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Hello Hi guys content right. There's not enough. There's a podcast. We're doing a podcast. I mean it's this is how neil feel you know you. You clicked on it so you knew what you were getting yourself into into. You know the name of the title of the show. You don't the episode before we start. I want to reiterate that we were. I'm trying to move onto an audio or video system for the email so if you send us an email at how neil feels g mail dot com do it audio version ore video version and keep it around thirty five seconds because there's you guys right fucking long yeah like like it was an assignment. MOTHERFUCKERS DOC is be writing their long long. They're thoughtful. They're thoughtful. People thoughtful look great. We have a great group out there real thoughtful and as is good looking at if you could ever want so. That's that the first we have to we have to start an apology. The statistics that we spoke about last week about about incest were irresponsible and wrong. They were not din you get in. I was right. You're wrong. You know all right well. If you fuck your second cousin there's a one point six percent chance of birth defects right and that's a that's it's a risk. Some people are willing to take when you get into direct brother Sister Mom Dad. You're into the forty. Where do you forty percents? Remember that we disagreed on that. I vaguely remember I black out a lot on your wrong and and so I guess don't fuck your mom. Don't find your do that. Don't fuck your sister. Don't fuck your brother. Don't fuck your first cousin than first cousin. It's only four percent second cousin. You're into now. We're talking Bingo. Yes so don't fuck your mom. If you're planning ending on it don't brother sister family reunion coming up you brought wine coolers. Leave him in the car and ain't gonNA happen. You brought some hard lemonade. Leave it. Don't do it for the do it for the for the more extended one. That's going to be in Vegas in a few weeks. We're getting together so sorry. People incest is bad. I thought it was just Kinda bad but I was going off of what I learned from Rami use. Hbo Special so which is I enjoyed so sorry so that's our apology now well we. We didn't make it. Let's dumb purchase shocking how you feel meal all right great. That's that's a new graphic from somebody. I'd also like to say that somebody emailed US and said that I should pay local teen eighteen for the song and guess what motherfuckers paid local team teaching and he wrote back that was very classic view so so it's pretty classy person speaking of meal Brennan's Largesse. Yes now when me Blake Griffin worked out a trade where I would write stand up for him and he would give me Nike Merch K. I. I because I'm such a fucking generous person I told my friend banks that she could order some things and guess what guys they're here and banks wchs hit it. Okay you guys tell me if I don't tell you they're gonNA. They'RE GONNA go fuck growth even if they're the greatest shoes ever the problem is I have a I have already admitted my issue not real what is I can't tell what sneakers are good or. I bet they all look fine. They book if you talk showed Me Affairs magazine these other dope sneakers. I like Yup if you said these are the ugly ugly sneakers ever made it Mike Equal. That's what it's like being a guy in a relationship ops. Go all right sounds good. This is pretty light. I thought you'd never request them. I just don't know so I picked these. Tell me how you guys think I did. It is one boxers one box one box. This is there's another box comment but that's always being very nice couldn't decide between two and here we go okay okay okay. This is what they look like. I fuck with them and I think they're going to work for you. I read they're really cute but I showed someone them. In there like an F. Those I was going to work for you work and you use the Neal Brennan method of getting the black in whatever the bottom the that part that it's not like that's the part that gets dirty and you said you never do you never do though black hey get nothing else out of this podcast accept that and maybe DC oetzi Davidson top cock do DC. We'll do a DC nathaniel field joking. I know it's also then it's like we should get ah to be on. It and it's never gonNA so okay so let's talk about the earth this week or really what we talk. What is your junior generally American culture so this? SNL Kid gets hired. Shane Gillis is his name don't know him watch the clip his online and seem decent like not you know he'll he's he's got whatever and and they turned out he did a podcast where we'll first of all that the kid who snitched on him is a is a is a little tattletale bitch who is the kid that sets Simmons is He's a bird he wrote he shaved found a video of him. doing poetry about birds the guy that's so again I think he's there. It's a free he's a frustrated comedian. Whatever and and so we found the video radio or whatever on earth it publicized whatever and did you watch any of the clips of the kid of the of the podcast of the CH- sure of him saying the things the words now? I won't say I will not see said Chink. He said well he called Andrew. Oh Yang Yang Ju Chink which is like That's a tough one buddy like I don't know when he was talking about Chinatown China town he was saying the cutest chinks lived like the trouble which I didn't mind because it seemed like he was doing like a racist racist white guy character and then once he started just talking saying chinks and all this stuff. It's just weird. It's a weird thing that he thought that was funnier transgressive or naughty or whatever which is clearly really what he thought he was doing but it's it's the way people talk in high school. Now people talk on podcast which is the appeal of podcasts but you have to realize that if you you talk about Gypsies a certain way hey that is going to come back. I think I wouldn't do that if I were you. In light of what's happened this week the the cell so at first and then they fired him today as we record and I completely get it. They fired him. Yeah they fired him because he's never going to be able to get shit on meaning. He's no one's GonNa WanNa right with them. None of the writers are going to be like I'm GonNa take a right with this guy and a certain. Everyone has said some dumb shit like that but I guess it was like the he has the unrelentless with which he kept doing it. If it was a one off and it was more I read an I read the article and it was funny in the article it said Jew see and then Dash Dash thank you I thought it was Ju- Cook and I was like I was a little Raj. Watch that but then I realized he was just saying Chink everywhere right is kind of what are you and he's because he said he has stand up and he said he's from like a racist town and that he didn't vote for trump but he looks like he did and I was just seem like now having said that Sarah did a joke where she said Chink and she on Conan and she got she got in trouble for it. I used to watch a lot of old like reruns of Saturday night live and in the seventies there is like Goo well the thing the best you could never do now. That's not even that old is pat pat you would never and it's twenty years old and it's not that old. It's not like ancient history like Julius still great and Hilarious and that but that speaks to how little people knew do you do now that I just watched the other day is ace Ventura pet detective how come Oh yeah and then when they find her dick. The whole city of Miami is vomiting. Everyone is scratching their tongue like do. Do you know how which is never. It's so funny when I watch it. I'm like these. We probably couldn't do fire Marshall Bill now again Rick James Sex wchs criminal. Yes seriously like guys wouldn't yeah. We probably could say as much as we did really. I feel like that's I mean who knows but so I understand why he you don't think it's going too far no he. He was fucked. He fucked himself himself like Trevor. Noah had a thing when the daily show started and where he had some tweets now the good thing about tweets is you can got well. I don't know how what his intent was. Because I hear how he was delivering it. We heard how he was saying change and it was like we don't say that so he just did himself a disservice by in some ways it was like a guide trying to serve to not to masters but the thing about you know he's from town where people talk like that and pry thinks parts of kind of it's like admirable or or at least understandable or something or like come on this is just you know when you're like dude. That's not in polite society. You can't be doing that shit yeah but even not play like throwing chink around is a little well. I don't know anyone who said I don't know anyone as thing. I don't know a single person who uses the word chick I'm old. I don't remember someone saying Chink I don't I don't know if I've ever heard someone say chain. Can anxious life like a bunch of chinks. I wouldn't even know people also don't believe how little I've heard white people use the N. Word in mixed company in in in normal like in normally think it's commerce because I feel like that is an identifier amongst white people like if you're using the hard R. N. Word I mean but I don't eat but any kind of I mean how many white people using the software and word that's cool outside of wrapping not a UH. I mean like if you're singing along people aren't using right so using it as a using any of these words as a just as in normally is fucking odd. What if like? Have you ever been situation where another white prison just given eggers just no. I gotTA Say I. I really surprised me that yeah. That's crazy. I haven't now in that's before a a friend of mine that I'm friend. I was friends with in my yearbook. They were getting your book so a friend of mine. Who I won't say his name he wrote he was like good luck because I was going to? NYU He wrote good luck in New York with all the muggers and niggers eyelid. I believe the fucker you do it yeah and he was kidding. He was like literally kidding right but it's like this. Is Ninety still like like Yo. What the fuck are you doing dude? It was funny because it was so like what he might as well just like slapped me across. I might as well Oh my yearbook and a hand coming the base but but because he never spoken like that that was what was funny I was like what so it look if you you can track down my yearbook. Does your cancelled so e n now yeah I guess justice was served. I wish that there was a clear clearer system for all this like a debt. You could truly serve your time like they used to put people on stocks in like meaning stocks were the thing the stockade where they put your head and and hands in the thing basically where so you would just go and people would throw shit at you. I almost feel like we need to bring that back because it's very unclear. So what sort of life should this guy have yeah. What sort of career should he have? You know he didn't have a chance to apologize or he apologized and said it doesn't matter he apologized but it was all a little bit like he didn't. He was a bit like if anyone was actually upset by like just use use words or bullshit as you gotta do the Kabuki you got to walk the plank you're going to be like I am bed and I will learn and I will study. They will donate and I will. I am talking to my God. We don't want our COMEDIANS. Do that mean you at least so it's I well if you're GONNA if you're the problem is when you try to get corporate job so he wanted he. He didn't think he never thought he'd be up for Zion live yeah. That's kind of the feeling I get right like. I don't think he saw his career because it doesn't look like anybody I was surprised when I saw so many explained to diverse though it's like we need a white guy well. They need a white guy. The thing about Aykroyd and Belushi and Chevy is