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Oh my goodness. Good morning. Good afternoon. Whatever it is for you. I hope you're having a fantastic day. My name is action alert. This is strong opinion Sports episode 303. I hope you're doing very well. It's early on a Saturday morning in November. The leaves outside are you know, really there in the middle of changing color? They're bright red right now very very beautiful. I was not you talked to somebody this morning who lives in Florida and they saw my picture of the leaves on my Instagram story and oh like that's what it looks like when you have a season. I can't believe that you know, I guess I didn't I never thought about this but in South Florida, there just isn't really much of a seasonal change with the leaves and the colors and interesting to me now. In today's episode. Obviously, we're going to start with the 49ers and the Packers. That's the the first game that happened in the NFL week 9 but then I want to turn back the clock and go back to NFL Week 8 cuz they're still some things. I want to talk about. We learned from week eight last week. We'll talk about how Joe burrow the Bengals quarterback really helps as offensive line. We'll talk about the key to stopping the Tennessee Titans on offense the problem with the Cowboys defense some lessons that you can learn from Carson Wentz the Eagles quarterbacks failures, and then we'll end the show with a I think a good topic about why I would not been charged the Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, but of course as I said earlier will start today with this on Thursday Night Football the Green Bay Packers beat the San Francisco 49ers 34 to 17 month. The Packers are now six and two after the win the Forty Niners are now four and five. This was a dominating Wind by the Green Bay Packers now. Yeah, the Packers played very very well. But also the Forty Niners are just in real life really bad shape. They're missing so many players at this point. Yeah, here's a list of some guys that are out. I'm not going to list them all. I know there's more I'm forgetting but between The quarterback a little bit important Jimmy Garoppolo is on the injury injured reserve with a high ankle. Sprain George Kittle the I would call them the best tight end in football has a fractured foot. He's on the IR three running backs where he most Jeff Wilson jr. And Tevin Coleman, they're all out and injured and so you're missing three running backs three receivers a tight. You're starting quarterback your left tackle a couple other players on defense. I'm probably I know I must be forgetting somebody. But I think the 49ers have a very very solid backup quarterback Nick Mullens. I would say he's in the conversation as maybe the best back up in the entire NFL I would not need a starting quarterback ever at any point in his career. But that was a team that had a quarterback. I liked one of my first phone calls would be. Hey, let's get Nick Mullens in the building cuz he can run our offense well enough and do well for a couple of games for guys hurt and keep our seasonal live in a situation like that and I am not kidding the 49ers quarterback. Nick Mullens was literally throwing to a guy I had never heard of Rick James James, I guess at a Middle Tennessee State, I believe I think I'm getting that right. He's a former seventh-round pick nine catches a hundred eighty four yards and a touchdown. I mean, I know the name now good for him. But that's how far we've come with the 49ers is I just feel bad for Nick Mullens because colvin's screwed up their entire game plan. They missed two receivers were just dead. Kendrick Bourne and Brandon are you they found out right before the game started? Hey, by the way, I could day before a day earlier. Hey, by the way, they're not going to play. So you gotta scrap everything you have planned and you know create a whole new game plan. And Nick Mullens had tier two and two turnovers can't even say turnovers where he hit as he threw. I just felt bad for the guy on 1/3 and 16 got hit trying to throw to a check down. Probably just take the sack. The ball got popped up in the air and intercepted later. He was hit as he tried to throw and he fumbled so again, I the word I keep saying this but I feel so bad for the 49ers am interested in their season. It's been totally nerfed by injuries and Twenty-five. He was twenty-five or Thirty One passing had 305 yards for touchdowns 0 interceptions. He literally only had one incomplete pass in the entire second half and that was actually a throw we're down the pressure. He was extending a play. He just threw it out of bounds away to avoid taking a sack of an Aaron Rodgers was ethereal in this game. He was phenomenal. But there was a moment on a third-and-short. We're Marquez valdes-scantling had when I would call a bad drop. He's wide open. You gotta catch that pass and Aaron Rodgers gave Marquez valdes-scantling that Aaron Rodgers glare the death stare and I hate that crap. I really