The Collective Suck


Welcomes afford up your go-to. PODCASTS for all things Avocados Avocados and aliens I'm Michelle Davis, and I'm Matt Holloway today were talking butter, knife, murders, pistachio protest, and why everything tastes like chicken, including plastic. Stay tuned. It's about to get fucked up. What, the fuck is going on and everybody. How are You Doing Michelle? How're you what's going on? We got some housekeeping stuff. Can you wave with about to be fucking July the fourth of July where it's coming up this weekend, and you don't want to celebrate for a lotteries and. There's I you know. I came of age under George W like yourself as an aware socially. Active woman and I thought that was the worst. We could do, nope. Wow, I would be thrilled to elect W now. What I a lot of Mary would. Yeah but it's a it's weird to. Try and muster up the fucking support for our country right now because everything's such. Like I love a lot of American people. I love Americans. In love and the way that you love your family. Where like all talk all the Shit I want, thank you very much but I am from here and that gives you the right to critique a place that you love. Also it's just it's a potluck. Drink and holiday and we do and we're not supposed to be doing that shit. People are still going to do it like they. Thousands of people are still going to shut down all the beaches in Elliott County. And the buyers Riley, so we couldn't control shift because y'all where fucking mass oh I, God y'all would just wear a fucking mask. These and we could be like the rest of the world who is returning to some normal life, and that's the thing that is so frustrating is like the more we fight about whether or not you should wear a mask. The longer we have to fight about whether or not you should wear a mask. Making this last longer, so where mask listen I miss people like I want to see my friends. I have a girlfriend who had a baby that I've not met because of this fucking bullshit. We. All have people we WANNA see things. We WanNA do places we want to go and we just have to not do it. Weird how wearing a mask, which is a public health concern. has become politicized because of the lack of leadership, and these fucking assholes. You're being like Oh will newbie, said anything. When people went to go protests or should be able to go to a bar adjusting wearing masks, protests are went to every month. Fuck was wearing number one. I'll say seventy five to eighty percent of people. All the protests that I attended and saw on the news. We're wearing masks. They were also hint hand sanitizer. You people were doing what they need to do. Also they were protesting police brutality and continued racial injustice. You just want a cocktail. The y'all y'all pros. Processing because you can get your highlights. Any wearing a mask you know it's. They were out because they had to be there. There's a reason to get out in the street during a pandemic. It's this. Yes, they and we lake. All of us need to be protesting these huge injustices that have gone unaddressed for so so long, and that is a good an just a reason to be taking a risk, because yes, they are taking risks. Every time we move our house every time we go someplace including a protest including. If you've been going to church or any of these things, you are taking a risk, so you have to weigh it, and these people seem to not understand that chunky highlights. Are A bad decision and not a good reason to risk your life and the lives of others, but people being murdered in the streets. That's a good reason that's A. Good reason to get pissed off I mean we're sitting here. How many months into this fucking thing where we're talking about mask wearing like people, they look like saying I wanna see people. I want to hang out I WANNA have a barbecue or we can't do that right now. And that's just the. That's the collective suck so that we protect each other. It'll be okay if we all do it. The and what's better, the drinking at home not that we haven't been necessarily avoiding day drinking. He's Times but. These troubling. Drinking tried to. Have you explored the finer art of waking and being these trying times? Have you ever Bokan up and gotten blazed that your mind. Like the fourth of July is the perfect reason for that drink at home. Stay home, and you can barbecue or and. We got a ton of recipes Michelle. We bought the T on the. New. Summer summertime summertime spiked sweet tea is up there, and it's really good and alarmingly easy to drink. We have our Lazy Hunt Burger. which you can grill or you can cook on the grill inside. sliders slider. Greenhorn we have a bunch of different Pasta Salads on there which I love potato. Salads which I love Costlo. By the way that our mayonnaise free. Vile it's disgusting, so we have several vinegar and Creamy Pasta Salads, but no mail have we have? We talked about y? Hornets are just