they were all Super Alpha and they have an Alpha person there a lot of nineteen ninety since Sandler left yeah so oh so I think they're always looking for like an Alpha Kinda Guy I don't. I don't think that the sketches lack anything from it I don't I I don't agree with the summation but I think they're always looking for like an heterosexual man. They're always like the captain of SNL team. I always feel like if you think of different castes. There's always one alpha that there hasn't been like Will Ferrell was the captain. He's he's not alpha sense sailor Farley left those are like the two that were like guys guys. Everybody else has been sort of a bit theory right from like sat there did Taryn kill him or today kiss or will forte. These guys are not yeah jockey. Get all in a weird way. Sandberg was like like sports is like has a thick neck and like sports sports right. He was still very hit. A lot of his bids were about like maybe I would do stuff but but yeah so I think they're always looking for that and the problem with that though is that they're like that sometimes is that they're a little bit Alpha a little bit hard headed and it's a nice way to put it yeah. He's hard headed. He doesn't see militias he just simply what it looks like Chris Pratt or something right now Chris would say but he just seems like he's from the Chris Chris Pratt swamp in Chris Pratt apparently super born again and people don't like that out here but they can't. It's too late. They're just like all right so recipes. Shane Gillis also not everyone like is meant to be on SNL Alan. Go do your own thing. It's not have a hard time for a while but while Dan you're in two sentences then you're into what the sentence be so Louis. I don't know he's he's been in purgatory for a couple years lost thirty five million dollars which still isn't enough. Apparently sit acid- Renan's easy Brennan's easy but I feel like Ren is easy hit dead on you know like he made it in talks about and I mean I think he's doing a thing with the show yeah I remember in Jpl He did uh this is not happening already talked about he talked only by wanted to show an end borough about it. Yeah they was fantastic. I was like this is how this is the only way to get around this you yeah it with this. Guy Shany's probably not old mature enough artistically early to even unravel it exact to be able to go. Oh Yeah I guess and the he doesn't seem like a super introspective guy so you know he's going to have a hard time and it's a shame I don't especially want anyone have a hard time. I guess he's using not even racist Neil. I guess I'm sympathetic in that. The amount of talking people do on podcasts as a lot is a lot and I know it i. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff. We've said that they could cut up and we could go down real quick. I mean you're done with your day. Find your clip about about out about the Roma. Say it because I don't listen. You got a lot going on that black. Black dudes have more presence than Latino guys that was probably people had people had a real problem with that. A lot of your views on women. I think are very are wonderful in progress. Yeah I'm sorry did I apologize learning. I'm talking to Mike God believing a guy. I'm talking to my God. I got the he's my dad okay so but this speaks this one. This takes me to something else. I WanNa talk about the level of hypocrisy. A around me to is was glaring this week. Do WanNa guess what it was. You can see it written written on your page. I'm just saying I'm if I didn't see I didn't know so okay so so they're all going bills me too stuff off was flimsy. He was punching down. He did joke about Bryan Cranston them casting a handicapped person by the way if you're if you're a handicap guy wrote a letter a note that we're GonNa read later and he basically dunks on me so that's fun and just so you know if you're handicapped. Just now that you're listening is what we saw a so but the thing that no one has brought up about bill special is is the fact that he says he got sexually abused by of female comedian and no one has written an article. No one has demanded handed her name. No one has done Jack Shit all of the same women that were so disappointed with the male comedy community for not reporting Louis or not getting behind women are now when it's someone from their team mm-hmm are somehow don't are not interested in exacting any sort of justice for bill and I find it wildly highly hypocritical and none of them care and no one's written Jerry Seinfeld bleep someone's name in Comedians in cars this year and there were multiple multiple articles about it and people said it was he bobbing Bobcat Goldthwait name Bob Cat right bill says a female comedian sexually abused me and no one cares so. Do you think it's do you think the do you think that they will care at some point Bianca and can tell you what what's your. Do you find that there is a level of hypocrisy. Do you see this as a illustration of hypocrisy about things around the metoo movement. I I guess I mean your argument. You're saying that people do watch comedy with a fine tooth comb so much so that they wrote articles they wrote article everything in Comedians in in communities cars about bill special they focused on five things and bill special accept the fact imagine. If a female comic had said a male comic right flicked my the vagina on the way out that would be the entire special it would be Nannette there would be an entire show around it and it would be I I don't. I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying. I just think that you look at things so black and white men and fifty fifty fifty okay okay okay. I'm just saying that I think there's probably people who wrote the articles and have the opinion. It's not just women. I think there's a lot does men on in the two different camps. I agree with what you're saying. I think one hundred percent if it was a female comedian there would be articles written about it. People kind of speculating debuted March right now weed there'd be speculation the hats being knitted marches in guys cases. They Kinda can't attack a female oh comedian because then you're you're part of the problem. You can't attack a female comedian in which context in this context. I can't say we need to bring this woman to justice because it's not the optics optics Fisher so but it is mostly women who were who were writing how disappointed they were in their comedy brothers for for not firing Dave Becky and not outing Louis and cutting ties and all that stuff and yet there is zero curiosity eh or investigation of who the woman was sexually abused Bill Burr and is it because he's a man and there are obvious double standards or is it because he kinda shook it off and was like what are you GonNa do. I personally think it's because the better petr story is when women are abused by men yes. It's it's more obvious but it's just a better. It's a it's a better story. It's like Oh that's. Let's you know there's a trend and here's another evidence for the trend but when the trend goes in the opposite way I think people are less likely theorize about it right this to me is where it gets interesting now. This is where the story this is. Data stories obvious that stories like that's. This is the second act twist in a movie like this where we go way to a woman right it yet dude again. This isn't all about male power. It's about a a culture that where everyone's kind of fucking around because I don't think she was trying to sexually humiliated. I don't think there was any but I also think that there were cases that men have gone Friday that weren't about that weren't as malevolent as people made them sound yeah Fisher her even like as as I think a lot of people's breaking point of like that's not this same caliber as we can't throw him in with the RV Weinstein's of the world but there was just this butterball there was a point whereas guy. You couldn't say that that that there has to be some spectrum. That's what Matt Damon got in trouble for and then Ronin said the same two months later no one care but I think I mean the movement movement everything we're talking about is. I don't know Max three years old I mean I think it's to to between two and three years old. I mean it's like happy birthday. The Louis his coming up in October actually did Louis Anniversary Anniversary Louis Yeah the defense podcasts which locked the door. I'm just saying that yeah. I mean what are you GonNa do. This is all very new to everyone's ready to pass indirect. I can't believe that how hypocritical people are and I'm a very very cynical person and I was like I assumed when I saw bill special that there would be some somebody he's famous enough that someone would there would be something and there's been people people wrote articles about Louis About Bob Cat and Jerry and not about a woman sexually real is maybe I'm not gonNA say now that as famous but it's not that he's famous no the more famous than Bob cat yeah but he's but but of course but Bob cat was is only related to sign the cumulative right but if there again if there was a Netflix special that was this reviewed by women way and one of the anecdotes about being sexually assaulted on stage they would shut down Netflix. Do you think see I feel like if Dave said that story. There would have been an article on it because he would've. They would've Dave would have said something. Dave would have been like see bitch. I'm fine with his put my bag take it because I'm a fucking G. Wu Tang motherfucker all that shit. It's like he would've turned it into into this is how you should take. This ship thinks this is how you take an assault so oh yeah no this bullying of August the one hundred agree with you. I had like an issue would like some wording one hundred percent. It's also looking to the media to not be completely completely hypocritical. I mean when it comes to these things trying to run a movement when it's largely them running it you would think that there would be some level from somebody to go. I think just in the interest of sternest we should cover bill getting sexually assaulted as much as we've covered right the women who Louis Masturbate in front but show me a movement or an organization who's in favor of moving that is not. I don't think the civil rights movement was this plane and we all those those movements march past a bunch of Latino people like getting getting their vote voting rights taken away and been like we're on our way going that way and we're late and no I think what what I mean is movements now. Nowadays are completely different. I we've agreed that a lot of movements now don't have a focus. They're just this outrage. There's a bunch of people outraged at something another one this week with mckesson and really Sean hiding something no dear mckesson does the guy where's the Blue L. haven't he in that in the he accused Shaun King of malfeasance and that was a big on the black side yeah yeah and then it was like you're jealous of Sean. King's wife came back and read it. It's pretty interesting well but then again everybody did rally around Terry crews who made a very big l. made it now that male perpetrator that was again male perpetrator and male victim female perpetrator is where the rubber meets the road. Maybe it should I in the interest of the anytime a guy does it. It's an in case white guy anytime. A guy does it. It's no budget is too high. We will throw all yeah all of our me and David. We're talking about the fact that New York Times the light just changed so it just darkens I really I think the midday did a phone joke about the New York Times where they where they talked about Louis coming on his own stomach and about I wanted them to say like hey. How many sparks was it? Was it a to spark birth or just out of curiosity yeah yeah they would throw no no cost is too high. We'll throw our best people