Ep. 550: Fart Me to the Moon with Dan McCoy and Elliott Kalan


Give little time for the child within you. Don't be afraid to be young and free onto the lock central away the keys and take off issues and sex and run you. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn America's radios. We hired Morris, boy, detective, aren't you? My friend, I'm doing five. Wow. Yeah. My weekend has been uneventful, but I'm making up for it with a sexual voice. That makes it sound like I've got a naughty secret, but the real secret is I don't. I found three grey hairs in my beard. Oh yeah. Do do facial hairs, turn, gray all at once woman. You had only three of them so that should answer your question. Yeah, they were just growing out of a war on. You mean three total hairs? Yeah. No, I think you're fine. Your beers look in chestnut. You but do this. Here's my question. I trimmed them. Okay. But when do they go? Do they. Problem. You gotta yank buddy. Okay. If you trim they're going to grow back if you yank they'll think twice. Really, you're going to teach them a lesson. You wanna get yanked? No, not in the slightest. Well, a gray hair don't neither. Okay. So yeah, this is my question. Yes. Is it about Yankin. My question is, does a facial hair scum out gray and get longer and longer, or does it come out your other hair color and then turn gray. Boy, I don't know. I should ask face scientist. Sure. Yeah. Like Michael Jackson from the black or white video, is that what he is? Because he keeps changing different faces. Oh, did you become a sign scientists in a wizard or or the characters from the movie face off? Yeah, I think that'd be able to answer. I think that we talked to castor, Troy. Oh God. What's the other dumb name in that means, castor, Troy and fubo out. I wish we had. Only. Only we had a couple of our guests on this week's program are two thirds of the smash hit max von podcast, the flop house, please welcome to the program. He said is though there were alive audience and attendance, Dan McCoy and Elliott Kaelin. Hi gentlemen. Hello? Hey, guys. Are you talking about casters brother, Pollock's, Troy. Yes, no Castro. Troy's nNcholas cage face off, what's? Oh Archer Archer strong Archer Archer punch. I just thought Sean harsher and noblest. Nothing. Okay. Let's French French comes from me and Genesis game. So it looks like we were both wrong. We were both wrong. I was not as you didn't mention the Genesis goes, Genesis players, love French band. That's true. And to blast processing. Is that like a sweep? It goes so fast, like a sweet bread, Dan. Yeah, that's exactly what that is. Rich bread, Dan, you're quite the Baker. What have you baked lately? Oh, shoot. The last thing I baked was not impressive at all. It was a key lime pie which if anyone knows it's the simplest pie simple. Well, for one thing, it has a Graham cracker crust rather than like a pastry crust. So you basically just blend up a bunch of crap crackers with sugar and butter and press it into a pie. Tin adds sugar to the Graham crackers. Yeah. 'cause they're pretty sweet. They're basically I was basically Graham cookie already. Yeah, I was admonished by my wife. Once when my son said, I need something to eat for breakfast and said, have some Graham crackers. She said, no, Graham crackers are snack. I said, I've been eating Graham crackers for breakfast for a year. Basically cookies healthy alternative, toasting them and putting butter on them or taking them out of the baggage and then eating them while I walked to work because I didn't have the time to make myself a real breakfast, how many grabbing crackers equals a breakfast, three. All right. Idiot. Come on. I'm not getting the whole scene of food pyramid, Dan, right. All right. Like peanut butter between two Graham crackers was a big childhood breakfast for me on the go. If we were like running a little bit late. Yeah, yeah. Our our, our country has a breakfast problem guys. Yeah. Aren't, hey, k- kids drop kick those granola bars. Get yourself a banana. Weren't Graham crackers invented to keep you from crank in it or something. Excellent. Pick of Cornflake principals and Fritz was encouraged children to pray. Right. Looks like praying hands. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, God knows that's what I look like. When I pray, they're not. They're not Kellogg's product though. I think that that's you're thinking of Kellogg was the big anti cranky road twelve Il starring Matthew Broderick. Okay, thank you by the way, you know how, you know. I look like that when I'm praying 'cause I'm praying, hey, give me untangled. Tangle me. Dear Lord, gentle Christian comedy. The gentlemen Christian comedy of comic from the late eighties. Hey, Kimmy. Untangled I'm seeing seeing maybe turtleneck under sport coach. Hold on. Let me push up the sleeves and do the punchline again and then maybe half the half. The act has a has a ventriloquist dummy. Oh, sure. Of course the veterans was dummy though is very wholesome, unlike other ventriloquist dummies who are often very Randy. Sure. Yet I'll Randy her than their human counterparts off the time, which is strange. It'd be a Christian. A Christian dummy is more pious than his. Moral. Dan, what is it? What's the jolly loaded a room with a woman in this? My wife is there what's the gooey jelly part of a key lime pie. This is very exciting pie. Talk for the listener Jordan. Jesse go audience. These people are nuts about ties. Yeah. Is you your guys is audience wants to hear about like the Chad sequel? Good too jarring, but the storing. Making introduce. Self audience wants gentle stories about baking and like food way, Elliott. If your kids said something, funny break, oh, boy, didn't the time. You're saying this show is is filling the void that was left when people realized they can't listen to garrison Keeler anymore. Because he's not on the air and because of the things he did this. Horrible, horrible things. What was in because he was previously unlistenable. Oh, man. Okay. So Dan, you were at my house. Did earlier before this? Sammy say anything? My son does anything. No, we've got to finish the pipe. I'll do pie chat. We'll get to Gavin 'bout kids. I will say, if you want to hear stories about a four and a half year old, loving Mr. bean and relating what's happening to you as it happens. Yeah, he loves doing that excited about that. Dan got a full blast experience of that, but Dan pies key lime. How do you do it? Well, there's a lot of key lime juice as you might think. Okay, stop right there. Just what is that? There are particular lines that grow in the Florida Keys and and use them. Now these aren't limes, like who in the seventies would all put their keys in a bowl with other times wives. Some of them would go home with a lemon feeling. The forbidden fruit twist of Lyman came from. Yeah. Oh, yeah. From citress fucking the lime. Fucked limited, wasn't married to. Sort of legal at the time for linens to marry. There's a lot of lime juice convinced milk and there's a bunch aid yolks and that's pretty much it. I think I'd turn out the pie. It was delicious, but I'm, I'm a single man Jordan. That's what I. You ate it follow up question Dan, and this is I was sitting on this and I'm glad you got to it because it would have been rude of me to say, yeah, I said it to my job. I'm trying to