Ep. #140 - Greg fills in for Kim, Calasohatchee Cowboy Josh , and Len Lemmer


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Usa son pals vacations la ola restaurant. Tuck away cafe and blue ribbon events. Please sign up for our biweekly newsletter. Every tuesday and friday comes out right before seven o'clock in the morning and you can sign up for that and beach talk. Radio news dot com. And that's everything that has to do with the news on the beach and as it no opinion in that very little opinion no opinion in that so we keep the opinion to the saturday morning. Show we're gonna have a lot of opinion today and later in the show lend lamour is gonna join us from nervous. Nellie should talk about the the bayside park situation. And what's going on there. But i to introduce our fill in co host. He's more than a fill-in he's his own. Podcast start his own right last night. He was on some national show. Now he's on some dinky little beat show craig's casn everybody. How about a big hand for greg greg. Coming appreciate an honest. It's all fun and your show is going to be much more fun than stu show. Yeah i think so for folks. that don't understand what you're on last night. Give us a quick synopsis of stu show. So there's a couple of gentleman from minnesota do a nationwide podcast called patriotically correct radio. They're they're very far right but they're good guys. They're they're they're patriots. One guys next military gentlemen stews ex. Police officer they talk about the current events. You know the stuff that's going on to covid the election all that kind of stuff so it's good to get on there for me. It's good to get on there events. get it out. I don't have to argue my wife. Just good how do you. How do you guys get all that patriotic stuff in the background. There they got the waving flags and he's got flags zoom zoom green screen behind you greensburg green screen green screen so so who won the election. It's still yet to be told right it is. I think that it's going to the courts and the courts will decide the election. It's all kidding. Aside all my politics aside. I just want a fair election. I think most people do too. I think we need to get to the bottom of the tomfoolery. that's happening. There's no reason we should have any fraud. What's not one fraudulent voting election. So we need to get to the bottom of that and if we get to the bottom of that and joe biden one. I'll accept it. Know i'm not gonna i'm not gonna be. He's not he's not my president guy but we're in for a while right brother. Sure i think we are in for a while right. I think what is interesting. Now is watching rudy. Giuliani a totally implode from being the mayor of the country. Being somebody who looks a the drudge report had him as mayor guliani is coming down his face. That's unfortunate that people that's what they focus on right so soon as i saw the hair color. I'm mike dang it you know that's what they're gonna focus on but you really focus on rudy's message and what he's trying to do and what lynnwood is trying to do. What sydney policy trying to do. They're trying to get to the bottom of the corruption and we need to let it play out. I really do and again. I know people are going to disagree with that. They're going to say. Oh you know of the media. Call the for joe biden and again in the end maybe the case but you gotta let the process run out. That's why we have processes why we have a great country gotta let due process half. Do you honestly think there was enough fraud and corruption to overturn an election. Like you have to look at you have to look at it. Not just in one case right over here. The butterfly effect right. So there's a theory that you know butterfly flaps its wings. You can cause a hurricane in florida. I don't get out much really no. I did see a turtle the other day but not a butterfly but small changes can lead to big changes right so if you can you talking you know vote margins that are twelve thousand votes thirty thousand votes. It's not a ton of votes that you have to overcome a lot. It's kind of lots not that much when you're talking to millions of votes the scales so you really. I think you have to go through. You gotta go through the process. Alright so i guess are actually. All of our guests are out there chatting. So why don't you grab our first and we'll we'll chat more about the other things after our guests. We wanna make sure they have their time. Is josh josh. Is the owner of kaluga hatschi cowboy charter boats and josh. Thanks so much for coming on man. how are you good. good The first thing i wanted to bring up. Josh is You mentioned you had four kids. Know how the hell did that happen happen. But we're to get into the aspect but no we were trying for third and we got twins. Okay gotcha that really stirred things up. How old are the twins twins or two years and a couple of months to years. Turn to eleven eleven five and then the twins are two and what boys and girls or boys all four boys hill the dental office in good man. They love it. They were thought we were going on the boat today. Is your wife like we have to keep trying to get a girl or she done now. She works at a salon so she's around a bunch of women all days. Yeah what the hell is it. Like being in a house with four other kids. That are all boys. it's gotta be. You said you want me to go get him. They're gonna tear up to place i didn't. They're all four minute ago. Now it's chaotic van. It's nonstop from six thirty in the morning until eight o'clock at night. Reza crazy so jump in and boys boys or are they all working on the boat with the two of they get home off the water. I used to have to go pick them up from daycare and we get home. That's the first thing we do back the boat in. I throw them all out there. They all hand me down the rods. They put all the covers on the puck in the extension cord and get me Give me right for the next day man. Nice so tell us about your your business. How how long ago did you start the twenty ten okay. That was my first year guiding. Why did you start a charter business. Why autism. I love the fish men. That's all we did when we were in high school. Is this fish. And then we got an opportunity. Me and my buddy. John did from another local fishing. Guide doesn't do it anymore. And he was like dude. We're running doubles every single day. And i'm turning away or five other trips today. So he kinda got us going and just start rolling from there man. That was the question. I had so compared to like. Go on the keys in charter. Once in a while right. So how's the charter. Business here versus it's different. It's a different market because they have so much like this flexibility down they got the gulf and atlantic like every sport. Fisherman's dream fish. Two cats like it's all there. I we have a very specific market here for tarpon. Snook redfish trout. Like that's predominantly what we do. And that's what everybody catch. Oh yeah there is a best tarpon. I've caught a lot of different things in tarpon is definitely the baddest thing that swims the sees but in offshore like. We don't have all the good pelagics. I mean we'd have some but it's not like you can just right out there and catch selfish or you know you. You hear a couple of stories of freak selfish. Come here and there but what's up. Alagic black is like a free roaming fish. Sailfish dolphin King macro all by itself is though you mean no. They're just say rome. They're not sitting migratory fish. They're just a nomad. They're constantly running up and down the coast. Gotcha all invade schools and stuff. We'll bring him along with by the way there's no there's no touching that when my wife. What's the biggest fish you've ever you've ever caught like they'd be allies grouper. I've caught a couple of them and that four hundred five hundred pound range. How long does it take to to real in a four hundred five hundred to long. They're like the most intense battle for a very short period of time. It's like up a truck and just running down for five minutes ten minutes. I mean how how the line has to be what kind of those guys is. Handwritten hoenlein a rope and a steel. So they can't break off. They'll just hire rope too. Big fish one b. one