poss-. What is that I mean you're? Talking about this, if y'all make a pasta salad with mayonnaise. Public Park. On. Yeah. And wait for the Yellow Jacket Horny. Suggest show him like I don't. I don't care where you live in. I. Can do this anyway. They just show. Them them anywhere else? Maybe around the trash can near the playground. If there's like sugary drinks in there, but yeah. I don't know if I can get it. Because overflown anyway. Tower of trash. The. Trash, can in the parks always? You know and then everyone who walks past. It's taking the STARBUCKS Cup trying to do this weird game of Jenga whereas like. Honestly, it does just move on. Just littering. Is Not going in, and they're gonNA fit I just like when they stopped lining the trashcans altogether because that's the true time when they've given out. The city parks and they're just like now. We just gotTa wire basket. Now up and we'll figure it out. We'll be by once every six months this. Trash can next to the. The Pasta and Potato Salad. is where like the water from the restrooms like runs down and like pools around the base of that trash can. May psychiatrist juice soupy. Parks. Lock Honestly I. This with no ounce of malice in my heart. Spend all my days in public parks. You got all those recipes up. Now can go to bed. MANNERS DOT COM. There's a Shitload of summertime recipes that might help you celebrate fourth of July this weekend and or just help you. You distract yourself in good and again as always Shit's free, no ads offer you just our little, our little gift orange, or if the garbage five twenty twenty. There is some free stuff. And what's been going on with you so last week when we record the PODCAST I? I think we were we recorded that closer in the evening time and I was I was pretty fucking burnt. Burnt like having this country. Bird everyone's tired. Ahead several people like back home in Texas, Tell me they're like. You sound tired and I'm like. Is it that bad? Your group isn't the most. Aware, yeah. I was GONNA say. No, but like I was like. Yeah, like I am tired. Yeah, we're still doing with the rebranding. Social media have longer than we. Don't even talk about working with customer service from any Social Media Company. That's like fuck it and ring a hell. Chance. It's just a ring a hell. Just know that so yeah. We recorded that podcast. I just had a bunch of people like actually like no me grew up with me. You know and they're like man. You sound fucking exhausted. I'm like yeah. Right. NAILED IT! How you doing. I'm doing good I've been watching some dumb TV, but I wanted to touch on one thing that I've seen in the news over like driving me fucking crazy is. A lot of news outlets are referring to all the protests going on for a black lives matter and because of racial injustice, and just the history of racism in this country they've been referring to them as riots the not. And Knowledge Protest. It's superseded right the vernacular. The people are using it and it's driving me fucking crazy. Because I. There was some looting at some. Protests or adjacent to some protests that does not make nor do any of these things. To me seem like a riot bird and I think it's very dismissive, and it's very coded in the with the referring to be largely overwhelmingly peaceful protests. It's it's lazy because so many times when people talk about the protests, the word riot is either right before right after and in its because. I said this win. All the protests are there was like I? Don't want people to conflate the two weeks. They're incredibly different. No doubt rights are happening. No doubt lootings happening absolute. Larger movement right, yeah it. It's a disservice to everyone who's organizing in showing up marching in which by the way here in La, we still had a protest weekend. Yeah, no, it's it's just very. It's irresponsible and. Win Has the media ever given a shit about responsibility I know, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't stop calling it out and you even just catching people in your life, who maybe have just been watching the news and see you just pick up on the language changes your you don't think about it and just being like no not right. It's protests road. I'm just correcting people just like that is enough because most people don't think of it that way, but if that's what you hear on the news over and over again or a new stories, it's fucking is word associates, but to distract myself from the news I tried to watch a very stupid television. Show that you recommend. which worn because I've been thrown a Lotta Shit at you have floor is lava. Okay, yeah, on links. It's very stupid, very dumb. It's very stupid. Mind numbing and that's what I appreciate. The are very low and everybody is just hateful enough. That you're like I want you to win, but I also don't care if you fall in, you know what though I'm like low mad at that production because