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LOST: Down the Hatch | The DJ DOM Exposd Party


I folks Josh McNary year with a very special edition of down the hatch. podcast in what you were about to listen to is amazing. At least I think so. I hope you think so as as well and I certainly think you will. If you are a regular down the hatch listener just a couple of quick notes ahead of the podcast note number one is obviously. There's lost spoilers on all these down the hatch podcast but this one also has alias. Spoilers just light alias boilers but alias. Spoilers all the same so if you care about that. There are some alias. Spoilers here that's a funny thing to have be the first warning on this podcast but there you go secondly eh what. You're going to listen to a series of skype calls. Phone calls over skype so the audio may be a little bit wonky than you're used to hearing on down the hatch. I promise you the content will be worth you just like the regular episode recaps of down the hatch. Then don't worry you don't need to listen to this one but if you're a completion EST but be if you're a particularly intrigued by a certain recurring gag that has reared its head in the latter days lost down the hatch sees one then. May I get US ready for the remainder of this show by way of familiar too. Good thanks the Oh my God. It's the DJ. Dumb expose was aid party here on. Lost Down the hatch on post show recap so everybody. I'm Josh Regular joins. Your by Mike Bloom Mike. Holy Ooh League. God what is about to happen here. Nineteen sixty-nine Josh Man Lands on the Moon. Two thousand four loss premiers. His two thousand ten loss. Dad's let's finish off that Mount Rushmore twenty twenty. Dj Drinks on me on mass amassed rapper. We're doing it screw. You can jaw. We're the doctors here and we're on masking own. My God okay so if you are listening to this sequentially on you're down the hatch podcast feed then you'll know that we tease this. A little bit on the man of science man of faith recap. I'm going to something. which is something? We teach that something was coming up. Well this is the thing. This is the thing that was coming up. I'm going to say some things say of things before we proceed The thing that I'm going to say is I think this is very likely podcast. That is really even less for lost fans and more very specifically typically per down the hatch fans if you have been a fan of the DJ dom segments that have been recurring ever since numbers since numbers then. I think you're going to be pleased today because boy. Oh boy do we have something special for you. And if you're not a fan then I guess the bright side is depending on how this goes. There might be a severely. Lessen chance of playing that stupid song on our podcast go great. I'm really really excited about this podcast. Today it's got a very very funny back axe story to it then. I'm really excited to get into into unveil and I think that it's best if we sort of just let this podcast go and just flow low in whatever direction it is going to flow in this is in the same round the same current here this is the DJ Dumb Expos Aid Party and if you are just suddenly finding us. You're down the hatchet. The randomly been directed to this podcast. Dj Tom is the name that Mike Bloom. And I have have affectionately given the fictional character that we have envisioned for the lost universe. Who is the creator of a song called drinks on me that played at the top of this podcast? It played in season one episode eighteen numbers when Hurley is walking on the beach and we flashback back to Hurley in his Hummer with his mother. Carmen raise and he's blasting that song. And when Mike and I recorded our recap of numbers we spent I. I think it was an honest twelve minutes on trying to define the meaning of the lyrics behind drinks on me. I think that that's a good estimate of time that we spent spent even being conservative concerned. If you add up the time subsequently over the course of down the hatch that we've talked about drinks on me that it almost doubles the amount of time. I think it was very quickly once. We took a deep dive into that song w with no better meaning of the lyrics divine from this beloved piece of music. At at least we're going to warm. Its way into the mythos of down the hatch and so we have made it pop up a good number of times much to people's either amusement or Chagrin okay so that has has happened some people have loved it some people not so much if you're not so much if you're in the not so much category skip this podcast you don't want to have anything to do with this one of but if you love the DJ dumb stuff. I think that this is the one you've been waiting for. We've got to business just here at the top. We WanNA think our sponsors for this episode of down down the Hat's our friends over at CBS. All access with. Tell me a story Mike Bloom. Everybody remembers their favorite fairy tales. Growing up mine was actually the fairy tale of DJ drinks on me who is Dj Dom. Who is who is this? This crown prince that is the that is the architect of the greatest BOP in Los History St. Yeah I mean now that we're going to finally find this out you're going to have the full pitch to make all access for hopefully another season. That would be really good for the next season of. Tell me a story but right now there is a new season of Kevin Williams. Tell me a story that is streaming on CBS. All access and the show takes the world's most well known fairy tales and reimagined imagines them as a dark and twisted psychological thriller exploring an entirely new set of characters this season features three legendary stories beauty and the beast. 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We're we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA layer some people into the podcast like we're mixing a song and we're trying to isolate those tracks and have them form together to make me Louis piece of audio. Dan Lewis. I've never I don't think I've ever heard that word before. I think it's a word I think. Tank Louis podcast is what is happening today with the DJ Dumb Expos Aid Party which would not be possible without the next person and we are going to bring in to the podcast and we're going to call him up in justice second and hopefully we're going to be able to like keep going no stop. Downs would be ideal the offer today but mike before I call this person on skype which might just. There's just a little thing that I'd love for you to play really quickly before I make the recall. Is this going to be our transition transition. Everyone nights in prime before we ended up delivering into the main course here so here we go folks everybody when you might buy with David. Yeah okay so with that said let me call this man and see if he is ready. Talk to US mark. Hey Josh Marquet here Mike or you hear. Oh my God in the process of doing this I