really hate. It's something we've seen often from Aaron Rodgers where when a receiver screws up he gives them that death glare and I think that the way Aaron Rodgers handles and reacts to Mistakes by his teammates is totally inappropriate and very very unhelpful for his team. He was a very similar moment in the steelers-ravens game in week 8 where a Steelers receiver had a bad drop. I think it was on a key third-down as well. And the Steelers quarterback Big Ben was totally encouraging and kind said hey, the Clapping clapping the hands kind of smiling. Okay, let's go you got this and that's a much better way to put a handle a moment where somebody on your team screws up. Now look again third and five your wide open one hundred percent. That's a pass that needs to be cut. But the passive-aggressive glare that's not a good look and that's not a good way to handle that situation. And it feels like everybody kind of gives Aaron Rodgers a pass for that. You just treated like Wisconsin's Lord and say you're like, oh the mighty Aaron Rodgers and he's won a Superbowl. He's been an MVP he deserves a lot of respect he gets but the glare and the attitude behind it off creates a bad environment. I just if I could ever ask Aaron Rodgers anything I'd ask him about the way that he glares at receivers. You know, I would ask him why he thinks that's okay to do that. I wouldn't just be as you know, all buddy-buddy with Aaron Rodgers. I would really challenge him dude what is going on in those moments? And I guess maybe maybe challenging him as a wrong approach, you know, Erin would probably say well he needs to catch that ball and he would be right, of course, you know, that's true and you're not wrong your receiver on 3rd and five wide open It's gotta catch that passed but in the big picture, I guess isn't it better if receivers want to catch the ball because they like you may not because they're afraid of you. I just think the death glare is never a good idea and Aaron Rodgers and my opinion as a wrong approach. So I guess I wouldn't challenge him but maybe I would you know, cuz I think challenging him would make him just defensive and put his guard up and maybe even an interview but I thought you'd be all mad. But instead I would try to explain that. I think there's a better way. He probably still wouldn't like that either but you could at least try on your end to communicate in a way that doesn't make him immediately shut down, but I just every time I watch Aaron Rodgers do that death glare off receiver who makes a mistake I go dude. That's just not a healthy good positive way to handle that it look at Big Ben. He's like, hey, let's go clapping encouraging kind of smiling. Hey, you got this that's a much better way to handle somebody around you makes a mistake and every time I watch that, I think about Aaron Rodgers going to go man. That's just not a good way to handle that situation. Now, let's turn back the clock a little bit to NFL Week 8. Last Sunday the Bengals beat the Tennessee Titans 31-20 and so the Bangles after the wind there now to 5 and 1 and the Tennessee Titans are five and two. And I don't know that I would call this a close game, you know, the Bengals are up twenty four to seven early in the fourth quarter. But this game is a reminder really of how small margin for error in the NFL is and you know, think about it this way the Titans had 441 yards of total offense in this game actually way more than the Bengals the Bengals or 300 something off Derrick Henry had a hundred and twelve yards rushing and the Titans did some really good stuff in the same things that I go that's encouraging that's good rental at this time down the left sideline just a beautiful perfect throw there was another player where it's third-and-goal technically three yard line. I would call it a 3 and 1/2 3.75 yard run even maybe basically four yards. Where the Titans ran for a touchdown that's an impressive run showing a lot of confidence in your running game. The Titans had a 10-play 75-yard drive where night of their plays were running plays and just like impressive man. They were pounding the rock. So the running of oh, well, I thought rental a couple of really good throws Titans receiver Corey Davis had a really big day had eight catches for 158 yards and another and a touchdown and this is only the fourth time ever. By the way that Corey Davis has had a 100-yard receiving game and part of that is because of course the Titans are really heavy with running the football they have been for a while. But also Corey Davis was the number five overall pick in 2017. And it's kind of sad he's had such a muted career to this point. It's very disappointing for Titans fans. I think I would even say that Corey Davis at a very very disappointing career choice given how high he was drafted. But Corey Davis had this huge day and it's kind of sad that that a lot of success for him did not lead to a Titans Victory. I mean things went well, they're running a little wagon rent analyze