985: Mueller Implodes But Dems Claim Victory


They didn't like my intro music. The other day he believe that after after all these years any even took the time to say in for Intra music still sucks but it was a good show and like you can't even you can't even just give me the straight compliment you gotta give me the you gotTa. Give me the criticism the critique followed by the compliment dom you'd comment on his music but well. That's that's exactly what I was thinking is while I tried to listen to your music but you don't have anything cassettes. The world is full of people like that ladies and gentlemen just get used to it because the the more the more notoriety the more well known you become the more people who've done nothing with their lives. We'll step out to tell you what you ought to be doing with yours so again. Just I take take it with grain of salt. I tend to say Oh somebody came up with the best who is telling me they said I've I've come up with a new way of dealing with haters when they send me like these nasty grams they semi stuff on the Internet. That's just like brutal brutal. They said something like maybe it was Tim Ferriss he said I just respond by saying. Thank you so much for contacting me. I hope this made you feel better and then that's and then just leave it at that because like there's nothing nothing thing that you can do with that except we can't even be angry because he was nice and so I I need to adopt something like that because sometimes I get really really sometimes I get nasty stuff like Oh. We have a four four point six rating on my fan page four point six out of five and I'm going how is that and it took a look at it because some people have been run spree nasty things on there. I'm like that's not cool like I need some people who got nice things to say go over there and you know post just a post up on their people who like it but the problem is people who like it. Don't take the time to do that stuff. <hes> which is which brings me to another point is that you really ought to be asking for people to say Nice things about you if you want them to because they will if if you ask them because I guarantee you. The number of haters that you have is dwarfed by the number of people who love what you do you just haven't found a way of <hes> getting them in motivating them to do something nice for you but anyway welcome back everybody's well power and influence Jason Stapleton with me as Matt. What's up buddy up all right so we got more Mueller investigation today or a hearing? It's not really an investigation Asian. It's an investigation into his investigation. Now I just want you to if any of you thought for a moment that this would be a value to either political party. I want you to four a moment think think of a time anytime where you have had one of these sort of hearings that has resulted in some sort of groundbreaking discovery or new information or Earth Shattering <hes> <hes> insights that led to an arrest somebody being charged with a crime just think of one are you thinking of it well. If you are then. You're doing better than me because I couldn't think of one these never result. They're not designed to actually get at any truth what they're designed to do is to give people a bully pulpit with which to be angry and get on the record as being pro or against I order challenge the ideas and this was really if you tried to watch it this morning and it's so nuanced and does so detailed. Nobody I couldn't even follow it. I'm sitting there watching like I'm page ninety six of the report and paragraph three and this is what you said and tell me why you did this and Muller to his great credit is the man is either senile or he's a genius and I'm GonNa Guess that it's probably the ladder that he's he's probably a lot smarter than he's letting on but he he did some things in the one of the things he did was whenever he was talking to a Democrat who was friendly he seemed to be very lucid and seem to understand what was being asked him and he could answer quickly Lee without any without any issues but whatever the Republicans came around to challenge him on on an idea or something in his in his report. He seemed to be confused like he didn't understand. He's Oh I can't talk about that. He said well. It's in the report. Oh is in the report. Oh let me see what pages that Oh and he goes and looks at it and he's like Oh. I can't comment on that and I remember he was asking us being asked earlier this morning. You know win. Did you find out that one of the guys who was working on this investigation hated trump and he goes what like he couldn't hear like. He didn't couldn't hear the question and we heard everything else up until that point but he didn't hear that question he goes win. Did you find out that this guy didn't like trump and he said who is that or something along those lines and he kept shifting and deflecting and and and then finally he said the guy was asking him questions. I don't remember I was just listening to this while I was working this morning and he finally just responded by. Oh Oh yes and didn't even answer the question now he he knows he's being asked to direct question but he's pretending as though he doesn't have any idea what's going on and I think it's all for show but the one thing I took away from this <hes> I guess above and beyond the fact that nothing was gonna come out of this was <hes> the one of the sides on this are Gonna end up looking good. Molar doesn't even come off looking good but why does he need to do. That's the other thing you've gotta understand. Why would he need to look at? He submitted the report. All He needs. He's do now is make sure that if he was doing anything even remotely nefarious or underhanded that nobody be able to pin him down on anything and so I I really in my mind and if you look at the news all they're talking about. Is this all they're talking and it's just playing across and it's absolutely mind numbing television that is going to produce nothing value and yet still they're talking about and it just goes to show you. I I started looking around to try and figure you're out what else was going on because I thought something really underhanded has to be happening today. If this is what they're playing because that's typically the case they deflect you know go look at this and then they're