they're offering winners like ten thousand dollars, and you have to split it three ways because every teams three people. Yeah, and it's like okay, so let's say everyone gets. Three thousand three, hundred thirty three dollars. And then take taxes out. So you get like a week's pay in your job like essentially. I take it. Yeah, sure, but these are. This is a giant corporation that's using these people in advertising making millions off. Like do you remember in the ninety s when we every fucking show? That came out was they were just giving million dollars away. Whatever it's crazy. They were just give people a million dollars. If you could just run from New York Los Angeles with your fucking spouse view went on a game show and talk to regis million dollars. They just give them away now. It's like ten thousand dollars. This room without touching the floor what? It feels very exploitive stupid and whatever I started tried watching it and dubbing said I love it. I just think I just think that you pay people Muslim I. Just loved it. They don't call flora's lava. Because there's a standup that came out this year. This called the floor is lava. I was wondering what I'm assuming. michou standard was I. DON'T REMEMBER A. Woman and I keep meaning to watch it, but I wonder if it's like a copyright she has the floor is love, and so they call it. Floors lava. The thing that jarred me the most is that I got a little blazed. I watched. Floor is lava, and it was so stupid. The first episode and I was so like a stupid head space, and being like this is dumb. Everything about this is dumb, and then right at the end of the first episode the pilot there's an in Memoriam. I caught that to had deposit I was it was so jarring. Yeah, because it was just totally the wrong I. Jit posit I was like did a contestant. Did, we actually lose someone to love. It was so jarring so jarring. I'm you know obviously? It's very sad that they lost. A member of the production was one of the producers. Yeah. It was one of the producers. His name's appeared I. Think it's Tim Sullivan I think is what I was. So that is obviously very sad. In Luke shows that all the time when when you know. Part of the crew passes we tragically. I get it I don't think it got the response or is getting there. It was the first episode yeah I was, and I was like. Are we doing this? For every episode of people die every episode. Andy was right at the close of the show like there was. It wasn't like at the end of the credit sequence or something like that. You know like it was right. There I feel crazy now. Should I have been making show? I watch any of my other Shitty TV recommendations there I feel like they're all mostly on Netflix now. I really don't like reality TV. I don't either. It's what I call like background. I'm on my laptop and I'm trying to like work and it's just it could be MSNBC. It doesn't mean anything to me. It's just noise. Yeah, I, just I don't. I would rather be in silence. Then feel like I'll listen to podcasts and stuff while I'm cleaning and cooking and doing stuff like that because I'm like actually listening, but you're the reluctant viewer. They like NBC's like coming this fall. We send twelve couples to sexy island. and rather not. Like others being silence, thank you. Dr Waiting Room and they're like you get to choose what we watch on this television. Turn the TV. Sit in silence with thoughts, everybody. Yeah, so you better get right with your Lord Yeah. It's now time for this week food history. Serious, gourmet shoot so today in our historical tour around the kitchen that I started a couple of weeks ago. I WanNa talk about table knives, or but all of us regular people call butter knives the kind of knife that your mom would put out when she was setting the table. If you had a mom who set tables, so have you guys ever wondered why? There's a round tip on these knives like if? If you think about it in the category of knives, the only one right, it's an odd one. It's a real odd knife. So for most of human history. There was no special kind of knife that was used a table. Most classes of people over huge swaths of the world just carry knives round with them like for everyday tasks like to Prune trees for personal protection, and for eaten I am a knife carrier. You know this about me just growing up in Texas always. But that's a utility knife. But imagine if that was also your fork spoon so in reaches in their pocket knives like notebook and joker. Knives it'd be up to a foot long. And what people do is, they would spare the food at the table and they were just bring it to their mouth. And they didn't have plates for a long time. They would use bread like a trencher like how people use in era in Ethiopia or. Lake, that sauce and whatnot, yeah, and so that's so you just had your bread? You'd stab stuff. And, then you put it in your mouth, Kinda. I might doubt style of. But if you went