came hunger one v one. Yeah i wanted to do so. How long will of four hundred five hundred pound group. You throw it back in protected species okay harvest. So how big do they grow. Some people say they've seen him as big as volkswagens the punch buggy vehicle will. They're under thousand pound. Aren't they just in the way out there. Then i mean. Isn't there a certain. Isn't there a certain. Like how do they get they. Just so what are they. Just die of old age. I don't know man or couldn't answer that all right. So how many times eighty it depends what time of year it is lately. It's been yours from two to five. In the springtime though like march april may and june. I'm pretty much every day. Daylight dark. wait you said two to five two two two five trips a week or a week. Okay now it's been it's like sporadic. You'll have a leak where you official must every day. Then you'll have the next week you'll run one or two and then you get busy again. Take up to six. People are act. What does it cost. It depends a base for our trip or fifty. One two three guys. That's pretty standard across the board. You're looking at over. Five hundred bucks is that includes in the food like stop at halftime so older take a nap on my really long trips. Like one of my tarpon season because it's really hot out and if people book full days eight ten twelve hours. I strongly recommend you going to take a lunch. Break is so dang hot. What about a bathroom ever bathroom Kind of okay. Got the ocean. But i got a big live. Well that's like waist high and it's fifty gallons. I tell people it's the toilet. I just have the ladies mostly. They saw they do it now and they love it. They say it's a great number one number two had those that scares away. The fish i heard. So how'd you get the boat. How much the boat run you. While i bought this boat five years ago off craigslist and rebuilt. It was a commercial crab boat up in annamaria gutted. The whole thing built it. How i wanted it to tarpon fish out of so how got i think i probably put close to seventy in seventy five in grand or hundred. Seventy five thousand wow. Where'd you come up with that. Greenback your money. So will your fishing before that. Yeah yeah five. Years ago. So i was fishing five years up to that on my last boat that i've fished on do since ninety six since i was a kid. Do you have to have like a license to take people out or is it regulated in any way. How does that you have to have What's called a six pack. Oh up which is from the coast guard back qualifies you to run charters for higher. What's the thing that's ever happened to you out there. In the water. Somebody ever fall overboard. Or i've had people fall overboard had a because they're dumb blonde dumb drunk out of that half and tell us that story we were Fishing for redfish. And i saw school redfish. And we were like kinda joan fast and kind of windy at our back. And i was like hold on. This anchors gonna stick. These guys went golfing all day under my canadian. Good meeting yes. There was a call to finish. They don't drink when their golf no they. Don't they start drinking literally when they wake up all day. But they're like one of my favorite people i have and they're just pissed drunk and the anchor stuck. Dude what do you mean it stuck it. Stuck in the bottom deitz grab and do they all right off the bow all of them. So what's the first thing you do. Shut the engine. Also the motor school aficionados. If you get that on video because it's gotta be the funniest before all remember technology. Oh yeah they talk about it. So debbie wants to know the you have a website. I do kalisa hatschi cowboy dot com awesome mouthful. Nice that's great talking about that before how How did you come up with that. We're fishing on night. And my buddy. John and i in the river tarpon fishing and we had one jump in the boat and advance jumped in the boat at least in the boat. And it's like literally like through my legs. And i was like riding it like a bull for a period of time. Is that before you had. Kids are kitted cancer or damage. The good thing does your thing like a bull and then he called me that allows like you just name a charter company on so very nice. That's how it that's where it came from greg. it's been really good lately Lots of action off the beaches Before this last front there's lots harpen saw around. There's tons of big king. Fish out there in bananas and big big sharks and it's like right off the beach everywhere. So what what advice would you give to local fishermen who wanna learn how to fish around here so other than coming and taking charge with a good idea. That's like we're it's no but that's what's kind of you know you have people that move down here and they want to get votes. They wanna learn how to fish. But it's like it's a double edged sword. You wanna make money. But you don't want to take them to all your good stuff and teach them everything you know so you kind of you know. Take them and show them tidbits like the basics how to do it what to look for and just let them go explore themselves. That's how you learn how to fish is right while and error just going and spending hours and hours and hours out there doing so. Do you have your spots. Numbers would you. Hey are you going to fishing. Look into where. I personally liked the site fish. I love fishing stuff. And what does that mean. Fish like you literally see the fish your eyes and like you have x ray vision through the water and that's where your glasses come in your smith optics are costa del mar. Help you see in penetrate. The water can see a lot of fish. Jump out of the water like when they're eating. They fly out of the water. Marie jumping we call it and that's a lot of times. He finds the birds birds. Low like birds love bait fish bait or he find big bird parties. Usually there's something going on the so. Why are you prejudice against bananas. Bananas side of amazon matt log. Anybody that i've taken out if you bring it but sometimes it's debunked but ninety nine percent of the time. When the banana comes out is game over. We don't get nothing the rest of the time people believe in it. Some people don't. But i think that pursue any bananas bananas nova is bad. Juju so what what are using for bake. It depends on what we're doing predominantly we use shiners low pilchards. You see them all up and down the beaches. There are anywhere from three to five six inches. They're usually the most readily available. And that's what we usually use out here. Lately i loaded. Do you think that The fishing is so good now for any particular reason like young men like okay you know back in eighteen headed retired and killed. Everything wiped out some pretty good. It's amazing how it's kind of This year i mean they literally just started releasing not too long ago In the fishery at all or it's hit and miss man like there's it it does but it doesn't sometimes like because it's so good right now you know what i mean but they started releasing the water. It's visually appealing was not appealing. What do you mean like looking at it. It's not appealing because of released. Everyone wants to come down and see beautiful water. It's i don't let me down here has ever really been beautiful. Yeah in the spring. It's really nice it is. It's been like a robot beautiful. Now that's used to be and i don't really like using that word and the summertime here the does get it especially island it gets. The water is very clear. It's very blue Yeah if you just south island going all laura yeah it's awesome grand it's ko kosta. It's unbelievable but the river right here right here. So how much how much you make a year doing this man. I really don't know million dollars million. That wouldn't be doing it enough to survive man nice why he got four kids so i mean how the hell are you to put four voice. College they play sports yet or berries. Those brains in sport gets to make i got it becomes work if you're english aren't up to par so so it's qaluza hatschi cowboy com and it's up to six people of the six. You go out wandering mars ideal going out every day now. 