LCB Ep. 134 - Top 5 "Captains," Captain Marvel Review, Aladdin Looks Rough and John Turturro Interview


Finnerty? And beyond. Can get me out of this message that he's gonna show up. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself. Shoot your kid. What? One dot. We thought here. Yes. Just kate. Well. Going. We don't need roads. He thought happy all eight. Welcome the lights came bars. Still episode one thirty four Jeff flow, Ken, Jack tro, boylans, captain marvel review Gionta Tura interview and a captain draft thought up by tro Balans in the final thirty seconds of last week's episode. Sometimes just comes to just comes. We're gonna be drafting five different fictional or real life. Captain's they don't have to be in movies. Just anyone with anyone referred to his captain, captain on solo does not count does say, I'm the cabinet millennium falcon, but nobody fucking calls captain Hans solo. So he is not eligible commander thinking author an author eight or something commanders though, it's a good trivia point. That's not pertinent to our dress. But yeah, he's not algebra. But other people are otherwise, what's. Crack what's pop and one of the kids say what's going on your immune Jake, dude, come on. I'm I'm counting my calories. Did you make twenty seconds of the pod without my fucking plug pulling microphone? Sorry. I have a calorie counting out and counting. My calories. I'm trying to restrict restrict myself to eighteen fifty five a day. And this -ly. I'm paying paying attention to my macro 's Gumma macro, go in their pre bad today. But I'm paying attention to it in a been good the last three days. So I'm confident I'm going to try to lose ten pounds get myself back into cutoff sleeve lawn. Mohan body. White Nike air monarchs with grass stains going down the sides. Just just a, but but state but sweat stain in my denim shorts. I'm going to be that guy. I I don't know why you would need to worry about what people see when you know, your lawn since you live in Hoboken. You can't have that much grasp. But I thought garden in people are looking down on the Renault. You people in Manhattan are looking with your telescopes down at my rooftop garden Hoboken, looking at me, mowing my lawn with my little John my my John Deere, which is on a roof, by the way. So please respect me. Just Mohan Mon it, and you guys are just judging me go into easily, which I don't go to any more for obviously reasons, but you guys still go there. That's fine. We just different breed out here Nogan. He's just neighbors with Richard Greek. Oh, doesn't look bad to him swimmer. David schwimmer. Just hang out in Friday nights. We go down to the pool hall. We shoot we shoot a game of eight ball. And we crack. A few corona lights always Colonel lights. Chill you'd be happy to know watched triple frontier today this morning who don't talk. I'm not gonna talk about it. I'm going to say that there is at least three types of frontiers. I'm just getting the head. Thank god. Also, my hands are covered in tika Marsala just rose orange. Look like, you Cheetos, which you know, what I'm gonna go ahead and say you Cheetos, you just don't want. It also true people do that where they rubbed their fingers together to get to ball the dust up. And then just flick. It off is that like a common technique. I don't know you, and I agreed on something the other day that Cheetos puffs are better than regular cheetahs. One hundred percent. I agree with that. I don't think it's close the spoon this. I I don't I feel like Ernestine bears again in the early nineties Cheetos puffs where the defacto Cheetos like those those were Cheetos and then somewhere along the way crunchy Cheetos became Cheetos in I still like Cheetos puffs, I think they're more. Enjoyable snack. Like the airing this of their way better. I totally agree with the guys they used to have planters cheese balls, which I cut my finger one time opening a can when I was a dump five-year-old 'cause I cry they had the the poll tab can opener and you pulled it open. And then I sliced my finger on that trying to get my greedy little hoof in their new chase ball. Can't wait. And I need cheese ball and cut myself opened had to go the. They're just better. And they came out this new thing. It's like the flaming hot little ball, which they kind of look like looks like they would come in a to ninety thing. I mean, similar what you're saying now, but we are talking about it. And I just sound off. There you go. That's our new segment sound off. Let us know tweet us up. This exact thing regularly is basically an adult version of a puppy, Terry. True. But I just want you to tweet us Cheetos puffs or crunchy Cheetos. No other words, don't explain yourself at all you got to tweet at us all going to say that the first response to that tweet. Call out is going to be somebody giving you a thesis as to why they chose which ITO they chose it. He said just tweet us your pick. He's going to be like, here's why picked the crunchy Cheeto. And here's a five bulletin points. To why kill my favorite feeling is. Or an underrated feeling maybe not my favorite field. Humming. One A, but. When you get she does on your fingers at the pool, and you dive into the pool and you let the water just rip away all the Cheeto dust from fingers. Imagining you like seen in America in the American Beauty. You're sitting in the bath letting dust float off the rose petals. It's like, captain marvel gaining powers reverse. I'm just letting the water rip off all the the hydrogenated oil Cheeto dust for my hand. I've been doing these rankings on Twitter because I I wanted to frustrate myself and have people yell at me all day. Man. People are nuts. The chicken tender rankings. People told me to fucking die s- crazy. It wasn't Colonel Sanders. So he was the only person who gets that ability to tell me to fuck off. Yeah. Because everybody on Twitter during the day. They're all like, I dunno waiting for HR emailed him back some payroll file for so they can go like do their piece before they ship it off to accounting or something. So they're bored. And they can't do any more work until they get their other work. So they just log onto Twitter, and they see you and they see your verified in there. Just like fuck that guy. Yeah. That's basically what happened basically. And then everyone I asked her they're listening. They're cowards. They wouldn't do it took. But I did those that inspired me tomorrow at twelve o'clock Thursday the fourteenth at twelve pm. I will be releasing a sixty four restaurant fast food fast casual bracket. So people can yell at each other. Instead of me, that's basically what's boiled down to. So a March madness a fast, food and fast casual restaurants. Gotta make sure you tag all the restaurants involves you better fucking believe it. You better believe it. Of course, I ranked outback number one in in chain restaurant bread. I hope we can see it. I hope we can see who. Which restaurants are still tweeting like it's two thousand and nine which restaurants are like twenty nineteen sicko mode style because some of them will be like pick. Jeff, what will you order? And then some of them will be like if you come in. It's fucking onsite yet your canceled. This. Zac fees. I gave them number axes tweeted me saying king's day king's. So they did that which I feel like that's kind of in the middle of that. But there's a bunch of places that were tweeting it at my replies who were trying to Cape, by the way, Chick-fil-A was the one ever was. So mad at me that I didn't put Chick-fil-A strips top-five Chick-fil-A strips or significantly worse than their nuggets. Oh, they are. It's fall apart. Who is going to get stripped Chick-fil-A finding the person who's picking those over the nuggets because you are shamed. Someone's going to tweet you back or one of the restaurants Tweety back the summoning circle tweet. But it's like your man's in the middle or something like that. Yeah. That's the new popular when we haven't done that one yet. I'm just gonna we're gonna talk about the Aladdin trailer tonight and the picture of Adam Sandler in big debt, Aaron a-, Billy Madison, easy money engagement. Do the summoning circle tweet. But then do national treasure three received that area. Now take on. Who gets the most re tweets we've closed through the amount of retreats against by the end of the show Twitter account and go for the from the LCD count. Okay. So that's that's that. I got that coming out tomorrow. You can find the vote. I'm sure that'll go over swimmingly. I think that's it also football team guessing -nificant better since I left episode. They did go off king. So that was fucking clarity went off in radio today. Very excited. Welcome Odell Beckham salsa. My last broadcast the twenty seven year old how about that birthday. I I don't like saying. But just know that I'll be I'll be twenty eight next time. We of course, Sunday sometime before Sunday. Yeah. So really how could read it read as what if I decide also Ken Jack his birthday's coming up soon. And I'll give you a hint it's going to be on or around the day of a big movie release, and I'll give you another hit. It involves many actors and actresses crossing over in the movie might become the highest grossing movie of all time so Bs not VS. But that's right flatliners actors crossing over. We have an end we should do an ad. A library. Right. You're joke. That is. We do have a live read. You wanna do that? When I. Yeah. Let's do that one. I let's let's do that. And this is we're trying to very little episodes. We're gonna try to string this dead space together a little bit. Nice pocket. T trill thirty nice. I appreciate the the pocket. Hides might left nipple. Which which is very fat right now. Left nipple. Right. Like, my my my breasts. That's one counting calories. Just I need to lose some weight. Okay. I need to lose some weight. You just maybe come out and say it. During the club. You'd I will say a question, I get a lot when people asked if I've met you is they ask if you're actually fat. Common question, and I'm not just making. I commonly get asked if you're really fat trophy tros digitally, the guy that was a t shirt in the pool. I'm just yes. I caught myself out of every photo. And at a at a beach chair sticker to know about five ten and a half one ninety right now one nine he's not a good way for me. I don't don't carry it. Well. I look like a thumb with the rubber band tied around it too tightly. Graphic imagery people. All right. Let me another set the scene one. Let me set the scene captain marvel star. Jude law's dumpster diving with his good friends Patrick will her Burton in Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Just want to thank you again for coming to domes to dive for ninety throwback clothing with me international megastar, Jude law, whose Australian for some reason. No problem. Jude just curious or looking for your. Yeah. Baby. What's the deal? Done that. That out now. So basically, I'm looking for clothes shoes and excess Sary's to fit my body budget in Los style since leaving the set of young pope Ajit struggled to the cool without a personal stylist. Hey. A echo unlimited sweat it in covered. The barbecue sauce stays. Not quote must oil. A pair of this cream colored air walks here. I don't think those saws which is fifteen because I'm very handsome and have a big painless. Hey. Flip brim. What what else is on the flat brim if you could read? Hey, baby. This cooking. Snowed. Even true nineties, a Jude. Why don't you just use stitch fix their? 