host this program, but you know, it would have been rude. And you're a single man. What are you doing with a pie? I, I don't know. American pie. Use for pies, Dan, have you tried that? No, although the jewiness of a key lime I feel like we already, sorry, I asked. I, I made it. I had a friend over. We made a pie we each had, but that's a fun friend activity? Yeah. We each had one slice of pie and then I was stuck with what is it six eighths of a pie after that, which I then as a solo person, eight as breakfast for the next. Seems like a little theme. This episode, naughty breakfast. Yeah. Yeah, breakfast we shouldn't be having in my family when I was a kid on the go. Breakfast was two slices of key lime pie with some peanut butter. Yes. So I guess we're Dan saying is he's the only guy who puts a pine and sill into hopes a Hobo. The train young family, friendly company, all praises me. I put my own hotel Mark outside that says, we man with pies. This lonely man with man. Marks. If you hear sighing it's not about you. Just that way. Did you ever make meat pies. That's the only kind of pie like I have in the past. It's been a long time, but back when you were a demon barber. Shop again, mainstream, please trip. Yeah. Well, you know, like the cat pies weren't doing it anymore. Came over Elliott, and you demanded a pie. I would make one forty if I knew you were coming over time. I'll let you know next time. Yeah, you'll eat a lot of meat pies, I, I mean, I don't because I don't get the opportunity to them, but I do love them no interest. I love a pastry crust. Now I love meat. I don't love the sweet stuff they've put in pies, do Blake any sweet stuff. Elliott has famously against all fruits. I don't like fruit all fruit. And I know wait before he's anything tomatoes. Sure. I'll eat those cucumbers. Sure. Those are fruits that don't taste like fruit. So you're saying you prefer the worst for? I prefer vegetables. Am I right folks. Like. For some reason. What about a rhubarb pie that's vegetable pie. My friend sounds disgusting to me. It is pretty gross. Good. He's my favorite part really rhubarb is your favorite pal? I feel like rhubarb pie is so much work to get me to eat. What essentially is like a sour salary. It is. It is definitely a sour celery that you have to add absurd amounts of sugar to make palatable. But I mean, I think we've agreed Dan's IMO isn't necessarily creating the which is why it's attracting the most Hobo. And I think also my nickname is our celery. When you played for the Astros to call you? That's right. Our celery MacAulay. So Dan, you work at televisions daily program. The British version. In any? Does anyone bring in baked good to that office? Yeah, me. You're the bacon guy Johnson. We used to call you the Baker. He literally did the butcher right. Sure. St. at candlestick maker John liked to learn one thing about people and then like that. So like he's very famous. He had a lot on his mind like George W Bush. Yeah. And so give you a nickname and stick limit your stretch Johnston stretch to Jon Stewart to the states still sends me a transformers birthday. All right. I was doing when I was eight. Okay. And I still love him. Yeah, I had seen. I hadn't seen John for like a year, and then the daily show oral history came out and there was a party that we were all at, and he looked at me blankly for like you no longer than you should look at someone blankly that you've worked with for four years closely. And then he finally was like the Baker. What do you make most recently? I felt like I couldn't tell him that I had already finished. I was baking my way through red book, and that was the project that I was on that he knew I didn't have the heart to be like, I finished that long ago, so I'm just like, I don't know Shibata sure us picked a bread. Yeah, pull the bread editing. I didn't get an invitation to this book party. When was this? The oral history of the it was at, you know, American retro about a year after John left the show, we've come to the part of Jordan. Jesse go where we air, our personal grievances. Fuck you. Maybe he did a quick way you said, well, I assumed it was that like a bookstore or something like that. No American retro I went to, yeah, there's there's a bar very close to the daily show offices that is known for nothing other than having various types of tater tops. Cool. And so this is a bar that when it first opened his called whistling dixies, Texas, saloon. Okay. And it had so much stuff like it wanted to be a Coyote ugly so badly. It was like, if you order this drink, we'll rent a bell and then we yell real out and you order this drink. And we sing this song, and it was like, this is a rock and crazy time, and that did not work very well. And so they shut down for a little bit and reopened as as American retro which is like name, you name the bar, the the style that you're you're going forward. But they figured out a winning combination, which was tater tots and put a lot of different things. I'm big embed at the Los Angeles Dodgers game, and I went in ordered what amounted to tater tot nachos? Yeah. Thinking, how could this go? Ron? I'm at the baseball game. I, I knew I was going to eat something disgusting going in now sort of the plan, and then what could be more disgust. Being than she's on tots, I ate them. I ate all of them out of a weird disad sense of obligation. I made myself so sick and was like an iron stomach like I'll eat whatever. But I made my, I just kept eating them because I couldn't snip pricey at a baseball stadium. Oh sure. Those ten dollar tots in just night, was it just. All the ten dollars, right. We usually sell them for five, ten dollars. It was actually a ten dollar tonight, but it was unrelated to the food selection. And was an adoption event. Let's totally. I was grateful. I've been going through this whole thing so hard. I was thinking about going international. I heard about ten dollar tots night. Yeah, gravity gravitons. Yeah, grabbed a couple. All those tots have bobbleheads. Okay. So I'm going to get better than that. We'll take a quick break. We'll be back in just a second on Jordan. Jesse go. 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Did you have one thing that Jon Stewart knew about you, although, I guess maybe as head writer, you worked a little closer. I worked with him for much longer than Dan did not. This is not a slight. I'm not like a little closer to John the Dan was, but I, this is me being like we were together for longer, and I worked did work with closers. Allying. You work your way up from being an intern to? Yeah. I mean, John also knew me from the age of twenty not. He wasn't twenty. I was. I started as an intern rows twenty and I worked at you were Todd remote control. There is, there is no, he wasn't, but was there was staff. There is a guy on staff there who worked with John on the Jon Stewart show so like, but the so he knew me from age age twenty when he didn't know me that well to eight. But it was a smaller staff then to age thirty three. So like he. So he, I feel like we got to each other relatively well and like every now and then we text and it's very nice. That's cute. But so I had more of a close with him than Dan did. So I think he knows about at least you're velcro wallet, then. I had a recurring Blake terror that John would just