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Welcome back to another episode of the impact. Show my name. Is Todd Durkin. Any happy Halloween. Yes this is coming out today Thursday. They October thirty first. Are you wearing something crazy. Spooky scary or use. Are you wearing something fired up but whatever it is remember when you go out for a little trick or treat you fill up those little knapsacks and pillowcases with candy. Just give it away. There's lots of troops overseas. Who are dying that candy? Remember you don't have to eat it. Boys voicing girls you don't have to eat it folks. Today you are in for a special treat and Speaking of which this couldn't hit on more perfect day because I'm talking about training an exercise today I'm talking about when you travel my travel routine when I'm on the road and two great questions. I'm loving the questions is coming in. You can ask a question anytime you want. Over at toddler dot com slash podcast. And there's a box that you can just share your life away and ask your question and some y'all are hit me up on the in the I g right and hitting that up so wherever you are whatever you do well regardless of your age please share away. Matter of fact today's question she comes from Kid Bokola voss seventy six. I like that name Kid. bokolas seventy six says this. I'm forty three and I haven't worked out in years. Where do I begin? I'm five seven to ninety kid. Bach Lavar great question. And right after that question. I'm going to also answer sparkplug plug wellness. Now that's a great name. Love seeing it over on the I G Todd. You have two different routines when you're traveling and when your home or just one one. How do you maintain your routines? I'll be answering that secondly here. So let's go over to kid back Lavar. Why do I like that name so much? Probably because my wife is Greek Bach Lavar right. So let's talk about this and kid. Baca Lavar is looking to get started with an exercise program. So Kid Bockova. I'd got seven the things that you could do right off the Bat that if I was coaching you. Here's what I'd have. You do number one right a physical inventory Tori of where you're at right now. How you feeling? Where's your mindset? What's your body feeling like if you're if you feel like you're you know you're you have no energy you feel lethargic and you're not happy with your weight or your strength? I want you to write it down. As a matter of fact Kit Bockova you can even send it over to me senator. I WANNA see your physical inventory. Because 'cause if I was training you and transforming your body mind and spirit I would have you email that to me so kid Bockova I would like to get your personal inventory but anyone. That's what I would do. Start with number one. Take a physical inventory in. Write it down number to set some goals now. Why goals? Because I think goals motivates you and when you put down a goal that's GonNa scare you a little bit. You're more likely to get your booty out of bed early in the morning when it's a little crisp it's fall like you feel a little chilling like oh it's thirty eight degrees. I gotTA gotTa Get up today. Yup Get your little buddies up. Wipe the sleep out of. You is put the Hoodie on and get outside and suck it up so set goals like maybe it's a five K.. You WANNA walk. You want to jog jog. You WANNA run. You want to see you know you WANNA sign up for a a mini sprint triathlon. Do something that scares. You not saying going from nothing to a a ironman triathlon but maybe sign up for something that you know. You're more likely to go out an exercise when you have a goal and don't forget to reward yourself every now and then with some new apparel new clothing Maybe a new set of air pods whatever. It may be the most important thing. The third thing is when you're looking to make physical change in your body which physical and mindset. Come hand in hand you gotta get started. You gotta get started. As a matter of fact it takes sixty six days to create a habit. That's the latest research coming out of Europe right now. Sixty six days to create a habit. What I'm asking you to do kid bockel anyone else? That's looking to make serious changing changing your body. Is I want you to go out for a little early morning. Walk every day. Maybe it's fifteen to twenty minutes and at the annual. Hey I'm starting to feel better typically for me when I go out for a walk with my Man Jersey dog about sixteen minutes in all of a sudden that pre workout kicks in on my I'm going to drop down and get some push-ups and some squats. I'M GONNA start to hit a little exercise before I know. Oh it I got my four hundred maps for the day on my mayes zone. So I'm asking two hundred fifty megabits per day minimum on your mind zone and get started. Getting started is the hardest part so That's number three number four. If you WANNA make physical change in your body whether you're starting out or not the nutrition that you have is absolutely absolutely imperative and I ask you this. Are you eating too much or are you not eating enough. We'll wait. I'm trying to lose. Wait what do you mean. I'm not eating enough. Well it could be that. Sometimes people who are overweight aren't eating enough and you're going into starvation mode which actually is called the hunters complex hunters. This complex is your body. Thinks it's starving itself so it starts to store fat and that's never a good thing. We WanNA use fat to burn fat. Not Store fat so oh light to take a look. At how many calories are you taking in per day. And what types of