1496: Increase Happiness by Removing this One Thing From Your Life AND Why Smiling is Good For You by Ellen Burgan


This is optimal living daily episode. Fourteen ninety six increase happiness by removing this one thing from your life and why smiling is good for you both by Ellen. Bergen of if it brings you joy dot com and we're very own personal narrator. Justin Mellick reading to you from some amazing blogs and books tell you optimize your life. Topics topics include personal development. Productivity minimalism mostly and some of the authors feature here with their permission includes then habits mark and Angel The minimalists lists and more and before you the boasts. It's a new year. The perfect opportunity to take your business to the next level by hiring the right people. Finding qualified candidates can be challenging ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash. Old makes it easy. ZIPRECRUITER sends your job to over one hundred of the Web's leading job boards. But they don't stop there with their powerful matching getting technology ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invite them to apply to your job and right now my listeners can try ziprecruiter for free At this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot COM slash old. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash O.. L. D. Ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire and I'll get right to today's to boasts as we optimize your life sir. Increase happiness by removing this one one thing from your life by Ellensburg if it brings you joy dot com. Think about the people in your life. Family friends co workers neighbors et CETERA. Dino people always seem to have some problem intend to ride on the negative side to know others who tend to be happy campers and generally positive about life. which type of person do you want to hang out with most importantly which type of person do you want to be? The one thing that can deflate your happiness is you're negative thoughts. We all encounter people in our daily life who influence how we feel however the biggest bad influence in your life is not other people its Own negative thoughts negative thoughts and emotions generally sucked the joy. Right out of any moment worry jealousy resentments and hate have never improved proved. Happy factor for a single human being even worse is when you keep focusing on the negative thoughts and let momentum bill to the point where you make a mountain of a molehill. The first step in controlling negative emotion. Identify when you're feeling badly native. Thought Triggers Batum Ocean. The moment you become aware that you're not feeling good emotionally. Take a minute to become consciously aware of your thoughts. Are You thinking negatively realize that you're negative. Thought is not helping you and is not necessary knowing that you don't feel good is your first step in the right direction. If you know you don't feel good. You can take steps to feel better if you read my post about the law of attraction you know that after only seventeen seconds of thought another similar thought joins your thoughts. A little negative thought will quickly roll into a big hairy deal. Deal if you keep talking about it or focusing on it. Best first step to knicks negatively. What did you deal when you're aware that you're having some negative emotion? We all have negative emotions at times. Once you identify you're feeling badly. Stop those negative thoughts in their tracks is easier to stop negative thinking before it gets too strong. Try to be mindful of when your thoughts I started to go in a negative direction and then quickly guide yourself back to a happier place. Instead of magnifying negative aspects in a situation find the positive aspects of the situation is also helpful to remember that sometimes happiness requires that. You need to let go of what you think life is supposed to look like and celebrate it for everything that it is. Only you have control of your thoughts. If you can't replace those negative thoughts with positive ones than distract yourself by thinking about thus something completely different sit down relax. Have a cup of tea take a nap. Whatever you need to do to distract yourself? We each create our own reality reality choose to make yours hobby. Of course this all takes practice but as you start letting go of the negative thoughts and get momentum going on positive thoughts. Your your outlook is going to be better. And you'll start to attract other positive people as he become naturally attracted to positively focus. People you will naturally increase happiness in your life. I've won more post from her. But I think you get into Ziprecruiter is the New Year and and you WANNA keep growing your team but you need the right tools to help keep your hiring streamlined and efficient. That's where ziprecruiter dot com slash old comes in Ziprecruiter. Recruiter sends your job to over one hundred of the Web's leading job boards. But they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the ride experience and invite them to apply to your job as applications come in ziprecruiter analyzes each one and spotlight the top candidates. So you never miss a great match. Ziprecruiter Ziprecruiter is so effective. That four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now my listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash old. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash O.. L. D. ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash. Josh Old Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire why smiling is good for you by Ellen. Bergen of if it brings you joy dot com even if it feels awkward and even if a smile doesn't depict your current mood smile right now give it a try and just smile whether your smile is genuine or fake research shows. Smiling is good for you because it can increase your happy factor in even reduce you stress. Sound crazier may be too easy to be true. Take ten seconds out of your life and smile while you continue listening really right now. Okay keep listening tonight. Smiling can improve your mood. Facial expressions clearly convey our mood but did you know facial expressions can also influence our mood even even fake smiles can improve our mood smiling frequently whether genuine or fake can trigger brain into producing more positive rather than negative thoughts. According to Sean Acor the author of happiness advantage making smiling daily habit can retrain our brain to have more positive thinking patterns rather than negative ones which which ultimately creates a happiness loop. It's simple and easy. More smiling can lead more happiness. Sciences smiling is contagious. Spread sheer her. If he's mile at someone stranger or not. It's likely that they'll return the smile you smile. They smile I've personally tried this and I can tell you it works. Imagine how you can change the mood in a room full of people with a simple smile. There's actually scientific explanation for why smiling contagious and involves mirror neurons. As a small surgery of cells in the brain neuroscientist Margot Lago. Boni told scientific American quote when I see you smiling my mirror neurons for smiling. Fire Up to new initiating a cascade of neural activity that evokes a feeling we typically associated with a smile. I don't need to make any inference on what you are feeling. I experience immediately early in effortlessly in a milder form. Of course what you are experiencing and quote smiling makes him more approachable. Are you more likely to strike up a conversation. Asian with someone who has a smile or someone who looks depressed or angry. Most people would agree that a smile looks much more approachable than likely to be friendly but genuine smiles is perceived as a sign of a happy person and most people prefer to create friendships with Happy People. Smile for your health when you smile. Your facial muscle movement triggers the release of endorphins endorphins. Make US feel happy and they also help. Lower Stress Levels says the physical muscle movement. That is the trigger. A fake smile works works as good as the real thing. There's even research that says people who smile a lot tend to live longer keep smiley so if you WanNa make a good impression simply please show your beautiful smile and you'll be well on your way to appearing likeable and winning people over bonus. There's no need to wait for black Friday or cyber Monday because all these benefits are yours for the everyday low low price of trouble free. It costs you nothing to smile. See Him nothing to lose. Go ahead and put a smile on your face and then take note of how you feel and how people react to you. I bet will bring you joy and be worth the effort to make it a daily habit that my friend is why smiling is good for you. Try fake smile right now. You just listened to the post titled Increase Happiness by removing this one thing being from your life and why smiling is good for you both by Elmer Gin of if it brings you joy dot com all you therefore today hope you're having a great day I'll see view in tomorrow's show where we'll hear posed from David Cain of rap to to dot com and where your optimal life awaits.

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