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After the Major League Baseball Trade deadline a whole lot of nothing for the New York teams yesterday but something did happen. The Houston Astros got themselves better mets win. Make it I go. It's Thursday morning in New York. City no Gregg Giannotti off the remainder of the week so I sit in with the booms the day after Ross trial has got to get their heads out of their collective. You know what I wanted to see Tanaka fight through that inning because it's not it's not great and it was interesting when Rothschild walked out there to go see like it's just the Yankees it's other teams that are looking at really good teams that are trying to get better if they're going to trade with them. Yeah and they're gonNA Hole Johnston for Brian Cashman. They wanted to overpay to get one of those guys. They could have gotten one of those guys so we've been sitting here all year long talking about how great the season has been for the Yankees yet. They're pitching staff is hit the <hes> Chapman in the ninth inning. I know exactly what he said. He said look we throw a couple sliders and get the hell out of here. You know I mean he's been trying to throw fastballs ORC so Brian cashman supposed to do here. I'll tell you what what needs to get done. Though this starting pitching staff under Larry Rothschild the Yankees could have done that but I believe that they try to hold them hostage. I really do so by all accounts. The Astros gave a lot against or product so it's not like as you go get a guy just to keep them from the Astros but you can't get a guy who has a no trade clause and doesn't WANNA come to New York Wall little bit here. It's the middle of the dog days of summer August about the start and these things happen to a lot of teams. I get all that but I believe that the rest of the major league baseball hates the Yankees at the have sustainable greatness in the way that you do that. Is You hold onto the people that you're hopefully developing and I think that's what he did now. He's done an unbelievable job does point thus far up to the Yankees and they're not going to work with the Yankees like they work with everybody else because when you take a look at some of these guys some of these teams gave to get some of the guys that they brought in you're saying to yourself well to this point and I don't think anybody could dispute that and because he didn't want to give up a plethora of prospects and ten different players and yet what I believe is go who said that Madison Bumgarner come to the Yankees he could have said No. I'm not coming so you know the the big name guys out there that were available. Maybe for the Yankees if zank grantee they own Zach Cranky anyway especially at home that he doesn't scare me. Ranking doesn't scare me although people you'll be looking around they'll see the name and they'll see the team him that he's going to and they'll say oh the hibbitt favorites and I and I get it. I understand all that but I also know that if I'm a Yankee player and they didn't add anybody of significance they're if somebody does get paid and you never know. Maybe a change of scenery helps a relief pitcher or to who only only time will tell but I know that he's on the back pages Post Square Sports Hernia. It's it's fallen apart from the plus plus. Nobody even wants to trade with them. Everybody hates them except for them. They're gonNA they're also telling me that they do believe that we can win with what we have here and he did leave open a roster spot that means you'll probably have to know picking somebody up that gets and he's all over the place ninety eight miles an hour one hundred miles an hour. Nobody's swinging at it. He's put guys on the moon. Finally guys do swing. They hit because it straight so throw a couple slides. Oh no no nobody wants and I do not blame Brian Cashman for not making trade. I mean you know you still have to protect the future of your franchise. You know this is the New York Yankees and let's get the hell out of here. That's exactly what he told them and that's what he did and that's one that ultimately they want and how about the nature for Zach ranking he pitches for Paris last week <hes> Fenway Park now for my mets. There isn't a hotter team in all of Major League baseball by the way they are eight and two in their last ten. They've won six in <hes> you know they got the red SOx coming this weekend. It's going to be a huge weekend. Hopefully the guys that are in the lineup and wearing the uniform WanNa take a little bit of a revenge out on the red sox after getting embarrassed of the papers for all the wrong reasons couldn't get it done and walking dead and by the way who says that cranky would come to the Yankees. Nobody knows that he suggested that six zero the flushing five Blah Blah Blah and rightly I get it. He's going to have fun with it all morning. Long and God bless you should boomer because the mets are all in Jacob. degrom was tremendous tremendous. Some timely hitting late mets when again and the Yankees did win yesterday. Although I still understand why Masahiro Tanaka was taken out when he was born boomers is narrow because he can't go more than five innings Kim. The Rain delay comes next thing you know he's an astro I did say it would have been cool if the Yankees traded for him or for Archie Bradley Bradley could've went and change uniforms in the middle of the game pitching the eighth-inning so now the Yankees know what they have and with Luke voight and this sport Turner thing. He's probably going to be out six to seven weeks lemay you. We'll slot in at first base. They got the exactly seventy nine pitches gone. You look what he did rather chapman dead now you got a little boy with a sports injury. Thank you a sports hernia Arro- they added Marcus Stroman. We've got the flushing five. My magic goes out seven innings last night. Eleven strikeouts that starting pitcher and what's incredible is he wasn't great. I know but that's how starting pitchers supposed to do when you're not great. You could still get it done. That's why use that's exactly right and that's why you know for everybody game yesterday as if the thunderstorms didn't break up and give them an opportunity to restart writing as the only way I thought they would have lost the game would have been it would have been you know a rain shortened. It would have been an official watching this game. Last night is frustrated at times as it got. I felt like the mets are going to win. I felt like they were going to win the game. I never felt like they were in any danger of losing official game and they would have been done but this is a game I actually felt yesterday watching them especially in the later innings that that the go out there right now in the second half their starters should give them a chance to win and that's exactly what you saw last night for the first time this year I have to say watching got to acknowledge. They caught a major break last night too. I'm if you really want to see how starting pitching is supposed to look you. Just watch the mets now seven innings innings eleven strikeouts. That's a starting pitcher. That's the at ace of the staff. That's guy keeps it rolling hands the ball to the next guy today that would be Zack Wheeler this afternoon at two o'clock players felt the pressure to have to win this game especially with the off day coming up and the red sox coming in this crappy way to go into the series of Boston. I think so but instead they got to win Doc. That's an eight and two team in their last ten that six game winning streak. That's four and a half out of the wild card this team that is on a locomotive run right now. I don't care I'm not not with this. <hes> this locomotive tragic yes we talk about this historically bad run. The Yankees have been on yeah because they're pitching okay one of those nights okay fine and I've been here arguing with Greg and you by the way to for a few weeks that you can't kill this team just yet so I'm on board with you one hundred percent Jerry. If you listen for a second the mets are doing what they're supposed to do right now and you're giving them. You're throwing bouquets at them. You called it a locomotive run. Okay the Yankees Doc Jerry and I think that they made some case that make the right by asking the Empire to move to get hit by the ball the way I thought that they would lose the hey this is it. This is what's going on. San Francisco giants were on a locomotive run winning sounded vying five yeah what anybody says you can call me in this morning. You could get at me scream at me. Yankee fans could tell me whatever you want. I don't really care run. Hey I four and five in their last night. I mean that to me. That's a really bad stretch then that is a really great team four nine four and five four alive. They got lucky he did. I would tell you that you know what I would tell you that they've had so much bad luck this year that is sooner or later. It's got a change for them and last night was one his couldn't decide if the ball is going to be caught in right field and the fact that he's slow as molasses and he got thrown out at Second Jerry again lucky. That's okay mock. You make your own luck now. Let's let's let's take part. The Yankees piece by piece right. Masahiro Tanaka couldn't get out of four innings. I know I know I want. He should have stayed in. They got the big hits and all this that the rays are seven and one against Boston. The raise on the Boston Red Sox much like the Yankees on the race. It's the in that game yesterday. They weren't GonNa see this a long before so all I check swing base hit. That goes to ray field your boy to alive. I mean if that's as bad as it's going to be because you can make every case that last night or yesterday afternoon wasn't great. They still found a way to win the game. They had a game couple of nights craziest thing ever yeah pretty my best baseball I mean they're years. The mets can't beat the phillies there used the phillies beat out this now and <music> out there Pooh poohing the mets chances they're going to bring they're gonNA rope us in again and they're going to suck and all that other stuff you know what they got a top flight pitching staff meaning that every day they go ago not great and found a way to win the game team. That's gutting it out when things aren't going great. They weren't playing the red sox that weren't pointing the Astros and the mets aren't either and the mets are the mid semester interesting on that they should have been thrown this already. You know in the mets but it may Yankee thing my point is. I think that I'm not actually if that game last night really Justin Wilson created a disaster in the eight that I just felt like they got lucky. At the ball hit the empire. You could say that they pitch. He's got his feet up on the top. Step ready to come out of there like Hussein and then chaired grains. They needed to win this game. They're lucky they're lucky that Wilmer Flores that having been said they got lucky last night because if they're down in that game I don't know that they went in and the fact that they had met Gary Inhabit. You're you're right absolutely aw look so. They're not a terrible team. I'm not saying that they but they're not a great team. They traded their ace pitcher. You'd think do you think that do you think that the Yankees thank you are what was what was your case down because they're not playing good teams. They're winning. They're doing what they're supposed to do and the diamondbacks don't suck by the way the diamondbacks are ahead of the mets I at least not yet. They were very clear what that yesterday runaway locomotive is that not our with the flushing five. Yes it is the flushing is a graphic of a locomotive with the flushing you know he was open to trading wheeler and or syndergaard but he also is going to hold firm. You're going to give up a lot to get these guys. I think he much like Brian Cashman. I I was in the middle of a thought in your thumb locomotive gotten my head train going to pour Washington track eighteen pushing five on the side we get the faces right. That'd be kind of cool. What's that what no but our talking on one in our time talk to him but I if this guy is out there and he started and he loses anymore games? I'm GONNA be pissed because Mickey callaway this pitching Guru but it had ah we're talking. Who are you dripped online but if you look at a lot of people last night watching the game would you not call that a typical degrom had the right guy out there winning games get the analytics guru deep guys to tell them who to put on the mound well I would put Lugo in the closer role but that's not going to happen they are they're like a runaway train writing their eight hundred last night and that's the hottest baseball team in Major League baseball right now? Do you understand that Jim I do. Do you understand that Terry. What's that the locomotive train didn't even Oh yeah very nice? I like it Tom Game. He throws great mid Stone Score. They either loser GonNa know decision so this was this was a lot of people talking about this where I would think online look look by the way Zach Frankie does not gonna WanNa come here anyway and then of course Brody Bandwagon Ins GonNa want the moon for a guy like we're but with this locomotive role in the way it before I know but when he starts doing what he did prior to the All Star game and the home run hitting contest that obviously has had a negative effect on him <hes> we'll be fine how about striking out the side is right now and and and powerful as it looks flushing five it is just a toy it it they in track eighteen there you go how about you see todd frazier's almost homerun last night yes or no of course but why. Why are you ars yards what he does? You know Yes yes but that's why he does what he does the way he does does not getting to that ball and he'll tell you if somebody's net. I mean I'm either I stick with my team doing very well and they're doing what they're supposed to Stephen Baseball Jerry Roush ways to friend was trying to you know well. CASHMAN's always trying to save and I don't blame that because he's not going to be about four prospects for Zach Cranky and by go ahead run. I don't know if they win the game. I like to recap games and recap performances and all those. I'm not recap what I'm doing. I'm keeping today today. See My man Peter Lonzo getting all met fans all jacked up now and everything and you know Noah syndergaard old jeopardy. I know it'd be nice. A couple hits the night before to be doing series. Go sweep the series. They swept Pittsburgh at city. Now you go to Pittsburgh this weekend right. Roland twitter live on twitter. I'm sitting there and I'm watching. Gary Cohen said it looked Watson. You're watching him. I knew we're going to win the game. I'm sorry okay good laughing because you say he felt like he dogged out of the box. No no it wasn't all just nightwear. A lot of people were saying typical mets offense. They can't score for degrom. Why why you just come on jump aboard? Come on you can show your face. I've been the one that's defended the mets for a month. Oh don't died home run home run lead. I'm GONNA say different though last night than the night before but whatever I don't know maybe they had like a sports psychologist. Come in it negative. He Ain't going to lie to you well. The empire was the net positive yes yes because it saved them. A run even Ron's like probably not getting it. He's rounding third about to score the go at the medicine trade their best pitcher as a matter of fact they didn't they traded Vargas and he'll a strong and that's why they are now the flushing five Brodie van wagon and did a very good job too. I think you do that old. You stop us. Stop you in U. N. G. sit here the day suckling but he did. That's him that's not me and when the ball hits the unit that was going to happen to. I didn't know that was going to give Gary a lot of credit as well. He knew the rule immediately a real I had never heard before. I always thought the Spurs Hey at two o'clock for real we have we have awoken the met. Nation is woke bitches down you were coming and Michael. CONFORTO has awoken y'all know he's walked now to yes another another big hit for him. Last night and friend Frazier was trying to get to the home run that wasn't he almost at another frigid thing about him last night. He gets paid a lot of them. I don't feel sorry pal. I think that's a frame -able back page. Nobody feels sorry. It's very cool. I will give them that. I will say this. Nobody in Major League Baseball likes the before the trade deadline and go out there and show everybody now that he deserves a big contract next year. That's what he should be pitching for. You can certainly pitch like he's a relaxed guy now because he's not everything including a win last night a Yankee when yesterday afternoon and Zombie Zombie Man Brian Cashman yes okay now you got a lot of baseball today thing that look they. They they've made a mess of the season at the beginning of the year with their frigging bowl hand and we know that Song callaway I they obviously know cashman that way. I don't I'm sure he was working the phones very hard but but but the negative there's a positive ars walking deadline. I almost did my own pet peeve boomer. I almost said I'm sure he could care less. It drives me nuts. People get that wrong. It's couldn't care less not good. Yes that is tremendous back. Pay Fair but it's cool. He's comfortable in his own skin. I'm sure he could not care less. I almost made them at home C._B._S. Sports Pretty Cool Viewers Yankees though Roy nobody in major league baseball actually help them wait a second now. What what team likes another? Let you know pushing the right buttons in those high leverage situations so I don't know I just felt like they were GonNa win last night and now I'm looking forward to today. I WANNA see Wheeler go out there and be the where he was. You think I got the first guy struck out the second guy then gave up the home run then struck out the third guy that would be recapping. Are you think I'm throwing bouquets. What I'm doing is saying todd? Frazier is very comfortable saying that naturally strong engine yes at Wendy as although we gave up the homerun looked a little bit more like a closer the ositive and I think Alan I hit on this. We do a warm show five hundred everywhere. I go if you're up. Check this out <hes>. I think I'll hit on beautifully. That is a frame -able back back page okay for who him that's arquette Alpher Cashman when you put that okay Halloween every year for your kid it really is a very cool back hits a ball. The Bat breaks at the handle and it goes all the way to the wall and then he hits the shot the center field that came from going out and he on steroids. I think part of it is a Justin Wilson Right. Well I think part of it is solved but I don't think it's totally last night too and that's why I think Mickey callaway better start. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo Chili peppers bringing us bring us back to Chris Lopresti. Who's going to get everything around? Dave Dombrowski came out and I give him credit. I heard John and Susan talking about this yeah right so he did a conference call right after the deadline or press various thing Toronto Stall Taveras from the Islanders Lou lamoriello tries to recreate the Yankees with the islanders with the shaving and the whole thing at all tied. Let me go help this team out he is he has some valuable assets that he could've traded mythic. Other teams could have been more welcoming. The Blue Jays wanted a lot and I'm sure again. He doesn't care because his he's been doing this for how long now open so what does it zooming. I almost feel sorry for him now. You don't get or throw bouquets at the mets at the mets the mets I give them a couple of recapping. You gotTa have a recap one thing a recap would be in the top of the first inning Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah that would be recaptured you. The slider was all about today. WHO's recapping one pitch die? Tell you who he struck out trying to give you a couple of PA- I can't figure you out. You want to sit here. If we somehow lose it's one and done were gone and now I've given up assets those ads the roster certainly certainly and their payroll press conference of basically said listen where we don't. We're not realistically winning the Division so I'm not going to give up assets for essentially a crap shoot a plane in the wildcard game not going anywhere. He sounded genuinely happy to be staying so two D as actually and Syndergaard we know wanted to St Marcus Stroman Marcus stroman now all these like happier because together so this is about facial hair now well. I think it's all about how other teams just hate the Yankees. That's what I think I have a feeling Brian. CASHMAN is highly respected around Z. senses that something's going wrong with the USA him with Games mets. Did you see him at St L. Before the game show yeah he did not look like a guy that was disappointed to be here now. He's say's is he figured it out. Look this rotation that I'm a part of yeah and it was the flushing five yesterday all right six seventeen on the more from the Yankees and then the same agree not because they have some personal heating enjoying having wants from different teams way the Taveras Zero Tanaka they haven't this year. We'll some of them correct. GotTa go out there and perform. That's right adjacent perform last night. Somebody's getting to this late. Yes begin. It was a ready. We're like two hundred and forty five million dollars so it's not that they don't have money but at some point you gotTa draw the line somewhere right go too far that money to go out and perform right and they have as and on Friday tomorrow Vargas will be starting for the phillies still he's debut so probably pitch like all right. We'll say we will we will see here's Brodie van wagon in on the message sent what Margus versus Donavan one of the rest of the human is. We'll hit the ball to Cleveland. That's in Philadelphia Yeah. Citizens Banks probably not gonNA treat him great Donavan Nova who takes the ball and pitches but his numbers are are not are not very good <hes> here's brody on the message sent with the way they handled the deadline clubhouse the house to try to stay in this thing build off the momentum they had but most importantly be smart about looking looking to twenty twenty and then brody with Mike here on the fan or that so in J._d. Davis it's what looks like is going to be a go ahead double. They call it foul review it and say can't make a determination 'cause there's no foul line. Have I'm just kidding. We did discuss the earlier. I don't know if you're off the game at this point or not and you tell me if you've ever seen this the foul line doesn't go all the way to the foul pole and so that's right and four and a half out in the wild card race now sixteen to Catch Mickey callaway says here we get our exciting. <hes> you know the guys are clicking and <hes> we're going even when they weren't winning. I don't think he ever heard any any issues coming out of that club. How can I good group for degrom? Though so here's a night where he he throws a great game. It's a no decision but there's no anyone pleased okay but we will start with the mets. We are brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody the mets stand pat on deadline day boomers flushing and that's what you call a professional at pet there you go also courtesy of Said and why Jacob degrom yeah talked to Al before you that was Brady with Mike here on the fan. Excuse me he did speak to the media via conference call prior to that on Noah syndergaard specifically that that we wanted him out of here or there was some sort you make a run at this thing screwed up Mickey. Don't don't put pinch-ran hill hair last night right didn't screw that up after almost got the second right. Have you ever seen that before. That's guaranteed rate field for you that place suck yeah. Nothing guaranteed about that Jesus God not right. That's low budget crap right there so you've never seen that but I have not not not in a major league game with a single but still yeah <hes> degrom dominant again seven innings five hits one run to walks eleven KS AH everybody wanted to get rid of in the first half of the season because he was hurt he he never found his rhythm now he's in the middle of his rhythm and he does something like you're supposed to do in a professional situation and five remain intact and the team went out and made it six straight wins based third wave told Jay we'll make the Gary Cohen and Y First-pitch R._B._I. Single for Todd Frazier to the opposite Field Michael Conforto with a two run single and after serving up a solo homer in the bottom <hes> the catcher but he didn't do that yeah well. He's listened the better they play the closer. They get in this race. The more he's going to be under the microscope so the Chicago White Sox go to the phillies so would hate anybody so they're gonNA take their shot. Everybody enjoys each other because they're winning. That's right even in third but you know it's one of those things where I could bought the ball that at the same time I hit the ball the other way good things will eventually have professional hitter to winning at its breath some sort of directive to to have out here. You couldn't have been farther from the truth or not after the fact say insiders had Noah syndergaard on the move. He's not there no decision but thrilled. The organization didn't sell at the deadline especially the pitcher enjoys their staff all guys on it <hes> and we enjoy being around each other move out as they should got. What do you Wanna say all right so noah and Zach wheel remain along with newcomer move? It seems clear. They were certainly discussing his name with some teams they all right. Sources say the mets may move the ninth Edwin struck out the side to nail down a four two victory over the white sox. Here's frazier on his approach at that pivotal at back the other way at least you get first oh frustration in his voice because they wanted to they won. They won. Yes I mean they scored in the end. They won so I was going to pitch Saturday in Pittsburgh. Yes yeah well well. You had to do that. I mean I had to at that point. You could argue that he should have gone immediately that is true after the game while he's Catcher yeah so by C._B._S. Eight eighty s that's correct that name C._e._A._S._e. Cease Good seasons assist Yankees and mets the definitely talked about potential trades Marcus Stroman as we mentioned he'll start Saturday Pittsburgh today. Though let's go for the three game sweep Chicago it is wheeler on the mound opposed by Dylan cease to ten first pitch coverage on W._C._B._S. week off and now he's going to be ready to rock and roll Friday night against the Red Sox and if he has to go to another spot spell someone else you throw in Colossians there one or two days and the thing their roster as currently constructed and on Wednesday avoided a sweep at the hands of the diamondbacks pitch it is not as far. We've got everything we need <hes> to be a championship club and he says lay off my boy cashman have total faith and Brian in their staff and in that they're going Arizona's is leaving the stadium join his new team the Astros blockbuster deal at the very last minute so the Houston Rotation Sports Verlinden Cranky and Garrett Cole your an always do what's best for this organization as far as whether that short term long term all those things and consider that as they're making the comeback in this one Zach Cranky who started against them for unconscious unsurprisingly though Aaron Boone ready to roll with the guys that got them to this point just in their celebrate a win with those guys and looking around the room no we've I would say he's going to get surgery and I would also say that you know they're lucky that they have lemay you because now lemay you as a place to play every single day at first base and it <music> Guy got off I ball fastball and drilled a deep to left and out Romi my it doesn't really upset the apple cart. Maybe lose a guy that may hit a home run here or there but <hes> you know for me. It's it's a place for Lemay who to be every single day and if this has now let's see enke's re respond a little bit here to what happened to them last week. Yeah that'd be nice about time for being a soul and J. J. he win. Mike Talk Man is boomer mentioned two run homer to open the scoring yet run-scoring hits for Pretoria's and Cameron may have been in the eighth on the day where the Yanks take some heat for being too conservative go ahead. I'm sure you guys good you. WanNa take it outside right. <HES> CASHMAN says not only did they come away empty-handed. They never even sniffed the right more injury concerns for the Yankees. Well look void to the I L. Sports Hernia that may require surgery. There's I left myself that out there as the Yankees I my homie John Sterling Seventy call here on the fan. That's right actually a hanging splitter that he jumped all over for the go ahead two run homer season though right not the big names James coming up big and big spots contributions up and down the line. Some of the big names are disappearing all right who whose disappearing judge thoughts Aaron you know obviously he's a really good pitcher and helps their club certainly <hes> but we knowing go beat. Anyone and that's you know nothing changes right the hoping to have D._J. Lemay you back in the lineup tomorrow night. Let's hear from cashman now. Oh all right AIDS brody and Brian Cashman Bolt confirmed as much obviously nothing came of it and for the Yanks nothing came of any of the trade talks they were having with teams around the League they stand Pat Rolling with edit three runs of insurance in the age and they would need it because Nestor Cortez at Aroldis Chapman were very shaky in the Ninth Chapman Strand at the time runs on base seven five Yankee in an strike them out doesn't mean he's not a good player in that he won't get hot at some point strike satellite yeah Geez look around the League guys strike out. It happens all right. Yes I in terms of the circumstance. We didn't get close to anything though it is what it is. This is what they're left with and they're just fine with that. Play the season now we take care of her own business. Come on either guy. He's in a slump right now that the end of the world gets baseball slumped chasing balls Outta the strikes on that says Oh yeah that's real new. Excuse Shiva Whitson fanfest Saturdays in between the big celebrity that you are because you do have you know pre game show here era podcast personality unfortunately will not be able to me I four games and three days against Boston just to put ourselves in a position to be one of those fortunate teams to play off their Hanky fans out there that don't know better that think he literally sleeping on the couch all afternoon yesterday. Yes probably a few why some that probably will call this station and he made up his mind. He wasn't going to make a move did nothing that's real new. He never does that even when he's I don't know what they say. A guy like him could be pitched to he clearly he can be pitched to you. Have No name pitchers that come a half. Whatever the hell you let's go? Let's start this. What did you call them? <hes> Al Cheval Skis you're chivalry. I don't know simple Volsky thing all day which is so unfair. It is unfair and I think he's done an unbelievable job this year to get his team to where they are right. Now they've played great and we've been saying it now. I feel like for for the last two months and they just have to get healthy and be healthy. You know boom sometimes the best move you make is the best movie don't make and maybe he knows something about Severino baton indicate contributions from Severino pretentious and maybe even Jonathan Lazaga or the youngster Davey Garcia so the Astros along with grady also add Aaron Sanchez and jobe genie from the Blue Jays so they really bolstered their pitching staff yesterday they are now the betting co favorites to win the world series along with the dodgers. Hey Brian Cashman. I will give you three players and this is why Brian Cashman should executive the year or shall -secutive of the air added three pitchers and yeah. They're getting guys back from injury. I mean they were they were close second to the Yankees to win the American League before the Cranky Acquisition Miley right and Apres Bruton. That's got fabulous Wilson but the point being is those three players have had such a poudel impact on the Yankees success this year. Excuse me one time through the lineup and then get out of there so we're standing. I don't know I really don't know somewhere hanging out with Ellsbury Greg Bird properly unbelievable that that road sign me up as far as he goes bigwood. Who's what now I'll be okay would bet got it? <hes> as far as cranky goes likely likely would have vetoed a trade to the yanks they were on his no trade list so not a direct criticism that the yanks didn't land him more so that they didn't get anything done of the pitching department will wait and hope as we mentioned Okay Lemay you and talk man does right there guys that he added this out of there as well but he was Major League Baseball we have won six in a row were eight into our last ten sock it to could assign Patrick Corbin or Charlie Morton <hes> they they decided to go it is we'll see because he hasn't even thrown off amount you're going to do I'm back in is going to give you five innings professional late in the year or in October. I'd settle for three innings. Sanchez are those guys as good as Graham Syndergaard wheeler why does that matter they played a different league and that's all Brian Cashman and his analytics department yes but I can also <hes> I'm playing devil's advocate here for you. Give those names and I could give you Jay happen that to me is really amazing. I mean you got yesterday. You saw voight and Gardner in the dugout. They're on the I L. But they're hanging out with the team and I haven't seen standing back but here's the thing give reportage points better than the Astros right now might be the better team the as tanner roark from the reds who also dealt scooter genetic the style either either the Astros of not anywhere close to the astros average rotation with an amazing lineup when they're healthy and when they're not healthy and have been all year and are three league and the mets don't have the lineup that the amazing matchup now you got the mets going to the world series say that would be an amazing world series cranky is probably the and just as hopeful as the next Yankee guy is ready to go be maybe he knows in the back of his mind. Guys ready could be we are going to wit the best three that you'll get the best top three as opposed to degrom syndergaard question not even a question. It's not it's not flushing five or all five. They're the only ones the rest of the league have from top to bottom the best starting pitching staff in Major League Baseball. We are the hottest team in major backsta right right they did and so far he hasn't been great. Big Maple turns into. I Dunno Andy Pettitte for the plane had the great really so. Where would you place me being a Yankee Fan? Why would I want to bolster the astros who make it sound like they're so great? Paxton happen messy hero Tanakh not anywhere close offend James Paxton saying or J. was seven and when he came over here laster I'm talking about resigning him in the off site well. Who else are they going to sign? I'm just the wiser back. It's going to be like making a trade at the deadline. What could he know that I'll accept arenas thrown off flag crown? I mean anything can happen. You can have another setback tomorrow. I mean listen. I probably more highly regarded as far as middle relief go or later on after all of you know right and they didn't he wanted the Yankees. It sounds like yeah 'cause you could've struck apres saying you can you can you can say that starting playing that part. Yes a dearth of starting pitching in major league baseball except for the starting flushing five the could you say that Jerry Orlando in grank new stroman having a good marcus stroman was not very good last year but he's having a very syndergaard he was great the other night he's been been up and down but he has not had a great season stretch on Jerry side degrom degrom horseshoe <unk> three has been a Yankee Fan. It's not even close actually the brewers with a four two win over the as twins dump the marlins seven to four Jose Barea season high eleven strikeouts nationally cups linked the cardinals to zip so they pull even when Saint Louis atop the giants the braves bolster their bullpen landing Shane Green from the Tigers Mark milan-san from the giants and the cubs acquired outfielder Nick Castanos from Detroit's major league scores from yesterday be a two and a half he could be a one and a half he could be three so look. I'm sorry we got him. You guys didn't and to to Brian Cashman's credit we acquired trauma and if they traded syndergaard he would make a nice number two and going into next year with the ground stroman as you wanted to. That would have been really good but now he doesn't have to be too he could. I believe he didn't overpay but who knows if any of these guys wanted to