to eat somewhere including other people's homes, even to like castles like with royalty and stuff, you were expected to bring your own cutlery. Which meant they just knew you'd be carrying a knife? And that's your eating killing things knife with. Could you imagine going to someone's house for dinner and sitting down and everyone starts each other now. It's like Oh. This is I forgot. This is embarrassed end. This is before. These knives were discussing. These are cut nice. There they killed a goat in the morning. Then they chopped up some cow dung to make a fire, and then they spit on the knife to clean it. To clean, it broke. Yeah, and then they fucking their stabbing in meet in the middle of the table for everybody to eat with I will say. If I'm like a table of people and someone just stands up reaches across the table with a fucking foot long knife. Stabs the entree like boss move. That's a fucking power play. Very. What's crazy is that folks have been around for thousands of years since they had forks during this time. We've had no excuse. We've had forks. Maniac. And forks were unpopular until like the colonial period here in the US like all over the world, we had forks sometimes. Them most of the. Nobody with a fucking four. That's weird. Yeah, no, so we have the technology. People just loved eating a fucking knives. I mean look at you. Your face is lighting up. It's power play. So. We got the table knife as we know it for two reasons. Drunken acts of violence and terrible table manners. That checks out feels right right, so the distinguishing feature of Table knifes like we've been saying is of course, the blunted or rounded end, and this innovation is attributed to one man Cardinal Lou of France in the mid sixteen hundreds. I didn't take French. As my foreign language I took Spanish so tweet at bad manners. For, mispronouncing Cardinal, richelieu, yeah, all you richelieu heads. Sorry Salou Stands A. God, so you know. He was a cardinal, and he was a constant presence at court, and they had tons of elaborate dinners that went on all night, and he noticed that people after several glasses of wine or Ale. Because you didn't do quarterback in those days because it wasn't safe, you had to drink fermented, which meant it was alcoholic? which is meant you were constantly fucked up? People would end up nicking themselves with their knives. Their somehow hurting themselves as they got drunk, because people would constantly pick at their teeth with the pointed end of their foot long knives. I always thought that was some looney. Tunes Shit that Israel while people done it. Dollars, some Tom and Jerry now people have been doing that forever. And he fucking hated and the more drunk you get. The more people would cut their fucking lips. They cut their gums. They'd cut themselves like other parts of their bodies. Looking like a maniac. Wither dirty s tetanus knife, cotton themselves constantly, or because they're getting drunk and talk in arguing these drunken brawls would inevitably happen turned way more violent than they needed to. Because everyone had a sharp ass side. So people would get stabbed over dumb shit where they could have just gotten hidden, it would've been five, so he's like fuck this and introduced these new blunt tip knives to the court and people actually fucking loved them. They weren't like I won't use your fucking. Tonight's my right. They're like Oh this solves that problem. And they got really really popular, and so later in sixteen, Sixty nine King Louis, the fourteenth of France, banned pointed knives in the streets, and at the tables, insisting on plenty of tips in a hope that it would reduce violence like it had in the court, so that's how it got spread all because the king was like great job. Dude, love it. Love how everybody's not dying over here. All the time and I don't have to watch. People picks their teeth so now. Let's make everybody else do it and once France was doing it. It caught on over all of continental Europe and then spread because this was the time of great colonization. And it spread to all of the colonies of these European powers, including the America's interests, and that's how we got it and boom, so yeah, we have table knives. Because one dude couldn't handle. How gross in violent dinner was any fucking fixed it? Fruits or vegetables onto the planet. Welcomes recall get ready for Cipro. This week the FDA announce recall nearly sixty thousand pounds of chicken nuggets, because they were quote contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically flexible rubber material. Yoga's pride out of WACO. Texas is recalling their four pound bag fully cooked chicken breasts nuggets that were distributed among four states. The problem was appointed through customer complaint reporting rubber pieces in the product. I want to know how many chicken nuggets you got to eat before. You like I think this