a couple of throws Accord Davis had a big day and in the end, you know, really a couple of small things are what led to the Titans losing by a lot. It's funny how again the margin of error in the NFL is so small. We're a couple of small things can have a really big impact Ryan Tannehill had an interception in the end zone where Ryan Tannehill was extending the Play-Off and I think made a throw we probably shouldn't made to probably should have thrown the ball away live to see another day instead forces it into coverage in the endzone got picked off. Stephen Gostkowski, the kicker for the Titans missed another field goal and I like Stephen Gostkowski, but he's really really been struggling this year. He's 10 / 17 kicking. He also missed two extra points so far of year and this game also kind of highlighted really how badly the Titans are struggling to generate a pass rush going into the game and I guess even still this very moment as I talk. The Bengals quarterback Joe burrow is the second most sacked quarterback in the entire NFL you would think hey, wait any time you play The Bangles you're like, this is our day. We're going to get a sack. This is Thursday to finally show what we've been missing and the Titans did not sack Joe burrow. Once the only quarterback who's been sacked more than Joe burrow is Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz month. And so it really it's kind of being shown that Jadeveon Clowney the defensive and they added in free agency. He's a number to he's a robin not a Batman and it's very disappointing from a Titan standpoint that they have not been able to generate any kind of pass rush this year. Now it also makes sense for the Titans traded for a corner Desmond King from the Chargers. They're desperate for help. I'm hopeful that the trade is going to work out for Tennessee. I think it might be but the Chargers did not want Desmond King at all. He was inconsistent. He had some problems behind the scenes La literally just gave him away to take his contract. We don't want him. They traded him for a sixth-round pick this guy who's twenty-five years old who's a former All-Pro Corner, that's not a trade to see everyday a guy who has been that successful in the past gets basically handed away to another organization, but I am hopeful that you know, the Bengals game kind of highlighted man. They can generate a pass rush. They need help in their secondary. I think that maybe Desmond King can come in and generate and help their defense in the ways that they need. Now this game also really highlighted that the key to the Titans offense is first and second down because they are not built at all for third-and-long, you know, basically the key to stopping the Titans offense. If you're a defense from defense of perspective if you stop them on first and second down and you get them in a third-and-long basically you've already won so watch if you're a fan watch that going forward this year because in this game especially against the Bengals it really showed there were a ton of Mistakes by the Titans on early Downs. There was a missed throw High by Ryan Tannehill took an out route. There was a holding call on the offensive line. There was a ball that AJ Brown dropped over the middle on a second down play and the Titans offense is built for running the ball. So on third-and-long, you know, they they run the ball. Well, they use play-action that generates throws downfield on third-and-long play-action doesn't work. Nobody buys the the fake that you're going to run the ball. They go home. You're not running the ball they back way off cuz the Run fake has no no what I call no power over a defense. And so right now Tennessee's main focus on offense has to be avoiding a third along situation at all costs. Now I thought the Bengals beating the Tennessee Titans was an impressive performance. I think the Titans are likely a playoff team and so it really shows how much progress the Bengals have made winning a game like this doing it the way they did 31 to 20 they were up again. They were up twenty four to seven at one point in the early in the fourth quarter. And Joe I guess is really been exactly what was needed to Breathe new life into Cincinnati and Joe Burrows progressing so so quickly, I love seeing a man. I I should look we'll see if he ever I don't know. I don't know what the ceiling is for Cincinnati, but I it shows meant for from a Cincinnati perspective Joe burrow is absolutely the right pick and there was no way he was but oh my gosh, she really has turned things around in Cincinnati. And again, there's a lot of Hope in Cincinnati. He is changing some of the culture of the work ethic there and Jill Burrows progressing song. Oh so quickly from my mental standpoint. I mean he has answers to nearly everything defense has are doing his timing has been really good. He's also getting the ball out of his hands very very quickly and nothing. I love about Joe burrow so far is he has not made the same mistakes twice like at