like scan the room look over at me and go. So what do you do exactly. Security guard. You're writing an article about us. John. I've been here for the past three years. Yeah, I thought it was a very, very thorough three years. Just for Newsweek dot com. Wow, dot com. Well, I've been writing for dot net for eight years and they keep telling me they're going to promote me, but all man. Yeah, you know, Dan, what are your top baking category? Baking categories? Yeah. Like what do you prefer? Cookie, a bread. Whic bread skyler I love a quick read. What about like? Have you tried to make a bagel? I have made a bagel. And you know the interesting thing about a bagel as everyone knows is you boil it and you bake it. I don't think anyone in LA knows that. Yeah. Well, our waters different here. Nobody reads. Or walks anywhere. Right. Disproving today. I did have a beer today that was brewed with avocado. So I felt. Very califor-. I went to, I went to one of these LA restaurants. There's a handful of them. We've gotta hit full restaurants. I'm in cooking on my own food. There's a couple of restaurants. Okay. What are these restaurants is owned by like a Colt. Okay, very nice. It's like an out. It's like Hubbard's. The source family. Yeah, this on the sunset strip in the nineteen seventies taste green goddess dressing for the first time. All right, I was, yeah, I was backstage with ex and so and they very nice restaurant. It's kind of like it's kind of like up in the up in the hills, deep valley, go to this kind of, you know, you drive up this hill and it's outdoors. It's kind of a gazebo theme and they're. Finca Zibo. Okay. Gazebo vise only gazebos or their conservatories. Greenhouses. Only story. They're always playing John Phillips Sousa. Yes, exactly. I love. They're nice place to rest. Jimmy g. And their cocktail menu. Their cocktails were wild crafted. So meaning. The woods. Are made by racket records, wash their food in the stream. If we can give the Oregon peel. Mint a little hand. Jordan bartenders we discussed, I think on a recent program that you're not forward with waitstaff, you're a little resident to push your reticent to push your Jay. I will be hard pressed to send something back. Did you inquire as to what wild grafting was? I should have. Yeah, I was afraid they would sacrifice be to there. Let me tell you what you are not yet. I learned from that story. Jewish first thing you would have said to the waiter before leader even approached the table, you would've looked around seeing if there's anyone who looked like a waiter and said, what's wild crafting, wild crafting, what is that? What is it probably would. I mean, other than you would have sent back all your food because they did it wrong other than not being confrontational. I think that there's prob. Here's what I was afraid of that there's a good explanation for it, and I just wanted to on. Just wanna make fun of it. There's a, oh, well, this means this bet it is something with like, you know, it's like the seasonal ingredients or something like that. I bet. Yeah. The colts element. Boy, I, you know, I I should've looked into it more. Okay. Vaguely know that I have been told it's the, it's called the the end of the seventh Ray of light. Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah, I like that. Like you're like, I should have looked into it more later on. You find that it's like a sexual slavery. Cole, I really. Shooters do not wanna support that you only looked at regular yell, failed to look at cult yell, right? Yeah, exactly. Dan, I thought you would think you were getting at with. I would be, obviously for the joke I was making, I would enjoy that. I was making a joke that I enjoyed others being sold into. So right now we've all cleared up now. If I if I on regular yelp you learn about appetizer. Okay. And then call yelp. You learn about secret rituals and that kind of thing. If I can specify Jewish people. Okay, people who are descended from the ancient Israelites don't believe in the divinity of Christ, but they will talk to you about their opinions about it at great length because they're very opinionated people. And I know because I'm one of them, I don't need to know about a topic to have an opinion on it. That's because I'm also a man. Elliot, I ju-. Quite different. Bar bears. What are bears, but nature's. So records or NASA's bears, are patriots natives us? Yeah, the animal kingdom sure are Elian Dan, you guys are are Siniphen. Did you ever see that? Did you ever see source family movie about the green goddess dressing? No, I'm not familiar with it. Oh, God, is it gorgeous? It is just a dream with the best part about this documentary about the source family, which is this seventies called here in Los Angeles who did have all together collectively restaurant on the sunset strip. That is the one that in any hall where Woody Allen goes to Los Angeles for like ten minutes of the movie. Yeah, and he eats it a health food restaurant and he's so that's a direct parody of this one restaurant that was owned by Kalt called the source family and the guy who created the Kalt he had killed someone with ju jitsu. In like a defensible murder. Okay, self-defense. Yeah. Yeah. The sort of thing that you know is charismatic and brings people to use a cult leader, Billy Jack type and he and he was a devotee of physical culture. Okay. Which is like with like exercise before they knew what exercise wise? Yeah. If you read the book Mr. America, they talk about that. A lot of great book. Yeah, great book and they. So he was also like twenty years older than all the members of the cult because he was from the fifties and they were all from nineteen sixty seven. And in the anyway in the end, there's two really beautiful things about it. One is in the end he dies, they, he brings the cult eventually to Hawaiian spoiler alert and he dies because he thinks that he knows how to hang glide, never anglin before hang glit- it, excuse me. So he just. Plummets to his death. He just jumps off a cliff on a hang glider and plummets to his death. And then the other thing is everybody that was in the cult that they interview this movie. That was great. I would love to go back to back off uncle definitely like broke up because the guy jumped off a cliff thinking, hang glide, but he didn't know how, but like everybody there is like it was great and they all seem, I mean, a little dippy, but pretty reasonable. Elliott. We were think we were building toward some sort of child story. Oh, yeah. Wurley we were. We talked about it in the first kind of brag about my child, frankly, all the funny stuff that he does speaking of Judaism, you're showing me some pictures of the child merely the newest child, the new one, and he has a little bagel shirt. Yeah. He has a onesie with the bagel on it because we are stereotypes that are. We're like New York, doozy love bagels then pretty much. I mean, like there's a, there's a certain aspect of my family. That's like, yeah, just we're like, that's the goldbergs. Okay, great. You know, that's the sitcom Eliot. I'm a San Francisco Piscopo alien who loves bagels. So I think bagels are pretty undeniable, rock-solid homerun. A quality bagel is very few things better than that I scream is better, but like very few shortly when we moved from New York Los Angeles last year, people