have lost Mike. Bloom looms. Let me add Mike Blue Mark. We're live this is all happening. This is all happening right now. There's there's no time for anything off the record we are. We're totally on board this podcast recording Mike I lost you but I've got you back. Yeah are you still keeping your audio running or did you stop it. Oh my audio is still running and everybody is even. I'm GonNa hear that question from you. Is your audio still running. This is an active situation that we have here on down the hatch right now and uh-huh just talking about the the relay race of podcasting. You're attempting to do right now. Josh you try to seamlessly transition from like just adding people on like we're the God God damn wizard of Oz here just down the road doing knowledge that I'm DJ. Wombat is what I'm attempting to do. We're here today. Mike Bloom. We're so happy to have on the line here. The Great Mark Douglas Prolific Listener Down the hat's great friend of our HP and post show recaps community and mark is also the man responsible for the wombat combat station logo or at least for facilitating the wombat station logo. I don't WanNa give you too much credit mark. I didn't dry. I set it all up. We worked it out. Yeah that's perfect. Mark Mark we we are we're not dachshund. US DJ DUMB YOU ARE NOT DJ dumb. It's it's not who you are. You are detective. Douglas are you are an unofficial private investigator who tracks racks down. Dj Dom this is true. This is true Josh. This is This is exciting so we so mike and I have already recorded it a little bit. Okay we set up a little bit of what we're GonNa do today on the show. I let the listeners know that this is indeed. Dj Dom Expose Party. And we haven't really told people exactly where we're going to go with all this and what's going to happen and what's going to come of this mark. What I would love is for you to tell Mike an eye story in your words of how we're getting to what we are about to get ourselves into? Tell us a story mark while back. I think two weeks ago you did the podcast talking. How you talk to Damon? Lindelof and Ah You have that one last question about the song you kind of got an answer but he mentioned someone would certainly in the right direction right and I tried reaching out to a few different people because I knew that was out there so I I wrote A. I don't know if you tell the people I wrote to tell the story it's l.. Damon gave us this lead of noted Japan File Bryan Berner. Yes so I had. I had Damon Lindelof on the on on the phone for an interview for the watchman season potentially series finale and I asked him. Listen there's there's there's not a town of lingering lost mystery so after that nobody knows the answers to the outrigger is the famous one. But apparently there's this song from numbers drinks drinks on me that nobody knows who made it. Nobody knows where it came from or who left with and can you help me find the person who who made us longer. Can you tell. Tell me the story and he was like A. I'm thrilled that this is a question. You're asking me a question. He had never received from anyone asking him about lost before so oh I felt very good about that. But he didn't have an answer. He said I just went into the Edit Bay and that song was playing and I said yeah that sounds good keep it and he said Brian Burke noted fan a and Japan would be the person to ask and he he can get you the answer and I put that out there into the universe on our season one feedback act show. I said hatchlings. Do your thing if you if you've got it in you to find Brian Burke he's the man who's going to have the answer and Mark Mark. Douglas Tremendous Potomac River family man super lost fan. Incredible human being decided to take up the cause and proverbially input four eight fifteen sixteen twenty three forty two every one hundred and eight on loop the quest to find. Dj Yes well. Brian Burke is not easy to hold up. He's a busy guy. I kinda thought there might be other people that you know. There's so many people involved in the show but someone has to know and I kind of I got. I found Dan. I tell us okay is the director of numbers. He's only directed numbers and everybody loves. You go so I thought maybe he has a type is who knows about everybody. DANCE LOVES YOU GO. Yes so I actually connected through through like. He has a website for himself so email address and I emailed them and he wrote me back like an hour and I was crazy that I replied but he didn't have an answer but he was hopeful for me. He said good luck young man. I don't know but it's like this is this is a fifteen fifteen year old loss question and no one really that these people then so many other things they don't care the equivalent of going to one of those conventions and be like hey any questions and then it's it's like Neverland Person. NC Mark Your lovely principally this person from Psalm. An episode of secret laws plays Yeah. That's basically it. Yeah but I felt hopeful I I was getting answers immediately. Our reply right and I tweeted at David Fury he's the CO executive producer of numbers and he replied to me right away to. I only tweeted them. Saying I ask you a last question about an episode for podcast and he said shoot so I shot in the message and he didn't reply but I was getting replies applies. So let's just review David Fury ghosted. You did you think reaching out to Jorges Garcia to talk with him. Considering that early knows how to talk with ghosts right and that logic. I love this man who slid into Jimmy Fallon's DMZ the M.'s. With his cell phone number in the past week position to judge those who actually three people I connected with media reach out to Jimmy Fallon Alan. Yes but I didn't hear reply for more and that's okay but I so they're not movie database Crazy website of so much information breaks down the lost episodes with everybody that works. I don't know if there's more credits on this and they're on the TV screen but There is a section called. Was it music department. Yes I don't know positive like eight people listed. There was a name listed by the name of Chris. The Glove Taylor and the names. The name stood out to me and I clicked on Chris the Glove Taylor and basically you go to page sprawling. It's it's insane a sprawling list of credits and toward towards the bottom there. There is indeed lost. He's credited with Song. Production one episode. Two thousand five in one episode is numbers his numbers. It's the only episode. Yes and I'm like this is just a little curious. The only episode. There's a rap song in the episode that his name. I don't know I just things Ronald Bellamy so I looked up Chris the Glove Taylor and he's on instagram and he's very active on it. He has a huge following and so I said to my DM and he replied to me right away to this. This is a very active day day and my ass theory. It's mark like you. You and I were damning as well