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It's an online personal styling services finds delivers clothes shoes. Accessories and more your body budget and lifestyle, go to stitch fix dot com slash lights. Your size is what styles you like? And how much you wanna spend on each item you compare to the stylus they'll hand pick some items ship right to your door trim on pay for what you love. And then you turn it all while you're turned the rest, but you don't want shipping. Exchanges in returns, always free. Not scripture required their styling seasonally twenty dollars, which is applied toward anything you keep from your shipment. Get started now at sticks. Stuck stitch fixed dot com slash lights and you'll get an extra twenty five percent off. And he keep five items in your box that stitch fix dot com slash lights. Get started today stitch fix dot com slash lights. All right news who've there we go full Aladdin trailer. I one released the other morning boy. I don't have many good things to say about this trailer. I'm gonna keep it real with your right now. Just I I don't. I the genie looks like shit and actually hot take. Let's see if you agree with me. I think Jaffar is the worst part about this trailer slash movie. I think the Jaffar horribly miscast what a love that guy. He's such a good actor evil enough. Looking though, that's my point is often do with him as an actor. I mean, he's like a something high school bully not define our two older, dude kind of ugly looking and has a deep voice, and I don't know medicine guess not medicines. Just a guy a guy wants them shit. Aladdin an elevator. This. This pit for the rest of the Bob, please. Wait. But we forgot to mention the good news about. The for the the the first midwestern fucking cover band of whatever name is. But burying elite here. Alan two-day voicing Iago. I mean that was the next news item. Oh, shoot. I didn't look at the rundown yet. I'm sorry. Get we'll just just combine it. We'll just combine it. Yeah. Ellen tunic voicing Iago. Which is we were waiting for it. We actually talked about him not having a voice because they were rumors that they were going to try to keep it more realistic. And it wasn't gonna talk the bird. But apparently, the the bird axe to fucking talk major part of the movie. So yeah, it's going to be Allen to dick 'cause they Gilbert Godfrey didn't make sense them anymore. But the trailer. I know I think the genie stuff looks terrible. The poster it's just the Will Smith version of the genie. It's it is it. Exactly like that. That's a bad. Look. I mean, there's Disney doesn't have any bad looks in terms of their marketing recently at bad. Look that's them openly admitting basically that they think it looks like shit because they don't want their poster just roasted hanging in movie theaters. So I I very much I know Disney show, and I know they pay us very much out on this movie right now, there's there's nothing that appeals to me thinking that. I think it's only thing I like about it sing. Yeah. I'm excited if the music but other than that. I mean, I could just watch the regular let this. It's gotta do something to. Wow, me in this is just driving me away. It's pretty crazy. How ten years ago? This would have been a huge huge deal in Disney. Twenty nineteen is burying this next adventures in Star Wars in lion. King in everything else. They got going on this year. I mean, this movie's getting married like ET in the desert. It's this Dumbo like I. They're just like get rid of these fucking movies. No at least Dumbo like why king, right, right Lanqing's, July. Right. Yes. Beliefs Aladdin is is that a holiday deal land June. See and that that's what that's way too close to get Dumbo. We get a land, and we get Lion King and nobody's going to remember land. That's the thing about it is like just going to completely overshadow it to the point where Aladdin will be a footnote. So it really doesn't matter. How bad the genie may or may not be what do you think? It's forgotten more that are dumped because Dumbo movie, I've already I haven't even seen it yet ready forgotten about it. You have a Dumbo has no expectations. I mean, I think people love Dumbo like even every time. We talk about them. But we get people talking about it more. They're like, oh, I love Dumbo growing up was such a great cartoon movie. Easier to pull them off in live action than it is to pull leading off pulling a land off a live action remake all revolves around the genie. And if you donate all the genie. And then combine that with the fact that you don't look like, you're nailing Jaffar. It's just not good Dumbo. I don't even know who another human character. The only thing I really remember about Dumbo is that it's a flying elephant in the original coat was extremely racist. That's like most early Disney, Stu, I I'm actually I joked to kendricks ended I'm not looking forward toward Dumbo screening in like two weeks. But I actually looking more forward to that than Emma. Am because of the Kitano since Michael Keaton, you know, what I don't love her timber does. But he has a style. And he commits to it some okay with that. I'm a little more interested in that than I am allowed Aladdin has turned me off every turn every corner. They've turned me off. I think they'll get better though. I think the trails will get progressively better. They defeated don't wanna put like the best trailer. They have I I would imagine. Because like people are still going to see it no matter what he would have. I should I think they're going to save it. I think trailer three that's going to be the best one. That's my call. But but my biggest issue is the genie. And I know it's such a cliche thing to talk about. But I just see Will Smith. Why do they not cartoon is the genie? Like, it doesn't need to look like it's a fucking genie. What do you mean? Like make it almost like. Fame Roger rabbit or something. I mean, you couldn't make it look like no not like an actual like hand drunker to make the face a little crazier. Like, you can't make Jaffar face ten feet long. Like in is in the movie like I get that. Okay. But the genie could have been a little more like the cartoon in a sense of just look and goofy. He just looks like blue face Will Smith. I mean, it's just it's hard for me to look at it completely takes me out of. And I look pass that for most movies, but that takes me out of it so much if here's a high. He was kind of gross hypothetical. Right. Don't feel good about proposing this. But it's something to think about if Robin Williams were still with us would he be in this movie gets out assume so in the same way James wrote Jones in Lion King? That's just like the one you can't replace. That's what I was thinking too in lake. So the the whole point of that is come around to like if I. Medically. It was him. Do you think they would make him? Look like, Robin Williams, or do you think they'd make him look like as a regional animated genie. I that's that's a good question. I think I don't know. I think the will Smith's thing to this is not me crapping on. We'll we'll probably sounds like it. But I think that's part of the deal is that they wanted it to look like Wilson. Yeah. I think that's part of the draw for them. But it backfired when you pay for Will Smith, you wanna market Will Smith, I get and that's actually why Disney gotten hot water with the original lead is because Robin Williams, I think didn't want them to market the movie with his name attached or name right up top. And they did anyway. And they ended up having to buy him a Picasso painting in order to apologize in to get him to do movies again, basically for them fair. I mean, how does it on him? He got what he wanted his bag. All right. Well, Ladan Yoggu interesting reactors the trailer. I just meant I was out on it. I I was kind of bummed out from what we saw again the telltale sign that. They're probably worried about or skeptical of the fact that the poster has the regular genie and human form Will Smith. That's who knew look, you know, what this feels like to me this feels like a staging of a live lead and production on ABC like how they just rent live or how they just did Jesus Christ superstar if feels like that that actually fun to watch like a rent live version except the leaden life. I'd love to watch definitely be fun. But that'd be fun in a live like the part of the rent live was they weren't live in it. It was still entertaining performance. But watching it live is seeing it live watching this movie is like this big staging Aladdin musical. And it's just boring because it's there's no energy. There's an energy in this movie is what I feel. I'm not feeling the energy. I didn't mean specifically rent live, maybe more like Greece live, which was actually live and that was a fun really fun production. I enjoyed that quite a bit. Yeah. But she's Christ superstore, hey, one, that's the end of my list. One John legend, the the requisite. Emmy did is so close or was that it remembered he got it? Yeah. That he got the Ostra had to be the last one right for Selma. No, I'm pretty sure it's visas cried super Alber. Yes. Someone came up before that. Right. Fifteen. That's that's enough of that. By the way, kept marvel feeding Disney captain marvel big flop at the box office half a billion dollars in one week. Tough gar gust on us s GW. We couldn't help it. Love to see it. Yeah. Real shame. Next up Star Wars title and trailer coming out on April twelfth there. The Star Wars Episode nine panel with Kathleen Kennedy and Jj Abrams will be on the twelfth in Chicago. So the that's it. That's what's going to happen. They're gonna release a trailer. They're going to release the title. It's going to be. It's it's a good move. It's a good move on their part billion dissipation build the hype. I think they need a little more goodwill. I think just giving up a trailer is not enough goodwill. I think you gotta build the hype up and get people excited again. I think they're going gonna do so good on them for that. I think it's a good move. Yeah. The the name of the movie I'm hearing is going to be called the exorcist move iota. Your mother was a horse. She was. From a movie. All right. It's the secret life of salacious crumb. Salacious chrome, ripping jewel pods. Next, especially if George Lucas still had the rights. Do you think instead that who good job would be hitting jewel? Oh, yes. Next addition. Oh, yes. The scene where he gets frozen earn. Hound Hond gets frozen. Carbonite is just a jewel smoke coming out from the factory on best been. Let's cloud city. Dude. Cloud cities to the Jew factor. It's it's the barge band playing sicko boat. Let's read the tea leaves this is when it's happening today. They're not gonna title before that I just I don't see that. Putting so expected in actually a month from yesterday. Yeah. Yesterday, cool. So yes, Star Wars, boom. Well, more on that whenever that comes out triple frontier released on net flicks. Lot of intimation for triple frontier. I have not watched the Kendrick. You watched it, and you really liked it. Yeah. Enjoyed quite a bit. I'm not giving the reading out yet because we're going to actually review it. But yeah, I liked it. It's got some hints Sakari. Oh, I think the movie I compared it to the most in. That's because it's almost feels like shot for shot remake of it is lone survivor, except it's got like a relatively better cast. But yeah, it's fun. It's a good time. Netflix movie, which always makes it better. No matter what. And I think if you enjoy anything like military related or like suspense related. This movie had a ton of really good suspenseful moments. Burn FX movie really good budget, which you could tell because there's they did not cheap on. The effects which is very nice to see you having to to