added Cetera et cetera whereas everyone's when someone when a woman does something onto a white guy what I'm not throwing wasting my time and by the way I think we get a lot of clicks if they did with so I don't under- I also donors. I think it would be a very good article to take that and like analyze it and compared to someone writing up at like a real so very popular podcast chest jazzy Belle coming. It's very popular all right so this week not only it's not quite Louis anniversary yet but but nine eleven came and went and I gotta say that's funny disaster dust. That's true that's real. I don't believe there's a picture of a vial of disaster. Dust from nine eleven vials of bucks the violent man they do sell sand at at the Sphinx Right. I think they sell some like rock particles that I love we're the nine eleven this year something about all the Modlin nece kind kind of someone wrote in a letter about it an email about how this year's yeah it was a real humour into best. What do we called who more to who never forgot about who never got vets people really never forgot it? He really didn't forget it. Maybe maybe next year. We let it slip remind I don't even know what were what were getting. It's an offer offer me. It's a very awkward I don't I almost pulled into holiday. No I know what's funny. Is Memorial Yeah Remembering Memories Day Okay Yeah. I never forget day. I always loved how it was. I'm sure I don't think you fall into this category but how what a mixed bag nine eleven was for not why people oh I fall into. What do you mean like like it? It was hard. There's an old there's an old. USC USC UCLA joke which is I root for anybody I root for USC in anybody the WHO's playing Ucla Yeah and for for people of Color in America could be I root for black people and anyone who's playing white people like there is an element of hough what happened why people you get you get popped right. Got Popped in the face since it happened in New York. I feel like it's more than what the racial makeup of the of the body count was but it wasn't doesn't it wasn't like two thousand white people it was like very mixed because it's January and treats and all that and a lot of cops and firemen farmers especially that was always a AH I saw memorial in it was saying remember it was only was all sally's was on these like weird militant like ensue ensue black instagram like accounts I followed there hilarious and it was like remembering all the fallen soldiers and it was the black people who died on the day the black servicemen so few really Kasich Barney responders yeah it was like twenty cops and thirty firemen yeah like a few. EMT's fifteen Nigerian Gosselin teacher nothing they say by the time I am I can't I can't be cash worksite live. Oh no they never be cancelled me my face and my skill set have been pre canceled motherfuckers. Yes so that's I think about what you saying non white people on nine eleven just it's that thing of like Oh man what happened why people do what all awkward for me because I Middle Eastern right afterwards the Middle Eastern rhetoric anti Middle Eastern rhetoric was very was disturbing. How like towel head all that stuff? No let down ahead but just a lot of like bombing the Middle East. It's like my grandma's Muslim like just so nice. I just is it makes you feel so much farther away from maybe your white friends ends and their families understand their understanding feelings but it's when they say they don't you want to talk about bad add representation that the hijackers their first of all Americans so little relationship with Islam long before that like tiny demand and for that to be the intro to Islam is a tough one yeah it was not the Great Mosque and they were like absolutely not like it's the only thing I was little. We'll just don't build a mosque which is yeah. That's just seemed like I get it. I get it but like some ignorant but I get it yeah like I know that someone at the funeral funeral ocean money wait until after the funeral I know we just don't bring it up to the way command yet so I think it was Ricky Harris the comedian. Someone got fucked up at his funeral. I don't know I wanNA say someone step to snoop snoop and got fucked up at the funeral I I don't remember the exact specifics of it was a funeral and someone got fucked up and that's exciting. That's Oh yeah. It's a fantastic story so yeah. I don't know I guess we have to did you. Do you post anything no because because not like I don't care I tried to get p Davidson to joke about a friend of his whose dad was also firefighter firefighter who died on nine nine and like Oh no you don't you don't was it on TV now because all all of the families got like at least at least a million dollars but if you died on nine nine just at a house fire in Brooklyn Sorry Buddy nothin thin you got nothing like is there. Is there camera footage. Is there anything anything collapsed did regis cover it. Please please ominous photos of milk. My favorite nine eleven stuff. They said that they found Mohamed Atta's passport within and four hours on the grounds that was great that was so the whole thing they found his passport flew out more. Oh Oh no way looking at they said in the in the first ours we've found the main hijackers pounds you know it's like that's when people go to conspiracy like that to me is a conspiracy because they're just trying to. They couldn't guarantee who did it but they just assumed right. It was dude on nine yeah like he's like as we're not all like this. I'm just a regular guy. I know these guys are hijacking and yeah but I don't know any time I try to do a joke about this anytime we call you a hero so it means you're making less than fifty grand a year. That's what it means. If we there are no rich heroes you want me to prove it to you. Yes yes nurses are heroes and they helped doctors doctors not hear us. They make too much money. Sorry sorry dodgers not here. You want to be a hero underdog. Here's an yeah heroes a person who put it all aside Ura hero. If you're a certain sect or the religion of doctor and you operate on somebody that is against your then your hero but you can't you ain't going to be a hero nurses heroes. EMT First Responders Soldiers Teachers Heroes Congressman kind of hear us there make around one hundred percent money a little hazy plus all their collect. These guys collect a lot of stuff. They make a lot of money on these jobs. Believe me Bianca we. What year did you start it doing standup regularly seven okay so I was going to say how was it for Comedians right after nine eleven even to make I had a good nine eleven joke? It was a that the pilots now now because they rushed the the the cockpit pilots now have to seem like they're hard so they'll oh come on be like can be implanted thirty five thousand feet a and in case you want to come into the cockpit. Just know that you will get fucked up. We will fuck you up and then I and then the joke was like what are we going to do. co-pilot fuck them up and I would kill but but yeah it wasn't like Patrice had a good one. There were a lot of good ones. Wasn't I mean the day fuck in it was it was I'll say this about nine eleven. I went down there a couple of days laughter. Maybe nine five nine sixteen and it's the worst I've ever smelled in. It's not even close the fuck. It smell smells smelled like you know when you open a box from China. You just did it but now I'm not talking about like you order. Something ordered website. I Yeah I ordered this furniture was the kid off off of a website gave them China and when I opened it four cockroaches doc roaches crawl down and I wanted to die and now you're blaming it on China been the bay. You don't know okay okay so there's that smell of like chemical chemical production and industry right. There was that's mel then. There was like that was like I'd say that was sixty five percent of the smell then thirty percent like I guess humanity humanity like human remains. I guess I mean I probably put that on on it but but it's definitely it's it's it was so pungent and the fact that they the fact that the the the guys on the pile those guys that's amazing because that truly is heroic doing because it was so obvious the whatever I'm breathing in right now is bad yeah and the fact that they did it day after day after day and they'd take the mask ask off and they'd but because I you smell and you get the mass not GonNa help. The dolphins are gonNA help me with this face it yeah some Sam Houston is real like you couldn't Azmat probably has matt suit with its own air supply from New Jersey so yes that was no I said was asking you like what how was it for Comedians and stuff like that. I think it was I mean Dave with staying on canal. Dave was saying right near it and he said before the tower fell it had the feeling of like fire drill. It was like not serious okay. He loved he like he got up and was on Canal Street and he's like it wasn't isn't serious and then the tower fell and it was like like people just that was one of those things where people just cried like all right. I'm crying right that has ever happened you where you go from. I was in Vietnam a year and a half ago with a friend of mine and and when we walked past a homeless woman with a baby who had horrible birth defects like Hugh like the kind of birth defects you don't see in western in countries and like misshapen head and I immediately started like just like and I'm crying like split blet second and I just took my friend was like do not look at like immediate yeah like it was so graphic and awful like Oh. This is very very awful yeah that you're only responses just go. You're you're it shorts your system. I WanNa see you cry. Keep keep begging you you bitch you never will you really cry yeah. I don't think you will maybe maybe though if we went to a worth flees with some podcast awards probably sure there so so nine. I don't know what the remedy is yeah but I think the re- How do we what do we do on nine eleven. That isn't the most cringe Angie Shit. It's so crammed. There's nothing you can do is sell cringe because it's so about people make it about like I remember. It makes me uncomfortable sort starting until you weird military people the good news is we. We're still fighting in Afghanistan which I think that's the best way we can honor the soldiers and the troops versus. Donald says we will not stop fighting this war money down just said give us bin Laden they wouldn't we bomb from them than we killed bin Laden then we're like all right. We're getting the fuck out of here because we had no problem with the Taliban before that other than the fact that yes the fact that they you were harboring a terrorist terrorism. George Bush set the INSTAGRAM. It's bad it's like turn off your phone nine eleven yeah. I don't know who with all these things. I don't know who benefits I don't get comforts Pete Davidson and people who lost people that yeah maybe I'm wrong but if you're if you were affected literally like if you're the incest rules apply to US my God if I if you're affected by incentives someone who died on nine eleven and if you'd fuck them they would have been forty percent chance chance of birth defects. I want to hear your story anybody else. Don't care cousins unless you were close but saying because you're you were have and again make audio video as trying to make this thing so you know nine eleven got never forget never forget being insensitive know why it's just what do you want me to. I don't think we are I don't know what to do or what I'm supposed to. I am appreciative of firemen cops. Fishers run it like I I there are parts of those jobs that are incredibly fucking heroic. Yeah Ah there are parts that are not in there are parts of those jobs that are those some cops have really fucking shitty and so but I don't know what I'm supposed to do or or how I'm supposed to never forget. I remember it. I don't know