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Local Hour: Cologne


Bedale podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card or four percent cashback on dining entertainment two percent at grocery stores. One percents on all purchases. What's in your wallet? Roy. Are we done with this now are going to cut in you forever? He's asking me a clawing. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed where we were going with this. I mean, it wasn't really assumption. The first words were. Roy. I I was telegraphing where I was going with us. We'll get to you. I know exactly where your emotions lie. I'm just curious because Roy's our special emotional est creature on this show last night. Did you watch a did? Did you have feels? No, all right. Right. When's the last time you felt anything? To say probably. Nineteen eighty-four. No, come on one Clare said data. She hasn't said that yet. She hasn't. No once she does probably not did she say anything. She's a babbling. She's starting to form words. Did she say Kay? And she says, okay. Yeah. This you say, mama. Yes. She said that like a couple of months ago. Wow. Okay. So you are feeling something. I think it's resentment and jealousy most. Yeah. Pretty much. Okay. And when she does say data, are you going to say that was adequate? Claire, thank you know. I'm gonna say is about the time. All right. So it won't be joyous. No, okay. How does how does it need react to Claire because I feel like maybe this cold resolved. And that you could be why she's Shing all over and. Yeah, that's probably why she's not inclined to be loving towards you. I want to also she's feeding her you know, that too. Yeah. All right. So you felt nothing as Dwayne Wade recorded a triple double. What was it only his fifth one in his career Bill? If once I since two thousand eleven it's weird took them eight years to get one takes Russell Westbrook a week to do that. But he's very selfish about his triple doubles seemingly unselfish, but not the way. Russell westbrook. Does it trust me on this? I think I if I understood J jacks in the post game correctly and JJ, by the way, true professional last. He was incredible. Did you watch him interviewing Mike Miller? Billy, I missed the Mike Miller one. Oh, you miss a moment. There was a guy that kept trying to talk to Mike Miller during this interview. And Jason Jackson kept having to remind him that it was live television. But he did. So in the most polished professional way, I didn't understand. So he's interviewing Mike Miller with a microphone and someone next to Mike Miller keeps turning the Mike Miller to ask them quite talked to Mike Miller and also trying to talk to Jason Jackson who was this person. I don't know some dude in a pretty cool jacket. I know Jason Jackson wanted to beat him down with that, Mike. Oh, Jason tax. Oh, made it known that. He wasn't happy about it. But he did. So in a very charming and affable way. Jason jackson. Got the big interview. Did you see the Brown photo Bamut at did? Oh, man. We talk about this the second. Oh, here we go. Let's without further ado, I'm concerned. I I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I be concerned with the level of security at the Barclay center. Okay. This week has not been great for them. Okay. On saturday. They had a fan run in an attack. A former wrestler sixty year old Bret Hart cancer survivor, stroke survivor. I believe he went to the you went to the hospital. I yeah. Someone just ran into the ring and attacked him right by security, the the wrestlers got their revenge and let. Yeah, I mean, you see that. I saw the only videos available were those of fans, and I'm assuming there's a reason why WWE does not have video available if they're wrestler attacked him. Hopefully people. That's why. Strained which seems like I think we got this situation under control. But now so the hook from this wrestler called dash wilder. Yeah. Who is that he's a tag team wrestler at the time was tag team champion like they had already gotten the guy out of there being he was restrained. When there's ten people on top of him. Also, you see people swinging, and it's like I feel like the situation under control he was removed from the ring and he was being walked out and one of the dudes walking him out was Braun strowman. And I don't know if you're familiar, but I think he's got it under control. Yeah. Dash wi-. There comes up from out of his seat as dudes head is being sort of held down. And he's being carried away clock. Some rain in the face with a devastate. So that was over the weekend. Which by the way, why are the wrestlers again, why isn't security escorting amount of not residents? But whatever we'll move past that, let's say that was just an isolated incident last night. I'm watching the game. And I see three guys they're not playing in the game. Just walking all over the court. I'll willy nilly as they pleased in Chris Paul LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Those are the three guys. Yes. Those. Our ticket holders. They're not part of the game. Why are they walking all over the court? Get them off the court. It was it would be received differently. If it was another person other than Chris Paul that was more like be happening. If those purple shirt guy that wouldn't be happening wouldn't be happening Roman Jones, it wouldn't be happening. That's a breach insecurity. Why is that happening? And then after the game they're just walking all over the court, interrupting interviews doing whatever they wanted. What's going on? This is an amazing take. There was at one time that Carmelo got the ball in the corner, and he's gonna shoot the ball. He should of it would've been. He should've shot the ball, and then got kicked out of the arena better. I was really upset that he didn't shoot the ball. Well, he I think what happened is he prizes. And he goes if I break this it's going to be so bad. Oh. He hasn't given up a basketball yet. Right. No. But it didn't make me I'm sure he got kind of sad during because way did another final jersey exchange. He did a few yesterday. But the big main one yesterday was he'd already traded jerseys with LeBron already traded jerseys with Chris Paul obviously there hasn't been an opportunity this season to exchange. Jersey Mela showed up at games against the Knicks. And he didn't get jersey. He didn't