doing something completely different on the side and there's I there's not much that's going on that. I that I think is of the monumental note but there are some things that are happening. I I think we can use kind of illustrate a couple of different points about what's happening in the world and some of the risks maybe to you to your business to your life and so I wanNA start today talking a little bit about something that's that's pretty common in the government regulation government fines and assessments so facebook. It's just been leaked that facebook agreed to pray record five billion dollars in fines to resolve a long running federal investigation. That's the damaged the company's <hes> standing with consumers and clouded its future under the settlement facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will be required to you certify that his company is in compliance with new privacy <hes> strictures stricture is that a word strictures and could be subject to civil or criminal penalties for false certifications. The five billion dollar penalty against facebook is the largest ever imposed on any company for violating Consumer Privacy and almost twenty times greater than the largest privacy or data security penalty ever imposed worldwide. Do me a favor. What was war facebook can I can we even get net? We should be able to get net revenues for two thousand eighteen if not two thousand seventeen something like that and while he's doing that. I want you to think think of something and this is what bothers me. The most about these penalties is that the assumption is that facebook is going to have to pay these penalties and it's gonNA punish facebook so the pay facebook will then make better decisions in the future regarding your privacy. Could you just want their gross profit. Yeah Gross Profits Fi- <hes> twenty eighteen was forty six. Let's see what is this all numbers and thousands so forty six billion billion forty-six than twenty seventeen was thirty five billion okay so let's assume for a moment that well I'm not even I'm not going to make an assumption. I don't know what their net revenues are but forty seven billion and gross revenues five billion is really a drop in the bucket. I imagine they'll probably have to pay that over time. It won't be a bill. That's do all at once and more importantly. Where's that money going and this is what I want you to pay very close attention to use that money going to the people who are actually damaged who had their privacy violated food? Are they getting a check in the mail as restitution for the wrongdoing that this company has done to them. Mrs Assuming that you think that there is some wrongdoing that's happen here and that these people have have adjust just claim for compensation well if you do then this doesn't do anything for those people what this does it gives the government an extra five billion dollars which I'm guessing they will probably spend in about six hours and this is the way the government works. This is a form of government extortion of large companies and so I will come after you because I'm going to claim to be working in the best interest of the people but any punishment that lays this lay down any fines that are imposed are not going to be returned to the people who were damaged but rather we're going to go back to government the self appointed representatives yeah and so yeah look at what they look at what they did on Wall Street and the J. P. Morgan in <hes> was it <hes> it was a bank of America America was another one they opposed billion dollar fines on a lot of these banking banks over the years and none of that money goes back to the people who were damaged it all goes into the government coffers and it's a game that you now play once you get big enough and you start putting money into the system and you start buying yourself some politicians. Is that eventually you're GONNA screw up. You're GONNA do something wrong. The government's GonNa come after you and then you're going to have to pay a fine and pay Caesar for the right to continue operating. Nobody's ever going to go to jail right you. You never hear about a C._E._O.. Going to jail because the truth is how could they possibly send you to jail for violating someone's someone's privacy rights when the government every single day is violating your fourth amendment rights. That's the right to unreasonable search and seizure people government. Does it every day and yet here. They are charging facebook five a billion dollars for collecting and redistributing information that they told you they were going to capture if you come on the site here's what we're going to do and we're gonNA share that with people and you just recognize. That's what we're GONNA do. Okay okay think about that for a minute facebook open and transparent now you gotta read through one hundred pages of disclosure documents but okay. Why do you think you I think this goes back to why do you gotta read through one hundred pages of disclosure documents? I'll tell you why why because the because the legal system in this world makes it necessary for you to have one hundred pages of disclosure documents it can't be simple or straightforward anymore because the legal system has or the lawyers have created a world in which they they manufacture their own necessity which absolutely drives me batty because frigging attorneys are the worst absolutely the worst. They're the only ones who can do it. The entire entire system is completely convoluted. I mean you really there's very little you can do. You can do a lot up until the time you gotta go to court and then once you gotta go to court. You have to have an attorney because there's no possible way that you could no win do filings and what filings to do you and how to do it without some sort of attorney. Although you might be able to get a paralegal do a bunch of that work but still even then it's going to be. It's GonNa cost you a fortune so anyway. This is what I'm getting at. Is that a lot of this problem album after problem after problem. It's this layered on top one on top of the other but at the end of the day this is a way for the federal government to make itself Look Benevolent for your Congressmen congresswomen women to make themselves benevolent while all the time just doing nothing but fleecing companies of their capital which