consumers who have both products in their fridge and like i'm one of those people apparently according to their research about fifty percent of people people by both plant based and dairy milk either because there are different people in their household that have different preferences or they use each one for different things so they're basically trying to come out with a product that ticks all the boxes and appeals and and can just be an all in one solution for your cereal your coffee your smoothies etc the problem i have with it is it's like doc. You're either going to be one of the other right you you. You wanna get milk out of your diet. You may have like a lactose thing you just want to wean yourself off any. He's sort of animal based product. You're not going to go for this or curious or alternatively. You're just like if you're okay with couchbase mill. Maybe maybe it's a starter mill for people were cured cao plant based milk curious though kind of curious exactly and i will say just quickly that all of them are lactose free free as well so there's that aspect well it made me wonder about just the whole blended alternative proteins whether it's katherine you've written a lot about this sort of blended approach in the meat air industry as well and yeah it does kind of make me wonder sort of what exactly luckily is the aim here with these products because on the one hand you've got alternative moat fully alternative milk or meat products talking about the environmental benefits which doesn't seem to be a factor if you're still using parts of the cow or <hes> <hes> you know just regular old meat or milk. So what what are your thoughts are on <hes> yeah. I'm really curious to see how this does because. I don't think it makes quite as much sense. The blended meat products which like tyson has debuted a line from the raised in rooted product that it's fifty percent fifty percent plant based protein and something like that makes a lotta sense because there are people who just don't either are really put off by the idea of like a beyond are impossible burger or just don't want to give up their meat for whatever reason and something like this. It's apparently tastes exactly the same and it has the same cooking properties but it it's you're cutting down fifty percent on the environmental and ethical goal. You know cost of meat. <hes> where adds something with this milk i kind of green most people either go oh plant full on plant based or full on regular but then again it's the same sort of value add where yes they're still dairy milk but it's fifty percent sent less so you're consuming less and maybe this will be sort of stepping stone on the way to people just going fully to plant based milk there. They're hesitant right now because they want more nutrition that you get from milk or they want the taste that you get for milk because you know almond. No wall good are not can't do you everything. The milk does doesn't have the same properties so maybe this is just kind of a halfway as people edged towards more alternative milk or as mike was saying for like the plant based milk curious. We'll still makes you wonder why then are cow farmers putting it out like i could see if it was like a plant based company saying hey here's your star milk riley. Hey put your tone the water seep. It's warm from the jump in the pool like accent. I think because it's the same reason tyson's doing it. You know they're saying there's this trend especially so with dairy. Because <hes> i mean john was writing about how the dairy farmers of america had launched this accelerator program. Dairy sales are down in the u._s. And they're kind of scrambling to find in some way to to get people to buy more dairy so they're like okay. All these people are having alternative milk. Maybe if we just make a blended product then at least they're still using fifty percent of our product and we can and we can appeal to the people who four environmental or health reasons use almond milk but maybe like don't love it so they're just trying to sort of you know if you can't beat them. Join them situation attrition yeah when when i spoke with dairy farmers of america couple a months ago like plant based milk came up in the conversation and they don't i don't believe they have any specific companies around the in the accelerator program but they did say like look we recognize the demand. Is there and we need to listen to that demand <hes> to keep appealing to consumers so you know. They hinted that they were making moves but yeah i mean i think i think it's a lot like tyson. Just like you said catherine. Is you know these kind of legacy. Organizations are trying to figure out a way to stay relevant then basically it's almost as if i mean i think he is bringing tyson. It's really smart. They could take one stance right be like the oil industry and say hey. We're going to really resist anything. That's really <hes> like a true alternative. We're going to kind of say hey there's no problem with global warming or their tests and say hey this is happening. Shooting were a protein company <hes> <hes> they should just say the dairy farmers or maybe just saying hey we're milk coming plant based dairy and just explore four different alternatives so good on them. If that's what they're doing yeah we'll see. I