get a jersey. He shows up to this game in Brooklyn one last chance for Melania. He got the jersey militant have a jersey to give back maybe should've taken off his jacket and just handed him his jacket or something he was wearing a number seven hat yen. Lebron was wearing posted on his jacket jacket that was weird jacket. I got the field abroad to the photo bomb. And sunspots, I'm sure the director is kicking himself. There was that one still, but they cut away just as LeBron like, you could see it happening. You could see it happening everybody could and no one you're on a production truck. A million things are happening. But why would you cut away from a to a crowd shot one Jason Jackson's interviewing Dwayne Wade? They missed out on like the moment of LeBron actually doing the photo bump, so you only called the very beginning in the very telling you miss the meat of it. I thought that face was like a unique one time thing, but I guess he can just make out. He wants. I it was identical to the Orlando game where he did that. So they show up late to the game. I didn't I saw the beginning. And didn't notice him at the beginning. Because I was watching pre-game to see if they'd be there, and I didn't see them. So I didn't know that mellow and Chris Paul would also be there. I had heard the reports that LeBron was going to be there. I saw the the Jackson interviewed. Lebron James, ROY. Did you watch the interview with LeBron James no did anybody because I was at a place where it was on mute? I only got watch the game with the sound on for the second half. So I'm not really sure what LeBron said would have been interesting if anybody here actually did. But we none of us all that. I mean, he wouldn't get guys. It was Wade's last nothing playoff. Playoff Stanley Cup playoffs over Dwayne Wade's final game switching back and forth. And I missed the interview because those watching playoff is that what what's as largest said about the Tampa Bay Lightning true. Yeah. Yeah. It was three nothing. And then in Columbus came back and won four. Can you put it in perspective? Like this Tampa Bay Lightning team is like historic right? Yeah. Yeah. The best teams since red rings in the nineties there. The one of the best regular season teams of all time there, obviously the one seed, right? Yeah. To be that that goes without saying they're up three zero in the first game. They're just going to March through these playoffs. They lose four three. Well, I mean does a body worker the I c losing to eighteen. Yeah. Hockey hockey's the best. We have the sound of what he said about why was important for the banana boat crew to be there. All right, and then his favorite Dwayne Wade moments as a teammate. Before we get foxsports, son. Okay. I was waiting to see maybe ROY wanted to share the info. Talking on night about the best memories are most founder members that I had with just the plain rise, the the boss wise, the hotel, we city, we go to the whole trumpet on the dinners that we have on the role, you know, everything that we did. It was just always. We always wanted to go. No matter too. You know, I will say that most found apart was when we lost in because without eleven there's no thirteen. There's no twelve banners hanging up and AAA you know, because that's what made the made our team. So. You know, it's been unbelievable journey for my guy. And I'm happy to be here for that land. Before that trank. Was really jealous of the Brooklyn crowd. Yeah. For them to have that. I it was really cool last night was really cool for them to get the home game. Obviously, I don't think nothing nothing will match the emotion of Duan's final home game. But Brooklyn got a really special night and shut out to the Brooklyn fans who were phenomenal. I know the heat always have a really strong contingent of fans that show up to those Brooklyn games and lately, even the Knicks games. They did the pulp here sucks chant in Brooklyn. And I don't know if you knew this Paul Pierce used to play for Brooklyn. So that was really cool to them. Yeah. Well, so maybe they actually have better. I saw a way Joan sign the. Jones. Yeah. Whatever it said the job on. Yeah. So they get the show. I guarantee you though, if Dwayne Wade if he announced that he was going to do this one last thing earlier that next game would have been at home. Yeah. This guy. Yeah. They would have scheduled at but I'm a little bummed. I'm a little mad at LeBron. Okay. Now, LeBron did play here we got because of copy James's birth and the paternity leave from Dwayne Wade who was healthy all season long. You only really miss games because he wasn't one game. I think against Memphis. He wasn't feeling. Well, and he missed the games for paternity leave and just haven't one of the games that he missed paternity leave was against LeBron and the Lakers, which was a bummer because that moment was taken away from Miami. But it's all fine. It's all good dirt crying port Dirk, I feel bad for him. So we'll go back to your thing. I just I was distracted by Dirk. And he's totally overshadowed by this whole thing. I don't think he was overshadowed. I don't think he was overshadowed nationally, and I do want to get the Dirk in a second because he actually had a pretty cool celebration. He went about it differently than Dwayne, and he still got a really cool night. But I was jealous and mad at shelves of Brooklyn in a mad at LeBron. Because LeBron before the Bosch game said the NBA has been right. Him about missing games. So he wasn't going to take that one game off to go to Chris Bosh jersey retirement after he said that he hadn't played another game all season. Yeah. But I don't he hadn't played another game all season haven Bausch on his closest Dwayne Wade. He's a part of he are you telling me he's closer to Genucel gal skits and Chris Bosh on telling you closer. Oh, Dwayne Wade. Then Chris Bosh, and he went with his friends. He went to call. He went to Cleveland. Anthony, he went to Cleveland for Genucel Gauss. No, yes. I am telling you he's closer to him. Then he has the Chris Bosh. Yeah. They played together. Forever. He only played with Chris Bosh for four seasons. He went through the fire with Chris Bosh? He won two championships. He was on the stage with Chris Bosh? They were wearing the same amount of pressure is a judicial cows calculus never had to feel the pressure