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sometimes life is wonderful and sometimes it's not cherish the good but always be prepared from life's challenges if your employer warrior doesn't supply healthcare coverage and you don't qualify for medicare medicaid you need to give us a call right now private healthcare is private health insurance courageous sixty five and under with medical dental vision and even prescription coverage to get the covers you need call the number on the screen now uh-huh and uh-huh yeah ah mm-hmm uh-huh the what's up this louie vega a here the lots radio relied right hand times where this beautiful new york city people walking by a lot of caused a lot of traffic i'm loving it next to ours everybody in the show part everybody out there around the world facebook live duties don't don't be afraid to speak let's have a good time going to play some good music some unreleased material and this is it we big alive right here the lots radio was doing wouldn't let go mm-hmm and you're you're not a vegas kristen manzini new welcome to the sean harvey morning show featuring barb co loan it is wednesday wednesday is a weird wednesday january twenty ninth twenty twenty it's twenty two minutes after the hour we hope you're having a great start to your morning this morning morning we have an action packed show for you actually getting started with front page news with sending jay were i'm going to let you know what's going on locally and nationally so make sure you guys stick around for that good morning barbie city good morning everyone here in bethlehem we come to you from is thirty six degrees right now now with the high of forty one and the senate will be today it is thirty four in newark new jersey forty high cloudy as well and the sun will we are eleven AM in new york city thirty four degrees forty one for high cloudy and again some eyebrows today as well and miami sixty three right now who and fair in atlanta's at thirty nine degrees forty-four gonna hire fifty four mostly cloudy today atlanta in los angeles i five greece semi film for the high clear and study in chicago three degrees thirty two four of the high and cloudy with a chance of rain aid that is we might have for your date was will likely you are where we will come and see you live from the schwab wanted show featuring the city jay we get you started right that's all right barbara thank you so much where you get your morning started right you guys in the nine o'clock hour might get out of here a little early today but in the nine o'clock hour do have sending says i will let you know what's going on an entertainment in hollywood news and we also have a morning buzz for you that is weird and i guarantee you're only by them before nine eight wealth well and we will have little harvey i suppose you stay to yes you guys stick around we'll be right back we are going to come back we're going to watch your guys out so make sure you put your heart in the chat room because we're gonna shut you out exactly when we come back we're just gonna put you on hold really quick with DJ not here we'll be right back celebrate two thousand nineteen big things can nuke label now now ooh ooh and talking the four uh-huh they say laura eh yeah uh mm-hmm an attack yeah i bet you are every time here they said when i came in uh-huh yeah whoa uh-huh thank you bet uh-huh uh-huh luke you can't thank you hey hey audrey hi good morning thank you dyrlund day okay you as we hi how are you good have a good day at school today to offer you and your grandson be hanging hanging out all the time that's your best friend coach yen when is she do how can you oh you're gonna have to how is really cute yeah yeah we'll tell her we said good luck yes congratulations or the girl audrey the woo are free because we have their phone on the stan we can't really nicole input into close sorry guys the callers over bringing the car but we'll be right back with you in a wine second stay there make sure that you share your place on your wall in a favorite group that you could do and uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh it was so funny that baby de the guy tripod that i have keeps falling in the morning prentice try and give you a good show today i guarantee you the morning it's weird a aww the tape the okay and so we really hey you guys we are back it is it's thirty four minutes after the hour it is wednesday january twenty ninth i can't believe it's the end of january we are shawn harmon one show featuring sanjay nj along with barbara cologne way get started right we are about to show you guys out with just the navy some quick weather and then we're going to get right into it's all right now here in bethlehem right now it's thirty six degrees forty one for the high cloudy in the central beyond right levin him in newark new jersey thirty four degrees with a high i forty one cloudy as well in the sense should be out again iran eleven AM thirty four in new york city forty one for the high cloudy and again eleven o'clock sons should should be out it a sixty three degrees in miami with a high of eighty one today in fair in atlanta thirty nine degrees fifty four for the high end mostly cloudy in los angeles fifty five degrees seventy seven for the high clear and sunny woohoo chicago thirty degrees thirty two four the high cloudy with a chance of rain today the day that dennis i have for you all today by comes to you live from the shore where you want to start right that's right where you get your morning started right i hope you guys all woke up on the right side of the bed today 'cause i don't wanna hear it otherwise we're going to show you guys out make sure you put your heart in the chat room entertain chat to chat detract let's go oh john hart turn your heart the album ooh the report aw they want the dow going over um we i really do weeks we've sweet guy long into building hey bill how're you doing in cali speaking of vinicio as young dre shaw hey ray morning inside the building without q. williams hey beautiful while the same iago shepherd is here okay the morning ep in the building gigi hey hey gary the zebra manages here's me a johnson thing to call them yes yes the net net net serano hey hey you hear what was going on with andrew north IRA's yes hey hey dala not arouse here good morning car ladder hayward how're you heru green sir handled hand johnny weaver was there johnny nor joseph kosh there and leave we've cut gonzales hey horatio laura tirona hey laurie for all the way gainer is here good morning day in fact hey i'll preface cats mehboob mr robinson morning who is the one i seem abramovic has cut growth assured hey jones hey good morning ilisan ezra right is here mike is missed wanting more giants guest eight see away without charles and barbara horton if i didn't call your name because facebook has been kicked me on and off my feet and i see it so but you name it here oh say hi let me know you're here in that okay to shut up that's right you guys thank you so much for that barbie 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how are you doing today barbie or i'm tired of hey we're so happy to have barbie back she was out yesterday for anybody now so you had a good day off or we have oh yeah no that's me too after i got here i i appreciate the everybody that called and texted me because he's saying how when i leave here i almost like fall asleep and i don't know why because i'm so oh awake when i'm here and i'm so awake when i'm driving here so when i go home i don't know why i automatically get tired it's like as soon as i hit thirty three three which is the the highway that i get here i just want to go to sleep so i appreciate everybody that texted or called messengers like are you awake read that windows down all of that somebody's who was it in the chat room yesterday said drink ice cold water and that is shocks your system or something i never heard that but i'm going to try i'll try and keep some ice in my car i mean a couple of is in the morning to drink when i get here we're gonna get into the morning buys and i wanted to talk to you guys about i was reading this article yesterday eh and it was talking about how so many people it's one of the most search things is if it's okay to pee in the shower and you know it really got me thinking because i never used to do it i guess when i was younger i was like you know get get out of the shower and go to the bathroom but then i was like you know