mean they are just bringing. It's in a test market right now in minnesota and then they're going to be bringing it out in in twenty twenty twenty or twenty one so i'm really eager to see how this does and you know. I'm also a little bit skeptical about whether consumers will embrace it or to say. I don't really need this. I have my almond milk. Half my plan my regular milk. I'll be really curious to see just the idea of all these labeling laws and consumer confusion so if you have like like to me you'd be like oh. Here's plant male cures cow milk. Here's a blend of that like that seems like it's going to cause more confusion than anything like it's actually spoke to someone from the liberal farms and she said that they're calling it. Milk blends and you know obviously they're not too worried about the labeling pushback wish back because they are the people who are doing the labeling pushbacks or or that those sort of groups but say calling it milk blends. They're like well. It is a plan to filkin other things so it's totally really fun last week. Genu wrote an article about <hes> the proposed cap on delivery fees for third party delivers delivery companies in new york city which i think think is interesting especially as you look at all these companies that are looking to go i._p._o. <unk> jordache or whatever this could eat into their bottom bottom line telephoto walks it could have applications across the country yeah well and this was kind of hinted at back in june and when they did the <hes> the big oversight hearing in new york a bow the commissions that restaurants pay too. I mean a grub hub was kind end of the front and center in that particular one but it's basically it's the new york state liquor. Authority wants to put a ten percent then cap on the fees that restaurants pay to third party delivery companies like jordache and light grub hub <hes> so the the law basically basically says you know these third party delivery companies are sharing in the profits of these restaurants <hes> and so they're basically subject to vetting by i <hes> by the authority so what that means is that if they put a cap on delivery fees. It's restaurants actually it. It would be illegal for a restaurant to pay grub hub more than ten percent on any transaction first of all. Do you know what typically like a grub. <hes> or jordache gets in terms of transaction. Yeah it's right now. It's anywhere between about twelve and thirty percents. That's a huge cut. I companies potentially well. Yeah and i think that's that you know it's. It's the question that's come up again and again as you've got one camp saying well. These restaurants don't have to sign up with grub abuna. Nobody's sort of forcing them but the reality is you know as we say many many times over here your deliveries basically table stakes now like you have to do it. So what other option do these companies have. They can't you know your local. Mom and pop burger joint doesn't have the money to hire their own fleet and back in logistics and all those other elements that these third party companies take care of but you know the big question now is are they taking advantage of these smaller restaurants by throwing these astronomical fees at them mm-hmm and i think at at at this point you know i don't know if so this particular proposal still has to be we discussed <hes> so it's not made into law yet but it's i think the bigger picture point here is that it's this conversation's is not gonna go away about commission fees to third party delivery services and <hes>. I think actually were this ban ban. Sorry were this cap to actually be put on restaurants. It would probably have a ripple effect around the rest of the country. I think we'd see san francisco do something similar. I think i mentioned in the post you know wouldn't when new york proposed a ban on cashless restaurants. It's with the cashless business model. I mean it was a matter of months. I think before multiple other cities proposed similar bands and i could see something like that <unk> happening in this scenario to the delivery revolution this third party delivery revolution for robot or for for restaurants. <hes> happened happened so quickly right that i don't think the regulation regulatory environment has had a chance to catch up and it's so drastically changed the restaurant business and so i think now we're just starting to see a catch up and i pray and robots because i was thinking what this might ultimately do. At thursday's caps is dr acceleration towards automation of these delivery every systems right at you have to pay only ten percent. If you really getting ten percent of your door to ash whatever you're you're going to want to reduce the cost to every as much as as you can to make it profitable for your business so that makes me think oh. Maybe it's going to be a robotic sized down the line. I mean that would make a lot of sense especially since as you you mentioned you know we've got post nights and door dash both potentially i._p. Owing soon but you know these companies are not profitable right now and that will obviously start to become a really big problem in the public market so <hes> you know right now they they can. I guess if we're a cap like this one to be imposed. It could potentially really eat away at any potential. Chill