you will end up paying for in the end and I guarantee at the same time the federal government has also behind the scenes working with companies like facebook to acquire that data nice because as has rounded without a doubt and that's and that's the problem is that when you get to be that big you don't that's the one I was talking about having few you money right but that's the one entity where you can't amass enough wealth because all of the power and authority and really the the the use of force is maintained in Washington Washington so it doesn't matter how much you can buy off as many people as you want to at the end of the day. There's nothing that you can do so. Here's what I know is happening. I know that facebook is paying a five billion dollar fine for selling data. That the go for whom the government was one of the buyers but without a doubt government may not even paid for there's facebook probably just gave it to them. In order to maintain you know in order to maintain good relation sure that the only the reason it's only only five billion dollars was because it was part of that arrangement that we're only going to find you five billion dollars in return for you giving us data could be I would imagine they were buying it before if they were I mean they were smart they would the the government would know that they had all that information and they would have purchased it. I mean budgets is confidential you. Nobody knows how much it is. They can literally by whatever they want to and they don't have to answer to anybody and so it wouldn't be surprising to me at all if they just had a direct pipeline because if they're doing it for A._T.. And T. and verizon and sprint then why would they be doing it with facebook and knowing the way that the CIA works. I'm I would that everydollar. I'll ever earned that they were at the ground level with facebook. As soon as it achieved some sort of notoriety or communist scale the was involved in orchestrating and making sure that they had an end from the beginning yeah and the problem is is that mark cannot now go back and say to the government. Oh yeah well let me tell you what if you guys try try and find us while just let everybody know that you guys were the ones buying all this stuff from us and that you are doing exactly the same thing because that will further jeopardize damages on business and why when he can just have you pay a five billion dollar fine and when I say you you're the one is GonNa pay for it you will it's an it'll come out in form of of <hes> new restrictions. It'll come out in the form of <hes> of increased prices to advertise on their platform. They're a million different ways that they can squeeze money out of people and this is what I want you to think about so you're like well Jason. I don't buy advertising on facebook's platform so I don't have to pay anything Oh you don't do you buy anything thing from somebody who does advertise on facebook because let me tell you what I don't pay taxes. I don't you pay taxes for me right all of my prices everything that I do if I get increase in taxes if I get increases says in regulation that <hes> if I increase in advertising costs then guess what I have to raise my prices and the funny thing is is that you think that there is a fallacy and it really the principle of supply and demand and is is absolutely a in a in a vacuum supply and demand is absolutely true good grief but the fact is is that you don't have to have supply to create demand or vice versa you can manufacturer demand and I've been meaning to do a video on this for awhile it kind of showcases this but the you know the the black black paroles is a is the perfect example of love somebody who as a as a product that had no value you couldn't you really couldn't give them away and then all of a sudden because of some very crafty marketing black pearls became one one of the most sought after and most <hes> high the high one of the highest priced pearls in the world and that Celeb- through celebrity and through positioning they were able to create demand for something where there was none to begin with so this idea that you have to have a demand for a product before you can sell it is just isn't true. It's just not it's just not an accurate statement. It's more nuanced than that so anyway I I'm just leave it at that but it just it bothers me that the government takes five billion dollars from takes five billion dollars from facebook which means they're basically taking it from you. They lined their own pockets with it. You don't see a dollar of it and then they go back to them. Business as usual I mean when Zuckerberg was on Capitol Hill they were asking him if he would help them right regulation to to ensure that what he did couldn't happen again and you could almost see the dumbfounded look on suckers face like I can't believe that they're asking me this and he's like Whoa yes. I mean we would absolutely help you write that regulation. It's just what you need to do. Is You need to not regulate them. Let them do what they wanNA. 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I alluded to this on on Monday but I'm GonNa talk about it today because I just think it's hilarious but Bernie Sanders campaign is responding to the fifteen our dollar an hour wage controversy. I don't know controversy so I don't know if you have heard about this or not but this is what he letting just this story okay so here's the funny thing so Bernie Sanders has been advocating for a fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage as a basic human right that no one should have to work for less than that because that is a livable wage in his mind. He's also running a campaign and he is learning very very quickly that you can't just pay whatever it is that gets mandated that just because somebody mandates it doesn't mean that you can pay it that there is a limited amount of money and that money is a scarce resource and that eventually you have to choose where you're going to apply those resources so on Thursday evening. The Washington Post reported that some members of Sanders campaign have been lobbying to raise their wages fueled organizers say they're making thirty six thousand dollars annually but working sixty hours per week which is an average of thirteen dollars per hour so I mean not not not bad in terms of like