United Nations Warns Of Hunger In South Sudan


Fuel listening to the news at this hour on africa business radio u. n. agencies of cold front end to fight in in south sudan's jonglei state to enable the delivery of humanitarian supplies for set people in pablo county face catastrophic levels of hunger. The agency said four factors. We're contributing to the crisis. Violence the pandemic flooding and a falling economy does at six point. Five million south sudanese faced a severe food insecurity but novice projected to rise significantly next year. Nearly one point. Five million children are expected to be acutely malnourished. In the coming months the giants message was released by the world food program. Nsf in the us food and agricultural organization. And that's was the news at this time on africa business radio. You can't continue to listen my online at. Www dot africa business radio dot com or via our mobile app. I am rachel agenda. Thank you for listening.

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