of the moment. The way Chris Bosh did and had to shoulder that with LeBron James get outta here. I'm gonna write this down. If we ever have LeBron show who is he closer with big z or Chris Bosh. We've I think he's closer with big z. You should put it on the poll who is LeBron better friends with Zuni SOGA skits or Chris Bosh, but LeBron. James hadn't played in a game. Since that comment about why couldn't make it to Chris Bosh jersey retirement. I know that they were playing the Lakers were playing the blazers. Lebron James wasn't playing the blazers. When Dwayne Wade had his final home game come to the final home game. Now, we obviously know that the plans were for him to go to Brooklyn for the final game. And enjoy it with his boys. I get that. I'm just upset that we didn't get to see Dwayne and Braun having emotional moment at the triple A one last time, maybe he'll have an off day, and he'll be there for the jersey retirement next year, they need to make that happen. They need to plan that they need to plan around the and schedule. Yeah. Because you know, what's happening here now happening. I me. I don't see it tell you, don't you. Don't see what's happening here. Tell me I'm working myself back into wanting LeBron boys. I I'm feeling like magic ditched. Yeah. He's missing the playoffs. It's all the fields Bosch to get in his jersey retired longer on the team, which will be as only reason to come here. We're coming up on tenure anniversary of the decision businesses in Los Angeles. Was definitely a career high for him. He something he'd wanna come in. And this is having the structure of a championship culture front office. I don't do you think that that's true. What's happening in in Los Angeles as a clown show. Yeah. You think it actually is bothering him? He's going around flying, whatever games. He wants. He's filming movies. He's focused on other things if he had structure you think they'd let them film Space Jam in the middle of the season. Yeah. Well, it's not in the middle of the season as middle of what you think that they're gonna let him just do all these side projects. Oh, LeBron is a TV show. He has to go film today. Yeah. I feel like if there's structure he wouldn't be doing as much as he's doing. Do you think he wanted to miss the playoffs just to clear up a schedule? I think it greatly benefits him to have an extra two months off that he hasn't had off in forever. Really like this is like this is really embarrassing for him. And next season. He's going to be thirty five doesn't seem embarrassed. Does. He seem embarrassed. You like wasn't hiding his face yesterday. The season was over and he was front and center. I don't think he's that embarrassed about this. So he doesn't care saying he doesn't care. I'm just saying. It's not as important to him. I mean, he's made the finals for how many years in a row now. Years and years in a row. Yeah. He's going to get an extra two months off now that he can recuperate where he hasn't had that it's wherever, but I think he's gonna enjoy this time off I think if he doesn't make I Email MBA, it doesn't make all NBA. I think that'll like hit him in the face. Like, oh, I'm sure up being disrespected now because I just missed the playoffs and saving his take on on the brunt James being hurt bothers the living. Hell outta me. Bothers the hell outta me. They were two games better than they were last season. Okay. They got fifty five games. Lebron James that season Lakers. They got zero from last year. There were two games better shut up with the injury nuke in their season. They gotta be so much better than that so much better. Why didn't you tell him to shut up because I had in the past. But now he's like. But now he's like now you never pay attention to the injuries because he wants to protect Luke Walton. I get it. I get where he's coming from. I I don't get it. I don't understand it. But I know where he's coming from telegraph that moment, let's talk about Dirk Nowitzki, real quick, sure. Because he got distracted by Dan, Alison, we haven't gotten your opinion onto Wayne Wade's less game. You're what no opinion. Did you see it? Did you get the feels as they say? Oh, I did not see it. Well, I'm sorry. Did you say I'm a hater? No, no. You said oh here. She comes. And I just like said, she's a man eater. And you would appreciate the reference because you're from Philly. And so our Daryl hall, and John Oates. Yes. They are those Will Smith. That's right. Why wasn't Will Smith at the game yesterday or the yesterday that about? Yeah. Okay. Your thoughts on twin? Wait. On his last game that I get the feels. Yeah. I didn't see it or just as careers a whole. Did you watch a final home game? I watched every second. Yeah. Jesus. Alison, I had a conversation with her yesterday. And she said, I don't want to betray this confidence. But I'm definitely going to do you're going. He said a bit over the top is twain Wade stuff, right? And I'm like, you know over the top. It's a little over the top player. He's a great player. What would you? Okay. I know that we're headed towards where would you rank him in terms of good great, great us of all time. I would say great. But I don't want to do better than I am not this passionate he'd fan that you guys. But I'm interested in your. So you think that it's a low of anything you're more qualified because you're not you're not too close to also not this past ball savant. Yeah. I'm not a basketball. I'm not a basketball savant. Well, I'm not this. You know, I couldn't tell you intricacies of anything and who's the greatest and who's not or who's. Better who's whatever. But he's better than okay. So I was really upset that this game was better or worse than Kobe. I mean that's dumb question. Kobe better worse than Paul tears. I mean, Philadelphia. So you got it's nice. It's nice. It's better worse than Paul Pierce. Continue with your question. Okay. So I was really bothered nationally this Dwayne Wade's funnel home game wasn't televised as a national TV game. And they nationally televised. Kobe's final game it was on ESPN two. Because the the warriors were going for the win record. So got bumped from the mothership. But we're no matter where you slot. Dwayne Wade I happen to think he's a second grader shooting guard of all time. And I know that bothers you because it doesn't bother you. Okay. But I think we