what lesson to take it also was it's really like an Achey sworded sort of thing that happened like some shit doesn't make sense. Everyone is a little still confused on some things that happen the amount I don't I'm confirm. What are you confused about the amount of times I've heard that a plane did not fly into the Pentagon and a plane did one hundred percent fly into the Pentagon an all these conflicting things fucking know like obviously not going to go do a investigative report about it but I've seen enough information that is in on sheep dot com like legitimate investigations into it that it's just strange? It is strange gosh. I you know how I feel about Spurs. I know and I'm a I'm a I'm more down the new but sometimes they're things that are just you don't have a good answer for does it mean power me is something which is in the run-up to war in three the army started buying a Shitload of ads on Chapelle show why just as she and I completely forgot like he's a you. Don't remember when they bought like there. Were like we only want that show. We don't want any of the other we want that show because they knew it would appeal the young and black people they call them cannon fodder. was building there before we even they've all been there. They've all been there forever I don't. I don't believe that it was a I don't believe I don't believe any I I believe that it was the dumb neo cons and all that shit and they wanted to invade and then they finally had a reason. I don't think that they made the reason up and I don't think that they bomb there. Two guys hit the World Trade Center is like fucking. Let's bomb the Pentagon. I believe that they did bomb the Pentagon. I believe that they did fly plenty independent so Pennsylvania one. Maybe got shut out of this guy by the American military you ever sleep flight. Ninety three was a good idea the role one day like guess what happened on the plane. I guess UH the body Russia you know the guys director Paul greengrass apparently p like it's actually not a bad movie but I'm GonNa Watch that it's really it's. It's very dramatic. Did you hear a very dramatic situation. It's like no thanks. I'm good how Mark Wahlberg was supposed to say I would've probably would've stops yeah. That's the guy for you guys like cast him on. Bianca is essential troubling article yesterday and you yeah so we disobeyed me directly. Sorry which is there is an article and this article basically said it's in mother Jones who I then made a donation to alcohol is as much a carcinogen as almost as cigarettes it. It's a huge huge factor of breast cancer and colon cancer and they've basically covered it up with the end the biggest portion of of ammunition that they used was there was a story in sixty minutes the nineties about wine being a it's good for you that whole wine is good free thing and it doesn't make you fat but it has a lot of course in engine and yet they all they were like no. It's all the stats they cherry picked all the stats and so it'll be live longer and less heart disease on stuff because the way they did the stats were dead wrong and people in France were dying of cancer from all this great wine. That's helping so again any other substance on earth that was responsible for this much death and carnage. This American carnage that are great are great. President was talking about yeah. That's the article uh the it's this. It's alcohol you couldn't you couldn't what driving rape domestic violence cancer cirrhosis of liver. It's everything and probably affects heart disease he fas search engine yeah absolutely it was funny. I actually realized how bad alcohol is for you a few years ago when my friend who's a Vegan and like a preachy dumb one that doesn't always sites. It's like the Chinese study like dude. You don't know what you're talking about. and we got an argument. I was like I'm going to go and so I told her you know. Cheese isn't nearly as bad for you as Tequila which you love and she said I bet you a million dollars. That Tequila is better for me than Jeez. He's and I was like okay. Let's go do some things to prove that you're it's right. I just don't know how you prove it. I literally just went in a warm Internet wormhole. How bad how terrible alcohol is for your body and how it is? The leading causes in so much can't there's no way to drink healthy. There's absolutely no imagine what they that's what the alcohol business in this article they talk about how they've just been promoting people jogging in their commercials chugging. It's part of a healthy diet. No it's not dude. It's the F. and all yeah nobody's drinking it. Would you be forever. I told you gasoline was carcinogenic. It's the same family they just put sugar in it. It's gasoline whenever I whenever you know when you first drink alcohol and you're like what the fuck is this and then it's still terrible you. Just I have all these rationalizations pile up in your head. We'll wouldn't drink it if it didn't get you drunk ever millionaires. You wouldn't drink this shit. If it didn't didn't you wouldn't even use it as a client cleansing product in your house. It's it's Lysol. It's it's all the same family they just put sugar in it. You did send me that article as I was about to go. Get your bus boarding my best for my party tour for it. All the carcinogens regents and you drank too much she said but you can't remember how much I drink a lot but I wasn't. I wasn't like you have cancer. You don't want to get a WanNa to get a mammogram or I will say. I don't drink that often. I don't drink. I don't get drunk drunk. I don't know if it matters I. I don't think it this stats are odd in that if there if you drink regularly it's bad if you drink like two a day. It's bad to a day. That's crazy yeah but let me tell you a lot of people use alcohol that aren't you know drugs on the street or the woman saying she's like I don't know if because she pointed out how much drinking you do in high school and something like ninety percent of drinking that people do before their legal is binge drinking yeah American yes binge. Drinking is is is defined as four more a sitting. I will say though I feel like before your legal. You also throw up a lot more dude binge drinking and L. O. You get it out of your system. Yes it's probably you're probably it's probably healthy to throw up because you're getting rid cancer. You had a beer tonight's again. I do you feel about yourself colon cancer diagnosis and it was like I know up there. That wasn't there the other day yeah I don't I don't I just don't drink my biggest. WORRY SUGAR GONNA. You don't want to get that no. I don't. I'm not worried about fat. I'm worried about my sugar. Intake is insane like sweet. I really I don't get is cream. I'm like I had the thought last night. You know what a garbage head is. Garbage had in drugs someone who will just do any drug do pills. They'll do any shrooms whatever garbage garbage that I'm a garbage head for sugar anything you got. I'll take that's so strange. Yeah I know and I and I like plan plan my day around a big one later a big ice cream later. I hate sweets. Do you really I the you know the feeling that you get from eating something really really salty like you kind of have to stop. It's like your body is reacting to it somehow. That is the exact same feeling when eat too much like if I'm eating an ice cream I can help like fights bites. God headed Cardinal Scream yesterday a cart carton of ice alone Neal Brennan Carbon Dream. That's something I can feel the sugar in my going in my blood and it feels very income to paddock cone Saturday took Friday off. I think but I'm one of those people who know people haven't had a drink in eleven days. I'm like counts. I could tell you where but then what is the difference between drinking and all that sugar. I don't know it might there might not be one. I mean according to those sugar documentaries. It's really it's all bad. It's you tell bad somebody. A friend of mine was talking about she was doing a juice cleanse. Someone got diagnosed with cancer and they try to juice cleanse but what they they they did. They did fruit juice. You can't defer to fruit juice because it's all sugar. It's all sugar and you got vegetable juice which is gross but it's healthy. I I make a smoothie every morning and I call them mud smoothie 'cause it tastes like fucking Mutt what's like beats and positives and Greens and Water and and Lemon Juice and Greens and beats is filling. It's really fillings disgusting though but if you just do it every morning you it's not a big deal but everybody wants when people like I'll make you a smooth him now when I take giampa juice is a is a sugar is Michael Like Dylan's candy bar. It is what John says. It's so not healthy for us. I E balls nut healthy not say he's got such a high sugar bigger count on Sweden Assay which people don't I have unsweetened say the the fruit it's from the fruit yeah but some of them aren't aren't some of them. Get them when they're like really ripe and sweet and Sour fermented. That's what the no Oh yeah. I guess yeah when is right. Yeah you can get the unsweetened kind from trader Joe's already frozen interesting and it says unsweetened yeah it says I put them into it makes it look like fucking mud great but sweat it out Bianca's hung over guys throwing. That graphic was like we how much do I my daughter here there to pick me up yet. I will be a better mom than that. What's going on Neil and Bianca Ho balls well just want you know just WanNa? I don't know how Neil feels about best man maid of honor speeches kind of feel like Neil when it comes to weddings but I'm the best man at a wedding and I'm trying to figure out should I go to go the roast roast route or try to be funny now and try to be funny and try to be funny the reminiscing route and talk about the past or should I keep it short and simple my suggestion before I went to a wedding Saturday night and uh there was a little bit of a toast. I think funny he'll I think you've already made money. Anyone can be saccharin Akron literally anyone in the world can be Saccharin. It's not hard to a first grader can be SACCHARIN. It takes zero wit exerience. I love you more today. Away then metaphor. That's all you need. No one's funny so be funny and you can set Meyers Rather. Josh did a toasted sesame wedding wedding that was so fucking great and funny it was insane and fifty people had done toast the day before likes Hilar- will forte tape the funniest. Does I've ever seen about like it was he did it as a character who basically said that he fox that's wife and and he goes in he's anti Semitic is this weird character. Hamilton was like this Obama but he said he goes Seth Meyers wife beautiful skin hook nose perfect. It's kill and then Josh went the next day and murdered with great jokes and sentiment sentiment but it wasn't schmaltzy salmon is real. It was realism so that'd be my. I did my best friends wedding. They required us to do like you're on in three. M Like to fuck whatever it's fine I did. I did a speech in everyone who is like that was best for. It was so I I think if you mix it with being a little bit funny and really what you're saying. You'll be fine. You don't have to be that funny. Also is not that stiffer competition right but also recoup see how long it is and cut at something yeah. Keep it moving short. No one's going to be like I wanted you to talk longer amateur speaker. I wish you'd spoken for a long. I I hold my breath because an amateur was speaking. Have you ever had given a speech gave a speech Saturday night at the comedy store. Now I gave a speech sure Mike sure Mike Scherer cheering my sure sure he created parks and rec it can good place and office but old friend of mine at his he married redes- films daughter I. I gave a toast where I basically just talked about wanting to have sex with joy. Philbin Regis wife about regis it was it was really fun and I completely forgot about it until just now until you asked me I was like I don't know and I am as like talk about it in their family and self really funny but because she's she's so greater choice. She's good looking but I love you. Give a speech and you just talk about some other August so good by you know at the end of hard week. It's great to sit down. Take some time off and watch some football game winning touchdowns on two minute drives running backs raising down the sidelines with no one to stop them. There's nothing else like the NFL and there's no better way may make to games more exciting than to bet on them so do the smart thing banks and listeners and go to my bookie DOT AG. That's Mybookie M. Y. B. O. K. I. E. DOT ask God a g. No one gives you you more ways to win than they do my book he's got the fastest payouts and better lines than any of his sportsbook. 