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Amazon comes in hot with Crucible!


Hey this is megan her piano. And I'm sue bird. We've decided to turn our crazy. I G live show into podcast for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the show a touch more new episodes of touch more dropped Tuesday. Only on the blue wire podcast network. Be Sure to subscribe to the show on spotify apple or anywhere else. You listen to podcasts. Welcome to lamb parties episode nineteen from the Las Vegas Review Journal. This episode is brought to you by bed online. Hey G I am your Kojo's Ryan Smith and with me as always is Lucas again. Lucas how was your weekend? My friend. I know of a long weekend. It was good. It was pretty relaxing which was canonized Didn't do any housework just to went on a little bit of a gaming fix here Played a little last of us. Played a little over watch and Played a little super smash. That was kind of my trifecta for the weekend. Ryan How's yours? It was good Barbecuing here the other day chilled out with the family. It's also my daughters. My daughter's birthday week win this episode drops Tomorrow tomorrow's her birthday so You know we've been celebrate net. It's going to be a little different With the social distancing and stuff like that so not gonna be having anybody over. We've done a week of themed Things as you could see my nails got painted last night. We had a yesterday where Bobby Daddy had to say. Yes to everything You Know I. It's been fantastic so again. No complaints being able to hang out with the family Get outside a little bit Do a little hiking and stuff like that so we definitely WanNa look at getting outdoors More Lisa out in the open and just not having to be cooped up inside all day but you know as far as gaming wise things have been good. I I'm really excited To talk about This the first topic here I know we talked about this game here. A few on a few episodes ago It's called crucible. It's Amazon's first major game that they've released We knew that it was going to be very much a mobile style. I didn't know what really to expect. Can I didn't do a ton of going and following along this games development However I've got to say I I really enjoyed it. It's free to play by the way so those habit or those that have steam. You're able to go pick it up on steam right now. It's free to play and I'M NOT GONNA lie I. It has a lot of fun. It kind of the premise of a a again. It is a mobile but it kind of also has that overwatch feel to it with that being a thirty environment It is third person it is. I think it's third person the third person or first aid. I'm facing a here But it feels very much like overwatch however you have a very similar objectives That you would see say in a mobile style game When the most that I tried was you know there's These big planters that you have to go and like you have teams for V four yet to kill these These high things then grab their heart. grabbed the heart of the on or of the hive in the objective yet to get three of them to win the game. That's the only one mode I haven't tried any other modes But I can't lie man. It is I it is a ton of fun to play. I was really impressed Just to see how smooth the game played in. Of course we know that it is officially out now. So you know I don't know if you guys or review yourself. Lucas have had a chance To play but I gotTa say if you enjoy Moma's his third person If you enjoy as I think you're going to enjoy this game. Yeah I have not had a chance to sit down with it. I will definitely. It looks good. It looks fun. And you know Ryan I was GonNa ask this. This is such a hyper competitive space. John Right now do you. Do you see this game off to a good. Start to kind of edgy. Now its own audience in the space. Yeah I think so in his funny you could. I think some people were kind of like well. I don't know Valerie. It might hinder hinder its ability to be successful. And I don't you know hasn't had that I mean I don't I feel like a hasn't had any kind of affect on it whatsoever again. This is a whole different genres of game whereas valor it is more of a CS. Go you know shooter style. This again falls more closely to the mobile Framework as far as rules and and play and stuff like that so I think this is going to be you know again. I'm curious to see where he's going to go especially with how competitive You know what I mean. Games have been the east for its league and different leagues and stuff like that. I could totally see this becoming a competitive game again. I don't think that's their intention. I don't think this was built per se to be a competitive game But it definitely has a framework there for them to be able to achieve that with this game. I mean again. I'm just really impressed with this. Amazon's first major game that they're coming out with and I think they hit it right on the mark. I think they did a fantastic job with us. I'm curious to see what the you know how it develops and how it goes. I know that right now. So if you get it right now this is technically A preseason so there's a battle pass for everything again all free to play the actually give Tokens to purchase the battle. Pass which is awesome. Yeah exactly it's like. Hey one battle pass on us so I believe the first season to start. Let me look at my sources here in July. I don't know if there's a firm date on it but that first season will start in July. So you know we'll see what they have in store another exciting part about games. These two is is introducing new characters and it kind of building out again if you look at a legal legends where they