and you were like. I'm I'm mound. I'm on the case. I'm on the hunt. If you deputise me to do this I'm Gonna I'M GONNA go out and I'm going to look I was like yeah man do your thing absolutely and the the escalation was great so so let me let me tell you what happened in this text message exchange between myself and and mark you you would simply Josh. I don't know if you spend any more time digging into the Hurley's number Song I noticed that David Fury's on twitter maybe you can. DM You can't Yemen but maybe tweet and then you found. Dan is email and gave you three clap emojis and I said feel free to begin and beef. Dj Hero and you said Okay. I'm down for it. I want to be that hero. Chorea a copy of that Dan. Taya's email because screen shot it and you send it to me very straightforward email. That he sent back to mark Mark Mark. Wish I could help but I'm afraid I have no idea. Good luck though. It was sent from his iphone and Mark said Damn he's passed though and you asked if he could if you could get you access to Brian. Burke did not see my reply. He he did not reply to you. Mark that was January twenty fifth and then January twenty sixth rolls around and this comes my way at five thirty six in the morning and it's the remark and mark says. Oh Josh hot on this mystery sons trail I might have an artist entitled for you today and You knew that we were recording you that Mike and I were going to be recording man of science man of faith in just a couple of hours and you said you didn't know if you'd be able to get it in time and then Tuesday Tuesday at ten fifty one in the morning so we're talking five hours after you told me you're hot on the trail. You have a message from Chris. The Glove Taylor. You sent him a link to a youtube video that says Hurley listens hip hop music in his Hummer and east at this the clip from Youtube that I found and Chris the Glove on instagram responded to you and said. Ll Yes that's me. I produced that drinks brinks on me. Wow and then I respond by saying wow we need to know board you said you were trying and then you said he just gave me his phone number to call him. I send you a whole bunch of percents text from there your receive any responses per mark for a long time. I don't know how he responds to your brain breaking Josh for this news and Mark. Response this to me in all caps Josh. I've got everything video card. You right now so mark and I. We've already talked on the phone. A south of this is that the story up to date as far as you can tell completely up to date yet so at this point then we told this man man we would be calling him. We're we're about three minutes past. Maybe we should wait one more minute before before we call him just to make four minutes late. We're three minutes later than when we told him he would call him. We're going to. We're going to reach out to Chris the Glove Taylor. And we're GONNA patch him into this call and he. He says he is the producer of drinks on me. We'll tell us more about DJ dom. Mike if you would like to play the music and then I'll give them a call. Everybody win it took hello. I'm Christie the call. Let's see what happens calling Chris the Glove Taylor calling calling. We've been texting so hopefully. He's available Chris. The Glove Unavailable Chris the glove unavailable. Let's see let's let's see if we can try this one more time. Mike if you could just keep the music on more time for good luck that might that might help in fact all right. We're calling Chris the Glove Taylor again. Let's see if he's available to to pick up the call three or four in the car Chris. The glove unavailable available. Chris the Glove Taylor still. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA see this works one more time my mind just podcast. The office is so part of the pocket. No Mike if you wouldn't mind just maybe one more time if you can if you can play the I think we've done it three times now for Chris. It may take four times. But let's see if you playing that song one more time works. Works out to get Chris the Glove Taylor in this chat. Everybody win you back by. Chris is ah his glove. Taylor yes it is this. Is this the man responsible for ear. You're worming the down the hatch audience for the last couple of months with the legendary. Jason Me Oh my gosh this is. This is the greatest day for many people. The smiles on people's faces is is right now are are are huge. Trekking through the middle of Tibet's find the Dalai Lama. This isn't it peacefully. I know Chris we just had. We just had mark. Tell his side of the story of tracking you down on this impossible. WHO has and I don't know how much he feels you in? I would love to know before we get into anything else from your perspective. What happened to you about a a week ago last day when when a random man mark? Douglas Your instagram. DM's with questions is a bad a long ago. TV show called loss man. I'm GonNa tell you that day I'll sitting here because I'm on my hi instagram right. So I'm active on their few. Hit Me Chris. The glove instagram. You can mostly talked me in the morning so I'm going to be my messages to do a random question I'm like great loves so I've cracked up because I have like two identities. He's right I got the hip hop side in the TV side right so I was like this the TV music question. What are you talking about the ads? It just so happened that that episode or something. I remember because I was trying to get into watching law at the time right. I mean years ago when we did it and I just remember the yellowhammer and that's the thing I always remembered so because I've got like maybe you know five six hundred songs place on different television shows and I was like laws but you remember too big the months. You know what I mean right right so I could remember the title of the song and I was like what he's talking about so he asked me Hey this is the random question but and then he goes into the wrong on this show along beneath segues over to the typecast and all of that. And I'm like wait. Let me back up. What's the question? Yeah that's me I say. Yes yes Chris Taylor and then he went and looked it up me back so bad saw like really like it was some in Korea. Li like warped thinks. I'm like this is like loss. Automate this whole thing that happened in a flash backlash forward rice. It is time apple right like it's taking you back to two thousand and five fifteen years which is indeed on November birth. Probably Rather unexpectedly but unbeknownst to you Chris Do you prefer Chris. Do you have A. How would you like to refer to prefer glove cool? Whatever you're comfortable glove? Yeah with that. It's applied glove is kind of hard to tell apart where people know me down for a second because I. I am genuinely intrigued by this nickname. Very how did you gary intriguing. What how did you get the glove as a nickname? Okay so in okay so I started off as the Los Angeles