all as hard. I mean you learn a lesson, but you have to learn the lesson. You can't just make the mistake. He's making a mistake and learning lessons from the mistakes. He makes I think that's awesome and jealous doing such a good job in Cincinnati receiver. Tee Higgins was the first pick in the second round. He's really showing off by that was a great pick you had a ridiculous catch against Tennessee down along the sideline Gilberto extends the play throws vertically great play to keep his feet in bounds. Now I think the biggest take away from this Tennessee Titans Cincinnati Bengals game is at the Bengals offensive line is just not very good. However, despite the fact that they're not very good. They're not very physically talented and they make little mistakes. The one thing that Bengals offensive line can always always control. Is that they can always give high levels of effort no matter how talented you are. You can always control your effort. And there's this almost like a silent understanding where Joe burrow is so good at movement in and out of the pocket. He can extend plays he can step up move right move left off the key to the Bengals offense of line at this point is simply all hinging on their effort because Joe burrow was so good at moving around and creating more time to throw the ball. Joe can Elevate the success of the offensive line with his movement as long as those guys keep giving a high level of effort long as they keep giving effort. He'll navigate the pocket with his movement. Well enough to stay alive and throw the ball downfield. So I think man it's because so you see like if you're watch Jake Fromm at George Jake Fromm in college at Georgia stood back there in the pocket like a statue literally had time for days and do never got touched. Nobody's were around him. Jill Burrows. Never going to have a clean shirt pocket where it's easy can just stand in the pocket. There's going to be no pressure on him. But as long as the offensive line despite giving ground and having a guy come free here or there if they can just keep giving effort. He can find a way to stay alive in the pocket throat of all vertically. It's never going to be clubbin by Joe Joe Burrows pocket movement such a big deal. And it really can. We saw this against the Titans going to help make the offensive line better and Cincinnati. And by the way, Joe burrow is a long way better athlete the people tend to give him credit for we always talk about his arm, but Joe Burrows also a really really great athlete. Now there was this ridiculous catch that I think the the play kind of highlights Joe burlas ability to move within the pocket Joe throws the ball with his receiver is literally turned away from him. And I don't know that that completion isn't locked or maybe an accident the receiver turns on the last second. I don't know how he possibly knew the ball was coming to him but it turns to catch it. Either way. It's really really great footwork by Joe burrow and it shows like he really can use his legs to make his offensive line better with subtle movements in the pocket or extending plays and that is how Joe burrow make offensive line a little bit better. All right, guys, I'm going to take a short break when I returned. We will talk about the problem with Carson Wentz. We'll talk about why the Eagles defense is struggling and I'll end the show by talking about why I would not bench the Giants quarterback Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. My name is Akshay Kumar me take a short break. I will be right back. Okay. All right. We are back again. I hope you're doing very very well. I want to talk about Sunday Night Football. In week 8 of the NFL season on Sunday Night Football with the world watching the Eagles beat the Cowboys 23 to 9 the Eagles after the winter now three four and one phone not a very good record the Cowboys are two and five. This was a very very ugly game the Cowboys had a rookie quarterback playing Ben dinucci. He's a seventh-round pick off and been was okay could have been worse had a lot of rookie mistakes mostly held onto the ball too long yet two fumbles, but somehow that's not the Cowboys biggest problem. The cowboy biggest problem is their run defense. It's the worst in the NFL by literally over two hundred yards. It's awful and the Cowboys defense has many many problems, but the front seven wage offensive line their linebackers, they are really struggling with communication with trust with gap Integrity. There's a lot of missed assignments. There's some bad tackling angles and if you've Played linebacker then, you know about Gap responsibilities. Basically, every Defender has a job in the running game and there are gaps that need to be covered and a gap like the space between an offensive lineman. You have the a gap which of the space between the center and the two guards. You have the B gap between the guards and the tackles. You have the C gap between the Chrome tackles and the tight ends and then outside of the