is rubber. Because I mean if my memory serves me correctly of chicken nuggets. Longtime for both of us in a long time, you would occasionally get like a grizzly cartilage piece lay like a chunk, not the whole. You get like a weird little bit. Deal with it or you spit it out I mean you couldn't spinoff with? Cartilage. Taste. Something Weird! You feel something. where did your swallow it immediately? Jealous the fastest ways through. A. Lot less painless to shit it out. You have to deal with the consequences of spitting out food at my mom's stable, but to be fair like most shige nuggets already kinda taste like rubber kind of like you're saying just me. Personally have no way to prove this, but I think the manufacturer stepping on the product. Trying to stretch their revenue. Like woodchips. Done just been there. It's not heavy enough rubber. Or you know diaphragms aren't very popular anymore and the. Old Way of preventing some pregnancies. Maybe, they're like okay. Remember when we used to make diaphragms always SUNA shouldn't turn. Them. I? I don't know like if there was something like that in my food I'd I'd really have the constitution to follow up with customer. Complaint like you're saying you swallow it. I'd probably throw this shit away. Move on with my day I. Is there like some every time. I I see these recalls, and they're like yeah, customer complaints, or like multiple customers called. Is this some poor soul who keeps going and just getting their normal groceries? And every time she cook something every week. She's got a call the FDA. Tom. Chicken. Swing. I assume that the people who call because I think most reasonable people assume unless it's something agreed. Something sharp like Oh. This is just something weird days away Junkin I assume it's people with children. 'cause like my little baby. Chicken nuggets I'd be like I'm fucking calling. I don't give a shit about micro SAS, but I could see me doing it for like elderly parents or whomever you're taking care of. You would give a shit like me. I'm not proud to say there's been many times where I've been dining somewhere or I've gotten delivery. There's been a heron. It I just pull it out and move on with my. Oh, for sure what I'm saying. I would never like. DIG The box out of the trash to look up. The number or the name of the company are like Fi. Find their mailing address like Magara. Yes, Nanna, yeah, she by. I'm going to write them a strongly worded letter. Have Rue the day me calling the FDA's like the oldest. Those rubber in it. And also this is not a saying. It's cool for there to be rubber chicken nugget no. Like. I do better airway for that thing. Vegans, rapper and chicken nugget. At grandma's deserve it. I, wonder like when they pulled it out of its obviously in their mouth. Yeah, I know when you put it. Works so fucking! Foot long knife and they. Lit Out of their fucking teeth. Do you think it's like chicken colored Oh? Yeah I bet I bet heat wanting to understand how this gets in the assembly process feel most of that meat is like bleached, and then like re colored or not to per, se but they. Mouse right. Yeah! Yeah, and it is like to shoe and. All to get a uniform color. So depending on when the rubber entered be process, one would assume that it looked somewhat colored like fucking chicken nugget. I'm not a purple glitter feels unlikely. Call Me Great. So, if your gut pilgrim's pride, all chicken nuggets, and you found a flashlight in it, I mean. I just I wonder if it happens to one person over and over and over again. We just have the FDA on speed dial. They're like groundhog's Day. It's like. Different Products Yeah I'm not doing nuggets anymore. All right I'M GONNA. Do some of that, bag. Salad Is. A lightning rod for recalls. That's your. This this poor grandmother gets barred from piggly-wiggly no. Every time you come in here like how how often does it have to happen before one day? There's just like fuck it. I got a call this company. It's. To me. That's funny. Speaking of fucked up pieces of our food system so last Friday about fifty farm workers began striking outside of farms in WASCO. California suspiciously like Waco Texas. Right one letter away over who Manati confirmed. So WASCO California's about one hundred and fifty miles outside of La. And what are these workers complaining about well? Their employer had not been providing them with any P. and had not made them aware of how many of their coworkers had been testing positive for coronavirus, which is fucking crazy, so amado Atlanta's a united farmworker official who is acting as a spokesman for the workers outline their platform to the La Times. Their demands include better sanitation measures and more information from the company which had not told them about all the positive cases. He said quote they wanted to keep everything confidential, and at the same time people are getting contaminated