area. Dj Okay. So so I started in nineteen eighty one. Nineteen eighty is when I kinda ask so in nineteen eighty. There's no youtube. There's no nothing you don't get music from New York unless you're surrender. Cousin brings a cassette day over when he comes to visit in the summer. Those records are like six months old. And you hear mixing things that I've never heard blending records together l.. Let all my God So I tried to play basketball. I went to college. Aeronautical Engineering. SC Son go matadors. And then I just dropped out. I just was not going to be when when the space shuttle Pickoff I was done. I wanted to make that lure that I know of twenty role secret programs and stuff you know dropout a rocket science school ooh and I marketed. Good what should I be. I WANNA be something. PIFFLE A DJ. Okay what the hell is that. Okay in nineteen seventy nine November. What is that so I had to go on this starts to become A? DJ SORTA became a scratch DJ. I found a record. REVERSE ENGINEER GRANDMASTER FLASH ON THE WHEELS. Do Jio awkwardly learning about scratching. Record by hearing. The backwards queuing outlaw. My mom calls me for dinner same as the other day. Who Work or somebody? I'm like Oh this a bit. There was nobody this show you not even the equipment brother so after I got all this together started. DJ SCRATCHING TEARING UP LA. I get This one club called Club radio so I used to deliver equipment the paper my Gig so I could. Dj All these gigs right. So I'm I used to always carry these big speakers and they were pinched my fingers so I bought the gigantic oversized. Glad you got to protect yourself your money me exactly actly man everybody. I've got pinched up my hands to this day from that era so I got the gloves and so I'm rolling stuff it so I immediately the owners of the club right so I'm a hotshot right. I'm eighteen guys like so you're a DJ. We hear you. The guy wanted to deliver the sneaker store told me he wanted to introduce me to them and say. Hey there's a New York style club it'll be perfect for your like in that thing. I don't know what you call it but you guys need to meet. He's an older guy. He didn't know he had equipment. So Jerry McGee audio so we go to club radio on the Alex Jordan off and K. K.. A Frenchman and two Frenchmen one from Belgium and other one be at New York they come and they brought hip hop La. They knew what it was so they came here and they look for La Artists. That could do things that they could do. A New York right so they said we hear Euro Super Duper DJ. I'm like the best DJ and so they say okay. What's your Daming Dj? I'll say oh Dj Chris they will have the name for you when you come back. We want you to come eleven so I came back at eleven and they had a marquee marquee eleven. PM The glove is something that must be me on and took the name they could be a guy named the glove fifty years old. That was the line right. That can be another guy right. I alternate reality because I learned about you know thirty. Quantum physics of I didn't stop rocket science. I still was intrigued with the way earth and everything so I've been studying quantum onto him since the word was developed from string theory and from you know Alison Quantum lamb was my first book. I read about leaving you guys behind. But it's about loss so so when you learn about alternate reality and then you here. Twenty five years later about quantum computer to operate an alternate realities. That we use right. It just says to me hey. That's it's real tonight excused very much. I I love the fact that you know. You did leave `aeronautics career career to pursue DJ. But this song is out of its out of this world so you know when you're still accelerate Australia's so the thing glove is is and I'm sure mark explain this to you is so so. I know that you were watching a little bit of loss as you were. You were getting started in working on it. And we're GONNA gotTa tell us the story of how you became involved in loss but there's you know the the show ended. It lasted six years. went out on its own terms left a lot of these big mysteries. These is big existential questions still on the table with no answer so this is like a lot of questions about the show specifically story that that don't have resolution but a lot of the behind the scenes stuff and a lot of the production stuff you know it's got a it's got a pretty vast trivia page wherever you're looking lost pedia or career wherever but nobody. Nobody knows. Nobody knew who made drinks on me you went from. Jj crested the J. GLOVED DJ question question Mark Question Mark because your identity has been covered your hand onto this point. It's been it's been a big mystery in the body already and this is why we are. We are so tickled that that that detective. Douglas here was able to track you down so I guess I would love to know from from your perspective. What your story is with getting associated with lost and I imagine that that takes us into How you've gotten to to writing music for television? Okay so I was. I started doing hip hop and did that and then around two thousand one. I just didn't WanNa do it anymore. So I just found this friend of mine told me about a guy who was hired as a my you you know skill set you know do music for television. It was like I was a spy for the government and then I just wanted to become a contractor right so I went over to this guy and I was like. Oh you knew the guy who does moesha music. Don't sound like hip hop you need me. They make hip hop. We changed the sound of hip hop. Come on let's get down so I thought to work with him and I started composing multiple shows with him. How the ghost rider? I'm GONNA say his his name but I will say so but anyway fast forward laws. We were doing composing and for a while. We had ten eleven shows era as composers but that network actually off the air after the writers strike thousand seven eight completely disappear so we created the catalog of our songs started making songs. The place on television instead of being the composers of black music we started just making like music available and I was able to make the same caliber music that we may records with so it kind of elevated the sow so basically what we do was Shows like laws. NCIS Did a lot of great show that got canceled with Christian slater called. What was the the only way? Yeah Yeah my own worst enemy. I've got don't seen in that one man Yeah I love I love having a big club opening night view. The people walking by with my record just gives you energy when eleven people are watching it. Yeah I know you've gotta you've got you've got a robust IMDB page you know. I'm I'm looking at it right and you you've got tons of shows that that you've worked on you were on nine. Oh Two zero two nine oh to know the new the new melrose place. You've got a song credit on on gossip girl and you're you're also mentioning shows like