'cause it's so fishing is crazy now. So do you go to the same spot because you know whether fisher it depends it just depends on what people wanna do. You know if we do offshore stuff. Wherever's did not gonna go fish the short spots and we go in. We go fish since your stuff. No bobbers you barbara. Allah bobbers hours a great way to fish. Titans no no coast fish before nine. Our customers happening s a lot of work to yet is offshore. I only go out nine miles. I don't have the the federal reports which allows me to go outside of nine. Federal waters the so nine miles out as far as anyone can take you out on a charter unless they have federal re permits. If you get the guy that's like oh yeah we can go out there and make sure your fishing license. That's technically the person doesn't know that kind of stuff. How do you know if you get somebody. That's just pulling their out of their garage. Take out on a don't you really don't. Is there like a little times. You can tell by prices in boat and gear and stuff like major. We've last time. Kim and julia and i went out the guy his broke down somewhere. So i've been there. I've had people you know is nothing you can do about. It is not cheap. That's why i'm a member tell tokyo. Us and ends for bus. Stop and other thousand exactly. That's i had a hammer down. Vote and it still cost an arm and a leg ridiculous. Some people should be worth that to go out with someone. Who's not a licensed charter captain. Going if you're gonna go out thirty or forty miles. It's no joke. I mean we are out there. I mean i'm sick by the twentieth mile or twentieth minute. So builds pump one hundred and fifty dollars. I just ordered one builds pump. Guests audiobooks crazy. You need it. Yep hundred you spent so how many fish like was the biggest catch like you took a group of golfers not drunk offers. You took a bunch of people out in the number of fish. You just couldn't stop catching them all. I've i've had days gone tarpon fishing and you know we've gotten him behind the boat and you know you hook twenty four of them in like a three hour period twenty four tarp and those things are one hundred two hundred pounds. Yeah i wouldn't have been one or two of those right now. Some people gotta get strapped in the chair the whole thing. What's so cool about carbon is. They're so big and so bad that you'd think you need all that stuff like you would marlin but you don't at the light light tackle fish. It's the biggest light tackle as you can get in my opinion but but no bring him in the boat right. No you're you're legally supposedly you're not supposed to be able to take him out of the water is just seems crazy like are you allowed to keep any fish you can keep snappers triple tail mackerels by bottom fish groupers cobra. You can't keep our snook redfish child. There's not enough not enough around. Okay you're here. there's plenty to catch. There's just not enough to sustain the amount of fishing guides in recreational anglers in our area now to take or harvest one per person per day. It'll just it'll be gone in a couple year decimated in two thousand eighteen the whole stock. They're all grown up man. There's a lot of nice little snug from thirty three inches. That's the vast majority of fish catch our stat size. So who knows. How do you keep track of how many fisher out. I mean you just made it sound like how the hell does anybody this from fishing. The only thing. I can go on base off when i started fishing. What i've seen throughout the course of the years and just their spots where you should go to and it should be slapped full of big snuck and you go there and you you the they're not even there you don't see one and there's there's a few places that hold them you know that are still around that so hold him really good and it should be like that at a lot more areas in. It's not so just between us there. Any a boating people out there that people should avoid like any charter guys out there. That are trying to to get ripped off right there. But i can't names out there. I'm not doing that. I'm not that kind of guy. But i do like i said you can usually tell by boats and prices and gear tell by the boats like if they have a bayliner that hurricane deck. That's what i wonder. Why the hell do you guys to go out and hang out and party and stuff. I'm not going on your calendar. Just like i said it's usually prices year. And so what do you mean. If it's less expensive you get what you pay for. Charge four fifty anything below four fifty. Th they're going out with four hundred bucks four hundred bucks like you might be running out there with not the best year. They probably won't have bait for your if they do. It's probably just shrimp and most wrong. Big game fish eat shrimp but more times than not like you're going to get a little catfish snappers and stuff like that. But snapper was the first fish ever caught off the dock on long island with a bobber. And i think there was a shiner. Smart shiner snapper. you caught. But i don't think it's appropriate family. Show cut it out so well. Yeah that's normally telltale sign man every like dude. I see a lot of guys that talking about. They catch fish though too. So i it just it really ways you what you can afford. And so how far already booked. I got guys book and tarpon already for next season am off the next few days. You next week's looking pretty good so off the next few days because it's the thanksgiving that's the thing that this business you'd never know when you're gonna have a job man. That's the downside of yeah. How much food you have to buy. Two four kids thanksgiving stop. Police say my average costco. Bill is anywhere from four to five hundred bucks in public and spend another one fifty two fifty. Where do you buy the diapers cosco costco. Bang for your buck. Knows their price off the shelf to get desperately ran the whole covert thing. It's a bunch of baloney for sure without a doubt it's virus it's out there but it's not as bad as you think it is. I don't think told me that. I had my whole april and may last year got wiped out man. Yeah from like april nine. Select the twenty ninth. I had literally a six hour carpenter everyday and then same through mates like the twentieth. What do i mean. You're like a man i can't do. It was really nice. Okay i got to spend a lot of time with my family during a time of year. Where i don't ever see him and i was able to catch up with some old friends and take them out fishing. I take my boys friends out fishing and you know it was pretty cool honestly wasn't bad. So how old are you. I'm thirty two thirty two with four kids. Yes man has crazy for boys for you man. Good business good. That's great man. We you the best and so tell everybody to viewers. How how they can get in touch with you can find you and can you can always texting. Call me on my phone number three nine six to eight to nine nine zero or visit my website. I always have everybody. Go on my webpage and make reservations. And that's colucci hatschi cowboy dot com. That keeps me organize and keith my counter up today it's all online there at today's not available. That means is book and you have. You have a lot of pictures on your website asks. My instagram is linked to my webpage. And then on google. Do i post a lotta pictures on those things. I don't get to do it as frequent as i'd like to just because it's hard to get on the phone with all these but I try to do. I try to get a pitcher up every couple of days. What what's instagram. That's some social media platform. That kids are wrong. But i mean i tried to post like all my a lot of people post like little dinky fishing stuff on there. I'm for big stuff. So so how someone book you out as. They can't call you on the we talked about this earlier. You can't call. I want to go out around the moment. No i would recommend like if you know. You're coming down here a certain week next year this month next month like a book as soon as you know because it's way we can hang up and get filled up right away. You know what i mean. It's just if you're planning a better. It's better to plan and book ahead of time. Did you say you've been doing this since two thousand i started guiding twenty ten. But i've been fishing out here since ninety six so you started guiding which. I don't even know what that means. What is guiding me guiding