can really bothers me, and I'm gonna this is this is an important. And I'm glad we're having this conversation. How many sprays of Cologne you put on it in the morning? It's really. Talk over. How many how many you in the morning because I in a very strong Cologne right now. So it depends on the Cologne. Well, but in general, how the average how many spritz is do you do in the morning. Depends on the Cologne. Okay. So this morning, well, average, let's go over each Cologne because anyway. Is is excessive how many Columbia over once? We have several rooms to get to get to our students in every room. I smell you in the stairwell. I'm like Mike is here. You know, why? Because you spray like five time owner, not many because more on the Jason Taylor Cologne today, but it's aggressive. How many raised I feel like Jason Taylor wouldn't want people knowing where he was by his smell like chasing tail was in a building you in smell him. And wait a second. When you walk up, the Serail or you're like, I I own my God, you are. And what I'm trying to say is that it's almost a mile to the studio far away into very strong Cologne. So with this Cologne. I've only sprayed three times one on this one on this risk rub together at one on my chest. The way you're supposed to spray Cologne, spray and walk. No. Well, so so when you when you wear the Jason Taylor alone. How many sprays do you do five no three how many? Yeah. Only three with Jason Taylor loans. How many? I'm a bit of a scented bit of a so I've got a lot. How do you determine today's Jason Taylor day? Today's a product day. Today's it depends. I had a meeting at appreciate meet him. So I wanted to wear. My Jason Taylor Cologne. And I'm kind of feeling that Jason Taylor Cologne. Because yesterday I went to Miami hurricanes hurricanes club event, and I saw Joe rose out there, and I didn't see Joe Rosenthal's. Maybe like twenty years old big dog. Yeah. So the big dog I'm thirty three now. So it's been a while my career, and he remembered me, and it was it was cool, and my wife was there Joe rose like God. How good is this guy smell? What are you wearing told him? Joe rose is a salesman though, he sings the air around the clock commercial. He's a great salesman. He made me he made me feel really good about the Cologne thing that's part of the deal. It made me feel really good about the. You just said it's Jason Taylor alone. I told them the name of the Cologne, which I'm very secretive about want because I tell why are the people smelling like you smelling like Jason Taylor. Correct. Okay. To God's ear spring is finally here. And you know, what that means the first tool to spring from one eight hundred flowers dot com or in gorgeous, seasonal bloom. These vibrant tulips come in a variety of dazzling colors and are arriving just in time to bring in the new season. 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That Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until it? Got there alarm. We get there. I'll learn until we get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with Geico. What's this button? Do what's this button? Do what's best button? Do what's this? Believe that. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. I'm eagerly awaiting your Dirk Nowitzki, take do you have any takeaways from last night? I don't think we covered the triple double from Dwayne Wade enough. Yeah. We covered it. He got a triple double. You don't have any takeaways. You see did you see when he was like going into halftime or whatever. And Chris de Liam keeps shooting and he's like, no, no. I want the triple double. Oh, no. I didn't see that. Yeah. That's cool. That's more of his game. Also, let's not easily had five of them. But Kobe said it's more in line with his game than going for sixty twain. Wade everyone was hoping once at ref didn't blow the whistle on that second possession in which he got do pump fake any shot of Dwayne Wade setting a career high in points out the window to Wade's rhythm player. He likes to run inside the what the offense is. He's not this guy. That's gonna shoot digital Dirksen and his last home game and got. Yeah. You got thirty points. But he he had to Chuck it up like thirty one times. Yes. I don't care who's gonna look at that. He cried man, Dirk, do you think the Dirk thing was better than than weights thing? I feel like the Dirk thing. I haven't given much thought to this put if we're going to just say things I feel like that their thing was more natural while Dirk did the Clack. How you know it just happened. He seemed like all in on it like Dwayne didn't really show too much emotion. You could tell it was cool for him. But he didn't cry cry would be good if he cried. It'd be like well, yeah. I mean, his goodbye left. Something to be desired like a good cry even fake crime. I wanted to fake I wanted a bit of more emotion and said he fell on the table. Roy you cry though, when's the last time you cried. I don't. It's been a while you should cry. Every once in a while good cries good to like just release everything. All good. Thanks. I'm telling you, try good cry. Let's have a Christ session later. No, okay. They let it slip on the heat broadcast. And I thought of you apparently they've been shooting a documentary Dwayne Wade's one last dance. I think Chris said that I don't know Chris I think mentioned that last week that he's been following around. He's been followed around with cameras the whole remember twin? Wade previously said he didn't want any of this pomp and circumstance, and he's been doing a documentary on it the way the dirt did it. There was some level mystery, even though he was an all sort and they had this whole presentation with Dirks five favorite players. Charles Barkley was air spoke to the crowd. I think deadly shrimp, Shawn Kemp Scottie Pippen, I believe was one of the players. They all spoke at Dirks final game. And he was genuinely emotional, and it was cool because like is it might be. But we don't know for sure not the case with Dwayne Wade wherever cities like trading jerseys. So you throw a bunch of DVD's I've had life experience. Allison, we'd done on the Cologne front. I wish honestly, I don't know. What happened when you came back in here? But you brought in a terrible smell of the. I don't know what that smell chicken. Here's a really bad. Waft around this room to take it away