frontiers, redone. Very well in one frontier was just okay third one. You could tell it ran out of money. They ran out their funds. Next week, actually. So we're into a Netflix next week of it. But apparently, it's good. I like that review Latin excited to watch it, Charlie Hunnam, Ben Affleck Pedro pest gals in it Oscar Isaac so good cast than affect the Netflix game is better than what was that. One. Call. What was the really shitty period? PC? Did wait wait who's been Aflac? What was it like passion project? Oh. Fuck goes he released it to your live by night. Oh, yeah. Remember that? Capac don't that's terrible so bad. So. Yeah. That is triple frontier apparently pretty good. Let us know what you think you can vote a rate that movie in the scripture below we already have it up. I'm doing a new thing this year where I put all the March or all the the monthly movies March April, I do it in the first of the month. So you can go back whenever and you don't have to wait on me to put them in. There always below always excellent. Which by the way, captain marvel. The most rated movie we've ever had. We were not at Barcelona vendors came out such probably why but captain Marvel's the most rated movie we've had tons of ratings will reveal the score very soon. All right address, time Kendrick. What's the ad here? I think you're insert one. Wait. Sorry. I'm sorry. I was cut out. Would you say? You just weren't paying attention. Way of saying I was watching the good poise trailer. But you just fucked. Keep us in. You. Can't you can't cut out a good truly? All right. Dick. What's the ad? What's the no the no episode major fail? What's the ad? I think. I think for the second one. Let's do a little hellofresh action. Would you know what before we get to? Hellofresh. How about we take a look at this that we found alongside or ninety episode but never aired? Let's pop that sucker and. Today's date is January first nineteen ninety nine and this is Kevin fi commercial track. Take one. By right. Yeah. Just a. Today's date is January first nineteen ninety nine and this is Kevin Feige commercial track. Take one. Hi, I'm on known producer, Kevin fi. If there's one thing I love more than running my hands through my voluminous hair. It's eating comic book themed food items. But what if you don't have time to math quiz directions near steam restroom? Well, I have the solution for you. Introducing my new marvel themes meal kit service marville that right? A milk it service. It's a brand new way of eating with the family that I recently invented for the low low price five dollars much. I will send you twenty lives. Oh. Marble theme treats and goodies such as Groot roll ups. Fighter him black squid. Oh. Thread fool Dookie? But you're. Venison. Beef charts. Our lords. Or bora? Let man for the vegans pepper Potts. The chain foster. Produ? Bookie his father. Jesus. She monger. Rocking mushroom to be clear. Technology does not yet. Not yet. They just so tape recorders messing up to freeze dried foods, so it will show up spoiled. You cannot sue me for this intake one time to take a break. I think oh go watch the fan of minutes. There's no way to be. Fantastic. Damn Kevin fi. He was really added back in ninety nine before he got signed on us producer tomorrow in two thousand which is effective comedians before making that's good. I haven't seen it yet. So I assume that's great. Hellofresh is episode. Brought to you in part by hellofresh makes conquering the kitchen reality was deliciously simple recipes they do all the meal planning shopping and prepping so you can focus on a healthier you and happier family. We got a big box of it at work, huge bucks food package nicely. Seasonal recipes. Simple recipes premeasured ingredients delivered right to your door every week or work delivered to work, you know, doorman live in a city, fresh, premeasured ingredients and easy to follow six. Step pictured recipe cards to make sure I said that right? They're all delivered to your door each week in a special insulated bucks. Very easy. Very easy to follow instructions. Spend less time meal planning grocery shopping, fuck meal, planning right? Can jack. Right. Like, those those tick talkers the meal prep people. So on the trailer trailer, dude stop trying to cue me up. I'm trying to get we got interacting the hellofresh, Ed. Just say hell offers. Yeah. Fucking purpose. I it's twenty you up trill. That was bullshit. I like the pork chops. You're the tick tock guy. Anyway, they all come together. Thirty minutes. Paca golfer golfer less than two pots and pans, and it requires minimal cleanup three plans to choose from classic veggie and family, but the office which tween for when your tastes change. It's great dinners launch twenty minute meals, gourmet one pile wonder is they really are. All there. We got a box. We will have that. I'll speak for Ken Jackie loved that as well. It was it was blessed. It was a joy says coming. He's gonna gonna make all the food at once for eighty dollars off your first month of hellofresh, go to hellofresh dot com slash lights eighty and enter lights eighty lights eighty eight zero one after seventy nine. Like receiving ain't free meals too. Big deal. So yeah. L fresh go get it, especially if you work a lot man don't time the cook. Hellofresh, quick and simple. Hopefully, they continue to advertise with us. All right back to some more news, man. I really hope you watch us fucking trailer. Good boys trailer. Driller for good boys that released produced by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. You guys know them they make tons of funny stuff. Like Jacob Tremblay little Ray, how're is in it will forte, Molly, Gordon, Molly, Gordon from goes to college bunch of people in this movie. And there are producing Evan Goldberg thrown interesting trailer a red band trailer. I thought it was funny. Yeah. I liked it. This had super bad like fives with the whole coming of age type of comedy deal. I didn't finish the trailer. But what I will say is that it's definitely sponsored by Microsoft, RT, surface, tablet, and good for them because they need they need to get back in the business. All since football season's over. I haven't seen much of them. So good for them getting into mainstream media again. I I agree. What were the crowds at x? Here. I don't know how to pronounce his S X as w what did they fucking? I think that it's. Sex. Sue. I don't know. I do know that is still one hundred percent as at screenings start to roll in. But good boys fifty percent so five Fredge five run. But yeah. But not that's not the crowd for this type of movie right there. Maybe it's inconsistent. But also, very very funny. Okay. That's good. My book. E w says first reactions the Seth Rogan's quote live action south park. Okay. That's called his south park. Some house. It's interesting. The producers told the audience the goal is live action. Okay. Too much. Jacob Tremblay my life after predators or the predator. Whatever little bit of a break, that's the different role than I'm okay with it. He has always he's not the kid's saving the day with his book in E T. Whatever. Whatever man you get the joke. Yes. Shit was terrible. Now, I'm still bothered by that. And that's not an offensive. Jacob tremblay. But just what an awful awful character decision. Terrible moving on. This is a trailer just for trill Batman versus teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon trailer. It's gonna be a movie this is fucking to stall just city. I feel like you. But the enemy so she looking. Right. I don't I don't like these new square jaw turtles, I miss my my big mushroom reverse mushroom-shaped, fluffy boys, the Rumi mouth room out through mouth with the white as cheesy grins, and the now you got these ninja turtles that they look really easy to draw when just say let me just put that I could dry could definitely draw these Digital's is that have you seen. Did you see ref Yellen his trailer? What's the difference between him and the other? One's ref Raphael's got the screen shot with the daggers. He's got the size actually, technically their size. Look at work. It is John this one. Yeah. Red with the red sash over he looks. He looked walk in moron looks. He looks like a what do you call it a locust from war? They all do kind of Donna tell it looks like, you know, they made him skinnier to obviously signify that he's a huge nerd because you know, whatever Michelangelo for some reason is like four foot one maybe because he's still baby in this version and then Rafael. He looks just doesn't look right, man. Not good. So you're out on this. I don't like what what was what the regional digital design when a certain variation. Why are we gotta play round that much? I don't agree with that. That's what I missed if you're gonna give me two stellar give me the real shit. Don't give me this fake vagueness Daljit with these ninja turtles let's win. What who do you want to win? I mean, they're always going to team up. But who of that man because he's turtles look like nerds? I mean is Batman himself known in some sense. No dude Alfred's the nerd. Because he's the one base camp doing all the nerd shit. I mean messed away. Created this battering for you. Thanks offered. I'm about to go plow. Keep on working the chemo for them. A we're the Dong bags you automatically socio with Willer net. Who is the best Batman which we've discussed. See you just subliminally just fucked yourself in that argument for now Katy now mad about these ninja turtles that somehow. Look like they're characters in ABS odyssey for PlayStation one. Now, I don't know fuck is this deep cut. TVD? See hold on looking. I send the reference. All right. All right. I make sense. Brought to you by Hootie. Gluten free cakes. Woody's whatever Admiral Akbar species Fishman, your mon- Manco Mari kill you had to seems a little derivative Kalmari there. This is my George. I think we're gonna run with it. George Rogers, keyed everything. George. Lucas livestream. Thanks for the no. Day one. I am dropping still dropping. Still dropping. Still dropping. Cambay appalling AmEx him picking between the two fucking alien heads for Dexter jets will always be melted into my brain. Overlook a little booth one like the head on this one. I like to quote, our friend Mr. Sunday moves just pick a fucking alien head. It's the owner of a diner just kick. One just move on dual sketch comedy here. Can you do George Lucas voice in you're coming into my store? What's your store and seeing welcome, sir? Welcome to my store. What am I buying after you have to set it up? And yes, setting it just playing improv I serve welcome to my store. Hi, I'm I don't let's good to have another customer here in the latex bodysuit. You have tell me this latex bodysuit going to be pissed on. Potentially. Lucas on fucking Joe Rogan trip. Okay. George Lucas legend of directing Indiana Jones, Star Wars. Now, tell me have you ever done DM t. Have you ever done it doggie style, George Lucas, tell me honestly, I don't think he got the leg power for it? I don't wanna say I saw clockwork elf. But I don't want to say it didn't. DM tea. But when we are in Tunisia, I eight one half of Dietrich grain bar. Moving on army hammer. I mentioned we talk about something relating to Johnny Depp invisible. Man shortlist for invisible man army hammers on it L exander scars guards on it. I just I. Nice. I don't know. I feel like most people are over on hammer at this point, correct? I I don't you know, I think he could. I don't think he's a leading man. We put that way. Yeah. I think he's I think he's a good secondary. Character think he's a good character actor think you get of a solid