means doing it for a chartering people just showing them around the no. I tried to teach you some people. You can't teach who's thousand on thousand and ten is ten years ago so that eleven about eleven seasons twenty two you started. We were allowed. Is that old enough to drive. A boat canny too. I mean that's crazy. We'll tell you man that's great. That's great do you want to retire today today. We got the kids on the beach. And we're hanging out today. Four kids while to try to work out not fish the weekends. I'm thinking about doing the next year taking weeks off. Just because there's so many people out there now boats fish and it's so busy and to spend time with the family or do you leave where you where you were you. Also it's pretty central. Location for fort myers beach benita naples. Even all four myers cape coral. It's pretty owner. Says that like it's right here by the santo bridges. Right by the tollbooth bridge to go onto santa belka and that's really central area. You have access to the gulf immediately as soon as you go to the left under the bridge the right there and you can go to the cerro bay if you want the rivers right there. Pine island sound like it's all really central awesome. One more time. Tell everybody how to reach you. You can reach me texting me. Call me at two three nine. Six to eight to nine nine zero. That's my cell. Or you can go on my webpage. It's kalisa hatschi cowboy dot com instagram occlusive facebook to loose she cowboy charters. Thanks for coming on jonathan. Thanks for having me guys off on all right. Josh is the collusive hatschi cowboy in check them out online and book a tour with them or or whatever they're called fishing charter with. Oh sorry. i'm not a fisherman. So thanks a lot josh for coming on before we get to our next guest i wanna tell you real quick about island oils. You guys know they've been with us for a long time and we want you to if you're going out on a charter if you're going out in the backyard or if you're going out on the beach or if you're coming down here. Peach timeout a late at night to watch the music on maybe friday night when they have the sunset celebration you need to keep the bugs off and it's island oils. Llc dot com. also don't it don't it. That's a great website and talk to laura here on the beach right here in florida. They'll take care of you. Repelling the bugs mosquitoes. All that stuff and it smells delicious. It smells like you know that plugging stuff that you put in your house when the dog spends a little bit too much time in your house you can plug the plug in antarctica. Just spray the dog with the The oils llc and everybody will smell pleasant and the bugs will stay away. Island oils llc dot com. If you need bugs break it on there right now please and place an order and we appreciate those guys being a sponsor right now. Our second guest is len. Limor len how in the world are you doing man. i'm great. how are you guys for anybody. That doesn't know which. I doubt it's anybody lend owns the Nervous nellie he's right up the street but also People may not know that you also own a restaurant in fort myers. Yes i own cantina laredo. Over at bell. Tower shops in fort myers and cantina laredo. How long have you own that fifteenyears mexican. yes right the best in. yeah yeah. Yeah we've been there many times. Have you been there awesome. And so you purchase nervous. Nellie i think three to four two thousand fourteen. We bought it and have been loved the butte side ever since the location. I mean you can't beat that location right there at the truth. Absolutely what made you decide. You want it to have a location Or restaurant on the beach actually some of the the x owner of of Nervous contacted me and asked if we would be interested in. And i had never in my career come out to the beach at all and we did a little investigation. We really liked the the restaurant. Love the site so after a little back and forth we came to a deal and isn't the first restaurant you see when you come over the bridge bridging three stories restore he's also about Well actually it's We have a total of almost six hundred seats About three hundred inside the three hundred outside got dining rooms downstairs and a big patio downstairs. We've got a big full bar upstairs. Dining room upstairs Or we do a lot of parties and they Great patio outside On our second story which probably has the best views on the water on the entire on the entire peach and people can come up on their boats. And we've got Dockage available On the weekends Now we have somebody tending the docks to help people get Get there get off their boats During season we'll have somebody there seven days a week. Now this the town have maters there at your doff where they have to put in like you do on the street or help. It's it's free dockage for people that come to dine at nervous now. Nice then you have. How many how. Many slips are Actually i think we can probably accommodate ten to twelve votes heard anyone. I'm are you noticing. More people coming down for season we are actually very happy with what we've seen so far You know we are back to levels of sales that we saw in two thousand and nineteen. So we're pretty pretty please. Things are heard cool. Good to hear good to hear. So what do you think about bayside park. Well let's let i damn research nurse. Nellie is obviously located right next to the bayside park. And that's been a big issue That's been going on here in the town. Few months ago. The proposal that the town was looking at was a forty foot building that included The morning field plan services which would have been restrooms and a washer and dryer. It also included a a top. A top patio. Could there is a viewing stage and there are some offices and some some other things but what had happened was the proposal was maybe more in the center of where it wound up closer to your building because something was wrong with the water issue. Was that a lot of the utilities run through underneath the car. Because of the way of the utilities were situated they had to move the proposed building within four feet of nervous nowadays. And of course you know it. It would have very effectively blocked a lot of our dining seats and we obviously didn't like that and so we basically said well. We're not in favor of this Number one because it was thought that the building i mean there are very few spots That allow the public of full unobstructed view of the back. Bay and bayside park is one of those and if a building have been built there it would have spoiled the view of the water for everybody that came down so i mean it was a combination of both our own personal interest. Obviously and the thought that. Hey you know this probably is not the best answer for the community before he'd ever go too far ahead. It wasn't just land and nervous. Nellie opposed to it. What had happened was it created somehow grew into a forty foot building. That wasn't the original plan. The original plan was something smaller and it grew into a forty foot building. And the people down there. A lot of the people down there that businesses and residents saw that at the last minute and they were they were like. Where did this come from. So it wasn't like just so everybody knows it wasn't just like the folks at nervous. Nellie were saying. They don't want to next their business. A lot of people went to the council said this. This has gotten out of control your blocking the view. We'll what's this all about so just while at the end of the day to the to the credit of the town council. They saw the that first of all. It probably was not the best answer. So yeah i'm sure that they You know what what people were telling them came into Was was part of their decision making but they made the right decision. And they said yeah. I guess it's just doesn't make sense. And they scrapped the idea so We're kind of back to square one now and casting around for ideas and i thought well you know i want to kind of be involved in it because it directly affects me and so i've been you know. Don't jump ahead yet. hold on a second. Hold on a sec. Okay what i want to show people is what what this what this buildings there. If you're watching on facebook or