have a ton of euros that you can use. I would love to see something like that happened with this and then continue to expand this game. I'm really excited to see what Amazon. What Amazon does suit? You know I'm interested to get your thoughts on there so it. It seems like they've got a solid foundation here. What needs to happen for a game to kind of go from a good start into something that could become a big east sport and can take it to the next level. What sorts of things are you looking for from them? Okay so I would say number one. Let's you know again. We're in this. Preseason phase me so they're testing it out there. They're getting a feel for how people are enjoying this game And I'm sure that they already have some sort of framework Built in For this to go competitive although that may not have been their initial You know their initial them trying to kick off. Hey we immediately want to go into a competitive realm but I think they would be foolish If that did not cross somebody's mind So there I'm sure that the framework is kind dare for this and then again People are going to be watching closely as this game continues to To Age a little bit So we're going to be looking at things such as What is this How much support are they giving on? This game are they doing hot patches in hop fixes for for issues and problems That people are seeing in complaining about Are they going to be? You know how much you know again. When when when it comes to character development do they already have a bunch of characters Maybe that are in the can that they're ready to go. Maybe they can do a one or two months know every every other month or something like that. They released a new character You know again one. The biggest thing is I feel especially in the competitive arena. is just you know how much they they are willing to put in again. These live service games where they're making these adjustments To either make things better or or her. It makes things worse But I think really again and like a lot of games within the community how to respond to the community and what they're seeing and what they're feeling as they're playing his game. I think only time we're really tell To to see if this game will be successful and if it will go into a competitive arena But this is. I think this is a lot. I think it's really exciting. And I think that they've You know kind of nailed it on the head here As far as the start to this games release so Kudos you Amazon on doing a game. Well done because again. We kind of mentioned you know this Here are few episode. We talked about it a little bit but it wouldn't really heavily on my radar again. I'm not a big big mobile player. But you know like I said the the plaistow feels very very much kind of like overwatch So it is something. I'm a little more comfortable with You know again. There's still some clunky nece in some of the movement in some of the animations and stuff like that but I I I feel that a lot of that stuff will get smoothened out As time passes. Yeah it's GONNA BE FUN TO WATCH. We're Amazon goes from here. You know it by all counted teams. Like they're heading this one out of the park and so. I wonder how this will affect their plans going for beyond just the crucible but their plans maybe to make some more games and how big of a push they WANNA do you know. I I of think. Back the to Amazon's philosophy with their tablets make cheap tablets to get people in the Amazon ecosystem. Do you ever see them? Get to a point where they're making something akin to like esteem box. Once they start building their portfolio to try and get people into an Amazon ecosystem of games. Absolutely I can totally see that being a future thing again. This is their first like real big. And they've talked about it before and stuff like that jumping into the games The games fear and whatnot. But this is I think this is such an impressive debut for them and and you know again. They've got the resources of Amazon. So we know that's going to be huge side. It'd be foolish for them. Not really foolish but I I could totally see them jumping into that fear saying. Hey we have our own proprietary box or our own proprietary method of getting you in that that Amazon ecosystem and when they get you when they want to keep you in and they usually do a pretty good job of doing that so I'm kind of I'm excited to see because I'm pretty sure I I'd have to double check but I'm pretty sure that there's some other games as well that they're working on That will be releasing. I can't think off the top of my head while other games. They're working on but I'm pretty sure that there are some other Games The Amazon are currently in development. With so I'll have to check that out and see what else they have in store but yeah I wouldn't be surprised in the least if here in the next year or so we hear. Oh we've got a new streaming box. That's exclusive Amazon. However you can get any game any game that you have. You can play because again nailed. They're going to be some sort of. That's where we saw G. force. Now we're g force now is is. I felt was a good cloud gaming solution however the hurdles that they ran into were the fact that they did not clear stuff up with the publishers. The not getting their cuts and they all of sudden you know once they release it and said subscription publicist said. Hey we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll where's our cut of that pie and that kind of you know. They started pulling out of being a part of g force now so I can totally see I totally see Amazon. Swooping them are coming in under the rug and