career. But as leading man, I don't think he puts butts and seats do you think scars does though 'cause I don't think he does either. No. I don't think he does either. I think that's why this character was originally supposed to be going to Johnny Depp. This is going to be nothing like hollow man right again really has not had great box office returns himself outside the pirates series. I don't know. I just think the premise of this movie stupid, and I don't think any actor can make it. Interesting enough on the invisible man can't see me Klay can. I I. I say walk who is looking for this who wants this old. I'm not gonna do the rant anymore. I've done it. So many times since the dark universe was announcing. We talked about it. But again who wants this can we play if I was invisible to end the pud not really I don't like that song that much. What do we end it with last week? What was the remix? I asked you to do the Pokemon song like tag. I can't ever done. It's it's it's it's a good saloon. I don't think you mean that every I posted at once, and I got nothing positive response to it. What Jerry play invisible man, Jerry? Jerry getting visible, man. What do we play the next to last week? I have idea it was ridiculous. It was a ridiculous on. It's dead quiet here coming back when it was a head rips. It was a dub step remix to something from the two thousands. Right yet was oh fuck. Yeah. We are we because we said like what about you could find a house remix of XYZ? I already forgot. I figured out later. Okay. So armee hammer I was gonna scars where they might play invisible. Man last bit of news here. This was going to be a crazy. News topics would've led the show. And then it was debunked ten hours later, but he needed rhapsody is not going to have a sequel. Thank god. I mean that would have been not shocking, but one of the dumbest fucking ideas possible. What more do they need to say about that? And what would they do? He didn't live much longer after Live Aid. For a little while. But still like that was not what are you gonna chronicle in that time period? Easy flashbacks. Did you flash bags maybe? That creative. Walk the line too. Started talking about is what do you call? Johnny cash's estate. Just be boring. By the way. How that whole rumor took off 'cause people bought it up. It was there. It was like the fucking music video director talking about it. And then he got shot down a meeting people like that's nonsense. And then sure enough it was it was actual nonsense. Maybe like Brian May putting feelers. Yeah. What about a brilliant sequel hard pass Brian May? Guy from Liverpool trying to make a sequel. Hello, hello. This is not Brian May. But have you ever seen in nineteen eighty eight clip of live for Monica with Brian May and Mark Knopfler trade guitar solos? I'm thinking you should make a movie out of that one fool movie full length. I don't wanna talk about him anymore. House. I figured you'd have another joke on that. All right last address is this a skit. This is from a good friend of the pod mode out. So that's that's something. I just made up. It wasn't supposed was to be that. But MO MO doubt. Please take it away. Please drop your pants. The doctor said. So I did in his face turned bright red. My underwear had filled him up with fright. He said bitch. You look like Walter white. Oh, please. 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They have dress shirts now to the minimum. They've been no what you're guaranteed. They have the best period of where or free guarantee. Good brand. They sent us a ton. Actually, I wear time wearing right now sends like five pairs. I love them. They're very nice. Very nice underwear. Like, we share. Sometimes I'll when I'm done with the Pero sin. Just give it a Jeff when I get into work. He gets to wear it. Just treat it. Yeah. Stretchers out too much. I got got home in the dryer, and they fit back into the regional shape. Exactly. And you get to take a look at my skidmarks at your own. Took a cast for poop tournaments that out. Oh, the way there seems a weight Joan doesn't have seems great owned, captain marvel. Yes, let's last marvel movie refute. It was a while ago. Because in the summer it with men in the wasp, captain marvel came out a week ago. The last movie before vendors endgame, introducing an incredibly important and strong character. This is a spoiler of you. I'm sorry earth made a half a billion dollars. You've probably seen it by now for listening to this. It's a hard movie to talk about without breaking up spoilers because you're a couple twists so. We'll say scores real quick. I gave it I landed at the end with an eighty three trilogy. Give it gave it an eighty Ken, Jack. Would you give it down on eighty two? Okay. Audience gave an eighty two so very similar scores per usual. Captain marvel physically butter brand new character takes place in the nineties. Lotta great actors in it. Samuel Jackson Jude law. Ben Mendelsohn to name a few Leshan Lynch. She played Maria Rambo. Great new cared for the marvel cinematic universe. Lots of great people in this movie. It was fun Annette Benning a fun time some flaws lots of twists the Evanston, go see it and then listen to this review. But if you don't anything spoil that would skip ahead right here to avoid spoilers for captain Morville. Skip to one eleven forty two little guys growth. Three games for your right here. I'm tired of the three two one. Go antics from guy. Not funny. His kid is there on a segway. He didn't laugh, and if you're not gonna laugh at your own dead jokes. Just it's the the gig is up. It's time to do a different joke guy. And also if you come on the show, and you fall for the three to one thing, you stink you're terrible. Because it's the most obvious thing here. He doesn't every episode. How do you fall for that? Frustrates me to sharpen on my cooking. Skill and go on the show and dominate. Okay. Here's our view. All right, captain marvel very important movie. M C you. I thought the goodness movie was very good and the flaws were kind of drag and I will say most of the flaws came in the first third of this movie. It was a rocky start. And I just don't think we were used to an origin story in the MC. We haven't had one in a long time. And I think it felt his felt different. Like, there was a different feeling at least the beginning of the movie compared to some of the past because the past movies, we've had are very different than the wasp sequel avengers Infinity war. I mean, they explained to self Black Panther origin story only sort of because you already met the character in civil war. You ready learned the early part of him because you met his father. You saw his father's death. Thor ragnarok sequel Spiderman homecoming same thing you met him in civil war gardens the galaxy volume they cut all the bullshit. This went right of the Spiderman is a galaxy volume two sequel. Before that, doctor strange. So it's been three years since our last true origin story, and I think it showed. Well, I think black panta oil consider Black Panther, true origin story. But it it was handled a lot better than this. Yeah. But again, do you agree on that is that the introductory stuff? Understanding the character in the concept was was handled in civil war. I. I see what you're saying. Yeah. Get it. Yeah. This was this was a true origin story, though. I mean, this was a definition of origin story movie through and through and it's suffered because of that in bay needed to do it. But like Jeff was saying we're not used to seeing it in cash just that pacing in drawing it out. And my big thing was like you got to see her whip ass at the end. But that was the big payoff and you had to wait two hours to get there. I think a part of the problem I had three Larson's. I'd say performance like when she was funny. She was great. But when she got used as a tool for exposition as part of it being an origin story. That's where she should have struggled. Where like where who show me person where that's easy, right? So I don't blame that on her. But it's like you said, Jeff it's just that exposition in that origin story ended really did kind of hurt the movie little bit. It's the it's the four problem, and it's a captain America to lesser extent. Because I haven't played a pretty serious character in story series at times. But. For changed bit in a vendor's compared to the first Thor. And that's you're like, ooh, Chris Hemsworth, or this is intriguing and then from that dark world, not great. But you began to see character of all into something more, enjoyable more fun more personality, and then Ragner took to a whole different level, and he was great and Infinity war. And I think that's my thing with the captain marvel just digging of character, the captain marvel character, I think you nailed the Ken Jack is that wore beyond this exposition nonsense. She's just integrated and is being her her fun nineties character. I think it's going to be enjoyable or more enjoyable because when we got into that stuff in this movie. It was great and she fit perfectly and like the light hearted suffer chemistry with was Sam Jackson. Nick fury was fantastic knit worked. So well together, you to think they'd been in multiple marvel movies together, though, I will know he isn't getting a lot of praise is to be. I think it just Nick fury and people always before he and great chemistry with everyone. The Maria Rambo character, Carol danvers and tallow. So we will. Into Ben Mendel in a second. This is like the fakest win for Ben men does stands in the world. But I think I think that's the biggest point the drive home with the character as when she was allowed to have fun and breathe with the character was great. But then pushing the plot along and pushing the character story in the origin along it just felt clunky. The first third of the movie was tough. But in the middle of does kick him as begin to to be more on earth. It begins the kick in and you get a much better feel the movie with the the big twist in the house happens. That's when the movie gets a lot more interesting. Yes, obviously, the big twist is that the scrolls are not the villains Talos played by Ben Mendelsohn. I wouldn't call them. He's what are they what do they call villain? Who's also hero anti hero. He's east a bit of an anti hero. I mean, you know of murder of crease and stuff, and they're fighting a war that I'm not totally sure that humans wanna be on sidewise because they weren't still rent. Yeah. In these in the governor they. They they still are part of a war. They're kind of aimlessly killing and all that. So I don't wanna count the scrolls. Totally as protagonists are on the good side quite yet. But he was great when he shows up in the have drinking a fucking milkshake. He's wearing like the sport coat making jokes about his his science guy and stuff great. It was fantastic. There was personality with Ben Mendelsohn. They gave him a script where he could again. Breathe. Evan as an actor not shout, bad guy lines like of all good Parzival. Like, oh my God. Like ready player one? He just had. It was just cue cards yell yelled at her name's at looked at. He was the perfect eighties villain. I do. So you're saying I want to be fair in that. I did get some people fire back like you don't like Mendome like, no, I like Mendel. I just don't think he's had a lot of great things to work with recently. 