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It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil welcome to motor one on one I'm bucket Andrew Sponge and perform this ritual that so many of us enjoy with our cards dollar exotics and hypercard instead of a driveway he uses his own Immaculate Facility crain's new detailers to do what he does meet Todd Cooper rider founder of esoteric do for a long time going back to my days at auto blog and kind of the early an F. Forty I couldn't guarantee but I that's what I that's what pops up in my head when I think on auto blog at the time people loved the video and you and I have kept in touch and what it was back then and what you've kind of grown up to become it's definitely than it was back then those two yeah and that I was the only kid in the neighborhood whose BMX bike was at At a pretty high level but I always kept detailing as you know similar story to a lot of detailers next thing you know friends and neighbors so in in that's what in me as a consumer was was looking for come home on the weekend work on one car documented go travel oh week of years later where we're at now we've got a team of a dozen for about seven and a half years now we've got Three distinct are the exclusive importer for a lot of different brands out there so anybody in when and have trained students from a dozen different countries around the you know vision of the company and where we wanted to take it the customer can you tell me if I'm let's say I'm a wealthy person and I've just invested a been is right right from the factory so and I ask this because one thing you and hasn't seen the light of day doesn't mean that the paint job the automaker gave it first one John if you were billionaire and you get yourself a new car or one coming in you know we talked to them about their wants and needs and expectations all of the defects that come from the factory and it's not a knock against the factories necessarily about going in doing all the correction a law Ferrari for instance a perfect level and to bring it to a higher level than any factory could ever do there's no way they can the protection of it so we can talk in terms of paint protection film to an area you try to get a section repainted try to get it match you lose value in thing that you would want to do yourself something that we need to do for you in some cases wants and needs are that's actually another part of Your Business I found interesting kind of drove you up I think you've got drove up drove you up to to Cleveland and you give me a call on they'll fly you anywhere in the world to work on their cars you know in their own garage malls or on a regular basis you know there's usually semi trucks pulling up a couple of times a week but if you're a collector are in and you bring a crew of people to work on the entire collection and ability that he has got is just so over the top so beautiful such we go heavy level on them and then we go in for maintaining What ten years ago whatever when when you and I kind of met that car represented Mer was a very successful person about forty years old had about a dozen Ferraris Do you think I've lost my mind he just laughed and he said well the only thing that you're going to regret is you didn't the garage in my house so that worked out but also that article that I wrote talking about our responsibility for preservation of those vehicles you know it's going to be leftover and he'll even say today that was the deciding lying down not did ask if we're interested the he'd made up his mind oh wow so then so about eleven times since then and you know he treats us like absolute in their favorite thing that's their cars so for customers like that in a lot samples of those cars they can possibly get whether they're driven or not I that could have such an immediate impact on like value and the impression the car makes mirror finished but the richness and the depth and and and you didn't even know Lustre Day are until they're brought to their full potential yeah exactly and that's one thing as we put that car through into bring out its its true potential out of the box but you bring in somebody who's a professional at calibrating do the same thing with the paint finish you know we've got a four thousand dollar gauge so we're doing it it's not subjective we sit back put her thumbs up in the air says yet looks great as we possibly can a lot goes into it but yeah when you look at it afterwards you're on twitter facebook yeah and you know the difference in that thing you like wild this thing looks really really amazing so regardless of the car regardless you can connect you with my guy thank you thank you definitely after the show for people it's like it looks like the inside of a cathedral like a gothic wooden cathedral a like in the lifted up a little in the back and a and look at it it's it's a big it's a big tower to almost it's stunning and and the facility I mean I've been going there so many years stonework and castle door manufacturers and woodwork it's so over the top so it's not like you know leads me to another thing that I've always liked about what you do is that like you like aside from defined you because you know working on auto love we're looking for content that's interesting content and sometimes it's just for the before an aftershock effect how to use some of these products that that we endorse and sell the right way so early days you know I I wanted to to subscribe to the old adage of out which information to know what I'm doing is I'm educating people out there on I've been looking up and yeah Ferrari has the same thing next thing you know we're a lot of videos which we done about three hundred videos the now we have a marketing team of three people dedicated just for marketing the end for that kind of information and that kind of education is is huge in it it's are are how to how to apply glass coding to your car and how to use a DA rotary buffer really cool so another thing I having known spot a Tesla model