your field organizers these these are not ought these are not highly skilled folks. These are just people who basically take orders from the corporate office and go out and hold rallies and stuff. They're they're professional campaigners. I guess but they're not they're not the big big dogs. They're the local people on the ground that are organizing counter the grassroots stuff and trying to get stuff going and they're employed by sanders at thirty six thousand dollars a year. Many field staffers are barely managing to survive financially <hes> which severely really impacts our teams productivity morale. This is what union workers wrote the campaign has been in discussions about pay structure change with the United Food and commercial workers local four hundred union so the in two thousand eighteen. I I believe the look at this again. I don't know if it's in this article but I read several on this so they unionized the Bernie Sanders camp unionized which Bernie would had to be all four because that's what he promotes as unionization people working together other to go after the big companies. It's just in this case Bernie. Sanders is the big company. He's the big time employer yeah. I'm sure when they came in and told him Hey Bernie. They're they're unionizing. I'm sure he was like yeah. I'm sure he was. I'm like that's what I love. It can't wait as these discussions continue their their campaign to hang on the campaign has been in discussions about the Beijing Okay and the campaign manager says these discussions continue. We're limiting hours so so no employees can receive less than fifteen dollars an hour for any our any hours worked so what they've decided to do. is they're saying well. We can't pay you more than thirteen dollars an hour. So what we will do is make sure that you can't can't work any extra hours for us and that's how we'll make sure you get your fifteen bucks an hour so it's it's it's Asinine is what it is. It doesn't make any sense basically saying we're not going to change your pay at all so the fact that you were struggling to get by yesterday means that you're still struggling to get by today. It's just we have eliminated any chance for you to make any more money by working for us. He also put all these guys on salary to this is another thing you need recognize gay is that they're being paid thirty six thousand dollars annually their salaried employees because they're working sixty hours a week that means if they worked seventy hours a week. How much would they make thirty six thousand dollars house year or eighty thirty six thousand dollars a year this is why hourly employees are you a lot of people who work massive hours just want hourly pay and they want to and they want to be able to have overtime and all that stuff you can avoid overtime? I'm and you can avoid all of that headache by just putting them on salary and the fact that he didn't do that tells me that he was very aware that he was these guys are going to be working at ton of overtime and he didn't want to be paying time and a half and all the other stuff that comes along with that so he puts on salary and then he says well okay. I get that <hes> we'll just make sure you can't work more than thirty or forty hours a week and that'll solve the problem sanders twenty twenty campaign was the first a unionized in March of two thousand nineteen. The unions were made an agreement with the campaign and that feel workers will be thirty six thousand dollars annually the contract which began on May second also provides platinum level healthcare paid vacation six leave and other benefits this thing about this for a minute okay. We could probably do some math on this. These guys are getting. I don't know what's platinum level. What is platinum level of healthcare run? I Oh we can add some paid vacation probably get a weeks paid vacation in there somewhere so it's we're fifteen dollars an hour or you're looking up that we'll fifteen dollars an hour times forty hours a week. That's another six hundred bucks. They're platinum loves. GotTa be close to ten grand. I would imagine which one of the numbers I've seen here up to eighty to twenty. Eh between monthly premiums the maximum out of pocket eight thousand two hundred dollars yeah okay so let's just call it eight thousand dollars so you tack that onto the thirty six plus paid vacation sick leave and other benefits. They're probably getting close to fifty grand. A year gay fifty grand a year is the total compensation is a lot better than what they're claiming that it is and the Sanders campus saying look you can't. We can't pay for it all but he wants to demand that other companies pay for it all but he's just recognizing that a we can't do that. We here's the bigger thing. Let me finish reading this all according to the post the campaign offered to pay organizers forty two thousand dollars is annually and extend the workday to six days the offer was reportedly rejected because it would have elevated staff to pay levels to pay levels in which they'd be responsible for paying more of their own healthcare costs of course this. This is all of your obamacare he says so. This is what the Sanders camp says they go back to the workers. Say Okay thirty six isn't enough how about this. How about we up your pay to forty two thousand dollars annually in addition to the healthcare and all the benefits that you're getting but you gotta work six days a week instead of five and they say no? We don't want that deal because then we'll have to pay more of our own healthcare costs and this goes this goes to a very it's a very well known and well established psychological principle about human beings is that it is never enough once you hit any level is so for a moment about when you buy I that new car and it's so wonderful when you drive it off the lot and it's awesome and you feel great about it for about a week or two and then all of a sudden you see the new model come off the line in six months or eight months and all of a sudden. You're like yeah. I want the new one every time you get that pay raise and you're thinking Oh man you compare his now got all that more money and then pretty much <hes> you buy that car you you you do a little upgrade your lifestyle and now all of a sudden you're like I really don't make that much money used you get used to the level that you're