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They will put in ads ads on your podcast and they give you money directly like on the homepage. There is a wallet where it shows you how much money you've earned from from your from your from people listener pocket so it's pretty sweet like it's and I don't say that lately it's genuinely fair so it download the anchor APP or go to anchor dot. FM to get started. It's eight truly good platform and website and if you're interested in podcasts if you want to tell people how you feel because look I'm Dylan. Neil Phil I'm telling them we're telling them pinky. Thank you send a so hankers the spot for you. Bro Anchor is a spot for you bro. You'll row hager inker I very very good God bless Sia on anchor and girl carrying. You've got mail. Hey Bianca Neil. There was a thing that went around the summer about how fifty one percent of Americans if they go swimming don't shower in the summer and at Forty Percent Pee in the pool since since it's well known black people don't swim especially since white people that shut down the pools shut them down and that Asian Americans aren't a significant population account that means it's wipe you'll ever do us all right. I what about Latino in Middle East this guy this fight you know come in here all potty dare he yeah the reason why People Don't shower and pee in the pool is because they're not fucking cops also don't. I don't get if they go swimming. They don't shower in this summer what they don't shower afterward. Oh like I already got what they used to call up. The various races Puerto Rican shower. Oh yeah whatever whatever Taber the whatever group wants slag in Jimmy Turkish our Turkish out. Who's does your shower joke about in this region? I'm sure in Nigeria it's Ghani remain on the Congo shower. Congolese South America Venezuela shower that should be part of like Oh. What's the cuisine shower shit could not so yeah they don't because who wouldn't I pee in the pool? I gotta say I don't pay the pool is of course hello. We're going to get out and go to the bathroom up. Chlorine kills it grow up. I guess there's a we deal with a lot of kind kind of disgusting stuff then. We don't realize now just people L. Our lives are more genital and Pea Lupin. We let on. They were just very oral sex and just there's a lot of just like that. It gross yeah. We're Grosse Pointe where we're just gross yeah like the pool. It's just a different thing. Women are dressed in underwear and but they carry a bag so it seems fine and then everyone know they're thicker material. You can't see his. Do you think any guy knows it's thicker material. That makes any difference. No I've just say it's IT'S A it's a it's under it's thicker material okay so where that on the pockets next week where the materials old and don't put this on black people or white people. He's young people some people goodbye. You've got mail. I read an article the they were the author stated that the Emmys as well as other award ceremonies should do away with gender specific categories such as best actor best actress Bruce instead just use something like performance. Do you think this would be a good idea. I personally don't have very strong feelings on the matter the only thing I wouldn't like as opposed to five minute five women being recognized is we just got five total nominations. There's also a possible scenario that could arise where more or all of the nominees from one gender I I will be what he's not what people don't realize about these award shows is purely promotional yeah there said they they need to get the word out about more of these movies and these movies and these people they're creating brands about these actors and trying to make them box office stars Dr that the Studios Fund this system basically to make stars and then they then they got all right we can use him. It's good for International. If you win an academy award then they can put you in movies that will play. You'll yours more marketable so it's all a marketing ploy and it's also as I said before it encourages people to come out here so that we can have extras movies we need him. We need extras and this when they hear and people need to be told that anything's possible and to follow their dreams except they don't give the caveat. It really helps if you're hot. They don't say that they should if you're really talented and really hot then. Some dreams might come true everyone else. None of your dreams are coming. True through. There are people in the entertainment industry. Where's that we're not acting right well? There's you know oh you need like fat friends. At super talented Shane Gillis would would have been different or recipes way. Okay take it outside of that world. Do you think thank men and women should have the separate things that I don't. I don't I find the whole thing embarrassing I it's you've been to award shows are they. Are they fun. They're they're high school assembly. Okay Yeah fucking boring as boring as a high school. Is Emily go wracking because you're just judging you. Everyone Josh like wait is he. Being Weird to me was with that. Why is it that ended up like it's IT'S A it's a landmark Golden Globes? That looks fun I haven't been I don't know it's still work. Yes so work. It's still work. I don't really like I. I don't WanNa get drunk around yeah. You don't like office parties. Oh someone there was a rap premiere party for a show and I won't say would show and end up drove home from the Party and died or no killed someone they were drunk and they killed someone and it's like don't serve alcohol at your job. Yeah 'cause you're giving people cancer and I can't wait till you can't say goodbye. I Neil I'm an avid. It's standup Fan Patent Oswald being one of my favorites recently. I was listening to his annihilation which is one of my favorites and realize something you may have started a theme with your emotional stuff portion of three. Mike's more and more a year comedians take a break in their set to talk about a serious topic patents. Well did just have a large family crisis with his wife passing but this is a trend. Is this a Trento or is it just a coincidence how neil feeling what pinky thinking more importantly well. I think it is both a coincidence and trend trend. How about that because I don't think anyone took? I don't think hadn't saw three. Mike and I don't think I don't I mean I it did three. Mike's had done our on comedy central it. No one cared about so I was like well. I'm not GonNa do that again so let me do something else. I'd seen Mike per bigly a do do my girlfriend's boyfriend and sleepwalk with me and thought like that's a better dad. I just need to do something to stand out so let me you just do like a narrative something narrative and did three weeks and then then I saw then net came out and patents wife died so he kind of wouldn't not address it yeah. He couldn't be like dedicated created him. I mean he could have gone like dedicated to my wife but it kind of feels like if you get you know prior talked about his his fire so so enough that you're going to be like you have to be. I just feel like if you're a comedian you have enough edano comedic intelligence intelligence and navigate around it so yeah I guess so I don't take I'm not a big credit taker. There are times where I'm like. ah that seems familiar but I don't like because I have friends that are very like stolen from Maine like don't yes. It's a weird thing to want to always get credit. I've meanchay both have jokes about flavor Flav and ex right now and in his is GonNa come out and then minds gonNA come out and people are going to go like wait a minute. I already know that we both have them. The thing that people underestimate with someone so stole we we get a lot of our ego from our originality so I don't WanNA knock be original. You know I don't WanNa not. I don't WanNa seem like a hack yea. I don't WanNa get side-by-side on Youtube but there's Times where I've done like I've I've done stuff on the daily show and the people done it in their stand up and I'm like I don't think they stole it. You can think of there's parallel thinking exempted. There's there's more comics than there's ever been. There's only so many areas because it's like Michael Jackson where it's like yeah you can either do fuck him. He's a child molester or it could be worse or I don't care like there's not that many things goodbye. You've got mail hey neil it'll be a huge basketball fan and during the NBA season there is a basketball game on my house most nights my eight year old daughter will often sit and watch took in last season. She randomly asked me why most of the players were black. We're white. I wasn't sure what the answer was. My guess was that it's popular game in many areas where there's a large population but I felt like I might be missing something yeah. You're missing some pretty major too. I figured I'd reach out to the top rated sororities and the podcast game for some insights and then he said Neal after hearing what you're locking cookie jar. I bought one for my weed so I could only give myself. I self access to it on the weekends. It has helped to cut my consumption back to much more reasonable level big time game changer. Thanks for letting me know he's forget you know he's forgetting in which white people often do slavery Duh Duh Labor talk about a thing that we should never forget talk about I mean I don't know how you do it. which is not we don't ninety nine thing like is there video yeah is there a speech is there George Bush was? Is there a slave owner with a bullhorn. Is there news you need they see nine eleven has slavery doesn't doesn't is optics that everyone can that makes people feel good. No one feels bad even even Middle Eastern yeah they'll just pose the two towers remakes white people feel what was I watching. Have you been listening to pod. The six thousand nineteen talked to use it about it now yesterday no Saturday Saturday. Would we say you were just like hey. Did you know I just forgot. It's just a it's just it's a bummer. It's just a fuck in it's an old-fashioned bummer like wolf. Take your medicine so the reason there are the blind people are big is because they were trying to make a super slave so they would have the biggest man have sex next biggest woman and it gave birth and they would give birth to large people and and then that just and then you know how jeans are Allie do and then it's also there's the economic parts which you're not wrong about its popular and black neighborhoods because the barrier to entry is low doesn't cost very much they already have Jordan's hell and and so why not vassals inexpensive doesn't you don't need a gym you don't need equipment very much and they're in economically depressed neighborhoods there are few ways to get out yet. It's rapin ball or gross oh streets discreet or of course getting an MBA the third one that biggie cut that out getting an MBA so so so yes so slavery would usually say sleep problems can go back