saying. Oh Yeah we both got that infrastructure. We're willing to pay the The publishers and and this and that so you could play any of your games anywhere right here on our ex or xbox are Amazon stream box or whatever so yeah I totally just see them going in the in that direct Lino the the x factor might be the fact that the twitch to so if they really WanNa push out a title. Obviously they've got one of the biggest if not the biggest streaming platform start To make a pretty heavy push well and I think something else interesting about that too. Is that this also means. I know that there's something in the works As far as with a Pacman game but I would love to see some more games the have a little bit more interactivity with streamers and their communities Like I said I know that there's a pacman game I believe that's coming out That's going to be. I mean. It is super interactive. I'm not sure exactly the details on that but there's a way there's integration within twitch And this game so that She's me the streamer and viewers can play this. Pacman game. You know together or whatever the case is a maybe we'll have that on a future episode because I think that's really interesting and just seeing you know because I really think that's going to be part of that. Future Development is developing more games that have that twitch viewer interactivities which who knows what we can get from that. Dude I mean but again. That's really exciting. Yeah it would be. It would be fun to have a little more than interactivity like you were saying. And Yeah it's it's GonNa be fun because now that we have that base of what streaming is seen where it goes in what new ways things start to develop and that that will just help everybody. Help the streamers. It'll help the audiences you know. It can only be good from here. Yeah I agree. Let me know though if you you got to pick up this game. Maybe we would love this treatment or something sometime Here for Land Party Little Lucas Lucas and Ryan. Crucible Serene would be awesome Let me know if you if you pick this up. I think it's at least worth picking up and you know giving it giving it a shot again. You've got nothing to lose is free to play so I mean you know you can always uninstall it if you don't enjoy it but I if you know games like that mobiles and three Like Moba Hybrids. If that's something that you enjoy I think I am again. This is just my opinion. I think at least worth trying out because you're probably going to enjoy this game. Hey you know if we do that. People can experience the many phases. I go through playing a game and just just forty if I if I start getting mad and saying things to you. It's it's not you exactly. I completely understand. Look there may be a little bit of rain. However that's just part of the gaming life you know on from a new a new game on the gaming block you're trying to establish themselves to let's talk a little bit about Overwatch League and Orion. We saw the completion of a pretty remarkable turnaround here so they had their May Malay tournament which is split into two regions and in the Asia Pacific region. We saw the Shanghai Dragons beat Soul Dynasty. Now it was not very long ago that the dragons were Owen Owen. Forty two over the span of I think a little over a year or about a year and day just broke that winless streak last year so to see them get to this. Point is pretty awesome and pretty amazing that. That's quite the turnaround number one and that's got to be as a team Disheartening to nobody. Nobody plays to lose right So to have that many consecutive matches of just losses. I'm not saying that they're were losing everything but to not get those dubs to not get that that something in that w column had to have been heartbreaking for them so for them to be able to know that but but to get that dub on a top tier team like dynasty. Dude is is quite impressive. And that's gotta be. We've talked about this a little bit with some other teams that have struggled just getting that first little not kind of give me a little bit of momentum to start getting wins and and starts are being you know just just getting wins basically. You need something to get going so that they had felt fantastic for them. Yeah and it's funny every team's going to go through their losing streaks but my goodness I mean the the what they must've been thinking during that own forty two streak I and it almost seems like then it snowballs right. 'cause you're going to have trouble attracting certain players because of that streak and so for them to stick stick does out and not lose focus and and you know retain that confidence that. Hey it's gonNA turn around once that treatments broken. You know to continue the building to this point not to mention by the way this match the reverse sweep dynasty to win so that seems like that's a failure to anything in and of itself. It's it's just awesome because so many times you see. In any other sport a franchise get like that and they get stuck in there for years sometimes decades. It seems like so it's just Cleveland. Browns said it's nice to see them get to that point it it is it is. I have very nice turnaround story that we got to witness here. Well as crazy to you that they they pull off a reverse sweep. I know how hard that could be. Especially in this game. You know not only do you get not only. Are You yourself starting to get discouraged just from the the All the losses and stuff like that. But I mean your team as a whole in your teammates teaching for them as well so to be on the brink of getting swept to turning it around and winning. I would've loved to to