as i got older i would do it like if i had to i don't exclusively in the shower poorest i felt like you know it'll be fine but then i worried about always gonna make your bathroom like extra dirty so you know a when i the but we will just go down drains but still like just you know german mike did of salvage java's life oh our guy ill right if one is running in his going out i don't want you don't get out shower and go but yeah i if finding shower and i got so we know i'm not wanna get by the fall right on my and then you're totally gets all way right now just pissing to do it so for any of you who were worried about or concerned i have some information about it so you guys can make an informed decision and please call in and let us know in the chat room if you are if you are in the shower we want to know and if you're not wanna know why and if you're getting out and you're making a floor floor way and your and your toilet wet for why why are you doing this guy harold green you out herald lettuce the president's most guys do it i there was a hashtag on this out because i was looking it up they aim for the day we'll we can't really aid for anywhere but you men can that's what marcus emoji let us know what you're doing i mean they have several benefits as to why it is okay for you to pee in the shower and this is coming from a doctor in the mayoclinic so this is reaching the top guys will wanna know what's going on the first thing actually is it's environmentally until he conscious and you guys know that i do appreciate when we can do things for the environment any time that you can drastically cut your water bill or or save a flush is very important and it could also be huge impact on the toilet because of all the waters we consume flush toilets have been called doc and environmental disaster everytime you flash your your flusher toilet uses about two gallons of water well did you know that much yeah that's a live just for one the flies that's why sometimes you guys hurt especially when we have a drought i don't think we've had a drought out here and i'll you know but they say if it's yellow l. o. let it mellow if it's brown flush down so you know take that into consideration your daily life that's a good thing for you to do aw also they do say that it will get rid of fungus if you have any or athletes were any type of thing like that it says he does have anti fungal properties i mean i assan going on your foot i mean i don't follow ashes got a couple of bombs for actually i also wanna look you know they say appealing to pee on so vig uric acid in a moment in european can help to stop out fungal infections athlete's foot and other fungi so it's okay to piano if you're able to so shallow to the people with with foot fungus fungus it's also your bathroom we'll stay cleaner to the c. everytime uses toilet of course the remove the sea is going to get dirty backwash washed things like that so between scrubs you can you know keep your toilet clean every time that you're home if you decided just keep it for the shower so these are some facts that they also have they also say that as far as the dirt khalil show should i pee on your feet so you should should i pee on my feet well khalil if you have something on your maybe you should see if it'll clear up do it like three times in the row i'm john says some people smell to bag for that what do you mean by that market shower you should smell back and shower and also so you know it's not good to hold your peace so especially in the water it's warm it's washing down over you and it just makes you want to go to the bathroom so just go or you can do it before you get in the shower they also say your your urine is eighty five percent ninety percent water so oh it is okay like i have concerns about maybe your bathroom your tub getting extra dirty because you're paying but they said it's ninety percent percent water and the rest is just wasting it'll just go down so you guys there's definitely some benefits do you add also i was looking at what what do you do you guys have weird names for i guess i also too when you're teaching kids to go to the bathroom do you have any names in your how we let people say tanko some people sam going to the piety my grandmother she's ninety four she used to call and she still says it's in his day do do you have to go make a puddle gonna go to the bathroom but she's like are you gonna make a puddle is my mom in a chat room and use it she just did if you beat them abandon me we need exactly linda yeah now bad you need a drink some water but also you know you're in the bathroom nobody else is gonna smell it close the door or unless you're like me who you know show our goes to the bathroom with the door open it made me feel you know especially when i'm home alone bob i salvage say i wanna know what's going on in the house he should be going on with you dog and i have a dog too who so he likes to come in and out as he pleases instance good it's just better for everybody but you leave the door open marina simmons demands are you are you against peeing in the shower or do you get ou- and all of that she said screw y'all that's been it it's your in its its water morita you it's a part of life the low PD shower saved worby info fungus story that's a of the threat that you can have it so i want to let you guys know some people are strongly opposed to this and i just feel like you should be free it's one of the most such things on the internet find out you know as your bathroom you're a who are we to judge you we ain't gonna awesome yeah that's right OPB guard i go globally peter yeah and i wanna know put it in the chat room i want to know you anybody else decides to do that happy or or potty dance when you guys are training your kids to go to the bathroom did you do a potty i shall come on let's p p in patpong BP i did that heightened fun i was reading thing they said when you're potty training like give your kids like treats and stuff like that i started doing now with candy or whatever but we ain't gonna do this every time we go to the bathroom so we just i ended up doing a dance so i think twice we did we put views a serial like what do you call those rosa cheerios make them tell you what you do that with my side so what he's saying put the cheerio cereal so they a not guilty on your floor because roy moore flowing right yes right make of aim then auto inventory you try to aid to hate the cereal i never even by babies try the the whole been yeah let us know today you were not sorry it is the kenya arabi intimated take out her the trick back the bathroom in there right now you're in the one dollars eighty percent of people in the world in the world thank you the average doing in the bathroom shower the feeling yeah it off in a building in sean UPN shower we all are dying to know what what a thumbs up if you're into back and right now uh-huh thank you back it can the whole thing out the the friendly i appreciate your car pro war the league twice he must have stopped dream the sir they did you aim for the dream the game the question soon it's nothing it's gonna be in paterson new jersey have you look on i think pose page to bush her name is molly scott yes or money comedian check on her page and you can see other media we we are back sean harvey morning show featuring any j. along bar-b.