to slavery. Yes just about every problem album. Marsha Warfield was talking about like yeah. It's just all about Labor. Oh that's what we're talking about. The the six nineteen was talking about how care for all and and obamacare there was there was there were hospitals they they fought black people were freed just with no direction no money nothing and somebody finally was like we need. They need hospitals. These people are fucking undying yeah. They were black. People were dead. Black bodies were littering the streets. They said that's how bad things so it's so crazy and then so so they opened a few and it was like the freemen's something and they opened a few hospitals and then you're not gonNA believe is why people burnt them Ndau. You're not gonNA believe and they said Oh and of course at some point. They said these people can't get healthy. They Batta me. It's just the class they ran the playbook which is deprived them and then say it's their fault and then when you're talking in your like Medicare came from slavery and I was like tipping came from slavery tell about basically when when slaves were freed they still all kind of kept a lot of the same jobs but a lot of people were. I think a lot of business owners still didn't pay them like Oh. Now I gotta pay you like sharecroppers. I yeah no no they started getting into working at restaurants and things like that. They still didn't feel like paying a slave so what they were like. We're not going to pay you but you know you can get tipped based on like how good of a service you did and that was basically we're tipping came from this is a it of and I looked it up and that was because it sounded like a FIB blanket smallpox blanket question which is and it's so broad question engine. It's so broad. Do you think black people have better immune systems than white people. I've heard it alluded to it so I know black people. I know so you know we don't get caught up parenti black babies black baby girls in ICU just in like delivery in in hospitals are the healthiest of all babies. I didn't WanNa say Blanco Magic but black magic but now having said of that black women the mortality rates when they have babies because that has to do with the care that like the youngest baby baby born is black. I think it was that Oh the most successful preemies of all time yeah black girl hottest preemies of all time the the the Black Yup. That's the the little bow out premiums goodbye. I love you guys feel from day one. Do you think social media influencers deserve the term celebrity they million followers get invited to red carpet events brands use them advertising. It hasn't question how do other celebrities treat social media influencers and what do they think of them. social media influencers James Charles can feel like they're the same levels Taylor's celebrity and everyone else knows that they aren't question. Do you think young white people dropping out of school for a potential career in social media is worthwhile. Did I say young. I'm white people just young people I see white pull influences. You're dropping out of college more young employers dropping out of college name high school to pursue current social media yeah I I personally social media. I'm wondering how how long they can pilot its meaning. Some of a lot of the people that are successful in social media. Media are all good looking yeah. They're really except the one guy the F- The blond guy who looks like a caveman who did the WHO did the thing I I first name's Jerry Paul or something pod Sol's them but he just looks he's so gross to me like but no he's looking to white girls white like he's like bro Man. He looks like Food Brennan Frazier Movie The the Jews and so I think they make me feel old but they'd all be hosts. hosts in the old days they all would have been hosts yeah back then there weren't enough jobs for them but they all have been hosts on. I'm coming alive. They all are coming to you live from the Rome Rome that's appropriate. They're all the jump they make right but what I'm saying is do they want to make the jump Lilly Singh is starting a late night show at one thirty after Seth on NBC. I assets promotion who is she. She's an Indian girl who had a youtube channel final and was popular okay if they are just getting a bigger platform for what they already do. That's one thing but I'll go on audition sometimes times and they will say put your instagram yeah they want to see him. Oh yeah all the time when accounts people tell me follow into that yeah and my friend works in PR and this talent agency approached her to do the PR and they were there one of the leading challenge talent agencies for for management companies for influencers and I saw their deck I mean these people have eighteen million followers seventeen million ten million clean floors. I don't know a single one of them. I looked up because I was so interested. You don't even really know what the appeal is. Its photos. They rarely talk if they talk. It's so boring. It's very I don't know I think you go to certain pages for certain things so if you're pretty and I want to look at you find if you start posting about like the planets dying and we see the earth. You're not gonNA get any like so unless you oh you gotta keep it super super shallow super whatever you are a save the planet account you can't posted a Selfie. No one's going to give up so I don't know how these people will transition to but I don't know what they have to transition to. It was the thing we were talking about sitcoms. Why would I do with Sitcom if I'm FEO or delete or yeah why would I take why man's Charlotte is like why do a show when you can do you can and get all the profit on Youtube? It's Shittier but you can get a lot of prominent yeah. If you have millions of years on Youtube. Why would you know boss and an avid listeners and like I don't because it's the way movies on the TV is to social media where people think it's an upgrade upgrade and it's not it's not it's not an upgrade if you can do it on social fuck TV? That's the way I feel like. I don't if I could and if I if this gets more I don't I wouldn't. I'm not dying to do this on network. Now I'm not dying to do. It doesn't seem better to me no. I don't know this like evenly roast was on yesterday. I don't have comedy Central Yeah. I'm like I don't fucking know what to do like I wanna see it but I have have comedy central. I have come into awesome. Give me your password so and in terms of how they're treated I think the young people treat them as peers but I also think that they know that if you're an actor singer or whatever you're more talented but you don't think Arianna Guerande looks at these people's peers now or any of these I think once they leave. I think their looked down a little bit. It's a little delake. Tell me how many followers you have. That's not a good sign but you're right because there's a kind of famous before famous nugget. You're right right about that in a lot. More people are watching streaming youtube. Oh like going on to try to find a show on comedy central. I feel the way I mean based on spades ratings. He has way more instagram followers than are watching the comedy central show free. No it's Netflix mud. No no lights out or whatever it's called. nope comedy central damn therein lies the problem you don't even know where it is yeah so and they get more reviews sets monologue cordons monologue. They get more views on youtube than they do on the like. I like spades. I like speeds instagram account. I I only saw one episode. I doubt but I'm like I just I want small servings and I want uh shorter stuff. I like that yeah exactly the whole narrative is it's not only him too. It's like all these comics if I don't dig some of them I'm like okay. I don't know yeah so I don't. I don't think that a I think the thing to do is the thing you want to do that and then see if if you can make money from it you know like I don't because we have so much autonomy it's wouldn't I wouldn't even call it autonomy. I don't even think about the this in terms of we gotta follow and it's like volunteer. It's flake out or something yeah except if someone was calling you guys look better afterwards someone who's calling us and like you guys need to be here but fuck yourself first of all you wouldn't be there. You'd be like I'm not I don't go places. I don't have a car you disagree with them. Show starts at one thirty. It doesn't might what I'm very twenty nine sixty. I'm very you've got slow. Hello Bianca Neil Neil someone someone who is always who is always touting psychology and therapy. You wouldn't consider what Kevin Hart did too little nauseous to be gas lighting. I don't I think he needs to be cancelled but he knew exactly what he was doing because he didn't think it was important to talk about also woody Allen Maria's adoptive stepdaughter. His adopted daughter is reason enough up to never trust the guy again loved the show. Okay okay all right once again. Heaven wasn't gas sliding him. He was trying to show his new wisdom and he was also instead instead of when he when he questioned little Nasdaq's about like why what's the big deal he was trying to signal to the black community that we need to get past this shit. We need to get past gay in the Hood Right. It's kind of like why what's the big deal who cares they. He should've said that. If that's what he was here he was drunk so he was clearly drunk. Oh I haven't clearly drunk is that they talked about it on the show. Yes he's like later on someone said Kevin you're not from the hood and Kevin Hart Goes. I think my record speaks for itself and and they were like we're talking to Kevin love so like he was drunk. It was like clearly DR Congo. People want access to famous people. They want to hear everything but yet if they get drunk. You're holding them to anyway a polit a politician standards which this isn't your never. It's GonNa you can do that but it your entertainment entertainments gotta be worse. You can do it but it's going to be worse but this did strike a nerve with people the fact that he was who cares I mean. I don't really care air if people don't like what he's saying I think it's perfectly fine to say but I do understand that it looks at slightly dismissive to what's going on with. Will I think he was trying hi to say he was passed it. Yeah I mean again. I'm biased because I like the guy but yeah but and I don't think homophobic etc but no no no. I don't either but I also. I think it's once you start having interpret with someone was meaning I mean right but he also as he told Terry Gross. When he the same month he wrote the tweets about Gayness Donnas he about bringing dollhouse over son's head and again? If Kevin Breaks his house over son's head whereas Ariza Kevin GonNa Sleep at night he's a tiny little man so funny and he also that same month tweeted that dark dark skinned women will fuck your credit up martyring food young as what are we doing yeah. What's the so? That's a joke but that's not what's what's the tell me the difference the difference goodbye typing. You've got mail one of the eight percent here so I started seeing this guy this summer we we know each other from before I kind of knew he had a crush on me. I didn't like them back but we ended up going to this concert together. In the beginning of the summer we really good time and we were seeing each other each each other up until two weeks ago. We moved to London for work now. We both now this was happening. So it wasn't a surprise. There were no expectations whatsoever I been against inst- I've always been against long distance relationships because they seem naive and pointless to me so I was the one to rule that out when he was leaving however I do miss them. We can talk music a lot and I realized that no guy has ever treated me better. Should I initiate and L. Dr Situation or should I just call it bad timing