'cause when he does have stuff like these in bloodline, he's fucking great. That's that's Mendoza. His best and like, Robin, hoods and other one. And I thought he was good in rogue one. But even NATO really expand his role. He was just bad, Mr. bad guy. It was death star bad guy. But this one he was fantastic. Just so good as Talos and the standout with the movie, I think hands down I really like characters switched from being very medicine because I didn't know the twist at all I wasn't paying attention to the twist or the potential twist what was going to happen. And you know, I love to spoil movies in advance. And I didn't do it in this one. So it it kind of caught me by surprise in. What seemed obvious maybe a lot of people wasn't to me? But it was really fun. Watching him go from a menacing character to or a lighthearted data funny guy like comic relief in the second half of the movie. I really enjoyed that. You got to see his range in that one. Because I was really really me. No like, you know, the from the trailer where the showing up on the beach looking all like medicine shit. Keep using that word. They do the shape shifting the. Okay. These these are bad. These are. Bag is. And then they turn out to be. Okay. Maybe some of them are. Okay. We know that that Mendez. Okay. Yeah. Thought he brought a ton of levity the movie which was sorely needed at some points. So like like you said in the beginning. He's sort of scary is adding that pheromone to it is a go to tag, also shifts. And he's a funny guy the scenes in the house like you're talking about after the truce whatever's established or hilarious like a science Goi part was so hilarious like hose his exchange of the second. In command at thought he was great. And definitely he stole the show a little bit for me. I was expecting like you guys both mentioned him to be his just kinda tap Cass film where they're like. All right. Just go out there and do your damn thing Mendelssohn this when he got a little bit of a three dimensional aspect which was. Mean that really goes to show it I think the key the formula for these movies, and this is not an obvious statement. But it's more apparent in the success of the avengers movie the unstoppable cast movies is. Yeah. Like Brie Larssen was greatest captain marvel in yet. You know Hemsworth is greatest store and we love Evans as captain America. But they're only as good as their supporting cast these movies and their who they're given to play off of like, that's what really makes it breaks it. And so in a movie like Black Panther something. I enjoyed a little more than this. I thought there was a stronger cast of characters for them to play off of then there wasn't captain a captain marvel Sawyer should say so Mendel was great Rambo was great. And then aside from that the big standout was a CGI cat semi CGI kind of Nazi GI cat. So I did think like rehearsing did a great job. But Sam Jackson as well. Nick fury. I think maybe they could have had more going on in this movie with other characters. In a lot was wasted on the I thought it was waste on the net any character who like ultimately didn't provide a lot to the story other than just being another villainous type role. Yeah, I think overstuffed is a good word. I think Talos perfect. Great twist like really good twist. I personally see coming. I liked the character lot one of my favorite characters in the NC like ever out of twenty two movies. But I thought an bedding you had Ronan the accuser played by Lee pace who returns from guardians of the galaxy. And then you have Jew laws character who I didn't love an bedding was fine in her role. I love Lee paces Roane and just didn't get a lot of him. I thought I I understand marvel and how that works, and I get why that needs to be there. I think you bump out someone like Jude law, you bump yon rod, and and maybe you just make it Rohner. You take out Ronin. I thought that area was just a little too messy. And that was my other big. Thing. It was the first third, and then it was the handling of that villain. Subplot? I got little too convoluted because you do need the fake out villain in order to make Talos work. But I think there is one too many villains workout company because I do understand the marvel thing you have to you have to include that part of the origin. Right. But I do think it got a little jumbled like I again, lovely pace. I love the NCAA where she's going blowing shit up in space. But I'll down the Jude law's character yon, Rog and Ronan the accuser, you gotta find a way to make that work better. Because I just didn't think I think that was my knowing was so I think I think they would have found a way to like, I don't know how you can make it net bending character work instead, you laws character. But I prefer her over Jude law didn't think you'd law offered a lot in this movie. No, I thought he was kind of waste like there's nothing is kind of funny at the end, a Kendrick. I think you had a good take. He's just exposition I`eli guy as well. He was kind of he actually reminded me of what of what Ben Mendelsohn usually place like put down your your emotions. It's like he kind of was the Ben men does usual role in this movie. Yeah. Tim sitting there and going like, hey, mar captain or whatever they call her general, Carol. Yeah. Hey. Veer firs fears, whatever cave years, remember when you landed on this planet. I gave you on my blood. That's something that happened in the history, which we're not gonna show you. But now, you know, because it said it out loud like it's just him explaining expedition to her as a me to give it to us, which it made me dislike his character probably more than he deserved. But it's like you said hockey us there to serve the plot. And did that but not much else for me? Although I did like his team or whatever Jimmy Chan Rune Tempe who I enjoyed a decent amount. I like them blue the giant beard. Yeah. And then you had what's man. What's his face returning as his? Yeah. As corps f who was in guarding as well. He was a henchman for. Good boy Ronan the accuser, we're going to see him again. We just saw them in in Auckland. We're about to see him again. She's in. Just everything every fucking movie. So let's I mean, I don't know if there's too much more to Senate what I guess something else. That's stuck out something that you liked. I thought I lost a lot of the ninety stuff about it was funny. I actually said this view, this one will talk about I thought everything landed joke was I actually liked every joke that was made. I didn't think felt fourth the nineties references. They were very they're very, wink, wink, but they were written into the script in a way where it wasn't too obnoxious, and to Easter EFL, it was just it was part of the movie was part of, you know, space people cosmic people, and I love the cosmic that's movie coming down to earth entailing with the nineteen nineties. So I like that. I don't think it's funny as ragnarok or guardians, but I think it's more consistent more convince Lasser bigger in those movies. But about the jokes were consistently written, which massive marvel fan. That's always their biggest weakness they have sometimes one too many jokes that cut into the tension. But I thought they played a perfectly here. It also lends credence to the fact that they gotta keep going into the cosmic realm because of the cosmic angle opens up more possibilities for scripts for how they make jokes for how they having dialogue. Like, it really does open up more for them rather than just being Earth-based. Only ninety stuff was good. The music was was pretty good. I'm just a girl. No doubt was thrown in there. Pretty pretty fun at the end in. What was a garbage or whole was played Evo? I don't know all the music. References were good the favorite the best nineties reference was the mole rat script being read by Stanley on the train. That's pretty good because good and Kevin Smith posted a Instagram selfie of himself crying because it touched him so much school yet. He I think I I don't wanna get this wrong. But I think they had the double or some lines. I know he was sick when they recorded that was very cool. And it was actually kind of an intentional fourth wall break where she looked smiled at him. I thought that was actually awesome. Like, that's one of the things that may not age well over years, but in the moment for what it was. I thought it was great. And I also thought the logo the beginning of the movie being all Stanley was Mawson that was a really cool unexpected tribute perfect way to do it seamless because you know, that's like that's something. He would've loved goes. Right into the movie you see him. Boom. Perfect tribute anything else that you loved Ken Jack tro before we have to talk about one big thing the mid credit scene in how connects to the next movie, but before we wrap up on specifically, captain marvel, but the cat was okay. People. Drink cat breaking out about the cat. The concept of a cat with the endless belly void. But the tentacles creamy out man tentacles just creep me, the fuck out guy that would love tentacles and in the sick way trying to imply that I'm a hint talking. Yes. I am. No, sir. Silence. Is deafening, sir, sir, sir. That's the next like at the debates like Beddoes going to be like accusing Biden of late being no talk. You. No, you are the talk. You you watch twenty hours of anime a week. No, sir. You're the talk. Oh, yeah. I guess to wrap it up. I just liked it. I think the the the climax in particular for this one the action sequences one of the better ones in the MC you or final fight versus the invading forces of the career whatever I like to quite a bit. I think I think if you're out there, and you haven't seen it because you're frady saw something on the insole boards about how s GW trying to force you watch his not good movie. Go watch it. The one thing though is like their powers were so cool at the end. Like, I hated the fact that we had to watch a hundred ten minutes of movie to get to that. And that's the downfall in shitty. Part of in origin story, but two good segue into the mid credit scene. She's also I will say this. I know I mentioned how well they set it up with Black Panther Spiderman with civil war. She's not one where that's possible. She's to fuck and powerful. So I get why they had to do this. So it's kind of a damned if you damned if you don't on I hope that or rock and a hard place, whichever one makes more sense there. You. Get it. I wanna see more. But that's how they get you. So the drama in. All right. So arrest me, if you want to Disney, but I filled the post credit scene the second time, I saw a fucking awesome. It was bold move. It's definitely a clip from the movie, but you see the pager if you didn't stick around for the captain marvel pager from the post credits scene of Infinity war that she gets the movie and Sam Jackson calls because Nick was told not unless there's an emergency and she meant emergency emergency. And you want the vendors have always had a good time handling it. They've always been able to do it on this one was too much to half the world's dying people are fucking turning into dust. So you see that go off? And then you see firs cap, then you see tasha Romanoff. And then you see Rhody Bruce banner. They're talking about the power shut off on the pager. And then she tasha Romanoff. She says, I wanna know what's on the other end turns around and boom Carol danvers saying whereas. Theory. And it's we'll man are feeder fucking lost it on our second viewing. It was nuts. It was like a fucking touch down. It was like a a Homer fucking dunk a sporting event. It was nuts. It was awesome. Because it just gets you more hype for vendors. If that's what that one little clips going to be like a magic that whole movie. I think some people were kind of mad that they showed the reveal of her meeting the vendors already. But you know, what the wasn't full wasn't complete. They