were like, you're gonna miss the bagels. And I found, I'm like. Yeah. Okay. Bagels are fine. I really it was not the staple of my life that I, that it needs to be people like you're gonna miss the bagels and you're gonna miss the pizza. They don't make it right in that. We've found pizza. That's fine. And I'm like, oh, I don't eat them any bagels when they're not presented free to me at the beginning of the work day in the form of a basket. But I'll tell you some funny stuff. My son said, how this? Yeah. Got what do you got mother myself in Email when he says, I'm particularly. I mean, he did miss here. I was at the national anthem and he went national ant farm. The movie, let the right one in. Lender. Referring to let the right one and he goes and let the wrong one out. You gotta teach your kids about Dracula's one time he this is just I'm just reading emails. I wrote to myself Steffi said he dipped his French toast into his arm juice. Just see what it was like in his review was it's better than bad. He told us that for Halloween, he wants to be salad. Have you thought about how are you gonna pull that off? No, I have not. Well, he's other previously previous hammerhead, shark, which I think we're going to stick with. We were listening to good morning. Good morning. Good morning from the end of sergeant pepper. All the animals start up at the end. And he was like, maybe they reported this part on a farm and the animals came in at the end and they took the guitar. And the drums and the animals were playing them. Probably more fun than what was really happening, which that song was written because John Lennon was so bored and strung out on heroin that he would just sit and watch TV all day. And there was a, I think, cornflakes commercial where it was like good morning. All right, a song into that. So I did not tell Sami that story of how it happened and I'll tell you two more did one he said was, I know chocolate is not a vegetable, but I would like to have some with dinner. He's trying to convince me once my wife said, what should we have for dinner? And he really wanted to have chicken parmesan, and I was not. I wanted something else and he goes those daddy, it has chicken which you love. You know. Chicken. But when Dan was there, he had taken my wife's reading glasses which basically just magnifying glasses and was walking around the house going this. It looks like I'm walking up a hill that looks really big that looks the wrong size, like just pointing out, look different. It's great, funny kid. Yeah. And we were watching Mr. bean and he was like, daddy, daddy, daddy, he did this and he went there. I'm like, I know I saw it. It just happens me about it. Elliott. I've got an important question for you. Yeah, somebody been thinking about a lot. You and I have been doing data activities and I don't. I look, I don't mean to brag or exclude either of you guys, but Elliott Neier both the parents of children. Sure. And we're also in the children of parents. Let's say, I'll I'll speak for myself. I am also lonely. So I like to invite Elliot to do family activities so that I don't have to engage too deeply with my own children. Basically, Dan practice kissing. Yeah. Well, I mean, if me and Elliot had a clubhouse like. No, dad's allowed have a venue. I like those outings. We have a good time. I, I, I mean, you, you can. You can ask Jordan. I've been bragging to for the past three months about what a great addition. It is to my life. The two of us and our children go on these outings. But our my oldest is seven and my middle child who usually comes with us as well as four and Sammy's also for about four and a half. Yeah. So here's the thing. My children are are have a lot of enthusiasm. And so two Sammy and everyone seems to have a nice time on the trip, do our children like each. Do they okay. He talks about your kids all the time. Awesome. That's great. And also I think as I've told you in the past, this'll be nude Jordan Jessica listeners. 'cause I've never said it on a podcast before, but my son's favorite person to hang on play with is a girl who is a couple years older than him really year two older. He's like, this is someone I wanna follow around this someone I wanna to hang out with. So it's like he's a, yes, he's, he loves it, but he's like, okay, but there's this other kids like my age. So like if this older kid doesn't wanna talk about poop. Elliot. Let me just let you let me just let you know right here. And right now there is no time when my seven does not wanna talk about poop, not since captain underpants introduced to our life. One of my favorite things is that at everyone outings, you have expressed disdain for captain underpants and wish that it was never brought into your child's life. Oh, well, here's the thing years ago. Captain underpants Jordan, and I famously only to longtime Jordan. Jesse go listeners, but famously the longtime Jordan. Jesse go listeners when we were in college a couple of times for the pledge drive of the college radio station. We did our show from the base of campus in our underpants, and actually the guy who directed afro punk was just in here to heat rocks, and I was thinking of, he actually showed up in person to do the interview, and we interviewed him in our underpants and he's like a cool punk rock guy who directed an excellent film and the poor man had to be interviewed sincerely by us while we were wearing underpants and he was wearing a full punk. Rock outfit, but we won one time I called or emailed the publisher of captain underpants, and I don't remember what it was, and I said, hey, you know, we're college students were doing the show for our college radio station. Do you think you could send us some underpants books for our pledge drive, and they sent us a box of captain underpants books that had to be four feet cube. Like five hundred copies of various captain underpants books, and I didn't. It was so generous of them that I've held it close to my heart ever since. Although to be fair, I think we successfully gave away like three of them, like the rest of them were. The rest of them were buried in the in the in the desert. Like those e t r Tari cartridges. Like the book of Mormon. Underpants was inscribed on plates. Scientology liberty center. So I had this spot. Yeah. Yeah. I've this off spot in my heart forever for captain underpants, but captain underpants is like it's a great thing for what they call reluctant readers. If your kid doesn't want to read. Then it's it's good because it's something that's. I mean, it's real silly and real goofy and very charming children, particularly and is a wonderful thing that I'm glad exists in the world except for the way that it has affected my life, which is my child was introduced to it by, I guess she, there was a copy of one of the books in her classroom or something like that. And literally I had to spend three months being like, dad, do you want to hear the names of all the captain underpants books or like dad? Can I tell you the plots of all the captain underpants books? She taught it to my four year old. Who knows nothing about captain underpants except for second hand. And now my children who had never talked about potty stuff for us potty words or anything like it's just it's a raging river of potty talk through my home. I don't know how you able