operating at and that becomes the new baseline and this is true no matter where you are so people who live on twenty thousand dollars a year. They think man dude who makes eighty grand a year <hes> is is like is like rolling but how could you ever need any more than that and once you make an eighty thousand dollars a year. You're like males. Dues may quarter mill. Those guys are just banking and I would imagine if I made a quarter million dollars a year. I wouldn't have to worry about anything and then when you get to a quarter million dollars a year. Are you decide dude. I just made a million dollars a year. which is everything and you you start to realize okay? That's not what it is this is this is my mind being unhappy or being. We're not being in content with the level that I'm playing at and as much as you might want to deny this truth to yourself and say oh. I'm not like that I promise you you are. It's the same reason you gotTa buy New Golf Clubs or new fishing rod or you know upgrade your boat. Whoa there's something in your life where you need constant and consistent increase in and so one of the things one of the problems with government in with this democratic socialism that Bernie Sanders is constantly pushing? Is that it it ignores the fact that it will never be enough they even if you could raise pay to the quote livable wage and you could not affect the market at all like no unintended consequences by by doing so you still have the issue that human beings will not want to stay there they will want to grow they will look at the guy down the street or over the hedge and say oh that guy's got a pool and I don't have a pool and I ought to have a pool and he'll start lamenting and being angry at the fact that he didn't have a pool and then a portion of society will go back to guys like Bernie Sanders and say look at the guys that all have pools and I don't have one and it's not right that I don't have one. Everybody should have a pool. It's hot in the summertime. Everybody should be able to have a pool in their backyard and then Bernie Sanders will tried himself out as a friend of the people claiming that it what a disgrace it is in America in the twenty first century that every man woman child doesn't have a pool in their backyard to be able to enjoy the spoils of you know of water and and you know and recreation after a hard day's work because it's so easy. It's so easy to just make these bare minimum just like everyone deserves. Everyone deserves this thing. Everyone deserves that thing. Everyone deserves this stuff. We should just give it to them. Because anybody is going to yeah yeah. SIGN ME UP YEP. I I get a free thing that I work in for it. Yep sign me up and they'll donate all of this money to these campaigns and this is this weird loophole where all this money that's donated to these campaigns so much of it the the people who don't actually get elected they end up just pocketing pocketing it yeah and it's a great source source of a fundraising is to just run for president and make a whole bunch of money. I think that might have been what trump's original intent was just going to improve his own brand and make a bunch of money off of presidential campaign and then move on with his life. Yeah I think you're right and so ah in this in this vein we'll because at one of the things that you can do is when you raise all that money is that you can donate that money to any other political campaign you want to <hes> and I think after a period of time you can actually take it as just your own money and and so I'd have to look at the rules on a different it's it based based on whether state or federal and where you're Abbas the rules are a little bit different but I know that there is a period of time or if that money sits in accounts long enough it just gets distributed <hes> at right back to you and so you you could technically use it but that would be a very inefficient way to use that money see that that'd be we would you would use that money not to line your own pockets or buy a house in Vale you would use it to buy political influence <hes> and you would use it to buy corporate would influence and get back into raising your own pro. That's right and feed it right back into you. So what the way you would do it is is you take that money and you would say hey I've got I'm sitting on twenty million dollars right of campaign and Stu- campaign <hes> resources and I can give this any campaign I want to hey company X._y._Z.. Why don't you hire me as a consultant at half a million dollars a year and then <hes> you know I can help you? <hes> you know ah I can help you by buying political influence essentially and that's that that kind of stuff happens every day any BIZ why everybody who runs out of Washington ends up getting a job on we'll castries not really where all the lobbyists around anymore but A. K.. Street is kind of synonymous with lobbying and everybody gets out of Washington and goes to work for lobbying firm because they're connected in Washington. See what we don't understand is that there are a few players who change you know you've congressmen and senators who roll out every you know some of them are quick and some of them stay for years and years the president changes every so often every four to eight years but the bulk of the people who work in Washington our lifetime Washington and people so they don't change they move up the ranks they move sideways but they absolutely don't leave Washington so if you got out of Washington ten years ago but you spent a decade there the bulk of the people that you knew are still there and you still have an incredible amount of influence and and resources at your disposal if someone needs to access them and they can do that by simply writing you a check so I the point. I'm trying to make with this whole thing his eventually you don't have the money for all of the things that people say that they're entitled to and it doesn't matter how much you give them. They will always want just a little bit more. They will always be looking around going thing all well. That guy's got more than me and he doesn't work as hard or why can't I have that or that guy got his money through nefarious means and so he shouldn't have that I should have a portion of his money and then you've got Bernie Sanders. He's a guy who feeds off that he