move move on with my life how Neil feels. Wb about long distance relationships by we learn to three hour flight away from where I live matters but where's he live probably Nova Scotia and Veneta I it don't matter don't don't don't use the thing to the amount of people I've met around the world and it's cute and it's fun. It's a little romance and then I'll go back to the world and there are still people are weirdly always a little available oh yeah but I don't think woman likes that. I think men like that more than women. I love that you do meaning like a guy that if you're if it's even they met a guy I met a guy in one of your travel Mexico and one of my main redacted for gels and then I go back a year later there you go. I'm in town. He's like Burma meeting you fantastic of the best but yeah who doesn't like that I don't I mean I think women and like it if the guy's cute but they don't like it if they I think women don't WanNa be that guy to be. I'm in town where you at if they're not what if they're with somebody like fuck you. I'm not but the international saw you just don't respond you don't respond to. I didn't get responded to like yeah. He's in a relationship. You say something about what that as what's up numbers chain you don't ever have you ever had I did one. The most recent one was long distance. It wasn't bad but it it wasn't it wasn't a big deal. I was just in New York. She's he's here. He's got miles I got I also like work at night. It's it's it wasn't it wasn't perfect but yeah I think it's I mostly think it's about keeping you on the phone a lot with her. How many wasn't crazy like there? Were days. I wouldn't taxed. She wouldn't take me that was great. Did you still consider her. Your girlfriend yeah interesting. She cheated on me like killing. She didn't consider me hers. No L. Ars. No I wouldn't do it. Don't do it and again you can talk to music about with lots. That's not a good enough reason goodbye. You've got I been thinking a lot about how important our intent versus audience perception is when it comes to stand up. There's the obvious example of do audiences think this is funny but I'm interested in your thoughts around other situations like do I need fire hurtful or offensive. Do audiences understand the target of this joke. If audience perception is important outside of laughter what is important and how much is important also. Do you think there's any obligation to stand up to make something that promotes a social benefit besides laughter and if so is it fair for an audience member to criticize comics social benefit. Is that attempt important or is it the result you know come on amount peak Nah yeah I don't. I personally don't like saying shit that I don't believe I don't. I just don't do it for the most. I don't do it at all but I don't go up there. I think uh-huh Trevor Sef Fallon Call Bayer Corden all do understand that they are in a little small ways as public servants yeah in fact. I talked about that last week where it's like yeah. There's things where I know that I need to say something here. Yeah so you know I think I think a those guys do I don't now doesn't normal normal does just a nightclub comedian or Netflix. Comedian need to be responsible now. He just needs to be funny but I but having said that ebbing really irresponsible isn't going to be funny. It's not gonNA work very well. Yeah get a piece of Shit and and being racist sexist. This is big. It's just not it's your it's going to be a really small return in a really small audience and it's just not gonna it's not good. I like about this and and the thing about chinks no but that's what I mean like you. You think that was four on your audience there. It's I guess guys who grew up with but I like her question that you didn't read if a fan of here's her offended by joking made on stage is their way. You'd like to be told Oh. Did I tell the Isis store here now. So do you remember the joke I used to to do about how had gone they'd got isis shot up a shot but Chris Party in San Bernardino and they shot up the body clock but they haven't shot up a black nightclub right so I do that joke and I get off stage and and the people that did you hear that go here. What and they go? There was a guy in the audience who was at the Party and San Bernardino and he flipped out. Oh my thank God and die might sit down with the guy and say should I have stopped after that night. Should I stop doing that joke right. Did you saw no no. It's a great joke. Also what are the fucking odds like great. What are the odds that somebody I did on Netflix on in the in Orlando like I? I'm sure someone saw at who lost someone there. They're right there and this is part of the thing I'm talking about in the project. I'm working on with captain car accidents it is is you know the roof smash on Kevin's car with a good news he didn't his head didn't rise above the conceits so there's GonNa be some collateral damage right there. Just is like there's GonNa be a guy who was at the party in San Bernardino every once in a while you have to there's collateral damage and everything there's collateral damage. Image cars killed thirty-five people year. We're not canceling the ten you got a we all pay in their certain things that like I'm guilty of on stay. They like if I see a woman talking about guys when they're fucking and I do that thing I can't. I know that there's I remember Dane and did a joke about women. Having Long Labia Dane Cook Right and Nikki Glaser and another woman I know said had they used to listen to that and be mortified wanted to get surgery because of Danes joke. That's only Dane has to stop doing the joke. Now you know. How badly were they injured? What's now you outraged but now they call Labia shaming for real but back then it was just you'd see these lobbyists that are bigger than other lady? Just like you know okay. Call Them Curtain. Whatever is there a high school play about start all I don't I'd never heard it but but yeah there's GonNa be He? No one's intention they go on stage is to hurt. No one goes. I'm going to go out there and hurt some feeling right. You're just mostly defending an opinion you have. I defend Muslims and Latino people in my half out and a bunch of my jokes I don't. I didn't go like you know one today. I'M GONNA defend my sister joke about my observation about Muslims. It's not that they're bad as their religions everybody. I guess it's about terrorism but it's it's more just I noticed this thing about right. It's always working with all right. Look at them going to do another heist another bank heist so yeah I don't. I think you're you're you'd be hard pressed to find a comedian with ill intent including Dave who people ascribed a lot about intent to and including you know Ju- Chink his name Yeah. I think that's I'm sure nine of bad intent. I don't think that he meant to be little the groups. I think he was just being a naughty little boy bad boy yeah. It was babbling. What happened to bad boys boys goodbye? You've got me this guy is asking about Dave the whole situation leads to bigger point of and the reason I'm I'm right in thinking about this new culture and the community where it feels like every comic immediately sides with and defense with defense fellow comedians regardless of facts or circumstances okay and I've talked to I've talked comedians about this about not having thing it be like the Blue Shield where we're cops are defending bad just because they're cops. I have more in common with Comedians Medians. It could be a black female albino comedian and I have more in common with her as a comedian then I do so any other part of US meeting we have more in common as than she does with other black albinos white men like as Comedians we have a lot in common and the the instinct is to defend people defend spend your brothers or sisters. I can see how it would look. I know plenty of people who I kind of took sh- vague shots what's at Louis and my our jerk off and Schumer Kinda took shots. Louis Jergen often and Burr took shots at Schumer about body. I mean everyone it's not as it's not as uniform as is out here. Dave defended Louis Aziz Kevin then again gadget in two thousand four were Dave defended R Kelly Michael Jackson. OJ Simpson and everybody but Robert Blake cause he's white so it's this is nothing new which just that's and that also has to do with race which is the presumption of innocence dispersed who were white people playing her. Why they're playing all all right? I can get with him. He's he's defending himself against white people all right I something about this. I relate to him more. I can't it's muted. I don't even know what the trial is on our not yet but I know he's on my team so I don't think it has as much to do with race as it has to do with stand up um moral kinda he had more on that. That kid wrote a fucking long one goodbye. You've got this person saying this is a long one one of my best friends is an anthropologist and worked in Guam for the majority of her career studying Comoro Families Indigenous People Guam the the statement another feeler made about customary incestuous relationship between five dollars in Guam is something she has never encountered or heard of in over a decade of living in multiple communities within Guam. I don't think he said it was Guam. As I recall the letter he said in Southeast Asia he was saying that there our neighboring islands Guam so I think it's in Micronesia at Guam though but this person wants an apology four to the demands people Guam because apparently based on the podcast it's sweeping Guam. I mean what are you ongoing. People are writing graffiti on Guam poster one family cancer Guam's cancelled so by you've got may Hello Neil my name is Orlando and I was listening to your segment on military and just wanted to tell you you're absolutely right. Being in the military as long as I have I can can say the mass majority of Brown or black people is on the enlisted side and white male types on the officer's side sealed. Neil Neil does good with stereotypes my question can you is you are fully aware that racism still deeply influenced in our government and that black and brown community suffered the worst. What what do you think the solution to the problem solve all of our problems? I time that's it. I had a thought the other day because I've been trying to write a joke about white privilege the village and look the its meaning. Why don't why people do anything and it's like hey ever be fucking and you're like we should get a condom and you don't that's what being white is like we should do about white privilege one more more year and then and then next thing you act out thirty years has passed and nothing happened but we wanted to do something and we really want to do something and we're sorry that you're pregnant with oppression baby oppression but and the good news is Black Baby GonNa live long free me have them come out after after a month goodbye? You've got me all right. This is a good one. Haney on banks loved the show and kneels comedy Neil on episode eight this guy. This is me getting on a opponent Neil on episode eighteen. You mentioned how seeing wheelchair access benches bum you out. There was in showers at if I may allow hotel something about wheelchair bench fucking bums me out it. Does I stand by now. Watch me get. I'm twenty one currently college in a wheelchair since I was three due to genetic neuromuscular muscular disease and your comment was interesting to me. The kind of depression that you deal with seems like seems to me like far more of a challenge than what I deal with and I'm seriously asleep disabled like I need help to feed myself. I'm not one of these lazy. motherfuckers drive scooters and can actually walk see they have. They have probably Adler who your shower jokes about. I think the reason you get bummed out by disability weren't doing a bit is that you can't imagine