get again. I didn't get a chance to watch this match But I would have loved to have seen if they had made any kind of changes within their lineup or within the roster of characters that they were using The help them to kind of turned around. I guess I don't know how you know what what what do you do. How do you make that big of a swing that did soul dynasty? Just say you know. We're we're done. They started on their laurels. Then all of a sudden Shanghai said owning May This is not over coming back for that. Dub is is is. It's quite impressive. And this isn't easy map either. This is a capture point so is not a Like a push payload or anything so you do tend to have the ability to have some of these lager matches and if you are if you are able to pull something off like this it would be a map like this where you know you're contesting point And both teams are trying to contest as point as opposed to just pushing payload at in hoping that you could push the payload further than the other team right. Yeah you know. I didn't get a chance to watch. Either I'm definitely going to go back and find it though and it's it's gotta be hopeful to all the other teams that are struggling right. 'cause it seems it just seems like you can get mired in losing and you just think well we're and that's about it and so it's just hey around can happen and they can happen relatively quickly like. I said it was just over a year ago that they broke that winless streak so for limb to go from there to here saying in thirteen fourteen. Fifteen months I mean that that's pretty ridiculous. Yeah and and we'll the other thing too is and we've talked about it here last. Few episodes You know the over large league gets clearly had some struggles and and they continue to have struggled. I think matches like this We need more matches like this. Bring that incitement bring that excitement level up for their fans. Bring that excitement level up for those players because nothing beats having a match like that. You know you're adrenaline going. You're feeling great. You just pull up this crazy crazy upset. Those are the moments that really get fans being like you know. Get THEM TALKING. And and be like Oh. We can't wait till next week to see what other kind of crazy shenanigans They have so this. This is only not only helpful for the team but You know I think the League in general and as far as within narrow the entertainment Scope of things This was definitely a a win overall. I hope I hope that they can continue to have matches like this. I know that recently I am not one hundred hundred when when this was implemented but I saw something the other day showing that they've brought back to Overwatch League Tokens So I believe that is now thing on youtube which again I am. I just have such a hard time understanding why they took over watch league from the biggest streaming platform in the world over to Youtube. There had been you know. Obviously monetarily is is only thing and that to me would have been that. Hey we got X. amount of dollars for signing the contract To do this. Maybe this made sense but I feel like longevity wise it would have been better to keep it on twitch that move it over to Youtube Gaming get again. I don't about you. I don't watch a lot of you to gaming or youtube streams I forget. That's even a part of Youtube so I kind of felt like that you know again just wasn't in the long run. I feel. It has hurt them more so than help them and again they could have just been going in. Hey we're GONNA do a year contract just the experiment see which one compare the numbers see? Which one did I mean but again but we already know that twitch did a lot better on twitch than a half so far on youtube. However they're doing things such as implementing those Overwatch League Tokens which I know. A lot of people would just have it up at least Just today confirmed the Tokens So hopefully we'll see an increase in their numbers and again overwatch is one of my all time. Favorite Games So I wanna see this successful when I wanNA see These these continued just crazy. Crazy plays an amazing things That that this game has the potential to to really you know engage in get viewers to watch and really hope that the eastwards Sports I guess that whole that arena as a whole in video gaming and whatnot. So we'll see what happens but Kudos to the Shanghai dragon pulled off that reverse. I mean going from almost getting skunk to turning it around winning seriously. That is like some table flipping like this is over using least things like that. That's the type of match that I might have like. Stop watching and then come back and go wait. Need exactly You know what you were finishing off their. These are two very important. Wins in terms of positive stories for override. So you've had a heck of a year you know between losing casting talent to now losing player talent and throw covid in the middle of all that I mean. This is just been a heck of a tough year for them and so stories like these stories. Like bring back Tokens and whatnot. This is something need to build on. They need to take advantage of some positive momentum. I agree one hundred percent Let's take a quick break and we will be right back guys. There's no shortage of action going on at Bet Online. Nascar's back and bet on line has hundreds of other games events and sports to get in on you can still bid on simulated NFL NBA and U. OF C. Events. Twenty four seven or. You can participate in a ten thousand dollar man bracket challenge in. March madness style. Nfl Simulation Tournament. You can enter for free and live right now on. Bet