calories are you eating or the choices that you're making. Are you eating breakfast and remember if you're eating breakfast and has a cartoon figure on the box it's not a healthy breakfast so What are you eating for breakfast? Ju- consume too much sugar throughout the day which includes too much juices. Like if you're drinking a lot of juice that could have a lot of sugar in it and sugar makes you soft Schiller. Color is the devil. So don't eat too much sugar. Another thing that's important when it comes to. Let's just talk about a a a world class winning nutritional program his nutrient timing. I like to eat every four hours during the day and yes I do. Do some intermittent fasting so question but When I go to bed at night I don't I get up? First thing I do is some fasted cardio before I do that Before I start to eat breakfast but I'm talking about throughout the day every four hours. Don't go six eight hours without eating eating something. During the day. I think you're going to have energy. Crashes so four hours you're eating a snack a piece of fruit a handful of almonds a light snack could could be a half of a sandwich or a salad with some protein on it and then along with that. Preparation is a key aspect. If you really want to hone in your nutrition and your energy you've got to make sure you're preparing foods is well and that typically happens on Sundays and Wednesdays at number five when it comes to even your own physical health. I'd like for you to keep a Journal a daily Journal of not only your physical workouts. What you're doing and tracking what you're doing in weight room in your cardio but also what are you grateful for? And you're like well how a gratitude journal helped me in that wise. Because why are you doing this in the first place. What are are you trying to feel? What's the emotion? You're trying to lose weight for what's the energy and vitality rejuvenation that you want to experience from your exercise program and then along with a gratitude journal Regardless of the faith you are of. Can You keep a prayer list of who do you WanNa send special intention. The thought or prayer too because when you keep a prayer list and you see a list of names of people who you are praying for. It's very very powerful. Watch what happens when you start. Start to live for other people than just yourself and you living for a deeper purpose. How your energy shifts and you're more likely to get your booty in gear and get out there when it's raining when when it's snowing when it's nice out you just going to go out there and do it so journaling puts you in the here and now and that's always a great state to be in the last two you number six get a workout buddy? Kid Bach Lavar and anyone else. You WanNA up your workouts. Get a workout buddy. Because the buddies help keep you accountable right so when you have someone that you train with. You're more likely to not only show up and be there at five in the morning twelve noon at lunch Later on after after work because you have a quota point with a buddy Then you're gonNA push each other once you're there as well so this is an important aspect and the last thing I would say if you've tried these things things and you just want to amp up your game or you're failing you're like I just can't do it then. Hire a coach. Hire a coach. Hire a professional national. Who helps motivates you helps keep you inspired hold you accountable and gives you the know? How and if you like todd I have no idea where to find a coach then? Just reach out to me because I can guarantee you in my Rolodex and my Rolodex. I have hundreds of trainers in my mastermind the loan. Who can help you around the globe anywhere? You are so if you're a fitness enthusiast. You're a weekend warrior. You're a fire breathing dragon. Who needs a little help? Just hit me up and let me know where you're located and that's a pretty good chance I know a great Chann- great trainer and coach. Who can help? Take your game to the next level and what that means losing a hundred pounds hounds or you want to get faster stronger more explosive In the training and coaching world. I know a lot of people around the world who can help you. You be your best as well and continued to listen to this podcast. Because they'll get your mind right. You'll get the tips but ultimately sometimes you need accountability and just like myself up. I've had a coach since two thousand seven all different aspects of my life Including the physical nutritional the spiritual and the business. I believe the best in the world are always seeking that coach who can help them take their game to the next level as well. So Kid Buck Lavar. I help that. I hope that helps you out. I WANNA see some some good tangible evidence that you're getting after it and you're shaking it out and getting after semi over your physical inventory and I promise you you will get better get started today spark plug wellness taught how to different routines when travelling. Homelife yes I do as a matter of fact. I do have to routines because when I'm at home I'm in my routine and very few times. Do I get disrupted in my routine board. I'm traveling. It's immediately disrupted because of airplanes different cities and timezones Flight delays as scheduled changes a speaking event. Whatever it may be so my routine does vary a few things that when you are traveling what I do number one when I'm traveling? One of my rules is this. I have to have a salad a day. y'All how does that fit into it because it's really easy to eat poorly when you're you're on