youtube you can now see what the what that building was proposed to be. And that's obviously that that building right. There totally is nearly an attachment to your restaurant. Yeah i mean that that's a fair enough characterization guest but at the end of the day they you know. They've felt that they had because of the way that utilities were signed up. That's what they had to had to do. But you know that you know. I continue to come back to the fact that the park is such a great resource for the community. We really need to be very careful about what we propose what we build. Because you know the reality with the building is once the building. Was there someone there forever. did they ask for you. I rendering have. I know that that went away but they come to you. And say hey. We're looking to do this. We would like your input as business owner like you know and and to be honest. No they did not. But i don't believe that that's the way governments operate anyway. They say we're gonna have a meeting about this. And and if you know for whatever reason you know if you don't show up if you don't play you know or don't are just bait you don't plight so nervous. Nowadays is such a staple on the island. Right there again. It's like you said it's the first building you see when you come over the bridge. It's here they should want to involve the business owners in my opinion as much as possible to make sure that it's cohesive with what you guys are planning on doing and what the town needs now. I get that. But like i said you know my my purpose of being here is not looking bashing but it is not criticize. A my my whole purpose is to say. Hey let's come together. Let's take get the best ideas we can and then move forward okay so then. Let's let your organizing group talk about the group that you're trying to organize so you go ahead while we've you know one of the one of the other groups of people that were very opposed to the building. Were a lot of the resolute resonance over at the harbor house. I mean they looked at the fact that their water view would've been completely obliterated so you know they very quickly jumped on board. The the ownership and residents at marina village jumped on or the the Guys that that owned stock arbor restaurant. They jumped on board. So we have an operating group of you know maybe ten to twelve people right now that that to give some input into what the park ultimately becomes and to submit those ideas to the town you know and to see if we can come to some some kind of an understanding and you have had somebody do some drawings for you also have those to show so you want to talk about those. When i helped him up. I got a had a fellow do kind of like a a rendering of you. Know some of our ideas and We wanted to put them together. Basically what it shows is greenspace some some sale like devices to to to Create some shade. A tile area in the centre with perhaps a splash on the ability. One of the things that we really wanted to concentrate on was making the the Park space as versatile as we could. So we We thought about putting a stage that you could put up wi- and takedown bleachers. That you could put up and take down. I think it's it's one of those an attempt to accommodate as many different kinds of events in the park as we possibly. Can i think a big part of the change that you had let me show you what. They're what they're looking at now. And this is what. The town's latest proposal is that that also may not be going anywhere because it was kind of deemed underwhelming by the council itself when they saw is that that's a permanent stage and that's that's not what you really want to have their in the bottom line is this as it stands right now and i can speak knowledgeably about that. Because we're the ones that are responsible for the music out there. We have music out there during the songwriters festival for two days. And we have music out there during our saint patrick's day festival. That's one day so three days a year. We have music there. Does it really make sense to have a stage out there. Three hundred sixty five days blocking the view who blocking the view. Or you know one of the things that we noticed. Was that when when we had our stage we didn't have it under undercover for almost a year and we ended up having to replace a lot of it. I mean that's another thing when it sets out in the rain and the sun they don't last very long right so now we have it set up in a storage building that we own so then at least it's not breaking down it's not riding etc and the same thing would happen with any stays that they would leave out three sixty five. It's just not going to last very long. Well then the thing that. I was a little Confused about was times square is getting redone. They're going to have a stage They were putting a stage down there talking about putting stage at bay oaks. You guys live music. Everyone has live music. So i didn't. I didn't quite understand why you would need another stage. That's it's basically three hundred yards away from times square. We've got a stage right now. I mean we could continue to use the stage that that nervous. Nellie says so. There's another picture that i want to show everybody. That really looks cool. Now tell us about your light your lighting idea here and i will send you a link so that you can show up you know. Part of our deal is any long term answer to creation of of what we want it. Bayside are asked to also be an attraction for people during the day and at night and one of the things that we thought would have been very cool was to have a very up. Some cool lighting so we looked at A source where you looked and yes that was That's how park up in tampa They also have a splash pond. There's some That they really very effectively light. I thought having nighttime light features there would be a very cool. it's totally well so's hysteria boulevard. But it's it's kinda. It's kind of dark down there. Well annette. i think thank you leads me into something else. One of the one of the things that that we thought would be. A definite improvement is upgrading. The the street lighting as you come down san carlos because it gets i mean if you stand at At the yucatan and look toward the park. It looks quite dr for sure you know and we want everybody to feel safe walking up and down the street so i think some upgrades to the street lighting along San carlos would be an outstanding idea. And you probably don't have to worry about turtles as much down there. Although i don't know for sure well. I think you know. And i understand why they. They dim the lighting the street lighting for turtles. But obviously that is not an issue for us as you come down as you come down san carlos four at the back bay so but anyway i think you know obviously we want to make the appearance. Be as safe as we possibly can for tourists and locals alike so we don't want to give anybody the feeling that that at somehow not safe walking downs san carlos toward the back. So i mean that's kind of where we're at You know we're looking at trying to present a plan number one. That preserves the water view and number two gives gives people a reason to walk to the back bay day or night. Another idea and i don't know if you were coming to this or not but as it's presently there's no walking peer in front of the park area and there's a walking in front of marina vela genders and walking fear in front of nervous. Now he's a. What would be wrong with connecting both of those walking fears and light it so people can walk along the bayside day or night and they and that seems like a great investment that everybody would enjoy. the people. Love people love doing that. I mean there are a lot of you know. There's a lot of potential at bayside part. You know we just have to think carefully and and you know the other thing that we were thinking and you remember when you Had your original conversation on your facebook page. Everybody was still very interested. You know they said well. Why don't what happened to the to the phone in all there are a lot of people like the phone and we did as well. I was actually taught to a guy who designs fountains and he was saying you know. Hey you know you've got