tight ends is the D Gap. So if you're on defense, you have a gap that you are responsible for and you have to trust that the guy next to you is going to cover his Gap you need to communicate all of this doing, you know, during shifts and motions by the cross the line a guy comes across. Hey, I don't know things like that. You gotta talk and communicate and it has to be clear what your responsibility is every play on defense and a lack of trust and a lack of communication is causing so many problems guys are in the wrong gaps guys are overcompensating. They don't trust the guy next them. So I got a cover his Gap and my gap which is just not true at all. You gotta toss he's going to do his job. I'll do my job. There are missed assignments. It's a mess right now in Dallas. There are all kinds of problems. And basically the Cowboys are struggling with football fun Dimension where I think their defense would have been bad regardless of you know, what happened this year. But one hundred percent covid-19. The basic fundamentals of football and that's why the Cowboys defense has been so so bad against the Run. Now so the Eagles beat the Cowboys and it wasn't really pretty they're actually losing 9 to 7 and half time. But against Dallas Carson Wentz had four turnovers two fumbles and two interceptions. And a lot of lessons can be learned from Carson Wentz failures. The biggest lesson in my opinion is basically that Carson Wentz is trying to do way too much. He's trying to be Superman song and the Eagles have been hit by a ton of injuries. You know, I think Carson Wentz is trying to compensate to make up for it. You know, okay, we may not have the guy we need there and there and there but I'm going to put the trash my back and carry us to compensate for all the losses. He's holding onto the ball way too long. He's making risky throws. He's forcing throws into coverage and I often relate playing quarterback to being a race car driver do that all the time. And you know the offense and the system the play-calling I call that the race car and therefore the quarterback is the driver. And the problem is right. Now the Eagles offense is not a sports car. They're more like an old beat-up junker car so you can have a race car driver, but he's driving a horrible car. That's not actually a race cars. And Carson Wentz hates losing his very very competitive and his fear is that if I just do my job and do it. Normally I'm not going to able to help my team enough to win football games. And so Carson's competitive nature is part of the problem right now in Philadelphia, but Carson needs to realize you can't add two and be part of the Eagles problems on offense. Okay, you're missing a guy you're he ran the route. He this he did that seat of that. You can't compound a mistake with your own mistake and add to the problem. So Carson Wentz just needs to execute and do his job. Do your job execute the offense. I would say drive the car down the road your job as a quarterback. You're you're in charge of this really you're driving this incredible nice sports car club drive the car down the road do the little things execute. But the problem is Carson doesn't trust anybody around him and he doesn't trust the system run doesn't trust the play-calling and so of course and whence ever gets benched two things will have happened. Number one. It would mean that the Eagles are sick of his Antics. They're sick of Carson's crazy plays throwing the ball across the field and doing dumb stuff, but it would also mean that number to look up the Jalen hurts. The backup quarterback will have been doing a better job simply executing the offense. He's not doing any crazy stuff. He's taking all the throws that are there and doing the little things right cars and went to struggling with the little things he needs to Simply execute the offense again, just drive the car down the road just drive the car Carson. That's all you got to do. Stop trying to get a key things. We roll out right and you hold on the ball way too long, you get sacked and your phone bill or throw the ball into traffic. Because Carson Wentz is incredibly talented. I would say that he is one of the most talented physically gifted quarterbacks in all the NFL. And I just think that Carson Wentz has to stop getting in his own way. He's got an incredible arm. He can run he can make all kinds of plays but he's gotta execute and do the little things right if he wants to be he wants to keep his job. Basically, he's got to turn things around and start executing and stop making this crazy ridiculous, you know attempts at trying to be Superman. Now, there are two more small lessons. You can learn from Carson Wentz and its problems and his mistakes. These are mistakes that led to turnovers where you know first there's an interception on a deep ball to John Hightower High Towers running a deep post office and cars and throws it really to the wrong location. He's got a lead John Hightower across the field away from the Defenders where there's