says as you know what the top one percents shouldn't own is latest. Thing is the top three people in America own more wealth in the bottom fifty percent and do you think that's fair well. It's clearly not equitable but it certainly is not unfair. It's just it's it might be. It might not be all. I'm saying is like you cannot say well. What's fair fair equal distribution of all wealth and resources? I think Bernie would be in favor of that. I think he but but we know what happens when you do that we know that in order to have widespread wealth and prosperity in America or in any nation you have to have inequality inequality exists by necessity you cannot what have equal distribution of wealth when you have unequal distribution of knowledge skills and work ethic you can't do it. Some people are dumber than other people. Some people don't have a good work ethic. Some people don't have don't have the education or intelligence if you if you have those kinds of disparities in human beings than how on earth can you have. An equal distribution of wealth cannot be done and so by necessity in order for those who are who work hard take risks and have invested in themselves to receive. They're just compensation someone else who has not done those things must end up with less and to suggest anything else is just foolishness anyway all right moving right along. I WanNa talk to you guys about one of the we're talking a little bit of for some reason this molar thing has got me thinking about government in and the and the damage that does to society in the free market so kind of kind of building the show around that today but there's a school district in Pennsylvania that has been criticized last week for threatening to set for sending threatening letters to parents <music> over the child's school lunch debt so let me explain what has happened. There is a p- the school board President Jas are Joseph Mazar sent in a letter home with kids who had whose parents had not paid their school lunch debt and in total. There's somewhere around twenty two thousand dollars of unpaid school lunches so your kid can go to school it gets breakfast and lunch and they've they don't have the money. The school still feeds them. Well Joseph's pretty upset about this. He doesn't like the fact that people aren't paying their bills and so he sends a letter home. That effectively says your child L. has been sent to school every day without money and without breakfast and lunch this is a failure to provide your child with proper nutrition and you can be sent to dependency court for neglecting your child's right to food the letter goes on to say that the child could be at risk of being placed in foster care if parents if parents go to court he asked the parents to pay the debt in order to avoid being reported to the authorities. I want you to just let that simmer for minute at this dude actually has the stones to put on paper that if you owe three hundred dollars in school lunch debt that he's going to take you to court and have your kids put in foster care. Let that sink in. He doesn't think there's anything wrong with that. He's one hundred percent in favor of scaring you into paying your three hundred dollars lunch. It's a bold strategy. Let's see let's the works out. I just always a great eighty eight. Use the foster system as a punitive. Yes Oh yeah Oh yeah you don't want. You didn't pay your credit card debt. Can you imagine Yemen paid your credit card bill and so so <hes> we're not going to send you to collections mastercards. GonNa come and take your kids away because clearly you having to provide for your children is making it impossible for you to pay your credit card debts so we'll just take the kids away. You can't provide for them on your own now. Get this so you said I'm like a lunch bill of like three hundred three hundred bucks or something like that so this letter was sent to about forty families who were deemed to be the worst offenders in the overdue bills. Get guess what the cutoff number was for. It was a debt of over this dollar amount or more just guess what it was just say three hundred ten dollars ten dollars ten dollars so that means they were there was somebody who had like an eleven dollar bill and they had a letter sent to them saying if you don't pay eight US eleven dollar bill we're GONNA come. Take your kid I can. I can promise you one thing that dude would had the worst F._M.. Day of his life the next day like I know had so many angry parents. I'm not calling do I would be. I would kick the door open on his office. I gladly get myself arrested. Dude I gladly I would march in there and I would like you know I would. He'll kick that front door to door open his desk secretaries series like screaming walking in do that thing where I scrape all the stuff off the side of his desk and then just like turn it over yeah you ever threaten me in my children again. I will bury you. I will bury you. You and then I would just walk out and I just I cannot do. I it's not even my kids and enrages me. It just enrages me that this is this is the action that they would find acceptable to take and here's the funny thing. This is. What's amazing is that Todd Carmichael the CO founder and C._E._O.? Of philadelphia-based Lock Lock Cologne Luck Columbia Luck Olympic coffee offered to give Wyoming Valley West School district twenty the two thousand dollars to cover the bill and let the warning to the warning letter and Carmichael Spokeperson spoke purse Carmichael spokesperson are in Platte told C._B._S.. News Tuesday <hes> that the School Board President Joseph Missouri rejected the offer during the phone conversation Monday <hes> he said <hes> Mazurkas said that the parents who owed the money can afford to pay and that they shouldn't be covered by Carmichael Carmichael responds by saying it's irrespective of their ability to pay we would like to cover the bill and essentially what he I think what he was doing was. He's like dude. I I know what it's like to be poor and ah the humiliation of not being able to pay the bill especially a food bill for your child. Let me just cover this. Bill will forget about it. You guys walk away happy. The school district is now twenty. Two thousand dollars and in other parents aren't shamed aimed into trying to figure out how they're going to pay a debt that they really can't afford