seventeen. You think allowed you think spray them much? No, you have to I think everyone in this room. But no one will admit it. But me, smells it before. They walk into the room. So if good mission accomplished I have spelt it coming up the stairs before. And after you mentioned it when he came over to target did kind of get a cloud it. Yeah. But I wouldn't notice type. But I wouldn't notice type to work now at this point for I would prefer that over whatever that there's there's a really bad smell in here right now. I Don does anyone else smell it it smells terrible. I don't know what Alison brought in here. Where did you go? It smells like offi off. It's not a copy. Check about a minute. She went to get coffee, smells, like eggs. Did you step on something? Check the issues. No at that one chick. You know, it's not poop on your shoes. It's something here. Let me walk by deodorize the situation. Now, I think for. Oh, you just Cologne or a section in there. You cried Billy me like a good cry. I don't know. But it's probably been. I feel like I need to cry. Sometimes do you ever get that feeling like you just wanna like, you know, release just like I just. No, personal self. I work with a bunch of robots. Girl. I love it. I mean, it just I cry a lot you're allowed to cry more than guys because you know, it's twenty nine it's a little incentive. Actually, sorry sensitive. Oh my God. I spray more than three times. I knew that. You did many five over here. Max. Max five Macs five Allah control. That's why down the street. That's crazy. What are the five points? Restive that is too much five. It was what I knew that. I was going to be walking outside a lot today knew it was five. I even say. How is the five? Okay. But I don't do five all the time. I'll I'll dial it back. You've called me out successfully. Thank you. I've been you're always there for me. Awesome. Get in for a while many loans you own fifteen to twenty what twenty different sense. Yeah. And how do you decide exactly which depends on the day? Today was the Jason Taylor day because you had a big. Meaning what is that? Hold on. Do you ever smell? Do you have? Do you have seven poof now? I smell now I smoke now. She's gonna blame the smell on Chris. But she's doing air DC are kind of pointing in that direction. Yeah. Do you have like a display Klay spate display case for your Cologne's? No, it's making my hell is that it tells me live at a perfume mania? No, it's on my it's a little messy. Actually, it's like by my sink. Yeah. Fifteen colognes. I might be. I you know, what I'll count today. I'll let you know. Yeah. I'll let you know. An honestly I could use a good purge because I have a few bottles that got like three sprays in it max that we find out why it smells like poop in here. Nobody solution was to open the door where the smoking problem. Let more of the smell and. You know what I'm asking age. Be happy got to the bottom of the okay number. I'm glad we got to wondering. Why is five spree says five probably? Probably no, wrist wrist neck. Look you go all does a macaroni with. Does the weirdest way of saying that ever? I don't know. Why said that we all right? So wrist wrist rub now if you're spending thousands of dollars on Cologne, which we all know that you've been spending a ton of Taylor things ABC's. So you shouldn't be it's it's probably not meant to write have that many. So last night when I'm going to that event is Cologne, really masking we exploring Mike, why feel like we're fifteen Cologne. So last night, I'm going to invent it was at the wharf the wharf they've they've put indoors, but it is outdoors. It is over the top. Is it seemed no no, they always ridiculous. So I talked to people within the program if you're not familiar they had a hurricane club event, which is for boosters and season ticket holders, but it's like a an elite level of season ticket. Oh, Manny Diaz showed up on a seven million dollar yacht on yacht, and he made his grand entrance that way, and it was super Miami and Super Bowl it looks a lot cooler like in the cell phone bids of employment up. And the videos that made it sway on the social media and the wasn't reality. But I did speak to some people within the program. Many gets it many absolutely gets like all the stuff that connects with kids. He gets it better than any coach that we've had down here. One person told me it was his idea exclusively his idea the other another person told me that it was more of a collaborative effort the boat picked him up at Monty's. And he went from Monte. So the war which is so Miami, sewn credibly telling us the order that you were spraying we derailed as back. You know what? Get back to that before you get back to that. You know, what I was thinking the other day driving past the AAA on the causeway was that English said that he got picked up Monty's. And then drove to the war freight. I was thinking back to when they had the VM as at the triple a tacit audience all the stars would arrive on boats, and I was just trying to figure out what random spots in the city. These people were getting on these boats and dressed in these fancy via may outfits and they're getting in and like random spots on the Miami river the Yukon is over to like they're getting under these weird spots just to arrive the VM as well. Right here by Texas, Brazil, there's a doc. Yeah. I think they would have probably taken that and done the channel the cruise line channel. Yeah. Sorry. We're getting on like a bayside next ruler one day. We gotta talk about how it was a part of the cast audience to VM as okay, and all the cool things that I like you want that day to be today. I don't want that day to be today. Okay. So back to back to the clone. Right. So yesterday before the event, even though it was a shorter event. Two hours. I spray more. If I have a meeting here at work, and I wanna smell nice. And I know I'm going to be walking outside because I could potentially be here for a long time. And the Chason Taylor Cologne while it is a wonderful sent it doesn't last as long because it's not an oil-based Cologne. Or are you worried because you're meeting was this morning that maybe it's too strong for the meeting perhaps perhaps? Well, now thinking a lot. So how does it go? So you're going to this event yesterday sprays. Wow. Last long that doesn't mean you should spray more. No, no, no. No, no. I'm