NCIS that are not even on here which suggests to me like you're out there. Yeah okay so is with L. L. and Chris O'Donnell you that you like you say you're a liar. Yeah so you went from being spied being contracts contractor. But like you're still you're you're everywhere like you're you're you're seeded throughout the Bro. I got a school kids. Steve Man I'm about to take over the world children. That's great. That's awesome this summer. Run for office in twenty years. That's awesome. I'm yeah I'm here for gloves. Twenty forty personally. I'll stop for it so bear so the so then you know you you end up coming aboard for lost and obviously I imagine that a lot of the creative license as to the actual song itself was just your own doing but what was the prompt you received from the show at the time. Once you have been brought on to work on this episode like what is it what is it they want it specifically from you for this episode of loss was great because well we used to do since we created a genre of music. We had a catalog. The people would actually go say. Hey we need this for this thing this type of saw. So whenever they needed a hip hop loud rap they will come to me and so the the quote came out for that Man Corey who was also wrapper on there. We got together and we did this joint and shot it over and the company we were we went over there got it placed and they just loved it. We didn't have to get any notes or anything anything. No repair and the funny thing is my list that I did that. With as well with on a so-called played a hip hop story and he was the rap voice of two pox. Wow yeah wow so. Essentially we got a thousand bucks so essentially drinks. I'm me is like two degrees removed from it. Being A TWO-PACK DOC. Original is what you're saying. Basically three because I did work two part work music. I play Keyboards California. That's all that's that's awesome. That's really cool. We spent we have spent hours at this point. Talking offline about drinks on me but just in terms of on the podcast genuinely probably played the song as much as you here in the episode of loss which is about thirty thirty seconds or so. We've probably pay played that Mike. How many times you estimate at at this point across the podcast since we first introduced to down patch it's been at least one hundred eight minutes duration? But I do that. We played it probably Realistically About Twelve The Times I would I would say and people love it because we we have spent a lot of time glove trying to figure out the the story of drinks on me and what is what is happening within within the context of the song drinks on me who is who. Who is who is who is singing? The song not just in terms of who is actually singing this song in reality but who is that character in that universe who is who is apparently offering to pay for drinks for so many people but only the people that are coming with him the people that are on his line and also also menu and who they may believe he. He seems to be very concerned with who they are. Leaving with. And we've had a lot of we've had a lot of like just like lost his so rich with with theories. We've we've come up with an endless amount of speculation about the song but we're here with the source and uh-huh you can talk us through. What is the story of drinks on me? Okay so I'm GonNa tell you the breakdown so real quick. We did a phone call. Eight number G thing right. I could try but the song is not really titled the letter G. Thing is caught like this and like that. Yeah but the name official title is but a GPA. So drinks on me really type of who you wit. That's why he's concerned with cool. Wow from idle title is actually who you wit. Okay everybody out three me Blah Blah Blah. And then he goes. No you remember concern with WHO Ryan came with right and you are leaving with you see so bear for that person singing. That song is like a combination of puff. Daddy and biggie makes with a little bit of swag from the guys live in the actual lawsuit but he looks like the guy in law so imagine what characters name early early Hugo Hugo Ran said. How much did you pay attention to lost after your contribution to the show absolutely tried to keep deep up in got lost in a panel happen? You're not the only person you are with your with a lot of eh for sure. Well he he goes on to Mary important character. So it's a it's a big go very very. So he's singing the song. Well Okay you sing that song now as I was going to go into well that's dope I'd even realize because I was GonNa say the travelers are with him. The guy in the car with him. I don't think he makes it on the but the people in the in the plane are the one team talking to. I think he had a you know who who you wit it was the whole ultimately allegheny. They fell into that place island and evening on earth or something and listen. I'm a fan of alias. I'm a fan of all these shows multiple boron up with. I couldn't believe it got a little funky way. I need to be clear on this. So are you saying we've been calling the character who is singing the song with who who you Wiz we've been since since the drinks on Mussa Whit who you who you wit who you wit. We've been out we've been calling this person Dj. Tom Is the name name that we have. We have short for. Dj Drinks on me. Yes so that has been sort of the short. That's the that's the shorthand and the whole purpose of this episode out of the podcast. We've called it the DJ Dom Expose Party as we are as we're finally unmasking Dj dom glove are you telling telling me that curly is DJ. Dom Well I'll tell you what we do hurriedly he is Dj so you. What a lot of characters We build up in here. Poss we create a persona and in slide. Ride someone in like we'll write songs for some artists. We create will write than lyrics. And we'll make them into that like me. I'm you know me as a traducing music producer in film would also do this in hip-hop but I also have other things like this is an alter ego this hip hop producer with platinum records. His there's like not even a real person like a fake life. You know what I'm saying so I get to use that as like my Batman Light. You know so we do this for people who like I have a great friend deal. See who the Great Pan and writer for guys like snoop into chronic album not produced on and stop up with Dr Dre and this was the dom and he's the artist that we have created giving them all of swag and he goes out with Chris Conglo DJ. Wow I'm liking this. 