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Stacy's asia. After years of enroll dope within an inch of my life. I'm free receipts of a mind of their own go, paperless and manager travel expenses online with my taxi business, make the smarter choice of my taxi dot com. AP radio news. Good morning. I'm Ed Donahue teachers are on strike in Denver. They want a pay raise and did not like the direction of contract. Talks Henry Roman is with the Denver teacher's union. We're going around and around and around in circles like there was no end to this. And so we just had we felt like we had to use our last tool in our tool chest to really get to get them to listen Denver school superintendent. Susannah Cordova was hoping it wouldn't come to this. Our teachers almost eleven percent increase for next year and to hear the feedback and to be in a position where rather than sticking with it and figuring it out. I'm incredibly disappointed that they walked away. Both sides are expected to sit down at the bargaining table in Denver again, tomorrow border security talks will continue today. President Trump plans to get his border pitch in tonight in Texas. Here's the AP saga megani? His first rally since the midterms the president will speak a few. Two hundred yards from El paso's border fence, he's tried to convince supporters he'll keep pushing to build the wall. Even after being weakened by a failed bid to convince Democrats do pay for it during the shutdown with another shutdown deadline looming Friday, the president's facing a key week, not just for the wall. But for his administration and re election hopes in adviser says the Trump campaign seized tonight's rally as a chance for the president to make his case that border barriers actually work. Saga megani? At the White House is the Grammy awards record of the year. This is America. Childish Gambino and Casey musk graves were the big winners last night four Grammys each among those onstage in Los Angeles. Former first lady Michelle Obama helps us share ourselves our dignity and sorrows our hopes and joys. It allows us to hear one another. This is AP radio news. Alum acre in Virginia is backing off on a push for impeachment of Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax. He's accused by two women of sexual assault. The governor of the state says he won't resign right now. Virginia needs someone that can Hugh. There's no better person to do that. Then a doctor governor Ralph northern was a pediatric neurologist before entering politics. And he tells CBS this morning Virginia needs a leader who has courage, and who has a moral compass, and that's why I'm not going anywhere. But other Democrats in the state say he should congressman Don Byer. Tell CBS's face the nation. I know is determined to go in this reconciliation tour. Many think you should do that as a private citizen. I understand that he wants he's feeling contrition congresswoman's. Jennifer Weck Ston ads is he's really lost. The confidence of a lot of the people. He's supposed to be leading next also appeared on face the nation. I'm Ben, Tom. President Trump signed an executive order directing federal agencies to prioritize research of artificial intelligence. Ed Donahue, AP radio news. News.

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