not no I spray more knowing if it's if I'm going to have a longer day. And if I'm especially if no no, no, no one two three on your one two three hundred arrests. No one no seventeen hundred one two three. Most of the time. It's one two three one on one wrist. Wait, but hold on a second. Wait, hold on. Because I've just identified an issue that we're having here. You spray one on one wrist, and then you rub it in with your opposite owners, and then you spray one on the other risks. And you rub it in with. So you've now doubled up. Yeah. So tiles, both risks. And then I just like rub both arms all over each other. But if you do it on just one, and you rub it you still would cover the same area. Have you guys have given me a lot to think about? Yeah. You guys have given me so much to think about Cynthia say, wait hold on. So that's just one too. Think wait a second. I'm putting too much on where four and five. How does she feel? Okay. Where four and five she doesn't want three year four. It's not. It's not a. You guys need to tell me if this is like bad, you guys need to tell me. Are you telling me that because it is bad because seventeen blocks from here at I smell you there that seems like a? Yeah. That's four and five watts maybe neck neck and head, and and no, and you know, like the shirt up, and I get a little on the chest. And. On your shirt as well. We're having this conversation. It's been you know, what I am too. Because obviously, I was doing something that I shouldn't be doing. But you guys are really bothered by this like now, you can tell them is. What is it really? Is it at least in a pleasant smell? I was like or do like there's some days like because I can get on your nerves occasionally, it's such a tight space. I can get on your sin someone else. It is sent is like the the sense. It's most tied to memory. Okay. Like, a you smell something, and it can take you back to a moment right there better than anything else. So when you smell me, and it's like one of those days that you and I are on the same page. Are you just like God? I just know I just know when I'm in the stairwell or when I'm a few blocks away. I know that you're in front of me or you're near can we do this? And I just know that you avoided my question entirely into haven't. And I am I does Mike sent make you wanna throw ole hold on a second. This is important because Mike has seventeen different sense. So we need to identify with you likes vanilla one. If there's a PTSD thing we need to identify which is the smell that you need removed from the arsenal is this is the don't should go one one spreads instead of seventy one seventeen better than the most Cuban thing ever wearing too much Cologne. It's only five spritz is Dan max. Max allegedly. Sometimes it's six six sometimes it savvy guys is going on over here. David Samson with us here. If you wanna talk to David Samson, former Marlins team president if you want to ask him baseball questions or just any kind of questions executive questions movie questions. Seven eight six four five six four eight three seven is the telephone number he reviews movies with us. What is it that you're reviewing for us this week? Is it a is it a film is it a blockbuster in a movie, or is it something from Netflix, and streaming well, by the way, those that mine is very blurry now to net full length feature film. That's a real film, Mike aroma, which was nominated for best picture and won best director. If movie called the Dirk, it is a biopic of motley Crue. All right, hold on a second. If I may if I may because I've seen this. I've seen the previews for this. And that book is one of the most interesting music books. I've ever read in my life detail. Killed an amazing. And I cannot believe that the movie would be living up to that standard. Well for me. It was easy because I never heard of the books I have zero interest in motley Crue, I could care less about Tommy Lee or Nikki sex or sex or or Vince Neal. But someone said just watch the movie just give it a try, and I did and they found a way to make me care. Now granted there's a ton of drug use a ton of nudity. And there's no doubt that increases my level of interest. But actually, I started to feel sorry for the rock and roll life that they let that's not the first time that I felt something like that. I actually saw the movie, and it's a little campy, and I'm not a huge fan, and we ran into this with the human ramp city where the the motley Crue was directly involved in the production. This movie was a bit more honest because they actually showed a domestic issue they embrace their dark stuff. You know, not the accident that hurts people. I mean, even the way that. They did that it was sort of treated if you could treat, you know, killing your passenger because you're high on drugs and alcohol David that drug use super empty like you you in reading the book, it is Slava nly eight you feel so bad for these people. You feel like overdosing is a relief. Well, they showed it. And what I think about a lot is the level of fame that some people have, and I actually Iran, it's Mick Jagger in Paris one time he was surrounded by people, and it looked like he was completely alone. And I wonder whether that is a common thing with these Rockstars were on the road. I thought with athletes, but we're only on the road there only on the road eighty days a year or in basketball, forty days a year, these guys motley Crue went on a year and a half tour, and it was fictionalized and almost famous one of my favorite movies and in rockstar with with Mark Wahlberg, which I loved his well, but this is real what these guys did. Then what Neil? Did he kills someone? There's no question about it. And I have no tolerance for it. And it's inexcusable and he deserves jail. Actually, he got excused you say it's inexcusable. He kinda got excused. It would terrible. I I totally disagree with it on the assumption that what they showed in the movie is correct. He got excuse, and it is inexcusable. So if you're gonna use drugs don't drive, if you're gonna if you're gonna be drugs don't drive because if you do you deserve the full weight of the law on you that said from a movie standpoint watching Heather lot there this beautiful beautiful woman played by beautiful actress, and you realize what he's become too having touched the rockstar life. Like