'cause I like this idea because I don't know if you remember glove but the song plays when Hurley is is driving to this new house he bought for his mom. Never mind what happens to the house. That's another story homer and you'll Hummer and he's listening to the song but from what you're saying saying it's literally like Hurley recorded himself singing the song and is playing it back or is it more of like like you were saying more of like a spiritual thing like this is how Hurley's feeling at the Joyce Sama is how he's feeling become. I mean you know new knee inquiry. But we've given him the swag for the moment and he's he is in the car wash and that's how we drive every day and I let you know now. Now the reason I brand new I did the reason we ask is is so you bailed on lost glove before the show who genuinely got into time travel. Did you know that time travel became like a very big part of the show wasn't just a flat path forward but I didn't know they went back and forth entire scene where they are in quantum leap style jumping through time and I suppose I suppose that that was not a cool the thing of it. It's possible that you're going to go and watch lost some day so I feel like I should get your consent. Do you mind need that though. Because it'll help me. Do you mind if we just like. Can we talk to you about where lost goes. Do you mind if we if we roll. You will give me all this floor read about you. Yeah right spoiler rich show. Yeah you got it got it. So that's that's what we're doing here we're going to look for you. You're on our line and so what happens in August is there. There is a frozen donkey wheel in the middle of the island again. If you turn the donkey wheel you can move the island through space and time and so several people from the main cast get off the island and find rescue about halfway into the show. And that's when you start getting into flash forward stuff but some of the people stay on the island when this frozen donkey wheel was turned and Yada Yada Yada they get zapped back in time to the nineteen seventies indies. And so a lot of stuff that's happened. In the history of lost up to that point it turns out that a lot of the characters who have been on the island for a while are actually part of their own about it already. Yeah Oh my God I gotta go back to their part of their own history like they're responsible support for their own destiny because they live a life in the nineteen seventies that actually motivated things that ended up happening in their lives in two thousand four. Two thousand I five and stuff like that. So Hurley is one of the people that leaves the island and he comes back to the island at some point and it's very complicated to explain the mechanics of how how this happens but people who left and then come back find themselves also stranded in the nineteen seventies in Hurley is one of those people and then everybody detonated need a nuclear bomb and it gets them all back into the future. That's a reset everything then ends up creating this alternate universe as you mentioned which is sort of they mentioned but more so like a post death purgatorio. Basically there isn't an alternate reality but what happens is in the universe of lost when you die you do experience some sort of purgatory royal afterlife. And you have to be tested and if you pass the test you find your friends and you all get to move on together and has a very sweet and sappy happy ending the in their universe they all they all find each other and and so with time travel element a mint. It strikes me that in the universe of lost it would be possible for Hurley to have gone back in time recorded recorded. Who You wit and could be listening to it in the Hummer not yet realizing that he is indeed listening to his own song? And I'll take it one step. Further for you. Glove is that Hurley ends up at the end of the show. He's the king of the island. Keys he is the person he's he's the person who becomes in charge of the island. So if you are the chart of the wheel of the everything there's like a big light at the center of the island. He's in charge of the whole thing. And so if you're if you're hitching your spiritual wagon to Hurley than you sir are also one of the CO kings of the island by the end of the show. I love that and I'll take get even with me because one step further. I think we go to California Cornea in the eighty S. I think early shows up outside of a club and they say all right. We're GONNA bring on this guy. Dj Christie Says No calm DJ gloves calling glove. It is GONNA GO P- Hurley. Made you incredible early named me by name. Came from early. Total guy called me that so is it is it. Fair return to see Hurley is is part of the DJ DOM experience officially Canon. Because he gave me the idea I can. I can see it now to listen to this. This is really funny. I was walking down a big abandoned allowed CNN. Okay and I'm really thinking about. I used to play basketball. Didn't make team. I was GonNa Rocket Science. crafter them space. Oh took off like my time is rule. I'm down right now bro. Really I'm seventeen. I graduated high school right white on my seventeenth birthday on my sixteenth birthday way. I was sixteen anyway early from turned seventeen. I'm in college I'm sure and so I'm walking down. Ah Bandon street you know. And Hurley must've stood next one cannot be he walked him sent a DJ. And I look and nobody there. Wow Wow was early early early early own. This is amazing amazing here here. What is digestive Douglas? Because on the make song yeah that became who you which is draped on me what she wanted to get created a I need everything. Yes perfect move all ya a pro move on his clearly. He has become Lord and Master of time. China has really figured out how we're not you know who he is. Josh doctor who you went doctor. Who Now dr WHO? You're with that brother. This is amazing. Love Listening Yeah Mark You you are a superhero. Because you put in the Legwork to track down critical of WHO. I am so thrilled to have in my life glove. This is such a pleasure getting talk to you and I and I certainly hope it's not the last time I would highly encourage you to watch lost when you can't especially if somebody who's super rocket science astrophysics it gets very heady. It's very existential. I think even knowing some of the story details we've sketched out for you. I think you'll really appreciate the character stuff and the music stuff and it gets really weird but I think yeah. I think you'll like it and I strongly advise you to give it another shot but mark. What is what is your take on all of this after spending bending the amount of time that you did getting to track down Chris and getting and bringing Chris into our worlds? I just all smiles right now. This is just so cool honestly. I'm just thrilled to be like a small part of getting this together. It's so cool I you guys yes guess what else you know. He must be responsible for Alanon really influential with helping Dr Dre become post interview interview with the music Produced on the chronic album relieve influence. A little more Dr Dre. Why doctor? He's he's a heavily influenced. I've got to do all the explosive I've done Phone tap which big plays every day in Los Angeles on who radio bid for twenty years. It's it's incredible type of things. I've done Madrid