Online's YouTube channel. You'll find an exclusive interview with X. Chicago Bulls Ron Harper. Hearst Grant Bill Cartwright and Craig Hodges to discuss the Michael Jordan documentary on what? They're calling the final dance. Visit bet online dot. Ag and use the Promo Code Blue Wire to receive your new welcome bonus and check out all the action bet online your online wagering solution and welcome back. Thanks for listening to that. Brief message and Ryan. I've got a story to bring up. That makes me for this person but also just just a little bit salty just a little bit so they recently had the European championship for the floor night. Championship Series and Janice Z. A fifteen year. Old took first place and won a cool hundred and twenty thousand dollars for all their efforts. Ryan first of all congratulations to Janice that. That's awesome but my goodness the price pools a fortnight tournaments discontinue to astound me again. We I mean we know that and four-night has become such a huge huge staple of of gaming. I feel like not only just gaming but I mean we saw. When last week we talked about the unreal. Engine five again. This is developed by EPA Games So it's the the the numbers is absolutely i. I couldn't imagine being a fifteen year old having one hundred or winning one hundred twenty thousand dollars from playing a video game. I'm pretty sure I would have freaked out but again. Here's the part that we don't see as these people dedicate so much time on a daily basis To get this good stuff doesn't just happen overnight or come from playing Casually or anything they are practicing this game day in and day out and it clearly shows I don't know about you guys. I tried to you know I. I actually had this game before There was even a battle royale for and you know I really enjoyed it but again I'm not really about Royale player myself And building building is more of a game of being able to build an aim and shoot and kill people at the same time so you could be good a aiming and shooting but if you can't build you're probably going to get got So there's a lot of mechanics in it That that you know that. Go into it. But congratulations to Diana. So that is that is not only huge win but going home one hundred and twenty thousand dollars that you didn't have beforehand had to been super exciting. They're just starting their summer as well so We'll see what happens and kind of like we saw Buddha Last year you know. I'm sure this is GonNa Kinda Catapult Janice into the spotlight a little bit so hopefully Janice is able to capitalize on this Again I don't know if they're If they stream tonight or if they're just a competitive gamer asking me. But that's really exciting for that That that young person to be able to Take all that hard work and all that practice that you put in and be able to go out when it counts in and get dubbed Fight This and win tournaments ads we know especially in the sports arena. There's a lot of money Out there not only for prizes but just in in so many different realms The production side of things Developing developing out and whatnot. So congratulations to Janice. This is huge huge win. You know and it's funny. Did to speak to the level of competition that was competing in this Buddha finished fortieth at this tournament so just to give you an idea of third place was Let me see aqua- who was part of the Fortnight Duels World Cup Team? So you're talking about some some world class players and yeah second second-place took home ninety thousand ninety five thousand season's third place to seventy so. Yeah you know. It's it's nice release players to know that if you're going to dedicate as much time as it takes to get really good at this game that it can pay off and like you were saying. Hopefully these players can start to build off of that and make this a more lasting opportunity than just winning determined to build the audience build their brand and whatnot would just something that I think. Players streamers still struggle with. I think you know especially when you're new right is how do you build your brand? And how do you turn strong finishes into something a little more lasting so that you can still have success past the point that you're competing on a a world class competitive skill because as we know gamers their shelf life like a lot of athletes? A lot of sports isn't long in terms of competitive tournaments. So how can you build that brand for the future? Well yeah and I think say like you know a Ninja and stuff like that is a prime example of you know a lot. I felt like a lot of it was just originally. It'd be it was about just getting good to get get a little getting good at a game Being sold at it kind of flexible flexing on people but it changed so much especially with competitive east boards with the streaming scene. And everything like that. It really is important to diversify and be able to see like look. I I'm going to be good at this for a limited time. There's always GONNA BE PEOPLE COMING UP. That are going to be better and better and better so when you when you do find these successes it is so important. I I feel like they're seeing it more more so now too when you do have that success to capitalize on it to move forward look at your brand. 