-que along you guys it is exactly eight a lock we are glad to be back we are going to give you some really quick and then we are going to get into some news election is going on out there i've been here at guy drips show good prentice we know that you pee in the shower because we're talking today i'll call and let us know ep shower or if you don't if you're strongly against dead you think it's nasty and we shouldn't be doing this let us know why enquiring minds wanted i'll be there are you come in you should come communities having i have to work overtime i know i i don i think about all the time here in bethlehem we work at us from right now it's thirty six degrees going to a high of forty one cloudy right now but essentially be out around eleven a. m. this morning in newark new jersey thirty four degrees forty one for the high also and cloudy and essentially AM today and in new new york three or four right now again with a high of forty one cloudy and sunny around eleven AM six three in miami of now eighty-one for the hi it's going to be fair down there in atlanta thirty nine degrees fifty four for the high mostly cloudy and fifty five inlaws air with a high of seventy only seven today clear and sunny in chicago is thirty degrees with higher thirty two cloudy with a chance of rain later in the day that's what i have for you all today a where you are coming to you live from the show have you wanna show featuring city jay we did tomorrow to start right that it is right you buy we are going to get into some front page news with semi jay i'm going to give you some news local domestic and then i'm going to give you guys some weird news you know i like to do that on wednesdays i like to give you something that you know now you might not hurt you might have heard you know anywhere else i the first story that i'm going to start off with is you know the corona virus it is still spreading it is still taking lives over in china there is a already if you didn't already know five confirmed cases here in the US anybody that doesn't know about the corona virus i put an article in the chat and the group room it is in no way shape or form comes from corona beer or anything like that see this is why trump is president because people are just ask amazes me it was one of the most things out on google also no it has nothing to do with that name though but right right corona virus i believe also the symptoms it's not anything crazy it's regular symptoms coughing a up watery eyes may be i don't even think you get a fever you have a cough yeah just like flu like symptoms you may feel a little achey but but again it's highly contagious 'cause you can pass it to several people before you even know that you're sick like most common colds takes you know a couple of a day a couple of days before you feel yourself now the problem is is that they've quarantined off the city of wuhan and china now where they believe that this all originated however and certain airports people that are coming from wuhan they have them coming into the united states from starting airports however in wuhan the whole city is like quarantine so people can't leave the from there so but now there was an outcry because americans that are over and wuhan and they need to get out so what they are doing is evacuating them i will right now it looks like they're there abaco meeting them because they were there they couldn't leave do to them possibly having the virus they wanted them to wait a few days but now they're saying that a flight carrying about two hundred american evacuees headed to a military base in southern california after leaving wuhan in china the chart the flight chartered by the state department left the chinese city and touchdown a late last night at ted stevens anchorage international airport in alaska why they laughed at alaska why guess maybe coming around it's like the quick the closest place okay they said after refueling at passenger screenings screenings in anchorage but they did their screening they're like far away it left for the march right that's true it lead for the march air reserve reserve base near riverside california that is true i will go here to alaska with icy cold viruses kiss of bounded around with goal i guess right they did say they conducted two additional health screenings after they'd have screenings from china all passengers were approved to continue on to california i wonder if like when they're screening the people if they're wearing those but if it takes at least seven sundays for zuko yeah and what they did for seven days a winning maybe they feel like they're coming from one they've been over there for a little bit is so by the time they they behind there for seven damn days in alaska then get tested again tested i get their face every day could be leaking comes to work get PTO time pressure breakneck work from landscape risk facile virus has killed one hundred thirty one hundred thirty two limbaugh already at the other guy i was just one hundred and infected affected nearly six thousand others in china most of them in wuhan five cases have been confirmed in the united states and the people of the united states there's still okay up there saying that they're working on vaccines but they're not gonna be ready for at least a year you know what every time i hear about a new virus or something they're always think it's i i i'm a little bit of a conspiracy theories ame you really so snakes rap off evan all of a sudden they just got passed on to humans scientists created any got a cure already boy you know i love upi wait a dad yet even talking to anthony cruz he's eligible video through come on all these strains of the flue your right they don't know which would break every since they've made the floor since i don't know since i've i've been reading up on their strain of the flu that they've been making the vaccination from what was the big one the h one n one every every vaccine that they've made after has not been any of the fluids that have been so i don't know this man made right and i'm i'm sure they have the cure already if they created the the have some the unranked at the NFL haven't died yet so they weren't really it's all about the money now they say there are about a thousand americans living in wuhan priority was given to u. s. citizens who are most at risk for contracting corona virus so i guess is the elderly if they stay in the city oh okay the yeah while they're announcing america's living on priority was given to u. s. citizens who are most at risk for contracting oh if they stay in the city that's why if they stay in the city they'd be most susceptible to get they said that they were unable to accommodate everyone due to space limitations but it's working to identify alternative routes for US citizens to depart wuhan by land oh i guess maybe go to another chinese city right this department issued a level for advisory for one meaning americans should not travel to the city while the virus has an impact so if you're anyone who knows planning on traveling they're still around i wonder if any of of our favorite chinese food restaurants have traveled over there jake i know lately lightly because the team's young 'cause i needed no royal overheat other wright city you don't want any virus of afraid ryan's am i e propriety maybe chinese food would you get a virus on your chicken she can we were fried hard maybe i'll get you take away the freia hide that were burning the bird off the virus other countries including south korea japan are also setting charters to evacuate citizens from the epicenter the center of the outbreak of the european commission said it was sending two aircraft to evacuate european union citizens out of wuhan on meanwhile in the most drastic action yet by a major airline as the deli corona virus spreads british airways has suspended flights between the united kingdom and china yeah we'll do well they don't even go into china china they can't go nowhere nohara hakam none you can't go to china aw british airways ain't playing england ablade european commission i don't i don't know if that's part of the united kingdom where eating like nope that inhabited so i don't know maybe other maybe uh other airlines will follow sou- which again china keeps getting hits they have this thing going on in hong kong still will you know what i'm saying people fighting for their rights so people are traveling for that they're chinese new year was just cancelled because of the ooh the vice and now they have this doubt you know anguish people can't get in there so i don't know please getting getting together china come onto mr brown how are you darling good morning with surround good to see you also oh in my news this is where it kinda side what's going on a nine year old boy is charged charged with attempted murder after his younger sister was stabbed a nine year old boy i was charged with attempted murder in the first degree free after he allegedly stabbed his five year old sister with a kitchen knife in an apartment this happened in florida according to the ocala police department -partment at his initial court appearance in marion county yesterday a judge ordered the boy to undergo psychiatric evaluation he was also assigned in a public defender and will remain in secured detention his next court -ment his next appearance is on february fiqh because of his age they're not giving his name the mother of the children told police that she left the apartment for about ten minutes on monday to check the mail i gotta leave for ten minutes check the mayo male male back maybe i mean okay