While about seeing Park California love and others others and it's just like ink influence and even even go there so this guy is almost impossible so You might think that this is really funny. There's this is not a joke there. There's a story line in lost. During that time travel time travel season in las when Hurley is in the nineteen seventies nineteen seventy seven so star wars has just come out and there is an entire episode where a Hurley spends the entire episode writing the script for the empire strikes back for the second star. Wars I love it. I thought we were talking about this. Saying I love this stuff because loss loss at its core is a show about people who at least think they have all these disparate lives scattered around the globe coming together and maybe it's about building in society. Maybe it's about like encountering although all the weird shit get that gets thrown their way but lost on the outside of this show as well that brings together. I never thought in my life I would be able to meet and talk with somebody like Chris the Glove Taylor. But I'm so happy that I got this. I mean we have to thank loss for that L. losses. The reason why we got the reason you got brought together with early man and I loved it too. I feel the same way man I I would never speak to. I didn't even know about your show. And I'm bottling now I would have not known the search for that like and now I'm talking to you guys and not WanNa ever stop talking you. Have you have a standing invitation to return to the PODCAST. CAST whenever you want if you if you're musically inspired and if you if you find yourself watching lost and he's got some other Hurley. Inspirations Coming your way. Just just knock on her door. You've got our email address now we we would. We would be thrilled to have you back on the show Joe and again. I can't strong and enough I think for someone of your of your interest in your background dug deeper back into the show. It's super binge. I think I think a lot of it really holds up even fifteen years back and I'll do you want better if you have any questions or theories reach out to blessed because I think a lot of the show have washed it and I'm bound times and they love watch showing it to people for the first time in seeing how they sort of track things along and we would. I'd love to be riding shotgun along with you for that experience to appeal entertain that I do man I have a question so hurley being the king of I don king good readers and so Love and honor this guy so the show ends a all do this. The show ends and he calling king of the island is like just like a shorthand for him being. He's like he's like basically jar. Yeah he's he's authorized to basically be in charge urge and he's very he's very nervous about it. He's very scared about it but you. You're on this season journey with this guy and there's just no question Russian whatsoever that this is the most kind hearted best hearted person cast. So it gives you real hope for the future and I did it but then you told me that by association on cocaine because of the experience so what I wanted to know with like I'm GonNa Watch the show and I wanted to be able to like get up with you guys a week or two and say hey. This is what I got questions and this is like how we're talking now like okay. I watched seven episodes guys. What the freaked guys? GotTa keep me keep me online like keeping drugs watching Ross billion. Okay you can tell me the future you tell me all of it but don't give me all this boilers keep me on there. I WanNa see it it because I'm a creator I don't care how again but I wanNA see. I want to visualize Leno. Hashtag glove gets lost is becoming a thing and I answer. The other thing is the thing that I always help you about loss to. It's something that we've talked a lot about on. The podcast is like I think you didn't even need to see the show. You just needed to have an Internet connection probably to hear that it had ruined a lot of people really didn't like the ending of the show and I think it was ten years ago now. I think that the tune has changed a little bit Culturally on on the ending. But I think even even beyond that even if you are somebody who doesn't love the way that it ends just the journey of the show really can't be beat like it's such it's such a fun. Ride character interactions are really really dope. And it's just it's hard not to love the actors. The music is is amazing and not only that as someone who works a lot on TV even even today. You're going to watch this and you're going to see a lot of what's using television today and you'll see it actually took root in law slot. You know did. I'LL ALERT LA alert. Engines that were used like loss was a reinvent her in so many different ways to the point where there were at least like five shows produced right after loss that tried to do the exact exact same thing and failed the coke formula. You can't reproduce it you have to have that secret ingredient what you call it a try. I used to watch the one. What a flash forward where they blacked out? Oh flash flood really cold blast bird. Yeah right right there you go and it was like a thing Kinda see. It was trying to do it but it's man. Yeah I liked lost better. I love flash forward I watched it. Would I could see their storylines and going. Wow lost and do that for a couple of seasons then then it spread out they were smart they can produce again. Wasn't it David. David Lindelof is is the guy he did watchmen. I don't no if you watched watchmen at all. I watch yet. But I've heard yeah. So why watchman's good Damon Lindelof is the man who is given the most credit for loss alongside alongside another executive producer named Carlton Cues but yet. J.J Abrams who. You're thinking of from from alias. One of the founding fathers of lost as well he's he's stopped being involved after the first season or so he was only lightly involved moving forward but he's one of the big reasons why the show I mean he his production company me. Bad robot is like the one you see at the end of everything so quite literally. It's Sorta like he built the house and then everyone moved. If your guy what I do. Oh Man alias. I love it and I'm I wanna read do that. I WANNA finish finish incomplete so so so mike and I often joke that when we're done rewatch ing lost for the podcast that the next show up is an alias Rewatch. Because Mike's never seen it before. I'm a big alias. Fan Myself so we'll have to either be seen all of them. I've seen alias. So I've seen the first three seasons many times and and then I think I saw the fourth season twice and I only watched the last season while it was while it was airing but I I know about Rambaldi. I know S. T. six Speaking of the Super Bowl right there pro bowl episode so when when we get that project the ground glove you're the first guy. I am calling for the alias. I watched that entire series like five times at least and now I'm GonNa Watch it again again as soon as I get to it. But I'm watching law I and I'm GonNa say something else that I wanna take it from the daughter remember. She was a daughter of the spy. Now they got the daughter they had a granddaughter. AMAC girl ever was yes I can do the whole story again and we can go. Yeah man a little girl and and give it a same nick. Her nickname will be Sydney. Man We run with the whole story was the guy who was chasing baldy. That guy was the one what talents. Yes go yes all right so so mark your bark. Track down Chris the Glove Taylor. Your next job is to track down. j.j Abrams so glove and I can go so in and pitch our earliest. 