'cause you yourself especially as a competitive player are you know your your own brand so you gotta be able to take that momentum and see what you can do with it whether it be going and starting a stream more whether it be you know going in and looking and seeing what the next game by game is going to be but you have to diversify your options and I think a lot. More gamers are seeing that now Especially with the success of streamers the success of the four or the four nights the the Ninja the Nick Merck's and things like that is so important This Day and age For Four for you to or for a competitive player to take that momentum and move forward with it you know Ryan being extremely yourself here did you. Did you have some some conscious thinking of what you wanted to be or how you wanted that to be? Portrayed her did that start to come as you started to find your groove and what made you feel most comfortable so it was for me like a little bit of both because you don't get when I first got into it. I didn't really know what our doing just pushing live and play some video game right. No it's not just that I learned that very quickly that there's a lot more into it or that goes into it not only that but this is also still a kind of Newish groundfloor industry and and place again having a TV. Production Experience A lot of that kind of intertwined with the streaming world and that's where I found That I really enjoy things but what I learned especially was from watching other people's dreams Seeing what I enjoyed about their streams and what made sense to be able to Implement and incorporate into my own again for me. It's all about good vibes You know showing out people being able to relax and have US base where we can come together talk about games. Play Video Games together Meet Each Other. Maybe collaborate on different creative aspects as well because again it's not about just gaming and a lot of people that are within this world that have other skills that you can then start collaborating on on other projects or doing other things. And that's where I really found a lot of for me anyway. That's where I started kind of gravitating towards Was was more more of that and that collaborating and being able to build a community of like minded people You know you gotTA. That's definitely something I know. Some people go in they go in hot and heavy. They already have you know. I know who my demographic is. I know exactly what my themes are this and that but I also feel like there's a lot of people that just kind of go in You start learning and growing as you learn grow some of those things start kind of revealing themselves to you based off of the response that you get for your audience or the people that you're talking to you know it's important to hey why do you. Why do you come here for you? Do you enjoy about being here. You know getting that kind of feedback is is super instrumental and I feel like you know from that. That community kind of helps to build. What your what? Your brand looks like now again. You GOTTA BE CAREFUL. That could add as can be a double edged sword because you have Other people start getting defined by what their community is doing and then they start getting led down this path that wasn't originally intended ends up being toxic space or something like that so be careful with that stuff to make sure that you're taking control if you are getting into this Into the sphere. Make sure that you're taking control and that you're the one driving What the what the community is about. And what those experts say expectations and what those standards are. Sounds like a pretty delicate balance and something that that just continues to evolve in overly arrived so to speak you're just you're continually evaluating and continually changing. But but he was it. Hopefully these guys are setting themselves up for future success and they take advantage of the strong performances at the ruble. The DO DJ absolutely I do WanNa tag on one last thing before we head out. I know that I was of looking in. I found this article article on polygon that basically kind lifted out Some of the Shows some of the Revealing that we have coming up here so I just kind of wanted to quickly Run through this list real quick. We've got in June. Pc gaming show That's here next week next. Saturday we'll be the PC gaming show It'll be a full live broadcast. We got People GET FROM GAMES RADAR PARADOX. Interactive new girl collective June eleventh we have EA play live That will be another that's an EA game reveals updates community content etc cyberpunk twenty seventy seven nights city wire Is June eleven That'll be a focus on livestream from CD PROJECT. Read than we got day of the devs. June twenty second through or June twenty second and then July twentieth That's what the Jeff Healey. will be Helping to A showcase that and they're going to be looking at different games than we got the new Game Plus Expo June twenty third bit summit Gaidon June. Twenty seven twenty eighth in an Some more events here In July one thing that struck me as interesting was evil. Aligns going to be running from July fourth through August? Second at at any of you. That are familiar with ego. It's a huge fighting game tournament. That's house out here in Las Vegas. Obviously that's not happening with the The copen situation However they're moving into an online tournament It looks like it's going to be over the course of five weekends all online. So I'm kind of interested to see how they go about that production and how that all comes together. That's definitely something that I'll be watching On the weekends I've got a lot of friends that participate in that so it would be Kinda cool. Maybe that we can. We can find somebody. That's involved the net to get him on as a guest here on the show. Definitely you know. Let me ask you Real Quick Ryan. We talked last week about Sony. Possibly doing doing their show or a show engines coming. Where where do you think