oh okay i didn't finish to check the mail and get some candy candy for her children from a neighbor in their apartment complex okay when she returned and how they were nine nine and five she returned to check on which she returned to check on them she found her son stabbing her daughter daughter in his room screaming di di this is so disturbing staggered i don't know what i would do as a parent i saw that i was speechless my bill mother said she grabbed the knife from her son and russia daughter to the bathroom that her son ran out of the apartment the boy was located on the property and taken into custody after law enforcement called the cops on the kid you have to link i call it now for to report the standard of her daughter with a cane ambulance and asked what happened and she would tell yeah oh my god the police lease detective that detail the incident wrote that he saw a large kitchen knife in the hallway that appear to have blood on the blade along with blood inside the rome leading out the hallway emergency the boy told the officer that while his mother was gone he went to the kitchen got a knife hidden hidden behind his back as he approached his sister his sister was bent over trying to show him something on the floor and he grabbed her by the back of the neck and began stabbing arnaud he watched TV lived at i agree with you turn off the TV because babe see now you by now i'm playing so this is a white black or other eddie why would any why did they say the boy okay when the officer asked the boy why he stabs his sister the boy told them that he wanted to kill her and that the thought had i answered his his head two days ago he possessed your he said he tried to get out of his head when he could hit them that's crazy he i i i'm just i'm speechless unfortunately at the time time of this article we don't have an update on the girl's condition but they said that she was stabbed multiple times and airlifted to a hospital for treatment it must be really serious year with needed to get it because i mean obviously he's stabbing like wherever you don't know what he's hitting how this is such a i i didn't are- this whole story i saw it was shocking i thought it was maybe like low staff assistant quick little this is very are- disturbing i hope this little boy gets help maybe i thinking he must be some type of maybe schizophrenia you know what i'm saying schizophrenia bipolar bobby bows house on their own and now manik bible muggy gets that's what he kamar back to city give them all the medicine all all of them have you wanna give him he needed crazy hey i've i i don't know how the mothers will they need to talk to the mother she needs to do in one knows about that i don't know what i don't know what i would do 'cause you know with your child and your other child while you know how do you feel do you do you want to see that fight that movie you saw that movie that is one movie i saw the good son eh macaulay culkin yeah yeah and he was like yes a long movie longtime ago but i always like what would i do if what am i kids was just like in evil child committee yeah pray for them bad you pray for and why they can meet yeah so this yes deal yeah the baby is a i mean khalil yup he is possessed yes i'm sorry i do have another story we've i'm just we're gonna take a quick break and we're gonna come back we're going to have so when you know you have to just my one is going off of what is going on in this world saying that's very very say you ooh yeah thank you forget your wishes it is waterproof can't push meyerbeer that is very growl title because you're still a baby yeah into attack is baby sister who say yeah and as a mom tom or you like you know what did i do wrong right this say she didn't watch too much data the team but you know what i've had okay i'm gonna tell you guys when i was in school like high school anything i had an uncontrollable earns like uncontrollable and vestige nobody wanted to light jump up on the table while out it's like i wanted to do that really badly am always what have i just did the cable but i never did it but i would think about it in the class are you talking talk about my the book was he felt that same feeling but he's likely the king at about it took i four because china's got the call you too kicked his i'm dan the man that had to go to you would look at all the only one yeah i the report four years uh-huh and come it just felt any cat uh-huh sir it would hey warning take back hey kinkaid the talk god yeah k. you guys we are back what was the sean hannity show featuring senate j. along with barbed cologne it is twenty four minutes after the hour we are glad you guys are back it is a weird wednesday zeh we're just in the middle of the news we're about to have some weird news for you but i think we should guys out there is a more people google coming in the room and you might wanna get your new shadow commissioner on the first time you might just want to hear your name again so we're going gonna do that for you guys make sure you get your hearts and then we're gonna continue with some other weird news for you as shutting out the room you guys are always so much fun and you get so excited when you hear your name we liked where do i capena track track track track to it is pat the wjr traffic heart the way it one eight take over here warning warning all of you people in yeah we get your shot at our if we remember hey could be going george was hidden hey morning rain shari's right guys younger bail day younger double sept- yes a a funeral hey you the low deborah mattresses his here deb grab good morning on a johnson artery donte just popped into maureen assign assan me the net net nestor rhino hey net case the ring crow will just popped up cousin how are you three tanja washes invade tonya tonya tonya dill andrew what's going on with your girl asked probably the heraldic carly up till the morning harrowed harry the angry was that great yet johnny weapon was some giannis we have joseph anthony cards now in the bill that went up hey have a law town now hey laurie gain is what i read in thyge valez hey bagger princess cats good morning bill single bar end up building up t he has is he adds right right markets mr moody and the marquess hey CLA what's up see lenny hey barbara horrid is here what a barbara mama's sitting in the building jakup's y'all she is describing for our website the website to show dot com dot com it out maria chocolate girl camporro jazz indicate david little tracy big rig kimber big rat haixing within the building without merv yes he is getting paper that's right barbara free ninety nine lesley hey rod yes up so your hair is what's up brother hey reggie bags it's in the building as yardley is here y'all oh hey intern was natalie sonja sutter johnson is in the building hey sonia sonia jacob hall i say hello to j yes yes mr brown in the building without mr branson philip kincannon is here with up failed l. beckley west virginia and he's into amazingly app each county right yes asia the bill is are you still there with the black dot do you have a picture yet right to work on exactly he's over the next thing are you hiding i'm from we wanna know marguerite goodbye beautiful him agree in mind awards hey marlins say marlin and then old page two point oh it's in the building yes an alien aided eight eight i'm sorry lily lily hi hey boy you you gotta remember yeah okay tend to gravitate hey what's going on tina eighteen hundred ninety mike jackson they ask why a son who might fill i'm gonna need you to push the uh-huh right full back but diane diane off and the buildings the name jones is here and there you those are all i see right now guys makes you get your names in for the final shot out yeah please make sure that you guys do that also make sure they stay connected with us on social media the sean harvey morning show each ray the week team business page please make sure you like aunt follow and also the business garrison section where you can write reviews on there and i know some of you have already done that if you're a new listener and you like this show or if you've never written review it's always good and a helps you know the algorithm with people on the pages you like you feel good please throw up a review review but only one rain okay those bad what you just keep tears shall we also have a group page on facebook the shot harvey wording morning show featuring the wake up ti group the group is so much fun it's 