High School Musical: Bop or Flop?


and jana. I'm amy near the high school. Musical bonus episode. Yes in its bonus because one of us or both of us will end up going on a rant by definitely will even though. Are you still laughing as a teenager. Now it really really. I guess i actually found the tweet on instagram. Like someone to drive tweet posted instagram saying they ever think that guy. It was like the beginning. Monday your thank me for this now. Everyone's wondering why did they actually thanked that guy entrusting but so do you wanna start. Should i start i. I watch high school musical with my friends in college. And i didn't think of it 'cause i certain aspects age one but on the whole i couldn't get past that major like plot if this if it was called high school musical. Why the cedar program so like everyone broke out. I have no. What bright doesn't it seem. Like a plot hole it does will say i love the actor who played marsa see his remain so loyal to the franchise. It's like her troy's dad. Blurry died duets together. On tiktok in and i asked you got noticed by jack support martha is she sort of tiktok live and i asked her. If she didn't play martha who would she play in why and she actually said sharpei. That would have been interesting if you want. Feel old the after sway. Martha has kids now. This is why. I did in their younger than me. It makes me feel better. But still so i think i was supposed to be about out into the six women in january down sixty when twelve and by july birthday messes up a lot of. Yes actually we. I preteen teenager. I loved the the vase. I watched him repeatedly dry parents. Not because i'll pay to music constantly as well and what's your name again. Isn't i'm could be so much. Because what the characters apart from tape to dementia which breed annoys me because people are not to their second. I hate how issue you can only be one thing. He'll only be. The boston will pass. And i think that's actually you call love. Be a box person and the person at the same time i hate that because note trade and what really annoys made when they start saying the status quo. I just went screaming. Because i think that was what it was like when i was growing up like you were usually one thing on. If you try to be different it was really frowned upon. You often golah heat for it. Which is completely different now. Second degree so filter convey to my childhood by now. Yeah and i did want to say you went. You bet in high school like a few years after that film was released. Yes yes secondary school. Yeah you would've been in high school like yeah thousand seven navy yard so does say yes so you would have been in high school when the second my school me as low as released. Yes i would have been. It doesn't it really doesn't age. Well light even the god being so unsupportive. I mean i was really lucky. I've really i'd his parents. Yeah same. That was unusual growing up for me knowing that you were one thing. You didn't really brand chat do yes branch out. Because why would you even. You've got so much heat for now. It's a lot more open. Which is really good. Thing i went is high school from september. Twenty fifty. Ny graduated june second twenty nine hundred dot actually where i was in university. I started university. You two doesn't fifteen. I graduated december. The two thousand eighteen just before you finish so i would have been. Yes 'cause i went to. Oh angie investi later than most people and as like everyone who's listening to the instruction. I left college because i just wasn't having any fun against any music burns listening to this. Although i did graduate. I actually didn't graduate full diploma. Dropped out halfway through my budget. Gt passenger reasons. Yeah i honestly. I think if it weren't pandemic i'd still be in college for me. It was just really by tying a law. Things went wrong in my personal life which affected my schoolwork which i couldn't keep up so yeah anyway the ended hundred. Don't back up there. That troy gabriella in sharpei. Our profile photos on disney plus interest thing. At least in america like sharia could never tell sharpei or maddie fitzpatrick from sweet life. If she's paying sharpei she's ramping. They don't show closes face off. It's sharp hair is it. Mattie dies confusing. I'll take a picture of it senate to you later okay So i mean. I think what basically agreement diet didn't age well correct but g thinks up the opposite I'd say like sharp pays dedication of theater. We all knew a sharpei. Yes they might not have acted like sharpei but we all knew a sharpei. Yeah on several. Yeah i really think gabriella. I was never part of the mass. Leads was never argue. That but i was considered like really really smart. This is interesting. Apart from gaza shop at i actually relate to her because going up. I adored musicals. And that was my thing so i was a wig musical kid who me who. Don't sing and stuff. I think i relate to how much more than the other kids which is weird because some people consider the veteran. Some did her to answer here. Which we will discuss. We will compare sharpei. Audrey descendants staff will be cocktail awakes. Enough third original. Maybe a week. You ain't got them for that. Wake yesterday's yeah Yell like gabriella was like gabrielle was just considered smart kid yet. I heard taylor gay. I didn't i didn't actually like gabrielle. Not march weirdly lover. Your haters no middle ground. I'll i. I didn't like her because i felt that she was too I know land. Yeah i think. We'd like sharpei and distant tatum as well. They have much more The -ality whereas yeah she has. I mean chop pay tambi me. But she doesn't in the end site brighton. Which is actually taste to for. Good luck proven box saito. I did like joy better than zafran. Rolette greatest showman i forgot. He is in carlisle Amy night spice greatest roman. Yes we day reason why ban my mom from listening to podcasts. I take it. She loves it. Yeah my dad does tae mountain. Listen to that soundtrack. I did find a good never enough comer on which which we might rape interesting but like i i can't get passed a historical inaccuracies. I just hate circuses. Well they used to stand for both with people and with animals right. So yeah we're not gonna do whole greatest episode because that would destroy what the engine be. Just yelling. I just wide break. Because i saw week saying that there. There's a kid that mentioned zach. Daffron is the guy from baywatch in greatest showman. The person tweeting. It was like it disappoints me now. We are raising a generation that does not immediately associate zach and ron with the iconic role of troy bolan. Yeah he is and He is in baywatch yeah. He doesn't sing by. He was also in hairspray. Yes he was much fact him in that that came out just off. This came out just often. Huskies scope much vitamin that that came out. A movie came out seven. Yes i probably putting it several times. That i much preferred. I much prefer troy decarla carlo. Just because i can't stand greatest. Show any thing related to that film. It's like except for zendaya's is a week. What trying to think the favorite psalm burnett film. No she's done. I used to. But now i don't like any of the songs attorney i can. I can do the box atop dance. So yeah but i remember for one ago. Looked upside showed. You am adjusting edward. I didn't show you was sick. All senior students that we're all in this together danced at the party. Didn't show you but high school. Musical was not inaccurate representation of high school. Actually nothing disney channel is good with high school so that was want the fact that are paying rides after did not get along at verse interest. Thank always also vanessa. Hudgens like sort of did not age. Well do you buy different actress now to them when she was not talk about her remarks. The pandemic what does she side would you. Would you like to read. But after this episode now he just takes it to me. I'll send you the video yet. Because i can't i can't boy say because i don't know what the exact words but i'll send it to. You can cut. Yep yep. I don't think there's a nelson add. This was a short bonus. Episode proud of us are not going into a tangent. Get into which would be back but see you tomorrow.

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