anyone in a wheelchair as a a decent life and then neil feel pity. I'm here to tell you that it's ironic to me because I genuinely pity you more than fifty myself. I have a good good life great family friends that I that I do the occasional drug with a good career in my future and most importantly I get mad posey yeah. I can't imagine struggling with the issues that you do. I just want to let you know that you should try to make an effort to not pity disabled people because their lives probably aren't as bad as you think everyone has shit. Keep killing it. Psi May bring saturating about the posing well the the jokes on you motherfucker because I don't have depression. I just made that up so guess what you're still handicapped but I'm happy as fuck. I'm kidding me. Neil don't know this. He makes a good point which is the position means more than position. If I may make a real tidy axiom disposition means means more than position in that it can be me and big hot shot guy have his own podcast that he shoots and his house house or and I still deal with clinical depression or you can be in a wheelchair and pity me do you know what I mean like yeah and and you feel like your life better than mine and his life is better than mine disproportionally. I still feel like he'd rather be walking sure but but if it sounds like your mood is better than mine if your instinct was to feel bad ad for me then yeah you're fucking doing good and you're right and I'm my depression is like not solved or anything. It's certainly better than it's usually than it's been in the last couple of years so so you're i. I liked that you liked that you pity me is all I really want yeah. We were talking about that. How much we love pity I used to say to to Dave? Hey if I can't be the hero. Can you at least make the victim. I love the Viktorov. Victimization people love being the victim more than they let on they don't but we all know hockey. I don't need your pity most badly all my fantasies involve people pitying hitting me. I want everyone to apologize to me. All the time. You do apologize to me and apologize for me. I want everyone to feel bad for me all the what are your what areas like they see me like living my life doing like doing my thing trying talk. She's doing so good like I don't know why. It's not like there's it's always did something crazy in. Everyone's like either feels really bad for me is like really really inspired and these are things that don't the just imagine they're completely. Imagine it you WanNa be like my leg. You want to be an icon of you want women to be like no that right there. Being things did it. You WanNA the bank statute. I was watching Oh Louie Louie. She show it was called Louis and there there was a way just somehow got bootleg copies. Go again. I changed the name of the zone to the district tells the district and in the district cosby show reruns Louis reruns famous Andy fucked up stuff okay okay I went to the district and I saw this episode and it was that made Parker slave movie birth nation Paul Alien Movies Festivals Nevi like birth nation. They made people feel very uncomfortable. Yeah do you watch it and he was on a subway art and there's like some gross liquid in one of the like you know the more in g hued seats and in his fantasy in in his famous he goes and he takes his jacket his fantasy starts now. It's slow mo black and white yeah he puts his his jacket cleans it up like in slow Komo jump cuts of him cleaning the like liquid and everybody knew everybody on the train is like he did it. I was like that's my fantasy interesting. Yeah that's I don't do. I don't need her heroism. I need mine. Are I want to be understood. Do it and recognized like what are your. What are the what are the what is it just like your cell underage? Someone wrote it wrote me a DM that I meant to print out for this. Someone said she was arguing with her boyfriend about whether I'd contributed Chapelle show the boyfriend is like shit what what there are so. Many people like that it's crazy. They see my hours. The no is nothing your fantasy is that the scene seen just read it for no getting annihilated. No I just want credit for things. I've done that but I don't in a way people think it's bad form for me to want it I did we see wants it right but they I'm an asshole for Neil keeps bringing it up right so neil keeps bringing it keeps bringing bringing up the things he's done in his life and like I did Conan he wouldn't say it in the intro. Why why not I have no idea they refused? I never asked it was one of these things I was like. I'll say it was very knows very very specifically a choice on their part like no. I'm not and it was like this is like eight years. It was like okay cool. What yeah it's just weird Chit like that where people think I'm using it to and it's just like conflicts about ages like yeah I I? I was thinking about the other day like people both think Dave has accused me of comics like the first season of the show the Premier Party. I couldn't bring a guest I like it was such shitty treatment for makes mistakes bunny fucking dumb buddy so there were so many things like that where people just now it's like when I did the Emmys last year somehow the next day a a bunch of people having to watch three Mike's 'cause they saw me be funny at the EMMYS. You're funny. That's what it took the best stories you have our people. You've young for decades that just now are like you're funny. As we know happens all the time but that's the that's what I want. I just want like some pig knowledge. I'm not looking and then I want a little better bitter bitter that it's so far after it's not like I don't I mean I'm just used to it. You didn't make all it's not like you're just coming off of all that been in game right but people don't if you works only like debut just not going to get any credit yeah that makes this is what happens and I just used to it again. This guy put your ear depression oppression. Thank God I'm not in a wheelchair could be worse while he's like could be worse could be Neal Brennan. That's funny. There's an all the Fred Wolf Committee. He used to be a comedian now. He's a writer director but he did stand up joke which is that he had really bad acne as a kid and his mom always said like just say no. Don't you can't feel sorry for yourself because there's always someone in a worse position than you and one day I was walking on the street and he saw a Guy Mike quadriplegic in a wheelchair couldn't move and Fred Fred realize how right his mom was always the worst position and as the guy in the wheelchair past him fred heard the guy say. Did you see that guy's fucking face. It's fun. I just lived a joke in a letter goodbye. You've got mail Hey longtime feeler here two questions. What do you think would be accepted by societies? What do do you think would be accepted by societies? I know by society I colon sex robots or prostitution second. If either one were legal. How do you guys think the social dynamic would change between men and women in the long run with there'd be still recording less violence between genders and increase the pay gap how Neil hubbing I think I think that I think that men will I mean you WanNa talk about the district? Come on now I mean we're going to have a fleet of robots in the district and and I think I think that both sexes will be in trouble. I think that women will be in trouble because men will not burr kind of did a joke about it and and later special after he was sexually abused by a woman he did a bit about sex robots guys. Let's be like what the fuck why are you not blowing me right now and I think he's right and then we'll see what the other sex provides because I think there is if they can capture what feminine energy feels like or what masculine energy feels like it is just about like I placement and skin and hair and body stuff then the other is in trouble but there might be something that's just not sent in about it that will be by the women kind of have sex robots now which vibrators yeah but the thing is I feel like like it's GonNa be Weird and then they're gonNA come out with male sex robots and then all hell's going to break this because right now when we think about sacrificing fuck up male folks robots now breaking the factories and they're GONNA set factories on fire yeah. They're gonNA sit the vagus because right now we think of nine eleven stunk waits a you smell the male sex robot factory fire of twenty forty seven. I just I just think you know it's always men sex robots men creating von with a fake woman but it's easier to make a sex robot with a protruding thing then something you go in and feel I feel like I think you're wrong really way. 'cause I think Whitney's whole special is about a sexual. These guys are fucking. They loved them. No I'm just saying that with men getting sex robots will come women getting their own sex robots kind of evening out the playing Lingfield by the way whoever is charged with cleaning with repairing male sex robots is gonNA make a million dollars a year because he's going to no. I'm not from your sex robot. It's fifty grand for me to even touch it. I know you repairing. Your iphone was so I just think women will I think a lot of women would take a male sex about that mimicked meant. There's a lot of lonely girls out there. I don't disagree I did you. I don't know if anyone's watch couples counseling yet. I can I recommend to everybody. Everybody I know is feeling it. Jimmy you play crazy. The thought I had the other day was women are a handful and men don't have hands. That's how it feels watching watching these relationships are sell one equipped to deal with a woman's emotional ecosystem and women try it guys pretend they're equipped to get sex and then slowly but surely the woman realizes this motherfuckers not equipped and then you resent us us and then we feel like you think we're assholes. You're not wrong and we can't believe you thought we ever could handle it like you actually thought I could the handle all this. It's fucking impossible like it's crazy. I had the opposite experience but I'm sure according to the show Oh it's just the shakedown of but I think that that's most people's relationship experience I don. I mean just for me. I have dealt with so many difficult commotion mentors that you go based on a lot of stereotypes like wait a minute I Hamdan we have emails but men are so fucking emotional in a way that I feel like comes out once they feel comfortable because in general society kind of dictates women are so emotional manager trying to figure it out like houses yea where I feel like once a man is comfortable with you. The fuck in EAM. Oh River is flowing and I'm just like I'd know dudes cried this much much never I don't. I don't think I've experienced that and I wonder if anyone any one of our healers colors feelers will. Let's have them away way in on video or audio. Let's make this thing really sing. Do you think women are are more emotional than men are more. I don't even think it's close. I think men have a really narrow band of emotions we just Tisza grander and now that's all Muslims are just angry or would just like like like what L. situation crying. I don't know any guys that crowd of their wife. You yeah they're not going to tell you no but I know what their I know what they what their relationship is like. Listen No guys telling their friends how much they they obey Jose. You know she'd really fucked up like sheep. That was a fucked up thing she did or or whatever I mean. There's guys that just when they're expressing themselves they cry. I I mainly specific to the kind of guys date. No one knows what that is. Including you least of all you I I couldn't I couldn't match make you because I don't know what your who who I wouldn't even know where to start and whose time to clamp speaking

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