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of the things especially since we've been having so many storms all this different stuff kind a happening especially in puerto rico with earthquakes there was another earthquake i believe in jamaica costa jamaica off the coast seven point seven magnitude sousse oh things are shifting over there down there in the caribbean drilling right over there and it's causing the z. and other manmade disaster and they are the jamaica us nami warning my heart's content jamaica so you can watch out they don't get me yes hopefully they do not they also say say that we can there are there are something that you can do to prevent and that could save your life during a storm and they're putting a quarter in the freezer can stabilize during the storm and i'm going to show you how eh sometimes they say coming back after a major storm has passed there we forget that we might still be danger it's very likely that power outages during a storm may have spoiled food leftover in the fridge now this is a life hack that can ultimately save me from consuming anything your body should not consume and this is something from a facebook user that had went viral and they were able to test it this if the power goes on your home while you're gone i'm you know of course you're going to worry about the things in the freezer so they recommend people freeze the water in a cup until it's solid take it now now put a quarter on top of the ice and then put it back in the freezer they say when you return if you find the quarter has move off to the bottom of the cup that means your food was unrefrigerated while you were gone and it's no longer safe to eat it if you found the quarter order in the middle the food is likely okay but if you still don't feel good about it you can just throw it out also obey saying saying that ideally you want the quarter to be exactly where you left it right on the top means that your freezer content stayed frozen the entire time but wouldn't you know that already if you're stop is frozen not fall back done we wouldn't need to do that act i'm kinda disappointed in this the FDA stated that when preparing for emergencies the freezer should be below zero degrees fahrenheit and your fridge temperature should be should not be above forty degrees fahrenheit i don't even have a thermometer in my fridge whether the mountains and where is he gonna be digital or you won't have a dial i have the thing where you can like turn it if you want to cold or not awesome numbers on those should represent a certain degree welcomed year low look up you're making whatever figuring have legal you goosing them i'm gonna look at me when he long now i don't think i do and i read but i don't i don't know i never know what temperature but i it's cold no it's cold because when i go to get i think i need to turn down because my milk was frozen the other day wait who that'd be the best of syria but doesn't that make my electric bill the little bit i don't know see these kids i i think i turned it down but i don't know experts also suggest freezing containers of ice water to help your food stay cold longer bourbon if the power goes out that's a good idea you should also place refrigerator items in the freezer that you won't eat right away keep them fresh refrigerated food is usually usually say as long as the door capshaw shut and the power is out for no longer than four hours so that's a good tip the quarter not not so much because you know if you're studying your freezers frozen all the way or if it's slightly me one time like this stuff was kind of like it was what is it that conversation where it's just like why are you so i threw a couple things out but some things that were so cold in the middle you ask ask let us go we have to think of how to generate it 'cause jesmond grocery shop powerful today and a half growling mad as hell it might offer would were bad girl alabama heat so right have loved that wasn't refrigerated the reason yob will be hat adult care food going back that's right that's getting worse as a spoiled because it's just a ways you're a fifty eight year old is rested for throwing a meth fueled death party for his wife before she died or he looked to see this band the odyssey is this man who he reports kiosque you come on just how y'all can see that i would oppose this story in the group of so anybody that's on us on our live right now can see he's alive he death del rey he was my happy dwayne johnson wanted to celebrate his wife's death he wanted to celebrate his wife is dad the only way he knew how by throwing her and meth fueled death party dwayne was arrested for criminal neglect after to call nine one one to report the death of his wife deborah lyndon johnson he met his wife with methamphetamine because he didn't want her to die in a nursing wow so basically he messed her up in the name of love after arthur's responded to the nine one one call dwayne allegedly answer i answer the door naked and told police they had the right house before returning to his bathtub where he was trying to remove some sort of undetectable thing from his skin sixty nine year old deborah was found dead inside the couple's home at the top of the stairs and wrapped in a white sheet so he was the what they call it the angel of mercy right he did it to save her he didn't want her oh she was only sixty nine nursing has gone disease and it was the building he needs to be a home and he has a bill in a pond searching the home police officers found death parade god hell paid on the door with red spray paint yeah i along with several guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition on the floor deborah's cause of death is still unknown but according to the nursing home she had been at a transitional care center before husband checked her out against medical device advice debra had previously suffered two heart attacks had diabetes high blood pressure and had mental illnesses that would cry that required her to be on antipsychotic psychotic medication oh she did needs to be editor single some type of care the husband said he he and his wife spent their final hours together or having sex and listening to their favorite song quiet riot's metal health the both starting to take methamphetamine and she stopped taking her medication not only did authorities get a depth suspicious call but the county drug task force and the new and the police department also participated in the arrest dwayne was arrested bail was set for two hundred fifty thousand dollars dwayne has prior convictions for for DWI an assault and is on probation for driving after license cancellation well when he got his d y also had methamphetamine in his system as well you guys that is all that i have for weird news yeah it just seems to be gained rail disturbing disturbing day this what we were doing louis taking this bath raising where a young but it sounds like his wife was wearing she went out with a bay but again six addicts i did she did it the way she wanted to i would just say nice h they went onto the sex was excellent you are harmful shots i mean no no not after that the husband is war -able i i i sure that any of the things that she was was going through was because of him i'm turned around me hyundai kuperberg the is there is there any lives happy he was like she went the way that he wanted her to go that's for weird weird news you guys we're gonna we're going to give you some we're gonna take a little break we're going to be right back when we come back with some we're back with some harvey's houses for me maybe give you a little bit some kobe bryant news that we have coming out just you know sad stories people recounting a lot of their accounts accounts of where they were the last time this was so we're going to be back with some of that on the sports section i'm going to give you some gossip and then we're goshen is now a piece out of here so we truly appreciate your guys sticking around you know like i said you guys please cher cher the show yes it does it it does grow this show and like this video give it thumbs up or place accommodate are give us a call i still wanna know if you're peeing in the shower if you're not if you think it's gross a colin what us no i'll give it up for DJ here he robbed hey sean harvey if you're listening last few jobs in town take thank it does the only stopping bio i don't think you the key to let's took off the lead the take sir uh-huh and the whole the the