to stave it off that long as with my sign. It's like he's always. I mean, it doesn't help that like we had to take his questions seriously. So if he's in the bath and he's like this part of me, we're like that you're growth and. Scrotum. You say the turned into salacious crumb from jets. The, I'm just amazed young. How old is what age do you teach a child about salacious club. That's that's between. You have to really gauge how your child is ready about it. Start gangster. Very thing. The space gangster has a pet who's also his gesture and his best friend, and it's not. He can say little words, but it's not clear if he's an animal or if he has a job or both. Because the I mean, it's crime is also I think my favorite Star Wars character. So you think he's a gesture and not sort of like a hype, man kind of carrying gesture can do that too. It's all of it. I feel like salacious chrome is definitely the one guy who can laugh at Java and nobody else can, but he also laughs at all of job as jokes. So it's a little bit of both. I mean, yak face is not going to be doing this job, Amanda rain corps the rank or can't talk the Wrangler keeper is he's obsessed with his Dan rank or is. I mean she's a great dancer, but she's obviously he's not crazy about her work as he shoves her into the rank or pit. It'd be devoured. Sure. There's that other dancer that I can't remember the name of one with six boobs that you know, she's know on Twitter today Beker. Yeah. And what are the an res come on? The guy is barely function as a henchman. Then you've got Barada Nikko. Those guys don't know what's going on. My kids want to characters. I mean, you would for a long time you like really did a good job only be described as arduous. I was going. I'm going to try to rank core I because that's basically the only one I know that's a good one. My kids wanted to learn about snuggle tooth, but I decided they weren't ready to hear to to hear about mock turtlenecks. Yeah. So you know, this is a conversation that my wife and I've had a number of times is when is going to be old enough to see Star Wars to show him the first movie when he's five, that is too young, but not the I episode five. No, no, that's. That's cool. I mean, you didn't know that much about jobs, valid. One guy in there. I'm really sorry and some and I already have a friend who's like, you've got to do it the machete style. That's show-me four and five. Then you show him one, two, three, then you show him six. And that way the surprise that Vader's loops father spoiler alert for thirty year old movie that the supreme almost forty the split. He gets that surprise, but then you go back and you see how Anna can became Darth Vader friend of mine. I don't plan on showing him those three. Here's here's machete style. Danny trae. Doing it solo. I. The holiday special, then incher and no others, I'm taking him on star tours, walk adventure, the one with the super fast e walk. Yeah. Okay. Let's just show him that and call it Star Wars. Everybody's talking about. The holiday holiday special deficits can be so low holiday special. We you walk adventures star tours, and that's what else is going to happen in the next few years though. I'm sure there's gonna be some other embarrassing Star Wars thing. That's true. My daughter desperately wants to watch the movie return to is because yes, so see about it because. Okay. Alternate. She has to be introduced the concept. Just the concept of electroshock therapy as as early as possible. So she saw her favorite movie is the wizard of Oz, the maybe the greatest movie ever made and she couldn't. She couldn't love it more. I mean, like she's completely over the moon, goo Gaga, offer this movie and into a baby shipping it. She seen it many times and it's totally magical to her. She's completely obsessed with it. It's like everything that she wants like it's like magical and fantastical and the main characters girl. And you know, all that Chen, she loves Bert, Lahr yes, Bert, Lahr. Did you know he was in the English language, original production of leading for good dough dad and you're like, I do not know that. Did you know that his son is still theater critic for the New Yorker eighty nine. It's too young to teach a child that it syncs up dark side of the. I had her. She actually demanded that I read to her John LARs biography of Dame EDNA, really. It was like, I think she's ready for that that seems appropriate possums, but she sh- I think maybe her babysitter mentioned it or something that she just knew that there was a sequel to it. Did you ever watch that movie when you were a kid? I have the not hot boring ass. Take that it's very, very scary. Yeah. Like I a Christmas movie and it was Frankenstein's monster? Yes, scary. Take cell. Yeah, I had nightmares. I mean, I really, truly, I mean, I still don't like scary movies particularly. But I really genuinely had nightmares until I was like twelve. And I think I saw it when I was six and she will not let it go. So we told her that when she's ten, she could decide and she basically has like one of those page a tearaway calendar. Counting down until she's old enough to see return to us. Now, I recently we watched wizard of Oz at prospect park. They were doing an outdoor screening, which is, you know, an outdoor screaming is really great if you want to kind of hear the movie. Oh. Movies, but, but I, you know, I loved it even in that context, but I had to problems with the movie re revisiting it. Number one, Glenda obviously can send Dorothy home at any point. So it seems like all she wants to do have Dorothy kill the wicked witch of the west, so she can keep her hands clean the murder. Oh, sure, sure that and number two, it's the silver standard. Number two. I like at the end of the movie. I'm like, all right. This is all well and good, but isn't miss Gulch gonna come and kill TOTO anyway. Like what happened with that story? No Miskel died in the hurricane in the tornado. We don't see any of that happening. That's the wicked. That's the real life wicked witch. Yeah, God is that I. So I saw on with my daughter and it is a lovely movie. And I think particularly like the the things that the supporting characters that are being funnier dancing. Yeah, are doing are so great that you're just like, oh, how could anything be this? Lovely and delightful your Burt LARs just glorious. But the whole part until they get to is is so long. So much boring. Stuff happens boring, but it is long. It's like my life when we started dating, she, she'd never seen back to the future and we watch it and I was like, Africa, how long it takes him to get to the past. Like there's like thirty minutes of him just around the Huey Lewis on and as they see every single thing that's going to happen in the fifties. But there's a lot of stuff beforehand, but that's also like you gotta know who these characters are, you know, or else when you see them pop up in, is you you? You're gonna be like, who's this guy? Some dude. Okay. I guess. Ultimately, what I'm saying is it's a bad movie. And you should definitely contact me about that. Now, it's a great movie. It'd be it is a, I think it's that that section the movie feels longer when you know where it's going like when you know you're going to be hit with a colorful world of dancing, scarecrows and Karelians and flying monkeys