three for my wife and I email was to you asking so big upgrade for her that's great but the we didn't get anything done to the Kia soul and like the you and I was like what should we do and you said you know definitely yet and I apologize I did not bring my card onto you you recommended a great a in front you know face shots and then I got the ceramic coating over the whole thing yeah I gotTa Tell You I've never I've never like like handled touched or like one wipe completely off like everything just kind of slides off this car the the difference is is visible to me on how much better it looks than when I picked the early adopters of coatings when they started coming into the United States coatings are in if you think of a wax seal it that can last you four to six months at you can only like machine Polish them off and what they're designed to do is their design Stephen GonNa hit him with a hose or something in the water kind of falls off on it in that's detract as like myself that helps the whole process l. out there and do it yourself at home well we sell products Taylor's in there saying unrealistic terms as far as how durable you know get that they're going to be disappointed but like you you talked about the looks we do we do a lot of daily drivers somebody by Tesla's we do a the the rocker panels and apply the coatings to the rest of it the paint the windshield the wheels Oh yeah the detailing protection industry has definitely shifted it'd be you take a vehicle that's been properly in a protected maintain look beat up for sure I let me tell you what happened in my wife's going to kill me for is is very small and this is a longer vehicle than the soul and and she's got a mic a this is a very it's a multi point turn and and she scraped the the rap and in Gouge the paint on the front bumper so we're we're APP can prevent smaller kind of Knicks and in rock chefs and things like that Dan we're GONNA have to go back and get that recode again so that's yeah you you definitely you definitely can you know here's the Nice thing in some cases the paint is still in great shape underneath and then appeal the film the film in particular made the damage a lot less than it otherwise would have would have been eight otherwise so yeah that's definitely good yeah exactly we we had a customer a real quick search that car beautiful car and it was the first car that he did a full wrap on that that's a significant up his car and he said you know it just made him sick we peeled off the film we did a painless a debt repair two thousand bucks to get it fixed but he said that was the best money he's ever spent on his of it removed replace a painless debt repair but it was far less invasive and exactly exactly and going back to when you were talking about now in the or whatever but I I'm definitely a person who believes you get what you pay for and that's why I I'm much happier to pay the money and invest in the car her myself yeah yeah that's for sure I in particular when it comes to film film is also one of those things that you know if you get a cheap if you pay you haven't done right it's very very difficult to see that so light marring and stuff like that it once it hits the the sunshine and heat it heals itself Paul doing film installation the right way and it is witchcraft so you know pay the guy down the street two hundred dollars out of his garage yeah no that's definitely Bugatti Sheron to nine elevens to Tesla's or whatever else you too like you said get a two dimensional flat piece of film to so let's go back to something you mentioned earlier and again this is something uh-huh and really high end stuff that I remember the way you put it to me back in the day why that is and again and again it's not to disparage Ferrari but but you mentioned that it's these I'm really talking more about the finishing of it so if in any processes afterwards they're not touching it with machine it's not being go into the small manufacturers they're doing things like you know putting heavy things go bad in that finishing process because they leave sanding process they're using techniques and tools and equipment from twenty call us holograms when it's done with a rotary machine and you just look problems and that's what we have to go in and fix we're six here in the driveway and once I get them they look good they might have a couple of little scoffs Ferraris and Lamborghinis even the bodies Aston Martin's custom color did you get co custom stripes because it goes to a secondary there's on optional paint job with Ferrari and that means we're going to have to spend that much new Ferrari four hundred eight because it's very nice and flat based off of what they've done is out of Milan Italy so they're right next door yeah that's job security job security for us and I should be sending Christmas baskets it's a Pagani that they're not cranking that many things through there's just going to on and I can almost walk you through the production process as I'm looking at the car to multimillions of dollars and may not have the best paint job in May need this attention you bought a car that may be the best at a certain thing like a top speed or attract time with ownership that goes into these things and look I I also a part of our L. each other if you're GONNA if you're buying your first Ferrari if you're getting into this culture can get at those cars as you talk about cost of ownership and just being part of the deal like and if they want to get you know their ultimate new car prep with polishing front that are coming in quarter million four hundred five hundred thousand dollars that sometimes so in the grand scheme of things it's it's not that bad and it's just one of of the your local auto glass company and repair ship in the windshield of collectors and owners and enthusiasts said and five thousand ten thousand fifteen thousand dollars I usually want to protect that investment and so this isn't just dropping money nothing in

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