initial so straight a in our backup turnaround you can okay all aw excuse by a hey mike okay i would thank you bite here you buy well we are back you guys we are back and is currently fifty two minutes after the hour of wherever you are sean harvey morning show features jay got colds barbie cologne for anybody that's that's why they're adam mentioned that sean is not here today but he will be back i didn't show sean no love this show called on my mom they were hungry first of all mom they weren't hungry there's plenty of will they were greedy gluttonous young we have a caller is driving wanted to see us any barbie good line in hey mister brown how are you and oh i'd call it a two weeks ago after kennedy did on it has showers and just peed in dare miss brown he was thinking of the people in my pool ooh safety ferries instead of his bladder thanks so he got in trouble thank mr brown and mr brown that's willing in but you guys work with chlorine ray xiao's riggings washington right inaugurating in oregon right on you wanna know she just beating the lights go rhino and we are able to give them a warning when you just look you got the bathrooms i don't care i don't how much extreme muscle straight to the radio station when i come into work right and and last week he called me and quinn can holiday played the kobe and anything koby tweet cool to you so when thursday k. and i'm going to call the tune the law trade i talk to you later on old and don't mr brown cap history when i'm just saying you're on me in a way i mean when we what not look like i'm a eh angles would wait to see what happens mr brian it's no different than these celebrities rain here brushed up maybe we wanna do it too oh i don't feel pitchers now my make of co yeah well you can kinda tell though mr brown one a woman has the filled jail and you pay attention you can tell because i i won nobody in the world has perfect skin right if their skin is perfectly blemish-free you know is a filter you know you can always tell now the ratio if they behind this huge and they small as fake we give you some tips music by that on a ten when you're hamas or browns builder that bag they don't really so i mean i don't know i don't think it's that bad unless you're like all anything to her and you can't go into a restaurant in jersey paint mr brown never seen her before auto charles we're asking for of takes kitchen right now right now no girl acting i i gotta right as she right now i'm in right now and did he attend you annette ryan one or two or three or four my neck that yeah well you know there are times or or channel take this around young it right yeah because sometimes you do have to watch out for the picture that there's this app called the beauty app where the when you open up your camera it has the filter ready free i'm vision camera take time off right the one she went to pass argo their team won't know but you know what sometimes though guys be wanna call adjust time talking about let me see you know it would be IT might daytime like if i were on the phone with my girlfriends and let my sister she'll see my hair like al but guys i'll be like no you're going to have to call the time you have to face like thirty minutes if i'm out like grow rush montego lease early in the morning or late at night after already my hero if not my main no i'm not going to get oh you know get money like that right so you guys do have to have some face time etiquette right give us a minute to prepare right right let me know you but i'm okay you know what to call them is gets drew up they you know snacks the right out in my surroundings and how that filter breaker goes we what did why talking to a woman donna you you wanna do that long this hit me okay and then she called me she called me on what they're and she said ugly beard international ah did talk with a beer do for you a- all game sooner don't oh quick international ones mr brown back back i mean making dear oil terminated him ah okay we'll keep updating your lovely beer we are talking about you might be the next one to get a to get a bad to get booed up okay i was going to be a player for life okay mr brown isn't really be careful only read it you hardly oh okay well we wish you luck mr brown uh a one yes we know wow facebook with surround be some it's not stopping us see you you ronnie aware of international a shame because you know what happens when you accept one oh septic wind guy from india he was the one that wanted to have a little he he he actually he was like hey i really like your page we'll be friends and i was like okay you know i'll be your friend next thing you know i've got ten indians waiting to be my friend i'll know africa's route one africa's all free they've got their buying free is that when i look up their names they already mutual friends well i two or three of my friends i'm like yo why why would i accept salima dude what do you do you know silly you don't know him and an interest that not i'm not being you know listen we we all should be friends with everybody but i should know the social media but my face i feel like is you know my personal and those things i feel like are scams because you really don't know me you don't know the culture you signal anything that's going on over here and you wanna be my friend that's not right i don't want it and i started screen shot at my friends i'm like dude and black him enabling people sometimes they just want to get their friends up count i don't people want their friends would be like five thousand or say some high number i don't really care for that i don't even care but my thing is i think my friend lives right now is up to fifteen hundred and that worries me i don't know if people create a second page advocate started five five french i wanted to be to see people who are actually no they're interested in facebook because my barbeque page that's the one i knew everything goes on ROI and i have so many people who i really wanna know right right right so you get right amber occurs have block and right and black bellied black li blah do what you gotta do so beware out there but you know everybody's support mr browder his beard gang gang price call any eh call sorry to interrupt and i'm getting a call leshan joe said he they'd be looking for wives trust as we are you if the price is right here coming with some i would i would do that that's a legal eagle though but i'm not above it to me i will marry you for fifty grand i mean if you have your own living situation but you have to like when you do those things you have to like live with them for a little while right how does that work does anybody worked for the government with that how does that work because when era when you are gonna marry somebody when they're an illegal or international when you get married you had to lead again it'll be together for two years or something that fact old arch man in office i don't know what look laura now because he didn't want to legally because if he because if they had that's a live with me that would be a problem but hey pathet track and we will work it out chango give me cash all the cash the coins the bad one is the mobiles looking for you and yeah i want to be there is one doctor i started talking talking to go over there was really nice i forget his last name was a doctor he wasn't looking for in carpet i was thinking too far it's crazy easy okay so you die right said don't do a city j. o. lynette we'll talk later later on social security right here she does a little bit has how people did it and fail all net calling that let let us know you know what can happen call six zero four three eight zero a sakes tell me why i should marry for the green card because you know christmas i was coming right back around real fast here the coins because the government is apt to be from a student we lower tax returns looking a little shaky so we're gonna get shot south everybody doing their refunds which own also speaking of christmas christmas tree check is there anybody early in the chat room because of course not me who has their christmas tree still up put a christmas tree emoji in the chat room if your christmas tree is still up and you'll habit lit i wanna know call in six zero four there's nothing wrong with it yesterday there's nothing wrong with you even down i'll give it to you jay raser desi after that something wrong with y'all christmas treat set some help the christmas tree i told you last week my neighbor had finally