if you're one degree away from the rock star life your life can be completely. But this is a normal. David. They were one of the party bands for all time. Like, they they were they I was gonna say poison, but they're not poisoned. They're worse than poison. Well, I I'm not sure who gave them that monitor. Because I think the Keith Richards would tell you that they're the biggest party band of all time, not they all got along together. So I think that there's a ton. What about axl rose and guns and roses? They would say that they're the biggest party band ADD. I could go on and on nine. I'm telling you that motley Crue book, I've read some of those books. I've read the articles the motley Crue book is regarded as the most debaucherous in the history of music. Well, I think they had the most, and they showed this in the movie that I think they have the most personal property destroyed. I think they left their Mark on places where they went more than anyone else. But if you're talking about sort of crazy sex drugs and rock and roll, I think is impossible just from their book to say that they're number one. They may be tied or in the top five. But I think that that's like personally put the Nikki six thing. It's a legendary rock soy do died. OD was dead came back to life did more heroin. Well, you saw what what John Travolta was able to do to Thurman. It is possible to bring someone back to life. By stabbing them in the heart with an adrenaline then knowing understand, but typically that's a wakeup call the but not when you're a drug addict. Did you think the movie, obviously, they broke the fourth wall a lot it was campy imports? But I actually fell into it a little bit. I thought it was a good popcorn movie. Did you enjoy it overall? Yeah. And I don't mind the fourth wall. I'm actually do it. So a lot of people are movie snobs, and they say if you break the fourth wall like on Saturday Night Live when you break character, people lose their mind. I like that stuff that makes it more real. I'm okay with with the narrative because I don't know the story of motley Crue. So the fourth wall is meant to explain certain things, I'm all in on that it was a little cheesy though, the performances were all right machine gun Kelly's rapper that played Tommy Lee. And I just I don't know like the whole you want to know what the ruck and we'll lifestyle lie. Look the trailer looked cheesy to me it is cheesy. It's not blaming rhapsody. It's not gonna win any Oscars. It's not gonna. Win a best actor it is not add like that. But if you're talking about I'm here to give the listeners an hour and a half of entertainment, and who doesn't have an extra hour and a half. I think. Yeah, I think what's happening there with David Samson is because they made him care about motley Crue. He's like, okay, I can watch this for ninety minutes because they gave me some details. That made me interested in something. I wasn't interest. It was really effective. I went right into motley crews catalog, the very next CEO is into it. I also liked there's this over the top seen with Ozzy Osbourne and the guy that actually plays Ozzy Osborne. Looks kind of like it's not the snorting of the pop the eggs. They combined lunch legends about Ozzy Osbourne and put it into one ridiculous scene. If it's true that he actually snorted, and that is by definition, Ozzy Osbourne becomes crazy in the mall. But that was that was the story was told because motley Crue is considered the party rock band of all time. And even they were startled to walk out of their bus and see Ozzy Osbourne snorting a line of an. It's. The way they did in the movie made it more shocking. But that's seen alone was something where you look at that. It's very hard in the movie right often. You say I wanna be that person. I wanna be a movie star or rockstar or or a world class athlete. I watched that movie thing, you know, what I don't think I wanna be motley Crue. Did you wanna be Dwayne Wade this week? Did you are you going to be the one who ruined? Dwayne Wade situation. I thought it was an he's a good guy. But I thought it was a little much less night. That's all say, well, why is that all you're selling wait a minute. What does that do you need to say more? What was to my right? And he had made it by the way he admitted after the game. That's not the type of game. He likes playing why he would end with a triple double that was so manufactured like the way Kobe got sixty points by taking fifty shots. It beneath twain to do it. I would expect that from other players like Carmelo Anthony as an example, I would not expect it from Dwayne Wade. I wanted him to play within the rhythm of the game. It looked like an all star game to me where they're just going up and down. No defense. Of course. I was emotional when has limit that top of the key shot for the tenth assists, and the triple double. But it's like when you want and need a rebounded. You throw. The ball the backboard to get your own miss shot. It's not Dwayne Wade. It's it's it's beneath him. And that's what bothered me whole season felt a little like that. Then David, I don't mind the rocking. Share brigade. It's okay. If you say you're gonna retire, and you get videos, and I'm good. But there was meaningful basketball. And he was doing his best to have a season. He stayed healthy. He played twenty to twenty five minutes a game. But last night was just a I'm I watched every minute of it. And I felt angry and upset that he would ruin it like that by being so out of character. Why don't you go in the opposite way on it? Because this is an insecurity that Dwayne gave voice you at the end of the game because he said that he's not going to take fifty cents. He doesn't have the Kobe thing in the last two the last two games have been uncomfortably. This is all about Dwayne in a way that must be even uncomfortable to him among his teammates. You guys are suckers. You're falling for that. You're still believing. He didn't want any of this retirement tour that he said he didn't want where he sold shirts for it. As an every day wanted it no-one said he didn't want. Did. He did a one it. He's doing we'd said he didn't want. It these uncomfortable with all of these filming documen. On it. Like Philip Seymour Hoffman in the movie along came Polly having his own entertainment crowd. Follow him. Of course. Dwayne Wade wanted