already have the infrastructure for a fountain there. Why don't you try to reuse some of the existing infrastructure to build yourself a new fountain. I'd ask you the same question. You a on your drawing. Which i think the found school but we seem to have a problem maintaining a fountain for some reason the biggest concern. I hear from people that i ask about. That is the maintenance of it doesn't seem like other communities. Have that much of a problem with the maintenances and it's again one of these things. The just happens the doug for the pump is said about four to six feet away from the seawall the seawall leaks so water gets down on the pump and ruins the pump so the town own decided well sticking you know as long as a seawall leaks. The pump is going to fail. But the answer. I think is is replacing. The seawall is what they're doing now while the what they're doing over at snug harbor and if they replaced the seawall in made that area in that pit area dry then they could replace the pomp and like i said the the the plumbing is already there right to go up into the end of the phone. You know my deal isn't i don't wanna see the town spend one penny more than they absolutely have to. I'm attacks taxpayer. I don't wanna see tax dollars wasted. So if there's a way to reclaim what we already have. I think that's the way to roll now. There are other people that were talking about. Having a youth splash park and to me. That's a discussion worth having. I don't have a problem with that Another idea that's been cast around. Is something for veterans right and You know a thought that i had occurred to me was perhaps a fountain with a veteran theme. I mean there's a lot of lot of lot of good ideas floating around out there and i would. I would recommend to anybody listening that you know if you have ideas come on ed's facebook page will certainly get a hold of my monitor that pretty regularly and our group does as well. So you know if you've got ideas post them and he seems like a lot of the ideas that you're talking about or i don't know for sure but they don't seem like they're that a complicated compared to what it what it had started out as i mean to me. The first thing that needs to be done as that ugly gazebo needs to be taken down. I know it will confuse some of the homeless people letter sleeping there. But it's kind of blocking the view with that with that with shelter shade. I mean i will give it that but there are other ways to create shade. I mean they're benches there. The people said on and under a little bit of shade so it does have some utility. It seems to me. But you're right. I mean it does block the view of the water and add something that we want a small space. And i don't mean to to monopolize time on my show by the way it just seems like it can almost be a grassy area with somehow with some shade because people would just love to go down there and sit there and here maybe your music playing or they got music. Planet snug harbor and there are public bathrooms. They're just so people know the right across the street from snug harbor kitchen. There is public bathrooms anybody anytime. Public bathrooms air. And and we've never at nervous. Nellie turn anybody down. They wanted to use the restroom. We we have no problem with that. I think it's like like you said it's important to get everybody's feedback. I think people understand that. You're not gonna have you're not gonna be everything everybody wants but if you can come to enough consensus ago you wanna park area people who go see the bay because like you said there's not a whole lot of places on though see the bay again unless trails back bay oaks and places like that but that's a really great place it's right down downtown ish right that you can go back and enjoy the back bay. Watch the boats go back and forth. There's a great you can definitely get people's ideas together the great idea instead of putting the monstrosity wanted to so. I think getting ideas together with multiple people's great idea. Well you know and and it's not going to be too very long before the christmas boat parade happens and you will have between five hundred thousand people in that area watching the boats go back and forth. I mean that's i mean we. We made christmas cookies. And we distribute christmas cookies hot cocoa out there for people that come there. You know i mean we have. You're going to have to come in and use the bar man so you know it's it's one of the things that you know. That kind of struck me. Was you know we wanted to try and make it as flexible as as we possibly can at one time we had it on our mind. That m maybe. We'll do this in years to come. And that is to have a a celebration down there for christmas where we would allow people to come and set up little tents and sell christmas crafts and things like that. Well obviously if you have a great big building there that kind of goes by the love doing now Another idea that we had a nervous now as was we were going to do a movie night and set up movie screen out there and once a month. Have a movie out there. I mean you know again. It just speaks to making that park areas. Flexible as you possibly. Can i really like glenn. Is that you. We all found out at the same time that the building was going to be built and the community got involved than they stopped it and you organized a group. It's not like you or these people. Were just complaining about something. They did it to complain. Now there's a group that has ideas so you're meeting next. You're going to try and meet next week. I know that right can talk about that. Meet edmund on monday at two o'clock nervous now he's gonna get some people air and throw around. Is you throw some ideas around. I mean this is the way democracy is supposed to work right right right. And so how receptive has the council been or whoever. You have to work with like okay. We're gonna we want somebody from the council there the town there so you can be part of this. We want an honest. I just kind of was put on notice by members of the group that they wanted to get together. So i really haven't had an opportunity to reach out to the council but i've been in with all of them. They're all really positive Some of the ideas that we have and we understand that we're not gonna be able to have one hundred percent of what we're asking and and we understand that we understand that but obviously you know the more thought. The more planning that goes into the better. So what do you want. What do you want people in the community to do. I think like. I said i think At if they go to your facebook page and shoot any of their ideas. You know we'll we'll certainly Will certainly give them some consideration. I remember within the last forty eight hours. Somebody put something on your on your facebook page about wanting dockage there for boats and i thought well you know our our concern obviously is can people still access the docks at snug harbor and nervous now. He's another doctors there. I don't know the answer to that question. But you know certain idea worth looking into absolutely so you know anybody. That's got an idea you know either. Come to nervous now. As on tuesday or or like i said i think probably the best way to you know because we've got a lot of i mean. We have nervous now as as a facebook page. We have a lot of people on it but most of our people are some of them are local but most of them are coming down to visit her. So you know probably more community oriented of to access ideas off off your face greater. We'll leave the pictures up there and it's been getting a lot of positive response the pictures that you put up there so we'll re post them and and include the interview and anything that we can do to help. We appreciate you coming on time again. Tuesday two pm in the nervous. Nellie all right thanks so much. Appreciate it very much and we'll see you soon. I don't know what the proper protocol so men member everybody from nervous. Nellie please stop by nervous. Nellie stewart when you get a chance it's an awesome location we were hanging out down there For for a little while a few weeks ago in a couple of our friends just popped up on their boat. That patio out there. Just a nice