hers out and i said you're just putting their damn tree out that barbie people have things to do you know you've got autumn blooms what they call a little path you see mine's fate so you know oh no harm no foul this is keeping ambercare you had yours down two days after she said they had to move two days after christmas also that was quick now one industry up man move at christmas so nobody's putting any any christmas tree emojis so nobody has christmas tree so no justice select few i i'm not confirming or denying them still out but i'm here for ya vague about you guys get to some the treaty little teeny i i will not confirm or deny trees HP's de we love you guys we are getting into some harvest has a sport you know sports world has been rocked right now now everything has been rocked right now with this kobe bryant stuff so i don't even know i know games with cancelled they cancelled the link that was cancelled scheduled games cancelled yesterday the postponed it to be determined they have petitioned nice but what does he yesterday oh briefly briefly yet but i think it's almost three million signatures now wow yes because i i signed it you know i have signed a petition let's get kobe dot com work guests you've got go in anger that she would treat the blue tree moody hours years forget you guys go on a petition so we can get kobe's silhouette changed to the end of waste ABA lowell is a few of the of course the lakers retired kobe's that mark cuban who the owner of the maverick he also retired kobe's number twenty four hour of kobe bryant his debut it was also a few other teams are in tops about my retirement his number twenty four also in the next brooklyn nets guard spencer dinwiddie dinwiddie he he retired his number eight jersey and he now has picked number twenty six in honor of kobe because no corbin wait he the eighteen before he changed twenty four anyway get into willow spot score an NBA the warriors play the seventy sixers yesterday the seventy sixers why one fifteen to one zero four so horri- yesterday the hornets one ninety seven to ninety two the pelicans aka the bourbons one against the cavaliers yesterday one twenty five to one eleven the hawks i i in the raptors game one thirty raptors one fourteen hawks the grizzlies and the nuggets plane yesterday that led to the grizzlies one one one four two one two nine thousand six the celtics in the heat one nine two one two one cell takes up and the wizard and the bucks wine fifty one buff and the route wizards one thirty one the signs and the mavericks yesterday one oh four times one one thirteen and again to reiterate the clippers and the lakers postponed the game yesterday so that game is to be deter yes he changed to twenty six no no that's not what articles that he chain because his son is six and then newsreader finally said about twenty that's eight hundred twenty six but that could be what they off when they retire numbers like when the mavericks sites retired twenty four was there somebody who was the number twenty four in dentist get a new number number yeah i wonder how that works of other teves zoo happy like oh i know but that's my number it must most people can they love love quote they'll just they'll probably given the chance to pick their own number right okay that's interesting i always want to wanted to know how they do that but that is a very nice that they're doing that you know to honor him i know i was watching article you know where ice cube was talking about where he was when he heard that kobe bryant passed and he said that when somebody told him he actually texted him because has he was like you know kobe usually you know if he doesn't tax back right away usually gets back to me and he said that he never responded so that was the time that he had a really hard time i'm sleepy here as well shaquille o'neal has been posting a lot of kobe related pose and danes who was a very dear friend to him and you know of course they were known as like an unstoppable duo so all of that stuff that's coming out is really you know heartbreaking and as they continue to where i i believe the coroner just identify kobe brian as one of the ted today so very late if they from sunday to wednesday xavier took you that long final by the offer code at the same time right right that's true but you know even with everybody being mad at TMZ like hello though are we going to wait three days to mine now no corners together but of course they have to be thorough and know what's going on i guess harvey johnson sports you guys stage i'm going to i can't right into some celebrity gossip and news and then we're gonna xiaojie guys out and then you're going to robina terrar- GP and said this was a really interesting she launches a natural haircare align excuse me trust into she watches a natural hair care line at target goto rashi got even know we're trying to do that she gives up for the end of her hit fox series empire which you all know is coming to its series finale and she she is she is venturing into new areas and now includes natural haircare terachi has just launched t. p. h. bites raji adji natural hair collection featuring a wide range of eighteen products that includes a scalp scrub ooh that's some big wrapping up guichard above are because her head beginning s gal i was ready to fall asleep and then i will go to barbie i'll be like avenida scalps gra get in their hair milk co wash josh what is hair milk is a conditional hair milk co. watch gel mask and more to make the news the better the line is being sold exclusively at target i don't shot targeted zhang i it's expensive no growing mega cooper any target is not it's not a cheap was walmart but a lot of times i like me have some exclusive products a right right that's true at target locks up its black hair province they pulled a key why target why am i did a very walmart donau tau maybe because they've got a lot of backlash that we respect all the gonyea paid thank you stolen way more than african american problem but yet you got him on the lock and key got that paige team bullcrap scoring shell stop stop it target lessee where to rajhi's is gonna play meeting you can pick out you know products well they say without breaking the bank so we'll let's see toronto she says she has always been into healthy hair and knew that a healthy scalp would lead to help your hair there were no hair care lines that truly focused on scalp healthcare true early on in my career was doing my own hair for the carpet i need to have an interest in product formulas says i was always changing my looks i've have done them all i learned quickly while four formulas where my favorites and the failures she's also she's been creating her own hair care products for several years i was reading my own products that home for nearly two decades i have great results creating my scalp tonic and other women would have these great results to which is the rule at hero of never do that to rasi look at you in the kitchen and stuff a. t. p. h. by tarizi ranges from eight ninety nine to fourteen ninety nine which movie reasonable and is available now at target dot com and drops in stores today on january twenty nine we'll go around your pick dinner yeah you guys go pick that i could pick up something some scalp care does rob has really good and you never think that and there's a lot of celebrities what fantasia she lives very because you know you would think you have a glance squat and do all this other stuff but there there are a lot of celebrities that live very early doing their own style be me fantasia she does a lot of like she doesn't have a shaft she doesn't have a show for like all that other stuff she does a lot of the stuff herself in her home so i thought that was really cool i want kamal full i like the way my food tastes quite well right but if you have a shadow absolutely but no yeah and it was the yes it is a waste of money and so a lot of money so i'm very well kicked myself i need to go right i i know and a lot of people they would save a lot more money just do that you know when i'm a millionaire this joy hey i'm not gonna have all that i they don't need that kodak black if you guys did a while you should know he is behind bars gun charges drugs charges he he got a sentence for that so he's been behind bars for a little bit now i think since the summer he's been in there but his mother is speaking out his mother's speaking out after she claims that he is being abused behind bars