to pay this charity at work. This is the way charity should work. You have a child who cannot eat you make it known that there are twenty two thousand one dollars worth of people out there that can't afford to pay for their kids to go to school and eat <hes> and then somebody steps in and says I will cover that cost school. Board president said no and hung up on him. That's that's who this guy is. That's who he is now. There are two problems here that I you need to be aware of is because there there are no doubt some parents who are sending their kids to school because they know that the child John will be fed and they are just simply choosing not to pay they could probably come up with the money if they had to but they're just not going to because they're terrible people and they're gonNa let the government for foot the bill and unfortunately you're going a have a small percentage of people in any society when you start offering that kind of wealth transfer that you know that it's just GonNa happen but that would happen in the private sector as well so if you had for example there are people who go to goodwill that could by their own clothes there are people who go to eat at and pick up food at the at the food bank at your local church who really could pay for their own. They just like malt liquor and menthols right so <hes> I'm serious they go there because they they've spend their money on other things and they go there because they know there's free food and that nobody's GonNa check their bank account and they're spending habits to see whether or not they can afford to eat on their own or not so there's always going to be that segment of society. I always think it's better if the private sector handled it because the private sector will do a better job of managing its resources than the federal in any government was would or any school district would but I'll tell you what needs to happen. Is that somebody at that school. District needs to go to Mr Carmichael needs to take his money needs to put him on T._V.. And talk about one incredible man he is and how greatly they appreciated and then in that same breath say we have fired this school board president how dare he threatened to take people's kids out of their homes this way outside of of his purview and he's never gonNa work in this district again. That's what should happen and in fact if you read through this it says <hes> Liz Liz offering county officials said that they absolutely would not remove children from their homes for unpaid lunch bills quote I found it very disturbing said the children youth and Services Executive Director Joanne van Sour N- <hes> upsetting it's upsetting. It's totally it's it is a total misrepresented representation a a gross misrepresentation of what our agency does so at least you have child protective services coming out and saying this is a horrid like I can't believe that anybody would say this. We would never remove a child because of an unpaid in debt the fact that you would even suggest something like that makes you unfit to serve as a as a has a president of any school district but I don't again. This is a guy who thinks he can do and say whatever he wants to like. Oh I'll show them all show. Those parents ten dollars ten frigging dollars Dude I. I've forgotten to pay much bigger bills than that. I still haven't paid that Guy <hes> who tried to do business cards for us so awful so awful. I've got our credit. What here's the funny thing is that he wants? I he's he's like here. You only one hundred dollars for this crappy design that I did for you and I'm I'm thinking okay. Are they going to get this pain and I'm like okay simulink so I can pay his two thousand nineteen. Everybody's got a link it you go is whether it's fresh books or some sort of way to take a payment online and he's like Oh. I don't have that you can im- an invoice you and you have to mail me check and I'm like okay well that debt automatically went to the bottom of the stack now and so I'm just it's next time I gotta go do something and then I forget about. It and I owe the guy one hundred bucks but like dude. I forget about stuff like that all the time about every two months. This is how bad it is for me okay. I'm just going to tell you I I only focus on things that move the needle and I've told you guys this before for. I just want to tell you most people think that entrepreneurs have their lives together and that things are like regularly structured and that they're not constantly flying by the seat of their pants and all you have to do is look at guys who are in positions positions of extreme power or in any industry the Steve Jobs the creatives in those industries and you realize just what an absolute train wreck. They are like most of the time and let's give you an idea of what a big train wreck I am is that I have an internet bill. That comes comes every month and if I really like took the time out I would go online and I would schedule it so we'll just automatically get paid but I'm not entirely sure how to do that and so just kind of like put that aside because it's not I got more important stuff. I gotta worry about so oh. The Internet bills somewhere around one hundred thirty bucks a month because I got some like the highest speed Internet that I could get at and my apartment every two months I have to call in and give my credit card information because I forgot to pay the bill and then one day I go to log in and it's like no more Internet. I'm like Oh and I call in and they're like yeah. You always two hundred sixty dollars. Okay then I pay the bill they turn it back on and I just ah yes I am. I A terrible person pretty much yeah. I really am but it's I don't I'm so focused on other things that take priority that those little things slip through the cracks so the idea that I might and forgot to pay my kids lunch bill and there might be twenty dollars or two hundred dollars or eight hundred dollars worth of bill. I haven't paid <hes> you know not outside the realm of possibility. That's why I have an S. Why I have amy honestly is that amy remembers this stuff and she reminds me about it? I'm like Oh good and as the company grows and scales there will be a person in the company because I know this about myself that will handle all of that that will make sure all the bills get paid on time. I don't have