come and play for them anyway. You don't know cranky doesn't know what Paxton's going through <music> over the nationals couple of American league scores for the race beat the red sox again eight to five Indians roughed up the Astros ten to four in the blue. Jays beat the royals four two one N._F._L. The Russian guy from Vegas Gustav Kita McKee. That's a little weird Gustav Makita Yeah so so crass off and Cocco Moore what Jay is going through and the pressure and the criticism and and you know and and all that noise that comes from a fan base that is about as passionate a former dolphins linebacker Nick Bonner Connie passed away Wednesday at the age of seventy eight and the Rangers did inform Kevin Shattenkirk. They are biting buying out his contract so they get some salary cap space the cool trade deadline yesterday. The mets naked didn't do much not yesterday anyway we kick things off with Sean Seaford first up with boomer and Jerry on the fan so much like Danny Rain Orioles pitching staff of the seventies they get one guy from Toronto. That's unproven jumping on this like Liberals Democrats jump on Russian. All we covered a yesterday morning saints what Michael Thomas Five Year one hundred million dollar extension sixty one mellon guarantees makes the league's highest paid whiteout pro football hall of Famer and off Joe Tory said enough the braves topped the nationals in ten five to just saying he's he's in charge of the discipline handled the suspensions and whatnot five four braves the vent anytime anywhere download the radio DOT COM APP favor the state of you have a smart speaker just say play W._F._A._N. And a lot of people want to get in on this baseball and it's GONNA so much first of all good morning guys. I love listening to the show. You guys are awesome. Thank you and boomer until this week I I. I'm still a boomer fan but I Janki Fan. That was the guy that they wanted and and again when you take a look at what happened right by the way right but I don't think bumgarner was going anywhere I don't either I another fan basis. There is anywhere in sports. I think the name people really wanted meaning Yankee Fans Trevor Bauer and I don't know if he were ever Cleveland but I do think as for this season but there is a campaign over six million for next year I suppose to sign the Angelo and Lem you and WanNa sacrifice the future for rental this forum. We'll be have the T. we can do on the other hand Bouma. Why do you jump on the mets bandwagon mark? Maybe I think it's more the fact that they've been on such a good run and that they've got themselves in wild card contention to me. You could be right about that. I think it's more about the fact that teams winning now and atop the N._F._L. Central giants beat the phillies five to one year the dodgers over the rockies also five to one reds erase the pirates of four one there was no funny business in that one yesterday played nice a morning show with boomer Esiason Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo Wash Front seven on the Fan C._B._S. sports network. I think that San Francisco went to him and said look if we can trade you. Would you like to be traded. And where would you want to go and I doubt that he said he wanted to come to New York a day after the benches-clearing bride to I guess. I don't know you've seen it before next day teams. Had you gotta think nip it in the bud was called volt teams territory enough. It gets some of that team. Yeah wow does European players. Don't have any names in your team just go and Kratz all just you just acquired. They can make a run to the playoffs and it's a team. That's got a track record of doing it. Why not let's go row and he's dropped by role? What's happening my man <hes> so what we would have gotten all the clinic had a tune up on they got two or three downgraded everything I basically said that if stroman <hes> Russian collusion like putting them in the world series around well you know if you would have gotten strumming for your Yankees? Would you have been happy. I would hope we're talking about crack off Kratz off Taco off the K line the line I oh man we're talking about the same three. The Fan Guitars Network Job W._F._A._N. Eats the morning what's up Sean. I'm on good morning good selmer off Johnny that do you think he's happy that the Yankees didn't make any moves but I don't want. CAN YOU PAN and we're all fans of a team and we all get excited about our us. It's to the point where it's obnoxious. You know I mean we'll tell you this. You're I know you're trying to get under Jerry Skin <hes> and you know about the whole <hes> flushing five thing and I get it. I understand that but I'm telling you I'm just going to ride the wave right now. I just really am ride the wave and come on you have to admit you know maybe they're not the dodgers. Maybe they're not the the the Astros you have pointed out the sporting but dominate good they are good and there's there's a reason why they're keeping them together pitchers. They just going through a rough stretch right now where we have lined up for you guys I probably would have been because I'm other because every night they've got a chance to win a game because of their star and just one thing to keep your eye on. We've done this all year all of us okay all just assumed Peter Alonzo was pete. What would he have been for you guys? I think he wanted he would've been a good pitcher on a staff that has I'm still I'm still counting on Severino coming back so I count. He's not back you can't roll. You can't do that as your three then he would then you would have been a number also yeah. Let's hope so listen I highly the mets deserved something I get history also shows happy that you guys that you're happy about your team but stroman. It's not wrong. Gigiri you know showman is not climbing so number two but the way you're talking about him is like wow. The mets really got got one over the Yankees said he would have been a number two on your team so yeah we did get over. You Guys Ullman Anyway you got him. I'm happy for you. If you're if you're really serious about you know how excited was agents. Go decides he's going to be G._M. You know I mean what Trevor Does he is. He doesn't have what he's building it right. Now and adding Stroman was a nice way to build it now. He also had it can know they're gonNA figure out a way to mess it up while we brody bandwagon leading us now and he and his we got fluid to the top programme sorry. There's nothing like about sports. Only I agree with you. I think he's saying something Nice about your team and your mom so let me say something Nice about Dame Goodbye Raul no no running good point something yeah I am an obnoxious met Ben. Yes I am and we are eight and tuna last ten the hottest team in baseball. We added Marcus Stroman to the flushing by what do you want me to do. I'm happy okay. I'm happy that you're only had and I'm also going to have the N._L. Rookie of the year how about that but there's how India's and that hasn't really worked out for US yeah I mean canno- I mean we luckily because of analytics the Yankees already knew that had a limited the time one of them on and they do a good job and Brian Cashman's on a great job thus far this year. Did you hear what I said when I said he should be executive of the year absolutely yes. That's about the longest you've left the caller on in twelve years at that's okay you know I could take some of the criticism. That's fine all right not a yes. I am an annoying mets. Fan is we because Toronto did want to send them to Toronto hate. You guys but you know what listen I can. I can only speak for myself as a Yankee Fan. I was not excited about Stolman even then marquess what's happening man come on and I just my first time on your show. Thank Pete Alonzo. It'd be the rookie of the year for not June is going to give them a run for his money three hundred fifty less games to relax Germany's at least on number two maybe number three on any team. That was the role master question. If the Yankees would have Ed Stroman it I I told Al earlier like a squirrel that can never find any corn and then cornyn brags about it found one I did. I'm thank you Marcus. So what do you got for us. My tickets slow man fish little come. Why are you calling about the mets? Are you calling about Brian Cashman not yeah so then you have to make any move yesterday. I'm glad he didn't panic okay and not flushing fight. Yes on to win I mean to make did you are and and and you decided to be obnoxious point. If you're doing a gift again to Jerry Skin I get that no no oh good okay they. Can you know obviously you know so I mean in <hes> timber and then you call up coming September a panic well M._S._N. Brad Cashman you know Brian did a good job yesterday but I know panicking giving got show anybody right now it to Joan it'll be big big appointment yeah but they're four and a half games out now marcus four and a half let him to make okay yeah. I'M GONNA I don't want to worry about them so so so the four and a half out nations I keep hearing about these generational differences that this generation should read about that generation and what this man accomplished in his life and the legacy that he left behind whatever it is the paper Landau sunsetting whatever wrote a beautiful story on Nick Bond Connie in his life and what he's accomplished and how he basically played in an era where he was making like forty five thousand dollars a year as a football player and then transformed his second career into being the C._E._O. Of Two different companies company's I believe then going on H._B._O. And doing the inside the N._F._L. Show for all those years with Len Dawson and then on top of all of that was still trying to raise money and to support his Assan through his paralysis that to me is leaving a legacy so I would hope that every athlete would get to know who Nick Bona County has just by reading reading that article if you just glanced over it and and understand what he did and that's how every athletes should be I think so <hes> it was a sad day when we found over five hundred million dollars and he took his son and his name and his Super Bowl prowess his hall of Fame Jacket His C._E._o. Board jacket his seat on H._B._O.'s inside the the athletes that I can think of that took his platform what the N._F._L. gave him what his TV career gave him what his corporate career gave him and he n._F._L. For over twenty three years and and made a difference in the lives of so many of the people that's why last night I was thinking about this yesterday because no nick back the nick that I knew was humble was funny. <hes> was a joy to be around and then when you read historian I knew his story. Of course I know story it's required reading for every professional athlete in my eyes today and there are probably a lot of professional athletes that wake up this morning in today's generation leverage to all those relationships th raise money for the Miami project and there are a lot of people here in New York that have gone to his dinners over the years that have raised millions of millions of dollars over else so it was not really a surprise but <hes> when the end finally comes and you take stock of a man's life <hes> this guy was a giant amongst us as former football. Is that somebody you years he actually lived in Bridgehampton Long Island and got to play golf with them. You know got the some beers with them and got the GNOME in a different light his retired life still very much involved in the the Miami Project to son Mark Obviously was paralyzed. Football game and nick was really the first romy. Obviously I remember him from inside the N._F._L. Len Dawson Nippon Economy. You obviously a much closer relationship. Yeah you know I got to know him over really the last fifteen years today the mets winning again the Yankees getting a game they had to how to salvage a split of the two game series as before Boston coming up this weekend forget F. A. N. Fan Fest the three o'clock Saturday at Yankee Stadium <hes> boomer you did a sports minute just a couple of minutes ago <hes> very sad news the football world with the passing of Nick Bonna Connie for you ever talked to about what you've done with so many of us who have had similar situations with our own sons whether it be Jim Kelly or me or Dan Marino or anybody else. It's not crazy you're starting to sound at six fifty eight on the fan and C._B._S. Sports network coming back in just a moment baseball's greatest rivalries yeah never found out in dealing with dementia last four or five years and really started to go downhill and I know people out in Bridgehampton very close to him kept me up to date on how he was doing and everything else her after the segment seven seven three seven sixty six crazy. I tell everybody how crazy Brian Cashman is doing nothing. You're crazy. Mine Never Mind Remind Day. I hate when people do that. You're going to say come on dude. Never I the diamond hack diamondbacks for three and a half out the giants are two out then the brewers in the phillies are a half game out each. I mean they're right. There doesn't as a matter anymore they've already leapt frog over four other teams. You are something no we're good. We're good next our next hour wind and I think it's required reading so Dave Hyde a writer for the the Miami is the Sun Sentinel I think as the Florida sun-sentinel I mean the Fort Lauderdale I just think it's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo a lot on the baseball as you can imagine what the trade deadline yesterday remember the format look role and Marcus. Everybody just calm down. Let me enjoy my mets fandom. Just you're coming to attack boomer. Also you know we I think we've tried to copy what Nick did and you know he kinda laid out the road map and then you kind of learn as you go some of the mistakes that you make but then also so the impact that you can have another people so I don't necessarily know that there was ever somebody prior to him as an athlete that was so openly we're down the shore. Are you Delmar Nice enjoy good man. How are you I do every day? I <hes> another positive newsday morning on the fan. I give you a nice positive phone. Call Rick and Cortlandt what you got bummer Eric what's happening brother. You are awesome that thing so I think nick started all that for us and I'll never forget that and just having conversations with nick over the last ten or so years fifteen or so years <hes> <hes> you know yesterday was a very poignant day for those of us who knew him eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six jerry and for Greg boomer and Geo on a Thursday you know so it's an IT's true and they're right. I give them a lot of Credit Brian and the Jersey shore with boomer and Jerry on the fan and C._B._S. Sports now are up right right now we are. We actually are starting to come back and show some life. I'm going to start kicking some other people in the ASS. You know what I'm saying. Thank you it and he is well okay so so now the question is when does Aaron judge start to heat up if he starts getting his timing down and he heats up man he can carry this team by himself which again you now because you know we know that you have an Ceelo set it so you have encarnacion and Lemay who verse base. That's that's okay. That's fine so Zac awesome very nice positive phone call. I appreciate that especially after the Knicks Connie sentiment one quick one before you're back to the calls on the Yankees. Do you ever get the sense excuse every injury that has happened this year. We've sat there and they've had another guy that's come up that is performed and has exceeded every expectation asked of them and yet it doesn't seem don't let the Yankee Fan other fan her. You are down. We've been kicked so many times in the ass rick that right call <hes> actually a Yankee making one some boomer while you wanted for years to making my morning commute really good <hes> one out there with what his son was dealing with Christopher Reeve in the Christopher Reeve Foundation you know is followed and obviously our own very Mike. Nichols has done his you don't so it's a matter of fact I admire Brian and the Astros have dealt with a lot of injuries to but there goes up and coming back and getting hit their lineup on the field they to change guys have have gone away and not come back talking about the Zombie. We can't find half these guys legitimately the Luke voight one now I mean at I and a bad stretch for the Yankees still four and five. It's not like they've gone role. Mine is pitched in Rome is a good job. He's got he's done a good job defensively. He's right back into the lineup. He yesterday the Gardner said last week he goes man that guy. You can't take that guy out of the lineup so it'll be interesting to see what they do thank you. I'm an avid avid met Bennet. Please keep it passion going down here on this very I'm passion going. I'm reaching the same thing as you are brothers. They can't but it always seems like whoever Aaron Boone puts back out on the field that player mytalk man is a perfect and prime example of that but it's been hot since he's violet license. You're being honest with me. You're allowing you to criticize me and tell me to go get a coffee break all that stuff. Don't you wish you could have gotten Marcus stroman and every couple of games. He hits a key homerun. He's involved. They're making fun of how he and <hes> the the best eight nine hitters in baseball in the American league you it would please. You're putting on like hours of my work Bryan Bryan honestly I honestly pilot getting Greg. Obviously just now we weren't getting. You know you know Bob. Garner and you know that's that's that but we definitely weren't getting syndergaard. Hang the big dose of the dog happens but listen to be back. I love you just go. Take a coffee break when the Yankees come up you're killing what point is enough and I I know my asking a met Fan who for what the method I'm paying yes. She's also I also covered the Yankees the Yankees fans but for the mets fans to boomer there. She's been held together by bad debts and prayers CASHMAN has been amazing for years and they're just getting squeezed as as I don't know as objectively as I possibly can without having a like an Eddie Scott xerri tinge of hatred for the Yankees understood. Hey I know you here's who's just and then you guys you know right away if he's GonNa hopefully he's great and hopefully he takes you to the playoffs. They weren't getting it'd be the next but those were great looser cash to make it would have been a good move for him to get this other guy but who's to say they. They're doing great with the guys they have hang onto that one. That's ever let go right but it's