threes coming through and it was really super nice. Food is great. So here's you're going to be your Your opportunity to read. You're gonna you're gonna add. Let the egg. The because there's there's music playing in the background. Are you ready for me. Fort myer already one of the bathroom. I'll do it. I'll do the ads. Okay fort myers tiki. Tours is over for business. And they are featuring social distancing cruises. The bad thing is. I don't have my glasses on. It's hard to put it out here so private boat from people for one hundred and nine hundred ninety nine for six people. One hundred seventy nine ninety nine and that's total per vote not per person you gotta bring bring your own booze food and drinks can bring on the vote with you They don't supply that but they do supply a us coast guard. Captain you heard captain jace talking about the six pack. Coast guard captains. They do provide a licensed. Us coast guard captain. They give you cooler with all the ice. You need your set there. They give you all the required safety equipment. So you've got your life jackets and all that stuff that you need the tourism ninety minutes long so you can get out there and and looking around the bay and out in the gulf Sunset crews are only twenty dollars more. So you went out and see some the beautiful sunsets we have here on the beach Especially if you're here As as nonresident of tourist sunsets here awesome getting on a tour. A little bit of booze can't beat that since it gives us a twenty dollars more do not sales tax. So you gotta pay you gotta you gotta pay the man. Don't forget about that. All votes are properly disinfected prior to every trip. They're out there cleaning them like to make reservations. I'm gonna give you the number. It's two three nine. Eight seven zero zero four two again two three nine eight seven zero zero four to fort myers tiki tours. Check them out. Have a good time have some drinks and now he's left me here all by myself so I'm not sure we're gonna talk about without him here. But i got your attention. I'm sure we're going to talk a little bit more about some of the things that was doing a some decisions have been made around bay oaks when he gets back. I can see mr steve dweller over here. Jim hockett few other's here this morning at peace haven't come down for pizza. Come see the show live. I suggest that you come on down. Check it out live. It's a good time. It's a great place so and and he's back. It was a quick one different. It's your show. Am i gonna have to give a refund for that. Ed or how to go. But i'm kind of conceded that way. No all right all right so that was great to have lent on and have josh on from the clues. Mahachi cowboy super Super good guests today and you did an awesome job extra come in and what is it that you want to. I know you wanted to talk about a couple of things. So things i wanna do. I i gotta give a shot. The two people who since my time on the island had been just awesome to the kids on the island. Patrick and shannon orland dini day coach both little league and soccer. They do so much for the young island kids here. I have a seven year old has been involved in little league. Those two are just selfless all the time. They a coach and you coaching youth. Sports when you're trying to coach little kids and soccer. I mean it is. I didn't coaching. I started a flag football league from scratch and we grow it into five six hundred kids over years and years and found out from doing that. that the worst part of that is nothing to do with the kids. It's the parent absolutely harris. Thank that every every child they have is going to be in the nfl. Just how hard you know for me as a parent. I want my son to do things not yell at him. All that fun stuff but there they do so much for these island kids. I can't thank them enough. And i don't think he will get a forum and so i'm lucky enough that you shannon shannon does so much with the sports. Yeah oh they don't up but she's still there. We have last soccer game today. They're still they're just doing it every day so i really appreciate what they do and i think people don't realize that there are a lot of fulltime residents here that have kids. I mean. sometimes the council doesn't think there's a lot of families here but there are a lot of families here And what they do for the kids. It's just unbelievable. And what else did you had something else going to touch out. Probably touch on. You know the stuff that's been going on with our town manager. Go right ahead and some of the issues around oaks. I have issues with some things are happening. Start with bay okay. Let's start with the first. Obviously the construction of the nubiotix with. I'm sure. Watch the barack meeting or arab or cap you. These people are volunteers. Working on the divorce cavs so for people that don't know the board cab. Committee is a group that really has been focusing on The redevelopment of bay oaks and that they've been working on it for two or three years and betty simpson. Who is an amazing person as the chairperson and it includes karen woodson and and And lee mel check and some other barbara that They're just it's a great group of people and they just felt like volunteers and they're all volunteers and they had been working on something that they come up with because they were given the direction too big which. There's nothing wrong with that statement right you need to pick but then you need to be realistic and communicate. So i think the word that they use. I can agree with transparency riot so you got to be transparent with those. I think that by coming out with this whole new design and not including them was kind of a slap in the face And you're going to disenfranchise those people who are giving their time for a long time to help make mba. Oaks is a treasure on this island. I mean people don't realize your resident. It's very inexpensive to join bay. Oh yeah they do a ton of stuff for the kids. I mean they have. It's it's just a great facility and when it gets rebuilt it's gonna be great as well but you gotta let the if you're not going to involve the people who put in so much time and effort and just totally cut him out the process. Here's here's here's what i thought. Okay you tell them to think big they thought big. They thought fifteen to twenty million project. It was going to be that big. It was going to be a couple of buildings maybe a few phases maybe astroturf field. I mean run your thinking big me and then you cut you cut back if you can't afford that. I think where the disconnect was and kim. And i we're talking about this. The other night is find out. The budget is five point. Five million dollars unique to tell them that it's five point five you don't need to you. Don't just say okay. We made them think big. They came back with this beautiful facility. And then all of a sudden you just take it upon yourself to cut it down to fit into the budget and you don't even tell them. I mean that that was. That was the part where i think it got completely off the were in that. I don't remember who brought it up. But she was one hundred percent correct. If that's going to be the case then let them know that. Allow them to fundraise to come up with creative solutions for that instead of just saying okay. We're just gonna slash all that stuff. Here's what's going to be the kind of a again non-transparent. Not letting people do the things that they can do. People are talented. If you give people the the ability the leeway to go out and make decisions and raise money and do that we can have a better facility and it won't cost taxpayers more. Here's the thing that I'm confused about you. Had we have this designed. Drp guy is probably the way his ass to the bank because this is now two out of the three projects where he's put all these designs together at the direction of the town manager and they're and they're basically been shot committee out of money. Yeah it's it's. I'm trying to figure out the invoices myself. But it's clearly over one hundred thousand dollars. It looks like it's at least over that much now. I didn't wanna bring it up with len here. Because i i don't want to get him entangled in the and the other thing but the same