lettuce, said workers learned of the cases about two weeks ago when fellow workers started getting sick. Sick but they only really knew the scope like how dozens of their co workers had tested positive from a report on a local television for that's a bad way to find. Yeah, can you imagine the you hear about your job on the local news? Not from your employer primax, which has five thousand acres of orchards and California as well as other nuts and produces dried fruits confirmed that thirty, one of their employees were currently infected. That's four hundred employees to bed row show. That is not great, and it's really not great that you hadn't fucking told anybody about it. Sure they had noticed some of their co workers where gone, but they didn't know why. No intention of shutting down or informing workers. Until the news started picking up the story. In fact, they had only just begun providing cloth masks workers for eight dollars a piece. They charged them and eight dollars a fucking. Yes cheeses eight dollars. They charge them for something. They should have been providing free to their fucking employees anyway. Like assholes and now that the news is spreading of their misdeeds like corona virus is spreading through their facility. Has closed its plant. This last Friday to Monday for a deep cleaning and has hired mobile testing facility to offer a free test. All workers this Monday that company officials said adding that those who tested negative can return to work as though like. I mean great little little. The horses have left the fucking. You get the tube back on your. We close one of the doors, yeah. Face back in the fucking to so quote as an essential business permits expects to resume normal operations in the near future. They said in an email, so said about fifty workers were participating in the strike, and they would decide each day whether to continue. He said the workers were not union members about where being supported by the UAW W. which is Great. A worker told the La Times though that while the company has brought in new workers. Take of all those who've gotten sick. They did not inform those new workers. Out. Listen, not learned. Yeah, so they're hiring people, so many people don't even work in the economy. Obviously, these people needed to be working needed the money like so many of us do, and to not be told that they were going into a corona hotbed, and then bring it home to their children or to their grandparents whomever they care for like fuck y'all you're. You're literally putting people in harm's way, and then you. Know of in your willingly, not telling there are few workers more essential to life as we know it than farm workers. Oh, for sure and yet we continually failed to recognize their labor pay them a wage that reflects both the difficulty of their jobs and the crucial role they play in our food system, and we continue to not protect them from exploitation and death at the hands of their employer. This has to fucking stop. People do not have to die for. For us to have looking for statues like that's ridiculous, and people should not have to call the news to get their employer to provide them basic sanitation, and information and I know it's hard times everywhere right now, and it's hard to care deeply and stay focused on so much shit, because there's about a thousand five alarm fire is going on in our country right now, but farmworkers need our support respect now more than ever. The least you can do is stay. Stay informed because the more these articles get done on places like La Times or wherever the more they're going to continue following these stories and we need to make mindful choices when we buy food. When they do better, we'll all be better for your in and united farm workers. They're great organization. They have plenty of resources into how to make more mindful choices and different ways. You can donate your time or your energy to support them, and all work well I'm. I'm glad that we're talking about what we consider essential employees in essential businesses, because could your coffee or smoothie essential in the fight against Corona virus? There are a shitload of food companies that seem to think so. The federal government has a tariff relief program that companies can apply for that minimizes trade barriers on medical supplies to help combat covid nineteen I mean the tariff war that we got in because of our president and other providing relief to different companies. That exact. That very same one, okay? What as PROPUBLICA found out a lot of the companies that apply for this aren't even in healthcare at all. Almost fifty three thousand companies applied for the tariff relief, claiming medical exemption applicants included shoe, companies, bike, shops and producers essential oils. It's inner name. Right, it's the first word of our. Essential. So and a sizeable chunk of these non healthcare providers