cool. You know what you know what you know what this guy might be for the Yankees and who's to say he could be the next job he could. He is a met Fan. Okay I think I speak for met nation that if they were going to trade one of the flushing five that they were going to have to get something significant back extremely say all right. That's a good move by Brody bandwagon because I think we all sat back and said we Patrick Medford that means something and he and mats or bulk wound is so that's that's a smart move. I think plus the the Blue Jays we saw what he gave up to get stroman strong and by the way don't forget this. Don't think this doesn't mean something stroman from here. He's a long island guy. He pitched at patch for thank. You try and make a deal with them. One report I think it was for wheeler might have been syndergaard before one of the two that the mets were asking for the kid. Garcia tore knows maybe a little bit more than we know about the health of those pitchers at and I'm telling you if he doesn't and they don't come back then then then there could be that could be an issue. There was one report I saw I forget why there were so many of them. I don't even know that I believe this but it would go to your point as to what teams are doing to the Yankees about free adjustable base with a purchase of five hundred ninety nine dollars put her in these awesome blasted the best savings won't last forever your budget stretches further at mattress firm the price from one thousand nine hundred six a flashback price of one sixty nine on a new sleepy's queen mattress plus get up to four hundred dollars off throwback deals on beds and Wednesday through Sunday tecoma. I did want to give him through the Yankees anyway so I get it so step in go get the guy and look at this person. Steffi has right and they would have traded him to the Yankees the Yankees come up with a monster packet tonight. Now go win the series this weekend and by the way they want us out over. I want to see the Yankees offense blood in the pitchers for the Boston Red Sox for his and frazier great good right because she wanted to know why if and I don't know that that's true but those are the rumors that are out there. If that's the case that's why you don't make them too much and me Awesome Severino trade deadline. Yeah I yeah we know that we've heard Jerry a thousand times. Why cash smart in this regard well? I do think that he geico to Brian Cashman's critically he did not eat look. He's he's also Brian. CASHMAN's got a couple of things he's got to think about here. One is yeah he wants to win. The World Series and his team can do that if they come back. Healthy too is sustained success. You know he doesn't want to give up too hard now he wants there is a another injury that has sustained but I think the outfield is going to be fine right now. They just you know what they need. They need Aaron Judge to get going again. That's what they really need one more before the break because you just hit on this Franken Brooklyn with boomer and Jerry on the fan and C._B._S. sports now what's up frank yes hi. I'm calling to say something positive. My Metrics World Series Anthony. Where do we see you guys in a world series? We line up pitching staffs then. That's going to be awesome to see what it looks like when he comes back. I was surprised that he didn't trade frazier that that was that's surprising to me because frazier's buried in the minors now he may have to come back doc. You might get it this weekend. Why the hell not I mean it is amazing? We're talking about. I know it's the flashback sale mattress firm. We're celebrating the era founded with a special. I see a little Yankee Priority Yankee Stadium. I want to see the Yankees Bounce back after that embarrassing performance last week at Fenway Park and they started by winning Sunday searches apply Delta participating locations only offer visit mattressfirm dot com slash sale Anthony Anthony and the Bronx anti what's happening. Hey thank stay gonNA call us what I'm saying. I would imply but I like that that make sure the good I like. They are excited. I love it 'cause it's a lot of fun for me when my my uh-huh and we'll see how it goes but they have been overperforming so we'll just see if they can clean it up. You know what I WANNA see Brian. I what I want to see this week. Brian is I wanNA going on a lot of fun. My friends joking with each other and I think with the Yankees there was the way they view their <hes>. You know the guys on the injured list like like that. They didn't watch. I think really hanging on several read Olympic tangents coming back being flash their day in court for a whole season <music> finally like meaningful baseball for the mets rather than the wildcard spot way suite. They were eight back five hundred now. They three and you know maybe some good come out of that. I really think think the Yankees Stroman. I didn't think the Blue Jays one of the look this guy aching year you know what <music> gang fan but a lot of my friends had met. They don't hate the mets enjoy watching them. I liked it. They're doing God's it's a lot of fun and did we got both teams playing well. Yes <hes> <hes> the mets stroman the Yankees playing good. We got android playing good. Let's talk about Oh well subway series. That's what we should be talking about right now watts talking about mention Yankees who's better the trapezoid muscle. You don't know your own strength. Dude no well. Nobody juice going the way how little strength I have. Oh yeah what does that mean. That's your thing and you should make t shirts. Stop at the t shirts y Que Barstool did it last week with the Yankees. They probably thousands of them. You coined the phrase you should in the beginning of the season so bad. It's bad luck but let's be positive. Let's have a world series. I love that Frank Chicago would just gotTa keep this thing gone at the the the one thing that could derail this whole locomotive this runaway train right now. Is You know having having trone my neck to my shoulder down my arm back to my neck. It took like five weeks to go away legitimate in fact that month and a half ago I said well. How long is this going to last you? This contract run through the end of the year. Why doesn't this contract run through the end of the year? He hasn't signed it. Oh the one that he's currently working on his unsigned right not a signed contract that my arms killing me grabbing your neck giving you a little massage that I heard is you were trying to bruise me. Try to give you a little beside you do not live there your foot up to reset your he'll. You just don't do it because you don't want a chance to get back into it. So now is the time for the mets the I said I just read it takes like six yeah it took about four four and a half. I just walked in here and it looked like he was sleeping. Not Sleeping you act remember should make the shirts yes what about flushing five rally towels not bad be awesome. Probably here's the deal is one pitch one inning one game. We got a win today in Chicago. Yeah I heard that big Mike announce that he's not going to the Yankee Fan fest. Was it with your strength well. Why am I going in mental? They're like me then. There are negative classic San. You just don't like the fact that I've been saying flushing by. That's all you guys hate that. I'm today if you don't just get back and ready to potty inputs nat now you put the hammer down. You know the Great Paul Brown used to say when you when you step on a man's throat you the frequent hammered. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo doing really good morning being a battle stupid loss to crappy team not if you come back and win them on it doesn't directly going right down the track. I want him well well. I don't want to be flying and they'll be fine. That's the beauty of this team. They bounce back after a bad loss so yes. You'd love the sweep just like you loved it. Sunday against want the sweep sweeping acknowledge what that means I guess that means he could leave it wants and doesn't have to go to stay so now that I have to go yeah acce- talking mental strength in four visits yes and signed his contract. That's why I don't believe this contract right have contract. It's probably location then you also said never said that fan fest now I said I don't know if J._J. Fan Fest he might be workout. I used to have a guy that used to do that. I wasn't sleeping. I thought you were and then you went and told me now that represent the station you always said he was extending his <hes> his vacation or something right. What did you say about your shoulder? Your schedule a little pinch nervion pinch mismile lab smile often on Saturday to Saturday in August and Mike Francis is not going eh not better. We gotTA stop this New York both team playing good. We should be happy and let's move from now. Nobody's beating. The mets. Nationally sucks if you got <hes> evidence J._J. Extended his vacation off so he could miss fanfest no use so he could extended vacation. It started off today so I just assumed house out of town when what happened a couple a week or two scheduled off so many patients the best right now and I'm a Yankee Fan. I'm a Yankee Fan. I'm telling the truth. The meditation was supposed to be better than what it is now. That's unfortunate in your contract going about that. You're disappointing a lot of fans right now. I don't want a picture with you because you worry everything. About how about was four weeks ago told you I had a pinched nerve in my neck and I'm struggling with it. Yeah you couldn't turn your head or knowing Org. Listen to me. Tony Page will be there. I know that he told me that this more K. Here's I need to know about J._J. All right it's fan fest and it's in the middle of the Yankees Red Sox double header yeah even if there wasn't fan fest he probably would have been one of those watch fan. Yes no no no he would just go to the Yankee game between auto group schedule an appointment today at a Raycatena Service Center for First Class Service at affordable prices. The mets beat the white SOx in Chicago last night four to two todd frazier go so is our boss Mark Chernoff who just wants to go to his office and have his breakfast but he's being attacked by boomer on his way in because he made the mistake of stopping in the control room. I was yelling view within four and a half for the second wildcard in the N._L. Jacob degrom seven innings of one run ball eleven strikeouts and he's happy the mets decided not to sell at the deadline. We're staying together and and find a place to park. Oh my God no decision made yet. Maybe train. Maybe I'm going to go on vacation tomorrow. I don't have to show up on Adam. You couldn't find them screaming for him out there during the break we're looking for. He's nowhere to be found all right seven thirty. Yes brought to you by the Tina doing it from here. Either you catch my drift. How you GonNa go you know what the subway or are you going to draw me remember? I got three points speeding up there last year and then I couldn't go ahead R._B._I. Single in the ninth Michael Conforto followed with a two run single and Edwin D as struck out the side despite allowing a homer in the ninth. That's six straight wins seventy eight Metzer. I don't think that's at fanfest Staley o'clock right there. I don't think he's doing that. I could be wrong. I have to check the official schedule but I don't think he's doing and you know that says they believe in us so like I said hopefully we can can keep the ball rolling Mickey callaway shirt off office the compared to compared to everybody where you've been Chernoff get in here. He wants to eat to eat all right so coming in now assurance for you and Joan all the mets fans who were fantastic fan fest that you can't do here's the Yankees Fan. Fest was like the biggest Yankee Fan and he could have been manager if morning Jerry and I think in your chair Jerry in the power chair we'll get mink over here is in Poucher. Mark just fell office. If you couldn't find togue every year around this time that's come down and drive back up then gentlemen be my guest and give him a buzz and see if sure the boss around here morning. I love boom. I want you there on Saturday two days away view. If you wanted to be right he did say that. Why did you not if you want it to be thought he could do it? Yeah here's the issue with Evan. He's hosting Saturday from ten to twelve thirty. I don't Saturday. You can't just be Jerry. I just Bajarin 'cause GEOS on vacation. You can't go on vacation tomorrow you and Jerry in the morning view. Yes sir. I did you mind that he wanted to get some eggs. You hear me yelling for you or no because I was outside getting some eggs your lose me that loud team yeah. He took vacation so we didn't have to go to fan fest. That's I can't say with just so I could go to fanfare okay well. He's goes to Saratoga. I'm back. I understand that's dedication to the fire ones a little closer toy. Both of us have contracts so we've signed okay. That's great news. It's like one of US had to be that contract that I have to go but I actually have a signed contract because he doesn't have a signed contract right. Why don't you take it up with him? When he was five o'clock I got before you did so Francis non-communist fan fest on Saturday? He's aways vacation. What do you mean what do you mean? I showed him to g on common forget. I'm hopefully I'm not who got you off the high socks. That's what I WANNA know. All inclusive station GIO is coming. Take vacation plan. We'll tell you you have an I told you I was GONNA take vacation. You said No. I need you fantastic okay well. He does this have. I knew that that's a whole new thing where we don't have to sign contracts anymore. We just do whatever we want out of being set listen. I'd love to have away you going to be there with your little shorts on and everything you know. I don't wear high socks anymore. You know that not know finally gave him and yeah I think Joe's going because I think Joe said yesterday. He has to go yeah. Housing thousands of people get flushing five did that number. I don't have his number okay. I've is number. I'll give it to you. See level take care. Yes not allow allowing him not to go. Al Dukes is not GONNA fan. Fast is is Evan. GonNa pay fast. They're going to fan fest or no. I will check with him when he it. Now is a matter of fact I didn't but I'm just saying let's say Nice things next week. You're going out to giants camp on Tuesday morning. I have to do that too now. Cadre sign one. You want to give me one problem to a second. What is what did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed you amount norps in this building is surrounded by narped? Let's get you back in a good mood shall we your mets are playing great and Mickey. Callaway is very excited about where they're just rotation. Anything's possible <HES> so let's go out there every day and put up Zeros and score some runs and and get it done and todd frazier who I told you about fifteen minutes ago now had the hot and by the way what Yankees are coming Johnny Damon Bernie Williams Willie Randolph bookie Dan David Well. What the hell do I need to be there for them therefore well he he he is allowed to go all right about now coming on Saturday August twenty third or what's quit the other one that went over there is like eggs like can't help that Mother Nature is impacted our schedules believable Lord the feels good? Oh my yeah you go your Ex. Shove your shove your eggs. Maybe he'll do that. They Wanna about that. Is that a problem you've injured. A lot of people in this building for being on us over things are not happy. We're all leaving goodbye off feels does this morning in the power. Chair is the same way bright just got over a pinched nerve and you went and squeeze the pinched nerve. I'm fine. How am I supposed to know that you have to keep your hands off me breath anyway sweeney sweeney? He's always lettuce we've you. I'm just a little I'm just a little perturbed right now in fact me great. How did you hear that we've got some excitement going here? We gotTA keep rolling. Keep Rolling Somebody so I'm not sure an empty. <hes> what was it guaranteed rate field and did you read the read. The promos talks about doing something on air <hes> Yes for a little while and John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman paid to be three neath. What's that that's a that's the big event we do the summer sendoff? I don't listen alumini going take pictures all afternoon Nashville. Let me ask they might fall Dr do hockey legally. I Mike and then you told me I gotta be there at a certain time yet. They're standing around for an hour. <hes> go ahead hit last night. He feels the momentum bill. We've got some excitement going here. We gotTA keep rolling. Keep Rolling and keep keep doing to play that again. I'm kind of afraid to you now and says they weren't looking at just give those guys away. We work at a move key pieces to our club unless we felt like we were going to be better positioned as we look at the long-term outlook Chris alone contract yeah. I'd love to have one sign me up or else on myself up. You're such a little brown knows that made me a brown nose. I mean licensed to Natalie okay. You sent an email. Yes I did yes. It was very minute us. I've never screamed screaming. You're going to lock them. Yes how am I getting fanfest. How how would you normally get the subway? No I said Natalie I suggest read the email early softball for the space station. Go out there and I and I'm with the fans of this radio program and we play softball. I'm the one that likes it. I love it one of my partners. quit the professional professional I know boomer courtesy of us and why perhaps obviously Noah syndergaard in Zakho Wheeler with the two key names being discussed and drawing some interest brought van wagon when I come flushing five mark the flushing five Chris Brown leave grits McHugh angry at and don't don't do a car don't do this last year. I got three points in an ticket going to this. Is that veteran candidate to possibly be moved really thinking about. I don't hear anything I talked to a couple of times. He told me he hasn't heard really anything. Couple rumor stings but for me you gotta on like that might have been the only man let stadium that was courtesy of W._C._B._S. eight eighty little chat with todd last night. His name was mentioned in trade rumors veteran you can always have I showed him for the three times. You broke my ribs. Look I can help that. You are built like Brittle. That's Jerry my co host. The jets the week after that's pretty exciting giants are is as Mike owned giants camp. He is allowed. 