did something similar to this back at the end of ant, man, they should've seen for civil war when they finally go find Bucky and his chain to that whatever the thing is that the middle thing whatever, but they both before and I liked it. But the like in the actual movie of engaging the reveal captain marvel would not be that big of a thing. No. There's an entire cast of characters who I think like we'd like more like, yeah. I like you have to marvel that she's not my favorite marvel characters. So like, I get what they're saying. But it's it's like in the scope of that movie. I think it fits in perfectly because like she's not moving anymore. I mean, the adventures movie store met the guardians in a trailer. And that was just fine. You know, she's going to be there. And there's going to be plenty more surprises along the way. So I didn't have a problem with it. I thought it was my it was my favorite mid or post credit scene. Maybe I'm a prisoner of the moment. But it was awesome. It just the context of with that movie. Oh, and I want I want to say, we'll more thing. This is I'm gonna have to MIT full Schill fan boy status. But at the end of the movie when he has Nick fear has the protector initiative on a screen, and then he sees a vendor on the side of Carol danvers fighter jet. And then you see him delete protector and type of vendor and the vendor music plays fucking up. Do that. But not the solo part. What's the tangible difference there? What do you mean where it's like? Oh, no one's there. Going to call. You solo solo was such an in your face turn to the camera in your face because because that's just an origin part of in its natural. There was no reason to call them. So there was like it was unnecessary. It was not natural. He looked at a plane. He's that plane says avenger, I'm gonna call you guys the avengers that was like this this ham-fisted. Now, I liked it just as just. You're anywhere near as ham fisted because they set it up from the first movie avenger initiative. They haven't explained why. The beginning solo solo. But that was that was beyond him fisted. This was a necessary thing. No, definitely Easter. But that one was so, wink, wink, I disagree. Depending anymore disagree. Anyway, I love for me. It was naturally. Awesome. And great and that fucking movie enroll into the mid credit, which was great. And again made them prisoner the moment. But I thought that was the best one how much did I call the hairball part? You did call that me as that's going to be the post credits. Read any spoilers on that. Right. No fun. Wasn't amazing middle the Romar marvel movie. But you know, what it wet the pallet? The end currency was the mid credits scene. I don't really need another trailer. I don't eat any other teas that was good of a tease I could get for vendors and game yet Jeff on thinking about the perfect follow up to this review. And you think that is I think that's the captain draft. That's right folks, a nine round draft where we each pick a famous captain to have on our captain team. What do you think about that? Can check that'll be great after this interview with John to Toronto. Oh god. I. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Oh, the forums are going to get on me for this one and Jack and I sat down to throw in a hotel. That was cool. That was different didn't have to go into our studio, which is definitely not crappy overcrowded always dirty, and we talked about his most recent movie, Gloria bell, which is very good. So. Yeah, yours our interview with John deter. We have the absolute pleasure sitting down with the one and only Gionta Tara. Thank you so much for for joining us here. Thank you. Thank you very much. I noticed both. You guys have beers. And now don't have a beard. You're a second interview today to mention our beards people confuse us. Sometimes really, my my I've. Beard in this movie, Gloria bell and mini series? That'll becoming an AFC the name of the rose have a big beard, and almost no hair because I play Franciscan. So I've had lots of beers. But my barber haircut are Anthony said men of a certain age shouldn't have beards really why I kind of like my be. But anyway, what age did he give you for that? He didn't I probably have to fifty or something, you know, he was like shooting have. After a while. He's a philosopher. Not always, right. But you know, you you cut your hair you rely on for advice. I give my haircut once a week. So do my probably six years younger than me though. Okay. But so, but he lives close to right? Yeah. See my guy is I retired. And he has to come into the that. I would get my. Yeah. Okay. Both kind of like hipsters. No, sir, sir. No, definitely not. No, we're not in Brooklyn. So we're not we're not very people. That's really fun. Artisanal hot chocolate and a tiny up. Maybe you're the hipster, sir. I am the original hips. So you mentioned gory Bill. Wonderful movie getting tons of praise. We when we talk about movies with whoever we interview we like reading, the synopsis, and you correct us if this is wrong from the ride. Okay, obviously, not always right. Gloria played by the wonderful Julianne. Moore is a free spirited divorcee who spends her days at a straitlaced office job and our nights on the dance floor joyfully leading loose at clubs around Los Angeles. After meeting Arnold you on a night out. She finds herself thrust into an unexpected romance. Both the joys of budding love and complications of dating identity in family. Yeah. Yeah. It's about you know, people sort of connecting in the middle of the alive, you know, one person who's divorced for a long time another person who's going through the process of it. But is having a hard time this engaging himself from a dysfunctional relationship with wife and his children who are not that functional. So, you know, it's, but the movie really focuses on hard journey, and he's a big part of that. So, but I I saw the original film, and it was wonderful, and when they decided to remake it I was like, I y you remaking it. But the guy wanted to do it with Sebastian alot. He wanted to do it with Julianne, and they both asked me, and I thought sometimes you you you do something to work with the people more even than the role, and then it turned out to be a really. Creative experience. And you never know that, you know, but she's great and great teammate. You know, the the. The. There are people who are ball hogs and their people pass the ball back and forth. And that's what's fun when you do that. And that's what's interesting and in friendships and relationships in an acting. You know, it's a that's a nice thing. Yeah. I loved you guys chemistry a lot. And I thought that for somebody walked my parents divorced later in life in their fifties. And I felt that that wow, felt very authentic watching the way you guys went through your Latian ship the honeymoon period. When you meet new people, we interact with the ex spouses and everything like that. I found it all felt very real. And none of it felt forced I enjoyed you. Guys, chemistry tremendously. Thank you. That's that's really that's interesting from from your perspective. So when people meet at a certain age, they have a lot of that they have more of a past with them. They will more baggage. Or whatever you saying they have more life that they bring with them, and you can embrace that or or not. But I think Sebastian he's like a little scientist. He's he's used the word Toco vian like, you know. Based on check of because people can be saying simple things. But behavior can be completely contrary contrary, you know, and that can be an inherent contradiction into all kinds of what people say and what people do. And I think that you know, it's it's hard to try new things and to attempt new things so much a life has to do with failure. Not just success. Everyone always thinks well, you were successful you. I mean, a lot of it has to do with failure. And how you respond to failure? And, you know, great writers talk about that. And you know, you try again you fail better. Try again like Beckett says, and you know, it's. Life is full of that. It's not just you know. And and what does success mean, you know? So this is real about, you know, trying to enjoy life and trying to be able to connect with another person. So that's good. I mean, he's he's a real student of human behavior and human behavior is endlessly fascinating. You know, when you're young there's that behavior, and it continues doesn't stop you talk about success. This move right now sitting at one hundred percent on run tomatoes. I know my son redraw into does that mean anything to give for movie to be at that Mark right now, and especially with the amount of reviews it has which is qualifying of high praise. Well, you know, I've tried never to to listen to critics too much because if you did you could be really crippled by. So I always think when people say they really like something you just go. Yeah. You know, that's good. I'd have to bite the bullet on that one or whatever. But I've been on both sides of that choline. And sometimes something that you really love and it's really challenging and it split sometimes. But that could be good to, you know, but I've been to movies that people talk about now is at such great movies and. There was no rotten tomatoes. Then example, but you know, I doubt that the big lebowski would have gotten a hundred percent on rotten tomatoes that but the saying when it came out a lot of people didn't understand it. So, but so it's good. I always I always grateful for that. But it doesn't mean I don't let it mean. Certain things to me because if I think something's good. I think it's good. And if I and if it's someone is supportive of that great. You know, I've seen lots of movies. They win all these awards and no one ever talks about them ever again. Yeah. And then are other movies that people never stop talking about. So time will tell well. Let's talk you mentioned big lebowski big Buffy twenty years last year. Right. A twenty year anniversary think and you mentioned that if Ron tomatoes have been around maybe people might not understood are like it's I feel like it's the definition of coke classic at this point. Like, maybe transcending coke classic is popular. It's it's become kind of like the guys. It's it's it's sort of a philosophy. And I was just saying to someone before because people always talk about well this guy won this award. And this one this one word. Saying Kay Julianne academy more. But does that mean that's the best role that she ever played Julianne on the show. I said, maybe not you know, what I mean. Maybe not I said, you know, basically, you know, Jeff bridges, you know, he one zero woods for the dude. But that's like when I first saw it. I said, I know this is a great performance. I don't get everything in the movie at the time. I didn't even because it was based on these characters, you know, that they knew Jolan Ethan, and my character was based on someone I knew and and I had done in a play. And but. You think about how good that is? And it's just you know, that's what the people. The tell the story when people know all the lines or something when people. There's something about it. That is liberating because all of us in some way, you know, when you get sick. You have your bathrobe on you know, you wanna go to the supermarket and you slippers. You know, what I mean, you I mean that you really can't function that way. It's just a an just something beautiful. I mean, Johnny's great to he's great Goodman. But there's something beautiful about Jeff's performance. And I just think there's a reason why so time will tell it's funny because time