thing happened at the bayside park they come up with these dry this gigantic project and then it's basically scrapped so my question to you is you had this bay. She had this side now. It didn't really happen here at times square. Because john said hey we don't feel like we're involved now that's three hundred three projects what they call the meeting and they got together before it seems like things were like. They're they're talking about putting sales up over here. That blocks the view to the to the industry biggest. I mean how do you come up with an idea where you you have a beautiful beach and then you want to construct something to block the view. That's two projects that blocked views. How do you mean how do you get a two hundred thousand dollar job. And that's okay. Well and i think he has a history of doing this too. So i'm going to go off a little personal tie to. He did the same thing with the kids. That really got my board right. So there's you know the governor open the state they're usually allow sixty kids at bay oaks so and it's not just all island. Kids are people who work on the island that they allowed to go to bail after school programs as well because they work on the island right salim to have a place for the kids and counselors. There often leadership. They're awesome and even though the governor said. Hey we're up one hundred percent go to restaurant. They limited to sixteen kids. I mean so. Who do you pick right so now. It's first come first. Serve deal and you know i met. My son was going there. And then midway through the counselors are very good about keeping the kids socially distant when they're inside the when they're outside the run around. Be a maniacs kid should but now i said when they're inside even though they keep apart they wanna put masking the kids at all and arbitrary decisions that he makes well the blue. It wasn't medication while it. You may think it's arbitrary but the reason i think it came to that was because the mayor said do your job but now if the mayor if the mayor needs to tell the town managed to do his job this anybody am i the only one that sees that something has gone wrong here. He's definitely overwhelmed or just doesn't have the skills and i'm not trying to be superman but doesn't have the skills to deal with to happen here. I a lot of moving parts a lot of projects going on right now right again too. So if you're getting struck out you know you're over three on the projects you're doing and then you're going to pick on. The kids just made. It really bugs me. But i think there's a reason why he had to leave. Marco island google that everybody google marco island but the on the flip side is and i've talked about this a lot if you watch a county board meeting and you see how roger days are lay deals with that county board. It's just like night and day totally prepared. They're totally organized. They have people presenting projects. And and you know talk about overwhelmed. He's doing the twenty twenty conservation thing and they're doing all kinds of projects there. He doesn't look like he's overwhelmed to staff and he knows he knows there's here by the way. Go ahead that part of understanding how to delegate that way you can be the leader you need to be and come to council and communicate council are council again. I understand sunshine laws but that's what the challenges therefore the town managers there to be that liaison so that way you can. You can have an official council meeting and get things done. It just seems like there's no prepared who's going to be. The mayor is going to be the mayor in december. I don't know. I think i think it'd probably be reagan. Yeah my gut feeling. Yeah i don't know are you gonna ask the inside scoop opinion happen. I probably agree with that. it's it's not. I don't think it's one hundred percent guarantee. There's the possibility of change but it's slim so the last thing i wanted to mention was if you didn't get a chance to watch the now i watch these things and you probably have other things better things to do with your life folks that the magistrate meeting was this week and it was. It was incredible. I mean it proved that if you get an attorney a good attorney and pay money you can fight city hall and that story is going to be in the tuesday newsletter that because it was incredible to watch when a resident actually had an attorney defending him over something. That was absolutely crazy. A code violation that they got so and some of that. Just irks me. I mean. I i get like i understand. We have to have rules sometimes. It just goes way overboard here. It's almost like a glorified Homeowners association sometimes here. Yeah and it doesn't need to be that way. And i don't want to have out of control building that kind of stuff i it's got to be a give and take the government should be here for the residents and for the businesses that are here and again we're getting there. I think you know our councils coming along. But it's it's it's definitely kicking and screaming we're going to have mask mandate on january twenty first now in the car i here in florida. We won't. We talked earlier. I agree that rhonda santa's is not gonna. He's not he's not gonna lock down any set. It reiterated that he's not going to put it in a statewide mask mandate and if you flip flops on that he's done ever get elected. Yeah so i. I don't see that coming here. And i i truthfully see that. Be a boom for businesses here anywhere. In south florida. People are sick of being locked down. I talked when i was talking to yesterday. He's like hey. I need to get a vacation rental. Come down out of this lockdown krant. We're trying to get out of here. The thing that i find interesting. And i'm not trying to say that people didn't die of cova cova. I don't think it's trump's fault. I obviously i think it's china's fall but what's happening now to me. It seems like everybody has been stirred up into a frenzy that they're going to get tested everybody's going to get tested and even if they don't have symptoms are going to get tested and then if they the cases are going up because so i mean you can't even keep up with that at centurylink. The lines are saw a press release from the county that you can't go on a certain day because it was so crowded. It's just like you. You're you're getting people so freaked out about it and they might be okay if they just stayed home and if they fell sick they just stayed home. And that's that's just it right. So the media loves the push the fear agenda they do and i don't get to to virus for most people greater than ninety percent survive ability my eighty three year old neighbor has it. She's fine you know she's at home she's gonna be fine and but everybody thinks that you get the kovic. That's what the media wants to play so people freak out you. I have it not have it. You won't get the flu. And i'm not compared to the fluid. Don't don't jump but you don't get to go get tested. If you think you know right away let me get tested. Eat some chicken soup. Vitamin d zinc vitamin cs chickens. We're not doctors. But i'm not doctors but you should be taking that anyway. Whether you have the covert or not being healthy you definitely gives you a better chance against for sure for sure like you greg. Thanks so much for coming in and filling in for cam you're spectacular today. Big hand for greg scotney. Everybody great guys. Thank you guys appreciate you coming in all right you can go are everybody. Thanks so much for tuning in. We appreciate your time and don't forget. The newsletter comes out every tuesday and thursday or tuesday and friday before seven. Am and you can sign up for that at peach. Talk radio news dot com and kim. We'll be back next saturday. So i'm sure you'll be able to hear about all of her Fund that she had wherever she is. I don't even know where. She is so tune in next saturday. At nine. o'clock live from pete's timeout. It's a beautiful day on the beach. It really is one of the best days on the beach. Nice big crowd here at timeout. Come on down to pizza or nervous smellie's rollers and enjoy a great day on the beach and we'll see you again one week from today.

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