applying for this exemption, our food companies Hamilton Beach, a kitchen appliance company wrote on their application quote. During this crisis covid nineteen Hamilton beaches blend in a cup and mixing in a cup are essential to provide blended drinks and milkshakes that can be prepared in a more automated hands, free fashion relative to conventional blenders that requires significant handling of the blender jar, and an increased probability of contamination, friendly reminder that there is currently no evidence that covid nineteen can be transferred through food also. How stupid are you that you can't use a normal blender to make food and the I? No, also they make sure. They can't handle an ice cube. Okay, so fucking get. The applications only got worse. Dietary supplemental companies say that their products are essential to immune system support, but to date there is not one single independent scientific study. The backs supplemental industry claims however it is eight thirty five billion dollar industry. Is even a company that makes outdoor grills called Camp Chef and in their application. They wrote quote. Outdoor activities are essential to both physical and mental health. A why do all these companies think that they can apply for this tariff relief? Shit is exactly like you said the trying to mitigate the damage caused by the trump administration's trade war with China, while most companies will pass the burden of tariffs onto consumers, some companies absorbed these financial hits just to stay competitive and like reading the PROPUBLICA. Looking at all the different companies in their excuses, yeah, it felt a lot like the equivalent of two kids disguised in a trenchcoat, trying to make an. Indian are rated movie. Like, it's a toaster. A blender company be like our ventilator. Sure. And I. Ever told you how I got into a rated R. Movie. Go See American, Pie. I, mean this is not federally. So you know I was in middle school I. Think I was like in the sixth grade when American Pie came out on like I wanted to see it, but nobody was gonna take me so me and a friend had heard of this exchange student okay. A couple of streets over from her house. Didn't know. He was like eighteen like we're like. Thirteen thirteen. We don't know him. That does something that kids I feel like. Don't do anymore. They're like. Yo heard this exchange. Students like three blocks away and I'm just GonNa go to the war going their doorbell real quick for real. We already had the money for the ticket like we'd saved money our allowance. Money we pulled money for his ticket and we're like. Do you WanNa? Come with US I can't remember where he's for some eastern European country, but he did not speak English very well and he was like. Fine! And we walked in the movie theater. He buys tickets. Oh No, we could see American pie and his face when the guys are fucking. The Pie and Jason Biggs You See these realizations happening on his face. He's like what the fuck am I watching. I'm here with children young girl. A fucking tricks me. Go, on, and we don't give a fuck you anymore good. I don't remember the name what's fucking. BANANAS ABOUT THAT STORY IS A. He sat through a two hour movie where he understood maybe five percent of what's happening boobs. Dude fucking pie is this. Someone being someone's mom yeah. Yes no context of what's happening in this teenagers standing in the kitchen and the sticks dicap- and I. Don't remember if he's like a legit exchange student or like. If this family delinquent exchange students weren't a thing, I, I didn't grow in a place in Nice enough for people to take an exchange students so i. don't know what his real deal. Wonder if he was like an American for like a week. Here there's. A new kid. Without some old older kid who didn't know shit about shit. We can go already. Buying smokes off. I. It was like this guy will buy shit it for you because he doesn't know what's going on. So that's how American. And that's what these companies they need to spend their. Damn I'd never I'd never fucking story where a single adult was in the store. I have no idea aright. That is our show this week. Shutout to our producer Sean. Who makes sure that this show gets made every week in his in y'all's phones and computers every Thursday, when you wake up, shout out to our potty y'all where all about those yellow starbursts. We had what the hell. You are fucking free exempting. Got People defending the yellow starbursts now out of the woodwork. Colorado history and And, things everybody who sent us the Rubber Chicken Nuggets Story. We had seen it on our radar, but we appreciate you. Send US Wild Shit Yeah. So and you can follow us at bad manners food across social or visit our website at manners, Dot Com for recipes. Alright y'all stay home. Keep cooking where a fucking mask and we'll see you next week.

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