profitability for these companies. I mean it's why uber is basically exploring robotic delivery robot drivers right because he always their biggest cost is labor <hes> so if if you kept what the revenue is you have to cut the cost of tillery mischievous so it's an interesting thing to think about but before we go any further i think we we've we've waited long enough to talk about. Ah are impossible walker reviews chris. You're in a possible wop review. That was a whopper of opposed. It's been our most popular postal. Ask days <hes>. What did you think of them possible while he you know it's funny as as time to sort of unpack the entire experience mike it's it's fine bordering on not great <hes> for me just as i think more about it like i think this gets this gets back to another issue but like i went to my local burger king here in rural washington they they had it. It was no big deal. A lot of other people in the restaurant ordered one as well. I talked to one guy there who said he ordered it for the environmental reasons which is why i would order it as well to just the the ethical you know it's not a health thing obviously in a burger king no no <hes> but like it was mine was just felt like kind of dry and i got it with cheese and it just felt like it wasn't a grew. It wasn't a great experience and i've had good impossible burgers elsewhere but this was a sort of like me. It's fine fine. I guess the cooking that dry like however they charbroil it or at burger king does yeah. I don't know what they do. You know i hear all the time different stories about how people uh how things are actually prepared in a fast food restaurant but it certainly when you have something that high volume i don't think a lot of my guesses that the care going and do it as sort sacrificed <hes> unless they have some sort of automated cook program that walks walks through it but like i don't know mike you had it as well right and i think years it was a bit better at your experiences a bit better than the best thing i can say about it as it tastes exactly like a a whopper to me which is not saying. It's maybe the best experience because it's a walker her but it tasted exactly like i think mission accomplished for them. I'm whatever impossible is doing now. It seems to me like for meal east when i experience it. Whether it's a red robin or at burger king they've got to the point where the restaurants are are cooking it consistently and it tastes good and a taste like that that berger should taste because i will say the burger at <hes> red. Robin impossible is a different experience in the impossible gripper king what the deal is creating patties or burger experiences. It seems to me that fit within <hes> with customer specs at that given restaurant right because as as you guys know a burger king hammers much over the naropa hamburger and impossible is creating tailored experience for each of the let's see i've had the impossible astles slider at white castle which i think you did to catherine on your family holiday white castle field trip or whatever it is you guys. I loved it. I liked it so i had this thought of <hes>. I felt like i could still i could tell it tasted like like impossible. Burger like it wasn't fooling me who eats meat but i kind of wonder how much of that was in my head. Because i already knew impossible. I would love see i. I would love to see something like what they've done. At mcdonald's in sweden brought over to the u._s. where you can basically pay for a blind taste. Yeah that's burger king. Oh yes yes. That's it wasn't impossible but it was burger king yeah but i i would just be so curious <hes> to see that happening more just to see what people's unbiased thoughts are when they don't know what they're getting yeah. I like that idea. Almost like kind of the pepsi pepsi coke challenge although they knew that was coming to kind of do that is interesting what i found interesting about the possible offer is it actually had that flame broiled whopper taste to it which makes me think it's like a chemical they add because i think it you know there's a signature taste that i think each restaurant has each fast. Food restaurant has and there's the signature burger king taste and it's that flame broilers flavor and it was definitely on the impossible walker. I don't know how they did it. If like some additive or it's actually the fact that they'd put it off the flame and transferred that flavor property but it was definitely there yeah for sure it's on brand with the rest of the menu items at burger king <hes> <hes> and you know it from my anecdotal evidence. A lot of people are ordering it at least to try it out. <hes> so what i'm going to be curious about is what are the stats going forward like people got the first one now are they gonna go back and get another one yeah. If you are not a burger king customer for normally and you now have an option there you start going more and then be if you've gone there for a while. Do you switch over from that regular walker to the plant based on like i'm curious to see what that <hes> without looks like it does seem chris that a lot of the early kind of buzz out of it as like burger king seeing a lot of traffic in wake. You noticed it like you said in the restaurant yeah definitely i mean their own stats say that when they ran