with that Super Bowl commercial that he was in his past. I didn't see that. Because I was in Italy. So yeah, I mean, not the sound like a smart person. But I knew it was pretty quick. It's like all right. This is Super Bowl commercial. But it did the thing where trick people like is there a big lebowski Siegel tripping over there there just to see what it was a sequel, but there will be you will see Jesus again that would be that's fantastic t the can I like that. That's great to hear. It's not the big lebowski. But yeah, you'll see him. Again, we like that. What when did you know that it was starting to pick up popular years later years later won't my oldest son on day. Oh because it was starting to be these festivals. And things I enjoyed the movie when it came out and get an I went to see it at bam. And I think maybe ten and people were new the movie, and I couldn't believe it. I was like, and then I started I realize wow. This is really this is pretty good. This is this is really funny. I said I get everything before and that's true of a lot of their movies. A lot. Sometimes just you know, whatever. But that's what I I knew he because he said I wanna go see it. And he was laughing. He was ten years old. And I was like, wow, this is then I've seen it a couple of times. And it's it's really, you know, and my my younger son loves it. You know, and he just, you know, the he always quotes do to me to do this you. Well, that's just your opinion. And. It's like there were so many lines. You know, you know, just, but it's kind of philosophical philosophical comedy. That's why. So I love things that have a lot of you know. No contradiction. But I think you know, you can do a drama, and when it is black humor that always great because it gives you some relief in it. So you can laugh, and then you can feel but some comedies, and that's more of a comedy that movie. But that kind of comedy is the hardest. One of the hardest things to sustain you could sustain it for thirty minutes. Maybe. Without it being sentimental without it being also romantic everything works out in the end. And that you can see seven steps ahead and not you don't see any steps ahead of me. Donny dies. I want to talk about temple franchisee, you're a massive massive temple franchise transformers. I never did one of those until the transfer. I turned out every single one or many years. I don't want to name movies about like men in black is one of them, whatever. But I turned all of them down. And people thought I was a they called me a specialty item. Interesting and all the people who did that maybe a lot of people aren't working right now. And I did like I worked with great directors still work. Great directors. And and I also learned a lot of things. So why would I not do a prima Levy of film with a with a master directed on Scorsese introduced and do a franchise. I never did it until they offered me transform and my oldest son. Just do it. Don't read it just. I had a good. I had a good time doing it. I just thought listen, I have to be able to entertain the adults in the movie when they bring the kids, and I basically I base my character Michael bay 'cause he's. I was like I had fun doing it. I had fun. It was the second one. I got to do more things than the first one. But I like, Mike, but sensibility is not mine, but. Just too many explosions for me, but I didn't go into it looking down on it. But I don't think it's like it's like if you're a painter, and then you also do things, you know. You also make etchings drawings. It's more of a sketch. You know, a filled in sketch or if I'm a plumber, that's my electrical job not put that electricity. But it's it's not like it's not where I live. So it's good to do. And I enjoy doing it and people seem to like it. But you know, you just you're doing something. That's it has to work on a on a different kind of level. Does not like not multidimensional. Michael bay would yell at me. Just a serious serious. I was dying laughing the whole time. It's like what the robots. Matter of fact, I did I did something they tortured him. Once I got all the regional toys and till the primary I pulled it out in a scene. Flipped it transformed. It. Based on a toy. Right. It was a toy. And then he's I was like they said it was a toy. You know was crazy. I said, but now we know now, we know different. And he was like you can't do that in the movie. I said, no it's like an advertisement for the toy was a toy as so then I had every single one. And I kept doing, of course, he cut it out. But I remember it was on the floor, dying laughing. I would pull out a truck transform it. You know out of my pocket. That's as if I was carrying with me. But I thought it was a great home is. But they let me do, you know? I mean, I basically improvised like half my part more than credible. I'm just not. I don't really care if I have two million people know fifty million people see something or have a million people like, you know, you want people to see it. But that's not why I wanted to be an actor or director, or I do movies that I liked we're really complicated adult even really funny movies, like Preston Sturges, or you know. I like to laugh too. But I like things to have both in it. I like things that have both in it. And I've done a lot of great plays and theater, and that should have both in it too. So that's where I really live. But I don't look down. I think it's hard to do those things it is. And it's very physical and stuff. So something really topical right now. Definitely want to discuss is. I don't know. How tuned in your have you seen the net. Flicks stuff. Steven Spielberg's talked about it. But Steven Spielberg was. Yeah. I mean, he he's in a very rarefied position to talk about it. I mean, a lot of a lot of directors looking to have their films financed. I don't I love going to see movies. I agree with. I don't know what he said. Actually, I didn't read it. But I know that he feels they shouldn't be streaming me Oscars. That's a whole thing. The oscars. It's like to me, the Oscars are not the movie business. Yeah. That's an award. That's given the something. So that has to be put into perspective. Also, I think just to be ninety day window, but a lot of big directors are going to net flix because they get into financing score people are seeing their films. So if you don't you he I think has always gone to studio route. So he's you know, he's you say Spielberg it's in that. Basically, there's one guy that's that. That's it. You know, most directors have to go and get the money, you know. Koppel it together. So without the money can make a movie. Yeah. And is different ways. People saying things. So I think things are changing. I hope the movie experience continues a hope Netflix, maybe enlarges that you know, when they do that. But they did do Roma which was an amazing film. And I just I I went to see twice in the movie theater once when my kademi Gordon once I paid for. But so I'm really happy. They made that movie. I don't know who would have made that movie. So I don't wanna come across. I know. That's right. Who would have seen this movie just in theater? That's right. And so I think he has a point of view. And and everyone has you know, to quote, great film director, John Renoir, everyone has their reasons, you know, and that's the terrible thing about life. You know? So I don't I don't know I still want to be able to see films. But let's let me say one thing that these big blockbuster films that came out in the seventies and stuff, they also ghettoized serious movies. When I was younger and serious movie came out, you know, I waited online to see it. It wasn't just raiders of the lost ark. Which I never waited online to see. So I saw it. But I don't wait on line. But so I think movies used to be into cultural conversation in what a cooler conversation and now TV has replaced moving. That's what people talk when when I did night of everybody was talking about it. The place. You don't I mean that was in the. Maybe because they wanted to who the murderer was, but I think it was more than that. They were seeing a city and a reflected in all its diversity. So I think people are doing more challenging things that way, it's very hard to do a serious film. So if someone's going to give you money to do it, and you guys are going to watch it. Yeah. You have a choice to go. Hopefully, you know, I mean, the Coen brothers work would net flix. Yeah. Just like Roman with the Irishman will be I. It was for a little bit. But Roma's was of course, as is going to have a bigger released, but they got to make movie, so they would be an interesting person to people to ask that question to a movie about an indigenous woman, who's a made exactly I mean, big story on it was I mean, I found movie really I'm not moved that way. And I was deeply deeply moved. Did. You wanna ask them? The best pitcher question. Academy. But I'm going to tell you. I really liked Roma still down twenty eighteen for you. I like black klansman a lot too. I also liked Cold War capper name. I liked. I like to star is born action to. Sam elliott. Right, right. My my man, but I like to tell you movie fully Lazaro. I liked eighth grade. You know, there was a. Yeah. It was I mean, they were you know, but I thought the world lot of really great foreign films this year. I have to strong intention. I thought that was a really every film in their burning Korean film. Shoplifters know really really strong. So yeah. Well, you got a great project Loria bell opening March eighth which is Friday. Wow. It's. Fine by but it is. We really appreciate your time. Thanks a lot guys. Excellent. Not killing asking about best pictures. I don't think we're supposed to say. Well, who is what I voted for whatever. But you know, you come knocking on our door. He got my kademi car taking. I can't tell you what I liked. Okay. Big. Thanks, John two zero. Lot of fun drinking a fucking artisanal hot chocolate the whole time. Just stunting on us dressed to the nines conjecture. I look in was wearing a shirt dumpy knives where to Zoot abundant. We have a fucking picture. I guess I could look at the picture. But no, he was wearing a very nice not. He looked good. He was very welcoming in a very nice, man. And as you heard the interview refuse to tell us we voted on for the Oscars. I mean like almost didn't even get the question of my mouth. Just like, no, I'm not telling you, I respect that one day someone's going to crack, and then they're gonna come and kill us because they're gonna have their voter car taken away. But regardless fun stuff from John Carroll. We we had a we had a real good time. All right drill. Redo what you're gonna do tried again, folks. All right. It's time for that thing. You'll know in love we had the idea last week to do a draft. What are we going to drop we got captain marvel? So we might as well go into famous captains famous. Captain draft. Jeff all the after you love throughout the years are all eligible as long as their captain for this draft. Real people may named captain real captains fictional caption captains, excuse me. So anyone's there for water is ready to go and pick a random name who the audience gets the first pick. This was website is really not happy. I've not white lifted them for fucking adblocker. But you know, what we move on. Anyway, there's the order audience, myself tro, Kenji Kendrick, you can snake. Get second pick in the second or first pick in the second round. So five rounds audience have the first pick so good for them think the last pick in the last time, we did this. They get captain America in standard. Nick yet. Expect the number one pick, right? I don't even have