than seeing this girl dealing with her problems is even seeing her saying over the rainbow, which is maybe the greatest ever written directly for movie like other than that song that played in during the credits of memento of double back for back to the future part three other than the Addams family wrap or giraffe from teenage TNT two secret of the us. We're all forgetting l. o. KU song about the plot of deep. Fair point. It's even sitting that, like, you know what's happening is going to be more more exciting than that. And it took me something I do sometimes is a rewatch movie. I've seen over and over again and I'll say to myself, I'm gonna. Pretend I'm watching this. I've never seen before. I did this with Star Wars number of years ago and masturbate sometime. Oh, really? That really gets. I know I know where she's going. This. The funny thing is jesse's masturbation syncs up perfectly. But I, I watching those movies and you're like, not try to interstate anything going to say to myself. I've never seen this movie before going to react to it or try to react to it as if I'm seeing in the moment with it, and then a movie like that is more entertaining because you're not waiting for like the really cool part to have that sad. And another thing that you do is watch a b plus movie from the late thirties and really get a lot out of it. Yeah. Third is is the greatest time in America. There you go. Okay. Let's take a break. We'll be back in just a second Jordan. Jessica. Capanna. We have just thirty seconds of max on listeners that we know what the f. we're talking about when it comes to pop culture. You guys, let's go famous, Chris, lock in for Soffer Sohn, Tim's worth Karen. What's the most iconic lesbian snack the wings at hooters answers fried green tomatoes. What does the marvel cinematic universe, missing my interest, winter name, someone who will e got in your lifetime. I baron Holtz. Let's top gear top models. Adly have to say top gear. The clear answer is top chef top model taught us about smiling. Rocket. Smart takes on everything catches every Friday on maximum fun. I am LA Kurtz and I'm Julia Prescott and we're the host of everything's coming in every episode. We cover a different of Simpson's that is favored of our special guest. We've had guests that our show runners and writers and voice actors like Nancy, Cartwright, de-miners I, and we've also had people that are on the max network already. Homer wearing that golf outfitting. So funny and he gets super. Pat. We've had weird alley ink on the show just to strip by the writing is. I mean, that's because the Simpsons, but I mean like you can't say that a lot of TV shows particularly one that at that point had been on the air for fourteen years, find this on maximum fund dot org. I tunes or wherever you get your podcast, all right, smell you later. Eleven. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn America's radio sweetheart. Moore's boy, detective, Elliot, Kaelin man from the future. What can I tell you? We do toilets differently in the future primitive ways. Yeah, it's well, it's four seashells the movie wrong seashells, but one of the shells you don't really use. I mean, everyone acts like the is it you don't really is. Yeah. Yeah. The pie maker. Like how in the present like we don't actually wash our hands after he t right guys. Wow. I mean. Old, your hands in the peace dream. Hadn't eaten all those macaroni gave me Pena's probably cleaner than my hand. Right. Touches less. Touches less. Remember member. So that sounds like an insult but is objective. That's that was George Carlin Joe because he was talking about how like penises, just like in your pants all day, not doing anything like wash Pena's after you touch. George Carlin Sony Dany ever made a macaroni. I have not made a macaroni that seems wait. I Don. I haven't made a macaroni phone Norrland made a macaroni. That was what I was. I was wondering when you're asking me about that's top secret world of Alex Mack. I've never made an episode of the secret MAC tonight. Horrific. Berger what signs whose name is a play on a song about a murderer. I just got. Murderer and his favourite prostitutes, their point low lives. Yeah. Would you say different show Jesse? Brave. Would you say that Big Mac tonight was equally respect? Would you say the Big Mac tonight? Was McDonald's pioneering work and exploring the via fact and television. Okay. So because cigarette smoke in your face every time that commercials on quick quick baked good round table. Yeah. Uh-huh. Sure. Macaroni or macaroni. The former being like a coconut cookie, correct? The ladder being a French colorful cookie fan, French Oreo basically. Yeah, with with with the rang. Yeah. But in like a pale pink often pale blue. I'm gonna go position. Can I go. I guess you do go poop, Elliott. Either of those gonna go with those leaf cookies that you get at you get town fairs in my hometown that I grew up in taste that great. But when I was a kid, I loved them anyway. I don't know if they're sold anywhere else. They're like Delhi cookies and the shape of leaves. They're also sandwich, cookies, kind of sandwich. Cookies thing. Are they both thing? To be honest, they had meant Fridays and they had varieties that kinda like were just kind of plain plain baked outside. And then like chocolate on the inside, I didn't like the ones they're much, but that was that when there would be in millburn New Jersey. My hometown there would be like a town fair and my sister and I would be like some of these leaf cookies. These will be our Proust's medal day when I am an old man Godwilling they'll be a day when I'm an old man, I'll take a bite of one of those cookies, and it will take me back to being really bored at an event for adults. And then your parents and not enjoying buckman Turner, overdrive cover band and really wanted to go home and your parents finally saying, okay time to get in the car and you get in the car, and then your parents talk to their friends for a while on the car while you sit in the car waiting for them to get in just wanting to go home. I expected at some point when I'm an old man by into a pepperidge farms mint, Milano cookie, and I'll have the magical feeling of sitting in the corner of a nondescript storefront while a really intense a meeting for only vets. Trying to draw pictures and block out stories about people hitting rock bottom, and those people are homeless people by the way. Go ahead, Dan. Mecca Rome's Big Mac Aroon fan. Not funny, just true. Yeah. Yeah, mecca ruins are good, good. I feel like I one of the great gifts of adulthood for me. Yeah. Has been coming to really enjoy a spirit and coconuts on asparagus from asparagus and Brussels. Sprouts are things where I'm like, oh, these are fantastic. Why don't? Why would you kids not like these kids are stupid problems with Brussels sprouts, and I'm speaking as a mid westerner here. I don't know how it was out on with you east coast elite screwing up. But the only brussel sprouts I had were the ones that were that came in a frozen blocks from the store. Like I never had fresh plus brussel sprouts until I was an adult. And then I'm just like, why the fuck did they freeze these things? And then boil the shit out of them. I will say Brussels sprouts for much of American history seemed to have been cooked the wrong