the test in saint louis initially they got an eighteen percent bump and foot traffic nick stores that had the impossible stores that didn't <hes> so now. They rolled out nationwide. It'll be interesting to see if that carries out like you know they're definitely drawing calling in lapsed burger king customers right <hes> the question is will those lapsed burger king customers. What's going to be the turn on that right. They got everybody in the door wants and how many times they're gonna come back yeah. I think it'll be really interesting to see as more and more fast food restaurants roll out either impossible burger beyond or develop their own plant based alternative turnover in house. You know maybe vegetarians or flexible marion's plant based meat curious people that are going to burger king now to try the walker but you know if mcdonald's throw something out and tune you go to pull off the highway and every single fast food option has a beyond or an impossible or whatever you know. How are you going to choose one over the other at that point point. I think it goes back down to that. Signature tastes mike was talking about. I mean 'cause now. If you're on a road trip and you decide to pull over read an exit and go okay. I'll get some fast food. What do you choose it on. It's usually it's usually well. I prefer wendy burgers over mcdonald's or are you know i hate burger king's fries or you know all of those factors. Come down to taste so if you can't taste the difference between <hes> if you're not supposed to be able to taste the difference between the plant based version and the meat version it would come back to the actual restaurants kind of signature taste. I would end up being sort of a wash. Once everybody has a you know you're gonna go to burger king or wendy's based on whether you liked burger king or wendy's before they had planned pace meet because now they both have impossible or whatever but they've adapted it and made a taste exactly like their signature berkers that would make sense to me yeah well because you will choose either impossible or beyond then right is as beyond sets up different restaurants. That's absolutely fair and then as we go down the road you know both impossible and beyond are gunning for making an alternative that tastes exactly like the real thing like meet and right now. They're both doing relatively well. I think you know we're kind of divided on which ones we like better here but i'd say keep rolling out more and more versions and getting closer and closer in taste and texture and all that maybe eventually it just truly will taste the same but what if your average consumer doesn't actually care if it's impossible or beyond i mean i don't know like we obviously all have our opinions on them but we kind of you know. This is what we do. Every single day is talk about this sort of thing. I'm just wondering if your average consumer's stopping at a fast food hub is gonna care whether it's impossible or beyond then i think they i will write like we all have opinions on coke versus pepsi <hes> i think consumers have opinions <hes>. It's kinda early that cycle for people to to discern those br i think ultimately they will agree like right now. People are like oh yeah. It's the the wants a bleed like me but it isn't you know if i just chatting with a friend to kind of knows about it but isn't totally sure they'll use them entertained and get and get confused which you know if you're not doing it everyday like we are as totally understandable but i agree with mike that eventually it'll become so so commonplace and recognizable especially once impossible goes into retail and people can buy it and really see the difference in in the grocery store that it will be sort of a coke pepsi. I mean and i'm coke all the way if you offer pepsi. I'm like oh never mind so you could be like that. I am from hotlanta. Well you know burgers. Plant-based burgers has yesterday's news <hes> tomorrow. I think we're going to try some plant based ice cream right catherine. You can show that you've got a shipment of ice cream which <hes> <hes> you know full disclosure. I did sample a tiny bit guys but don't worry i'm saving plenty for you and you know pretty good so far i mean i sampled the teaser. Teas are speaking of teasers smirk it to someone is at about <hes> just a little under seven weeks <hes>. I just got confirmation in yesterday that the the guy is basically heading up i._b._m.'s <hes> official total will be here talking about their partnership with mccormick kinda using a._i. To create the future flavor <hes> we have the c._t._o. From zoom coming to talk about food robotics we have somebody call speakers coming like it's kind of like just blowing my mind at this point because i'm getting excited. Oh yeah yeah. It's it's. It's going to be here sooner than we know it so get your tickets market to some dot com use a podcast discount code podcast twenty five percent off tickets but hey guys thanks for getting together. This has been a lot of fun and we'll <hes> we'll try next week as we have with motley ice committee that we need to talk about all right you guys against <hes> for chris albrecht catherine lamb in john marston. Thanks everyone for listening and we'll talk to you as soon.

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