think about it and all my job is just to bring money in because that's what that's that's. The biggest problem that I see entrepreneurs face. especially new ones is that they are focused on everything everything except the getting of the money. The getting of the money is what matters you need to start figuring out how to increase your income increase the money coming in and stop worrying so much about how do I make sure I'm not overspending over here. I don't WanNa waste too much money on this. No no get the money. If you get more money you can spend more so work on making sure the company has cash flow every single month and focus all of your activities on on that and then when you hit a point where everything is what you'll do as you'll build a machine that will be running like in the red all the time and it'll you'll start to stuff will start to break and stuff will start falling through the cracks and you'll realize at this point okay okay what I've built. I was able to scale and get money in now. I need to adjust the system on any do just the functions of that system and put different pieces in place to be able to manage the growth and to scale it right but what if you focus on I'm trying to build the system right the first time number one. You won't do it right because you don't really know what you're doing and number two. You're not gonNA get the stuff the money in the door quick enough in order to make the machine actually function right on so I A- As a startup as a guy who's bootstrap more than one company I can tell you if you're going to bootstrap it. Dude just find some money. That's the number one thing. What can I create? What can I sell? How do I sell it? Oh I don't have I see people spend like up months working on funnels on a funnel do just get yourself a product and go out there and start pushing it find some people who wanNA listen to you and start offering them some stuff to see if you can get them and then try and sell them your product. Don't worry about trying to build the perfect funnel. We've still got products right now. That have no like follow up funnel sequences. We haven't taken the time to ride them doesn't matter we'll get to that later. We will eventually get to the point where there are those campaigns and those funnels all in place and it works swimmingly really well but not today no need to worry about that today today. Were bringing money in the door. That's the number one goal so in your always gonNA fall. It's like you you paid. There's the saying there you shoot for the moon. At least you'll land in the stars or whatever that's actually yeah. That's a there's a there's truth to that because you you typically are going to land short of where where you you shot. You're GonNa land just short so you WANNA shoot as far out as you can so that you land just a little bit short of that and the next thing you'll shoot further out but if you're focused ought to save money I gotta gotTa keep things tight as possible. Your focus is right in here so you're only going to land short of right in here. You need to expand your horizons and and look out way ahead and just be shooting. Make your make your goals as unrealistic as possible and shoot as far as you can because you'll fall just short of that but that'll be way ahead of where you would have been other yeah and I think that and that's I really think that that's important is that it's I talk about setting really gigantic objectives that you have no idea how you would attain but then breaking it down into something that is more reasonable and more strategic in terms of how I do like the way we do our sprints every single every single quarter but you're absolutely right. I I think that people if you're constantly hitting your goals every time you need to be pressing that will be your goals are two two attainable. I talked with <hes> the with mark who runs freedom fest and he said we wanted two thousand people at the event and we got like nine thousand nine hundred in fifty or something like that so he's like we you know we came right up on the goal and I said well I said if you hit the goal I'd I said I'd be I'd be upset if I hit the goal like if I hit two thousand people it'd be upset because I should have put twenty five hundred. I should have been best where Mike that's where my mark should have been. I don't I wanNA come just right up to the goal but never quite hit that thing because that tells me I'm pushing just as hard as I can and I'm setting that goal that the carrot that's just outta reach that causes me to work just a little harder and <hes> and that's just it's. It's been helpful for me to understand that I'm intentionally setting the goal far enough out that I shouldn't hit it. <hes> now when we talk about our benchmarks when we talk about things that we need to get done for for the quarters those are much. I consider those to be much more realistic still very aggressive but attainable goals because in order for us to hit our long-term marks we gotta be able to do those things so if we fail in that regard we assess why added we fail desert because I didn't put in the time as it because something broke did did our inputs not produce enough output or the right throughput so there's lots of ways to think about this but essentially you've got different aspects of Your Business and as the money flows through you tend to get bottlenecks and so you gotta identify where the Bottleneck is and then you gotta fix that bottleneck otherwise the so you know for example if you're spending a bunch of money on advertising and you're not getting a bunch of sales out the back end you got well. You've got you've got a throughput problem. You've got some more something in your finger. Channel is broken. Your pipe is clogged so to speak as you gotta identify what it is is the conversion is at the offer is at the is it the the way that you're doing the advertising. What is the WHO your marketing to what is it that's causing the dollar spent on advertising to not result in sales on the back end and that can be very tedious very painful all process but once you get a dialed in oh it's so good because then he get put a hundred dollars in advertising and you get three hundred dollars worth of sales and you're like Oh? So what do I do now on. I'M GONNA take.

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