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Hello words welcome to another episode of this. Podcast called the dictionary. Are you sick of me saying that phrase over and over again? I'm a little sick of saying it over and over again. Let's raise this level. That seemed a little bit low. Ha ha ha ha ha blue. I didn't do my warm ups brew Blah Blah Blah Blah and. Let's turn headphones down okay. this woods today March thirty first. Happy March Hopefully they're still a world out there. I word for this. Episode is Beam B. E. A. M. This is a noun from before the twelfth century. One a a long piece of heavy often. Squared timber suitable for use in construction. One be a wood or metal cylinder in a loom on which the warp is wound. Wound wound wound. Yes in which the warp is wound. One see the part of a plough to which handles standard coulter are attached. One D the Bar of a balance from which scales hang one. E one of the principal horizontal supporting members as of a building or ship as in a steel beam supporting a floor. Also the synonyms boom and spar as in the beam of a crane. One F the extreme width of a ship at the whitest part one G and oscillating lever or lever on a central axis receiving motion at one end from an engine connecting rod and transmitting it at the other two a a ray or shaft of light and to be a collection of nearly parallel rays as x rays or a stream of particles as electrons to see a constant directional radio signal transmitted for the guidance of pilots. Also the course indicated by a radio beam number three the main stem of a deer's antler four the width of the buttocks. What the the width of your buttocks is the beam. Okay that's fascinating We have a phrase on the beam number one following a guiding beam and number two preceding or operating correctly. Now we have the second form of beam it is a verb from the Fifteenth Century transitive definitions our first one to emit in beams or as a beam number. Two to support with beams. Three A to transmit especially by satellite synonym is broadcast three B. to transmit data electronically so the actual definition just says to transmit electronically three to direct to a particle no to direct to a particular audience. Now we had the transitive definitions number one to send out beams of light number two to smile with joy now. We have beam ends B. E. A. M. Hyphen E. N. D. S. It is a noun from seventeen fifty. The ends of a ship's beams and there is a phrase on her beam ends and that means inclined so much on one side that the beams approach a vertical position. I think that's all about stuff on a boat and I don't know sailing and ships and things like that now we have be Mitch. It is an adjective from eighteen. Seventy beaming and bright with optimism paramus or achievement as in a beam. Ish Boy Be Mitch. Leigh is an adverb. Next is beam see. Two words see is spelled S. A. Like the from sea to shining sea noun from eighteen. Sixty One A. C. Who surface motion is approximately at a right angle to the course of a vessel? Now we have beam splitter two words Noun from nineteen thirty five a mirror or prism or a combination of the two that is used to divide a beam of radiation into two or more parts. Next is beamy adjective from fourteenth century. One emitting beams of light. Synonym is radiant number. Two broad in the beam as in a beamy cargo ship next is the Word Bean B. E. N. it is the I form of to It's a noun from before the twelfth century. One a synonym is broad. Bean one be the seed of any of various erect or climbing plants Of the Lagoon family other than the broad bean and the There's an example or a couple examples of the Genera- of these are physio Lewis Phase euless and Vig. Nah Let's see next. Is One seat a plant bearing beans one D? An immature bean pod used as a vegetable to a a valueless item to be is plural. The least amount as in didn't know beans about it number three any of various seeds or fruits that resemble beans or bean pods as in coffee beans also a plant producing these for a is plural. we have these synonym exuberance and it is used in the phrase full of beans. That means you are full of exuberance for B. is also plural synonyms are nonsense and bunkum. Used in the phrase fully beans again. How can you use it twice? I don't know they just did okay. Number five synonyms are head and brain you. That's your being number. Six APR tube. Rinse on the upper mandible of waterfowl and then says to see the duck illustration swayed there's a duck illustration Let's see let's look at the etymology. It's not terribly interesting. So we are going to move. Onto the second form of bean it is a transitive verb from nineteen ten to strike a person on the head with an object. Now we have beanbag one word. Noun from eighteen seventy one one. A cloth bag partially filled typically with dried beans and used as a toy number to any of various pellet filled bags used as furniture as a chair or household articles as an ashtray base. They use beanbags an ashtray as ashtray basis. Okay think I need a beanbag In my house now we have been ball one word Noun from Circa nineteen o five a pitch thrown at a batter head. Oh well that's not very nice. Next is bean counter to words. Now from nineteen seventy five a person involved in corporate or government financial decisions and especially one reluctant to spend money. Next is being Kurd C. U. R. D. That is two words it is a noun from circa eighteen eighty five and we just have the synonym Tofu. I wonder where the word. Tofu came from Let's see next. We have beanery. It is a noun from eighteen eighty seven and we have the synonym restaurant. A lot of restaurants are closed right now or only doing pickup and delivery very strange now we have the word. Beanie B. E. A. N. I. E. It is a noun from nineteen. Oh four a small round tight fitting skullcap Next we have been no it is the I form. It is a noun from eighteen ninety one British by the way a noisy festive celebration They call that beano This says it's an alternative of bean feast which is a festive occasion. It was too hard to say beanfeast so they just said be no Now we have the second form of Beano. It is a noun from nineteen thirty five and we just have the synonym Bingo. Bingo was his name O also be no was his name. O I guess next. We have been poll. One Word Noun from seventeen ninety eight won a poll up a poll up which bean vines may climb a pole up. What that does it doesn't make sense. Does it a poll up open up? Which a poll. Up which bean vines may climb that makes more sense number two a tall thin person and next. We have been sprouts two words. Noun from Nineteen Twenty. One the sprouts of bean seeds especially of the Mung being used as a vegetable. I never liked eating sprouts. I just didn't think that they tasted very good But I realized that sprouts are very very very healthy for you and you can always put in other stuff to mask. The blandness of them But they are healthy because they are This small versions of what that thing will turn into eventually could be lots of things could be broccoli or beans or whatever And they are so healthy because they have all of that energy and all the nutrients packed into a very small body. A very small package And so you can eat a little bit and get a whole lot of nutrients so things that are sprouts and things that are sprouted are very good for you All right next and last word for this episode is being thread. It's the word being second word thread. Noun from nineteen seventy seven and we just have the synonym cellophane noodle so I think that's a noodle that is Almost clear or semi clear Might be wide. I don't know they call it a bean thread also Let's see what is going to be the word of the episode. We are going to pick beanbag as the word of the episode could beanbags a great Yeah so that was it The next episodes might sound different. Because I was just notified. That the Place that I record in Is Closed For further notice because of this stupid Kovic nineteen thing. That's going on So I don't know where I'm going to record or when I'm going to record It'll probably be at home So the the sound quality is just going to be different anyway. Thank you very much for listening. I don't even know what to say anymore. This has been spencer dispensing information. Thank you and goodbye.

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