it. We're talking about one game in Brooklyn where LeBron James Carmelo Anthony. And Chris Paul are doing their best to be the story where Gabrielle union is doing her best to be the story. Looking like I thought she was dressed like Janet Jackson and that poetic Justice movie. I that looked reminded me of that whatever reason, but it was the whole story was just about showing that sideline. I drove me. That's what's happened since they took over the sports since those guys on the banana boat took over the sport. It's been Mimi me. So why wouldn't they at the end of Dwayne expect Carmelo to run on the court, and and Gabrielle union is shooting t shirts into the crowd. Like it's been that way since that damn television show he did nine years ago. And if that's what they're doing to build their brand and to set themselves up for life after they're all going to LA for life after basketball game into the entertainment world. I get it. I get it. But. For me. What we will. Remember about these last two days in last night. And I would rather remember how it ended in Miami at home in front of the crowd where he looked fallible where he jumps on the scores table and almost braces knee that to me is good and a warm way to end it. Instead, he goes to Brooklyn and Miami north normally Miami is Brooklyn south they paid it Miami north, and it just felt to manufactured. I was on. I was uncomfortable. Would you have handled it you wanna traded him mid season for prospects and scalped tickets to the last half of the season? Well, listen, you don't have to bait me on that is the, but no I wouldn't trade him. I wouldn't have gotten anything for them. It's not he's of no value to anyone else for Miami. David David, nobody everyone is celebrating way today. It is such an IM to your don't don't miss characterize what I'm saying, Dan. I am a hundred percent celebrating and his career. And he is a. On the best south Florida athlete of all time among the best. That does not mean that what he did last night with the triple double and the show that was put on by his friends that doesn't make it better to me. I can separate the point about the friends is a little bit fair after hearing amounted. It was a bit much security should have removed them. They were running all over the court. It was there night. It was funny that they were. Up to be near Dwayne to to be near Dwayne wake. I I asked you guys. This question though, because it is so uncommon so uncommon to get this kind of sendoff where nobody is saying anything critical of the guy doing the retiring. And Furthermore, the one guy who said something that sounded mildly critical is getting Paul Pierce sucks. Chance in Miami. And the place that he played Brooklyn the one guy who dared say anything that wasn't Dwayne Wade wears a halo. He got shouted down by the angry mob in Brooklyn where he played. Well, what happened with Paul Pierce is? You know, is he was not exactly successful in Brooklyn. So there there was extra extra beef there. I don't think that would have happened. If they finished the season at the TD Ameritrade center in Boston. But Dwayne Wade has done it. He has found a way to keep his reputation intact off the court throughout his career. He's been successful on the court and he's easy to root for Carmelo Anthony's. An example, we'll never get it send off like that. Chris Paul will never questionable. Whether even LeBron will now that what's what what has happened with him where he comes off as Machiavelli, and Dwayne Wade never came off that way. So I think that's also a factor of why he's considered untouchable. Sucks Sampson sucks. Santon sucks. Samson sucks. He stormed off again. You're going to have to take some tell them that was your idea. It. It was my idea. I will he. That was that was out a line. I thought no one we did his comments on Dwayne. His comments on twenty house. He telling you how to handle the Dwayne Wade retirement. Let each will get is three thousand hit on the road. I mean, if David Sampson had the video that Derrick jeeter did at the home game, he would've been booed. Yeah. I mean, he's over here is telling us about Paul Pierce, not learning from history there pal. How war how weird was that? By the way, you think jeeter saw that one coming you think of Magic Johnson retiring because he didn't expect this kind of criticism. And he didn't like the way it felt jeeter got booed. It's the only thing that happened over the course of the night chanting, Paul Pierce sucks and booing jeeter where the only things that felt like they had a little negative on them. The jeeter thing makes me so proud as a Miami. And I know how rude this is Derek jeeter. But Miami New York have this thing, there's a resentment between both cities, right and jeeter. You're one of the biggest sports icons in New York. But you're not going to be able to come down here and just charm your way into our hearts, that's a New York thing. It's not a Miami thing we got plenty of New Yorkers thinking there were big deal down here. Just because they're from New York. We're tired of. So we're that like a badge of honor. It's like the same thing. Philadelphia Bouin their own players. I it's a bit of a Miami thing. And I like that jeeter cancer stroll into Miami. And be the same guy that he thought he could be what happens when you remove the home runs sculpture men. I call. Let's go to the state. I feel like things have been totally different. That was New York. You did plenty for New York. All you've done down. Here. Miami's take away the sculpture and trade away to MVP's. But mainly the sculpture, mainly the sculpture, mainly this at least people look they care, right? That's good. If people boo they care. No, no. I in difference is what they're soaked in. Here's the thing. It's now is not indifferent. Oh, but here's what I know. But it's indifference at their ballpark where they asked people to pay to overcome their indifferent. When he goes up on the board, and you're getting the carrying of hatred, and you can't put a dollar in your pocket that runs against everything. The Marlins have ever been Santon had such a good tweet us too badly hung up 'cause he tweeted out. Hey, at least they have an instrument section now though, I think we should aspire to piss him off in a way that makes him depart every time.

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