way. Yeah, people just didn't know how to cook them and they do smell like like a combination of poop and death. If you cook them the wrong way. Terrorists begun to not serve them just so cking wet. They. Until five years ago, they were always just so king. That's how the ad that's how the ads sold them to their like sue king. Dripping with sprout, Honey, I'm home. Oh, good. I made your favorite cold. Sponges. Hot water. To get the flavor into them and I didn't sees them. Yeah, hope you like. Hope you like of salt in the water? No, it's like if I boiled cabbage, yeah, but it's tiny. I put the into a savory jello. Okay. So are we how lucky are we that we didn't grow up as adults in the time period when everything at a party had was sticking inside. And it was like when deviled eggs were the best choice that you get party all meet had a ring of pineapple on it Cussing. Fuck with deviled eggs, pretty hard. So you're not gonna get me going to go down that road with you. Elliott. I've forgotten love deviled eggs. I'll eat an entire plate, but a plate of devil dates. You've been my reach out, continue to eat them until they're all gone. I will just myself. Tony. Okay. When something momentus happens to you, we ask you to call us at two zero, six, nine, eight, four, four, fun or Email voice memo to JJ go at maximum fund dot org. Now, here's an unusual situation. Gentlemen now I know that both of you listen to Jordan, Jesse go without fail, take careful notes and then study them to prepare for your own program. The flop house. Yeah. A good one. However, on this program, typically we'll take a couple of calls and we'll usually take calls from two different people. Now, what Brian our producer tells me is that this week's calls are from the same person, a remarkable, a remarkable young man who's had to remarkable events happen to within the span of however long he waited to call us. So let's take the first call as a momentous occasion. I'm a nurse and accompanied a patient of mine to an as game recently, and I brought along a whole bunch of supplies and medications to make sure that I could keep the patients safe during the game while we were away from the facility and turns out. The only thing I used the entire outing was a large syringe to push beer through a feeding tube. Ever do that again? Pretty fun. Dude, my this was I just fucking Prusis Proust's Madeleine out just now when he said he slapped the Madeline out of Preussen you said I got a better one. Yeah, I'm a, I'm a nurse and I took a patient to an as game. My dad's best friend when I was a kid was quadriplegic, and he was like, totally. He was paralyzed from the neck down except for a finger so he could. He could drive a motorized wheelchair, but he had to. He had to use a breathing machine in the motorized wheelchair and he had to be in an iron lung when he wasn't in the wheelchair. So he would have an attendant that would come with him, but we would go the fucking as game. The nice thing about, here's a fucking hustle for all you disabled people out there physically disabled. I've got great news for you. It using using a wheelchair fucking breaking. If you go to an old, ask baseball stadium, they had to put in the disabled seats like last at the end like they didn't build them with disabled seats. So those fucking at least at the Oakland Coliseum. The fucking disabled seats were so sweet. So we would go with Ed because he was in the chair. We could sit in the disabled seats. You buy any ticket in the ballpark. They put you in the disabled seats because he needed to go somewhere that was wheelchair accessible, and it was a fucking best seats I had ever said it also one time I saw his attendant. A hold a joint for him so that he can get placed well, he was in his law. Okay. Good attended. So I, that's that's basically the, that's the event illegal equivalent of pushing beer through a feeding tube. So one of those Sundays, it's in the helmet. Yep. Glad he said pushing through feeding tube because when he said syringe and beer like, no, you can't. Joe cheese. Throwing a few tots throwing a few tots crunch him up maybe. So Brian said that he reversed the order that calls this week, the second half of the call. So now we're gonna hear the first first-half puzzle. Jordan, Jesse and guest have a momentous occasion and a moment of shame for you. A couple months ago, I was having sex with my wife and I went to go grab some nipple clamps, and when I returned, I blurted out it's time in the style of the pizza ghost from the Joel McHale show which had been watching earlier that day. I still don't know why I said that completely ruined the mood for a couple of weeks and don't really talk about it. As a moment. Wow. I, you know, I mean, maybe he was just trying to instigate a little warrior play. Had this sketch comedy character in mind, but it's if sexy warriors to me as as warrior play, I don't know. I'm sorry about the character from Cal. Yes. Yeah. So I know it's not the weird thing in the call, but the first thing that stuck out to me is he had to go get the nipple clamps. Okay. In the side, just lying on the next to the out, Nick. It's kind of presumptuous, like I feel like he has to keep them somewhere. That doesn't suggest that anytime he and his wife get into bed, it's clamping time. Keeps them in the drunk junk drawer out in the garage or immediately pictured. Spare keys. Three AAA battery. Every time they buy, like a frozen vegetables. There's a rubber band around it. You're taking the junk drawer next to the clamps. I sincerely immediately pictured as soon as he said he had to go out and get them. I am mmediately pictured him like putting a robe on some slippers walking the Lakers. Dad went out to get nipple clamps, never came back. Nineteen years said, tell I was really touched that he shared with us that it ruined the mood for weeks. Yeah, lack of I I don't know whether it ruined the mood for clammy times or all sin sexual times, or even like playing smash, rather shirt. That's what I call having sexual. Sexual smash, brothers. This may be saying too much about me and my life. My sex life is fairly boring in standard. I do it the same way. Humans have done it for thousands upon thousands of years in a cave. But there's something about out regard for the women's pleasure. Sir, joke I considered going to and I said, no, I will not do that here for you buddy. For saying the things I dare not say. Part of me that is like Koreans are truth. So their sex life is open enough that nipple clamps are part of it. Not judging anybody if that's fine, but is not open enough that it can survive a brief moment of an Italian accent. Seems like if you're playing if like you're, you know, an dominant submission submissive area. Like if you're trying to create a vibe of like a little rough play, like it's a clamp time. Really, it's me your master. It does puncture. I'm making assumption about who was the dominant seven. This. Who was getting clamp used on him in which case? I totally understand. Why saying it's a clamp time and then wanting the claims to be put on you. You're like, how much you could use that voice doing this. In that case, I would imagine him wearing diaper and like. Wiggling on the. Flappy guys. I know I can't be the only one here who occasionally maybe when the wife or partner is at a time out