really nobody. If you look at the middle of the field to kind of across the finish the right side, there's nobody on that side of field lead your receiver away from a Defender. Instead cars from trolls it more vertical and helps the young rookie corner for Dallas get an interception instead of throwing it across the field that gets picked off because he left it to Vertical down the field. Now the final lesson is this I always say that young quarterbacks have to know when a blitz is coming and you need you need to know where it's coming from and how to beat that Blitz with a 3 month. So on a fourth and three cars and did not recognize Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander esch Blitz right up the middle and the lesson here is that if a team blitzes that fact that there's a weakness in the coverage either they're in man coverage downfield or avoid has been opened up in zone coverage somewhere in their coverage. And vanderwest blitzing left a void wide open in the middle of the field and Carson not only doesn't see the blitz. He also does not see Greg Ward standing wide open number 84 same thing wide open in the middle of the field. I mean, there are literally two Eagles receivers wide open in the middle. So young quarterbacks, you always have to understand how it could be tablet. You have to have a plan. What's your plan when they Blitz know where it's coming from know when it's happening and how they plan to beat the blitz with your arm throwing the football. All right final topic of the day. I made a video a couple of days ago called. I've given up on Daniel Jones. And if you if you haven't watched it I recommend going to watch it. It's on YouTube. But the gist of it is that General Jones keeps making mistakes and keeps making a lot of the same mistakes over and over and off the Giants quarterback. And on top of the mistakes is also not super talented physically yet that good run, but even other than the ability to run it's like he's kind of Mitchell trubisky. And they're all ready for young quarterbacks in their first or second year who looked like they're better than him Kyler Murray Drew lock Joe burrow and Justin her birthday and we're entering this golden age of quarterbacks where there are so many talented young quarterbacks. In fact, I think very soon. There's going to be more talented young quarterback. You have starting jobs in the NFL. And the Giants cannot afford to be one of the teams that as this there's this Young quarterback Golden Era that young quarterbacks everywhere the Giants cannot afford to be one of the teams that do not have a good Young quarterback month. And so I've given up on Daniel Jones. My prediction is that I don't think it's going to work. But with that said I also would not bench Daniel Jones at all because basically it makes no sense to Benja. So my prediction is he's not the long-term guy, but ask you what does benching Daniel Jones for Colt McCoy do for the Giants? How does that help the New York Giants? It doesn't there one in seven if Daniel Jones continues to play badly. Hey, guess what? You got a high draft pick you can replace Daniel Jones dead, but also maybe on I doubt this but maybe somehow is switch gets flipped on and Daniel Jones starts playing really really well. And then yeah, you got your franchise quarterback, that'd be awesome. I don't think it's going to happen. But my point is that there's no benefit to benching Daniel Jones. My prediction is it's not going to work. I literally said I've given up on Daniel Jones, but what that means is I do not think that as a year plays out. He's going to turn out to be the long-term guy, but you still gotta keep playing Daniel Jones all year, see how things turn out if you're likely going to have to replace him but benching Daniel Jones does nothing helpful for the New York Giants. All right. Guess that's all I have. Thank you so very much for tuning in. I love you. I appreciate you. I I'm going to go let me go to bed. Really. I've got this weird sleeping schedule now where I I'm awake for eight hours off and then after eight hours of being awake I go to sleep for sleep for four hours eight hours awake for hours of sleep 8 4 8 4 8 4 on and off on and off. It's working really well. So I am going to sleep for four hours then it will I will edit the show and put it out to the world and hope you enjoyed. Hope you have a great day. I love you. I think I'm going to later and my next eight hours. I'm going to record production versus reality for NFL Week 8 and then hopefully record some NFL predictions for week 9 coming up. Hope you have a great day after I record that show then I'm going to watch the USC Arizona game. That'll be really fun off. The Georgia Florida game is today Notre Dame Clemson will do some ask Zack questions. All that stuff is up ahead in the next episode or two, but I appreciate you. I love you. I hope you enjoyed the show have a game. But I'm bum bam we are done.

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