this fits in what what date if you had to guess right now do you think that they would land so this man? I Want WanNa say I want to say it will be I in again you can call me on. I think we'll be seeing hopefully something either next week or the week after. I don't think later than that. I know that originally they had planned on having something early June. I think they're probably going to still stick with that schedule. Even though they haven't officially announce anything Rumor has it that probably here within either next week or the week after. We should be getting those gaming announcements from Sony. And and I cannot freak in has has cyberpunk aligned itself with the console yet How do you mean exactly know how? Sometimes they have games that a multi platform but but they're the kind of align themselves with one or the other like legged destiny where they had I to Saudi. I haven't I haven't really seen anything about them playing going. I guess having more of a kind of leaning more towards the playstation five or maybe two xbox I feel like you know especially when I think this could be a developer thing too. I feel like they're just trying to be all inclusive. Like look man. This is a great game. We want everybody to be able to get their hands on it. We don't care what platform you're on if you have a console or not we just WanNa get this game in your hands. Because I was GonNa say if cyberpunk had reached a deal with Sony to play a little nicer Rossini. It would make sense that maybe June tenth or June twelve Sony either leads into cyberpunk or follow cyberpunk of so maybe maybe one of those two days of if that's the case that's just total speculation. That would be amazing. The only thing I could see about that though is that I think that event is ran by CD project brand. Okay so I yeah so I could see almost like them if that is the case and they do have like there are like going towards that type of model or something like that I could see then Sony Doing an event or something like that before this June eleventh day. Because you know again I don't you know I I couldn't imagine CD project red coming out. And Hey blah blah blah blah blah blah. We're going to be playstation exclusive or something like that and then playstation coming on in the back and saying. Hey there's going to be you know this or that so it'll be interesting to see these next couple of weeks. We should be getting some some some. I feel some pretty big gaming news. Think we both agree that it's a hundred percent going to happen before Microsoft their first party. The right yes. I think so. I could win. Win Is there Ones Microsoft wonders that would put lie of Old June but it it just seems like it needs to happen like like regardless of what part of June. It happens they It seemed like they have to preempt this. This is this is that time now. This is that build up at maybe. And you've said it a couple of Times Lucas. Maybe they didn't want to build up the hype too much for people to get let down. Maybe this is again and this had been time thing I've talked. I've talked trash on Sony and their marketing. But what do I know? I'm just some dude behind the computer. So so there's a lot they've got and they pay people plenty of good to know those kinds of things So yeah I think we are now on that cuss where playstations going to start ramping up what they have. We're GONNA reveal. We're going to get the game reveals and then that hype is really going to start building up for Sony playstation five. He Agri. The it's crazy to think we're entering the summer of new consul and we have no idea what it looks like crazy but I'm still. It is funny to even auto even though like really anything about it. Other than what? The controller looks like in the in the specs and whatnot. All the TERAFLOPS. I'm Mad I'm poke to see what they have. I'm pumped see what it looks like. I'm pumped the the Games and I want to see what that price is. One of the only going to say is if the announced four hundred drop their walk off does ended there now. You've all day one day went. They WanNa preorder is preordered for me. I sure I am. I am saving up. I had been my savings. I am ready to go so whatever price you come at me. Sony. I'm ready for. You will be my own boss as we need a bonus. Look Listen Listen. Listen guys come on our work. Actually they should be covering this. That's that's what so like an expense to me. I gotta get on the phone right. I think that is going do a for us today at Lan Parties Lucas. What do you have a plan for the week Man I have noise not much I am I am. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA make progress. We're going to try and get through the last of us this week. That's go we're gonNA finish and then re probably GONNA move straight into uncharted dude. I think my I'm thinking about I might go back and pick up Last of US Just so I can run through it again before the new one comes out. 'cause IT'S BEEN. I mean again. What six seven years Can I had playstation three. I never got it for playstation four although it's dirt cheap right now So I am I. I'll probably pick it up and just run through the game again just to refresh myself but I mean again time is I mean. It's coming out when it's coming up this month. Isn't it June next next month? Bill Burr on June. Quite yet look trying to go time low if we could just go to the last of US too. Exactly exactly guys again. Thank you guys so much for joining us here. Lamb Hardee's we appreciate you. Hope you guys have a great rest of your week and we love Yo face.

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