of town, sit down at the computer booed up a web video site and watch Roberto beneath screen tests for secretary. Brussel sprouts emerge. Okay. If you have a momentous occasion for us to zero six, nine, eight, four, four fund or JJ go at maximum fund dot org for emails and voice memos will be back in just a second Jordan. Jessica. It's Jordan Jesse go. Jesse thorn America's radio Moore's detective, Elliot, Kaelin man from the future. You got understand a lot of things are the same in the future toilets are just not one of them. Not one of these guys like I'm not. It's not a reverse caveman and seaman type thing like don't understand modern technology. I get it. You've never had to expel the matter yourself. No, because that's why we have the poop bots. That's the shells. Activate the poop. But like the shells, the call the Botts. Well, I don't have time to explain the whole thing. It's a long process betray clean. But when you're in school, they teach you how toilets of five hundred years ago worked? No, our school they taught us about what was how people dressed music learned a little bit about how McCain is main. Oh, how's that? Well, you smash buries a corns, but you have to boil the acorns otherwise they're poisonous and Dan McCoy. Who wishes that the nickname red off in a different order. Doesn't have a whole thing that goes with it. Gentlemen, it is. It has been a joy to have you here on Jordan. Jesse go a joy and a pleasure particularly you. Dan is a man who lives some three thousand miles away. It's lovely to set is upon your visit. Chang-kyu an ears upon your bond. MO, thank you and thank you for catering almost the entire episode. Two things that I can talk about, like making. I gotta say this look, I spent a lot of time. I'm not gonna deny that I spent a lot of time on Jordan Jesse go talking about, you know, basically Steve Agee's, Instagram account, like how much I love it, how talented he is how we take beautiful photographs in addition to being charming and funny, you know, my second favorite Instagram account is Dan McCoy's is just lonely pictures of shitty baked. And I'm like, man, I would love to be able to take that that looks great. Now, let's be clear like the pictures themselves aren't necessarily lonely. It's just the fact that you know me. Loneliness is implied in, okay, I guess if I, if I knew you to have a large family who were going to consume the barcode, then I would not presume loneliness, but knowing that you are single man with a friend over, probably sure each of you will be considering earning Hobo on Houston. If they're lucky and a cat, that's right. I mean are she does not consume so many goods, but certainly gets in the way. Any Jordan Jesse go listeners out there are not already flop house listeners. I cannot even begin to tell you, I, I'll I'll say this many years ago. Jordan said, you know the flop-houses a really great show and I'll tell you what I said. I said, I don't have any time in my life for fucking bad movie podcasts. That sounds like the worst thing in the world to me, I'm not a bad I fully. So if you're not if you are bad movie person, God bless you. But for me, I'm with drew my friend John Hodgman in that I, I just it's not my thing, not not for me. Then I listened to the flop house. You don't need to be a bad movie person to love this podcast. These are three of the most charming and hilarious guys that there is in the world. Just three, true, pure delights. Each more delightful than the last I would say probably lease delightful. No. If I was to make a list of like the five in my history of listening to comedy podcast, I was to make a list of the five funniest things ever said on any comedy podcasts. Two of them would be from the flop house, so much stuff happens on three. Yeah, of yours. Three of yours, but one. Yeah. So I hope that Jordan Jesse go listeners will check out the flop house in guys. Thank you for taking the time to be here with us. Thank you so much for having much say are when Dan said, boobs or the ultimate breasts. Ever said. You know how they say, cellar door is the most beautiful phrase? Yeah, to me, it's boobs. And then Dan is everyone's favorite gentle Purvis. Yeah. And then you guys were talking something about like a factory that makes children at Elliot. He said it was called amalgamated child. Good name for that factory about the breasts and Malcolm child weekly, Brian, sunny d. Fernandez is our producer. He's the one you can hear laughing through the window, blame him Jordan. I have a concern. Yeah, it has been voiced us that in the past are corrections had gone largely to things that were annoying to to Twitter account that were annoying to us. We switched to a Twitter account. I don't remember what it was, but it was something that we were neutral to positive on. Lisa, Frank, Lisa, Frank, I got no beef. I got no beef with Lisa. Frankel folders, great folders disappear corporation, heavy Twitter down now I think they probably should. What about peachy Canadian hockey card. I would hope I should be fair. I'm not annoyed by gas station TV. Oh, really? How so? This show just fucking we just fucking solve the mystery here anyway. So when I think we decided on Lisa, Frank is our place to direct people were worried about their likely to French shirt. And I was just thinking of something the game I was thinking of like something that doesn't really need a Twitter account, but has one anyway. Yeah. So I don't wanna be to crack about crack wise about the news. Twitter? Yeah. I mean, maybe intruder counties. I don't know. I don't follow if it's great. It's one of those like fucking Wendy's or something like Boston chops. That's great. Can I say something in this Twitter account, not having put any thought into it, and I wanna be clear. I think we should go to kind of a customer service oriented company simply because then people will be more likely to get a response that satisfies them right now because I don't want people to leave the interaction if they have a correction for Jessica disappointed could having tweet it l.l bean. That's great. I love it. Yeah, at LL bean at LL bean, they'll deal with your questions, concerns in corrections. If you have one tweeted, Star Wars shit wrong at LL bean. If I said something, if as if snag tooth is actually wearing a full, not a mock turtleneck they memories are very vague based on a toy got from my dad's girlfriends older son. Two zero, six, nine, eight, four, four, fun or JJ go at maximum dot org. If you want to get in touch with us and you can join us on red at maximum fund dot, read it dot com. You can join us in the max, fun Facebook group on Facebook, and you can like Jordan. Jesse go on Facebook. We also have a smash it podcast called bubble created by my colleague, Jordan Morris, all the episodes of that are up now if you haven't listened do so because it's a hoot and a half, you know what? It's also who holler. Okay, true. It's a real pig in a poke. Yeah, you're setting unreasonable expectations are no pigs. Folks. There are some folks. I'd be half of my friend Jordan Morris here, and of course the great Elliott Kaelin and Dan McCoy from the flop house. We'll talk to you next time on Jordan. Jessica. Maximum fund dot org, comedy and culture, artist owned listener supported.

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