so let's let's see what she has to say kodak's mother her name is marceline simmons she hasn't listened to help of benjamin crump which is a really really big a social our civil rights attorney he's getting a lot of notoriety right now after allegedly kodak black has been facing unfair treatment from correction officers officers while behind bars his mother and attorney devon shakeup were scheduled to meet with kodak to conduct a welfare check however when they got there they learn that he had been placed on a buzz and transferred to kentucky oh wow yes she said we believe they intentionally moved him so he couldn't meet eight with his attorneys she wants to make sure that while he's in their custody that he doesn't end up dead so she is very concerned as well as all of her family that these allegations are taken seriously there was a lengthy post may two kodak's page where he claimed that they were strategically killing a slowly he called out a name in particular i said lieutenant at arroyo has been very vindictive towards me and i have a strong feeling it has something to do with me being set up laced bruised roost and brutally beat in two weeks before my court date own kodak he said i am highly supported in the way they have treated not only me but all of the other inmates in this facility with their self serving agenda they will always side with their fellow officers whether right or wrong and is true yeah kodak blacks mother she spoke to the press she said i wanna make sure my son is okay i wanna make sure they kill my son if they kill my son if my son dies i'm going to kill myself to all my son actor guide ride my son is life to meet my son is everything for me so she can tell she loves her side she'd been lose remained if he was stabbing her his sister will love i'm like that who knows what side maybe looking at bishop who lives mikey possessed by the day he got low all satan's flawn janos is kodak black craziest hey he had a hit song i'm drowning is that what the saw was was called my son used to sing the song are you because i don't even know russo wisey feels like i'm drowning got it done and then then it i'm drowning you never heard that fall well i mean it was everywhere barbie it was on a regular station it was as popular to me as little nozzles song old yes that's so i guess just really be listening for listening listening hard enough barbie so you know kodak black we are sorry that this is going through you know we're sorry what you're going through for this but also you shouldn't the big get yourself in jail you could been out making music make it hits you in jail for for gun charges i mean i hate that that's bad he getting getting abuse but i don't feel sorry for him and he and you right because if you put some situation we had to go january media so he's in there but nobody get twenty jail yes nobody so you guys know somebody in jail you know vote for people for laws for gel reform because it's not it's not it's not good things are going on okay i had my other story and it's not coming up oh okay this is the one i will smith here's an interview a couple of weeks ago it was actually on the breakfast club where he had said that that hey was not man enough to accept to pox to park and jada pinkett smith's relationship when he was doing promoting for bad boys for life he was asked the question on the on on the breakfast club he was asked if he had ever been jealous of the love jada pinkett smith had for two parks core and because you know jada and to park day i believe they went to the same school and i believe they dated breathing me but they had always remained like really good friends and we'll have admitted that at one point he did he said that was in the early days he said that was a big regret for me because i can never open up to interact doc with to park he said that they never had a sexual relationship but now they had come into that age where that was a possibility and jada was with me and she just loved him he was the image of perfection he would be the fresh prince you know a a good rapper and he said you know we were in the room together a couple of times and i couldn't speak to him he wasn't going to speak to me if i wasn't going to speak to him so they kinda like had that stale me but he also said you know that that was his insecurity that kept him from doing that and he he kind of regrets that because you know he said that jada always said that him in him when he got along really well or that he got the opportunity just to know him so i think that that i that was very big of wolves mary and it shows also you know sometimes it's good to reflect and you know possibly the save yourself hey you know i might be a little jealous that might be a little bit secure but maybe in that moment in that time you can check yourself and you know not outlet it lead to you know kinda like blocking your blessing just because of that especially if you're in a committed relationship with somebody that feels for you the same that you do so fell as if you out there you got loyal insecurity let it go your woman is she going to be yeah so that's good so you guys my study says that we are going to wrap up the show revise we will all be back here i believe to morrow we're going to have an actual show for a throwback thursday we wanna thank you guys all oh for being here with us and put your hearts in a chat room 'cause we're going to give you guys some shutouts on our way out so put them in their own let me get the news on there and you know i'm not gonna hold it against you the people that didn't want to call in and let us know about them being in the shower mr brown is firing people at the job for shower come john come on these people live is natural all do we atlanta you gotta just think about how many i used to be alive car are you know what i'm saying sometimes things i do they don't want you to lead that pool their the people and it's just going to wash down and just about all the people that are just being in the pool standing right next to you would be in your yeah i wanna know now i wanna know if you shower but you would get your life right globally right if that's what you do where you live how you live a real foul we live in a ballot and we're going to type out for what you guys are but what from what you ready barbie right right hey thing on here we truly appreciate you guys hang out with us today they can't yeah we have a we wanna think that he's working on the yellow and purple hard you geyser horrible visor killing it with that so nice seasoned and usually i three p the streets i know they're paying industry you know we re revalidate feel like at this magic button causing my son he he will not be in an outside yeah he liked go you won't ever since he was little because i really go hey you know i'll go back there and he's like oh always always he won't do ya know tickets for outside you can get now take notes that gets burping outside shot cam shows everybody in their kids at our the school already right now frontier women do not do we have to be more cautious will be produced oh yeah he just can't down right we just can't go ever ever ask why we can't do on it yeah you over there right y'all name and ryan and doing all that we gotta have you gotta have equipment gotta have either like a charlotte china baby she said she had one of the things they could stick on there it could be like a guy girl we the tissue and we need to save space that's my whole industry guy won't paranoid the girl cover me but then drugged i say this you know sometimes you still can't cooled is bridget take us now with a with aren't hey dr jack take did john diane hall aw andrew hate phony net net nasa though was in my earlier marvin thrill my i'm martin barbara every number nine in the building ty wanted to sean agency who who else shot the terui ellie my friends hey tara in the bills and he land rooney is who else shot out here the author mark yes probably yes we're gonna find you find me all of career type naming different one it's me just follow me talk yet you could find me sanjay obvious but sending underscore j. of instagram and sending jay on snapchat he is a three s he'll be back tomorrow sean harvey on facebook comedian media sean harvey on facebook har- funny on instagram message sean hoppe dot com go check it out get on click somewhere there is we will see tomorrow great show great right this station talk 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