'cause I know he pissed them off. Maybe they were yelling at the grounds crew for could be fully doing the show fowler forgetting the fire already left the field at that point sound. Thanks for taking the bullets won. I conversation after the show. What is that one? I want you may ribs again by the way. Did I ever sue you. Some of US want to work around here. You know I wanNA work. That wasn't wasn't directly. You talked to you for this for this use station you play of of the team and the franchise didn't get the return value they felt was fair or worthwhile to find those opportunities and and frankly weren't necessarily seeking those opportunities out those opportunities where were being presented to us on a on an hourly basis we <hes> we maintained our focused a weird way they acquire strom and get rid of August and to sit on the air but it seems like fliegelman knows this loss here J._J. told me he was pulled off the overnight schedule sometime last week all right so it's a freshener organization <hes> think about that you take the time to chalk the foul lines right and you get all the way to the end. How much space would you say was left between we Aleki the wall with the machine and that's a very analytical view a very good very good olden days? You put the line down. You put chalk. It's not he was he was always on vacation next week. Next turnouts can be waiting with his resignation understand but for Vargas two million dollar buyout or an eight million dollar one year deal left or one year option so I don't know I don't know what Stroman is GonNa get met. I mean what are you doing. Did you run out of challenge an interesting theory that on the surface I thought sounded silly but then when I thought about maybe maybe the machine they use stahnke Bernie did admit to having some talks with Brian Cashman and the Yankee. I don't think either one of US would've would've taken the time that we did. If we didn't feel like we would have done a deal with each other. There was a good baseball. Guess we got <hes> tweeted by all people Dan Carter at what he say well he he mentioned that he said he wasn't going to be able to make him. I walk on your snap align. Snap it baby. Let's get a little paintbrush or something finish off right there you go that was Francesa say that he was taken off. I that's a that's a full week of not convenient like I'm going on vacation so I don't have a Yankee fan not helping yourself in there right the shovel. You want to give what about when one wants to know when the official notification was of this vacation oh I got a tweet three forty four P._M. So I don't know one the game sweep of Chicago this afternoon. It's wheeler on the Mallam opposed by Jerry's Boy Dylan See Sotoudeh coverage on W._C._B._S. eighty at the stadium Yankees avoided the sweep at the hands save money this year okay whatever you say and they're better for it but they're not saving gobs of money right. It's not a huge up instruments a better pitcher so there you go give well Aaron judge one for four three KS his struggles at the plate continue Aaron Boone's post game. They'll very much focused on the lack of moves any move made by the Yanks yesterday Thursday and Friday of this week for all we know he was planning to drive up Friday night after show even if you didn't take off his Saturday Sunday those are the big days of racing ars glacier goes the second with a double. It's a RIBI double glaze over Torres John Sterling here on the fan the foul line all the way to the poll. I mean because they're a professional typically opening like I guess not good how many people want I took it. The other way the comedy people interesting his guys all right. Let's go for three some money but they also dollar buyout next year then as well but they covered they sent the two point nine Vargas Money Philly but yes. They don't have to Dash said the last few days I'll go to war with these guys in the clubhouse now that the deadline has passed your thoughts on no additions nothing changes there and didn't make any all all the Saratoga schedule. That's more important than W._F._A._N. Oh of course fanfest boy all right part of a three-run eighth for tours yanks tacked onto their lead and they'd needed to support shaky or all this Chapman in the ninth eventual seven five win over Arizona Austin role mind that the go ahead two run homer in the seventh Mike Talk but went deep as pay Vargas in some way. It's not a big city. It's not a big savings and saving yeah but then showman will get paid arbitration and I I would imagine I understand Mike was here and now he's on. He is now. You Got Evidence J._J. The rest of the week what did you say now about Brody said the offers that were proposed him. I Open just in general not from the Yankees. Specific -aseball moved it made sense for both obviously nothing came of it the Brady with Mike here on the fan after the deadline passed offered what hold on yes it's on. What do you think he's say leading question route up? Is that what you're saying. It was a leading question these guys back here sock say they save money in the in the meantime in the in the short term I mean I don't know they say money in the short because that's not making much money but will make Buick figure out the easy pass thing that's correct on working. Penny help pay ten dollars ten dollars a day since big deal ends of the diamondbacks just as the deadline was passed three to line Basit Donald up via lan growing toward the corner and car Nacion scores the front said last week. You said you didn't need any additions this week. You didn't get any additions. Are you surprised done no. I'm not surprised by the way now you're ripping Jack Curry. I mean come on check. What would meredith said I have no idea what's yours yours your question about their? It's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo has been all about the baseball and understandably so as only one there. That's our was we'd all be dead going to have to put up with everybody yelling about the flushing five award now and now that this day is officially behind it. I guess I guess corker off today four games in three days with the red sox this weekend so really all right. Did you have something in mind. No Kevin Shattenkirk bought out by the Rangers Great Very Great Seven on the fan and C._B._S. Sports that were thank you Chris in his ass inspired conspired team effort for that to happen. You usually takes really good pictures. He would be such a sour puss on Saturday. He was the featuring the double header on Saturday with the W._F._A._N. Fan Fest in between Waste Zach Rinky to the Astros there. You go anything else of note that we need to know. I don't think fanfest in the Bronx here's something else interesting GEOS coming off of vacation. I hope he doesn't get delayed in anything in his car or anything the boat it well if commits make it six in a row winning last night in Chicago the Yankees win yesterday afternoon not make a move at the deadline while the Astros got themselves at Grandy boomers and a <hes> it up I had to have you heard ever of Shinnecock Shinnecock. The golf course okay. I was invited to play that on Saturday. There's there's a garage it opens up and they drive right him. You know people have no trade clause to the Yankees because of the pressure whatever I'd have one because I can't drive to the Bronx every day no more one more all right boom move on move fact that something didn't happen the means it didn't match up so <hes> we're ready to roll and move forward. Where am I going to be out or you? Got Fan fest play at Seven A._M. Yet shinnecock and fanfest some tells me you'll be invited out another day. I think you'll be okay. It's gotta get serious Sweeney Park every day. There's a medium long worthy players park they park under under the stadium beyond right field well <hes> we heard about the towel idea before for the flushing five and we thought that you could also do flushing toilet paper. Oh five report okay Hey Kelly. How are you hi good? How are you right? Thanks what's happening. <hes> not much my boyfriend James and I are driving up states. Go Camping and listening to this show <music> asking and answering dude wherever you have you ever heard of shut the cover my metro card you never know where where we over. Just go you could do one <hes> ticked off mood. I think that's probably the best way to go and a lot of different ways but very excited about mid-sized as well and that's a good thing in your while you grimacing. We're not saying I'm fine you. We'll be on for about two and a half weeks exam yesterday. So we're taking a trip after that well good luck I mean does does your boyfriend make any money or anything. You can't take toilet paper. Get that right yeah. It's a great idea. So where are you going camping. We're starting at Mike Blessed and other get lawn trust on the phone. I want parking over there. You should have parking parking last year. They don't own the lots do something for the stage. They're away now that boomers the only one that shows up with if I were G._O. I would just call up today. I'd say hey I'm going to extend my vacation till Tuesday. WanNa just do that happens around here so I don't have to that. We don't really know plus office awesome. I went up there in April are you. Are you guys going to camp in a tent or you asleep under stars. What do you do <hes> tents and campers in Yankee land coming off of vacation to gain in coming up the East River in his boat? You know we'll tell him to get on this your boomer size and move the tee time do that. When you're invited you say okay? When is it okay all frown turn that frown upside though I have a friend that when it comes to the flushing five and the mets and where their plan right now yeah I so with that Kaley in West islip would like to talk to you about something very the two time you teen off the tee off? Is it eleven he can't do it. That's the point I I'm not a member. I was January but camping law school so we are saving money right now too. The big bucks come right yeah. Give Al a tremendous amount of anxiety. If you went on vacation with no game plan as to where you are going after the first day he's looking. He's looking across the screen right now. How do you not and I just screamed at Chernoff so they better give me at least a car but you never know how? He is. The really have to just take the subway like everybody. The family had a camper. Oh what kind of camper is it twenty four foot long <hes> sacred camper jerome. Could you get a ticket for that now. Why is your share? You're allowed to park in a walmart parking lot with like a winnebago. What what kind of vehicle you driving? We are in a pickup Taylor. That's fine <hes>. Here's what's up Joe Heygum on guys wondering if not much. I'm just wondering <hes> stationed. She's something we need a New York but this was on the wasn't like screaming down Sixth Avenue Right I mean I was probably going fifty to thirty five on the F._D._R. That he was probably like from. I don't know Ukraine or something like that really yeah. Gentlest Yugoslavia would have Czechoslovak that is target Walmart has different but they are actually park in a walmart parking with the camper spring and for a car service beyond Saturday. Didn't you get a ticket on the last time I know. I got a ticket on the F._D._R. And yes they are. They better spring a helicopter. I just went in there and we are so I got nailed. You deserve and the COP was I you know I don't know where he was from but he had very thick accent. I would say that tails what he says to me but I did I got I got a three point ticket on the F._D._R. Last year do they know who you are. Relation relations with yourself apart in your life that definitely stick it worthy. I write the best if you are serious question yes. If you end up in a Walmart parking lot and you pitch your tent there and you do something in the tent that is done in the bedroom <hes> no he did not know. I didn't tell him I didn't say anything I think I was probably you know with this vision zero thing going on which is a very serious thing which is which yes so you can park your car overnight in a big parking lot. Yes well a Walmart Walmart. Specifically Dave allowed him really 'cause they want moronic. What's up Jeremy? How you doing good morning good morning boomer how you doing? I'm doing great Jeremy. How are you today good? I'm sorry I'm not GonNa take it for it. I tend to be a big difference pension camper so when the campus tune into this right before this conversation it's not stupid. Sorry about your golf. I can't say I would do the same thing as you but you're a better person than I am thank you. I got two things for you. Real quick first of all. I've been listening now. Royal wants to know what's going on when you guys are camping. Haley have fun. Okay has Kelly. We do know this Jerry. Thanks Kellen winslow situation in all you do is talk about the flushing five. I mean I get it that they got one of the best pitching staff in baseball so I got to say for you have a camper. They'll be in the care for having but I think if you're in a car having relationships ticket why not if the campers rocking back and forth now whatever that one of those Yugoslavia countries there's five hundred fifty dollars Jesus say this I'm saying so. We don't really need a plant. We think you guys got to camping. That's not camp. I thought woods yeah well. You know there's different stages of I four Kelly's dad right up your alley. How we did you ask her out? She can lost twenty eight apart. Cypress can't be sure I did you and your family going on the planes. Thank you so you guys are the law students can you can you I know where you're GonNa go to Dick Sporting goods or Cabela's or something and just load up with a tent and all that other stuff that kind of stuff walmart parking lot apparently got jacks. I think we're fine Jackson. Put it up on Jackson sits on Jackson steady. How what kind of camera you did you rent often the camper? No we have truck at a <hes> Tony Camper. You actually know the answer to that. Are you doing well. You're gonNA tell me they can parking coins have relations in the park. They have people come in there and you know using sleeping so I don't know that's a little bit much. Bathrooms in there must just be full of campers number one if you are going to the fan fest on Saturday yes. I'll make you the flushing five t shirt for you to wear but you gotta wear it on Saturday. Yeah well listen. It's a nice looking t-shirt aware that some like Cockamamie t-shirt that doesn't look right auto garage all right no no I guess plays golf courses and everything else and I'm not a Yankee Fan but I'm going to go and I'm going to represent this station like the professional that I am God damn it and oh I think I wanted to ask you is not at the trade. Deadline has passed the Yankees I haven't made any moves and the pitching staff has been a little shaky as of late. Is there any chance that red hot in the fights or whatever the hell it was the night before I mean so guys are hitting conforto been good but they don't score a lot of runs at times as the nuts also <music>. I'm not GonNa talk over me and you're wrong and everything else is starting pitching. He's wrong. The fact that the fact that matters you have a better bullpen. Yes gave the mets have played. They can't hit no they can't hit. They can't drive in runners in scoring position. How is the flushing five going to carry these guys all the way through the <hes> just a couple of quick? Things doesn't sound like you guys are interested in doing this fan fest on Saturday. It is a Saturday in August. I mean we have beaches all over the the beat the red SOx okay well. Here's my problem boom. The flushing five has been has been all over the radio now so my question for you look at the last two games you're you're starting pitching has been horrific for the last supper happened and her mom's last outing yesterday red sox. They were decent adding so we're good quality network. We'll get the prestige and a little bit more of a fuller segment this hour why and some more because they're sound to be played. That's why unless you WanNa send them home. We can send them home now. SPALL as hot as Muggy. They've been pitching what twenty two twenty three outings already this is normal. Should we go through this. We don't know that it was a bad start because he wasn't allowed to continue but you're not that good of a hitting team. What must you have to pitch and that's what they've done but it does concern you that they have games like this that they waste good all sightings it starting pitching Pat Manhattan what's happening? I got the room I just WANNA. Share something with you. He's already this horrific calling for help like at what point do you not let your twenty five million dollars starter work through a little adversity through thirty-five pitches beginning before he was only at seventy nine for the game. I was pulled out of the game because the managers trying to protect his guys in trying to make this left the dog days of baseball. This is July and August baseball. Quality outings yesterday was not because they took them out too quick they did he didn't he didn't even give them a run and he gives a check swing single and boone's coming out in the fifth inning plenty of a couple of home runs but yes he's he right now is in a big slump while he was heading home run hitting contest amid Rosario not last night but he's been the rest of the season if the mets can't drive in wrong did you see todd frazier hit behind the runners in hit to a whole galway that that was a professional hitting display last night Jeremy and by the way morning show with boomer Esiason Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo Jerry for Geo who is all Chris Lopresti at some point will come in and do we don well. That's a different story I. I don't know that that may happen but I don't. I don't see him in the majors at any point in this season twenty after eight on the fan and C._B._S. Sports Network Tinu with it right then notley what's happening Ben. Hey Good morning how you doing okay. What's love absolutely love the show best show on the fan? Thank you his thing until then just because I guess this guy wants to yell at me Marilyn Staten Island what's up how you doing Jerry in that game. Yesterday I understand that battlefield another bad start for him so I think what I earned boone is trying to do is protect this pitcher bed star because he only won four innings because he was. Let's bring a guy up to give them a spot start to give a couple of guys a day off late in the season. I just don't see that happening. I really don't not even not even welcome up AAA. We them for me. I I'd rather have a met Fan. Do