the road in airports when you're eating how it's not as healthy so I always say okay. My lunch or dinner has got to be a salad with some protein on it. That's number one number br to I pack my backpack with food like almonds like a protein bar and I actually take two scoops of protein. Put it in a plastic Baggie and I put that in my in my my little backpack so I can have that now. Here's a little trick. I hope you don't sit next to me on the plane because I typically do when I put the little tray out in front of me I take my my almonds and I liked the spill. My almonds on the person next to me WHO's eating the twinkies and Ding dongs. Because they're not eating right and they're trying to talk to me about what they need to do to improve their health and I'm talking about the twinkies and the Ding dongs aren't going to help you get to the right so sprinkle my almonds on them and I- sprinkled on my protein protein powder on him next thing I know I'm conversing with them about what we do and next thing. I know I'm sharing my almonds with them. And I'm getting the whole plane better doing jump Jackson the aisles. So pack your bags with good good snacks and watch what happens right. There have a little fun with this. If I'm flying international I know the first thing when flying international before I actually sit on the bed I will not sit on the bed. I'm going to the GYM and working out if you're crossing time zones. It's really hard especially when you're going international I work out first thing upon landing. I don't care what time of day it is. I'm working out on trying to reset and recalibrate my own time zone to the time zone on and that's not always easy when you're doing that Recovery Gear. I travel with compressions impressions on my legs because it helps. Keep my legs Compressed I and making sure I do that I actually have a full set of compression gear from from under armor down. Low actually have a compression. Now they have new compression hoodies. Could you imagine that a compression Hoodie with I patch. You might see me on a southwest flight header. Whatever flight I might be on and you might see me just sawn wood with gray hoodie on an eye patch on with almond spread? All over my my myself off so if so make sure you knock on. Utd Wake it up. Maybe last thing. Five hydration hydration. Now let me give you the rule of thumb. This is what I go. Oh by eight. Ounces of pure water for every hour that you're traveling me repeat eight ounces of water for every hour our. You're you're you're flying so I'm going from here to New York City and I know it's going to be a five hour flight. Eight Times five is what very good forty ounces of water. You're you're like man that's GonNa keep going to the bathroom. Yes it is. And that's a good thing. That's why I always require request and I'll seat so I can get up real easy. I can get up open. Stretch my legs in the. I'll do a little plane. Yoga go back you know. Go to the bathroom. Get back and keep flushing your system out. You WanNa get up and stretch when you're on the planes because if you're just sitting there that's not good for anything so get up move around and hydrate is the name of the game so those are five five tips when I'm traveling. It's not easy but you've got to prepare with your almonds your protein bars and your protein shakes. I actually had all my supplements. I put them in plastic BAGGIES BAGGIES and I make sure that I'm allocated the the number of days. I'm gone with supplements the amount of supplements I need including my way protein shake including my my branched chain amino acids including me and my pre-workout everything I'm doing is all gonna be allocated in my protein bags. Put that in my backpack in case my bags get lost Then I'm all set. So those are that tricks to travel that tricks the travel and you follow those tips. I truly believe that that'll help you. And Your travertine and there you have it my friends. When you're traveling you gotta dial it on in and many of you actually are going to be traveling here next week? If you're listening GIN and you happen to be coming to my mentor ship. Next week at least follow the hydration tip and make sure you get your almond and spit on the person next to you and share some almonds almonds with the people that whole plane. Nice and healthy there. You have it another great episode of the Impact Cuny if you found some value in today. Hey whether you're just starting to work out right now or you need to start working out or you want to amp up your game with their workouts and in your travel routine. Because I know there's a lot of busy Z.. Professionals who are listening in on planes trains and automobiles. Yup you're in cars and you're you're you're traversing all over the country trying to sell your products. Six make sure that that's never an excuse why you don't dial in your own physical and nutritional routine when you do those things. I promise you your energy will shift. Your Energy will skyrocket. And that's going to help you take your game to the next level. Don't forget don't forget it's absolutely important. Portent the train hard to eat right to live inspired and to create impact. have an incredible day and until next time remember get out there and make a difference. Peace and God bless coaches trainers fire breathing dragons. You sometimes feel like you're on an island. You need to accelerate import report your results in your business or life. Are you stop challenge or frustrated with your currently at

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