on my list cause I wouldn't have a chance to take. I don't even have in my pool. I didn't think. I didn't get him. I'm taking captain crunch. I think captain crunch delivers the so often or Koeppen it's called who. No. Because now. Not even attending brunch. Are you? Sure, he's a actual captain. You just don't go cabinet to subvert it. Damn it. No, you can go. I'm just being pedantic. Don't even look it up. I don't I don't care that much dude. Carrying crunch the pig. Okay. I'm just having their fill. My pick is my pick is captain crunch because he's a civically crunch berries. If you eat the regular, captain cruncher fucking lunatic. You're the captain crunch video game for P C that they put into the cereal boxes. No. But everyone talked about that the other day when I tweeted about it. I've really oh so much fun. I'm gonna pick pick captain Picard. Fuck you, captain John look for the card just on look Picard. John John, gene luck card because that's who I think Kim Jack was gonna pick. And I I want that due to my team. Now, he was not in my top five. Oh, so well, it's still like I still like Jean Luc Picard. So okay up now. Right. Okay. So my number one pick is a Jack Aubrey from master and commander love that movie at the good, captain, he managed to capture a much bigger ship in whenever that was the drama or something in enjoyed that movie quite a bit when all-time dead movies. A second pick another woman. This guy's actually part kept in Flint from black sales black sales when my all time favorite shows Ketan, Flint really manipulated everything around him to like at an expert level to try and make sure that a pirate state free and not under the British yoke and not everyone appreciated him for his efforts, especially John silver, Gaza, real dickhead, sometimes until you realize what the grand scheme of things was. And so that's my pick. Kemp Flint great guy a watch black sales. If you have a star subscription inspiration for the song at the end of the pot. I'm now going to play sail by a wall nation. Never gonna pick my song. That's the intro. I not at your show. All right. So so far captain America, captain crunch, captain, John, Luke, or look Bacar, depending on who you are on. Then captain, Jack Aubrey and captain Flint trail second pick and around to who you got the sea-captain from the Simpsons are my leg is gone pick left accommodate a pair of your Kuzmic man reference. I'm going to select I gotta get comedies. Well, captain, Jean mock. I believe how you pronounce it. And that would be Michael Keaton's character from the other guys one of the funniest comedy. I've ever seen with his TLC references working bed bath and beyond. Oh scene where he calls him, captain, Tuesday's don't call mccaddon. Gene makes something I forgot he said that just really funny. Yeah. We do we love that fucking movie. We are big time fence, and it's a great character. So easy pick for me audience next pick. I mean, whatever is a basic team, captain, Jack. Sparrow, they're gonna picks. And that means they're number three. They get it. They beat Ken Jack to captain solely sullen burger good the audit. You want him? No. I didn't want kept. I list of worse captains on my on my sheet to and he's to a in. It's like great job landing the plane doing your job, dumb shit neutron not hitting geese. Yeah. Ugly, ugly. If you met him would you call them, ugly, absolutely calm person. My pick. I'm gonna go with a childhood favourite these books. I always said I read them. I never did it because I'm a battery and that's capping underpants. Oh, I love captain underpants. And I think I liked it for the the novelty of being crude at a young age, you edgy and bad. Ask you reading captain this fucking Bourbeau looking guy underpants superhero absurd looking human being this guy was. I actually the the movie wasn't all that terrible. But I like captain underpants. Even though I never actually read the books because I couldn't read well still can't all right true. Also, a favourite for my childhood. Jeff, captain, stab from reality cakes. That's a great pick. Favorite sea-captain, who only really seems to know how to captain small speedboats in punt invo. It's gonna stuck how to put it on the graphic. PG picture. I mean, if I actually I met to make an amendment they can get a Johnny sins in here. I wonder if he was ever a captain anything. How how do? Get this picture of. Damn it. I do. Quick three to captain anything. Make sure he was in. I miss out on picking Johnson's really pissed off. Now, shoot is a firefighter but not technically captain all right off the come back to that later. My number three, captain. All right. Go ahead. Number three, captain rooks from Star Wars. Clone wars low Rex he was an all time, captain. He's also technically I think he's in comas for the movie right for a split second or making that up. In. Oh, actual Star Wars. Yeah. Rex is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He was no way. No. It's commander Cody shit. Rex for Cody or Rex Rex was in return of the jet. I actually and cannon really Kennedy appears. Yeah, it's one of those weird things that they did is then in canon. Yeah. Nice. Well, kept in Rex captain. My next pick Koeppen John price from the call of duty franchise is great captain soap mactavish, not as good captain. Just the turn on the team or get killed or something. John price served. No, no, John. Openly mcevers so pest complicated history. I'm gonna try and get into the lower of soap matab. He is weird cat. It's more than you can technically aspertain it's more than I could try to explain him one podcast up. But I'm going captain, a captain John price. He's also in some of the other call DC's. He's great love and love his handlebar moustache die ruled captain who some clear John price price. Okay. An actor. Don't want your blessings yet. Fuck trill. What's your next pick is p g I thought we were doing three doing five. In famous captains captains famous captains. Dude. Hold on captain, captain that we're doing three dude the rundown specifically, captain Jack from the Billy Joel song. Okay. I could pick. Okay. I'm gonna have to pick captain planet. Go a captain planet can't plan if my pick there, I don't wanna pick camping Kirk audience gets captain marvel marvel is there are there last pick in round four and then with their last pick in the captain draft. They're going with Kurt. Russell captain Ron Ron final which is not what I thought would happen ever. That's going with actually had a prediction for who can Jack will pick. I'm not sure to you're gonna pick now based on with this bit sounds like my last pick. I'm going to go into the realm of football and pay former cornerback for the Carolina Panthers, captain modern. Going to just kind of span the globe. They're of different things kept planning keping underpants gap in Jean-Marc from the other guys captain crunch chill rounded out for your team. I'm gonna take L capitan from the resell free solo. Okay. That's good. That on the fly you made maybe the best picket. Fucking rock formation stab pretty good. Can check last pick. So able to tactically Asir tain if Joni sins has been a captain, I did see one. Just picking can't I can't. Reporting duties, so the graphic is to funny you have to pick him booking. Look, there's one picture. He's an astronaut, and they'll have to assume that at one point he was a rank of captain before he got to be a flight engineer. So I'm only assuming he had some point was a captain for becoming an extra. So I'm thinking I could be him. If not it would be captain Malcolm Reynolds from firefly. But I think when Johnny sincere. If you want to okay, if you if you would've not done this. This is great because the graphic I would've it would've been captain Phillips. I'm surprised it wouldn't have been captain nemo. Beleaguered extraordinary gentlemen, dude. Fuck that guy that moves so God damn bed. I'm mad at you guys thinking that was good. I've seen it like twenty times. I know it's bet telling you, I thought you liked it. No, I ate leaves extraordinaire gentle. Yeah. You guys are the ones that said you liked it notice that we liked it. Somebody definitely said they said you liked it. I said it was terrible. Maybe I said, I enjoyed how stupid it was Hakin. J jump Neeson's. Oh god. Fuck you. When you you come bleed bummbly like a bummer fly. That's gonna be. Nature's way of saying good morning on. No come. These fucking cockeyed Fook. Apps shots way. All right. We gotta recap B's audience captain America, captain, Jack. Sparrow, captain, silly, captain marvel captain Ron I have captain crunch captain Jean maw, captain underpants, captain planet cap in modern Troas, captain Gianluca Picard sea-captain captain stabbing. L the L capi tan, Ken, Jack has captain Jack Aubrey Catherine Flint, captain, Rex captain John price and Johnny. It's not captain anything Johnny since it doesn't have kept it in front of his name. Let's make it when you do the graph. Make sure it's astronaut Johnny sins specifically or could be the army Johnny since your choice. I'm going to tweet a picture of it now, say ways gentleman, captain Joni sins are a t- Dutt Jonathan's Armageddon logo on this. Johnny sense, Armageddon Armageddon. Twos in the works. What do you think people? Hitting this money shot in. All right. That's that's what I'm that's what I'm going to do. Let's see if I can do it before the end of the Pont anything anything you wanna talk about get into here. No. I think we've gone way up the rails. We did we what was the rails that we went off on wasn't Johnson's or captain stabbing kept instead captain stab and was like the quarter on the rails that caused the train to jump. And then. The. The bridge. We fell off of Johnny since you wanna tag him. Yeah. Tag, Johnny sins in an telling you respond, and then we'll get we'll get more likes. All right here. I'm going to send you the pictures. We can get a live reaction sending it over. Now. So tweet this. Yes, okay. Context on this is going to be completely lost until people. Listen to the episode twenty because I know they're people follow do not use Recode tweeted it. Let's go. That's that's become don't talk about. I love tweeting the one thing during the also, by the way, the fuck. What's that circle? Mean called the summoning circle. How many circle did? Okay. Three. We re tweet seven hundred seventy six I thought it was this one right here. I'm showing you guys in the camera. Nice, dude. Nice. All right. Lissette, along if we if we do memes. Damn nice inside scoop. Congrats johnny. Someone replied seriously who is asking for this not everything needs to seek. Well, these are going to be good clients Instagram is working poster read fucking still broken. Crazy. Good episode. We're off the rails from the gecko. Hope you enjoyed it triple frontier next week. Interview on Sunday next week with the broken lives or God's Steve. Lemme John Farber, very fun. That's it for Kenya. Control. I'm Jeff low. We will talk to you on Sunday. Respond to catch about strangers. Find out from back in. At exit wiz them. I just tell the. Stress counting. Sarasin in just. Good. On the. I just want to. Good. I just wanna. This is Maury mush congrats on fishing your favorite, boss, still podcast. I have a gift for you. You have been carefully selected for special boss will sports sale. And all you have to do is you store. Ten for ten percent off everything on store. The barstool sports dot com before you start your next episode head over there. Now that store ten for ten percent off everything on stored out, Boston sports dot com. Please keep this between us.

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