It for me because I know that you're trying to. You're a great guy great listening to the station. I want you to focus on your Yankees and what your Yankees pitching staff. Do you realize the Yankee Tavern Petra Team Yariv and you're in New York mets this year. Well make flushing five now live the investors bank studio. We're coming back with Chris more calls and maybe some other stuff to who the hell knows. It's the morning store. The problem is is that Peter Lonzo Aaron judge doing the same thing right now. They're starting yeah. I mean did a couple of hits a couple of nights ago so it's not like he's been horrible. We see W Garcia maybe I checked. I think he's an AA wall. y'All don't see that happening. I really unless they WANNA just the I'll get it over there so Jerry Germany Germany you Yankee Fan. Yes I am yeah. You don't have to make that t-shirt. Don't worry about Darren at the seven line. We'll do something and I don't know what game you're watching game travel same game when he was in trouble the inning before it was lucky to get out a blue pit and and then a swing base it and I would not take for scorecard it hits it hits a different hit just like a giving up one brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire nobody and before we started the baseball I gotta get boomer jazzed up a little bit more. Here was Mike Revealing yesterday about <hes> all right well good for him. I'm just saying you know what I'm saying. Though about the Yankees pitching staff I do think that that they are being very careful with their starters especially rain shine because it started raining when I was there so and it was places packed so the people were good <hes> so <hes> was Nice Day. They had a lot of stuff there Tanaka. They don't want to push him right now because they know they're going to need him in a big spot in October at eight thirty on the Fan C._B._S. Sports Network Chris Lopresti brought is because of the trouble that the starting pitchers have had I do believe that Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman the analytics department and everybody else sports psychologist everybody over there run in seven innings strikes out. Eleven guys didn't think he was great watching him. He had a couple of four pitch walks in a row right. Does there's only two walks at night betty. What's AH realizes that they got to get these guys out? Could you imagine if he would have left Tanaka in today. We'd be discussing why they lost the game and why did Boone leave in right right exactly so rothschild goes out yesterday to Chapman after Chapman storms fastball over the U._S. and nobody said Kim we use our slider. We've we've thrown a lot more than this season any through to sliders and boom boom game feel it yes meantime Sonny Gray staredown Chris Archer during benches clearing brawls with the reds because he's got he's got a he's got a fragile pitching staff right now and he's got a kind of deal with that. I get it. I understand what he's doing. I to me it's just that it was Tanaka as opposed baddest pitched. Seven innings walked a couple of guys on what it's high praise when I say a guy gives up one run the game so I thought Aaron Boone I left command cautious. I thought he was a cautious in a sense that he's being careful with this picture. I mean you realize star it gets no. I kind of understand what's going on. They get this big lead. These games are like oh come on. Get Ready to play offs and that's when he'll ramp it up. I'm not I'm not honestly I'm. That's how much respect I have for Jacob degrom. He can be better than that and meanwhile your managers who sane bolt at the top of the steps of the Doug wait to get out of there the trouble out yeah for the for the mets. Sometimes you gotta battle through things like this. Jacob degrom last night was not great these flush through certain innings. I'm not worried about him or Chapman. Because I go in the Games really grim big. They'll be big I'd say and that was exactly my point yesterday. Now is probably board and you remember when Sonny Gray Nice to one of the other guys they need to knock it. It'd be great in October. They don't need them to be right now. Protect against started to do more than seventy nine editor is now offering go for inning non stop. We gotta go seven th this expectation that starting pitcher they get the seventy eighty pitches they get in a little bit not in his son is legal contract basically told me all about this that's right. He's very tapped in. He knows what's going on being tapped in. I was looking at a we left here and they were talking about you know when he got to the reds are asking him what happened with the Yankees he goes. Well you know they really wanted me to use my slider more and I didn't WanNA use my loved the slide us when you're part of the flashing five like an internal competition go at least seven just the way it is today could be the day could be the day that you hit him but I throw Robin J._J. Happy the next year. I'll be there whenever they need me. I'll be there. I'll be there. I'll be there. I was there last year but I'll be there next year. One run different than giving up one run lean a lot of trouble. I agree with the caller I know you grow and the reason I agree with them. Now Greenery not because he's disagreeing with you is and it'll be there this your we're talking about you but in my voice and just making sure I got that talk about me and my voice. I'll be there your voice. That's my voice. Now I'll be there. It was a lot of people that are so I'm sure it will be well attended again this year. I'm sure that will be the case but my yeah obviously throughout the flushing. Jacob degrom wasn't great last night. I didn't think so no Jerry's talking about he worked his situation all three seven. It'll be on at mccombs. Damn poke. We did that last year. I will not be there this year but I was there last year and I remember that was all right. Let's continue with more. We'll be there. No you're not going to be there. I will not be you're going to be there. No No oh you're going to be there. I will not all be there fliegelman. No let me a car website before and the the website. This is an automotive website. They asked for permission for my microphone and my pictures why seriously why would a car website need access to my microphone and photos. You have any naked pictures. I know it. All Baseball boomers getting a little annoying. I listen to you know answer. No why listen to us. I'm sure they are. That's why the ads show are everywhere. I know I know go ahead. I'm okay <hes> no one able to beat the mets for the better part of a week now todd frazier at the go they don't sell any of their pitchers didn't add anyone either as far as syndergaard in Wheeler van Wagon and decided there wasn't enough upside to getting rid of the other players they matter to us figured pictures of your car. I don't know that was my guess seems a little silly. How about if I want to upload something you can to one aggregate all of that seems like everybody title times and it just never did so happy to be here eligible for free agency this winter? The mets could still get a compaq if they extend the qualifying offer any him being for the long-term got him on the mound this afternoon China pitch the mets to a sweep of Chicago will post by Dylan to ten coverage on W._C._B._S. eighty at yeah but that's not a perfect night for him. Even the box score looks really good. I think he said a for all of us. We're all having fun and I'm certainly in the middle of that David in Westchester Food Torres steps on Second Ballgame over Yankees Win da Yankees John Sterling Funnel Co here on you choose to go elsewhere brody though says don't rule out an extension or wheeler resigning in Queens to Jack Wheeler matters to us. We think he's a good pitcher. We have interested in the timeline. Hitting the last couple of nights and the teachers are dominating other Jim from Jacob degrom were so-so-start is Jerry would describe it seven chester. What's happened to David Morning Fellas on behalf of the entire audience? I just wanted to know when we can. We expect serious. Football boomer is seven out of eight from Mickey callaway attitude and there is <hes> fun and <hes> focused and it's led to team success the bat well when especially all well and Penis in games and these guys are putting up for him why he is who he is he can be a little off and be and still be great it should I right after Labor Day right. We've talked a little football. I've talked about the importance of Adam Gates and Sam Darnold Daniel Jones and with the mets going into the playoffs this year. Why important insurance is that Wendy as a lot of homer in the bottom of the ninth but he also struck out the side for his twenty four th save dowling down a four two victory over the white sox at his six in a row seven courtesy of yes here's Aaron Boone on his backup catcher turn starter with Gary Sanchez out him to step up again <hes> not surprise but but <hes> excited for eddings one run to walks eleven ks no decision but just fine with those as long as the team is winning which they have that everybody's having fun you know <hes> pitching's been we've been throwing the ball they matter to the other guys in the clubhouse and we were only going to get a move them away from the team officials <hes> if it was impossible to the organization wheeler for one happy he wasn't moved almost having multiple the stadium wasn't a walk in the park but the yanks earned a split with downers lead on a first and second? It'll be an ODE to grumble up the middle the fan of all this Chapman working into out of trouble called on in the ninth after the ANC scored three in the eight to build a seven three lead and ends up a seven five victory over Arizona Gleyber Torres come frazier he will score a third Michael Conforto tax on the mets laid four to one of the night Gary Cohn S. Y. Era The annoying baseball boomer will pass overlap serious N._F._L. Right okay well. We'll look forward to that. Here's frazier onto Graham's latest performance exceptional times where scored I came up big <hes> let's check. That's Jesse and Jake and <hes> you know that's why we love him here. So that's good no moves for the mets on deadline day. It's no I don't wait up here. I was on my phone looking at a dealership. Maybe because it's maybe you can sell them your car the APP yeah. That's what I figured. Thank you Yoshi Geraldo into the left-field splitters. I'd be lying if I went up there and said I wasn't looking for a splitter going up trying to get a good swing off on sure did whereas Cameron maybe with run-scoring hits in the eighth Mike Talk Men opened the scoring with a two run homer but also enrollment put the yanks ahead for good a two run shot in the seventh as he drilled a first pitch. Go ahead two run single in the ninth last night for batters later Michael Conforto at the plate with two out through the whole base then to score his Davis Cup pitch hanger from USA his hero Hirano had to be so I think you Yoshihisa Yoshihisa Verano into the Belushi Yoshi. That's easier for him plus. He says everyone loves all mine and you know he's just so respected in that room. Masahiro Tanaka started this game not exactly the bounceback MM performance. He was looking for after that disaster in Boston last week. Four innings five hits two runs three walks four strikeouts at thirty six pitch fourth. I Two guys reaching tame one game one of their first American League Division series yes. Who is your starting pitcher in game one? He is anything's possible. Analytics Group tells Aaron Boone that Paxton is better against this team in the playoffs in game one then today and then those red sox come to town four games in three days including Saturdays double header. Let's hear from Brian Cashman who did come away empty-handed on trade deadline again various reasons. It didn't work out so certainly disappointed. You'd like to have more if you could but I didn't have any realistic chance to in my mind based on the dialogue I think he tober Dave or anything you don't. He's got to preserve his arm four October. I Guess Seventy Nine Punch one all division series. What are the chances you think her? MOM issue became one store if he keeps throwing well. I certainly wouldn't rule it out. You're GonNa give me I think I told you the fenway we weren't engaged with Boston and all but by I was engaging everybody. I'm sorry if if they open with Boston in the A._l. and to do so and it was interesting he insinuated that some guys who seem to be available really weren't in his mind and you could make the argument. Maybe the mets fall into that category. We heard listen. I think they can stretch them out to three or four. I would not have based no move yesterday off of that though because he could get back on a mound and his arm pump anything's orders for the Yankees right now all this other stuff is fodder. They got the big lead. They're going to be in the they're going to be in the playoffs and they're going to have the most like I think it's going to be the red sox. Actually they'll most likely play the red sox which is scary in Plano. Five game series very scary thing but that's one those guys are going to really have to earn the certainly the yanks are off mini pitches in long county so yeah it was just it was just the difficulty of the last you know forty pills for the right thing heard so much about syndergaard in wheeler they end up going nowhere. Youngson mets did have talked talked to brody quite a lot. You know <hes> you know as I did with almost every team except for obviously I think get anyone out against boss struck out nine guys. My point is like there's there's a team that they could pinched potentially face in the first round. He's had a dominant start against them and start where he got lit up and Tanaka the nets will be your here's the problem with Paxton Right. I starting at the red sox season early in the year. He threw like eight shut things with twelve strikeouts yet last week. He couldn't get innings limits. I understand it but I think that they will manage them up cherry release so that he can do what he needs to do. In the post and that's where yesterday had they added a guy he would who you would not really an upgrade. I'm talking about just somebody to eat some innings and maybe they get that from Vida just for the rest of the regular season not for October. Yes I take three or four innings September I do. I do think that that definitely has something to do with Brian Cashman not going all in on one of these other guys if he could have gotten other guys up and give up with him. He's Jecklin I again again. You know whether or not he is a success will be determined. Come October that tells us is all the matters. I see what you did that. Maybe that ends up being Elisa Severino for a few innings but yeah at some point Herman may not be able to start every fifth or sixth day the rest of the way in October. We'll skip a start here and there you'll keep the innings to where they need to be income October. They're not going to pull a nationals and say can't be he's going to go out there and beer number one make up the innings insinuating that he's not GonNa Pitch in the playoffs because he's on an innings Eddie. They won't allow that. They're not going to start him. In September with a ten game lead lose him today Yes to Knock Severino comes back and shows you that he severino you've star starter. It's him or her Muka. you start throwing three innings four innings. What's the deal what's big deal one or two start especially when the rosters expanded timber they can get guys? I've met so next year. We have to deal with the recipe outlets syndrome. Stop Okay now. You're now. You're getting out of control in the fifth. He steals zero on the board but you make them over there. What compelled you to go to green that very simple? <hes> boone says he just wasn't very sharp too wing. Maybe even two months left in the season. Throw off of a mound yet. He said he's GonNa throw off a man very soon. He'll go on a rehab assignment and a couple of weeks. He could definitely as you get so mad at me. When I say what I say Domingo's Hmong is on innings limit because clearly when you because it stood because they if you can throw him only four yesterday guys plus way we we we we severino comes back to come back and be stretched out to go three innings? Maybe an ending Ormond has been like this guy. He's been great very good astros one day acquiring cranky from the tax package of four prospects Jeff Luneau okay all right so I'm sure there is on the same page or you're yelling at me clearly. We're not on the same thing I know I hope you're right but I 'cause. I think to Mingo relief but there will be a charge of over six million dollars for next season and then smaller cap. It's in each of the following two seasons. I will get you football sound yesterday. Obviously we've been baseball sure heavy Sanchez genie from the Blue Jays then they went out and got blitz by the Indians dry -sego fan for the broncos because flat goes not playing okay. We'll look forward to that. The Rangers did buy out the contract of Kevin Shattenkirk release informed him that they will do so so they get some salary cap relief roark from the Reds Cincinnati also dealing scooter genetic the giants the braves bolster their bullpen green from the Tigers Mark Melanson from the giants cubs acquired outfielder by the way <unk> Hall of Fame Game Tonight Broncos Falcons will have it for you here on the Fan Westwood one coverage at seven thirty and the Rangers say say that again drew locked Noah the Tom Hamilton on Indians radio. We didn't get swung on in blasted there though I like when he does that a ten four win for Cleveland over the Astros else worthy as picked up starter uh-huh oh please interleague series with the Astros sometime the rest of the season probably not but anyway <hes> the astros also edit Aaron Sanchez three run home run up tonight fourth Bob of the night in excited casinos from Detroit are the giants beat the phillies five to one. They decided to hold onto Madison Bumgarner so he stays in San Francisco of comes up last minute so you never know look at the mets like <hes> schedule a lot of home games the rest of the way they do bring Pete Alonzo's tweet yesterday. Did you guys talk about that. Yes so here's the thing you know I look at their pitching lineup today. It's Wheeler Matt's Stroman syndergaard than the ground again. That's how a rotation works the way the mets do not crossover fortunate crossover with Kansas City in Cleveland kind crossover with them in October in the fall classic. Look forward to that when I look very good what are you doing. What are you got? Hey flushing five boomer geo- let's go yes so <hes> what okay so far this morning with the trade deadline but we'll have some stuff for you in nine thirty segment look forward to that. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Gianotti boomer in the infield which meant the play died and the base runners were at first and second at the time. We're only allowed to advance one base as opposed to the government second coming all the way around score which would have put Chicago up by a run Robert. Keno may may have been able to knock the ball down. I don't know what they would not have gotten the forest play at second and instead of and that you're talking like these guys are all. It's just GonNa Every Fifth Day One pitch one inning one there you go. That sounds more like what we're used to hearing from. You very name is as good as any team. I've ever seen go just give them. The World Series Trophy now go favorites to win the dodgers. We'll see we'll the big dogs. I don't even know what this just finish <hes>. Can you finish Nick Connie. Pro-football famer did pass away Wednesday at the age of seventy eight by love Chicago taking the lead the mets escape the jam and they come back out and they score a few runs they go ahead four one they win four two so all of a sudden things starting to go their way a little bit although when they went to review it they did not overturn it but the mets do get the win they go for the sweep this afternoon and for the Yankees as we've discussed all day the win yesterday and they with their win last night in Chicago very interesting when because there was a point in this game where it looked like the white sox are gonNA take to one lead and a ground ball hits the Umpire we know met Standing Pat Yankee standing at least for yesterday the mets making the move the day prior as we know or couple days prior over the weekend and so the mets won six in a row there was a J. D. Davis shut down the right field line that should have been. I believe it would have been R._B._I. Double <hes> but the ball hit where the chalk should have been they stopped with the chalk and then in stunned disbelief. I can't believe we just add to this rotation and this team and he says now we're really stacked. You really don't have any holes right now. If we stay healthy this team what happens when they make the playoffs and then you have to go to three memorization isn't that going to both their bullpen to matching wheeler maybe in the bullpen and the big dogs go by the Boom N._G._O. We'll be back in just a moment back. Yell at Mark a little bit more. <hes> we have fan fest on Saturday. We've got the trade deadline which passed yesterday as we but in the end I got a job to do like I said so many times so no matter what the case and I got a job to do he's talking with his mouth cotton balls. Were you know you talk about not touching the money all the time and you are just way too one of these guys goes down with an injury and then you'd be in their wine and again did get a picture from a buddy of mine. I'M NOT GONNA say who I'll say. His name is Scott. That's all don't anymore a very cool photo of cease about the last night at rock which very I don't make the big deal. The team is what it is. They'll have severino at some point coming back. Hewlett Batanes is coming back and the rest of the walking wounded at some point should be back for this team as well and I did yeah right. So what does that mean good Richard. What's happening but you what's up? Hey can't we just enjoy that why the Yankee fans have two colon try and pooh-poohed our ice cream. I don't understand it Richie. Would you guys what's happening bus Bouma behind you one hundred percent. It's all I the mets are relevant. Why can't the money to our starting pitchers? Whatever whatever okay for a team you know stupid? EMINEM'S EMINEM's to a team that we know is going to play offs. I get it okay. He makes twenty three million dollars. Three million dollars forty year Yankee Fan Boone taking out Tanaka yesterday was a good call. It's all about October baseball. That's have every five days is too much to ask by starting pitching or give me a hundred twenty pitches but that that's not bad but that by the way that's not the starting pitchers I am. I mean but I also know what he was doing and I probably why doesn't like it felt like a wildcard game where it felt like a game where we can't lose there's fault. He's not being asked to take he's not asking that's what I'm saying and I understand why they did it. It doesn't mean I have to like it. I don't have to live every day watching my girlish figure. I don't WanNa thank you. That's all right not one and EMINEM EMINEM Lever Orioles who's at Hershey Park over the weekend and I've had enough eminem's as a year. If that's all you're getting out of your starting pitcher four four and a half innings or we overpay them just a little bit. I'll tell you what if I get four performances out of him. Do you know why all kidding aside because the one who's trying to enjoy it is pooping in the Yankees ice cream by this historically ban run that he said over and over and over again living in the Philadelphia. I'm shooting. I love the flushing five t shirt coming out. I hope so I don't know what is coming up and hopefully soon this game and all hands on deck. You're playing the predominant. Do you have a day off today and it's not like they were knocking him around though Saturday off today yeah have we don't have a picture who's been pitcher for the last couple of years in October Tanaka and not have been the guy that is pitched seventeen scoreless innings one one one giving up one run. That was the right call why overtaxed the guy in July August favor Abe when we have the lead will win we had the lease had the leading standing eight Toby's money in the bank October. I think so too thank you appreciate in mid October then I'm making my money earned my money. I'm not saying I didn't have I. I know that Aaron Boone Played The win the game yesterday which you WanNa do every week I every ehealth Staten Island. Hey Rodney. What's going on guys? How you doing today all right good morning? Listen listen to you guys all morning. I'm a forty on with me. No is you're talking about. Yes yes yes yes they might. Can you clip that less. Yes please please you gotta be rolling on the show right clip that one for Meghan here that Robin Cherry Hill Rob. What are you got brother? Hey boom our baseball manager like you should be is being very cautious and a very aware we attach a boatload of opinion Emma eminem Guy. I love the peanut eminem the the planum still the best way to hold on a second. I wasn't finished. We need looking. This guy is into it. Have you ever been rock day. He actually just invited me to go. It's awesome. I need to go when Eminem I don't know L._A. Bridge weaking how about this today at two o'clock. They're playing the white sox I can't wait for. You got a game too. I cannot wait to watch Zack Wheeler today. I don't know maybe there's something wrong comes to last me a few weeks plus. I've got more EMINEM's at home. I got Hershey kisses at home bright so I'm good now. What is Eminem son sends us all those EMINEM's because of the mikey strong gain but it's just nice to have a team? That's you know I I can go back and say they feel now. I was done till next year gained love. Have you had the <hes> Caramella minimum I did but I'm joan this. It's got refrigerated. Oh yes but I I'm more of okay. Here's my point two points. One of them is Alonzo except for a few big home runs has come he started he started overkill and you know what it turned out death now because voight with the sports surgery which is most likely going to happen. He's turned out to be a very good pickup. You're absolutely right now. You've got awesome but nobody who didn't expect that I mean Edwin encarnacion a great Dan but but that's another pickup by Brian Cashman in the middle of the season which I thought was the second half really my coins of optimism is he's going to have three weeks almost like festivus where he's going to carry the back. I feel real confident about that. Sooner or later they may happen. I would also say it's going to happen for Aaron. Judge eventually too big sluggers in town and have kind of been stuck in like the fog no Dell and the guy that was great that the the Yankees have picked up and how many big hits. He's had his Encarnacion E._S._P._N. has them ranked third day dodgers and the the Astros yes. That's E._S._P._N. Trent yes. I think that's probably with the injuries the Yankees he's have even though they've done quite well with them with this historically bad run they've been on. I think that's probably about fair with what the Astros did the astros healthy now whereas the he's still fighting the Yankees finds the they they like. I think my haters right now. I'm good I like doing. I hope they do make the playoffs. Thank you very very much. WHO teams that we're talking about? Yes that are actually relevant. I swear to God they're relevant. I mean the Yankees are more than no E._S._P._N. I was out for ten days. A lot of things happened. All of a sudden I came back and low behold the Sunday night before I came back brody band wagon decided to control and I called you like many months ago about you and I both hating people yes I can't how are you doing with him right now us all EMINEM's with his face on them which was cool except I felt like I was eating my brother's face kind of weird. Don't you think <hes> eating your brother's face. Yes let's go to Kelly down. Kelly what's happening evident former whatever you're taking today. I want some Jerry. I give you so much credit right now for dealing with him. He's out of control. He's not as may you and Encarnacion as your as your <hes> D. H. first-base slash you know routine whether call that a rotation and Kelly hold on for one second I there's I just had something just happened. You know I'm a big guy two boys in Karma and stuff like that things happen for a reason right was on base and you can charge with those runs like Masahiro Tanaka four plus two runs <hes> <hes> doesn't look good no it doesn't look good and I thought he was better than that and you don't lose anything. No I was looking thing okay voice out now but yeah all right they get love Lemay you back. They have tours at second deedee at in their last three. Yes they look at it that historically bad run foreign five terrible the pitching spent four and it's not like a nine game losing Ed Marcus Stroman and the whole thing changed is crazy. It really is crazy. Thanks Kelli thanks for noticing Santiago. What do you got the short or show at Third Romaine Catching Encarnacion D. H? G. Aaron Judge Hicks and either talk men or garden around just another it so the last four m's that I just ate okay blue and orange. Yes shut up. That's orange are blue ones great. What are the colors you got green and red it was all blue and orange for some reason is the whole package blue and orange? It was not but Manhattan's he's talking about this. He's out of control. Your White Beats Working Kelly. I have to tell you I'm having a ton of fun. I mean I was thinking ooh. I'm fine with this. I don't like mean people boomers not a mean person so I could deal with this all day things control Gerry. How're you take? He's talking about him another baseball. There's nothing it's just it's another in a long list of ridiculous injuries that this team has battled through thirty games over five hundred Kelly town go for it the blue and orange and there's no blue light dot that's right you gotta get the Special Yankee. Why are white EMINEM's they do make them <hes> but they don't package them as the regular rotation of Emmy's like you can buy blue and white EMINEM's? If you want to do a little bit special special ones for Christmas bought streaked. The pirates were just Larry. Rothschild went out there and yelled at the rallies generalize too. I don't like when you don't give up any runs but you're responsible for the runners. I've got a F- I'm with blooms a Yankees fan well. He's a he's. I like to enjoy whatever his team is doing. Come on we want anything until years either so give it all right so he did right thing at plus. You know you had thunderstorms common and everything else. You're going to end up yanking him out anyway. Perhaps I would have let him fight through stupid stats yet but the manager knew that he wasn't so we got him out of there. I did the right. I wasn't going there so you brought that back up again. I wasn't going to say that Aaron booed did the right thing this come on man you make this crap in your brains. You know just acting those now I didn't even wear mouthpiece cup and the coach would go around and you know knock knock knock on the way up right now. No no no you had to so when you were playing quarterback being the jam the inning before and giving up not much of a single and a check swing base it then and did you see too. I guess it was it was wilmer. Were you not running though Chris Simms love's tell the story because he watched me. I hit a line drive clean single to left. I was very proud of myself and like we went about our business. The way you're saying we're how they didn't wear helmets and hot three years and years really stupid though when he was a generation about anything you know God Almighty now everybody winds about everything what's more embarrassing as a pro getting thrown at second base it taking the base it away from your teammate. We're getting thrown at first from right field. I would say getting thrown out at first I he says proudly we're Flora's you see flora's on the game at this point get thrown out at second on a flared Rayfield. What's more now? I know he had trouble reading the play. I guess we didn't work ups a Lie Cup now incumbent running back no couple cup- weren't cops. I mean Joe Theismann. Were basically you know hangs across his face surprised were meant. There was another generation ago. You know this whole generational difference. This is yeah I saw it happened last year. Tampa tried it on a guy and they just beat the throat in softball and I got thrown off from that was unbelievable. Talk to you know no I all my friends have their testicles back in the center. You've taken a ball from the center. The center had a cup on and it would like hit the top of your hand and would kill you so then when I finally got college like I mean Balding said but the but the catchers wear a cup the do but have you ever been hit there with even with a cup on Dude. It hurts not as much time I ever wore. An actual causes Mike Young. I never wore one play N._F._L. Football no we don't wear cups guys Zoos WanNa net balls and now we wear a jockstrap or a tight. You know like Hanford Team No. I don't think no. I don't think it was it wasn't manfred steam because it wasn't sleepy hollow. You've got thrown out at first base you remember I just know that through adversity would you would you. Would you brought them back. After a thirty minute that's different that's different. That's completely different but having done what he did escaping now if you would've pulled the next ten callers and said do think N._F._L. Players Work Cups. They don't talk but I think most of us thought they do. They don't aren't protecting those while they're holding him tight but they're they're not covering with a cup like I remember back back Little League football. Everybody had to wear a can last night. Take one right there all the throws he then well. I think the he got hate. In the private region. I square like okay and we don't even wear shoulder pads ever see Michael Bennett Defensive Linemen got his way thing. Can we make this a standard question and not really running hard admired and the guy I admired it in the guy just threw a on a line right. I was at the that was that had to be against Manfred. Thank God forbid you want to save your testicles. Got It all right nine twenty one of the lucky ones we all right. Chris Sims loves that he anytime I see he still somehow brings that up to me like Wendy s Sam at the Super Bowl to hang around but he'd be hero. I can make this crap do have like narped talks about if you would have pulled and the cats out of the bag talk eating the cereal eating his Sierra with soya affecting his his manhood manhood speaking of that. Did you see James McCann a fitting pair of tights underneath just not just to pull it in tight. I'm out so the guys of the Jock straps on under the pants question from now on like football season we have football players on we go to giants you guys wearing cups like Saquon Barkley. Do you have a cup on a room for copy ever see his thighs. Your I get it. I know receive because like saquon compressions. We're live investors bank studio on this lovely Wednesday Thursday Friday Thursday. What's Thursday Thursday? It's the morning show with it. delay out there in the newsroom. I could actually follow along with the program so we already introduced you so good. I brought to you by the Raycatena Auto Group scheduled appointment today at a rate Katina's service center for first with boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo nine thirty boomer N._G._O. Vacation return it over to Chris Lopresti. I don't I would say that catchers do out of the anybody else on the Major League baseball diamond do does basketball yeah. I work up and I still have my testicles. I didn't wear one and I still have mine okay. I would you allow. I think the pants may have a cup in it. I know the Goldie Wears a cup of course because they didn't that would have been crazy the way I I have a shell that I pull over my hockey pads and those hockey pads have a cup built into it. You know what I mean so they don't you know so they probably do but football it. I love doing all the time. Take it away Chris Yacht Chris Chris. Oh there you are. We'll take note next time nine twenty three. I think we need a break on the fan and C._B._S. Sports where those long things ballpark certainly don't I wouldn't expect that basketball. I wouldn't expect those guys they probably don't even wear anything underneath their short and probably have flop around left and right class service at affordable prices mets did beat the white sox last night four two to three runs in the ninth to snap what was a one one tie run-scoring hits from Todd Frazier Michael Conforto underneath their shorts compression compression. Yes why compression Su Absolutely Alex. I think like you know Kevin Durant like so thin so cold that he has to wear that that was that you should be on time that contract that we can put it in the contract. You know I'll agree to the terms no problem with your show up on time. Maybe if we didn't have like a seven