'cause I I'm I'm really I'm really Yeah Yeah okay that's it yeah. Look I'm now. We'll email you because I have others as right now. I'm a do work a lot with my friend. Dr Dre like the four of a friend you know we just chat lot daily and stuff. I'm not really working with them. As mixing are doing anything. But it's really a fun thing right now to be able to create my own things and content and and have friends like that like in time with you know what I'm saying. Totally job absolutely much better. Got A billionaire friend. I can call them. Where can where can people find you online right now if they want to if they want to slide into your? DM's on it's much like Margaret Margaret. Genius if you you want to live over here you can find me on instagram at at Christie gloves just salad sounds instead of the normal American English one word also on twitter. It's at Chris aglow but on facebook it's DJ crystal or crystal up sailor one word with that and You know you know you can reach me and I I also understand that you have the full song of. Ah I don't know if it's too much to ask if we can play that on the past but that would make that we're going to have go pull up and get you that okay. If you could do that you can email that to us. We'll close out the podcast with the full version of WHO it is Friday. Yeah this'll this'll come before this will come out. This is gonNA come out as as soon as humanly possible. We can't we can't keep this tour. We don't WanNa sit on the secret too much. I WANNA introduce the world to you glove because you are just a fantastic person man. I appreciate you guys. I got some excuse me like whatever I don't know what is your. How can I find you? Just trying to podcast. Oh malivert podcast. We'll never we'll never take take an opportunity to not plug ourselves very shameful appreciate. Hit the setup so you can find me on twitter. I'm at round Howard like Ron Howard. Rounder also at round Howard on on instagram glove. I don't know how you feel about kittens but I just got new kittens and posting a lot of Bella. Well then you're gonNA love Dougie and low because they are all over my instagram program right now so those are the two places you can find me. You could find Mike Bloom. He is at a Mike. Bloom type Mike. Are you on the Instagram as well. I'm the same aim one and glove how you feel about babies that that comparison I have I have a nine month old son who I post a lot of pictures. I love him. Just being the biggest old do F- in the world. So that's what I primarily use instagram. We have Josh and I can feel your feet with cuteness if you decide to follow us in mark. Where are you so people can find you because you you've you're you're incredible photographer? You've got beautiful photos that you're posting on Instagram Yeah I'm mark underscored Douglas on Instagram. Marc with a C. I don't allow in twitter but I'm on twitter. I'm actually Marc with a C seventy eight on twitter. So yeah it's amazing and then I want to follow you guys do it all back. We'll follow follow isolate You can you can subscribe to down the hatch on your podcast App of choice if you like the the apple podcasts. That's post show recaps dot com slash down the hatch and you can subscribe and Mike Geico already said this but the beautiful thing about lost for so many people. I think the reason why this is a show. That's endured over a decade after its is ended basically is it's such a community driven show and it really does help you find new friends like it helps connect people together gather in ways that are totally unexpected and here. We are having really had like such a fun time turning this thirty second snippet of a song along that was a complete mystery to everybody in the universe into a recurring gag over the lakes sixties. Yeah and then and then because the fandom we got to the source and we've made a new friend in you hear glove on down the hatching. What a what a what a joy it's been to talk to you and pick your brain To find out that it wasn't even necessarily the the big reveal is who is dj dumb but also that That that Hurley is Dr who you wit is really blowing my mind today and the time the way we're under so great men and I I really want to say man. You got a great to talk to everyday lives in Budapest man you make a walk him up on making me great right I love it. May the wonderful. This is fantastic. This is fantastic. This is a huge smile on my face. This has been a great a great week absolutely way. All right every you'll have to help me with my podcast now. So we're going to run into your network going to go up the last thing and from there we're going to run off your whatever you can use me for coming. You're coming your way I. Thanks Bro we there. I'm loving it. So yeah let's say in contact would do it. Let's do it absolutely all right. Everybody thank you for listening listening to the DJ Dom Expos Aid Party and when we get it we will close out this podcast with the long awaited highly anticipated serve version. It's no longer called drinks on me. It is now officially called who you win Hi Folks Josh Winkler Uglier chiming back in. I am recording this message on February tenth. Twenty twenty roughly seven days after Our conversation with Christopher Love Taylor here on down the hatch it brings me no joy to report this news but glove unfortunately was unable to find the full version of who you wit as it stands all we have right now is at the selection of who you wit from the episode numbers so even though we promised to close this episode out with who you wit the full version version. We are unable to do so. I hope that you were satisfied by our conversation with gloves. And that this isn't too much of a letdown. I know that we've been on the search for a very long time. But if we've learned anything through our encounter with DJ DOM in with Dr who you wit. It's that fate and coincidence cannot don't be mistaken for one. Another perhaps some day we will find the full version of who you went for now at least take comfort in knowing that there is a version who you wit and it sounds just like this everybody. We've everybody would accept everybody.

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