minute your son played. Did he not wear one in high school. He probably had to in high school. I'm telling you as a pro and as in college I didn't in high school we had I mean I I did where the mold of junk and fit like a mouthpiece. It's not gonNA happen now. You're going overboard. We you said callaway says pressure to score runs no longer exists for his club because they've been pitching so well so both aspects of the team supporting one another's no urgency <hes> talk describe up in your hockey players where a cup now shut up while they were flying over the day whereas they were they were a pants that are everything and four zero Edwin struck out the side for his twenty four th save despite allowing a solo homer that six straight seven hundred eight for the mets to get within four and a half of that second wildcard spot Mickey callaway. He didn't see the guys that do the tag. I saw people shot dead in the street. I didn't wear a cop but can't get it but he was going after you. I'm more talking. They fit properly. What are you talking about? They have different sizing factoring manufacturing anything there are different sizes and shapes to these guy play football man that guy talking about the guy that's being hit on every play among an ass tiki barber as well. I co well now. He might have worked to work. Guys make pitcher last night while he said Phil Regan was GonNa talk to them. They were going to go over some mechanic sure what they were talking about and you would know this better than any of us. Because you played professor <hes> under control feet were good comfortable distance apart and he was leverageable down. He was a nice easy ninety seven ninety eight the bottom of the zone. He was a different talk to have to get this hit on this play right you can just relax and pass the batons at the next guy as far as Diaz goes. Mickey says he was much better than Tuesday nights perform <hes>. Do you think the traded was on his mind because Ron Gary and Ron. We're talking about that. I would say yeah it was so it was on all their minds and you know and we take it for granted but you know you watch cranky key. Leave the game last night walking in the bowels of the Yankee Stadium and they got a camera right and he had just gotten traded to Houston. There's a lot that goes into that. <hes> and we're mouthpieces too. I mean I don't know what else you would think. You'd like your teeth. I do like my teeth and I still have my teeth. I'M GONNA ask Bart Scott. Next time I seen all he saquon Barkley. Where a cop with those ties have? It's specially made thinking a chafing no would be going on. He fit properly the big moment of the day selection on that means it might be a choice and he wants to where multiple choice contract is guys wanted to stay here. I think they like each other. We keep saying it's a likeable team and now all of a sudden. They're all performing like that so I think there's something to be said about that and there's nothing worse than having the middle of your season upset now of course if you're going to go to a contender it's a little bit different. I think you can get over once you get there but I think the mets around the room and no we've got everything we need <hes> to be a championship colonial pitching upgrades but that's okay because last week's historic collapses boomer likes don't take any breaks and and go right after teams trade deadline comes and goes only move the mets make his swapping Jason Vargas for Marcus Stroman certainly an upgrade the likes of Syndergaard eh he got a first ball fast baugh and drilled a deep to left and out Romi. I felt the team deserves a chance to make a run based on the way they have played since the all-star British team has shown resiliency. This team has earned the right to now. Go play meaningful sudden. You can really do some damage with a team one pitch one inning one game take care of today at two o'clock Boom Zack wheeler opposed by Dylan cease coverage on mm-hmm and then they got three against the pirates and then three against the marlins and the nationals coming to town so these next seven W._C._B._S. eight eighty meantime Yankees and mets definitely talked about potential trades. Obviously nothing came of it and for the Yanks nothing came of any of the trade talks at all they stand pat. That's a little bit. Their manager admits it gets mad. I didn't hear historical here's story collapsing rough run-scoring hits for gleyber Torres and Cameron. Maybe it in the eighth and Aaron Boone Ready to roll with the guys that got them to this point. They're celebrating a win with those guys and looking Mr and with the way the whole team has been playing. Jake says they can make a run at the playoffs. Yeah I think so <hes> you know we just gotTa keep after it. <hes> you know this is got out of it. With only one run I mean he was he was dominant lights out just nasty stuff all night <hes> Jacob degrom and with the way him last Sevi- Delon whoever else working their way back <hes> become a factor force at some point. We believe they will by the way you know. Divvy Garcia is kind of become a hot the holy John Sterling Seventy call here on the fan the Split Finger fastball to be precise and remind jumped all over it go ahead two run homer Yang said at three runs of insurance in just to call it will be a thing of the past we had a tough you know six or eight starts there where a guy struggled a little bit. Hopefully we're now starting to right the ship Wheeler Diaz Frazier all remained understand. If you do golf okay but at the same time you got to play for your team and for your city it's frazier courtesy of `send why Brody Van Wagon Rolling with their roster as it currently stands Wednesday avoided a sweep at the hands of the diamondbacks Fitch slowing on a bit is high bar in the eighth they would need it because Mr Cortes Chapman little shaky in the nine per chapman straight at the time runs on base seven five Yankee victory. Mike talk men two run homer to open the scoring yeah. They've been around a long time the worst ever okay great well. He says their starters although they had that rough week and get the job done those guys are capable of giving bullpen guys were good yesterday except for Chapman Fifteen Game Win of this division when all of a sudden uncool plus they've got reinforcements on the way fully you know or to run first innings still not the five hundred though it's games under right they got. They got to get the five hundred that's that's the mark they got the white sox today. Hopefully we'll pitches a gym. Agan says they weren't looking at a fire sale. We weren't going to look at this is salary dump trades. We weren't gonNA look at this just getting modest return or be prospects in return meaningful games over the course of the next two months. I know they're excited to go do that and the first part of that for sure because this is the team when they get beaten down pretty good they come right back the next day and a lot of times. We'll put up a runner in games man with the with the flushing five come on now but if they win five of seven saying win them all you go five and two in the next seven they'll take on Washington right at the five hundred mark and all of a name here for the Yanks in the last month or so since he had that whatever fifteen strikeout game at aa so he's made four starts at AAA now the arrays north of six he gave up six earned runs yesterday so this week called it a historically bad run and he was accurate with that he did say historically bad run boomer Cau- right there was their worst eight-game even US quality innings and handed off to to to our guys is their bullpen guys Yankees they will is that we said Okay eight-game stretch of certain kinds of Tanaka the most earned runs twenty seven hundred they still want a few of those games which excuse it since like the twenties yeah another no decision for Jacob degrom ninth in Seventeen starts since May I although he pitching to a two two nine ers during that span he walked two in a row and the third loaded the bases AAA so he isn't triple he's getting he's having a hard time. It's four starts zero. North of six doesn't mean he's not going to be a great pitcher rack. which is maybe not this year right so <hes> anyway will fans that are relying on thinking? He's GonNa come up and be a factor. Maybe he will but right now. He's got some kinks to work out triple called earlier so what about him going up to win the data's or but we expect to see him absolutely all right more injury concerns luke void to the I o Sports Hernia that may require surgery if it does he he would be at least six weeks yanks her off today than four games in three days with those red sox including the Saturday doubleheader and hope to have D._J. Lemay who back in the lineup tomorrow night couple more more from cashman now is what it is. I tried couldn't get any deals w certainly knocked on all doors had a lot of ideas and exchange of ideas with clubs in our effort four and Frank Conan described it as a pretty short meeting and this was the quote from Terry. There wasn't sound of it. Sometimes it's emotional and sometimes it's not quite as emotional. That's I'm two division series barring an epic collapse beyond that anyone's guess what we do know is the astros just became an even more affordable affordable formidable. Thank you from that. Well not on the team and so that none you hear any of our I was about to get to that. I don't know why so excited. He gets a Trevor Bauer audio that said Redskins so he met with Francona yesterday or I guess I don't know the day before it's just being honest I guess no love lost between those two so he said Franklin and said he was concerned that there would be long-term effects from what happened in Kansas City with Bauer throwing the ball over the Centerfield wall was the final long-term fats what he said. I guess he fell just the I. I'm just telling you what he said. So maybe there was more to the dynamic in up three in the rotation elite talent. We have two players to pitchers on our team may be more that are hall of fame caliber rank. He added to Ver- Lander and Garrett Cole Astros did fall the clubhouse between Bauer and the other teammates but also been a pain in the neck. I guess kind of like Odell. Beckham Junior was thirty five next two years. I think thirty five per year yes he comes over from Arizona package of four prospects general manager and President of Baseball Operations Jeff Luneau on his coup. No points Ancona reacted to it. It makes total sense here is Bauer with the media yesterday asked about what Francona had to say. You believe that if you were still on his team could have been some lingering effects. I'd say to their fans well yeah. We're competing but you know what this guy's got to go but yet they bring puig black who yesterday they asked Franco like you know he's got a couple of screws lists like that. I think it was over fifty fifty and then when it all came together we just looked at each other rooms. Are we really is this really happening as kind of had to pinch ourselves and it leaves them where they loaded top to improve <hes> but the fallback is always been we know we have a good cluber ready so we will proceed according to roster up against whoever and see where it takes us we know it will take them boone ass when we might actually see Severino back on a major league now we'll seventies seventies due to get on the mound here pretty soon. When I don't know when doc ID card I wrote that but I said affordable not affordable when you had zach rank us though they did get some money in that deal from the diamondbacks saw that about twenty four million bucks something like that thirty like it seemed like a maybe a little bit more personal between he and the manager then we know and that final Straw and you could see how Francona the mountain view that's one right then and there that was the that was the last straw or gave them? I think an easy way to uh-huh really matters believe what you will sell laughing through that right yeah. He was Kinda grinning and you heard a little little chuckle <hes> he did drop this little nugget in there his teammates like him well He. He was sticking up for his for his guys. Yes love and everything else now. He's the different dude. There's no question about that but I- Bauer there was like on the island of it should have missed them. Start Teddy has partially torn ligaments in his ankle back spasms and an illness at some point and he says I kept taking the ball so if you to the Indians last night ten to four Cleveland of course sent Trevor Bauer to the Redskins as we know or the redskins could go to the reg. How are you going to get a contract gave up the sport? It happens. I wrote reds came out redskins football my mind you know I guess anyway did as well which probably doesn't make the reds feel all warm and fuzzy inside most proud about is I haven't missed start this year through two months of probably needing to be on like what if he gets involved like he did the other day in the Bra and he goes batting. It's it's something like that happens here. I'll have his back every step of the way it is. Though we gave me his the judges dude you know sometimes mixed sometimes they don't and sometimes it gets talk point where you just enough enough already. I'm telling you one Francona went out there. I keep seeing the ball and some anatomy hopefully they check the medicals and the physical on him before they made that trade N._F._L. I did say I'd have I have a couple of things for he wasn't as much as I thought we did a lot of baseball hall of fame game tonight in Canton. You've got the broncos and the Falcons Westwood. One's coverage here on the fan begins at seven thirty. Tom Brady with the media yesterday talked about adding some way to better the job at you say thank you to Brody Wagon and the mets pictured pitching staff for allowing you to do that. Yes understood very good all right good job Chris Bob Dwyer good job nine forty six and the fan and C._B._S. Sports Network the guy he talked to the gist was we're not saying he's Patrick Mahomes but as if to say he's in that type of category so amazing to to me is how these kids now come into the N._F._L. And most of us they came into the N._F._L. Overwhelmed these kids don't seem to be overwhelmed they did. They're ready to go and they're. They're content with just going year to year at this day to day if you think about it. None of us are really promised anything so I mean I'm trying to do the best I could do today. You know due Gillette Stadium Patriot place all of a sudden. This franchise is worth four billion dollars. I mean Hell Yeah. He's he's a big reason for. He's going to be a starting. The personalities all Mesh together by the way you've talked about what you heard from cardinals Campau Kyla Murray saw yesterday. I think it was Albert. Breer went to Camp and some of I believe that they belong here. This is where I've always should be playing not overwhelmed by it pretty pretty fascinating actually sorry I've told basically they believed that they belong here. I got a lot of us. I I can only go by my own personal experience when you get there. You're like holy crap scary. He's got a chip on his shoulder. He plays that way and you know they're going to be a story. They're going to be a big story this year. A lot of people are gonNA be watching them and see what happens and see how those few sat there and you watch that game. They still get hit. What what's good about him is that he is so quick to get rid of the ball and he's so accurate and he knows his offense inside? I don't know if I can handle this and then it takes a while for you to get a hold of it but like Mahomes and Colin Murray and Baker Mayfield even things Sam Darnold Josh Allen and Carson Wentz they all Beckham Junior respond to that once live bullets. I guess it'll certainly be different than Eli for Odell. That's sure we'll be because you know Baker. I also think that <hes> that one report said the ring say yes right yeah. The one you're one of the reasons he and bill check together are why Bob Kraft was able to championship field when they played at Denver and they lost to Denver. He took a beating he took a beating that game and you know we all you know my generation guys all they don't like us to if take hits at the age of forty one actually turned forty two on Saturday beyond that though it's the final year of his contract no indication wants to stop playing anytime soon as we know is he content Westchester. What's happened to David Morning Fellas on behalf of the entire audience? I just wanted to know when we can. We expect you're serious. Football boomer is offense again about how in practice the other day because he lived into his guys because they weren't coming back to the ball when he was scrambling he does. We'll see how the likes of Jarvis Landry noto in quarterback in the playoffs in the you're twenty twenty <hes> age forty two yup. Would you remarkable leave that ten years ago now Adenauer. That's what makes him last as long as he's lasting so with a lot of moving parts at Brown Camp Baker Mayfield not afraid to call out his his high profile receivers jackass gotTa talk through it got going to harp on it and then I'm GonNa talk to those guys know that that's a big part of our offense. You just got a little sampling of boomer talking N._F._L. Which is apparently what the people want to hear more of now and they're getting tired of some of these baseball all having fun and I'm certainly in the middle of that David and Westchester intimate feel brings a lot of energy to the you know ally is just kind of like been around for a long time? He does goes about it the way he's always gone about it kind of just like under the radar bakers certainly not it really is amazing. Then browns camps. I I was just going to say that you know the game is different. There's no but I will say a standing down on the A._F._C. Championship at that point. If you're going to do that that's cool. You got to make the throws and he can't make the throws he is the real deal guys on the run to deadly accurate. It's an easy transition a moment the frontier by World Casino in Queens with over six thousand games. This is how N._y._C. Roles and told a Boon God all right. That'll lunch in the little tell there you go not getting a little annoying. Listen thank you you have played the role of troll pretty nicely this week sure all right. Come on now we like. I said we've got a great relationship so helps when you're married Gel Giselle. I also just let those things sort themselves out feels. He's earned an extension though I know guys search for talk show debate. What

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